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Finding Unity in Jesus in the Midst of Our Political Differences

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 24, 2018 4:10 pm

Finding Unity in Jesus in the Midst of Our Political Differences

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 24, 2018 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/24/18.

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So how do we find unity in Jesus in the midst of our political differences stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown but we are going to be as constructive as we can all this week we've been talking about Christians and politics.

The church and Donald Trump evangelicals and the midterms were raising some thorny issues and challenging issues and controversial issues confronting some sensitive issues but were doing so with the goal of edifying doing so with it, with the goal of trying to hear out one another, getting some opposing differing perspectives and from there, coming to a place of unity in Jesus in the midst of differences, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 number view ready the way in.

Yesterday we weren't able to get to you were able to hold long enough, but I spotted a few of the calls I really wanted to bring on because you differed with me.

Different call is different with another week we only had so much time, but try a little experiment today, right I'm going to try an experiment today will do this little later in the broadcast. And I want you to hear certain words without knowing who they're coming from and let me know if you agree or disagree with the words some years ago I was debating a militantly anti-Israel at times even anti-Semitic pastor from England. He's not doing pastoral ministry now in the Church of England because of the comments he was making. He was told either drop the comments or get out of ministry, so he got out of ministry, but we were doing a mini debate on Moody radio and I quoted something he had said a really really ugly quote and he said I never said that never said what was him and it was ugly.

I quoted to him, so I never said that why I had the reference I said it was at such a such a church. This this date during the Q&A session originally goes well, I'M home with a home with so first PC disowned it, not me. I wouldn't say that never is wrong. It's bad now then when he realized he had set it is as well okay it's it's it's okay I can stand with so what I find that you hear me out here. What I find is that often if we think someone we like made the comment we interpret it favorably reinterpreted through a certain length if it turns out that someone that we don't like made the comment we interpreted unsympathetic so if if you say to me you know you hold to this missile would never alter the position of craziness is no year ago you said this is something all well actually here's a limit never get a modified and I think honestly I put this out. You can differ with me. That's fine. Maternal win friends and try to honor the Lord speak the truth in love. I believe a lot of times that our political differences our social differences are lifestyle experiences or very perspectives are such that we are not as impartial as we may think we are now. You might be holding in your hands. My new book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports president you may be looking at the cover and say okay the title something is against Trump.

The subtitle sounds like it's for Trump. I don't really know what to make of this your for him or you against him now. I wrote the book in a way that also supports president Trump and with the hope that evangelicals who have a problem with them, who were never Trump versus it is no way I could see voting for him could read the book and get a little bit different perspective and because of that being able to vote for policy versus four personality believe it's important that we do vote in the midterms but we make this clear and and I'll go back to Joshua. The fifth chapter God is not a Democrat, and God is not a Republican.

Can I say that again make the right article with the title today. God is not a Democrat, and God is not a Republican, you might say well either God's values are much more in harmony with this party or that party.

I'm not arguing we could make a case for that.

What I'm saying is that God transcends politics because none of the American God is on a Russian guy was on a Mexican God transcends ethnicities God transcends races all right and and you can't put him in that box so when when Abraham Lincoln was asked many years ago hundred 60 or so years ago when he was asked if if God was for him or against him or for his cause or against his causing decent the key and I'm paraphrasing here is that that I am for his cause that's that's what matters. So Joshua the fifth chapter, if you remember this chapter is right before the children of Israel to Jericho the end of the chapter, Joshua encounters a man with a drawn sword and he obviously looks impose and he says to him, are you for us or against us. This commander of the Lords host is obviously a holy messenger could well be the son of God himself because in a moment.

He tells Joshua take your shoes off your feet. The place you stand is holy ground.

But how does this commander of the armies of the Lord answered Joshua. Remember, God was going to go and fight for Israel. God was with Israel. God was in the midst of Israel. God was going to go and fight Israel's battles to drive out the Canaanites.

He was going to go with them. He was, he would say repeatedly, Joshua. I'm with you I'm with you I was with Moses, I'm with you, but Joshua asked the commander. Photos are you for us or against us. What is he say no that's the answer is that what is the Hebrew say no pets what it says I'm not for you or against you. I'm a messenger from God. The question is are you with me or not, are you, for the purposes of God or not.

So we make a mistake when we put God in the middle of partisan politics as if he identifies as Republican or Democrat, or he identifies as liberal or conservative or he identifies as libertarian independent I'm a registered independent, not because that's a holier than opposite arm truly holding for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

All that's my thinking at all. I cannot identify with a particular party because I'm too good. No, no, it's that for me is a reminder that I identify first and foremost is a citizen of God's heavenly kingdom and then as a loyal citizen to America seeking to serve my country and do what's best for my country that that is my mentality. So for me personally say I'm a registered independent says.

Ultimately, I don't have a party affiliation. I voted largely for one party or or or leaders within one party for some years now because that party has more mirrored the values that are important to me but I understand that no party has all right and that their things on the left that that are good sensitivities and things in life that abandon the same on the right, so that our primary identification must be a follower of Jesus.

I'm a disciple. The Bible, God's word is my God, I make decisions based on allegiance to the Lord not allegiance to a man or a party or a platform now you may be a political leader, and you may be affiliated with a party or you may be an organizer working with a particular party you help rally people get them to vote. Register and you want them to vote a certain direction. That's part of what you do will that's that your job that your job but if you're follower of Jesus above and beyond your party affiliation. There is loyalty to the Lord and when the party goes in a different direction or leader goes in a different direction. You say you have to obey God.

My allegiance is first and foremost to the Lord. That's why it's one of the points I make a minute that I believe it's even better to better than praying God bless America, which I'm all for the want God to her to curse America judge America destroy America. But even better then God bless America, which for many of us means make us bigger stronger right. God bless America stronger economy stronger realtors for that's that's what a lot of people think when they think God bless America there's something higher than that to me which is contrary kingdom come to America that's given me repentance that's given me transformation that's good being mean shaking up the political system that's going to mean the church getting right with God. That's going to mean that the kingdom of God coming to the lost.

Many lost people being sated is going to mean social justice it's it's it it in in there. The writing biblical sense. It's it's going mean rehabilitation of the hurting if this can mean a lot of beautiful and wonderful things so that's ultimately where I land and that means that one day I'll be saying I'm so pleased with the present is done and it takes a man of courage. It takes a man's gotta a four head of steel it. It takes someone that's unshakable and immovable doesn't care what the media says it. I'm so pleased with what is done in its major it's big and there been quite a few things like that in the last two years that are major and big that I'm really pleased with but because I draw the line. Not with allegiance to the president releases to a party as I draw the line with allegiance to the Lord, that means on another day I might say I'm I'm displeased with this wish these things would happen.

Look, there are reports now of bombs that were sent to a Clinton residence Bill and Hillary Clinton residents to a past Obama residents Barack and Michelle Obama residence to CNN II don't know how much we know of this project with the news little bit who was behind it. You can just have a crazy person is completely irrational and and has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. You could have someone that's on the left try to make the right look bad or you can have some right wing crazy. We don't we don't know all the details. I just looked at a few headlines read a few stories and that's it.

So if there's more breaking news the last few minutes I haven't seen but when you have a climate with such extreme rhetoric with celebrities timeout blowing up the White House calling Trumper murderer and then you have the president himself stirring things up with with, still not on that level but comments that really provoke and incite anger and so on. We we got him we got a real mess boiling here and and we were talking about this get plenty soon as it was cooler heads prevail wish to start with us church people of God. So here's my question. 866-34-TRUTH is my question. Can we have unity in Jesus in the midst of our political differences we think I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 here's something that I really took exception to earlier in the week I took exception to a caller telling me that a Christian to vote for Donald Trump is a hypocrite.

Christian votes for Donald Trump.

That person is being hypocritical. I asked the caller did you vote for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton yes will think the end going to be a Christian letdown at the person's Christian now not have a problem if you said I could not vote for either candidate or II cast a protest vote for third party candidate or I wrote in the name I just sit out the presidential vote and I voted for the candidates.

I I can respect that I understand because I firmly deeply opposed outcomes in the Republican primaries and couldn't see what others saw that was good and right about him right so I could respect someone just sitting things out using a conference I can vote for either candidate. I cannot respect someone calling me a hypocrite for customer vote for Donald Trump not for Savior, never Redeemer never Messiah of the Lord for president. I cannot respect when someone tells me I was a hypocrite voting for him because he can be crude and mean-spirited, divisive and vulgar and things like that when you intern voted for pro-abortion candidates when you intern voted for candidates who want to bring about radical social change through LGBT activism and you call yourself a Christian that I don't respect that me is really hypocrisy again. If you say look, I don't see how you voted for Trump but hey, I respect your walk with the Lord and that's that's really process that I sent you. I can understand how you vote for Hillary Clinton or for Barack Obama but I'm not denying that you love the Lord and that's that's no surreal unifier on Jesus. But if you call me a hypocrite. The article you hypocrite. We gotta do better than that. How about we don't college other hypocrites. I will sit again for the life of me I cannot understand you can vote for a candidate who wants to redefine marriage or support radical as you LGBT activism or who is supporting Planned Parenthood murderous Planned Parenthood and supporting the slaughter of the unborn in the womb and the degeneration of our culture by losing a culture of life and and is not standing with our religious liberties and and most radically change our Constitution.

The weights applied. I can understand how used to follow Jesus devoted person.

However, I have had Christians call the Christmas call my show love the Lord love the word and explain their vote understand it but am I going to judge their walk with God and that's what open the phone to tell me I still agree with their position but are not signed or not.

Savior antichrist there voting for the devil not to say that urge them to vote differently in the respect if they differ with me what you got it you got to give the same liberty back the other way. How could you vote for a man like that. I understand the question. Trust me understand understand because because my wife Nancy. Even when she felt her the primary that I think comes to get elected president you had that feeling voice she wanted to happen and I don't know without VP Pentz being part of the ticket if she would have voted down from certain wooden vote for Hillary. But here's my point. I will say this again and I realize some you listen to the podcast completely watch the broadcast completely. Others you catch 10 minutes. 15 minutes driving the car so maybe you haven't heard me say this when we stand before God in judgment that he's not going to say to us what you about Donald Trump's visit would you do about Jesus. Let's not make Trump, Obama or Hillary or Bush. Let's not make our presidents what defines us. Let's not make our presidents what are testimonies hanging out, let's be able to sit down and drink coffee but across the table with the proverbial cup of coffee right let let's sit down you have a copy of my Perrier and and you explain to me your political view coming from a fellow believers. I'll explain my political view is a hairless pray for one another. Hey, what's going on you for this break.

Hey, what's going on with you reaching the lost in your community and focus. We have our differences and now let's unify this majorly major Irish families to the Cusseta families.

You can separate your friends are getting separate. Don't let that happen. The devil wants that there are lines we drawn. There are people that because of extreme positions.

We cannot fellowship with.

For the most part we can have our political differences we can fellowship in Jesus in it and if you have to not tell a person how you voted does get upset the relationship to say hey I votes between me and God. Your votes between you and God.

Let's talk about what can we do in our community and I might ask you, did you vote for Hillary or Obama. Did you did you vote for Romney or or, I can ask you those questions but also this hey this abortion clinic on April what can we do about hey there poor people in our neighborhood that are being overlooked. What can we do about that. There's a whole community or gangs is nobodies reach the work we do, but we'll talk about that little experiment little experiment letting me this quote you to know what you think of it right and of that he said it yet, you probably get pretty good guess but reach we all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States. Those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country is a that's obvious that's Donald Trump was with those words of Donald Trump. The code that I just read none of Michael's way back that's Ronald Reagan action that sounds like Reagan because he was a strong Lord our God blessed was it Reagan may be, George W. Bush may be George W. Bush. One of those. Let's let's see who set it up, play the clip. Caleb you are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States, but those are legally and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those war following the law.

We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented unchecked and circumventing the line were waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. Yes, that was Sen. Barack Obama now here's the deal. Some of you heard that quote and thought that's Donald Trump and you didn't like these harsh is not compassionate you wants to build a wall was to separate parents from children. The guys a monster. How could a Christian vote for him with those words were not the words of Donald Trump nor were they Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or George Bush or recent Republican presidents going back to Reagan is not any of them, and they may have something similar at different times but that was Sen. Barack Obama that measures my point. There are others that hear that and think good that's long or that's Trump that's my man. I'm so glad he said that, I love it. I back every word. Then when you fellows.

Barack Obama said well you know in other words, it's not the content of the words that gets us is not the truth content. It is not the fax it to set it and end friends.

We do this all the time. I'm sure I do it that I hear a quote.

Let's say it's that's it's from a theologian I trust in the quote sounds a little extremist like okay here's what I think he meant by but if it's a person I regard as a heretic is like as part of the person Sahara to go as we have double standards we have on equal weights and measures when I'm calling for is consistency. So I am not pro-Trump or anti-Trump or pro-Obama or anti-Obama. I I am pro-God profoundly pro-life, pro-America pro-Israel Pro what's best for our nation and to the extent a political candidate or political leader is for those values.

To that extent I am for them will I support in terms of honor and respect. Will whoever the person is of course I member listening to Rush Limbaugh decades ago in and he referred to Bill Clinton's slick Willie, I thought I could never do that, even though I deplore his his morals and and even though I do deplore his stance on many key social issues. He still the president and as such arts people and respectfully a couple times over the years of Pres. Obama, I wrote an open letter to the president with a river sees it or not is one thing that I wrote to express things as a voice for others and for others to read and and relate to, but you better believe it's full of respect.

And there's no name calling them as the President of the United States and our president trumps worst, nastiest, most mean-spirited tweeting day he still the president of the United States and I'm always going to be a supporter of the president. In that respect that I want to see what's best for the president.

What's best for the country but unlikely divide over who said it or which party back this which means sometimes I would agree. And sometimes, and I disagree sometimes an essay. Amen. And sometimes guess a Josh wish why because we worship at the altar of Jesus. We don't worship at the altar of the president.

Pres. Obama president Trump we don't worship at the altar of the Republican Party. The Democratic part we worship at the altar of the Lord, you are not together in the midst of our political differences in the midst of our social background differences in the midst of our ethnic and racial differences in terms of how we been raised and how we relate how we see the world we bow down his disciples together with the altar of the Lord and then find value in strength and ended the different perspectives that we bring in. We learn from one another and we sharpen our positions based on one another and of the end of the day we embrace and pray one for another. If at the end of the day we get into a fist fight. Something is wrong something is wrong. I we come back we're going straight to your calls and I got another interesting experiment to try.

On the other side of the great 866342 your calls coming in number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that second followers of Jesus should be able to have a passionate discussion about political differences and then hug and pray. Rather than get into a fist fight. Is that too lofty and ideal 866-34-TRUTH.

This is the last day this week we were focusing on the question of believers and the elections will talk more for the midterms believers in politics how we can have our political differences and still unite as followers of Jesus, and it's so important we get this right because the nations being torn apart at the seams and if we are not peacemakers. If we can keep cooler heads.

If we can't control her emotions.

How can we expect the world to do it. 866-34-TRUTH 784 or are you experiencing division. Write your own household or president, Trump supporting not supporting him like you not like importing from that 40 from are you experiencing division among frenzy losing friends always give me call to me what happened.

866-34-TRUTH. But let's talk about it and some of you been listening to me for 10 years now on the radio you remember that we talked about lots of really difficult issues when there was violence that had to do with racial violence when there is a question of of of a white person or Hispanic person killing a black person and did that the police and the courts judge properly and things like that. So we talk these things through my my namesake from Ferguson Missouri, eight-year-old Michael Brown, who shall we talk these things through.

Honestly, I said can we do this.

Can we sit down among others, brothers, sisters in the Lord and talk about followers of Jesus, but with different skin color with different social upbringing. So the social status different different ethnicities, things like that and say hey listen, tell me your perspectives.

I see it like this, but I will hear your perspective and I'm not trying to argue. I want to understand things.

I can't tell you how much I benefited from you callers calling in and giving me a different perspective. I am telling you it helped shape my understanding because my experience in life, no matter how broad I try to make it no matter how many times I travel around the world to matter how many people I know whatever situations I'm in. No matter how much I read and listen. I didn't grow up say in the inner city writing grow up say and in poverty in a village in India nor did I grow up in the Hollywood elite, nor the groping royalty rate nor like groping ultra-Orthodox Jewish home or at a radically devoted Muslim home or at and broken those environments. I I did not grow up battling same-sex attraction are struggling with gender identity. There's a list of millions of things that we can grow up with experience in life that the only way we can understand the person.

Even the mystery differences is by talking and listening and getting to know them so II gave this challenge and I said listen when when these volatile situations going on. Pray for Mark George Zimmerman. These these kinds of things that bring such racial tension to America. Can you sit down with someone who differs with you or even just a colleague at work that that you have a relationship with essay tell me your perspective. I like to share my but I want I want to hear yours first. Even if you differs like all okay that's hot.

That's how you see all okay that's what you see like that but I really differ, but now I see your perspective I see that I do the same with president Trump.

I listen to people that love Melissa people that hate him. I listen to his fervent supporters I listen to his ardent critics, and then I do my best to draw my own conclusions before the Lord, and I pray about these things as well. Here are the phones momentarily in the midst of several years of discussion about race conflicts in America. II boiled things down to a little statement. This is not about who's right, who's wrong.

This is an observation that white Americans often don't see racism when it is there black Americans often see racism when this is there why because white Americans and our upbringing and the situation. Many of us have been have not been confronted with racism as much, have not suffered the effects of racism as much a white majority country and therefore we we don't see it when it is there. Sometimes, on the other hand, black Americans who suffered racial discrimination much more than white Americans have a midnight day that they may see it was not there because they've experienced so much of that was just a little helpful template with me is the same with political divisions. It's the same with right and left it. Same with Republican, Democrat, that we have different perspectives and different values and different things that matter to us at so here's what I challenge you to do if Barack Obama let's see your conservative and you really like Donald Trump this be honest if Barack Obama sent out tweets we Donald Trump did or Barack Obama had the alleged sexual past the dull trumpet you'd be all over. Many of us would consider me that's wrong with this immoral because a bad example for its trumpets like a man that's who we as we needed a fighter right economic turnaround, Illinois if you voted for Barack Obama and really don't like Donald Trump you vote for Hillary Clinton really don't like Donald Trump and it was as you criticize, trust, behavior, and use criticizing his pacifist Rocco Bonnie says the mass past is married to one woman.

Now those past and I'm glad somebody's body speaking their mind and pushing back against the median officer.

We we defend the people we like.

We criticize the people you don't like instead of sable. What's the truth what's right and wrong because we have blind spots and biases now II may be saying certain things so you're shaking your head saying yes it last, someone speaking the truth. Someone cut down the middle and others your incense with me on either side. You're upset with really the son that's okay.

We have some healthy conversations, 866342 starting Colfax.

No, we don't start a New York Adam, are you there are they just dropping like flies. That's wild. Check everybody's there than the gone week Grover Utah Joel.

We start with you. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call. Sure thing, how how my audio clear well it's always clear in my year but the studio has to tell Mary speak and write the phone as opposed to speakerphone. I'm in my car and while talking with Howard.

He asked me to make sure that I am okay we could now go ahead whatever comes up. All you thumbs up go for men program.

Dr. Brown called. Thank you, effectively. I like the clip compelled me to call you Sen. Sen. brought Barack Obama. It is one second of folks with those you didn't hear this. I I read a quote that sounds like Donald Trump verbatim about immigration and we need to crackdown and all the stuff to see if you like to agree with it or not and then I played it was actually Sen. Barack Obama said, and I was illustrating the point that we tend not to judge based on what's being said. But on who said it's okay back to you. Thank you Dr. Brown and that at that point that it is the word go them felt in my opinion yet that's that's the way it should be, not Sean Hannity. Sen. Anderson Cooper said. Rachel Maddow said it. Rush Limbaugh said or Donald Trump said it, I'm rigorously on over the last couple years I've had what's called a anti-midlife type of 50 holy. In my younger years for the purpose when I was younger.

I think I'll never ever met by Christ of them living like hopefully I traveled everywhere at great fortune and now I just want answer anyway reading hearing the word, I agree. I have to agree with like.

Yes, we need to control the border in my opinion, but how wallet I don't is this is, here's the deal. Here's the deal.

It's it's a very complex issue was as simple as you would been solved and a wall may be necessary. I don't only listen I speak about the things right have some expertise, some knowledge particular burden that's that's why I'm not all over the place on every political subject to social subject design will have expertise in us will bring other guests on the we need all maybe just me need better enforcement of our laws so so that the needy people that they can make America their home and and find refuge here and become productive citizens that they can get in and others that shouldn't be here. Can't get it but there's a wall solution are not on the look in Israel.

There's a security barrier security barrier. It may be 3 to 5% max is wall. The rest of it. I think it's 97% is fenced with its security barrier execute terrorist and set a profound effect on keeping terrorists out of his rookie promoters out and so was there wall in some places with deep snipers be because these were places where Israelis were being killed by snipers and now with a wall up. It's not that. What nobody likes the wall but would talk to on the on the Palestinian side.

They despise it.

But Israelis I talk to. We don't like it either. We wish it was there and it has divided families and hazard people's income. Things like that was necessary. So is that the case here.

Although experts really need to understand that in and do something.

But the key thing is it. If Barack Obama simple to build a wall most of the supporters of Barack Obama said let's build a wall. Conversely, if Donald Trump says the say that's that's racist. That's that's anti-immigrant and turn around and you get the exact opposite results.

That's that's the real issue here, 866-34-TRUTH of this go to Keith in High Point, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing doing well thank you, 00 couple of years ago about driving almost all young Reynolds Road and he was he was protesting against abortion at all sure everybody in which all they would begin guiding all work may incur, but are you going to all about people who work pro-abortion bulk lupine first all-important call got out wall were there were guided by north of the anybody biologist, watching his back that we were potent research agreement of everybody 11 jar, one of the video pro-abortion people check in his pocket he pulled out a cigarette, I am the smoker to Goldmine out one problem, monitor home. I might, I don't warning us that okay so you're really good with fitness is a concise version takes more calls about votes and read a little experiment trying to experiment with and talk with Keith trying set stay right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown bones of the art, so keep the concise version of the story you offer this program to go cigarette as he didn't want to go ahead. Will anyone try to make talk with anyone he would go on all really want to get your message out trying to respond a bit elaborate, told him what not held up my alley could be rated and will attack me about a month for them but anyway. Regards, Bill, block me out but they listen and remove their entire crown away from the one guy went to the core. I'm going was pretty good in the bus all got coupled very loitering restaurant.

It was them out and not follow recognize them. I don't know who he was blown out of the bulk of the American fleet got good food in there. No walker should wall panel realized it was uneconomical. We know about when I talk to you and interacted with him to change the way he was acting up again. We got there and everybody explode confrontational all morning. Though we don't listen to what each other. But it got to be civil to someone who has a radically different ideology with us. A man might have different ideology with me well marble there buyers look all that really won't get anywhere.

Maybe, maybe we can win them over time to confront this the time to review the amazing man win them over and was to say a man Proverbs 15 one that that a soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up strife within Proverbs 2515. A software breaks the bone so I'm I'm all for rebuking confronting what is right to do it but a first winter when someone you can instantly inflame something simple like what you doing in this era faster raises like what you dislike I'm sorry what would happen and site really calms down, then you can talk yeah thanks Keith, I appreciate that closing by Richard smoke cigarettes that's that's secondary to the discussion right before go back to the phones. Let's sub let's try this experiment I read this quote I want to tell me what you think of it. If you agree or disagree now you know yourself who you voted for with Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, Trump Hillary right you know that I don't know that you know that we read this, but there are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration.

After years of neglect this administration's taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50%.

We are increasing expected inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants tonight. I now simple Simon executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants to be very clear about this. We are still a nation of immigrants. We should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here working hard to become a new citizen but we are also a nation of laws. See, I remember when Trump said that that was deftly Donald Trump was was it all right check out this clip it's a bit of a montage, but it is and I will putter let's listen. Let's watch one of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration.

We have to stop the inflow of illegals coming into our country. This administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders, we will build a wall. It will do what it's supposed to do. Keep illegal immigrants out.

We are increasing border controls by 50% will enable borders to be a real border. We have a country we have to have borders. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants and tonight I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Illegal hiring. You can be very, very strong, it can be a huge financial penalty. It could be beyond what is resident who is verifying with how his words on for. We should honor every legal immigrant here working hard to be a good citizen, but we are also a nation of laws. We have a country we have to have laws either have a country or we don't.

So what's really interesting is that some of us were nodding our heads in approval.

When Bill Clinton said those things to the state of the union address what 20 some years ago and when Donald trumps the similar things were shaking their heads. Conversely, some of us were shaking our heads with Bill Clinton said what he said in a nodding our heads when Donald Trump says that even though what they're saying is a tremendous amount of overlap. Why because were not looking so much at content but at personality without looking at content as much as were looking at political parties, ideologies we can get past that we've got to get past that look throughout Scripture do a study of a god hates unequal weights and measures. He wants things to be balanced fairly. That's why the Torah even says don't discriminate on behalf of the poor.

There's a case that comes before you. You have to still root real righteously and in rule based on truth and not just there was a poor percent of the side that the case in their favor will only if it's righteous to do so, even for the poor. So let that guide us. Let us be people of righteousness which means were never going to be totally at home with any political party or system, or candidate, but will do our best to vote righteously and encourage candidates to act righteously and that's part of what we do as loyal people. We encourage them to do the right thing when they do it. We cheer them on. We don't we say were disappointed we really voted for you to do this if you want to vote in the future encourage you to keep this promise that that's what righteousness does this look in a note earlier someone thanked me for speaking the truth in love, even the harsh truth. It is harsh truth sometimes. But it's loving truth 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Mike and Fletcher North Carolina walking to the line of fire like yeah it's the pretty providential that you brought this up actually posted that video will Clinton this morning on Facebook real.

Yeah, I think the issue is consistent with this statement not clearly you know could. Like James said, you can say you have faith without works is dead. They don't want to come to the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton fan that the bomber thing that you know which party is actually consistent with what they're saying that to me that's what I come down that that's a fair question. Look moving the embassy to Jerusalem that became law under Bill Clinton. He signed it into law and then each demonstration could postpone for six months while the Clinton administration did consistently and then the George Bush administration did consistently eight years eight years in the Barack Obama administration did eight years here talking over the course of over 20 years of presence just passing off Pascal present Trump Sibyl to move the embassy that that gets big checkmark for me. Everyone else and yeah will you do this, knowing did it. He said really do it, then it that gets big checkmark. That's a positive. 866-34-TRUTH Mike, you're absolutely right. But let's go to Rhonda in Raleigh. Welcome to want to fire our year.

I'm doing very well thank you.

I wanted to.

Currently in a car. I agree with everything you said I 98 on born-again Christian and the green line of conservative play in the car in my Christianity and I and ostracize my latter night black counterpart. Because think me and a trainer.

When will I hear you. Promoting a particular piety is generational. But when asked the specific menu. This way, and what your beliefs as a Christian you believe in abortion.

You believe in think tanks managing do you believe in their or in different doctrinal then they tell me now and they give an excuse back at all.

How can you can you be in agreement with something that is directly contradictory to your faith as a Christian, something that's when I can't change it or they walk away and you just don't understand your spell out by it gets really really hard for me because it doesn't really matter to me about the political affiliation I you lining up with the word of God. And then I can't be applied at so is this just a question for you and I appreciate your integrity in that many of us have to break with family ties are historic ties or ethnic ties to follow Jesus, or to do what we feel is right, and I do have friends of mine black pastors who are social conservatives and vote vote conservative and they are told are not black enough.

As if skin color had to do with how one votes which is as always enough the case for Regulus. Ultimately, it can't beat but are are you finding that there's any ground being made are you finding that little by little people are saying hey this party that promises us a lot really doesn't deliver or this welfare system that's been put on a lot of us is his will that help for you finding any change in thinking or is it the same now that it's been for years. Groundswell fair or economic change and wanting it could be broadcast. The change but a line of people are scratching their hand. Translated, we haven't prospered under this particular app piety anxiety scale pretty much racially divided under this party on their Internet chicken in every pot. I didn't grow up poor I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, so I can't tell that I'm not black enough by now it is not to say I just jump in, but for everybody here. It's not about the why/white enough black enough Hispanic in a vision of all, we Christian enough Rhonda and the others are we Christian enough memory to get my book Donald Trump is not my Savior, it'll help

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