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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 26, 2022 5:50 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open wide the questions we've got answers for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown letting us today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you foam eyes wide open any subject any question any comet that ties in in any way with anything we ever talk about on the radio anything I've written. Spoke about so the guess this talk about wide-ranging subjects. Yes, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

As always, those who differ with those critics and others fullness are open to you as well. Let us start with Morris in Bonita Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire Morris are you there yes go ahead.

I know I gotta go back and forth without regard to value my umbrella every nerve pathway for the arm of my closer, absolutely not.

Okay good. That is, that is a myth that is an absolute myth with people you are very much the third and all all of it I but a very was complete nonsense on every level. The writings of Paul were received early by the early church. There is there is no major rejection of his writing, except in schismatic groups. He was welcomed by the apostles. We if you're going to say that Paul is a false apostle and that means Luke was a false teacher so you eliminate the book of Luke, and you eliminate the book of acts eliminate second Peter which commends the writings of Paul. You eliminate the testimony of of all the early church fathers, that's that speak of Paul so it's complete nonsense of some schismatic groups now if if someone is not claiming to be a follower of Jesus or claiming that the Bible is not the word of God and that there were these other groups. There is a tension between James Jacob is a tension between James and Paul or that that call started something new and it's different than the original Jesus.

That's a whole other thing that was there throwing out the Bible right and they're just taking a little bit here and little bit there and claiming that these things but otherwise if you going to give the Bible any authority, and the early church any authority, then, of course, Paul was one of the key men raised up by God in the right of almost half of the New Testament whose whose writings are critically foundational important throughout call you throughout the gospel you throughout the New Testament throughout the Bible as we have, yes, sure thing 866-34-TRUTH just to clarify one point that Morris was asking. There is a teaching going around that when Jesus said that, until heaven and earth pass away, that thus and such will not pass away, so Matthew five Matthew 24 that that was an idiom referring to the Temple in Jerusalem and was numb at the end of the age and the destruction of the heavens and the earth of the renewal of the heavens and the earth. He was talking about the destruction of the physical temple nonsense Internet myth nonsense, 86634 let's go to my Landa in Adrian Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire.

They ducked around our area doing well thank you have a question regarding my pastor though I've been pretty frustrated with my wife and I have been at church just because we have so much deal the Lord within a normal two years and we wanted. We want to do so much you want to do some outreach.

We want to do some go to maybe some pride parade then spread the gospel.

You have a lot of a lot of the on excitement and it just seemed like our church. It doesn't do anything. I mean we don't do fundraisers. We don't do outreach.

We we do nothing. We show up on Sunday and we go out to lunch afterwards. Watch the NFL and then you have a hunky-dory day so the problem is is I confronted him before any get super defensive for things like you know you can. Kelly convicted it what it is past, when you say confronted him you mean your pastor yet. Okay.

And so will confront him about the things I know say things like, although you're young you're not mature enough you know basically accusing me of.

I guess being too young and not understanding and you have a lot of zeal but you know I have a lot of zeal and I was first saved and I'm glad I didn't go out because I would look like an idiot, bottle blonde just like how to lie and right so you're in the wrong place.

That's the pastor of the church and he's the leader.

Just like if you have kids, you're the leader in your home and dislike. If you're the boss of the business. You're the leader so got us and called you to lead the church and if you make an appeal not confront not rebuke that if you make an appeal to the pastor and ask him when you consider these things are your grief your burden over this or would he release you to to raise up others to God if he says no that's not who we are. That's not what we do, then you you honor him and move on someone else.

If you have to drive two hours to be of people of like mind if you have to get the of a home fellowship or something like that. It's is not for you to change the church for example let's say that you were terrific Italian cook and you go to a local Chinese restaurant that said, I got bad Chinese and you think well if you just changed to an Italian restaurant I can help you and that you could make a lot of money well is that your your place to do it so it's frustrating. You may be 100% right in all your perceptions. But God did make you the pastor and that's simply the way it works or fruits, led by a team of elders or whoever.

So the same way somebody may not agree with the way you're raising your kids but that's not for them to tell you what to do because that your kids so it is frustrating. You don't want to let your zeal be quenched, but if that's where the people are at, then you're in the wrong place.

The whole thing church is not who your friends are.

We like hanging out with but people of like-minded faith who will go forward together, get yourself in a place like that and and give yourself the gospel and serving which of the ways you can and get involved. And if it's a healthy church will be doing a lot of outreach ready but then when they get to know you and find you trustworthy, they'll empower you to do things as well. So rather than stay frustrated and be against the leaders there best to graciously move on and asked for black guys who do say hey I don't want to be a nuisance.

I don't want to be a thorn in your side of but obviously I don't fifth year and you're the pastor I'm not so just as for your blessing were looking to know what will be making a home somewhere else right yet think you what what unfortunate if I'm very close with them like we efficiently do things outside church. The thought, it just biblically that we disagree in a mic is in a call for all of us to go you know faith without works is dead, having dental and what I wanted to ask you, what about respond what you that it are you thing that is kind of like a way that he runs this church like because I'm gonna think about that than like an objective problem it in the body of Christ, not just how you prefer to run a church like Army called to outreach and the like I said you know how to listen right, but it's not your job to change the church in this cause me to the leader right example, let's say that it's a Baptist church that doesn't believe in speaking in tongues and you been filled with the Spirit, and you speak in tongues in your hundred percent sure it's scriptural so that's my position right brought the pastor and the elders don't believe in it she could say would you mind reading this book about this or it could be have a discussion with them about these verses and if they say we read those books without our discussion, this is what we believe, then you can either honor them in and remain quiet, or you can honor them and leave to go somewhere else, but that's what they teach. If it's wrong is wrong and they're accountable to God for but it's it's not to the individual congregants to now dictate the way change those authority just doesn't work like that is like if you work in a company and you know this company is not acting ethically and you challenge them to act ethically, they don't live in your leave right because you no longer company so what I'd say is the best way to maintain a friendship with the pastor is to just say look know I don't want to be a thorn in your side. Here I am burning to get on a believe the church is called to get out if it's that the receiving say only the surreal Sosebee friends I've had.

I've maintain friendships with people by not being in the same church with them over the years right and we can work together better and are better friends from the outside and then the other thing is pray pray pray aright that's that's the outing.

Pray pray pray God your best not negative prayers God your best for pastor, your best for the church May and then progressively may we all have a heart burning for you and if if if you feel hey I'm super I'm supposed to do that support him, honor him and then pray secretly fine, otherwise move on someone else get out there serving and or at the very least, if you stay, say, can I have your blessing to go out and and if he says go for it, do it then you do it it's other friends to do with you, but otherwise get past the frustration and move on. Hey thank you sir for the call and my counsel here is, universal based on these principles, 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Jay in Boise, Idaho. Welcome to light a fire, Victor, Cora goals sure thing so I had a question and I've been in a dialogue with the good friend of mine is a Seventh-day Adventist and one of the primary areas of disagreement between your standard evangelical and SBA would be the identity of who would type a scapegoat and I will go into the locked all of it good, take long but fundamentally boiled down to the question used curse words used for scapegoat will yeah and their view is that a goat or as a veil would be for being out of the help of my understanding of the word is that originally, it just means something like entire removal that doesn't become a being and fell after the destruction of the second Temple, and that in a similar vein to Lilith felt curious, do you have any insight on what that word means in on the origins of this angelic figure as a veil yeah sure thing so I I will comment on that. On the other side of the break, so I was a sale translated in English as scapegoat goat that the scapes is that referring to a demon in the wilderness, or is it saying this is for the goat that will escape. This is the goal is for this demon will answer that on the inside of the break our emails this way you will be alerted to latest articles I just recorded a little rant you could call it about forgiveness of student debt compared to the cross people bringing this up you'll know he hears a video just came out here. The latest articles. Here's info on the computer area to speak. Here's a special resource package we put together so the website*a brown SK DR sign up for the emails will put your welcome tour you really enjoy it and send you a free mini book an e-book on how to pray for America. Also we are on the website.

Be sure to check out the Israel tour. We still have room on it for May 2023, as well as still time to get the advance copy, sign, number of the political seduction of the church people really getting it and sending notes to how much as to how much they're appreciating it on the website asked her to alright so a J back to you.

There is actually a major debate among scholars. To this day, and it is not solved.

Was there a demon in the wilderness called us a sale and was the second goat window was killed instantly brought to the holy space of all. And then there was a second goat that was sent out into the wilderness, was that sent out to a demon was sent to a demon in some type of payment. No canopy certainly wrong with it sent out to a demon meaning it goes into an unclean place it brings the pollution out to an unclean place this one way to read the other way would be also sell driving it as if it was from A's us all the goat that escaped the goat that went out there is debate among scholars. To this day with without question, though the two goats point to the twofold work of Jesus dying to cleanse us of our sins and dying to remove our sins from us. Both of those aspects are expressed in with the two goats did so, they are both types of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

That much is certain from a typological point of view.

I one of the one of the back-and-forth we've been having is limited in the what I can gather, because I've dealt with this with little or you have the Lord Lilith used in Isaiah 3414. But there's no figure called Lilith for almost over a thousand years. Then all actually to the contrary lilies. This is a demon there is a night demon that's known only back to Samaria and Acadian. The literature, but who will clarify the what what I mean specifically is a bit like a good understanding elected Samarian class of demon but the woman figure Lilith is a later literary all absolutely with the idea that Adam was first married to Lily thin and then he divorced her so that she tries to kill all the subsequent children right. Those those myths develop later, but the idea of Lily to being related. The being a a demon of of the night of some kind.

That's that's clearly what I say speak about the traditions that come out of it.

Yet those are those are many hundreds of years later rent so my understanding was that I I've been unable to find a reference to figure as a little credit securely provided mission right now. Note the reason that the reason is that Brett note not to my knowledge, that's my knowledge, but we don't have everything attested to say. Just because we don't have a specific reference. That's why scholars still debated so your research is accurate to the to the best of my knowledge have Ivan study this in depth in some time, but I don't think there's anything you discovered, but you just have to be careful with say well the old saying, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because we don't have a certain thing attested a demonic figure and other ancient near Eastern literature. A called as a sale doesn't mean that such a figure did not exist.

And again, their scholarly speculation about that but thank you your your faxes presented are accurate based on what we know.

I appreciated it. 663 fortress. By the way, with that now we have two phone lines open if you want to try to call. This is a perfect time to do it and we go to Mary oh over in London. Welcome to the line of fire about the government but think about integration or that they coming in with a light that it will be ready have surely you work on.Media.

So basically all who argue that that I love the United how to get it all and that your Medigap info 1.50 you make with you but is negative because I knew Eric as any codification that the first earth. Granger.

In a direction account. It is not till and fico. The resurrection kind of money the gospel but does a baby will give many Catholic as we think about you deeply. The story begins making out one of the idiot story story though I was stuck like you're looking for is that what you think about it the everyone kind of tried between it and it works.

And usually Nicola Fox but do I really like and figure out yes I appreciated. I'm not sure if I saw the reports I just want to ask questions. Did you call some months back after you knew I just had another baby. You be happy okay.

I remember that this barrier from London. Second my head when you mention your wife again.

I thought what a second okay, good, good, like I did remember that like so so the parallel here that that is being raised in extra-biblical parallel is comparing these first appearances of Jesus after his resurrection, comparing them to what exactly County.

From: week thinking I like the name of the euro but it goes back to his father look I I'm back alive like the unassuming right these these people looking for parallels.

This has happened for centuries and centuries and centuries. They simply don't exist. The, the type of thing that happened to as many people as it happened, the idea that a a myth could just be creative and have a movement built on it when you would've had a whole generation of eyewitnesses and say it never happened so there was nobody that were there was no person there was the one that we ate with them.

Talk with in the hundreds of people saw before he ascended to heaven and these things so that the the power is really weeks and with virgin birth village parallels the way you look at than you think. Well, the gospel accounts are like night and day the same way here so you again a reference to the Iliad or something. Everyone is known that you know the Greco-Roman scholars in an an early Mediterranean scholars that they all knew these things so note to me, all of it breaks down, especially when you scrutinize it more deeply, and the nature of the crucifixion, the amount of people seeing him die. The amount of people seeing a rise. The surprise added the shock at it all is that it really does break down have.

If you read my book resurrection not know that so that's that's right there's a lot there's a lot to read for every book that's out there that I've read there multiplied millions that I didn't, but you may enjoy looking into it resurrection investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn, a preacher from Galilee. In the event that changed the world. Resurrection of sure you get either paperback or or e-book over in England. I think you really find it interesting.

As I look at a contemporary potential parallel, and then show how it only highlights the uniqueness of the resurrection.

He thank you for the question, 866-34-TRUTH all right. Let's go to Roy and South Carolina try to answer your question before the break, but if not I'll finish after go ahead sir about your ministry.

Thank you. I clipped a quick question when you probably can write a lot an answer very quickly, one of which was you address many of you considered profit that you entrusted and then my other question which I gave you when I called and was what is your advice for employees that work for companies that pay for people to travel for important should they contact your HR department and they don't agree with that statement or looking to the Holy Spirit. In each case is unique on what that employee should yes I so everyone has to work that out. Second question first.

Everyone has to work that out.

In other words, if a company is saying we are taking our profits. We are using some of her income to fund abortions. If you can get an abortion in the state will fund you travel to another state in your employee. There do you keep working there. Do you register your disapproval and say you don't want to sit it to be an active participant will be on record that you differ of.

Do you use that companies a platform to speak out against it.

Everyone has to because mine on that and find out what the strategy is obviously many companies use funds for all kinds of things that we differ with. When we draw the line was too far so everyone has to work that out for themselves. I encourage you to check out a brother of guns in recent years, but is been around for decades. Jim Laffoon think it's LAF 00 and highly regarded as a very very accurate prophetic voice today, but one that's behind the scenes you'll see him and a lot of the high places was behind the scenes that exposed in recent years, all right. Douglas is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire, 866-3487 84 you've got questions of any kind related in any way to the broadcast. We've got answers. All right let us go to Paul in Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the line of fire. You thanks want to bring up in the gospel of John.

Well, her husband, which by the married correction at five others before and now you in regard that my question is how the believer.

There was a period of time where I was married for 10 years. I ended up divorcing for nonbiblical Brown I simply had turned my back on that point the church about faith due to various circumstances and being worn down by marriage and I walked away from that marriage now been shaved in a committed relationship for 3 1/2 years.

Even having a child and now I'm in a situation where following my divorce I entered into a relationship with somebody moved in and engaged in intimate practices so we were sleeping together and basically I'm trying to find out after a year of that going on. I felt really convicted that I love doing that. Outside of marriage, though I left that relationship. Should I be earning fact that now because I thought okay the fact that you slept with her obviously does not justify marrying her sleeping with her again. That was that was sexual morality. Of course, can be forgiven through the cross and God can take our mistakes and turn them for an into stepping stones for us to grow and learn from, but which you really have to do is is step back sit down with with a solid pastor that you are in good relationship with and review the past and you could make a very strong case to say you divorce your wife without without biblical grounds and you don't have the right to remarry. The fact that she's in a relationship with someone else married to someone else if you divorced her does not free you that argument could strongly be made there others who would claim that because she's in a new relationship and married that that releases you others would say no. That's if you engage in the relationship that still adultery as long as the person is alive, so Paul I I'm not going to tell you what to do. There you need to study the Scriptures carefully and you sit down with a godly pastor that that holds to biblical ethics and is that this can be a yes man, and really look at this. There marriage is a sacred thing in God's sight and or no-fault divorce culture in the church is brought terrible destruction of our society in many ways. Again, God forgives their side of so many people that have been through difficult divorces because forgiven and many I believe had grounds to remarry and their blessed but this is something really need to work out before the Lord, and with a godly pastor with you can marry again so I could live without the muscle and sex. We can do anything with gods help, we do anything with gods help, but in this particular case relates to sit down with the leader in and look at things go back through history.

Obviously if the woman you divorced your wife is not with someone now then it would behoove you to seek reconciliation and humble yourself and confess your sin and and sure that your different person and seek to reconcile. That's not an option now, but does that release you to remarry, many would say certainly not others would say will yes it would suit you really need to work that through and because of the weight of this am. I can tell you what to do the semi-place it's it's a phone call to someone I don't know that would not be righteous in the sight of the Lord for me to say more so may the Lord help you to honor him.

May he give you grace to live in self-control until whatever next step is or the years ahead in may he connect to some godly leaders securely speaking to life.

Thank thank you for calling the situated question that's as far as I can go in in an answer from this distance. 866-34-TRUTH latest talking for the moment, I will weigh in all kinds of controversial issues. Even though unaware many times that doing so will cost me support or will will cost me listeners are followers. It's always been a material I never calculate that even for a split second, it does enter my mind to do my best to speak truthfully, there are certain situations amassed about in this an argument in different ways different side scholars debated to this day. The Bible presents debates to say theologians debate them to this day, people who love Jesus passionately debasing to this day. The fact that I'm looking at when definitively on every point is because they're different sized argument, and I haven't landed in a particular place, then there situations like this which are so weighty. Of course I can tell this brother. No, don't sleep with this woman and the fact that you slept with her doesn't mean you're supposed to marry or I can say that emphatically and clearly, and I do have grave concerns about someone that divorces for no biblical reason and then life goes on the night they get closer to the Lord and now they they want to remarry. I have grave concerns but I am not aware of every circumstance and the whole story narrative.

So for me to say more is wrong.

Also I don't want to condemn others who are in different situations.

The moment you hear me say some the things you immediately feel all know I remarries that sin I'm not making a blanket statement right so please hear these apply them as the shoe fits in them when you have questions.

Don't bury them, take them to the Lord and say Lord I want what's best in and sit down with with solid spiritual leaders of working things through all right we go back to the phones.

Let's go to Salt Lake City, Utah. Harry, you are on the line of fire doing great thanks for asking Job in my Bible reading and wondering why it is not considered Scripture know how many unique go Mart's ability come from educating their currently written, and all the other book that kind of in a class of its own, yet only this is a class of its own.

As I spent years writing a commentary on it. I of all, the more on awestruck by the book, but we don't know exactly how every book became part of the canon of Scripture right in. In other words, it's one thing with the early church we can see the process of okay. And apostle wrote this or an eyewitness wrote this. It was an associate of an apostle. Things like that and then what was received early on, you know the writings of Paul or or Matthew Mark and Luke or whatever was received early on and then was built on, but will return at the canon of Israel it so much more ancient over such a long period of time that we don't know exactly how every book Guardian of, for example, first and second Samuel we say wall written by probable simile. My second Samuel simile right all the stuff about after his death, and you know who wrote first and second Kings and in the first second Chronicles or why this book is that so there are a lot of questions that we have, but the larger process was that over a period of time the nation of Israel recognized a particular thing is holy and is God's word. So God from his point orchestrated things in such a way that the people on their part recognized these books so by the time of Jesus that doesn't seem to be a debate about any of the books of that what we have is the Old Testament now being part of the Bible we we know there may been some minor debate in the years that followed in the Jewish community, but that was based on books were ready accept it like song of Solomon and a subquestion. Was it really sacred Scripture doesn't like love songs about the prostitute you some of these verses as to the reason that Job is in the Bible it it presents a challenge to the simple idea that if you righteous everything goes well and if you're wicked you're always punished, as is doesn't always work out like that, especially in the short term but don't doubt change your theology and say wall of the person suffering most of sin, or God must be sending these evil things know there's more going on behind the scenes and then it gives voice to the question. The pain challenge really feels like it's in the Bible.

But let's get to the end where God himself is the answer where the book came from. We don't know we don't know who wrote it is the most mysterious in that regard in the Talmud were. This is discussed about when Job was written, you have a range of dates over a thousand different years, speculating, so we don't know.

It is in terms of intellectual material vocabulary. The loftiest book in the entire Bible, and yet we absolutely don't know who wrote it, but from everything we can tell from the most ancient days when there is reference to Scripture or Bible, or other things being attested like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Job was always there.

Job is an accepted Scripture of from well before the time of Jesus without debate how I got in. We all know exactly okay. I made no difference. So so unique all the other just wondering how much we need to know now so that's that's it is giving a chance to check out my commentaries called Job the faith to challenge God a new translation and commentary. Job the face to challenge God. The translation and commentary in the intro. I quote from different folks who say you know if if all literature was gone world, he can only have one book that have the book of Job mimics extraordinary stuff and majestic bucket.

In that regard, and I'm so thrilled it's part of the canon of Scripture okay will get to as many calls as we can. On the other side of the break which revisit vitamin or sponsor Dr. Mark thing the check out the great health supplements, you get a special discount by be one of our listeners. When you do and the darkest anger in turn in turn donates generously to our ministry so vitamin will be right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown listed right back to the phones of the skillet Carlos in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire might work you read the Bible in black and white so that mean I want to be.

Everything about about it right now the computer and you'll wipe down different people because I do not believe that the trip and can be a long, he or she are not my Michael to believe that social a couple things Carlos did just a little bit probably connection so you can hear me but we will hear any any echo in the background. Okay number one we are to read the Bible as it was intended to be read so history read his history poetry as poetry. When you said should be read in black-and-white. That's an idiom that right was a man in black-and-white. So when the Bible uses an idiom. We understand it's an idiom went when it's with using an allegory. We understand it's an allegory when it saying don't murder is a command don't murder if you murder your be put to death that's literally what it means just like the law.

Just like when you're driving on the road speed limit 45 miles an hour the Disney 4+5 = 9 and nine is like 90 single 90 know it's 45 so when when the Bible calls us to repent and believe that's literally what it means the Bible explicitly forbids homosexual practice Bible explicitly forbids a man line with the man or woman with a woman explicitly says this is contrary to God's design and creation explicitly says those who practice those things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Just like those who practice many other things that God forbids in Scripture will not inherit the kingdom of God is to what about someone who is same-sex attracted but this act on it says it is wrong in God's sight repudiates it.

And if God doesn't change them is content to be single. God bless that person. Thank God for them if they can continue to grow in grace and see a change in their desires. Wonderful. If they say Lord the very feeling of this is unclean purge may cleanse me wonderful, but as long as they are not acting on the flesh then then you need to honor support and encourage, should they identify as gay Christian or safe on homosexual but not practicing. No, no, no, no that's using the terminology and thought of the world wishes him a follower of Jesus, would you struggle and think of struggle since expression but I say no to it.

I turned to look for grace just like someone else may struggle with opposite sex attraction in a single guy heavily attracted the opposite sex, but the sexual outlet say no to it and you honor the Lord in the one case homosexual. There is no possibility of a relationship with some of the same sex sexual romantic with a gullible bless this clear when it comes to heterosexual, then there could be the potential of of marriage to the opposite sex in a holy way that God will bless. So when I comparing apples with apples there but do not identify as homosexual, gay, rather, following Jesus and I struggle same-sex attraction. My friend struggles with the with this.

My friend struggles with this, but we say no to a Jesus called us to deny yourself, take up the cross and follow him and by his grace we continue to pursue change those people need our support or encouragement or love or friendship if they fall 10 times we help a backup and move forward.

In Jesus name. Thank you for the question right. Let us go to Roy in Montana. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Quick question here real quick.

You did a teaching years ago when you're in Baltimore and you did down like me in praying hi Ananias Jonathan, and I love those and I haven't downloaded my really old iPod, but I'd like to give them a gift is there anywhere I get those yes you go to asked Dr. SK dear and click on store you'll see it in the audio resources giants of the faith, the S Ms. Wigglesworth and I'm Judson Whitfield, John Lake praying hi boy, those were staggering people to teach on. I remember when I went when I we teach on those when I lived actually and we do this in Iraq for Maryland and when I would teach of those late 80s early 90s I get home after teaching for teaching on the prayer life of John hi and not be completely devastated. I thought I'd never touch this in a million years and then I wake up the next morning as if God use that he could use me. The challenge was every week was such a stretch of the Wigglesworth on faith Judson on sacrificial service you know and so was it was a jarring thing each week, but many were blessed by those so we had the audio series on those that we distribute it still it still that that Odyssey was a target.

Late 80s early 90s we thought good is the best of target.

So that's we get it asked Dr. store and it should be under audio resources. Thank you are awesome. Thank you, but I go have my question to you and God.

People should get there. There is no doubt my mind that God's people to get but is there any place in the Old Testament because you could hi money like working out and it seems to me like it should be in no back then. I would like emptier crop for your mind and it was so many times a year, or whatever lies accidentally as you read. If you study the laws. Deuteronomy when the people were to bring ties to Jerusalem every several years. There were converted into money. So take whatever of the crops of Fox etc. converted into money and then bring the money and and that would be given to the sister it again overdue as being practical. Updating things as of today and look a bit in services in India where the people commonly they put a pineapple in the front of the put this vegetable that's there offering us with a have and it's very sacred when I see that but practically we we do with money today. The same principle, but in Deuteronomy, you'll see that hey thank you for the call and let's go to Drew and Marilyn of only a few minutes, but let's do the best we can to diving, go ahead.

Please enter you can anchor toward court). When I like the no better got got it.

I like it asked more questions just so I can answer more detail. These are very challenging things, especially when we feel, hey I have a lifelong wound.

Because of this, I'm carrying the weight of this still scarred by this whiteness.

See what they do better. So the first thing is we spend time in God's presence.

Praying for God's best for them and thanking God for them.

For every good thing they did for the sacrifice they made for efforts that they made. That's the first thing second, we remember how God forgave us how many times have we blow it since we been believers. How many times have we blown it. How many times have we disobeyed a fallen short letter this doubt. How does God forgive us.

This is a lot like of gift as you knew better not hold this against you, because at this stage of life. You should be doing anymore. No, he forgives the cross, Jesus tells us Paul says is you been forgiven.

Forgive so you meditate on that got have you forgive me that's on calls for drugs and read through Matthew 18 the parable within the chapter read me that through so we pray for them. Thank God for them, meditate on how God gave you look at how strongly Jesus says we have to forgive from the harsh the same way that we been forgiven, then you make a quality decision, even though I may not feel it. I am going to volitional.

He forgive in your site. I'm not can hold this against them from the heart.

I'm gonna forgive us much as it lies in the end were I fall short. I'm asking you to take it from here. If you do those things, God will give you grace. I think of Corrie 10 boom talking about giving a Christian presentation and meeting a former Nazi at the end of it was just so glad to meet her and she realize this is the man that basically tortured my sister in prison watched her die and and when God said, forgive him, forgive him. She couldn't she just could. I mean, how could you come on, but she knew what God wanted and she reached out her hand and as she did the spirit of God. This came through her and touched her and touched him to the point of weeping so you do those things you pray for them regularly. If they're not alive. You thank God for them everywhere that you can recognize how God forgives us the depth of it that we do not deserve it. Zero if any, to solve it and then in God's sight underneath the Lord. I choose to forgive. With everything in me. Help me to do it if you don't feel it, speak it anyway and the grace will follow enemy don't carry don't hold onto unforgiveness. It's unhealthy. Some physical releasing them with a few have an awesome week and friends remember the website Esther to get another program powered by the Truth Network

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