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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 2, 2018 5:30 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 2, 2018 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/02/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Boy, you have some terrific questions today posted on Twitter will tackle them right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro.

Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend, this is Michael Brown I am in Toronto right now answering your questions. You got questions, we've got answers Friday but we do something special today. We are specifically answering questions that were posted on Twitter you know I do a lot of Lifestream events on Facebook and interact.

There every day. We do a Lifestream of a radio broadcast on Facebook and YouTube many times interact with questions and comments posted there so only do something special for our twitter friends.

So don't post any questions.

Now I solicited these Thursday afternoon and evening, so the questions are ready posted on responding to the hideaway of this my second run at it. I had to pre-record the show because of being in Toronto where I am right now and I recorded almost 3/4 of the show and notice that something seemed funny on the signal on on my recording software went back to listen and realize something's wrong the mics not working properly and I discovered that I had plugged in the wrong cable. There was another cable wrapped together with my my cable and I plugged in their own when I plugged in. Nothing.

In other words and and recorded so all you got was the computer Mike which is lousy quality.

We could use that for the air so here we go again.

But you know second time around should be even better than the first time around. So here we go with your twitter questions. The first one is from nerdy Americano and he asked this.

I love watch your debates on the sign is real but disagree with your take on gay marriage and related issues deliver current you that you're doing more harm by pushing LGBT Christians towards depression suicide under atheism, rather than to Jesus. First, I'm glad you enjoy watching the debates, that's wonderful. But I must tell you that the same Bible the categorically tells us about God's purposes for Israel the categorically tells us that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. That same Bible categorically tells us that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and that homosexual relations under any circumstances are wrong and sinful in God's sight, and contrary to his design.

Now you ask has occurred to me that I do more harm by pushing LGBT Christians to depression suicide under atheism. Rather, to Jesus will I have examined these issues on my face on my knees with the Bible open interior seeking God in prayer sitting and listening every opportunity I had to the stories of those who identify as LGBT to the stories of those who identify as LGBT Christians. I read the stories I've read their books.

I've listened as best as I could of gone to the Lord about all these things as a father I only want to help people. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I can assure you that it is God himself who laid it on my heart and spoke to me in 2004 and 2005 to reach out to the LGBT community with compassion and to resist the gay activist agenda with courage and by his grace. We've done that ever since I can tell you that we've seen wonderful glorious fruit. You know I travel and speak a lot and I can't tell you how many places I've been, where someone comes up to me afterwards with a big smile. They want me to know their annex gay they want me to know they were delivered from transgender confusion there now serving the Lord there full of smiles there full of joy and they say we don't stop doing what you're doing.

We need your message. I was speaking at a conference in the DC area a few months ago and it was specifically helping those struggling with same-sex attraction ministering to families and helping them ministry to love ones and I finish speaking I want to sit down. I was called back up to be given an award by this group, a national organization on behalf of my service to the LGBT community and helping people find new life in Jesus friends. I point people to Jesus and he delivers from depression and he delivers from suicide and he delivers from fear and he sets us free to serve him. So the word of God is clear the spirit of God's commission me and we see wonderful fruit. I urge you to re-examine your views about the Bible and homosexual practice. I urge you, my friend. To do so.

All right, this question is from a world Marine revenge towards some great handles. Here are some great names on twitter.

I'll try to ask before still wonder how can the biblical foundational evangelical bill.

The sermon around the idea of a Gentile messianic bride and a Jewish one is my pastor has done repeatedly while if he's pointing to different aspects of the bride. The next great Jewish and Gentile.

One family in the Messiah if he's pointing to one having a certain relationship that's different or making distinctions in eternity.

Then I thoroughly disagree with that. I would honestly have to understand more of what your pastor is saying to say whether I agree with it or disagree with. I wish I could say more, but no more to say because I don't understand fully what you are asking no fault of yours. It's only a twitter question of this is from remnant of Israel. Hi Dr. Brown how did David atone for sin with Bathsheba. The offer set offering. Thank you.

The first thing is there was no prescribed offering in the Bible that they become offer for committing adultery and murder he had to throw himself on God's mercy asked for forgiveness and in terms of atonement.

This was something that was focused on the day of atonement once a year when sacrifices would be made in the scapegoats into the wilderness dealing with all types of transgressions and sins of of every possible kind, so it's not the David would just offer set offering that we would presume he went and offered offerings before God as part of his repentance. But as far as something official that one would do in a rabbinic Judaism actually taught that once forgiveness would be hanging on hold until the day of atonement so whether David did not experience a full sense of atonement and forgiveness until the day of atonement. Whether he did in conjunction with his repentance and then it was solidified with the day of atonement whether the offerings that he offered to God gave him a sense of being reconciled. Those are questions that the Bible doesn't specifically answer but it's wrong to think that every time someone sender committed a major sin. They would immediately have to go to Jerusalem and offer sacrifices if that was the case.

Daily life would cease and Israel and all cattle would be sacrificed and in a matter of months because were were constantly falling short on one level or another, but we see this in Psalm 51 that is a result of David's repentance. He knew that his sacrifices and offerings would be accepted and well pleasing to God again, and ultimately, just as we believe in the centrality of the day of atonement in ancient Israel. We believe that it ultimately points forward to the redemptive work of Jesus the Messiah. Here's a question from Bree what is your opinion on listening to Gregorian chants unacceptable for born-again Christians to listen to. Actually Bree, I don't know that I've ever been asked that question before I have a book coming out on the power of music. The title is the power of music on scalding change the world one song at a time, and it should be out unchanged in January 8 and I go through different aspects of music history. I look at the importance of music in the Bible. I look at music as it's been used for gospel purposes, but also music in the world from classical music to rock to folk protest music to heavy metal to wrap etc. so a look at how musics been used in many different ways, but in the midst of my study I did not look at Gregorian chants or some of the early melodies of the church. From my understanding, there was an influence of the synagogue on the church in terms of chanting and melodies and things like that are below. How comprehensive it was.

But I've read that there was that influence but as for Gregorian chants.

I don't know what would be wrong about them unless the content was wrong, that maybe it was a chant in Latin, for example, you would know what the content is what I'd like to know what I'm listening to.

Let's say that there were chance that and I don't know the nature of the Gregorian chant solicited their chance adoring Mary and and and praising her as the mother of God, and offering worship of to her while I would be very uncomfortable. Listening to that because of the doctrinal error but otherwise, why wouldn't I enjoy the melody why wouldn't I enjoy the adoration of the Lord in the tunes and the words suffer me to evaluate the spiritual state of everyone who composed these chance but to enjoy the music and the message.

If in fact it is Orthodox so I would see no reason not to, but listen, if you think I'm wrong on this, only new, but someone else and their reasons for even though I can't take your call on the air today. I will look at the twitter feed and if you interact and feel I'm wrong on that answer please tell me why. All right, let's let's take a few minutes for this question. This is from Jane of foreign Field one of miracles supernatural events that happened in Bible times happen today.

Actually, many of them do. The sick are healed today. Demons are driven out of people today. Their radical conversions today.

Their powerful outpourings of the spirit, God speaks to people in dreams and visions. There is angelic activity there, even on occasions, people raised from the dead. If you haven't read Lee Strobel's book the case for miracles on finishing it now. It's a great book, Lee's a great writer and he does these phenomenal interviews. I had the privilege of being interviewed for his book the case for the real Jesus and boy does he do a good job and any really lays out arguments against the miraculous arguments against the existence of God at the beginning of the book when he interviews atheist Michael Shermer and then from there he really opens up what God is doing around the world and it's breathtaking. It's glorious so he is at work. The Lord is mightily at work and doing incredible things in, and a large percentage on the exact numbers. Nobody knows except the Lord but about a very healthy percentage of people come to faith in Jesus around the world do so because they were healed or delivered from demons or have a divine encounter or know someone close to them who did now that being said, there are events in the Bible that will one off events. For example, the Exodus from Egypt, God bringing Israel out of Egypt. The way he did with 10 plagues and demonstrating to the to the ancient world, that he was God of gods and Lord of lords that he was God of nature that he was God over all the false gods of the world that that happened once, then God brought Israel to Mount Sinai once and spoke to them on a national level. Once this is to lay foundations for the rest of of God's revelation the same way Jesus died for our sins once and rose from the dead once and ascended to heaven. Once these are things that he did as part of the plan of redemption. But as far as many other things that God did in Scripture. He continues to do them today. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, as he was 13, eight reminds us, and his character is the same. He's often moved by compassion to heal. To this day, and God draws attention to the risen Jesus through signs, wonders and miracles again. These glorify Jesus to the glory of the father. These draw people to the sun and these are acts of deliverance, passion, and an outworking of what Jesus did on the cross and died for sins, you better believe he's doing the Lord is doing all kinds of wonderful extraordinary things in the earth today will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our Friday broadcast a question you got answers.

Hey, if you are anywhere in the greater Toronto area this week and first week of November. Tonight, Friday night and then all day Saturday. Saturday night I will be speaking at participating in a wonderful messianic Jewish conference will be talk about whose land is it anyway talk about the land of Israel. Opening up the Scriptures together and then gobbling Sunday night scheduled to be in Baltimore with Bishop or Pierce for major is 1/35 anniversary celebration of leaders gathering so if you're anywhere near Toronto or Baltimore come see me this weekend.

First weekend in November.

All right all will listen. If you have enjoyed my book.

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The first six reviews just as the first few were were coming in is the book just came out were all five-star really excited the number seven was was a and eight euros.

Negative reviews there were seven called the book anti-Trump propaganda note in other words, it like the title of because when you read the book, it's anything but anti-Trump propaganda but in any case, I always love honest reviews and and if some of those like the book but they have their reasons that have substance from a fair enough. But it's the bogus reviews that always bother me.

In terms of. It gives a wrong impression to people I don't like it. What I'm going to look at a book on Amazon and I see it's got a few one star reviews in America 305 and four star reviews and it's got 50 and one star reviews and some of them are. The book arrived late or in LII. The book arrived damaged like what don't post that is reviewing the book think is wrong impression as people looking at it so posted a review if you've enjoyed the book that would be great over it. Amazon tell a friend about it and listen. Let's get word out up to the midterm elections, which are Tuesday and then after the midterm elections keep getting the book out. It's going to be even more relevant in the days that also thank you, thank you for your partnership. Also, listen really important. We are doing our first ever writer's seminar is coming up this Thursday so six days from today you have to register and pay. This is like an online courses can be 2 1/2 hours of you to be joined by a publisher with me on her talk about writing skills, finding out how to write more effectively, how to get your material out sharing my own experience, you'll be able to interact with me directly with questions as well will have a publisher on and he'll talk about issues of publishing books all way and on that as well so it's going to be a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, undervalued, you can register on my website ask Dr. Esther to brother Argosy right on the homepage and one last thing before we get back your Twitter questions of I write.

Normally, on average, about five new articles a week and then we put out new videos every week and you might say it's hard to keep up with everything. Fear not, I will remind you that we send out every Friday I mentioned yesterday want to mention again today in case you missed this every Friday we send them an E blast that lists here are the articles I wrote for the week with a short summary of each.

Here are the videos that we put out with a short summary so there they are boom in one email, then every Monday we let you know that a special research package we put together we bundle some things at a great discount and then every so often will have another special announcement or testimony during the week so go to my website ask Dr. and just click to sign for the emails when you do we send you a free e-book a really neat free e-book, called seven secrets of the real Messiah.

Okay, back to your Twitter questions. Brian if if the if only one book beside the Bible. What would you recommend to a nonbelieving Jewish person regarding Jesus as Messiah. What's the title of will, Brian. I've devoted a lot of my life as you know, to reaching Jewish people with the good news of Jesus the Messiah. And I've written a lot of books relative to that and then a lot of my colleagues in Jewish ministry put material out but I hope this doesn't sound too biased, but if I can give a Jewish person who want to find out more about Jesus. If I give them one book I give the book that I wrote the real kosher Jesus and perhaps it's because I I felt God's grace so wonderfully writing it, and I almost felt like I was going on a journey of fresh discovery and and gaining insights. As I wrote an felt the grace to bring together a lot of material I had and wrote the whole book in three weeks and then while I was always working on editing axes while the others were working on that part I was putting together the 450 endnotes for the book, so it came together wonderfully.

We we've gotten testimonies on a good number of occasions of people have come to faith through the book and been greatly helped by it. So it's called the real kosher Jesus. I think nonbelieving Jewish person terms of nonbelieving and Jesus would find it really, really helpful and it's my number one book that I've written to give to a Jewish person who wants to find out more about the Jewish roots of the faith Joseph asked was the gospel of Matthew originally written in Hebrew there is actually a scholarly debate on this. I would say that the great majority of Matthew commentators in the great majority of Greek scholars do not believe the gospel of Matthew. As we have it today is a translation from the Hebrew the question is, was there originally a Hebrew Matthew or a compilation of sayings of Jesus in Hebrew, or possibly Aramaic that was referred to.

So there's really one primary voice in the early church that reference this Pappy us and rent mentioned the original sayings of Jesus in Hebrew put together by Matthew someone say it's actually Aramaic.

Let's just say for the moment we except that it was Hebrew that may be something different than the gospel of Matthew that we have today that we also have interesting reference in the Talmud that referred to Hebrew Gospels and then we have some of the early church fathers who also reference even up to the town of Jerome having seen some of these Hebrew Gospels or Hebrew New Testament books a was Hebrews originally written in Hebrew, or as soon as we have it today. It was written in it a very nice Greek, but was there a Hebrew version as well.

We don't know for sure, but here's what we do know any copies we have of Matthew in Hebrew today which are medieval and later another.

These were translations from the Greek and Hebrew. They are not in original Matthew now the next time you Gordon, whose acaricides scholar but popular in certain evangelical circles. So a Jew who believes in the the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, but not in the Talmud and rabbinic literature. The same year, Gordon has argued that we have a version of Matthew written in Hebrew. In the Middle Ages that actually reflects some of the original Hebrew Matthew or is the original Hebrew Matthew and the reason he argues for this is that you have certain plays on words and and things that a a Rabbi who did not believe in Jesus would not use those if you were translating from the Greek into Hebrew, would you make nice plays on words and things like that and try to have a literary flourish if you didn't believe it was inspired.

If you were, say, a counter missionary Rabbi opposing Christian mission work so you wouldn't do it about most scholars and I convinced by this and do we have an original Hebrew Matthew, certainly not something nothing we can point to with any authority.

Is it possible that there was a collection of the sayings of Jesus in Hebrew that Matthew put together which is not reflected in his Greek gospel could be.

Is it possible there was a whole original Hebrew version of of the gospel of Matthew. Again, the whole book, and now we have a version also wrote Greek it's it's possible, but I do not believe that efforts to try to uncover an alleged original Hebrew going backwards for the Greek. I do not believe that those are fruitful or useful. Okay. We affirm against the papists got all of these names are here, asked me to talk about why Calvinism is correct in biblical law. I am not Calvinist, so I can't good conscience tell you I believe it's correct in biblical now here's what I do believe there are many fine Calvinists with many fine insights of Scripture and their emphases in Calvinism that I believe are important emphases. The emphases on salvation being a work of God alone and nothing that human beings can do on their own. The emphasis on God being King who rules and reigns, and although I believe there many things that happen on earth. Contrary to his will that grieve him.

I believe in the midst of that in his wisdom and brilliance and sovereignty. He is carrying out his plan in the midst of human rebellion and sin to bring about his desired outcome of having a people that know him and love him and worship and serve him and glorify him and enjoy him forever and ever.

I believe that the Calvinist emphasis on the helplessness of man outside of grace is also important, but we differ on other points.

What I always recommend when questions come up about Calvinism is that folks go to my digital library. This is it. Asked Dr. Brown a SK DR they go to the digital library and they simply click on the name white search for white you will see there debates that James what I have done with each other on the subject of Calvinism, or specific aspects of Calvinism and always want you to hear his arguments as he lays them out biblically hear my arguments and then you can work through these things on your own. There are some who say that Calvinism is monstrous. Just like their extremes of the Calvinistic side that damn non-Calvinist to Helen so you believe in self salvation which is ridiculous the same way there some who say Calvinists are hell bound and they make God into a monster and they say that that everything happening on earth is just one big divine charade because it's all predestined and planned and it's like a charade to make that we have any choice in it. I don't agree with those caricatures of Calvinism anymore that I agree with the Calvinistic caricatures of Arminianism of non-Calvinism, but I myself am not Calvinist I was from 1977 to 1982 I was not before that I have not been since I believe that the overwhelming testimony of Scripture goes against Calvinism wall absolutely highlighted as arrays carries out his will on earth is not sitting around wishing and hoping God bow down him more light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our Friday edition of the line of fire Michael Brown hear your voice more sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos, and a church all to offer in compromise Friday means you've got questions, we've got answers, but before you dial our number. Sit back, I'm answering a bunch of questions that I solicited on twitter Thursday afternoon and evening, so no reason now to call because about taking calls but I am answering the question still post questions now, either because I've got more than enough that were posted Thursday afternoon or early Thursday.

Mid Thursday evening. Okay Jordan. How can I prepare myself to show my Orthodox Jewish friend that Jesus is the Messiah, will Jordan I appreciate your desire to do that and I'm glad that you have an Orthodox Jewish friend in the first and foremost thing you can do is pray for God's love and truth to open his heart and mind to see something he's not seeing before assuming he was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home.

His view of Jesus's is very different than yours. He may have a hostile view of Jesus, thinking that he was a deceiver and that he's directly responsible for the Holocaust and other anti-Semitic acts perpetrated by professing Christians in history. He may have a nonchalant view like I don't know we don't really know much about him but we don't like what his followers did later you might be a little sympathetic I think was a good guy but you know is been misrepresented, you will know will maybe do know about, but I don't know but for sure he is not going to see Jesus as the Messiah of the Scriptures. He is going to believe that for him.

Pleasing God is observing the Torah in light of the traditions that have been passed down and he's praying for the Messiah to come and bring Israel into obedience to God.

We go, the exiles rebuild the temple and destroy the enemies of Israel. Bring the Gentile world and to the knowledge of God establish peace on the earth that's that's what he is looking forward to so help him well. I would encourage you to read some of what I've written either my book, the real kosher Jesus or the relevant sections of my five volume series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. You can get online, a 22 hour course that I taught called countering the counter missionaries. You can order that we we have a comprehensive study guide about to come out of that after years of waiting to get this out finally getting it out or you could go to my YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown and you'll see a bit more simplified version of that same class is 36 lectures 30 minutes each free on our YouTube channel study God without one.

But you can go through that. Find out the different objections or go to the real Maasai website. Real You can watch debates of how with Orthodox rabbis. You can listen to some of the testimonies watch the testimonies posted there or you can go through the section called objections and then one by one. See with the objections are in short form excerpt their or read short answers to them, but I would encourage you to sit down and to ask your friend what is you think of Jesus and what you know about him. Maybe we would watch a debate that had with an Orthodox rabbi and and the two of you watch it together. You both comment interact but we take a look at a book like the real kosher Jesus and giving his feedback on asking what he believes and why ask about his relationship with God. Tell about your relationship with God.

See we have commonalities, rehab differences, and then if he's willing to interact, then by all means, if you have questions, contact our ministry just asked Dr. you'll see resist contact and we have a team member who will gladly help you in terms of working these things through okay on the BA asks complement Terrien.

I've dear friends of the ministry who are egalitarian husband and wife both pastors as a church planter bypass cross with his people times what is the extent of our involvement in each of these churches and ministries not if you are a very strict complement Terrien and you believe that for a woman to be pastoring a church or woman to be leading a ministry or anything like that you believe that for woman to do that is sinful and wrong and out of order and thoroughly contrary to God's plan and therefore not blessed by God and you feel that way very deeply, even if it's a husband-and-wife team.

The fact that the wife is looked at as a pastor in any way.

If you are strict complement Terrien and believe that this is sinful wrong out of God's order and cannot be blessed then you be friendly as fellow believers obviously are knocking to be able to work together a lot, however, if you are maybe what we call a soft complement Terry where you believe that the normal order is male headship, but that God can work through others. It's not his ideal. But God can work through others work together as much as you can for the common good of the gospel so II would be a soft complement Terrien. I believe that that there are women that God uses and I would even say their women in certain ways that have been raised up powerfully by the Lord you so how can it be well women on the mission field single women going to unreached areas sharing the gospel. They become spiritual mothers to to those that they nurture in the Lord and then highly respect them as they go out and plant churches and do the work of the Lord. They even are shepherds over them for time and that they may raise these people up to plan other churches are passed to the churches that they've started, but the been raised up in and used by God and in those ways I feel that God is very practical and pragmatic to look you've got say a Baptist pastor feels called by God and he does not fully speak in tongues is for today.

You got a Pentecostal pastor feels called by God. He does believe, speak in tongues is for today God using both of them.

They're not both right doctrinally on this point, there may be 20 or 30 other things that they differ on other points you have got people with different views of the end times, etc. so what I'm saying is, God uses us in our imperfections, and God uses us even though some of what we teach and preacher believe may not be ideal, fully lined up with his word.

The result, not me I'm perfect everything I believe.

Well good for you. Good for you and and I'll just leave it the company and the brother of Azria twitter I mean somebody else I'm just speaking to him in a arbitrary way here.

Okay, so alright, so let's let's go back to your twitter questions here pastor Brian Davis. What's your opinion on Jonathan Welton and his theology of I just want to interact here with things I've of heard from Darth Maul that I differ with money or make an overall evaluation of his teaching or ministry haven't followed that carefully at all, but from what I understand Jonathan is a very strong credit risk and would say that that Jesus fulfilled prophecy and the destruction of Jerusalem, and in your 70 and that was the second coming and not on a low, peaceful predators that were partial predators. Forgive me for not knowing that better but he deftly rejects God's ongoing purposes for Israel or any notion that Israel today is a fulfillment of prophecy. I asked him on the air sometime back reset. I have a formal debate with him, but he he declined so the things I've heard. I've of really differed with very, very strongly, and they do concern me as differences within the body, but they do concern me, especially some the implications and almost the mocking of of different ideas that saw God's ongoing hand dealing with physical Israel and the Jewish people today and some of his mystical teaching again. I've only seen snippets of it. Some of it has concerned me, but I can't speak more to it than that but in any case, if you know Jonathan, pass this on to him that I would still love to have a public dialogue, debate, discussion about these areas of difference alright let's see here. Jared, can you read Greek yes but I don't read it fluently and I can't read modern Greek classical Greek in general is rough for me Septuagint to Greek a little better, a New Testament Greek is what I'm best with. But I know biblical Hebrew way way way way way way way better that I note New Testament Greek human general way way way way better than I note New Testament Greek and I would say this I can do serious academic study of Greek using the best tools even though I am. I am not strong in Greek and just alerting too many languages at the same time so that give adequate care in time to all of them and by the way, whenever I decide I need to really strengthen my New Testament Greek. I think Jan and while I'm at it. I need to get my my biblical Aramaic or or a post of Carmack in better shape and yes you work on my Syriac yet and I need to brush up on my Arabic and get that store and you gotta go back to you grid it can you learn some of the thing you know it by Babylonian and Assyrian Acadian. It is such rich literature in terms of things that I need to refresh myself. It will before long I end up doing what I did in college and grad school which is study a whole bunch of different languages at the same time, but because of my linguistic training because of my doctorate and near Eastern languages and literatures in the. The very sense of study. I know how to do scholarly research, I have the top Greek lexicons and grammars in and I can dig in and I can sort through scholarly discussion about Greek and an Greek New Testament and things like that. Some of the grammatical nuances.

I really have to rely on what other scholars say, but when it comes to lexical issues, dictionary issues, I can sort those out a lot better so that's what you mean by read whether I can read Greek is how I'd answer the Cal hammer.

I've been wondering what you think of John Higgins video in the wake of the synagogue shooting John Haydee really is a lover of the Jewish people.

He really is a supporter of the modern state of Israel.

I wish that declaration would be more plain and that everyone would understand the Jewish community would understand that Jesus believed that John Higbee believes that Jesus is the Savior of Israel and the Jewish people need him to be right with God now I understand the fine line is had to walk by being a true friend of Israel and not being accused of proselytizing, so that's important, and in light of the history of anti-Semitism often in the church. It's very important that the Jewish community. The people of Israel see Chris doing to say we love you unconditionally stand with you. Does Marie have to agree with everything the Jewish community does or everything that Israel does, but there is that there is a solid standing together. It's important.

It helps remove some of the stench of anti-Semitism in church history and it's got a long way evangelical over Israel's going a long way to open up the doors of communication open up the doors of trust and John Haig. He is a great track record with the Jewish community in that regard. So when he puts out a statement of solidarity. He puts out a statement morning the victims, obviously from it's from the heart. He really does have a great profound love for Israel and the Jewish people, but again I will.

I would love for him to work with messianic Jews in the land of Israel and to support them financially until it the rest of the Jewish community. Hey, we are one in Jesus. This is what we do and to to let the whole Jewish world know Jesus is the Savior Jew and Gentile alike. That's the message proclaimed that the Savior proclaim you stand with you and love you follow him without stand with their way array of guitar for a few more twitter questions. Again, they've been posted already responded to was ready posted no need to post one of right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back friends to the line of fire. Our last segment coming your way. Answering your twitter questions Antonio S about Christians in the film and animation industry. Well, if you can work your job without being required to send great you may not like everything in your surroundings. Just like an auto mechanic may may work in the garage and the guys used profanity as me that that he has used profanity, there may be pent up picture zero centerfolds on the wall and magic. I still do that.

Will you just look away from those things. But if you are required to participate in sin. If in the entertainment industry. If you are asked to animate something that violated your conscience of glory Halloween thing or some some satanic movie or some porn shoot will and you don't do those things.

So if you can be in the industry and be a witness and be a blessing and maybe even contribute positive things and things with good moral values or gospel messages wonderful. Let's infiltrate the world. Let's be a witness.

Let's be salt and light.

Let's bring a positive influence for the gospel however and wherever we can. However, if the job requires of disinterest like a sales job where you're required to search ally will then you can't do that. All cornstalks wants to know how long before the huskers start competing for championships without it in my twitter feed us to get as many questions of thanks for asking that out here really be a very precise answers about Nebraska football program once quite story but not doing so well right now. My guess is can be a while discovery while Odyssey Nebraska city, taking down Alabama anytime soon, but you never know you never know. So there's much room at what a tremendous answer to all you need my own sports radio talkshow okay Laura, whether two different genealogies in Matthew Luke is the one of Luke Mary's genealogy. If so, why does it say it's Joseph's Laura.

I believe that's the best way to read the text Matthew giving you the royal dissent through the kingly line and saying that that by supernatural birth. This is what you shoe is born into, but emphasizing a supernatural birth. Luke I believe is give me Miriam's genealogy for the actual blood genealogy of the Messiah through his mother Miriam and what it would simply mean is, is when you get to Luke the third chapter and it's giving you the rundown at the end there right it you would read it a little differently here so you'd read and okay going in the wrong order here.

All right, so verse 23 as he began his ministry.

You sure was about 30 years old and was thought to be the son of Joseph, the son of Eli, son of my thoughts so it you would read he was thought to be the son of Joseph, but actually the son of Eli and heal.

I would then be Mary's father Miriam's father in volume 4 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I get into that in some depth and I think that would really help you of on Johnna. Where did the Israelites get all of oil for the lampstand flour for showbread in Moses Tabernacle will remember they they plundered Egypt before they left. They took all kinds of goods from Egypt. So what could not be found in in the wilderness in the desert and what would that obviously they were sacrificing. They were using their animals for food. Then those animals were used for sacrificial use only, but whatever could not be procured in their wilderness wanderings. You have to assume like the silver and the gold for the tabernacle. These are things that some of them would've been things that they got from the Egyptians before they left, or just some of their own possessions that they traveled with all how do these things last all those years. Look at Deuteronomy 8 which mentions that their supplies were maintained supernaturally.

Let's see here, John. The secret did Mohammed make the greatest assumption in the history and thinking that the tower out and NGL agreed with him wrote about him. So the greatest false assumption you would mean yeah, to the extent that Mohammed believed that the Torah of Moses and the Gospels of the NGL spoke of him prophesied on him yeah that's that's one of the greatest deceptions of all time.

On the flipside, they did talk about him in terms of the false prophet in terms of false prophet to be warned against Cielo.

Jesus said they spoke to her mother but he did. They did speak of Jesus, the Jew, the Messiah, in many many different ways of Titus 110 through 14 S did your body shake a lot when you first got filled with the Holy Spirit.

How long afterwards that it take for the shaking to stop know my body did not shake a lot. I did speak in tongues and that was a rich and wonderful experience and some that have continued to do for was 47 years now. But no, my body didn't shake II really had only a few times where I was so gripped to speak in tongues or deliver a prophecy that my body shook just with the intensity of the Spirit's presence on the I have been gripped and travailed and groaned. Many a time in prayer and that is literally shaking me as I've been praying and I've prayed from many many people and see the power of God touch them, including people didn't believe this at all and they've shaken under the power of the Spirit and were touched and were changed but no I did not shake what I was filled with the Holy Spirit. January 24 of 1972.

Okay there is a question I'm just trying to find it in the thread here in terms of who specifically asked it about Rabbi Ovide you you're safe. He was the chief rabbi of Israel for years, a Sephardic rabbi and a highly highly regarded by Sephardic Jewish community.

Okay, so if you asked the question.

You know who you are, so to speak about Rabbi Wagner. You're safe. A biography about him speaks of how he restored the crowd to Sephardic jury Sephardic Jews have lived in the Middle East longer than Ashkenazi Jews, Ashkenazi Jews have clear DNA connection clear chromosomal connection that traces us back to two Middle Eastern peoples, namely to ancient Israel. But then we also have European blood as Europeans converted to Judaism intermarried with Ashkenazi Jews. Hence, the fact that many of them 90% Ashkenazi, 10% Sephardic.

Hence, the fact that were Caucasian Sephardic Jews of their origins in northern Africa and Spain and Ashkenazi Jews. It was a origins I mean in terms of distinctives will go back to the ancient people of Israel but northern Africa, Spain and some of those surrounding areas.

Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe, Germany, etc. well, interestingly, with the modern formation of Israel.

Ashkenazi Jews really took a superior kind of role many of them are better at better educated, more acclimated to change in the modern world and things like that. Took a lead role in the Sephardic Jews who had a great heritage and great history with many great rabbinic leaders over the centuries they they were really second-class citizens in Israel to a slight extent it still the case in certain circles now, but not the way it was a rabbi of audio safe was a child prodigy the brilliant brilliant rabbinic scholar famous for his computerlike mind and really helped raise up Sephardic Judaism. Once again, in the eyes of the nation and then in the eyes of the traditional Jewish community brought back much esteem.

There is still an imbalance of one of understate that, but it's been a radical change, probably through his leadership he passed away a few years ago. He was the leader of the Shas party, which is an acronym for she shots at the ream of the six orders of the Talmud. So it's a ultra-Orthodox Jewish party that even at small has a lot of clout in Israel and that also gave political power to the Sephardic Jews. Now, his critics remember him for some of his extreme rulings that they considered to be very legalistic and probably his most controversial teaching was based on the view of transmigration or Guild rule in Hebrew that all Jewish souls were present at Mount Sinai when the tour was given and therefore Jewish souls transmigration from one Jew to another, from generation to generation. Kind of a Jewish version of reincarnation and rabbi of audio safe said the Jews who died in the Holocaust were sinners the order they were paying for the past sins of other generation, so they were they were paying for the sins of sinning Jewish souls in previous generations. You can imagine that that did not go over well that that was considered to be horrific and ugly teaching and accrual teaching at that so that would be one of his more controversial teachings.

But in his community revered and highly highly regarded white truck time for another questioner to quickly. Let's see here.

Okay were my thoughts on dispensationalism preacher rapture… Is this from Brian Brian Craig Keener and I have a book coming out, God willing. In mid-March called, not afraid of the antichrist of why we do not believe in a pretrip rapture so you'll find it to be really enjoyable read. It's a clear read and easy read, but it's based on serious biblical scholarship and both Craig Keener and I were saved in dispensations, pretrip churches, we many friends and colleagues who are dispensational is to this day we honor and esteem them as fellow workers in the Lord. Some of the finest gospel preaching people on the planet today hold to a preacher rapture. We don't we are historical premillennialist. We do believe in God's ongoing purposes for Israel and the Jewish people today and in the future, but we of course preach very strongly on every level. Salvation through Jesus alone is for millennialism I respected spiritual emphasis. I respect its emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the kingdom of God. I strongly differ with it on many many fronts.

In particular, with its interpretation of a of a spiritual future only in terms of no millennial promises for Phil, I see that against what Peter said in acts three that double fill all the words of the prophets. With this little list is Roy I am out of time. Have a blessed awesome week and look forward to being with you again live on Monday. In the meantime check out how Brown

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