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Are Messianic Jews Fake Jews?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 1, 2018 4:30 pm

Are Messianic Jews Fake Jews?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 1, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/01/18.

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So are messianic Jews, fake Jews stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive friends to our early Jewish Thursday broadcast Michael Brown here delighted to be with phone lines open as of now 866-34-TRUTH 87884 for any Jewish related question, what is that mean it means if it's related to the Hebrew Scriptures of the Hebrew language.

It means if it's related to Jesus being the Jewish Messiah.

It means if it's about the Jewish background to the New Testament, it means if it's a question about Judaism request about Israel, the Middle East today. Those questions are kosher on thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Some of you watch online or real Messiah broadcaster Wednesday night Jewish outreach broadcast that airs in New York City on radio and then the Internet around the world on video and we talked about the subject of messianic Jews last night but I want to revisit it today will look at some really interesting tweets that were very critical of VP Mike pence inviting a messianic Jewish rabbi to pray at a rally in Detroit to pray specifically for the families. The survivors of the terrible Pittsburgh massacre the synagogue massacre so we'll talk about that again today because I know that many of you most of you are not able to tune in on Wednesday night so will will cover that subject as well on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. I want to get to some news, though, in the larger Jewish world. I saw earlier today that my friend Rabbi Shirley Potala did a video on Facebook when he responded to charges in the Atlantic that Jews who vote for Trump should be shunned so yeah there is that much controversy about Donald Trump in the Jewish world Ellis as well as in the larger culture as well as in the Christian world, and specifically within the evangelical world. I just tweeted this out.

Moments ago assaying this love him or hate him yes degree. Donald Trump is a self marketing expert expert. He knows how to push the right buttons to get the whole world talk about him even the midterm elections are all about Tromso.

Their articles Jewish articles gay lesbian articles Christian articles neurotrauma Donald Trump and and always it's my goal to give us some wisdom to help us approach these things with reason to look in a dispassionate way that were not emotional about that. We step back that we get clarity that we address address things hence serving as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

There is an article in LGBT Q nation. Yes, this is a pro gay publication, LGBT Q nation headlines. Is this America's first president welcomed Jewish people.

The current one is urging violence against what it was… Seen title but really read the headline again, America's first president welcomed Jewish people.

That's true.

The current one is urging violence against that. That is ridiculous.

That is obscene is absolutely not true.

Now the article begins with a quote from George Washington. This was his famous letter to Jewish leaders at the Touro synagogue in Connecticut 1790. They were inquiring from the American leadership in the president what to expect and and he famously wrote the government of the United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance. He says May the children of the stock of Abraham grown the slang continue to merit and enjoy the goodwill of the other inhabitants. While everyone shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.

Yet this article makes the claim that Donald Trump through his actions through the bullhorn of his rhetoric has moved the once right wing political extremes front and center into the mainstream. Along the way has empowered and enabled the hate and the haters to thrive. So according to this Donald Trump is responsible for the Pittsburgh massacre. He directly ties in with it because it was rather delicate. If you listen to me for any length of time. If you've read my articles really like Skype you watch my videos for the length of time you understand fully that I voted for Pres. Trump and I glad I did. And when he says and does things I differ with. I'm vocal about that as you you it said to me will be doing a radio interview or was it was a week ago. He said look like me calls balls and strikes because the caller fairly trust and not be partisan if someone does something he agrees with you.

He commends them.

If he differs he says so that's ribbon with the man that I support as president. So when there's rhetoric for the president out like I say so, but Donald Trump is the first president in our history to have Jewish children. His daughter Eve Anke is considered Jewish. She is a full convert to Judaism. That means his grandchildren argue she is the first sitting president, the first president. To have Jewish grandchildren that significant. He spoke out against that the killings in the strongest and clearest terms. He labeled them for what they are anti-Semitic and evil, and he has proven to be a true friend of Israel asked Prime Minister Netanyahu if anything he's been accused of provoking violence by being too friendly to Israel moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Now I know some of you see a but he stokes the fires of white supremacist listen to Barack Obama. Stokes the fires of black supremacist. Some of you would say yes.

How well he played identity politics, and that stoked up that side but did he vocally support DV vocally stand for black supremacist. No know he would he wouldn't do that well. Donald Trump is said things because he's pro America that some of the white nationalist extremist like, but they don't like to stand with Israel they don't like his love for the Jewish people. So just because just because KKK people voted for him. I think KKK voted for Ronald Reagan was that prove right there all kinds of wacko groups that voted for Barack Obama because a wacko group said voted for Hillary Clinton was approved you look at with the people I see saner actual policies so this is this is obscene now here's here's some good news right will get to the Falls Loa. I hear some good news camera is an organization that exists, is an acronym and it stands for accurate media reporting in the Middle East. Specifically focused on his and there were bogus headlines going around Pittsburgh.

Jewish leaders say the Trump don't come here Pittsburgh leaders.

The Trump don't come what it was was a far left group called Bend the arc supported from what I understand, by Alex Soros is the son of George Soros, the ultra rich ultra left financier and the headlines were completely misleading because there was a handful of people who sign the same Donald Trump are not welcoming in our city. Stay away from Pittsburgh until you announce this and this and this and this and this and this therefore left.

They do not represent any official Jewish leadership group in Pittsburgh, but the media doesn't care because it's Trump bashing so camera got on this and and they reported this yesterday. Reuters corrects headline article about Pittsburgh Jewish leaders then repeat that Reuters corrects headline article about Pittsburgh Jewish leaders. This is good news.

This is positive in a note following the Washington Post correction two days ago Reuters today also correct the erroneous claim that Pittsburgh Jewish leaders penned a letter to present Trump telling him he is unwelcome at memorial events for the tree of life master victims.

The erroneous headline of Reuters, October 29 article was Pittsburgh Jewish leaders told Trump to denounce white nationalism stories first paragraph repeatedly harassing Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh on Monday called on Pres. Trump to condemn white nationalism, etc. in fact, the authors of the letter in question were 11 members of the Pittsburgh branch of a marginal left-wing advocacy group and the ark is not a Jewish communal organization which represents the Pittsburgh Jewish community at large. Well, little integrity in the media correcting some errors. Problem is, once the stuff gets out.

It's out nor the correction is buried on page 14 C or something like that is supposed to on the front page with the initial headline ran right little more news than really get to your calls of memory TV. This is the Middle East media research Institute. If you've never visited their memory I believe it is you need to go there but prepare to be shocked all the website does is bring you clips, video clips from the Middle East and from the Muslim world with translation that's what they do and then they have the transcription so you can read it as well. That's what they did with its Arabic. Whether it's Farsi or whatever the language is that is relevant you with you would be shocked by some of the anti-Israel anti-Jewish rhetoric that exists and they just translated it's accurate. It's fair to just telling what's out there giving you samplings from rumba, sponsored TV or from Iranian TV or from a mosque in Saudi Arabia. It is before all Muslims or all of the Middle East, but it's a lot of shocking stuff so they reported of this was back in September but I didn't see it until this week a political activist Linda sore, sore calls to vote against Ted Cruz questions the faith of Muslims who defend the police, says I don't care what any black person did before getting shot Linda sore, sore has some really extreme anti-Semitic quotes out there.

She has trashed others of the women rights leaders women's rights leaders if they don't agree with her ideology is put forth a lot of of dangerous things, and in here, here it is. You know you may not see this on mainstream TV. Something may air in Arabic yourself you may air in the Middle East.

We don't see it memory TV series. The look you know me what you see is what you get what you see is what you get who I am in public. That's who I am in private. Ask my family ask my wife as my kids as my grandkids as my closest friends asked the people on our team. This is who I am. The views that I hold to publicly the things that I express on radio things that I express in writing the things that are translated into other languages. This is who I am and hopefully same with you that that that's who you are. If I follow you on social media.

If I lived next door to you. If your pastor and I go to your church.

That's who you are. That's what should be. That's what integrity is same on the answers on the outside but there are plenty of political leaders there plenty of activist leaders who will say one thing in one context, something very different in another context. In fact, Yasser Arafat was famous for giving Pro P statements in English and then going to a mosque and calling for jihad in Arabic as armor years back that Colin Powell began to say to issue your statement in Arabic as well because it was based on activity-based policy. That's what some of these people do right here in America over political leaders act as well. The truth back with your calls on 32 Thursday.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH I read comments from the rabbi of tree of life. Synagogue suffered such horrible tragedy with the worshiping of Jewish blood in American history with the synagogue massacre and I saw that he said that Pres. Trump was was really caring that the first question he asked was how are you doing that. The entire time he was there he was focused on uncaring city. So since the side of the president that the public doesn't see, that's one of her from evangelical leader after evangelical leader who's been with them privately that he was caring that he was focused that he listened that he was humble, so how how could you be like that in private and and be the way on public obviously that's who he is on a certain level and what he thinks works a certain level, but it does explain why many people met with them privately have a different take on who he is.

Over all, all right, let's get to your Jewish related calls 866-34-TRUTH 784 when later in the broadcast will share some interesting tweets in response to a messianic Jewish rabbi praying at a political rally at the request of my pants praying for the synagogue victims and survivors.

The families first we go to your calls and we start in Puerto Rico Michael, welcome to the line of fire very well, thank you. Jewish community and to the people comment or loss yes yes or go ahead, comment on Donald Trump I think.

Chris Hedges perhaps not minister about how the law of using the church to support an authoritarian government.

So I think the church should be the center and the Democrats and the Democratic Party should support family values and Christian than the Republican Party should support all social justice is just as I just want to say this really quickly right that the problem is looking to dwell on this and and and in that context, yes I have seen some of what Chris Hedges is written.

I warned repeatedly about being appended to a party. How white evangelicals can be appended to the Republican Party black evangelicals to the Democratic Party and that we need to be in that since independent and focused and advise the parties need to come to us, but the problem of the citizen will go to your request because I will stay under 32 Thursday focus here. The problem is that the party platform of the Democrats is pro-abortion. It does not give room for pro-life expression that the platform is pro-redefining marriage. It does not give place to other views. That is the party platform. So unless you are actively working against that openly campaigning against that and working to change it then. Then you end up being part of the on the other side of yes of course, Christians in the Republican side should should fight for social justice but I will see God as being in the center. I see God as being transcendent and above all, and on some issues.

He's gonna be way to the right of us and some to the left and some a whole different thing we haven't thought of.

Okay, having said that I go ahead with your Jewish question and explain why Paul went on to traditional Judaism and define how I understand.

I understand.

And not only cognitive belief, the fidelity of the heart and mind sold his heart and mind.

Don't be consistent traditional Judaism in the stucco that you're obeying all of them. So it is indicated for the first commandment. Then Henry we were obeying God. Traditional Judaism teaches that if you're obeying one commandment like the first commandment you're obeying all commandment and so that would become, with all righteousness by faith Judaism and and Paul.

Paul explicitly says, though, is that atonement comes to the Messiah and that rejecting the Messiah is his damnable that there is that by the works of the law no one will be safe and that the law rather convicts us of sin is that a human being on the planet who fully loves God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and loves the neighbors himself. Everyone falls short of that, to the very law that were referring to is is going on in this anointment yet this is no yes no I would not just make the general statement that Jewish people be my grace, my faith is many that have a massive problem with the notion of forgiveness of sins through Jesus the Messiah.

Many that have a massive problem with the idea that God will just forgive you and pronounce you clean based on faith completely apart from works, but what you do with you she was saying to Jewish leaders of his day.

If you believed Moses, you would believe me what he did with Peter saying to the Jewish crowd in Jerusalem.

That issue is the prophet of Deuteronomy 18, and if we don't believe in him will be cut off when we do with those things were more in line with the Christian teaching does not assert that the rental that's almost certain with with all respect that the Talmud is is different from the New Testament as you can imagine it is it is completely just to say what just start with the first tractate of the Talmud called broad quote okay to start there or here start with Shabbat that the Sabbath tractate you could go online go to Safari at SCF a RI a Seesmic SCF AR IA Safari it's free go there sir and begin to begin to resist go to resist Talmud as pick him on the tractate's to start reading the start reading it is a completely different world a completely different emphasis. A completely different mindset.

Do traditional Jews cry out to God daily. Yes, do traditional Jews profess faith in the coming of the Messiah. Yes, do traditional Jews ask God for mercy and forgiveness every day.

Yes, God is there judge not me, however, to say that traditional Jews believe in grace through faith the same way New Testament teaches absolutely categorically not for sure for sure a photo. Has there been a reason for us to reach out and declare the good news. There would be no reason for Paul to be so brokenhearted.

Romans nine brokenhearted why because his people were cut off from the Messiah, including many religious devoted people in his words. Romans 10 they had a zeal for God, not according to knowledge, I thank you sir for the call 86634 of us go to Harrisburg, Virginia Paul, welcome to the line of fire around hello Monica looking shalom, I have a guy don't have an argument may have questioned yeah yeah Job 1 and two yeah Elvis.

There was a day when God came to present himself before the Lord who or what are been a highly angels and Job line 2 and 38, and Jenna the thick, you know that famous one when the if you what you Genesis 6 just go to my website Esther to and type in the file name and EPHILIM we can estimate so many times we just put up video so you have sons of God and Jenna in Job 12 Job 38.

Certainly angels and and and consent of God means that they are there divine beings.

They are not earthly beings that they are heavenly beings and in the writing makes nine books that I'm not familiar with what I say David Bagwell or Randall will the mission of this and touch on things like that. The mission of simply dealing with Jewish law and application but rabbinic commentaries yet would buy the understand this to be that that the heavenly host that that appears before God in Jewish tradition was atrocious and that the first appearance in Job 1 and annual Q4 Dave atonement where they appeared in in in Job 230 textual support that this district tradition begin angelic beings widely understood to be that in rabbinic literature, especially in in those passages, and in Job your you're very welcome hey that this might be helpful if you understand Paul, the idea of son of can also be someone who partakes of so someone who is of of the heavenly nature or of the divine spirit nature as opposed to the earthly flesh nature so son of can have various meanings. There are various concepts associated with that but thank you for asking. 86634 I'll get to some more calls. On the other side of the break of last last headline last headline.

This is reported by memory TV. This is a professor in in Washington DC and Prof. Abeer Chi. It this is this is what this professor said this is what she said with the Pittsburgh synagogue attack was not a hate crime that Trump is responsible that the media distorted it because of the Zionist lobby and it's as if the Jews get credit for the existence of the United states it and and she was asked on the Middle East program will how is it that this was called a hate crime in the terraces as well. If it's a Muslim involves terrorist but here it was in its Jews involved in Jews change the narrative and the whole bit that this is a professor at one of our universities here in America airing views like that and you know what she go on without skipping a beat and hold to those reviews and be vocal about, especially if she's a tenured professor you can get away with almost anything, especially with anti-Israel anti-Jew that goes well University campus truth telling it as it is in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown podcast 866343 Jewish related questions hate a quick request if you're enjoying got choked up with my request. If you're enjoying my new book Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the man he supports as president of you're enjoying the book.

If you find it helpful. Tell a friend, especially with the midterms coming up. If you have a friend this is how could you be a Christian vote for Trump. Given that books if the reader they can download immediately at an Amazon and and start reading now, but if you're enjoying the book. If you've read it, post a review on Amazon. Would you do that first freezer started coming just came out last Tuesday Tuesday of last week's of the first reviews distorted coming in and they were all foster positive than one person up. I was the offended by the title is just neutral propaganda so I knew I knew I knew I knew I would get that kind of thing. Whenever I write on a controversial subject under get blasted by people just don't like my position, even when I haven't read the book or don't read it honestly so you're the one negative dishonest review pulls down others so I was looking reviews before I order things are check reviews if I'm not sure. So if you post a review on Amazon. Just take a couple minutes to do it is not to be five pages long.

Just a paragraph or couple lines that would really be helpful to let others know that the book is helping you because we wrote it to help people sort through the delicate, very difficult issues right before I go to the phones. Let me run through a bunch of headlines. These are headlines that came out relative to VP Mike pence being at a rally for Republican candidate Jewish female candidate Linda Epstein for a local house seat. The local congressional seat and invite Mike pence heard this messengers revolution. Jacobs prayer. Prayer publicly at the beginning of the rally.

So come back out. Let's pray for the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre that the families well. It was it was a mistake. It was an innocent mistake, no invite Mike pence. I don't believe he would do anything to intentionally offend the Jewish community or or two to ruffle feathers. I don't believe he would intentionally do that but it's what happened its unfortunates. What happened but there's a lot of new surrounding severe GQ GQ magazine.

Here's the headline.

Pence under fire right so GQ is reporting Mike pence under fire for having a quote fake Rabbi pray you fake Rabbi AT&T right so here the headline GQ Mike pence is under fire for appearing with a fake Rabbi to commemorate the Pittsburgh shooting a here's news from AT&T. This is what they reported. Pence causes outrage with a Christian Rabbi. They refer to him as a Christian, Rabbi Wright, look at the headliner in front of me, Mike pence causes outrage with quote Christian Rabbi Wright NBC news got in on this is what this all over the news, NBC news got on this as well, saying that Penn sets off fire storm with campaign prayer by quote Christian Rabbi Penn sets off fire storm with campaign prayer by Christian Rabbi Washington Post weighs in as well. Washington Post gets involved with another headline. This is big news. Let me say again it was a mistake by Mike pence digital. What about the Jewish woman. What about her well I'll come back to the moment.

Here's the headline, Washington Post honoring Pittsburgh synagogue victims. Pence appears with quote Rabbi preaches quote Jesus is the Messiah right why in the world did she invite him. She said to be ecumenical.

It would been better if she just invited a Gentile Christian pastor who love the Jewish people to pray.

As a Christian in support of the Jewish community is having a messianic view was controversial and having someone like me. Pray the setting like that would be controversial, so I'm glad that Linda Epstein has this relationship with a messianic Jewish leader in the community that's great. By all means, but let's let's build these bridges properly recognize we have our deep differences, but haven't pray in that context was was definitely a mistake, New York Times, New York Times gets involved with this as well. How a quote Jews for Jesus moment backfired for Mike pence that the original headline was was different. This is the newest how a code Jews for Jesus moment backfired for Mike pence again. I don't think he intentionally did it with a strategy he heard him, prayer, thought I'd be great. Haven't pray again maybe thought it would be sensitive to do so. I believe it was an honest error on his part and then times of Israel times of Israel conservative publication times of Israel speaks of outrage as Penn Springs messianic Rabbi DiPrete the Senate for synagogue victims and Rabbi again is in quotes right I'm just looking on the screen.

Here we shared almost 26,000 times so this is obviously a hot issue in the Jewish community. I wrote about it. You can read my article on asking about this did Mike pence make a mistake by asking for the fake Rabbi DiPrete yes it was a mistake and he should have done it.

Lesson learned. Number one, number two, Lauren Jacobs, the car geisha leader did what any self-respecting messengers leader would do. He was a messianic Jew, especially as that's Reyes Elisa messianic congregation. They they follow the biblical calendar. They identifies Jews who believe in Jesus, along with Gentiles who believe in Jesus and join the congregation so he prayed that way would always pray so maybe that situation pray differently understand that. But then that could seem deceitful or duplicitous, so he was doing was he prayed in the name of Yeshua the Messiah made clear that was Jesus. He was referring to. So he did what you'd expect him to do what about the idea of him being a fake Rabbi I use the term messianic Rabbi or messianic Jewish rabbi's that everyone knows I'm speaking about a particular type of Jewish leader. I am not speaking about a traditional Rabbi on the speak about conservative reform Rabbi sonic a clear I make that distinction right but here's what's interesting if you are ultra-Orthodox, you probably don't recognize the reform Rabbi's legitimate let's say there is a lesbian reform. Rabbi and Uriel trust us, Rabbi. You probably say she's not a legitimate Rabbi and what she's practicing is not legitimate.

Judaism, in fact, the chief rabbi of Israel.

The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, along with what I've read other ultra-Orthodox Jewish outlooks outlets and spokespeople publications.

They did refer to the tree of life. Synagogue is a synagogue because it was conservative and for them.

Conservative Judaism is not true Judaism. Therefore, that's not a real synagogue.

Yes, of course, is been a lot of outcry about that. So I find it ironic that liberal Jews can attack messianic Jews while recognizing that ultra-Orthodox Jews and many researchers don't recognize them as legitimate or conservative Rabbi who doesn't believe that Moses wrote the Torah, for example, it is that person is not going to be looked at as a legitimate Rabbi, the ultra-Orthodox community think and and some of that strictly observing the Sabbath are strictly keeping the dietary laws they say your legitimate with interesting is that many messianic Jews ultra more traditional Jewish lifestyle. Then the Jews rejected someone say that doesn't matter. Those that matters is that they their idol worshipers. They worship a man is a God. They don't worship the God of Israel, therefore all their outward observance is meaningless.

Understand that objection rejected Yeshua himself said, and urged worship the Lord God and him alone him alone. We serve and worship and follow and he made himself known to us through his son, Messiah is in keeping with his complex unity is expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures. So I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I worship the God of Moses. I worship the God of Isaiah that God and that God only.

There is no other Savior that I bow down to. Other than that God and expressed himself was made himself known his word became flesh took on human form so that he working among us could bring us salvation and redemption.

All right, 866-34-TRUTH we go back to the phones of that story and I was going to New York City. I guess Steve couldn't hold.

Let's go to Rita in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire by night. True thing you alluded a little bit too much. You only that the Bible is written by God that it would God inspired right so you're you're asking a broad question about what Jews believe right and then to specific questions was written by God inspired by God so if you are a traditional Jew okay and ultra-Orthodox Jews were very traditional Jew you believe that God dictated the five books to Moses and he wrote them down. Okay that's basically what you would believe you would also believe that the rest of Scripture is uniquely inspired by God and truly is the word of God and that since God wrote it through human beings, but especially is inspired would be the five books of Moses, the Torah traditional belief is that God dictated and Moses wrote and the prophets spoke by divine inspiration. It's believe that prophets wrote books like first and second Samuel for second Kings or Josh with these role written by prophets of Israel. So therefore divinely inspired but not necessarily dictated the way the Torah was but often also the Hebrew Bible would be considered God's word, just like a conservative Christian we believe just like when your pastor gets up and says let's look at with the word of God says right but leave it the same way. If you are a reformer conservative Jew, you will believe that the Bible is divinely inspired, but is also very human product that it has errors in it that it has human interpretations in it that it reflects human weakness as well. Much like if you went down the block to a liberal Presbyterian Church that says it all faiths get us to God and and that you know we don't know for sure if Jesus physically rose from the dead, that they preach from the Bible and spotted to be divinely inspired, but on a very different level and and for example they would say yes, there are certain values expressed in the Bible that we don't hold to anymore because we are progressive so that would be the same thing with liberal Jews reform and conservative Jews. They have a similar view the Scripture.

In fact, I did a debate Rita in in England a few weeks ago we recorded on a Friday afternoon with reform Rabbi Jonathan Romaine, whom I really appreciate I appreciate him doing the radio debate with me, but I knew right from the start. Our battle would not be over messianic prophecy or anything like that.

Our battle would be over the authority of Scripture. I asked him, and when we have a son are on our website. S. Dr. Brown's K dear Just search for Romaine or excuse me, liberal liberal Rabbi search a little Rabbi and you find on our YouTube channel. Esther, I asked him what a manager faces the exit is that is not at all.

His is a much monistic approach very differently than we would, thanks. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire broadcast of the villagers. There is always laughing for second looking at someone asking your question on Twitter click if you read my article or if you listen to what I said on the air you would be asking me the question as I've already talked about it but that's okay I can assume that everybody is falling everything I'm saying or writing, but here's a way you won't miss a single article or single video that we put out special videos. We put out articles last week. I think about eight articles in the week this week probably a new article every single day and his folks often say we look forward to hearing what you're saying we see things happening the news with forward to your comments.

I do my best to be sensitive into to the Lord and and to think through what's your work best in and and write on a regular basis, but if you go to our website. Take a second if you can do it… If you're driving I was you lost off like okay to ask Dr. Brown's K dear Jim second. Do it now okay and then you'll see it says free e-book and weekly updates free e-book and weekly updates just click in their right.

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Trust me it is a total eye-opener. It's free.

It's my gift to you right and then at the end of every week will send you a synopsis of all the articles I wrote during the week. Okay all the new videos we put out so you won't miss anything. You can catch up this way and in the beginning of every week we put together a special resource package at a discounted price for you. We send that out and then every so often a very special announcement.

We have to make. We send that out. And while you're on the website, we extended things way longer than I thought we could.

We actually opened up a little extra room on the tour if you want to go to Israel with us in February 1 10 days of February, you can still do it.

You can still do it all right, but you've got to act quickly. It will be the tour of a lifetime will be out with my friend Scott Voelker a great tour guide every single day for amazing tours.

I'll be meeting you at key sites adding extra teaching and then will be together every single night to recall your holy fire in the holy link if you got an amazing tour ID great hotels great accommodations great tour great tour guides great atmosphere, great friends you have that will connect you with messianic Jews and other believers in the land and then every night. I'll be having dinner with you sitting at different tables, hanging out, I'll be doing Q&A nights with you will be having worship and preaching. Some of you be able to come as I do radio and fight anyone that wants to come as a do radio broadcast will work it out that were able to to do that so it's an amazing opportunity. It's a great price, but you gotta act now at time is super super tight so if you want to go do it get on the website okay let me get a few more questions, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Dawn and Concorde North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire at home 20 line on our meaning of eight having their name had been in jail and up to date and counting the names of the yes that's absolutely it's it's a beautiful picture of the joining of of the people of God in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

It's a beautiful picture of the 24 elders that you could say what what this represents so the 12 gates entering the city so obviously each 11 of the 12 tribes of Israel and this is clearly speaking of the foundational role of Israel and salvation, but entry into the city comes through these Israel gates that everyone enters into God's eternal kingdom through the seed of Israel Jesus the Messiah but not discarding Israel not forgetting about Israel not replacing Israel and then the foundation stones. The 12 apostles, never all Jews.

This was so interesting 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Jewish apostles, so, so you've got a total Jewish expression in that regard, but this is now the foundation. The foundation of apostles profits.

This is is what God's eternal kingdom is built on and again full expression comes through Jesus the Messiah. So it says Revelation 21 with the new Jerusalem had a great high wall with 12 gates at the gates 12 angels on the gates the names of the 12 tribes of the sons of Israel, and scribes of their never discarded their never cast away and then the foundations are built on the 12 apostles again all Jews though all people of Israel, which is the fascinating thing so the gates through which we enter obscure connection to Israel grafted in Gentiles grafted into that same tree in the foundation. The fundamental revelation of salvation control through these Jewish apostles proclaiming Jesus. That's the foundation of the new Jerusalem there may be more meaning to it, but those are the most obvious things that strike me looking at the passage you are very welcome. All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Andrew in Minnesota.

Welcome to the line of fire or other data. A more nuanced better of it and it grew where a REMIC going to Dr. Cartwright, Rick Gilbert worked the lamp with Dr. Bart got quite good about the RAM but agree on it with you correctly, that definitive there actually are different between the Oya. Yet the same as an English is because the difference between the two animals is because the difference effect more of a difference know. At least it's a little close in English RAM and Lamberth are two totally different words. Yeah so the question it is an interesting thing that Abraham says God will provide the lamb. Instead, God provides RAM.

Not all lamb and no one tried to fix that were smooth that out so what that means is there that's that's the way it was passed on.

That's the way God inspired it to be passed on. And yes there is validity to ask that question. Even if you do it in a homiletical sense, no it's not just trying to say okay this is the immediate meaning of the passage, but let's open this up and say will whatever happened with the Lamb that was provided because the RAM provides the temporary solution. The Lamb provides a lasting solution and it's interesting that in the New Testament, Jesus is identify John 129 for scripting 57 he's identified as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world or our Passover lamb, and the me know when II Isaiah 53 he goes to the slot he goes to his death like a sheep goes to her shearers so there again. The, the Lamb imagery so it certainly finds its fulfillment in the Messiah but in the immediate context yeah two totally different words and no ambiguity about where Dr. Laura well okay II love you see it like that know is is a strong believer but number one traditions. You could say he's a man, just as you call him a lamb doesn't make him a lamb is a man in number two they could say where does that have anything to do with the Messiah. This is the account of Isaac. That's why say let's make a homiletical application and and then press it from there. So I'm I'm with you. It's something like that. But I say look at that meaning is this interesting business.

Fascinating. What you think about but yes thank you sir for the question and I appreciate the eyes of faith were to see things I agree that's God's ultimate intent by time for one more call. We go to it must be Marilyn Chase. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hey have begun. Dr. Brown very well, thank you all right just really question I don't have much time to bring up but could you explain explain this explained to me with equipment with clarification and truth.

I for a while now. I Little I can watching videos and I didn't give and thought about the about the about some of these Jewish conspiracy theories of like rock child," "Jewish, Jewish, etc. etc. blue and I and on and I'm getting just as you chase it, but it bought it in no way that is bothering me but I just want to get quick education on why they're alive so that I won't go to a wrong path really yeah it's a long, yet I so so here's the deal. Chase and every generation there are all kinds of crazy lies that circulate against the Jewish people. One is that the Rothschilds these rich Jewish bankers control the world of another is, is that Jews control the media bought at their I've read the Jews control the Vatican of red that whatever is happening in the world is that behind communism in Russia Jews are controlling Chase when Jews are poor Jews are hated when Jews are rich Jews are hated when Jews have power there. Hated when Jews have no power there. Hated Jews are hated by atheists. Jews are hated by radical Muslims, Jews have been hated by professing Christian leaders, and in fact you will find here.

Just within the last two weeks. Louis Farrakhan, black supremacist calls Jews termites know if they should be exterminated. Then white supremacist white nationalist kills using all Jews must die. What unites Chase what unites all these different groups. What unites them is hatred of the Jewish people. It is satanic. It is demonic. You can 100% ignore these lies and don't waste another minute of your precious time watching these trashy videos that are full of lies. In my book, our hands are stained with blood, which I encourage you to get In re I spend a whole chapter or hands are stained with blood.

I spend a whole chapter showing how anti-Semitism is ultimately inspired from the pit of hell. Because Satan wants to wipe out the Jews. Why, because God shows the Jewish people and because he bring salvation and redemption must welcome back the Jewish Messiah is the Savior of the world. Don't waste your precious time press like that. That's her clarity and

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