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Is It Too Late for America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 16, 2018 4:30 pm

Is It Too Late for America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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I've got to special interviews today and will answer the question, is it too late for America for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown book of all her friends to today's broadcast on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown and I got to special guests today. The first half hour I will be speaking with Dr. Jerry Newcomb. You may have seen him on TV you may have heard him on radio.

You certainly read his columns. His books, or you hurt him with me talking about America talk about the nation. We are going to look back you look back at American history will look back it where Americans come from to answer the question does America have amnesia today. Then the second half hour can speak with the pastor about the future of America. The question of is it too late for the nation, 866-348-7884 is the number to call if you have any questions before I go to my first guest wrote an article and I'm just looking to see where it should be up on the streams soon and just checking to see if we have it on the S. Dr. Brown website, but otherwise it will be up shortly and and it's it's simply this, that the left is saying it's an urgent time. It's an urgent moment and and we must we must vote Democrat to save the nation. The right is saying it's an urgent moment. We must vote read, we must vote for the right Republicans to save the nation. I believe the midterms are very important when reason I wrote my new book Donald Trump is not my favorite is to help mobilize people to get out and to vote on principal non-personality and values, not on specific ups and downs with people that being said, bottom-line, bottom-line, bottom-line, only God can save America. Bottom line, only Jesus can save Donald Trump cannot save Barack Obama could not save the Republican Party cannot save the Democratic Party cannot say oh without question the elections are important in politics are important and there a lot of major things that hang in the balance, but please hear reference America is going be changed from the bottom up north from the top-down meaning that the political world will reflect the state and the mood of the people more than the people will reflect the state and moved of political leaders that ultimately America is led by we the people, and if we the people enough of us humble ourselves and if we the people enough of us seek the Lord and if we the people, the church, the people of God follow Jesus and make disciples that will change the nation and look Hollywood as its place tremendous influence. A lot of it for the bad, the realm of social media. Intranet has its place, a lot of influence must refer the bad. Our school system has its place as his influence, much of it for the bad. On the flipside, the church has its influence and end will never see a Christian nation, we will never see a perfectly Christian nation, less of the goal. The goal is not absolutely not. To set up a theocracy is not the goal is that the plan and hate guys if you could just let me know. Our status with my first guest coming on. It's not clear to me as I'm looking at my screen so if someone could just check and see what's happening with that that would be terrific but so as not to interrupt myself that the goal is not to see America become a perfectly Christian nation.

That's the second happen second happen. There will not be any perfectly Christian nation or godly nation that can happen. What we want to do is see the greatest increase of the great commission in our nation.

What we want to see is is America recover whatever good and godly values it had for the good of the nation and recognize that we will have a theocracy until Jesus returns and we don't want to have a theocracy until Jesus returns. In other words, King Jesus will set up his rule, his rain and he will reign as king and there will be righteousness on the earth and justice on the earth, and the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas and those that disobey will be strongly punished by God. Until then, if we try to set up a theocracy. It will be a disaster.

You say but but what about what about all the all the evangelicals who surround Donald Trump. What about all that good. Yes, good things.

Great thing I wish every president would have as many believers around him as Donald Trump does right now and they keep seeking to influence him and be up positive influence in his life and they pray for him. I apps absolutely absolutely there is there is a an impact that these leaders are having on Donald Trump is was talking to the leader today is very close to him and says what good views ever seen any president accepting prayer the way he is and is accepting it humbly and recognizes his need for I'm so I like to see more check.

So what I but I think in my own life. God would be pleased to see more changes will happen perhaps in yours. The differences that we are not the president of United States and in other words, all the more or or strengths and weaknesses can be exaggerated, but may also say this, if in fact Donald Trump is believed if in fact Donald Trump is a believer. He is a new believer so you just think of someone with his background as raw in the world is he was for so long. Then he comes to faith so if he's a genuine believer.

So he's maybe 70 is when he comes to faith and and he's got a pretty raw background.

A very raw worldly background and now he's put in this position of power better.

We knew our prayer point is at the very very best case scenario. He's not can be our king and is not computer safe, let's vote. Let's do what we are supposed to do. However, we cannot we cannot put our trust in the political party to save and transform America. Only God can do that 866-34-TRUTH is our number and apologize for the delay in bringing on my guest hey Dr. Jerry Newcomb apologies to you for the delay.

We just had a mixup in our studio and contact you. Be great to have you on their thanks much for joining us all thank you always know your now Jerry you you've written quite a few books and and you're an expert historian you know far more about American history than I know in the fall of the founding fathers and in early documents and early history of your new book, though, is called American amnesia is America paying the price for forgetting God, source of our liberty so written by Thomas Jefferson. Others are key founders what what's what's unique about this new book there's a message or getting out through what's unique about this book well in some of the other ones are tracing some of the historical facts that have actually been obscured. This one deals with contemporary culture, as well as the past, but showing how when you look at you what's going on in America where, for example, you know there's all kinds of crazy anti-religious things going on. The founders would never have agreed with that so I can analyze it. Those things from that perspective. I mean just right now. For example, it could make the book because the book is the you know it just came out about a month ago and this is a brand-new story for you from sure you heard about theirs's retirement center in Virginia where an 82-year-old minister who he was asked by some of the residence when he moved in there about a year and half ago.

All would you please start a Bible study so that so they started a Bible study and then some of the other people around there got upset that there was a Bible study going on it in the facility because it violated that you know some sort of rules not because they were singing throughout.

But Jessica didn't like the even the presence of the Bible study there.

This is anti-Christian animus at work and so much of the culture. So anyway this is essentially a collection of essays that I have dealing with our our true roots as a nation and then what's going on in our culture and what we can duty to really get back on track.

So let's look back first.

Again, the new book Jerry Newcomb American amnesia.

Let's look back and asked the question in the causation of the colonies. The founding fathers. Was there an attempt to make America some type of theocracy, a Christian nation, and this would be enforced by law. Was that ever our goal, and if it's not what what is our Judeo-Christian heritage. Well I think it's certainly true that in some of the colonies. They absolutely did try to attempt that and in fact some of their own members rebelled from that temple Roger Williams who was a Puritan he out Puritan the Puritans. I like to say because he was a boy.

He was a real stickler raw infected that the bone of contention. Even though Roger wins a lot of problems with the Puritans up and he himself was one of the thing that caused him to. They said okay, forget it wouldn't send you back in another ship back to England. Your gear too much of a troublemaker.

But anyway what it was was they demanded what they called the Freeman's old this is an Boston in Massachusetts. They demanded the demand to swear Freeman's oath, meaning that they would be making a note and Roger Williams of the way. Jesus says let your yes be yes and your no no don't make any notes so we are violating what Jesus at and and they said okay that's it your your back on the next ship you know of I and many fled in the wilderness and this is no in the winter and by the grace of God and the providence of God.

He was spared and so we decided to name the new city after God's call Providence don't tell the ACLU we have a city in America up a capital city, no less. That's named after God providence route. He founded that the county and he made it as a haven for people you know regardless of what they believed. I know all those dissenters were Christians. At first, but that's one of the first and earliest communities where there was a synagogue Jewish people. They were welcome their people to believe whatever they wanted facilities and then INS has the same thing with this expanded way is nice to get a jump in. So what is our heritage for Sir Dolly heritage.

What we forgot how far have we fallen from that. I guess Jerry Newcomb.

The book American amnesia and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, we mean really say that America has gotten God may never totally God-fearing nation or a quick Christian nation. If there's no question when you start your origins or history. Today's the founding fathers education through the 1800s even into the early 1900s.

Faith was presupposed religion was presupposed documents that were drawn up, presupposed that there would be a majority Christian expression. So what we forgot my guest, Dr. Jerry Newcomb, author of the new book American amnesia so Jerry take us back.

What is some of what we have forgot I was part of our very fabric as a nation, and what are the consequences today. Okay well first of all, when the founding fathers first met in 1774. There was the very first Sunday of the continent the first of the Continental congresses and the first question answers will tomorrow visit on September 6, 1774.

Tomorrow we open officially for our very first time. Should we or should we not open in prayer and actually one of the evangelicals amongst them. John J said, you know, I'm not sure if that's a great idea because all the world Christian here the Quakers amongst us pray one way the Presbyterians another way to Agree to the tort wanted to Hear. Pray differently that maybe it be best not to do that but they decided to do it and you don't actually Samuel Adams. You know one the days I'm no bigot. I can list. No man love God and love this country and and say a prayer and and so they did. They open in prayer and even opening up her ever since the very men who gave us the First Amendment, which today is being used to come bludgeon any kind of Christian expression in the public arena are the same men who gave us the whole chaplaincy system for the legislatures is that an example of Congress and even the Continental Congress and also the military. The founding fathers had no problem at all with religion in the public in oats fear what they didn't want to have was a national denomination like England had with the Church of England where you had to conform to the Church of England and if you did not you would be punished. In fact, that's exactly what the pilgrims left for you know to flee from and then the Puritans to later on and so forth. In fact, I once talked to Dr. Amy Bradford at the University of Dallas, a great historian and he said one of the lesser-known reasons for the American Revolution. It was certainly a factor was that if Great Britain got control greater control of their 13 colonies in America. What became the United States of America they would definitely impose on all 13 of those colonies regardless of their history. They English bishopric. Another words, we would they would turn the whole thing into an Anglican. It would just be one Anglican colony after another and there would be bishops everywhere will ointment that's exactly what the Puritans fled at the Bakley why the pilgrims staked all to come here to you know to get away from that and so the founding fathers did not want to national denomination beliefs certainly and encouraged volunteer religion. In effect, they basically said look, were not to be moral unless there's religious you know religion practicing and flourishing were not to be moral. John Adams said that our second president, George Washington inserted in his farewell address. Listen to this short quote from John Adams. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. The difference is that in England you were being forced to worship Jesus this way and in America you you could worship Jesus and then later just God and then later or whatever you know in your own way. You know, and so according to the dictates of your conscience and now we're getting to the point where secularism has so permeated everything and people are being punished if they worship Jesus Christ. The founding fathers themselves would be punished if they tried to do some of the very things that they did in the public arena today in the public arena because there's this you know ongoing basically anti-Christian bigotry at work in the land today, so it was a matter of freedom of religion, not a state enforced one religion nation freedom of religion, not freedom from religion is aggressive and it was presupposed as part of the fabric of our being and the separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church that the church of the state and I can think of a better person to interview on this because you've written extensively from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, but of course Jefferson being intimately involved with the whole, it imagery of the wall of separation give us the context of that Jerry short well first of all let me say this, the First Amendment adopted by the founding fathers was done without Thomas Jefferson's direct import number one.

In fact, he was in France when the Constitution itself was written in 1787, but the Bill of Rights were written in 1789 and he was back in America by that time, but he was not there present at the Congress, and it says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Now that was in 1789, they wrote those words and adopted them. Then a what happened was that Jefferson when he was president about 12, 13, 14 years later he received a letter from Anna at Baptist Association from the city of Dan Barry Connecticut, the Danbury Baptist.

They wrote them a letter they said were so glad you became president by way real quick.

The evangelicals of Jefferson's day were very happy that Thomas Jefferson became president.

Meanwhile, those of the Puritan stock from New England were afraid of Jefferson's presidency. There was even a warning that if Jefferson becomes present you better hide the family Bible, put it down. The family well or something like that. Keep it hidden because he might confiscate the Bible's will that was those were lies told in his name. I think part of the promise he had spent some time in France and France had a godless revolution the French Revolution and they were afraid maybe that note tipped over. Anyway, Jefferson wrote them. He said listen in America you you you Baptist and Dan. You know, Internet, you don't have to worry about it in the government interfering with your religious freedom in any court of the First Amendment.

The part I just did and then he said thoughts erecting a wall between separation wall separating church and state that the paraphrase, but another words he was giving his interpretation of what the establishment clause meant and then 1947 the Supreme Court found that obscure letter going to Jefferson was even there when these things were written as opposed to Washington or Madison who was there or other founding fathers who encouraged basically religious expression in the public arena and but Jefferson by the way, was an anti-Christian expression in the public arena in the same way that he's being made out to be today certainly didn't believe the separation God and state. But anyway they made that letter. They took it out of its context, and then they use that as a club against Christian expression in the public arena. By the way, if the ACLU and other groups like that that that Friday dear good, you know, enforced freedom from religion, not freedom of religion. They took that letter of Thomas Jefferson and they said all this means the founding fathers wanted to make sure there's no religious expression in the public arena that would violate the separation of church and state in the establishment clause of the First Amendment will ointment that very letter ends with Thomas Jefferson asking the Danbury Baptists. Please pray to God for me and I'll pray to God for you. It, in a sense violates the very principle that there saying that there are often out there against any kind of expression Christian expression in the public arena of any kind. They don't like it when the president swears and on the holy Bible, which all of them have done fixed one and only Bible they've all said so help me God from the beginning. You know, to the to the present event.

One of my columns I dealt with all 45 presidents will actually 44 because we say the 45th president. That's because Grover Cleveland was present twice non-consecutively but anyway I dealt with all of them and showed how in all of their original girl addresses they mention God, and they asked for God's help, basically.

So anyway this is we have a rich Christian heritage. The idea that the founders wanted some sort of naked public square.

Some sort of situation in which a little kid could not right in the palm of her hand in a kindergarten. I love God only can't do that separation of church and state punished for doing that and and she was punished for doing that.

That's absurd. That is not what the founding fathers would've agreed with at all, including Thomas Jefferson, yeah, absolutely. And so also friends.

This is just a taste.

What is of what is in the Jerry Newcomb's new book and in the great thing about having these columns from the past is it in recent years and months is that things are happening in the real world around us. We read these articles today we forget about them tomorrow. We need to be reminded and when you get the cumulative effect and see what Dr. Newcomen's book refers to as a militant secularism.

We have to stand. This is not a war that we fight in the natural as much as spiritually by being the people of God living out what our heritage is here for. So the new book Dr. Jerry Newcomb, American amnesia is America paying the price for forgetting God, the source of our liberty. Hate Jerry. As always, it's so educational and informative to speak with you. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much.

I spent a lot of time by the way would be putting together the index so that you can always you know I will what Dr. Michael Brown failure areas. Such as call excellent yeah the indexes take a while but to doing right makes a great difference so you look define the subject are interested in boom go right to the page. You don't have to read the book cover to cover. Hey thanks once more and we will be right back file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is America on the verge of instruction. You see a book title by Pastor Neil Jackson that proclaims the coming destruction of America.

The biblical examination of the judgments of God upon the land. It is, is this someone taking on the role of an Old Testament prophet and bringing words of condemnation that are out of place as this. Someone speaking from the heart of God seeking to wake up a sleeping nation before it is too late. This is Michael Brown you are listening to or viewing some tuning into the line of fire, and I have on the line with the pastor Dr. Neil Jackson was the author of the new book the coming destruction of America again. The subtitle the biblical examination of the judgments of God upon a land I've read a good part of this book already.

I'm not always able to do that with guests that we have on I was stirred by what I read and I was shocked by some quotes from presidents and leaders of the past that were beyond what I was aware of in terms of their call for prayer and revival and renewal in America.

Remember well in the 1980s when David Wilkerson, a man that I believe was to the prophetic voice coordination when he wrote, set the trumpets in my mouth and proclaimed judgment and destruction coming on America well is this proof now that he was wrong. You're talking about 35 years ago or so were still here, or is our ongoing degeneration and moral collapse assigned that judgment is already here with that introduction we go to the phones with Pastor Neil Jackson, Neil, thanks for joining us today.

I think you are a modern-day prophet or America. I believe in the grateful for you will thank you sir I appreciate that. So tell me where this book came from. Obviously anyone who fears God does not write this kind of thing lightly. Where did this come from Proverbs 1434 Wright exalts a nation's approach people in my fear we have America what's going on with not much secular world, but the church world is we have this mindset that that applies to all those he then God would never judge America and the verse is clear.

Righteousness exalts a nation stand is a reproach to any people and and throughout Scripture. You say that God judge numerous nations and if he would judge his role. He certainly would judge America that I hope it doesn't come in my lifetime but I just want America, and specifically the Christians of America Inc. through their theology on that subject could RCN cause God to judge America and I think I'll lay out a decent case for he would have to judge so let's go back to history and we have the biblical history we look at the the fall of Israel.

Northern Israel judgment on southern Israel, Judah, the kingdom of Judah we see other nations that were great prominent nations in their day, be it Babylon or Syria and some of them are are no more of this are a shadow of what they used to be.

So take us through history.

More recent centuries, whatever would give us a picture of the fact that there is no guarantee that America will always be here. Well, the title of the book is quite alarming and I get that shot value in it and really it's not a doom and gloom book.

It called for the church to repent and think the Lord and anchor it throughout this you save the mercy and the patient in the long-suffering of God but but 3312 Blessed is the nation's God of the Lord, and you look at your previous gift mention all of the foundational historical evidence that we were founded as a godly Christian nation believe that we live now 33 verse 12 but if you read on the next two verses. It is God he is observing he is watching our action and while we were founded as a Christian nation, and with a great Christian value system.

We have drifted very, very, very far from your previous gift will talk about after Pres. Thomas Jefferson, let me just fast-forward a couple present to two were for president. This is what the Arctic president Chuck with the highest glory of the American Revolution.

It connected in one indispensable bond the principles of civil government in the principles of Christianity that are six president our seventh president said the Bible is the rock upon which our Republic stand. So, the premise of the first part of this book yet we know and experience the blessings of God. Even today, not because we're smart or we're savvy business people, but because we saw the Lord as a country and that's what we were founded upon and if that's true, we are seeking the Lord today. We are mocking God and we are prosecuting those who stand up for biblical principles and so if we have done about face history teaches us and the Bible teaches us. We will be judged but you asked me for Anna to go through second Chronicles. I could go through Isaiah 8 here's what I would. I would challenge all of your listeners if you were just to read tonight. The book of Amos, it is a wonderful little book. It sure did it. You can read it in like 15 minutes. Here's what God does to the countries surrounding Israel. He judges Damascus that the Philistines tire because they were slave traders that will way that with our past, but that's not correct today.

We don't we don't write right five anymore by the minute we have sex trafficking industry today that it the largest in the world. So if God would judge these countries report being slave traders will he really not that America you look at the Edomites and God judge the Edomites because of their unforgiveness you look God should Hamlin because they were committing abortion that they were the ammonites would offer their children to the son of God, and they would kill their children so if God would judge and rated it all right there in Maine. But if God would judge a country because they were killing children with he not judge possibly America when we're doing the same thing you look at Judah God judge Judah because they rejected God's work.

They said we do not want to abate God's word. It it it it old fashion it out-of-date and God judge Judah because they did that talk, I would judge them will not judge America and if you look judge Israel numerous pounds but because of their immorality. We are parading immorality on our street. We are parading homosexuality on our television screens we we are in fifth in all levels of society and in abusing children as in all levels of society.

If God would judge these countries for the same exact thing would he not judge America you when I read Wilkerson's word many, many years ago I was wondering is he claiming that America is directly spoken about in the Bible that the prophecies about American the Bible which is specifically I do not believe is the case that wasn't his argument. His argument was the same as yours principles that we can look at thresholds we can we can look at to whom much is given much is required. We could see when God in a sense draws a redline and says crossing. This line is this fatal. And yes, he used the prophets to warn the other nations, they were not required to observe everything Israel observed in the Torah, but yes for sure.

He did have expectations about morality, about about keeping covenant about brotherhood.

Those were universal principles and he judged others based on those principles. The I know from my own experience that writing something like this is very intense that that if we have any heart beating and in inside of us and our chests. You write this kind of stuff. It's it's intense what was it like for you to to be a mouthpiece to to seek to articulate this to put pen to paper, so to say and lay out a bird like this. It could have been done lightly… Harp on one subject but if you look at the man. Amos was a cattlemen. The Bible says that he was the answer. He picked Sycamore Road and God shows this ranch hand, if you will go to Jerusalem to go to the most prestigious cities of his day and proclaim God's message. The reason he did it because the preachers were not doing it and the prophets were not doing it and so therefore he had to go get some back would prove pick her to do his job and when I read the book of payment. It was almost like a siren was going off. You know what you probably will be ridiculed.

The pup probably will people make fun of you and they have no big deal, but I believe this gives them merit message or America. And I'm not telling you what date I'm not telling you how just that you personally believe judgment gets here it's happening AP rate throughout Scripture. When ever you state the judgment of God. You see numerous opportunities or repentant and just went with the actors would happen when judgments would happen. They would just rebuild and not consider God in any way shape or form. And I believe some of the wake-up call that we see all over our country could. I'm not saying they're definitely a fan baked good. The judgment of God, and their wake-up calls for the church because of the church gets right, then they will influence society as we should. But my concern is that we just rebuild and not not taken our eye since we come back one asked some specific questions their chapter titles in this book that get my attention. One is why religion without repentance is nothing more than superstition. Another was the root cause of America's sin is not what you think book by Dr. Neil Jackson the coming destruction of America can it be prevented.

Is it written in stone. Is there judgment at all in times of grace will discuss and we come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown look-alike friends want to fire I'm with the Jackson and his new book the coming destruction of America and I was asked by a colleague to take a look at it and I get asked to look at lots of things but the title caught my interest. I knew my colleagues heart and presenting it to me so is as I started going through the book again. I was stirred and is much as I've studied aspects of the code Christian roots of America to see some quotes from 20th-century presidents was surprising for me. I know how think much things have changed in my lifetime, born in 1955, but some things predating me by decade to three is shocking even to read that so some specific questions because that the book is not a destruction is coming and there's nothing you can do about it. The book is a wake-up call and then a call to action. What we can do better soaked but we present something to you. First, there is an argument today I've ever written against a spoken against myself. There's an argument today that before the cross, God judged nations certain way before the cross wrath was poured out. Now all wrath is poured out on the cross until the final judgment. God does not pour out judgment in these times these New Testament times, until today. How would you respond to that chapter 6… What a romantic poet that week. Great for he that that would lash out at flesh reap corruption.

Child Spirit reap life everlasting so there is obviously an eternal aspect to that, but there is also very much. I believe modern day personal earthly aspect to that as well so that would be my response to it and I don't believe that just for individuals. I believe it or family. I believe it or church is and I believe it, or government and is not all that doom and gloom just half of the verse is doom and gloom so the plaster got a rate of the flesh or you can go to the spirit and you're gonna rape of the spirit of good question. I would never spot yet so were going to just like you started with Proverbs 1434 deal, but these are times principles.

These are not just specific covenant the words to Israel or things that applied to certain people in certain contexts through universal principles of reaping and sowing and of God's activity in the world and certainly he reigns as King and he is not stop ruling rating as King and there have been nations raised up and there have been nations brought down over this period of time regardless of the fact that America is not Israel.

There's no question that America has a certain divine destiny certain unique history and we been richly blessed to the extent we been loyal to that in and have suffered to the extent we haven't been so let's talk about repentance. Your call to believers and you're not here to condemn the world the hopeless way you're here to call believers to action repentance to change one of the chapter says why America's repentance must first begin with Christians. Another why religion without repentance is nothing more than superstition. Obviously folks need to read the book to get the. The whole chapter but give us the concept. Why is religion without repentance, just superstition, but here is where I get fired up.

This is where I want to go to preach because I'm not trying to Deal, I'm not try to cast down and tried to with the Holy Spirit help paint the glorious picture of what could be in America if Christians would just fill out and if we want to talk about history. Read the history of America with the first great awakening in the second great awakening. How bad an awful. We were in RCN and because there was a small remnant of people God showed us mercy and Stanton massive revivals to our country and to our land and and that's where I get bill limited go to Ezekiel a fury of the book of Ezekiel, specifically around chapters 20 through 22 you see the thought awful shape that society with the vet.

Talked about their profit were to declare right and wrong and they were doing it. The priests were corrupt their politicians were self-serving and all of those had given affluent society so that just the common people were thieves and and and corrupt and steel and an immoral that what the society and God wrote this one verse that that my prayer for this whole book with what I could bring back first Allied and maybe God would use it and aversive.

I thought for a man among them mocks the wicked prophet the wicked Priest the wicked politicians the wicked people he's looking for one individual, and you look that that is true with history.

God always raised up a person, man or woman who could bring a positive change spiritually to a society, and all other man or woman among them, that should make up ahead.

So where there are falling down the segment of our society. Something that you know what I will rebuild the wall, to stand in the gap. Listen to what it said before me for the land.

I believe the way we're going to take back America if you will or or God's going to fit revival to America is going to have to peak the people that would come, for he almost forgot, for land, so when I could do it again politicking although I'm not against it when I go do it by March is although I'm not against that the way we're going to save America is not getting on R&D and playing at individuals and small groups asked churches and prayer can change our country and you look it was true with Solomon Camara. He was looking for a small remnant of people.

It was true in the grade of lightning, small remnant of people and it was true. And Ezekiel. He was looking for a man individually. That would stand up for him stand in the gap so he would be separated. He wouldn't be corrupt and evil, and that would pray, but if you read the that the next words I believe some of the that the fattest words in the Old Testament if it by.

I found nine he was looking for one and he could not even find oneself so maybe your home church will repent and maybe your your whole entire family won't start. Think of the Lord through prayer, but if you want individual wheel. It will positively spiritually impact your world where you live in your home in your community friends easy thing to do is to say, I want to be that one the hard thing to use. Change the whole nation. The hard thing to do is change the White House. The hard thing to do is to change soldiers a hard thing to do is to change a church of 30 people, but the easy thing to do with God's help and grace is Sarah Lord start with me. I look at my flaws and shortcomings and weaknesses, but start with me.

I want to be that one and any again, Neil reading your book stirs me doesn't discourage me. It stirs me this set I'm called to bring a wake-up call that some in the very core of my being to help wake up the sleeping church. But the caller starts with me. I'm always examining myself first so she call for self-examination is not a hopeless way. Is it a hope filled inspiring way hate. We got one minute.

What are you hoping that readers of your book the coming destruction of America. Were you hoping that readers will get from your book a passion for prayer.

A passion for holiness, a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ your list and today the answer that read my book reading the Bible answers get on your knees and cried out to Jesus at our biggest threat is not China. It is not terrorism.

Our biggest threat is the judgment of God because CNN both inhale permanently but also today and so I encourage you. Jesus Christ is the answer for what you're going through and he will help you became a doubt on the cross for your stand, commit your life to him.

If your favorite your loss.

Even if your state commit your life to Jesus. Jesus is the answer for that situation that you're in right now.

Friends, this is what you call back to the basics. The gospel basics today are the exception to the rule back to basics my brother thank you for doing what you doing.

May the Lord hear the cry must be familiar cry rise from his people. Thanks much for joining us today against the book by Dr. Neil Jackson the coming destruction of America go to Amazon asked for it at your local Christian bookstore.

If it's not there and just a reminder to all of you had a fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Heiser yesterday if if you missed it you want to get online YouTube channel or or Esther to homepage when you get online and you want to watch it or listen to the podcast and then we we got a wonderful offer this week some years back I went through systematically every reference to angels, demons in the Bible and taught the 12 hour course eight lectures 90 minutes each on angels, demons, and what about deliverance Christians be demon possessed. Covered all of that and there was nothing has the best of taught reviews that series now for years, but it's included together at a great discount with Michael Heiser's book, so go to our website.

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