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Outside the Box Cancer Therapies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 23, 2018 4:43 pm

Outside the Box Cancer Therapies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 23, 2018 4:43 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/22/18.

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Let's talk about some outside the box cancer therapies relieving Dr. for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a French have a very unique show today I want to fire it in 10 years of live daily radio five days a week. I believe this is the first time we have focused on this subject. In this way, so this could literally be the difference between life and death for many of you listening watching to this interview I'm speaking today with Dr. Mark Stabler Mark I become personal friends in the last oh, you're 1/2 or so. He is a gifted, well-respected doctor, the author or co-author of more than 30 books. Some of them which are but that is the Bible of their particular area in the newest book co-authored with Dr. Paul Anderson outside the box cancer therapies, alternative therapies that treat and prevent cancer. Just a little from the bile duct. Mark Stabler is a natural pathic medical doctor who was in private practice in Encinitas, California, is the best-selling author with 30 books, including prescription for natural cures and the natural physicians healing therapies. Dr. Stanley was the author of health revelations one of America's most popular health newsletters. His expertise in combining the best of conventional and natural medicine for his patients and readers. I visited his clinic to get blood test done for my annual physical. Earlier this year and instead of the normal one-page report. I got a 17 page report that Dr. Stingley had a talk my wife Nancy and I threw over the phone to explain what it was all about. So this is a man who knows his stuff were thrilled to have them on the air to talk about a tremendously sensitive subject, namely tension cures for cancer. Dr. Stanley, thanks for joining us today.

I am I correct your art salsa Mark for those who don't know you to chew her horn for minute. Why should we listen to you.

Who are you, what your background who does listen to you share how I can practice for 22 years now at a family practice tri-state Allah, and bangs I like to settle for 30 bucks in regards to drug and health topics, especially not know the right call alternative and complementary medicine. I prefer the term integrative medicine because of my practice with my training and been trainable conventional medicine and natural medicine. I integrate the two as increasing my doctors across the country in the world are doing this many advantages to that.

So my practice on you flat past physical exams. I'll see her talk to the patient that their symptoms examine them and down and then my patient trying to find out what the cause or causes why they have an illness or try and prevent illness, not birthplace the best way to do things and I try to focus on using more nutritional and holistic treatments whenever possible now been integrated national use pharmaceutical medications when need be referred for surgery referred to specialist and work with oncologist bebop cancer field of integrative medicine.

In my opinion makes the most sense are getting the best of both worlds in a responsible manner and onyx meeting with Yale University on the complementary medicine outcomes project. I was a resource for them and I think as a mensch might help revelations newsletter about once a month most widely read health newsletters in the country exactly spread to other countries as well.

So, my passions. I've been trying use more holistic techniques to prevent and treat disease. I've been into nutrition since I was a kid involved in athletics and that's been my passion for a wide variety of patients at my clinic wide right conditions, but over the years, increasing number of people with cancer cometh my client wanting help. Maybe they are going to chemotherapy, radiation, chronic open surgery. They have a history of cancer and want reduce their likelihood of getting cancer in the future so on a daily basis on myself and another doctor wants to clinically help people with these issues.

Using the most cutting edge techniques in both documents on natural medicine. Using this integrative medicine is important because no Michael 30% of people in their lifetime will be diagnosed with some form of cancer is almost overcome the number one killer in our country almost overcome cardiovascular disease so it's it's a very serious thing very complex disease and people need a lot of help. There more quit when you mention natural cures or holistic treatments.

A lot of people have no idea what you're talking about and they say was like a New Age crystal Lori or some Native American you know he smoke a pipe and you yelling at me. They have no idea when they hear that these distinct new agent strange customs and things like that but but you're talking about other ways to look at health.

Aside from just medication you normally going to a doctor got high blood pressure can put you on high blood pressure medication that might be the last thing you look to do if you're treating that person twice and we use in our clinic. Writing is evidence-based medicine so backward being biomass select medications pharmaceutical drugs but also giving nutritional approaches. So for example, it is not really debatable and more handsome tens of thousands of studies showing certain nutritional diets certain nutritional supplements. Maybe it's no chiropractic bodywork helping people deal with stress clinically to intravenous nutrient dark before he put nutrients in the body intravenously and much more therapeutic effect, a wide variety of different natural therapies be used to grab in space-time needs are based on research. Just like when I became a Christian to me. A lot of it was based on evidence, not looking at the evidence which I look at for years on historical evidence on the eyewitnesses the manuscript evidence the archaeological evidence different types of evidence and so the same thing for me in medicine. I think very serious and actually in my field. I'm concerned actually going mainstream. I'm not into New Age medicine. Another type of philosophy so I evidence-based mass and the wide range of nutritional and natural approaches when we hear the word cancer tends to send fear into people you go to the doctor and that's the one saying you don't want to hear what what is cancer and why is it so frightful REALLY is a complex disease or disease that you will is the uncontrolled division of cells, which then spreads into tissue enters different types of cancers I'm oversimplifying it. You have cancers where you get tumors you can get my cancers which is low but different, especially as an uncontrolled division of cells, which then invades on different tissues and ultimately know the worst problem is when based on vital organs of your brain your heart.

Remember, your kidneys and things like that sounds the uncontrolled division of cells and is designed obviously to be able to replicate ourselves on an ongoing basis. Most petitioner by not all replace the cells over time on an ongoing basis and there's a problem.

The subdivision which is very complex.

Actually another great argument for design things like cancer can arise. And so there's a lot of fear and it snowed it can be be a tough disease to treat.

I'm not trying oversimplifying very very difficult to treat God we work with patients is using integrative medicine for certain types of cancer, but people need very aggressive conventional treatment, but they get better outcomes by incorporating our nutritional treatments.

Along with that other certain cancers which just have not shown in studies to respond well to conventional treatment take pancreatic cancer. For example, has a terrible track record with conventional treatment on these people may be better off just doing a very precise and supervised treatment with more natural therapy so I can so evidence-based that it has a spinal person right so the book outside the box cancer therapies. Dr. Mark Singler and Dr. Paul Anderson alternative therapies to treat and prevent cancer and Mark we got all about four minutes. In this segment will make sure we cover this obviously were thankful for everything. Medical science can do in every effort to cure cancer wheat.

We know the people working around the clock, looking for better approaches to treating cancer, but what fall short with our current treatments, mainly chemotherapy and radiation again. Thankful for all the good doctors do, and whatever extension of life. People can get.

That's wonderful. What fall short with these therapies well quite a bit. Having recent research has shown that there is a very high relapse rate for people who have a history cancer is high 75% on parking lot a treatment segmental mass and for cancer are not curative and I not for some people: fear, which can be defined as not having no relapse or remission or Casper minors are longer, but a very high relapse rate and I think were the reasons for that is the treatments are getting at the root cause the triggers as to why you're getting a cell division. If you don't treat things like the toxins in the body.

The nutritional status of a person, their stress levels. You're not treating underlying causes. What spreading this inflammatory response or these initiation factors of cancer by way of things I just mentioned are well accepted in national oncology in cancer therapy so you may think people come to us for his getting chemotherapy and radiation course can have a whole host of different side effects, fatigue, hair loss, pain, depression, you know the changes right home on so we have well studied nutritional treatments eventually reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation oncologist just doesn't offer these treatments to their patients and people soccer more than what they should, in my opinion because didn't have to research the published study showing you can help people minimize or reduce these very common side effects, you know, I remember how we connected.

I was speaking at an Israel conference at church in California and every day someone else was responsible for for for a host EP or for meals and of course I eat this totally healthy license my stone of this totally healthy lifestyle for the last four years and that you'd brought some salads for effect over did it probably would take about a week to eat everything you brought right but we began talking about nutrition about these things and then then I saw your heart for the Lord your heart for the lost it. So we had an immediate connection there.

But you know when I used to fast I get terrible headaches and go through all these miserable experiences. I thought that's just what happens when you fast, so that's what happens when you fast, you have a miserable diet and and when you're eating healthily. Everything changes so you even say that some of the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation if they were if there were looked at in a more nutritional or holistically. People could be helped by friends we come back we'll start to get into some of these outside the box cancer therapies.

Again, that's the name of the book outside the box cancer therapies co-authored by Dr. Mark Stanley was with me and Dr. Paul Anderson and I'm looking at the endorsements in the front and it's it's quite a few prominent people of ill with with a lot of stature endorsing the book and then just to give you an idea of some of the chapters real hope with integrative oncology root causes of cancer. Contrasting conventional and integrative oncology understanding conventional therapies foods that prevent and fight cancer supplements for treating and preventing cancer, intravenous and injection therapies protection and recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Common cancers and integrate coaches and other alternative therapies, cancer, and looking at the end of stomachaches 251 and in and around page 328 so this is annotated, presented in such will you be able to read it and learn from the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends I'm speaking today with Dr. Mark Stabler, Sterling list of the Christian faith out sharing the gospel with the lost in a regular basis, but he is a leading Dr. holistic and integrative medicine and well-known in his field.

The author or co-author of more than 30 books.

His most recent book, together with Dr. Paul Anderson outside the box cancer therapies right Mark again folks need to get the book to dive into everything, but let's just give an overview someone comes in they they have cancer.

Maybe there there 50 years old and the doctor say okay with with chemotherapy and surgery. We might be able extend your life another five years. They come in to see an obviously there are many different types of cancer, but once once you analyze what their situation is what type of cancers respond best to just a massive nutritional overhaul in someone's life where I say most of the meeting we had our creek and cinema person's character course by her at our client we see a lot of people with the most common kind of answers online cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer: cancer seeking policy pond with lymphoma on the king and things like that and also most common type of brain cancer doesn't change the treatment call. I'll talk about specific nutritional supplements which have human studies on very specific types of cancers while in holistic mass be made.

You do the general things recruited by Stransky Cox patient immune boosters. Things like this, there are specific supplements we can talk about later, which have been actually studied for specific types of cancers and has shown in human research. You have good outcomes but the patient come in and see what they have's electronic conventional treatment undergoing respiratory patients receive 95% class are undergoing some chronic national treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery may be a immunotherapy or combination thereof, and so what we do these patients. First, as we help them to offset as best we can the side effects of the treatment undergoing excellent state undergoing chemotherapy. For example, we want to work with them on their diet. We want to work with them on the hydration we want to use nutritional supplements which eventually will help maintain healthy white blood cells (drop in the red blood cells disintegrate common when you get chemotherapy human data showing you can get up to some extent support the organs of detoxification different dive nutritional supplements. Sometimes sauna therapy in the appropriate things like intravenous vitamin C therapy.

We have very good published data now in mainstream medical journals showing that when patients undergoing undergo high doses of intravenous vitamin C when you're undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. They actually have lower side effects that have less to keep them less pain and less nausea and vomiting on a less depression, less anxiety. Many Palestinians now have demonstrated this and unfortunately this is not mainstream in medicine yeah actually Michael author Dr. Potter sent as completed Sunday studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, very mainstream, initially incorporating things to help them get through their treatments to maximize the benefits of the treatment get a synergistic effect. Also, in a matter based on the studies that were not interfering with the taxable treatment often times their spirit while writing these dietary supplements regularly and vitamin C will hinder the effects of chemotherapy and radiation will now the published data is very very clear night does not hinder better quality of life scores and have longer length of life scores compared compared to conventional mass alone for this is very exciting. Naturally patients every week, oncologists are quite surprised there side effects and their treatments aren't what we see with their patients through their treatments then were working long-term with them. Mortals root cause we are talking about is honesty perspective through their metal treatments with the least damage and possible and the best benefits and possible rentals, root causes of the main causes really why people get cancer if you look at the data very closely.

You know a lot of people think nevermind but it's all based on genetics that is not what the data shows the data shows that only a very small percent of cancers which are strongly genetically related. For some people.

That is a main factor in very small percent, breast cancer, for example, even to mainstream oncology. They will tell you 5% around 10%, the highest of breast cancer are strongly genetically related what I was triggering this cancer wellness program work on the diet. Certainly there is a tremendous amount of data in mainstream oncology showing that diet is a major predisposition to cancer and has been stated around the world so work with people in their diet. Cleaning up your diet will stress is huge.

There's been hundreds of published studies showing people how these perceived high levels of stress throughout time. It greatly increases the risk cancer as well as if they have cancer there likely that they're going to survive or not that's been well published. The stress hormone cortisol is a major immune suppressant also initiates more cancer formation is social again. It is amazing to me is in the four years into this journey of eating only healthfully all the time. It's amazing to me at 63 I was younger I feel how how much more vibrant.

I feel how much stronger my immune system is how things that I suffered was three years constant backaches, constant headaches disappear. Don't need a breathing machine for for his sleep apnea anymore and and on and on. It's it's remarkable and I and I'm feeling literally is a getting older than them getting younger that my energy is increasing.

That vibrancy is increasing. That mental sharpness is increasing. That that when I can if I get cold. It's so minor now compared to what it used to be an Odyssey were not invincible but ugly over period of time, years and years and years.

You see amazing benefits of some is listening now and let's say that they'll have an cancer diagnosis or anything like that would save someone four years old is listening. They think men I've been eating and healthy all my life is too late to change things have I sold too many bad seeds would you say to them well know absolutely it's never too late to matter what chronic condition have everyone reduce risk of many chronic diseases. Dietary changes may have pronounced the fact that wrapped in a relatively short period of time, multiple and often dramatic change in one to two weeks in terms of reducing serious disease risk know you can actually do that within months to a year.

I think my the most basic level, ourselves, ourselves, require proper nutrition have the proper functioning structures and only in recent years date.

There is a whole new field alcohol genetics basically tells you is the environment around us and that includes the foods we are cell receptors are designed to interact with things in our environment and are clueless and slowly now shown that things in our foods. DB compounds are foods that biochemicals apparently traces another term they been shown to be very effective in cancer prevention.

The activator immune system. They help reduce inflammation and help with normal cell division example so without good nutrition, it is impossible to have good health. This is too foundational that that simple and is as far as other things that you've seen just got 034 minutes to introduce this some of the other things that you seen are effective in helping prolong life for helping combat cancer, but with some of those other treatments. Be that you cover in your book outside the box cancer therapies well will ask about his nutritional supplements. Are there any valid nutritional supplements off. There's a lot of junk out there in Internet-based people paper cancer and articles is what we got in our book. Do not practice. We used mainly supplements nutritional cycles which have great human data are not testing studies, not studies nonbiased but actually human data. For example, one Wednesday use and talk a lot about is called Coriolis person of color, name Turkey scale in Japan and China, misused by oncologist for 50% of all people, cancer, and this is a mushroom extract from the greatly heightened the effects of the immune system and activates the components of your new system which attack invite cancer cells. Later natural killer cells, no Michael, I have more studies that almost all conventional cancer drugs is over 400 published studies on Micah's expense. Cancer drug in all countries. News of his nutritional some of this great safety profile, but just one example, people, history of colon cancer and unsteady for people received this this nutritional supplement wherein a group received a placebo with a track over many years old. He took a supplement at half the rates of relapse in their colon cancer than people who did not take it so something can be quite pronounced right so again friends which are hearing is stuff that you don't normally hear. But it is scientifically based and scientifically verified right this a big question, but we gonna tackle it in a minute and 1/2. Why is it that so many doctors don't talk to their patients there.

They're hard-working to see their patients get better, but they don't talk to about these other things that seem to be so statistically, so scientifically proven. Normally talk about things are familiar with. When you're in medical school and conventional medical school training and after training actually sponsored by drug counseling focus a lot on drugs doctors. Very little training in nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

Other holistic healing techniques is slowly changing, but it's still a major problem and brings up the appointment. Cancer no mayo clinic at a big study and they found that people cancer almost 90% of Houston were using one form of complementary and alternative medicine when you look at the research article 72% people do not counter oncologist for their family physician using these things like diet, vitamins and minerals are probably because either they expect a negative reaction or other doctors just don't don't know anything about it. So it is a big problem in getting cancer treatment today. Got it right friends. I want to continue this discussion with Dr. Mark Stang looked at check out his many many different books. He gave me a few when I was in California had a finder I admitted I said I will bring back as I wanted to surprise Nancy to see that she was studies all these things, nutrition and medicine Ebenezer big big fat books with okay here different ways to treat basically all the sicknesses common ailments that have so check out Mark saying that the new book outside the box cancer therapies like back discussion. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire for those just tuning in, I am speaking with Dr. Mark Stigler author or co-author of more than 30 books the newest co-authored with Dr. Paul Anderson outside the box cancer therapies, alternative therapies that treat and prevent cancer market you you come to this subject with a wide range of of educational background, practical experience, but also Christian faith. How much does the fact that God created us a certain way in, made us to to live and thrive in and put certain nutrients and in the will of him, says that fuel the fire.

If you're thinking about what's best for the human race. Obviously you can come to certain conclusions in a totally natural way without God.

But when you put God in the midst of it. How clearly has he designed us to run well will the Christian Christian worldview. Things make a lot of sense. You see them very complex design of the human body as a review biology. For example, nutrition to believe that these things would have this this signaling complex city and uniform nature ran down.

No mutations in evolution.

I mean it's my opinion of Sir, I mean the complex. It is unbelievable human sounds like a small American city and further the activity going on. Amazing.

And the same with nutritional difficulties compounds in and plans. For example, another foods which interact with our immune system directly help with our normal cell division so there's no way these things that happen around and chat in my worldview the Christian worldview matches up to reality. We see a complex design human body that because of the fall man when sin entered the world is not perfect and disease and consent in cc this paradox, the human body amazing marvelous complex design function by still you know that guy at some point because of the ramification of sin. And so it's not perfect, and we can pray God's spiritual laws would also break his natural laws mismatch allows in terms of not eating right anonymously proper exercise. They had their detriments and rest in medicine, but there's a lot to be hopeful for him in terms of cancer prevention and treatment, and mainstream oncology 50% of cancers can be prevented effectively through proper diet and exercise. My numbers are a lot higher now is probably more like 75 to 80% believe that they such as detoxification, I think, prayer and stress reduction can by medical proxies more boasting protecting.

I think that number we get closer to about 80% so that's right that's right you slowly with patients as we control the things we can control. I mean people can change or die.

People can exercise me exercise. For example I started as Michael because of recent studies on exercise in women with breast cancer. They found the women had exercise at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity lease, five days a week it would reduce their mortality from breast cancer by 40 to 50%. While there's no there's no driver training that can do that for men with prostate cancer. They found that man with localized prostate cancer did three or more hours of vigorous activity while we had a 39% lower risk of death from all causes and a 61% reduced risk of dying from prostate cancer, so there's a lot of people have control over. They don't realize I let that meet the reason a big issue here and then I want to get back to it to nutrition, exercise, and things like that. The importance of good friends and speak with Dr. Mark Stigler co-authored with Dr. Paul Anderson of outside the box cancer therapies, alternative therapies that treat and prevent cancer of the pharmaceutical industry. I can often be very nave and just assume that everybody just has the best interest of humanity and in mind and you forget that power and money do have corrupting effects, so you will hear sometimes and I'm about to make a minimum have that the background to process it properly, but some will say that this was going to bring a real breakthrough in medicine and would eliminate a certain condition or cut it down drastically, but to get the drug past and accepted his millions and millions of dollars, and it's gonna knock out this other drug which is a major moneymaking drug and therefore this can be resistance to it in your view, the system actually happen as it is a political money based as well. You know, I don't think it happens from the doctor level. I think doctors allow their formation policy from the found suitable companies in the research that they provide and so you know if the research is biased or is it overhyped on forcing out no turns out to give the doctor practice. You knew how active the treatments are and I can tell you this in terms of cancer, cancer drugs, overall data shown in general to help increase the length of life.

They have not been a very good job in terms of quality of life.

They serve certainly been very very disappointing in terms of the church of Exton, and I would be kind of a summary of what we see in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of cancer so the great disappointment terms of curing cancer certainly has benefit in extending life of cancer stop huge problems in terms of side effects and personal. One of the major side effects were serious side effects of conventional treatment for any radiation or chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is cancer itself. No, not that is one of side effects side effects of chemotherapy and radiation is cancer. So this whole question in mass and special oncology quality of light on more doctors are recognizing now while patients it's always been the focus on length of life.

Finally, medicine is focusing more on the quality of life. What good is it if you connect to your life. Let's say from some chronic dimensional treatment, but even torture the whole time the side effects of that treatment on people. I realize now that's not a good weight assessment certainly make a light should be able but now there's a lot more focus, especially in the integrated doctors like myself might scores is getting some emphasis and style that has been taken into account when people are deciding what kind of treatments are to do the treatments we doing with the published show is multiplied in the medical treatments, radiation and chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy. We can greatly reduce the side effect potential of those treatments and so to me it would not make sense at all percent with cancer. For example, do not follow a nutritional or integrative approach, combined with conventional therapy. There's only upside through it, and lately talk about preventing cancer so there is preventing of the recurring of cancer through a healthy lifestyle. What about that and obviously this in the listening.

They lost a child to cancer in her three-year-old child and think and what we supposed to do with that.

In the how much was neutral utility stress nutrition.

So obviously we understand that this is not 100% of cases. And because your guy you're dealing with pain and suffering day and night and having to tell people very difficult things they like to you of all people know the sensitivity of this issue, especially as a believer but let's say somebody starts off the newly married and they find out about healthy lifestyle, healthy eating reports of exercise, etc. another minute raise their kids in this environment with this is what the kids get does that give them a massive head start on life, health, absolutely.

I mean the things that people can control.

I mean they should be controlling and guided more plant-based diet. Organic foods and possible purified water.

Teach your kids and your young it's not a good idea to be consuming excess amounts of alcohol which now even a drink in days trying to be an increased risk of bright types of cancers. Example of the harmful effects of smoking or baking. Being overweight nor the biggest risk for cancer or wide right of cancers of being obese and overweight. Having diabetes and prediabetes is a major risk factor for cancer. They now melt so unfortunately more than 50% of kids over there have in America have a weight problem and are predisposed to prediabetes, diabetes, which underlies each prominent self and things like cardiovascular disease and neuropathy in the service everything but increases risk of cancer to improving things in your kids are gone not getting access of x-rays. Example are given studies out there now shine that children who get yearly dental x-rays.

This an increased risk for brain cancer. So being you know why your use of just x-rays over. Lifetime can be very important. Sunlight always very important note, one of the things which is been shown in a multitude of studies of vitamin D levels will people have a vitamin D level about 20 form you don't like cats usually reference ranges 3244 is protected against all types of cancers, prostate brass line: cancer 75% of people in America.

Kids and adults have some optimal or deficient vitamin D levels are 10 minutes of sunlight if they can make can do wonders for vitamin D or vitamin D supplementation. The doctor should be monitoring your your vitamin D levels just for the cancer prevention.

Of course, access, sunlight, skin damage, the number one cancer in America by far is asking cancer over. Finally people here diagnosed with some type of skin cancer and so protecting the skin using proper sunscreens and not getting excessive. No sun exposure. All these type of things are very important and likely popular exercise. Exercise has a pronounced effect on the new system, probably because of its effect in reducing stress hormones that high-level suppressed immune system and leaked information so the foundation of cancer generally is in these categories we just talk about going back initial point I complications all the time with a very healthy lifestyle. We have no idea why they got cancer and so we don't be people out about it right willing to review anything to try and help prevent things in the future, but I patients, have no idea why they got cancer things out of our control and maybe Greg went home where there is led in the in your pipe here drinking water. Like everybody else you know wasn't filtered in the past and you have high lead levels me. Who knows, we got distinct from arsenic. Certain chemicals on these things can cause cancer.

Over time, so you know we don't always know if we do the best we can, and when I tell my patients may background as I do the best I can do the best you can and ultimately we leave the results up and got right and of course you factor in prayer with all of that as well. Right. We've got one more segment and and I want to ask some specific nutritional questions we come back with when one guy help me make a radical lifestyle change. Four years ago my wife Nancy and I talk about it in her book breaking the stronghold of food meant to send myself I'm in relatively good health and yet I eat miserably. I have a terrible dies for is my daily nutrition and and I thought to myself how many beach. This is how I have an NMI abusing the health of God's given me at now. My health now compared to four years goes is night and day, you can't can compare them hard-to-find categories in which to compare them but God has made us marvelously amazing and obviously lessons out of our control. To the extent cooperate with the war and live in accordance with his principles and it's amazing how blessed we can be with vibrant healing health. I will be right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Frank for joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown with my friend Dr. Mark Stigler's new book with Dr. Paul Anderson outside the box cancer therapies alternative therapies to treat and prevent cancer.

Mark we talked a lot about nutrition and we followed the guidelines of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his Tutsi to live the end of dieting. He emphasizes on a daily basis G bombs.

That's the acronym greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, and Nancy was the one in our family that read incessantly on nutrition and finally found things that made sense of when she read Dr. Fuhrman's you can submit to them. We seen tremendous changes.

I read a little, but it is really about in tomatoes that the chemical the phytochemicals. Whatever it is and and how this fights cancer and different things like that.

So let's let's break these down mushrooms. Barry C pick out any of these and and tell us about the health benefits and then I'll come back after that. Ask about sugar study a chocolate and stuff. I used to eat so pick out a few things that are common that all of us can find and eat and why they're so beneficial. A lot of the commonality don't find in research throughout the world, which by the way, we went to research and are brought which combine over 7000 scientific studies done around the world in an artistic diet and cancer was very interesting, but in the special you have a lot of anti-inflammatory compounds which we do listen about, so if you look at things like rates. For example, and other fruits there very high and work with flap noise which are anti-inflammatory and one of the agreed-upon factors in cancer. As with most chronic diseases you haven't.

Inflammation states sitting up in the cells and tissues. When this information sets and you get abnormal messaging and cell division died was to reduce inflammation, which is a whole host of different plant foods is powerful in cancer protection.

Another example of the property. Tomatoes. Tomatoes are very high in a carotenoid called lycopene and lycopene is very anti-inflammatory, especially for studies show the prostate in men on greens. Most are green vegetables are very high in vitamin K number status on the vitamin K specialty vitamin K1 and K2 are anticancer people who consume more green foods rich in vitamin K are much more likely to what lowers the risk of different types of cancer so honestly there is hundreds of different vital nutrients in plant foods which have been shown Anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects. So getting the nuts and seeds.

The green gospel actually all the color vegetables are limited just to green the lawyer level greens are colored a vegetable is play, the higher Disney's flap noise needs pigments is vital nutrients which are anti-inflammatory fight heart disease and cancer. So we like people. Certainly most people we see need to boost up on the plant foods in your diet, but there are some commonalities of what they have found it all in the CLB study found around the world. The 7000 studies. We know foods that have access decreased risk of stomach cancer. We talk about alcohol consumption. Recent data showing even one drink a day increases the risk of all certain different types of cancer on the big one that comes up a lot in three Novartis processed meats increase cancer risk of the bowel in stomach something like Bacon's slogging Hannah with papoose people should be aware of when you're eating processed grains which has a high glycemic index. Meaning it's right your blood sugar and insulin levels. Those are actually are a cancer risk, the studies show. And so you gotta be careful with the grains in the diet actually processed no white breads and pastas, crackers and things like that. You know the quote from plants when a process like that lose their fiber expected levels, which is Janet study showed actually want to focus on the non-starchy vegetables that I acoustic professionals and so many study admission on Abernathy cancer factor, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, these types of things. Kale may pensioners reduce the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and so growth should be incorporated died as much as one can turn the fruits. Fruits have health benefits on special berries seem to have no more potent anticancer effects.

So we like people to increase their consumption of berries in the diet so we see dairy products seem to have some risk for breast cancer as well as prostate cancer in the diet so people certainly Around by increasing their plant foods in the diet. On the other hand got very good research. Large studies of hundreds of thousands of people also find a Mediterranean diet which is high in plant foods, but also as omega-3's statement IN all of oil force that's mature and have a very significant protective effect and reduce your risk of cancer last a show about about five out about 25% pulling a Mediterranean diet. Yes, some commonalities certainly increasing the plant foods getting out processed meats reducing the alcohol staying away from the processed foods. These are not the keys to an anticancer diet). We got a little over five minutes is often shared. It was easy for me to give up heroin and putting a needle in my arm than it was for me to give up chocolate suites overthrew worse withdrawal so why did I go through withdrawal and obviously it was giving up. You know the pastas and the pizza so that the bread in the cheese and all of that. Why did I go through withdrawal.

What kind of poisons rely by what made these things so addictive, right? Not this Mondays are they actually have gun published research now showing that foods high in sugar foods high in fat, saturated that actually are extremely thick of often more addictive than recreational or prescription drugs and what they do is they actually stimulate short-term neurotransmitter chemicals membrane gives some quick moves like dopamine, which makes if you kind of a sensation of accomplishing something good sensation. Serotonin does chemical in your brain which makes you feel good is they posted temporarily and then it drops many drop lower than where the chemicals started so that you crave these foods more matter-of-fact the food industry. The packaged food industry has been studies on this and actually include this into their planning will of the packaged foods they come out with the amount of fat. The amount of salt. The amount of sugar by spiking those levels. They know that people become more addictive the foods which is good for business because people get addicted.

The foods they either foods. Most of the convertible study and study. Dr. Sean needs these sugars and artificial sweeteners and preservatives, even I saw that yeah baby are as effective as things as is more pain and recreational drugs that has been studied and obviously the one thing that I found was that your taste buds will crave what you feed them. Nancy's pointed out that that one reason she found it very harmful to have like a cheat day is not just that it opened up the desire for the old foods, but when you ate the old foods. Suddenly, the good foods didn't taste as good anymore so it it does take a little while but for me I don't I don't crave eating the way I use to food place different role in my life but I certainly look forward to my salads and fruits of different things. Any that I thoroughly look forward to them and enjoy them fighting enjoying the health benefits are such that just as a good steward over my body. I need to do this and I was reading a book recently about keys to long-term mental health, and I was amazed to see the same thing that that healthy diet and regular exercise are the best things to do to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's and dementia things like that are to work against it. So do your studies confirm that as well.

Absolutely. Many studies now show that your dietary choices have a pronounced impact on Alzheimer's disease risk now is no people the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids which yelp absolutism and non-fish foods to have} of Alzheimer's disease. A lot of what our brain cells are made up of good fats and their anti-inflammatory reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Of course, over 25 years ago. Now that was shown with her CT scans by going on a bench. I diet you can reduce plaque in your arteries significantly REPORT you talk about that when you think about even conditions like anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Dietary studies have shown you can have a pronounced effect so you know the number one thing I think you will read about this in your book. Michael was addiction in America is his foods and then we have interest.

We have sent her for people to recreational grant prescription drugs.

I hope you like which the major academic our country. The number one addiction are foods of unhealthy foods and not only centers DC set up for that person walking into our house in one or more addictions, which is causing problems for the energy or mood relationships and their risk of serious diseases down the road is some friends. This is this is why it's so important to be holistic in our approach to look at the whole person and how God made us, and how he is designed us for health. Go to Mark box Mark Spengler ST ENG sign up to get his monthly newsletter.

His regular newsletter and you'll find it very rich, very exciting to read all types of new things being discovered and and solid trees.

We reinforce the new book Dr. Mark Stingley, Dr. Paul Anderson Anderson outside the box cancer therapies. Obviously, for those of you dealing with cancer. It's especially important book, but for all it's a good read because it talks about long-term prevention as well. Hey Dr. Stanley, thank you so much for everything you're doing for your patience and for the church and for society as a whole.

Much appreciated. Thank you for having our my joy right friends. We aren't out of time again. The book Nancy.

I wrote breaking the stronghold of food.

We have a Facebook page to encourage and help you it's cold. We're breaking the stronghold. The food, so we invite you to join us there and then back to this for the next broadcast your online Bible scriptures together growing God to get challenged and you will be blessed be healthy and

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