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Your Best Biblical Questions Answered

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 12, 2018 1:36 pm

Your Best Biblical Questions Answered

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 12, 2018 1:36 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/09/18.

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I can hardly wait. You've got questions, we've got answers. Let's do it. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the Friday edition of the line of fire. Yet the most interesting day of the week as we do radio because we haven't the slightest idea what you're going to call about what you want to talk about what questions you can ask and I enjoy that.

You know if you sent me the questions in advance that be great I could prepare and look at them, but I much prefer this way, we have no idea what's coming into we hear from you, so here's the number to call 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-348-7884 and our phone lines are jammed right now about this one open so go ahead, get in and as soon as we get a few of the callers sorted out will begin to answer your questions so blessed today to get an email from a woman that had called in last year.

One of the most important calls we ever got in the history of the broadcast Christian woman who was working at Planned Parenthood and obviously in turmoil over it those last days she worked there because an amazing things in her life she called in anonymously, but her testimony is now known and what a moving great email she sent in just another reminder how important it is that were on the air doing what we do and how important it is that you are part of our prayer team when someone calls in a situation like that José pray for them. I know many of you do so. Thank you for your prayers and stand with us. We really do need your help. Especially this time of the years we come into November December your year and gifts would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Help us to do exactly what were doing right now. You want to stand with us go to ask Dr. Brown a SK DR Click on donate and thank you in advance for Stan was of course you gifts are tax-deductible, but that's secondary to the treasure that you get in heaven right we are going to go straight to California and we go that Benjamin, welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown doing very well thank you so my question is about to be a discrepancy between the way David got pregnant but final 24 vertebrates described in Chronicles 21 Jan and the anger of the Lord and invited David, but in an chronicled adversary order with Bill.

Yeah, it was actually yeah this is very important theological insight in that so that §24, one first Chronicles 21, one, the former as you senses the anger of the Lord incited David to number Israel and then in Chronicles it says it was Satan assets on the adversary who incited him to do it so the simple reconciliation, but also the important theological truth. The simple reconciliation is God was angry with David and used Satan or allowed Satan to incite David that why doesn't Samuel tell us that because it was not a full revelation yet about Satan to Israel at that point.

Some say but but he's clearly spoken of in Job 1 and two in Job is the oldest book in the Bible was not true. The account of Job is an ancient account may be back in the days of Abraham, or something like that I can visit the patriarchs with the writing of the book comes many centuries later and end comes to the thymic. It could even be around the time of the exile.

So what happened was before the exile of Israel so often fell into idolatry that God did not give as much information about what was happening in the spiritual municipal in Genesis 3. There's a talking snake, it doesn't explicitly say Satan you know. So we think back to Numbers 21 when the children of Israel. Send and God had the make the bronze snake and when they looked at the snake. They were they were healed well but it's how we get the second Kings 18 it says that the children of Israel had made it into an idol and called push Tom here this bronze thing and they were worshiping it. So if God had revealed more of what was happening behind the scenes and told them about this malevolent malevolent powerful spiritual being. This angelic being named Satan of Israel returned after worshiping him. It was only after the Babylonian exile. When idolatry had really been purged from Israel that God could reveal more of what was happening in the spiritual realm. By the time we get to New Testament times and it's it's like the veil is wide open. We can see things we didn't see before.

But that's what happened. It also gives us an insight into God's sovereignty that sometimes to get his job done he will allow wicked people to do certain things or he will allow Satan to do certain things and from their perspective.

There get to do what they want to do and wreak havoc from his perspective.

He's accomplishing his will through them just like asked to tells us that through the hands of wicked men. Jesus was crucified so people did evil things that they're responsible for but God carried out his plan through it. That's exactly what is happening here also explained why, don't be more apparent to Satan in the earlier scripture or a lot of supernatural monitor exactly exactly same reason you do have it even say, with Saul being tormented. It's an evil spirit sent from God and and so everything the big emphasis is God is God and he's the only true God, and among all these other spiritual beings. Yes, so that's definitely yet and that's why it becomes clearer and clearer as we get into New Testament times that something I'd looked at the mid 80s noticed it and realize that that was the answer to it. So thanks for noticing it as well.

866-34-TRUTH. Let us go over to Bob in Tennessee. Welcome to light a fire, dark brown, Jerry Breuer wrote the Shema by the angry red outfit Septuagint respected Iorio pronounced the everything that horror here greeted her that the New Testament writers.

I didn't start the Trinity actually started between the Testaments marriages confirming it and then he was saying if you look at it in the doing it it it really does. You can see the Trinity and that through this great Gordon, can you, you know, no matter yeah sure, so I again I I know that Dr. White would unpack this at some length so all I'll try to give this the simple version here.

The first thing is I don't I don't believe that you can that you can definitively demonstrate God's Trinity in the Hebrew Scriptures you can definitively demonstrate that he's complex in his unity that that at the end he is referred to in different ways and that he is in different places and definitive ways.

At the same time and that there is communion and interaction within the Godhead, which we then now come to understand is the training other was the New Testament brings further insight and clarity to is just like looking at a picture that gets into further focus. So was always there, but now it gets more focused and and we have all the elements of the Trinity laid out the Hebrew Bible, but becoming clear with Jesus coming into the world, just like it. Of course, to Timothy and says that through Jesus light life and immortality have come to light, we have we have a lot more light on these different subjects. That's that's the first thing the second thing is that it seems clear in first Corinthians 8 that Paul is following the Septuagint's version of the Shema, so the smaller the word Shema in Hebrew is here at an imperative here. Listen. So here oh Israel Shema Yisrael denial Heino of the knife caught if I was a traditional Jew saying those words and prayer would cover my eyes as I did, and there's intense focus and concentration on God and his oneness with traditional Jew the Hebrew can be rendered one of two ways either. If you're Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord alone, meaning that one or the Lord our God, the Lord is one, meaning that he's not that you, for example, you have the bales the bottles he had a different one in this city and in that different no-no he's he's one is one God only, and then later Jewish tradition really understands this in a monotheistic way that pushes against the Trinitarian understanding, but I'm sure that's not what Deuteronomy 64 was initially conveying you in the Septuagint, it does read a little differently of hero Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord and when Paul makes reference to this in first Corinthians 8 and he says Russ is only one God the father and one Lord Jesus, he seems to be looking at this very text which mentions one God, one Lord in that sense and that's how he's understanding it, so it's not so much that Deuteronomy 6 in the Septuagint was Trinitarian, but it opens itself up to a Trinitarian understanding or some of Sabina Terry. In other words, emphasizing the father is God and Jesus as Lord up Bob, I've written a good amount on this in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. That's a much focused on the Septuagint there in first Corinthians 8, but on Jewish background related Jewish concepts and with the, the evidences from the Hebrew Bible, and then going from there to the New Testament writings to see there's nothing idolatrous on Jewish and biblical about which stated there you'll find that in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus say thank you for listening to Dr. White and to me, much appreciated it. It is there anything that is less clear now or remains unclear for you after my brief explanation. Now I only talk about it for about 10 minutes, but he did mention Updike's current injury for an exciting year due to figural sign page and that it was interesting that the luggage said the Septuagint doesn't prove anything, but admitted there is really back to God being called Lord all we would call God can explain what you did a good job. I shared a great answer and you your you are in agreement. For sure I can sure, sure thing yet and James and I when I had the joy of debating a couple of Unitarians a few years ago and you can still get that to be for ministry for much of the lung to get a high-quality DVD from our ministry where we team together debating Unitarians. Of course these were some of the very passages that we looked at 866-348-7884 before go back to the phones. Have you watched our new consider this video it is taking off on line. It's one of the most quickly watch videos we've put out, and it answers the question, why don't more pastors speak out on moral and cultural issues that were hearing from pastors who are thanking us for just five minutes animated by a team think you'll find it to be really edifying and then share it, share it with everyone you can. Let's get this thing completely viral with millions of views you can watch it by going to ask Dr. this aspect this for the front of the homepage or are you too, S dark brown eyes I could hear calls there.

Here we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown ministering this week in a conference with some colleagues for Jeremiah Johnson and we will be speaking Saturday morning and Sunday morning, but other speakers tonight and through the weekend and then Fort Worth, Texas the weekend after that and all of her friends in greater Charlotte. I'm debating a full credit or someone who believes that the prophecies about the return of Jesus were filled with the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 A.D. were debating the debate will be held at fire church in Concorde that is right next to Charlotte right next to the truck motor Speedway this Thursday night at 7 PM.

Not sure about Lifestream, but for sure we are planning to do a quality videotape all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Philip and Savannah Georgia walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown quick but important question in terms of messianic prophecy. I was listening to some pastors who very aptly pointed out that Jesus hardly ever believe called himself the thumb, the God of the Messiah.

He called himself the son of man, which is an obvious reference to Daniel chapter 7. So II wanted to firstly get your your opinion of the scholar about the importance of Daniel seven. To the understanding of messianic prophecy but the second point would be that my understanding of Daniel seven.

The Son of Man is a a true human who is elevated to the right hand of the father and given his divinity and his glory. So the answer the second part of the story of Jesus about what happened after he conquered that the resurrection but in addition to that, what is your favorite referencing in knock about the decline of Christianity, but the preexistence of Jesus or the fact that the Messiah would come in as being divine, rather than being elevated to divinity later on.

As Daniel seven point out I see you got a few questions there.

There is tremendous scholarly debate about the significance of the term Son of Man, some just try to reduce it to Ben Dam, which is what God called Ezekiel the resist human human with nothing more attached to it.

That's highly unlikely fact that finally completely unacceptable and a reference to Daniel is certainly clear that being a clear messianic passage, but I don't see that is speaking about a human being who is exalted to divinity.

I see that is speaking of a heavenly figure and that's why when Jesus makes that reference to himself. For example, in Mark 14 about the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power. That's why people shout out blasphemy he was associating himself with being a heavenly being and Son of Man, there is this someone look like a human is essays human, but Son of Man in Aramaic. It would just be human so that someone who looked like a human being, but in this highly exalted place, and ultimately worshiped by all peoples, so that's that that's the first thing and and there was a strategy and using that reference as as well. There was enough misunderstanding about Messiah even misunderstand about what son of God would mean this was a more unique term that had a more unique concept with it there. There different versus that clearly point to the preexistence of the son of God, his appearances in the Old Testament, for example in Genesis 18 when you win when you have instances of Yahweh appearing since we know that he cannot be seen, and John one tells us that first Timothy six tells us that other Old Testament passages, allude to know in seeing his face in living and yet he was seen. So the question is how can God be seen and unseen.

Both the son makes the father known just like Jesus says if you see me using the father of the pacifist is no one how is that while the sun makes the father who is hidden, invisible, makes him known. So these theophanies and Christophe in these. Those are clear verses like Isaiah 96, in which one of the titles of the child is mighty God that also points to his deity at Micah 52. You could argue does that it might when it says that the whole come from Bethlehem's origins are from old either from everlasting or from ancient times, but certainly the idea of him going way back.

In rabbinic mind. That meant that the name of the Messiah or the concept of the Messiah was preexistent, so the rabbis recognize that will not think of the Messiah himself is preexistence we we would, but I would think the theophanies the references to the messiahs as God in a couple of prophetic passages which again are then fully understood with the sun coming into the world and the importance of him referring to himself as Son of Man, and the fact is gonna come in power a week. We see that in Scripture. And that's why in and asked the seventh chapter before Stephen is stoned to death before he dies he looks up and he sees the Son of Man at the right hand of the throne of the father so he he is in that exalted role and then in a larger picture. We have Isaiah 52, 13 to 15 that this one who will be highly exalted and lifted up, and term similar to the way God is spoken of in Isaiah 6, high and lifted up, that he will be high and lifted up, and yet first will be terribly abased and suffer unspeakably to the point of being unrecognizable that that is the sequence will be highly exalted. But first he will suffer a Philip, thank you for the question. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Kyle in Washington DC.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown yes been meditating on the gospel were Jesus encounter the Canaanite woman and you just put your family story how you treat her. I love to get your take on what's going on there yet. So when Matthew 15 there's some very interesting that we have the same account occurs in Mark seven. But this just been a dispute in Jerusalem with the religious teachers who were wondering why don't your disciples wash their hands before we eat and it comes to the conclusion at the end that the Wickham side of the heart defiles, but the with almost hands doesn't file right so verse 21, leaving that place so Jerusalem he was through the region of Tyre and Sidon. This is a good journey could be as much is 30 miles and round-trip then you're talking on foot at the 60 mile journey and the only thing he does. There is heal this woman's daughter and come back so he can only do what he sees the father doing.

He doesn't just take random trips, so this was something divinely intended in the in the heart and mind of God for him to go there now how does this tie in with what just come before the idea of the Gentiles being unclean just like some of the Jewish leaders had added new rituals in this defiles you not deposit or the Gentiles themselves were considered unclean, and Jesus just said don't think this way. In terms of severe clean, unclean ritual laws. Now he's going to show the Gentiles are not including the gospel can go to them also.

So we have to remember first and foremost, this is an extraordinary display of God's mercy going out of his way to to take a long journey to heal the daughter of a Gentile dissenter frequent demons when there are plenty of Jewish dollars to heal. He goes there to heal and comes back.

So what happens is she comes from Lord, son of David, have mercy on me. My daughter's demon possessed the suffering terribly.

So she recognizes him as being the Messiah as a Gentile because of some of David recognize him as being the Messiah and and knows that he can help right so she's doing better than the people of Israel were doing all right and and then as we look at the text. What happens is that he begins interact with her and Anna hit his he doesn't answer this disciples come on, come on, just deal with it. She's bothering a Sarah way now. I was only sentimental sheep of Israel and that she comes and help says Nielsen from Lord help me your but is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs.

Yes, it is Lord. She said even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall for the mess disabled in Jesus that will be of great faith request is granted, I don't feel at that moment. So Jesus while it seems like he's pushing her away and speaking to her in a derogatory way with. He's really doing is drawing faith out of her and demonstrating that there is great faith in the Gentile world in recognition of him as the Messiah worse among his own people. He's not recognized it similar Matthew eight when he feels the centurion's servant, and says you'll will cover the east and west meaning Gentiles and will sit at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the children of the kingdom will will be outside weeping with gnashing of teeth. So that the whole thing is almost a a living illustration of Mercer Gentiles don't call them unclean anymore and if if he drove away and never healed. That would be cruel, but what he ultimately did was spoke to her in ways that should've pushed her away, but instead drew out the great faith in desperation and that's what he knew was there and and that's why he went there. That whole round-trip just to heal her daughter and to demonstrate that Gentiles could come in as well so it is kind of the opposite of being derogatory Gentiles is rather reaching out to them in mercy God while you so much. Excellent.

You're very welcome sir, 866-348-7884.

All right I tell you what I'm looking at the calls he or I can answer any well I can answer them in a minute but it may take a minute to ask and I'm I may want take more than a minute so just a reminder that friends. I am normally writing about five articles a week. Are you getting them the really help you. The latest one that that'll be on different sites today was really up on sites. It's the courts stupid. Remember James Carville's counsel to Bill Clinton when he was running against George W. Bush. It's the economy stupid. This remember that focus on the economy and will be elected will many of us voted for Donald Trump because the courts you say well, so there is this course such S, the Supreme Court with the federal courts. Some estimate on the federal courts that one out of every seven justices of federal courts has been appointed by trumpeting the first two years and in many of these justices are strong pro-life performing justices in other words, interpreting the Constitution rather than making new laws is the opposite of judicial activism. So that's my latest article of other articles this week dealing with midterm elections and honor. Also, make sure you're getting these website aspect around double sign up for email. Doing today we want to be a blessing to you for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, your podcast is the line of fire and you hear my friend Linda Cooley singing the old William Booth song send the fire return about spiritual firewood talking with the fire of revival line of fire.

Obviously having different connotations as well and I was just looking at headlines of mouth. The massive fires in Southern California. Now and this other parts of California yeah just massive horrific fires of your people said biblical proportions, meaning this catastrophic and and beyond control and was looking at those headlines then here firefighter.

It reminds me of how intense that is that God identifies as a consuming fire that the baptism of the Spirit is baptism in fire that that holiness and glory are associated with with fire and is as we we ask God to have mercy on California right now. Mercy on the residence in mercy on the firefighters and and and be kind to the inhabitants there in the midst of this fire. We think of how intense it is that throughout Scripture, God identifies with fire.

We realize the purification of fire and the passion of fire.

May we burn with holy fire will we pray for the victims of this earthly fire today. It's Friday, which means you've got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH and we go right to the phones in Philadelphia. Steve, welcome to the line of fire. I had a question about the Revelation 20 talks about the millennial reign beginning no right at the market agrees to have the resurrection in this day no definite 1000 year reign began. My question is are no Jesus spoke and said that those before John the Baptist don't no greater proper written, the John the Baptist, but the least in the kingdom is greater than help my question was are is it just the bride of Christ is that Christians that are going to millennial reign, or is it Christian or lightly.

The people of John the Baptist and for our date want to be there as well. Yeah, thank you Steve for the question as best as I understand Scripture seems straightforward to me but there's always debate on these future issues. This is what is indisputable.

When Jesus returns. However, you have a preacher poster about poster personally, but when he returns two things happen the dead so so the data Messiah will rise present referring to all the righteous before the member Abraham is the father of all who believe. Right to Jew and Gentile, so the dead rise up. And those are alive and remain. We are quickened, given new glorified bodies we meet him in the air and send down to the earth that sums it was just in heaven for a few years, but put that aside, we were turn with Jesus and glorified bodies right and we will rule and reign with him. So those who had been beheaded during this tribulation. These other things they will also be raised together and and and we will rule and reign together with Jesus though who enters the millennial kingdom will it tells us in Zechariah 14 that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will enter the millennial kingdom and from what we see glorified Israel or is is righteous, Israel will enter the millennial kingdom as the lead nation so those of us who have known the Lord before this Old Testament, New Testament saints will be part of the Messiah's pride in rule and reign together with him and those that will enter the millennial kingdom will be the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem and the Jewish people themselves that that have turned at and on the right with God. That's his best is.

I understand, but the simple partier question is Messiah's bride will be all believers from the beginning of time until his his return as opposed to just those that lived and died after he came to earth all right. We appreciate that now that I've other ways are so. Some will debate that to but that's his best as I can see if there were one family. Hebrews 11 says those who went before will be perfect without us. So we reform one spiritual family in Jesus.

You go ahead and enter it imported noted that the least in the kingdom was greater than John the Baptist. But guess what you think Adam and Eve will be there as well. So no hope so, but tell me how it how would we know there's catamarans is not a hint anywhere in Scripture tells us and anything specifically. Certainly hope so raise your hope others were there as well, but our status right here now, sir, is greater than Johnny Miller. He was the foreman of the Messiah. We are enjoying the benefits of the site. He still waiting. He still waiting for the resurrection, and then with us will enjoy those full benefits.

I thank you, Steve.

Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH a we go to decide in Washington. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown that one quite bad for nature and out at about your father and mother had a long time ago that knowing the Bible. I've always done that whether or not they've been good or bad are active think that Barbara work on the value value or worth note what about getting that if your parents aren't valuable or worth. You don't have to seriously offer seriously now. Wow. Okay, this I hate to laugh at such an abusive Scripture, but assuming you heard it correctly, it sounds really explaining is that he was detailed the south. The Hebrew says the Hebrew speaks of ascribing on and in other words, the verbal form, made is is actively telling me to ascribe honor to father and mother all right not assess whether they are worthy of what will what kind it teenager rebellious teenager things parents are old-fashioned and trying to restrict restrict his father. Her phonics on your own words. No, not that yikes and then when Paul quotes that in Ephesians the sixth chapter he quotes it in the context of children obeying their parents in Ephesians 6 and and he quotes it say this is the first commandment with a promise. So that is utter nonsense that that is one of the most bizarre, egregious misinterpretations of Scripture of heard that everything that you I've heard some things in a sense, more wild, but this is so fundamental and so easy to understand so wow one that I interpreted that would relevant provide honored diatomic value. Everyone that is exactly exactly and don't commit adultery unless you stating that your spouse is not really your spouse at that moment don't murder less really don't like the person you know I mean wow that's that's it.

If is that pastor did not get up and repent of that teaching immediately. The next week and then give some adequate explanation as to how you temporarily lost his mind and if the elders and leaders didn't immediately call them to account, I would. I think going near that place again except to pray for mercy on his soul. Wow, I just saw an end here just just a little guideline here which Messiah did is exactly what you need to do when you want to ask me about something that an individual said. Another was. He didn't say pastor so-and-so is thus in such church said something.

This way I could talk about it absolutely freely disable if you mention his name. Why can you talk about freely will now we know the name and now for sure I have to take that account is accurate. What is so thank you just saw you did it just right and of course your understanding was exactly right. So here's here's the problem. If someone says something and it's available time it's on TV it's on radios on Internet and you say hey there Karen, here's this link. Could you look at it and it happened to be from CNN last night and pastor so-and-so was on CNN and he said thus is it okay there it is.

It's out there that's run.

You said this and it's on YouTube okay it's it's out there, but what if you misunderstood what somebody was saying you mention your pastor so-and-so this church so I heard someone said. He said this now it's on national radio now is international on on Internet and then modify pile on. It was all misinformation is a great way to do it enough to mention I was at this particular church is state of the church I heard this this like I'm just evaluate that right without worrying about to be misrepresentative on God. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to Arizona.

Daniel, welcome to the line of fire around the question.

For one, but I was wondering whether under the law.

The plan of God to always walk among the tribe in the tabernacle.

Doug, you got free walk among them and benefit in the Torah it if the Lord your God truth of what a game it too far from where you are. So that means that it will vary from time to time for those with that was that's with that. Speaking about. For example, which are quoted in Deuteronomy the 12th chapter that's speaking about once they move into the land and they have that the tabernacle established/the temple built in Jerusalem and if you just for example, want to have a meet right is that you're not offering up and offering you just want to eat needful that's fine, just do it wherever you are. Just make sure it's clean animal etc. and drain the blood of so there certain things where I hate it you or or essay having to do with with a tither. Maybe you were bringing a certain animal you're offering that to the Lord.

But it's too far for that, you can convert that into money and go to Jerusalem, so that's what those laws are about the place is too far, but once when David heard that you want to make that Mary temple of God. What are you talking about one of my ever have any of the judges is not to be stationary.

It wasn't stationary was a physical house that's that's what God responded.

It was about things because it was stationary and other real reason only, and only moved. Daniel is only moved when the children of Israel were in the wilderness once they got into the promised land.

It was in one place and the people how to go there three times a year to that one place. While I walked among the tribe right now and then was the first was Mercer speaking about "current Chronicle 17.

Knowing when David proposed building a humble right not want one of I asked anyone what I said why have you built the house is the house visit issue right is Daniel. It's really simple. It has nothing to do with being around he was not around the tavern that is in place had to do with going for me and the physical building his David said it should be a physical build all the spirit. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and just to take a moment at a time prescribed for some people. When David settled in for spouses it's Nathan the prophet look I'm living in a theater house while the ark of the Lord's covenant is under a tent that was issue I'm in this nice house using a tent. This report today. Whatever you have in mind do it for God is with you, but that like the word of God came to David single until my servant David this with the Lord says you're not the one to build the house to dwell in that wealth in a house from the Deborah Israel out of Egypt, a move from one tent site to another, from 1 Dwelling Pl. to another river I've moved with the all the Israelites that every Satan is elitist my command to shepherd my people wiping adobe house of cedar so there had been as would be before the 10. For example, was in Shiloh right the tabernacle was in Shiloh before was in Jerusalem but it wasn't.

It was never God's plan that would be all over go from truck truck tribe. Rather, as Israel wandered then God move with him, now that Israel was established in one place. David sang what he retention of a house not right for God to live in a tent when I live in a nice house with that of course causes yeah go ahead. Solomon will build a house and God fills it with his glory in accepting it and sanctioning it. I we go to Ms. Sid Mississippi Dalton welcome to the line of fire. Afternoon Dr. Brown are you doing tomorrow.

Thanks. Okay.

I was watching a YouTube video where you discuss with Rabbi after me for about 53 and he had the opinion that wasn't referencing a finger person but was referencing martyrs and the prophet and out. I mean that unlike what got bank at the why do you think some people want on the thing everybody that why do some people, when semi with a twist, but I like to push away the singularity wanted that. Try making up every body like what he thinks some rabbis do that not all yeah well, some would argue that you'll do anything to push away the clear reference to Jesus in the text that would be accusing some these leaders are being willfully blind now perhaps alarming human beings can do anything Christians can do the same thing we can hire iced with the text clearly says, but the other side would be their argument be like if you look at Isaiah 4355 see a number of times Israel's explicitly called God's servant, and we know that that Israel offered suffered among the nations, and that when Israel was guilty.

The righteous would suffer as well.

So Israel would send the righteous would go into exile with them. Jeremiah was taken into exile and in Egypt because of the sin of the people you want to go use force to go Ezekiel, a righteous man. Daniel righteous man. They were in Babylonian captivity. Even though they were righteous because Israel sent so you could say that this explains the suffering of the righteous and that because Israel can be likened to an individual at times. Recog called God's firstborn son or things like that that therefore you can see in different individuality in the passage, or you can see plurality in the passage of my arguments against that of course are that the suffering of the the righteous of Israel and the nations did not bring healing to the nations, but rather judgment on the nations so that the very things prophesied in Isaiah 53 do not happen. Rather, God says that several passages in the Old Testament that were his people are scattered and mistreated by the nations that God will judge them for it.

Where is it says that we are healed by the service wounds. Rabbis would say that the we in the passage we we misunderstood the suffering of the servant. That's the kings of the nations at the end of the age. Recognizing oh we were blind we thought Israel will suffer for its own sins. Israel suffering for our sins, but Isaiah makes very very clear in these texts Israel suffering for its own sins. That's quite repeatedly heat. He says that that's 12 God judge those nations were his Jewish people were scattered three there suffering did not bring healing to the nations. So for those reasons, among others, it can't refer to the righteous remnant so I understand the argument, especially through Jewish history were Jews who suffered at the hands of many and and sometimes very devout Jews have suffered while there must be an answer. Surely this redemptive side to her suffering. This this would be looking to find the text there, but obviously more Jewish people come to faith reading Isaiah 53 more Jews come to faith reading that text and any other text in the Hebrew Bible, for obvious reasons, it jumps and shouts to us that this is about this individual. The Messiah despised, rejected, dying for our sins get through his wounds were healed and ultimately rising from the dead.

Hey Don, thanks for the question appreciated off a bridge near suffer while in a my family watches are present on the Internet. We live three week turtle member before a couple weeks ago I did great job and a lot more.

Thanks so much. Thank you your your family also for being supportive of past Kilpatrick – elegy all right. Let's keep going. Got time a week in Long Island.

Millie, welcome to how far you cannot Long Island area that happens you are you are really out there. I'm really out here in country and they call it only here okay my question is that they are watching one of you know the name of the program. They sell products and value to the person promoting their product and this person obviously the tally. It is flamboyant. A very homosexual when you would deftly do that at the well made. It is a natural organic problem with me. Looking beyond that I don't want to be judging them and so therefore I'm thinking that you have a problem purchasing this person was an atheist, would you have a problem buying from an atheist hope that what if it was the single guy who sleeps around with Lotta ladies, you have a Playboy A. Right.


So if times look we we are a lost and fallen world, with everybody having issues and problems outside of God's mercy and redemption and also my first right causes in first Corinthians 5 that if we tried to just separate from sinners, we have to leave the world entirely right so it's one thing if he was saying I've got this great new book on on why the Bible permits homosexual romance right now. You don't buy the book.

Just like if someone say I get this amazing book that shows the Bible is full of lies but you don't get the book except to refute it, so I would do business with anyone who was I fly kindly. A lot of the flight attendants are are gay you know some you guys interacting induced yet self-evident alumni standardized, you know, so we literally can we do business with one another and remember that our homosexual think of anybody. The only court take side of it centered. So I'm thinking you know what, if any, of course, I just don't see Millie. The vast majority big companies these days. Be it. You know the credit card companies use cell phone companies or airlines you fly your car you drive or great great great majority of the big companies are very, very supportive of gay activism and things like that they may have transgender bathroom policies.

Lotta things that we differ with, but if we submit a boycott all of them.

We have to sit home and never while you can use at home, because your utilities would be turned off soon so we live in this world. I am not going to actively support something that I know is subversive.

The things that I believe whatever that is. But I do business with the Muslim of the business with an atheist of the business with a backslidden Christian I'll do business with a hypocritical Christology business with a religious Jew all do business with some of gay some of straight when we live in this world and in the meantime, do my best to shine the light if someone was taking money for me to use specifically for an activist because that be different if there is a Muslim shop and they said hey 10% of our proceeds go to support terrorism in the Middle East and obviously can happen here, but if they did when I dedicate a dynamo money. This is a totally different issue obvious right. Thank you for the call. Now let's at least I think we had time left Donnie in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire round hey don't want to develop or Daniel 18 where it talked about urban art, not how that.

I got what it will run today.

Yeah. So traditional rabbis argue that Daniel knew the later laws that are now found in Judaism that he knew them as well. And that's why he was not going to eat the king's meat or drink the Kings wine, because ostensibly considerable. He could just ask only for certain kind of meat and wind itself doesn't the file but no later rabbinic always seems to find yourself.

I look at it like that. Rather, it is not submitting to that culture, not submitting to the indulgences of that culture and saying I'm going to be separated so the way that that I would apply that is that there are things in this world that may not be overtly sinful, but for us to partake of them for us to participate in them for us to be part of them actually is defiling and therefore we separate ourselves that there may be something again. It is not like murder rate for adultery but the thing itself the files because it pulls us into the world separate ourselves.

God for his blessing to advance his cause. Have an awesome weekend

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