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40 Days of Prayer to Save the Nation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 17, 2018 9:40 pm

40 Days of Prayer to Save the Nation

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 17, 2018 9:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/17/18.

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It's true that God promises to fill the hungry, the question is, how hungry are we, and how desperate are we to see revival come to America.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. Yeah, prayer, fasting, hunger, crying out to God with the take to see revival. What is it take to see awakening will talk about these things today because we are not just conservative talk radio and we are not simply expository preaching. Each 1 Has Its Pl. in the life of the church preaching to the Bible is of critical importance. However, there's also the application of Scripture to our daily lives. And that's what we seek to do here on the line of fire. That being said, if you have any question of any kind that you like to ask me.

Maybe try to get through on a Friday and are unable over the phone lines for some random questions as well.

But if you want has to be something targeted about the state as an agent about the condition of America about spiritual renewal about revival, by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH of the bottom of the hour I'm going to be joined by Bishop EW Jackson, a leader in the African-American church and outspoken conservative calling for prayer and fasting for God's mercy on the nation. Before I get into that adjust just a couple of things we posted a meme, create the means in our ministry. Many names so both the term graphic with with her." We have some team members that are gifted in graphics and still create means for us. And then sometimes will find something on on intranet some of our team will find it something samosas post that we like and will post that of course attribute are properly and the height I say anything about the Elizabeth Warren DNA tests to co-demonstrate that she had Native American heritage of any complete disaster. Even a lot of the secular media's you really blew it. There is between what 1/100 or 1/1000 of potential late American but even there the sample was from outside of of America something from Latin America, South America, Central America, and anyway anyway week we posted a meme having some fun today.

Not in a mean-spirited way but it's it's Elizabeth morning the American headdress and Rachel's also remember the the white woman who claimed to be African-American is having no fund. Elizabeth Warren Rachel Dawes of do-it-yourself DNA test. Just check a box and you're done doing the white European black American, Asian, Native American Jewish East in your you find that are Facebook page asked Dr. Brown. This could your brain on Facebook week we post some of these things just to have a little fun and I don't I don't get on the radio and bash an attack. I will speak out plainly against issues and an end where there is evil being done.

I'll address it and will name names when it's appropriate and if if I have an issue is with the presidents of for example his latest tweets going after the porn starlet said the fair and just.

I wish you and do those things you could get your job done and be forceful and strong and powerful without getting in the gutter understand that's who he is. We keep praying for him to grow. I hope you keep praying for me to grow was all grown, the Lord venting said to have Josh what are people thinking what are people thinking. What was Sen. Warren thinking I'm I don't know she's making up stories about her past and allege things passed down through Cherokee nation and turkeys as I know what, no way no how. This is not how you determine your lineage and in your connection to us. We have other ways of doing this is not it. Plus which it was disqualified herself let listen listen in the days the ruthless, brutal, horrific demonic days of Adolf Hitler. If someone had the Jewish DNA that Elizabeth Warren had 1/100, 1/1000 she would she would not that person would not be considered a Jew if if you have a grandparent is one grandparent that would be 1/16 right 1/16.

That's how we measure out a grandparent that could potentially get you considered to be a Jew right so if it was or was it was in eighth, however, that would translate out but it in Hitler's Germany, someone who had that percentage of Jewish blood would not have been considered a Jew so I what was she thinking when she released the report.

I am just wondering out loud. I'm not saying she's as despicable woman not saying she's hell bound. Because of this, God knows our heart guard knows her life. I don't agree with a lot of political stances, but I just someone help me maybe really like her.

Maybe your your liberal Democrat really like Elizabeth Warren, could you help me I I don't know what she was thinking and I'm just being honest.

Okay on a more serious note, this is serious, but on a much more serious note, about to write an article about Saudi Arabia, how draconian Saudi Arabia. If you have not seen the news, a Saudi journalist was writing for the Washington Post and would speak out against the Saudi regime and against his country was, according to reports, Butcher literally butchered in the in Embassy in Turkey went to the embassy.

Some paperwork was going to be getting married and never came out and apparently out either on his his his iPhone as it is his. I watch the Apple Watch or whatever the his his slaughter, his killing was recorded and apparently while still alive he was, whatever happens, screaming, and then given some injection and then cut up while still alive from everything we understand Saudi recognize Saudi officials recognize this happen, but they claim the Prince leading princes there called MBS that he had.

He had no idea about. This is not for the government and gotten spots post interrogation. What I know. I don't know how you botch interrogation by killing someone and cutting them to pieces. You may botch interrogation by pushing someone too hard. Something like that but but you then cut them into pieces or bring them up in acid is another report said the Boston interrogation. It just reminds me of the fact that this regime does rule with an iron fist that there are no religious liberties for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia old you could meet in your own little group in your own little pocket you dare preach the gospel to a Saudi and that person converts his death for every body right everything has to be secret underground in terms of the gospel spreading Saudi Arabia and while there have been some major reforms and purges in recent days and some of the old guard. Some of the corruption being dealt with strongly you're still dealing with a strongly fundamentalist Islamic regime, you are still dealing with the fact that people are beheaded on a regular basis. Repeat thieves have hands chopped off people publicly flogged these these are things that take place in public on Fridays, so the Islamic Sabbath and what's was called top square that would be in it in the city. Different locations in different cities where people come together to watch the executions or to watch the floggings or to watch the amputations and this is in accordance with Islamic law, you say. Well, wasn't that the way it was under Sinai law want people to be stoned to death or burned to death were killed in various ways what people have hands chopped off your eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot what the answer is yes. This was under Sinai covenant God publicly appeared to Israel. God redeemed Israel in public for the entire world to see her for the ancient world did the world of Egypt, the great empire of the day for them to see God triumphed over the gods of Egypt. God took the people for himself, and gave him these laws, which are also in keeping with other interested laws, but in many ways more compassionate, and God did this to teach. God did this to instruct and under the Sinai covenant. The Jewish people almost totally destroyed because of our persistent sin and scattered to the nations because of versus persistence and Judaism added as it developed for the sent over the centuries.

Over the last 2000 years got rid of those penalties even when it had sovereignty in the land it it or the ability carry them out by large he got rid of those death penalties and some of those things that were there for a season and the longer we know that the gospel what about change and when Paul writes to the Corinthians, and tells her first within five to put out the evil from on them to purge the evil from among them that the bottom line is that the same sins that were punishable by death under Sinai covenant were not punishable within the church by excommunication. So Judaism speaking broadly over history.

Judaism modify those things Christianity modify those things. But fundamentalist Islam has never modified them so because of that, these things are carried out in Saudi Arabia and you don't speak against the regime without serious repercussions. Looking you still have honor killings taking place on a regular basis. So let's say you've got a younger sister and she's 18 and and she's talking to her boyfriend on the cell phone and that's considered to be inappropriate behavior for a woman.

Or maybe they kiss. One time the family could kill her honor killing, put her to death, and that would be considered many circles appropriate and remember the majority of the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden himself comes from a wealthy came from a wealthy Saudi family so it's it's positive that bridges are being built with Saudi Arabia. The Bush family. George W. Bush had strong relations with the Saudi's Jared Kushner has strong relations with the Saudi's it's positive that bridges are being built and you know the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That philosophy will Saudi Arabia and America mutually helps Iran as an enemy.

These are realities in the Middle East but let let's let's just remember who are dealing with. This is a fundamentalist Islamic regime that desperately needs the gospel to bring Reformation right.

We focus on America by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on the line for a question, just referenced prescriptions five you to question from Tom. Remember this case you don't know if you're listening on radio related by podcast, remember that we do a live stream every day of the broadcast on Facebook page of our YouTube channel is Esther Gibran is K DR Brown on Facebook and on YouTube if you like to watch. Okay Tomas us should all Christians apply. First Corinthians 592 13 only church leaders should apply only to the specific sins listed are all unrepentant sin. So there in first Corinthians 5.

Paul is writing to the believers. There saying that if someone claims to be a brother over someone claims to be a follower of Jesus, remember he's writing to the church in Corinth, which at that point was maybe 50 or 75 members okay so he says I wrote you my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people, not at all, meaning the people of this world were moral ingredients wonders for her daughter's neck if you have to leave this world without running to that you must not associate with anyone claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, idolatrous slanderer, drunkard or swindler letting me with such people, what business is it of mine to judge those outside the church.

Are you not to judge those inside God will judge those outside expel the wicked person for a minute that were there expel the wicked person from among you." And from Deuteronomy of peers repeatedly in Deuteronomy which, generally speaking, is talk about the death penalty. Here Paul is saying, expel the wicked from among you, meaning excommunicate them so is that just to be done by church leadership or should every believer practice that I referenced the Corinthian church of the numbers of believers. There because that was the church of Corinth.

In other words, you didn't have first Baptist first assembly, first Presbyterian and yelled up church and out church in the new church in the media have all the different groups. Just as believers in Corinth, so if you were cut off from fellowship. You were put out right you put out zeros to go so it just be unimagined like Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons in the city that you got here is Jehovah's Witnesses and they work together, Mormons, and they work together course that the calls they departed from scriptural truth but just use that as an example or if you have one fitness club in town, get kicked out of the fitness club because you're breaking the rules, that the only fitness club, there is so when you're excommunicated there so you can go down the next block to another congregation be part of the fellowship was citywide and would therefore require the elders of the city to carry that out into identify the person is also the process of Matthew 18 of confronting the person individually and there was two or three witnesses and taking it to the whole body. So this is something that's very sober. This is something not to be taken lightly. This is not a way for me to carry out my personal vendetta against someone or you. I think you hurt me therefrom to hurt you back know this is talking about someone who refuses to repent is claiming to be a follower of Jesus and is living in unrepentant sent settlements on struggling cement. I keep messing up.

I need help. I know this is miserable. Help me, that we extend a helping hand. A million times someone that struggling and show love and forgive over and over.

If someone comes broken obviously to get to the root of the problems but we don't disfellowshipped them is a weakness of his struggle is willful, unrepentant sin, so if for example you have a church in my community that excommunicate some and II know the person I know the situation but I'm not part of that congregation and I know the process they went through so so the guy left his wife without any grounds for divorce and and is now living with another woman planning on divorcing his wife and married this woman and at the same time. He says hey the Lord is with me and God's blessing our relationship and he's favoring us in my business is prospering in my prayer life is better than it's ever been in all this kind of stuff right and and he won't repent, and let let's say that's a person that used to go bowling with work out the gym with or every couple weeks have a meal with I would let them know that I'm standing with the church and then I'd I cannot fellowship with that person to the repent goal is is that the repent goals brings them to a place of brokenness and and to the extent they are out from God's blessing and the fellowship of the people. It's a preview of what's going to happen if they die in their cinnamon unrepentant way.

They will be cut off. So yeah, I would carry that out on my own. Even if those not part of the church is okay. What if you're in a church and they have acted on it and you know the situation well if if the leaders do not develop something rightly, and maybe it's a mega church and they don't know a lot of this. The specific details, but you know you know the specific details.

This is a close friend of yours and you Versant repent and everything you can to call in to repent again when ultimate struggling and what were not talking about them just that list of sins that I believe is representative unrepentant sin, however, gets justified then if that person is truly a believer, I would disfellowshipped I would. I would not be in fellowship with them. I make them know I love them.

I'm praying for them. My doors open anytime they want help, but I cannot go on in fellowship with them because that is that is unique union of believers now in the world. So was unsaved. Someone's living and sends course to sit with them course to reach out to them unless their sin is going to defile you know is health and less with their doing is somehow going to drag you down with them or pollute you with them right then a lawsuit that's a possibility you leave the world questioning out with sinners course look for opportunities to do it.

It's a little out of our comfort zone and not used all the profanity or the smoking cigarettes or the whatever that you know the flirtatious behavior between the peoples of the fence about half I can sit and reach people in a way that I myself don't get the file that's what we do so as far as sin is we go into the world's first sin we come out of the world now here's where it could be a little dicey. Someone claims to be born again you don't believe they've ever truly been safe may be they are going to a gay church and there an active homosexual relationship and the claim to be believers, but as far as you can tell they've never really know more.

This person is never truly been born again. This person has been stuck in sin, deception and and church inanity and thinks that when what it means to be safe. I wouldn't cut that person off because I'd look at them as the center that I'm trying to reach. That's how I would look at that situation. However, if on some level it brought a sense of compromise that this person thought I was embracing them as a brother or sister, then I'd have to sit with them and make very plain look, I don't believe you know the Lord. I don't believe every born-again. I don't see any fruit of the spirit and life, and on top of that you're in an active relationship that God says is sinful and because of that, if you consider that were having fellowship together. I I can't do that, but you have to pray and really have wisdom because you may be that person's lifeline. So sometimes it is that that ruthless love that makes the big difference and and other times it is that long-suffering patient side by side side by side staying with the person.

There have been a number of times over the years, not many remember times that I've been involved in X communication cutting someone off and it was sobering and it was fearful and it was done with broken hearts. We tell you, you go home and you search your own life as it says in first Timothy five elders who sin. Speaking of ongoing sin.

So these are again unrepentant elders elders who sin should be reviewed publicly that others may fear people if all incoming repentance and said I blew it I completely blew it for forgive me, you, you lay down your life to help that person and bring them back to restoration wholeness and even when you go to confront Galatian sixes do it in the spirit of meekness, gentleness, listing yourself attempt remember you coming haughty and proud and judgmental that opens the door for temptation destruction in your own life you come in gentle appeal brief in a place of grace hey friends, did you catch my interview this week with Dr. Michael Heiser getting a lot of use on Facebook and YouTube. Dr. Heiser Old Testament Semitic scholar has a brand-new book on angels with the Bible really says about the heavenly host, so we put together a special package. You only get this on the website and is really great deal. Take my word for it, but check out the prices. It's a great deal were adding and when you get Dr. Heiser's hardcover book on angels were adding in my 12 hour video.

She's the audio series were I taught on angels, demons and women some years back I went through Scripture systematically was a by the 17th is about several things and there's there's a lot a lot more than I even realized and you go through that and boy oh boy, I tell you things opening up a lot about deliverance and what can a Christian have a demon and how does that work and the Christians need deliverance so check it out just $25 postage paid and from our website. Esther to Brown dog org so angels of these just beings with halos, harps and wings and my eight part series on angels, demons and deliverance. So go to the website to order and hate again for holiday presents one on was a Hanukkah present or Christmas present, a birthday present for someone outgoing order bunch of them Esther to Brown dog org right we come back I'm going to be joined by Bishop E. W. Jackson, and were gonna talk about his prayer initiative. His burden 40 days of prayer to save Americans really get some cutting-edge commentary by an African-American leader in the church to talk about needs in the body needs in America today six more calls to stay right here in the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling P6 it here again is Dr. Michael Brown, I asked a question on yesterday's broadcast is it too late for American you will make a case that in so many ways we fallen so far morally and spiritually in so many ways were so divided, tearing ourselves apart. But it seems it easy to think now only only way we go is down from here. You know it's it's like someone that's really old and and has a life-threatening disease, and the doctor say this is really nothing you could do anymore. That's why some look at the state of America but in doing so they they leave out one very big factor which is divine intervention. Is it possible that God can have mercy on America's possible turnkey, change could common the elections play any role in that I want to speak now with Bishop E. W.

Jackson. You may have seen him on Fox may seem on ABC's good morning, among many, many other things I could say about him. Perhaps most relevant here is that in 2009, he found it stand staying true, America's national destiny, a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring Americans together because across Rachel and culture wants to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and values of Bishop Jackson. Thanks much for joining us on the air today.

Dr. Brown, but it is it is a great job was looking at your bio you been married 47 years. You got me by five years. At 48 now got a look years. Years back I remember we used to get media things to see someone's picture in the menu method that the thing was 20 years old to lease this this bios only matter Munsell of Bishop what what your state of mind right now about our country. But what's on your heart. Have you given up hope for, or are you kinda nonchalant about things, experiences of urgency which are state of mind we can learn to be profoundly concerned. In fact, have the privilege of speaking all over the country OF audiences remember the good thing perfect quickly is and I believe that we are facing potentially the worst crisis in our country's Civil War. I think that's how bad it is. Think the division is deep and frankly I don't think the division is primarily racial or even gender. I think there is a profound spiritual and therefore ideological divide in our country and I don't see any way of resolving it short of, as you said earlier so rightly divine intervention outpouring of God's spirit and awakening are that the repentant are coming over Americans who right now seem to be committed to a socialist nation and atheist nation of secularization, almost anything, but God and I think that's where the divided goat divided those of us who still believe that God is on the throne that America is a providential nation that we have been mightily blessed and that that's been the primary key to our success and that the more we we run away from turn our back on ignore God, the more we going to experience occurs rather than the blessing and their people seem to be committed to dictate to giving up accursed so I'm profoundly concerned but because I am a man of faith. I am also profoundly optimistic. I don't believe that God simply rolled the dice in America popped out. I really believe that this was planned by God that there be a nation like ours that that this nation existed and that God still have a plan for America so the neighbor my organization being true to America's national destiny.

I believe we supposed to be a nation that demonstrates to the world.

What is like for country to be built on principle, not race or party but on principle and ideals on biblical Judeo-Christian values and that we are going to return to those values and and ultimately the very best that America has to experience is yet to come. Yet that the best is yet to come is something that seems completely counterintuitive and it's something I've been proclaiming as well. Simply because of faith but not just an empty face-to-face that space to how God intervened our history before with various awakenings and the fact that he's he's he's calling us to pray and cry out, let me just probe one thing and then I want to talk about your latest initiative and we can share with our listeners and viewers, but as you talk about the providential history of America and God raising up America for unique purposes and blessing America you're saying that as a black American, and it would be easy to have a different perspective because of our history because of slavery because of segregation. Native Americans might be able to look at the history differently as well. And yet you you believe this also in lightness. Explain how it is that given some of the real dark spots and blemishes are history yet. You see, God's providential hand and supernatural blessing on us. Well, Dr. Michael. That brings me back to my faith because I got saved in December 1976 God intervened in my life in a dramatic and powerful way and and I got two major insights that came to me within a few years after that that I know the Lord showing the applicant of a child of the 60s and race and racism and racial division was also very much a part of that time God show me one that America is not an accident that he planned for America to be here and that he planned for me to be here in America. In other words, I'm not here because my ancestors were brought here slave I am here because God wanted me here Was simply the vehicle that he uses, like Joseph, it was brothers.

You may have meant it for evil but God meant it for good. And so that when you realize that that the bitterness that people tried to instill in you for what happened in the past, dissipates it doesn't really have a place to rest, because you realize wait a minute, God had something in mind for me that nobody could've seen which is that I be born a citizen of the greatest nation.

The freest nation, the most prosperous nation that would provide more opportunity that any nation in any nation ever has in human history. I get to be a part of this grand experiment because of something that happened 150 years ago, which undoubtedly not good not pleasant. And indeed, evil but but nonetheless God brought something wonderful out of that which is me and everyone else who come to this country legitimately all of our ancestors who came you legitimately opened up a door of opportunity for us like nothing they'd haven't made it they had ever known or even for that matter might've ever imagine. So so that's why, but you know the second thing is this and this is extremely important not here again I think this every time I have a chance.

You know, people have to understand what the world was like Dr. Michael in the 16th and 17th and 18th century. It is not as if the whole world were a utopia and and and along came America and messed it all up. The reality is that the relationships between people in the earth for relationships of master to slave of the subjugated to the subject gators of the oppressors to the oppressed, but mainly it was people oppressing folks who looked exactly like them from their same demographic or geographic region. Europeans enslaving other Europeans may most of the slaves, but for the Roman Empire. For example, were European.

Many of them were Roman slaves of so the idea that somehow America bears this unique evil is just silly and so when you put America in the context of human history, America comes out very well because only one nation found itself on the principle that all men are created equal and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights causes that about this direction collected itself, whereas other nations still didn't correct themselves and bottom line is we gotta be redemptive with everything we we must look at things redemptive.

The that's how God is working but the perspective is so important and so life giving. It's like when we forgive versus hold onto bitterness or what what we do now, sir, what we do. Many of us recognize when desperate times in our nation.

Critical times. Certainly, America's more divided than I've ever seen in my lifetime. You harken back to Civil War that that's really how it feels. A minute and things always seem to be escalating will see what happens with the midterms in 2020. I don't see things slowing down as I see them escalating in the natural what's on your heart. What's the bird what he calling people to be part of now. Well we started something called 40 days of prayer to save America.

We started this on the 40th day leading up to the election on November 6 Thursday 21 and we were where you are.

Currently we have 21 days to the election into exactly 21 days for the day people will be voting. I would think that the folks that will be taken on November 6 will be a watershed moment for this country one way or the other.

Also encouraging people. First of all to pray and to pray in my past you say and I don't think this was in orbit, originated with families. They pray like everything depends upon God and work like everything depends upon so that means that people have got to register. They've got gotten vote they got to vote, not race, not party, but their Christian values their Christian principles and vote for the person who best represent Judeo-Christian postbiblical values.

It so happens that that's more likely to fall in favor of one party than another because my friend. Unfortunately, one party in our country just seems to have gone headlong in the direction of rejecting God, and date date.

They simply cannot be allowed in my view, to hold power because that's the direction which they want to lead the nation and for example if Democrats get an office they will impeach Pres. Trump. I have no doubt whatsoever.

If the house is taken over by Nancy Pelosi. They will impeach Pres. Trump and that in my view will precipitate a constitutional crisis. It is unimaginable.

I think BP attempted to overthrow even as Alec Baldwin said the other day openly we need to overthrow the government and that kind of talk in that kind of attempt I think runs the risk of plunging this nation into bile and were seeing some of the violence ready. We saw the level of protest against Justice Cavanaugh and this before any charges of sexual impropriety were raised because of the battle of Roe V Wade, the radical feminist rage against the so-called male patriarchy or white male patriarchy and in the midst of all this we understand that the Pres. Trump has a certain way of doing things that throws more fuel into the fire so that there's a lot going on here of we just got about a minute before the break, so maybe we can just start here and then I got a couple more questions. If you stay on the other side of the break absolutely all right.

If folks go to stand America stand America.US is that the best place to go to to join in for these next days of prayer and fasting here absolutely built great information on where to call man wearing a prayer meeting every Monday night, encouraging people to create their own prayer time in their groups. Churches that we've all gotta be praying. You can't just be Monday night.

If this is gotta be a 24 seven situation because our nation is indeed in crisis all right yeah absolutely so we'll talk about where politics mixed in with revivalist prayer can leave one substitute one for another, without social Band-Aids versus revival stand America .us hey, this is something everyone can do shut in verb you are all junk we can all do this with crap together.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am speaking friends with Bishop W. Jackson go to stand America .us join the prayer team fast.

Take skip meals wherever God lays on your heart. Days join together and crying out for God's mercy on America and him were not crying out for a red wave of Republicans were not crying out for specific candidates were crying out for God have mercy on America to grant this repentance. Beginning with the church.

Bishop Jackson a II can really ask everything in one question and I appreciate your passion being so articulate and clear for us. It's very common for the church to get very worked up every four years, sometimes every two years and we pray and get all exercised over the state of the nation and then we vote and then we come to go back for a ways, and we get upset politically in battle back and forth or are we sometimes putting too much emphasis on politics or is it just a matter of each 1 Has Its Pl. We need to be praying for renewal and we need to be praying involved in the political scene. I think Dr. Brown that what we do is we tend to some ways demarcate between politics and spirituality and not. I say that what I'm doing. For example, Informix data form standard 2009 because I really felt that Barack Obama was not the problem, but a symptom of a much deeper problem and that you could fight him all you want but if you didn't fight the deeper problem which is this rebellion against God, but you still wouldn't solve it. You end up going from out of the frying pan into the fire, and so for me, prophetic ministry is what we are about and that has to take place every single day. Educating people persuading people praying and asking God to to move in our nation departed spirit upon us so right you're right and I think you're absolutely right.

This tends to be in every four years or every two years thing and I think that's part of the problem that we're having right now that we see it as episodic rather see it, seeing it as an on going quest to change the trajectory of our country are so sublime as close to believe follow up with that so we get involved. We vote we stand for righteousness in our local communities we educate our children what should the church be doing in an ongoing way beyond the midterms beyond 2020. I think the church is gotta teach Christians that our civic responsibility as part of obligation to God. I say I like to put always remind people to consider their context. If you don't believe that God put you here accidentally that he gave you freedom that other people do not enjoy. To choose the people who get to serve you in government for unicast satisfied to me is to spit in the face of God into throwback in his face. The great gift is given you. We gotta educate our people about applying the word of God to every dimension of life and leaving nothing out.

And that includes the public policy and political life of our country.

I look, I don't believe that politics can solve our problems I believe can take the spirit of God to do that, but I believe politics is a part of how we address those problems. And while we are believing God for his miraculous intervention so solicitous Jackson. I appreciate the voice you've been for so many years. The work you're doing and then hitting on all cylinders for the kingdom of God in heaven, we can stand with you. Let us know because were in this together start. God bless you. God bless you again stand America.US hate your friends that that reminds me that what's today 76 days, six days from now. My book Donald Trump is not my Savior comes out number the subtitle evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports as present. You can still order the signed numbered copies were still signing them right up until the end.

Otherwise, you're the paperback. The Kindle version on Amazon and hopefully within a months time even less than that.

We hope to have the audio version out of just in the final stages of reading it, then it has to be edited and then produced but I really felt burdened I'm no hype here. My goal is that selling books okay I have written books for that here I write articles for five articles a week, and there they are free of charge for everybody online okay that my joy to do it the same as we become you. We give them radio to serve you and bless you do not have to pay a fee to listen to us is our joy to Michael's that selling books Michael is getting a message out, but it takes a lot to produce about the work of the publisher and editor everything to get out to get stores.

Hence people pay for them and it's good money, good investment.

I spent bowl bug scared to fight have come assessment on books over the years and I'm glad I have but I felt burdened to get the book out and I felt would help believers who have a problem with Donald Trump with his personality. With the way he does things they like his policies and they believe he's good for the conservative cause and good for religious liberties, but they really struggle with the man I thought this book would really help them so get a copy for yourself as you find it to be a tremendous eye-opening rediscovered like a running commentary over the last three years of of Donald Trump and and my views and insight sent and so on and how we should respond as evangelicals, but the book also help give perspective to those that I don't know how to deal I can't. How did you vote for him. Get a copy for yourself.

Get a copy for your friend Donald Trump is not my Savior and ballet him as the title. These are Savior is not Jesus as our Savior Jesus as our Savior. Jesus gave his blood for us. We give our lives to him present gets our vote. Jesus gets our lives right 86634 up to grab a couple calls and will start in Winston-Salem North Carolina. David, you are now on the air. David go ahead sir.

Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Mike Brown very much I want I want to keep as at least corrosive as possible and not harmful to those that might be listening on the radio so it all. I'll try to use ambiguous terms in the fence but feel free to ask me any question you would like. Unlike know your position on local local churches that excommunicate without investigating, but just based on their localized doctrine and how painful that can be in the life of a believer and got it. So let's just say that I am really really dogmatic about the end times and if someone has a different view of the end times that I do.

I now bring that person unteachable and rebellious and if they hold to their views of McKesson and that's an extreme example right but right or maybe it's a Baptist Church that hold strongly in once saved always saved or Pentecostal church that hold still and you can lose your salvation so these are things of which we can divide within the body and still be brothers and sisters this when I talk about fundamentals of the faith is the sum of the night. A fundamental faith would say that even saved right we we we do not view them a safe but yet it can be very dangerous or when I'm in a take something that is not an issue to divide over, I might say the person you know you really ought to go to another congregation because is not a fit for you here. This is who we are. This what we teach and believe if you see otherwise it's really master he will bless you go throughout the issue would be if the person then became rebellious and divisive and felt no it's my mission to straighten out this church and I'm in a do it then that could be something if they persist in division and an undermining leaders and seeking to hurt draw people after themselves and refuse to repent and claim that their leaders in the body. That's everything.

But sir, many people have been really really hurt by a trick to being denomination wind as well but by a church acting in a very narrow way and an X excommunicating some of putting them under the ban for something that is not an X communicable offense. So we need to really do this with maturity and we need to do activity not based on specific distinctives of our church or fellowship based on more fundamental moral and spiritual issues.

Were you ever in a church excommunicated members as part of your interactivity and leadership at yeses. As I mentioned earlier I have been and it was. I remember two specific times. I don't think it was three but it was there. It was months and months and months and months and months of dealing with someone in an and him. It was a long ongoing process and try to find every way to help the person or bring them to repentance and you know it. It was an agonizing thing to do and one as I said that cost a lot of soul-searching and all of our in all of our lives. Another, been plenty of instances of people who fall into sin whom we help to restore.

I wish that didn't happen as often as it did, but that's happened quite a few times and I've been involved with that directly and you cover is if there is true repentance than you cover as much as you can.

You love covers a multitude of sins. You work in a healthy way to really restore and get go through a real process of of bringing forth fruits worthy of repentance and the great thing you look for there is is real humility, and in real desire to make things right. You see that there is great hope for that person's future they can up and up stronger in the future, even in ministry that in the past, if that's done correctly triggered her car was I when I went away on my own to start Bible on evangelism Allen Bermuda and when I came back six months.

I actually there with the Lord given much success in conversion and activity to bring the gospel through work in relation with people.

When I returned to the church they had excommunicated me in my absence. I do not yet have I just got a jump in of the most of us have reminded of the situation is that I this is address years ago, but we gotta take these things really seriously and often do this differently and in others so they can seriously almost do a little, our friends, their leaders Thursday. This process

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