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Are Christian Missionaries Selfish Colonizers?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 28, 2018 4:20 pm

Are Christian Missionaries Selfish Colonizers?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 28, 2018 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/28/18.

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Have you heard about the American missionary who was killed seeking to bring the gospel to unreached people. What are we to make of that stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends in just a few days of the gobbling or India trip number 26. There were approaching 200 overseas trips that have had the privilege of being on over the years. Now in 26 trips in 26 years to India.

The question of bringing the gospel to those who've never heard it, bring the gospel to the on reached one that's always on my mind. We have grads for ministry school serving around the world and some of them seek to bring the gospel to those who never heard it but the ethics of this.

What about the charge that Christian missionaries are just colonizing trying to extend Western ways in other parts the world is best to leave people to their indigenous culture and the big news about an American young man 27 years old, speared to death by Islanders North Sentinel islands off of the coast of India, what about his actions was a wise this kind of thing we should be doing to the foolish waste of life. Want to talk about these issues. Life-and-death issues really today on the line of fire. I am Michael Brown and it's my great honor and joy he spends time with you and I really believe we we have some things that will help sort a lot of these issues out for refusing to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is the number to call. I got a lot to share about this one sure things that I hope will inspire you and encourage you in challenging to go deeper in the Lord and I will be sensitive to issues that come up questions that come up so John Allen Chow 27-year-old American follower of Jesus, who gave his life trying to bring the gospel to unreached tribal people in an island on which they lived for many thousands of years, and North Sentinel as a sentinel. These people, and according to all accounts he was speared to death for seeking to bring the gospel there now. Before reading about this in the news I was informed by a colleague because a friend of ours, a coworker vars knew the situation intimately.

I can't say more than that, I won't say more than that. He knew the situation intimately was very much aware of what was happening and we heard first through him because his heart was broken that his friend was killed seeking to bring the gospel to these people. Then I read about it that I began to see headline stories about this and there's a lot of controversy about this man's actions he's with the Lord now. He is already enjoying the smile of heaven, and I believe that much good will come out of his willing sacrifice to bring the good news to these people, but there's a lot of controversy within and without the Christian world about this.

So we want to talk about this constructively and again the way that I think will edify you, challenge you and help you. There is an article on the Christian colonizers demand justice Christian who attempted to colonize an indigenous tribe so Jay, writing this article on Sunday is speaking about a Christian organization is calling for justice against those who killed Scott Allen Chow and in his mind Christians you go to share the gospel with these unreached people groups are colonizers right does that headline sound familiar at all last week we learned of John Allen Chow, a Bible singing missionary was killed by an isolated indigenous tribe after he is illegally emphasized invaded the remote island in what reason did he have for illegally invading the remote island. According to CNN it was to convert the Oz inhabitants into Christians, of course, it's very marking negative article." International Christian concern, a fine Christian organization that stands with persecuted believers from the world we hear International Christian concern extremely concerned by the reports of an American missionary being murdered in India's on-demand in Nicobar Islands are thoughts and prayers go out both John's family and friends.

A full investigation must be lost into this murder and those responsible must be brought to justice in this article says murder white white and on and on it goes. Speaking against International Christian concern and against the missionary that sought to bring these people the gospel. Let me first dispel some myths okay. The reason the Christian missionaries risk their lives approved their families go to the ends of the earth share the good news is not the colonists.

People is not to colonize people. In fact, the thought would be so foreign to them that I'd have to explain to them what some critics think because it's so far from there, thinking they go there out of love for God love for people. I've had the privilege of cumulatively spending several years of my life overseas bring the gospel but but I am not a full-time missionary.

In that regard is not left family behind friends behind career behind comforts of America behind to go and live among a foreign people and and become part of the culture they learn the language learning the customs live among the people for years and years perhaps spend the rest of my life there even give my life for those people but have many of my friends and colleagues. And that's with the dead for decades and decades, some for over 40 years.

They started his young people. Now there in their 60s and they're still on the field and that's with a plan to die is is in a foreign land and many grads for ministry school and been out of the field.

12 years 15 years, 18 years and even there, come back ferment to America for raise funds for the during her back to their home country and go back out and serve and and some very sacrificially and and some risking health and most giving up comforts and some even giving their lives and talk about of our own spiritual family I know why they go and I know what smooth missionaries around the world. Over the centuries.

They want to bring the good news of Jesus to people I don't know they want to bring life is the darkness they want to bring hope into hopelessness. They want to bring a message of forgiveness of sins they want to give the key to eternal life to people who don't have.

I have friends and colleagues some grants for ministry school and a colleague in overturning colleague that have lived among previously unreached people all retaking further have lived among people who previously were unknown.

In other words, they were basically living like Stone Age people completely isolated from all society.

No one knew they existed.

I'm thinking specifically of the file you people so your your you go to Indonesia and then travel from Indonesia to to reach them.

I was from World War II when survey was being done, whatever exactly happened that these tribal people were discovered. No one knew they existed. II know that the the German brother who moved there with his wife and children to live among them that he went to they were naked people that were bones in their noses and they were there was tribal war further killing each other. He went lived among them family they learn the language that the they would little by little by little, communicate, and then little by little, share the gospel and was transforming and life-giving for for those people then silver grads gonna lose my eye.

I have at my at my home.

This this incredible bomb and its low desserts.

More people write this massive bowl and these arrows and and he alone is the twine the things are made from. But you you a crocodile teeth on the end of arrows earned the necklace with crocodile teeth. These grads for ministry school at lived among them for a while they bartered with the tribal chief, they boarded a mosquito net. They would give a mosquito net. If you gave him a set of of of bow and arrows, which he did and then they successfully brought back to the states at his long bag.

They carried an end right towards the enemy or the arrow system now started cutting through the bag with some of them. It will bring the whole thing back and presented to me is is a gift of love sought. I'm not just speaking here at random. There are maybe I have a thought know we we know people living this out doing as I speak.

Serving doing these things and some who within the last year have also brought the gospel to people knowing if they go there they might die. Yet Nelson prayer request. Please pray for me please pray for these are people we support financially bow you support us supporting them as well. If you notice that that that they are going in risking their lives for the gospel.

We support them, you support us your supporting them as well. I can give you names for obvious reason, but they go because they love people and some of them are foreigners ready. Some of them are from a particular country and they go to others in their country that is not to reach with the gospel. There are trying to impose Western civilization on that they desire. Colonizing bone in their body.

There serve there there to give their there to help one of my colleagues shared going into Latin America and bringing the gospel to people who never heard the gospel before first tribal peoples and living in an outlying areas and once they hear the message of understanding believe he said they always asked the same first question, when did this happen when did when did this Jesus die for us and they they explain, and sometimes you know you have some cultures where they they count up to five and you have to communicate like that some you don't have a concept of a month, you know it's moons or there were 40 years the same and we do see have to find how they describe what some of you find a way to describe to them you're talking about something that goes back like in the mid-generation after generation way way way way way way way back in 2000, and then they say you, why did it take so long to bring us the message because our ancestors died without hope. See it's it's not like this. I hate winter grade memory does bonus for the great were thriving when enjoy the blessing of God and intimacy with God and we have a sense of of of being right with God and we die we know we know with him and know many others. This inner torment fear, and in many times the tribes are anything but this is I this perfect paradise. We are intruding.

And no, it's often not like that is warfare and often disease and and and often all kinds of the norm would be all kinds of intense spiritual blindness missionaries kind of love, and they give themselves to reach people with the gospel.

It's what they do what they do. By a whole lot more to talk about and is going to come down to you and me in an individual personally before the shows out will be right back on a lot of the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends unmodified John Allen Chow with the Lord now obvious his family and friends mourn for him but his family said we we don't believe the people should be prosecuted should be no attempt to punish the islanders who speared him to death.

According to what we know position punish the fishermen who illegally transported him there. The he asked them to do it. So there reaching out speaking with compassion. Others are blasting missionaries serving God or playing God. John Allen Chow who gave his life, knowing what was going to happen all shares of the details in a moment. He said you guys might think I'm crazy. Know this, but I think it's worth it to declare Jesus to these people of others responded harshly.

Questions asked in the articles missionary work form of imperialism. Caitlin Lowery wrote on Facebook in the days after his death. I used to be a missionary. I thought I was doing God's work, but if I'm being honest, I was doing work that may be filled with this is white supremacy. This is conversation Caitlin. I don't know you know anything about you birthday this year projecting brothers have in your own life. Your projecting. Maybe you do things to make you feel good, but the ideas is white supremacy colonization is as wrong as it is ugly and utterly unrelated to the truth and in point of fact again. I know folks who are indigenous there was there of this particular culture. They are of this particular ethnicity and they are going to reach others in their culture who have not yet heard the gospel send with white anything is in the conversation is in Ohio. I had to wait a second way to second part aren't there people over the years that have colonized nations that expanded their empires in the name of Christianity. Yeah those were colonizers use Christianity for their purposes. That's that's wrong and it is happened. Those are colonizers who thought that their ways are the ways that everyone had to live by.

And along with it. There was Christianity, but those that go to bring the gospel don't go to make say Indians or Africans into Americans, they don't go to make Blacks into whites or browns into whites or reds into whites.

They go regardless of ethnicity, culture, color because they love people and in the more they stand that is different. Often, the harder it is for them to bring the message with a goal and they the earned the favor of the people by loving them and serving them in caring for them. What results are more of no the same love that causes them to feed the poor, the same love that causes them to clothe the naked, the same love that moves them to rescue children from human trafficking. The same love that moves them to establish schools to educate the uneducated. That same love is the love that moves them and motivates them to share Jesus with others.

That's a fact. That's a fact. And that's what people do what they do so out of self-interest okay solicited. No human being on the planet that does anything without some level self-interest you can you can say to me while you're on the radio because you like talking I'm not on the radio through fill something in me and we don't raise the money to be on the reading facility for listening to me we do to fill the divine calling and ultimately serve you. Some may be your out there and everything you do is about you and self-motivation will don't put that on somebody else dump without some else and when you read the what would John Allen Chow wrote and again I we know folks intimately involved.

We know folks that know him personally that know his love for the Lord that know was desired to bring the gospel to those who never heard that the that know that she knew the risks involved. All right is clearly motivated. These people need Jesus. These people are living in spiritual darkness. They need to experience love of God, they need to experience salvation there something far better for them in this world and in the world to come. So the fact that some have used Christianity for causation is happened over the centuries has nothing to do with those who bring the gospel to bring the gospel and those who sacrifice out of love for others. Now here's what we know from the accounts and register for public accounts not to any other information that I have from behind the scenes. Several public accounts.

We know that he made arrangements with fishermen to bring him over to the island because it is illegal for outsiders to have contact with people. The symbol Y will.

One reason is health issues. In other words, if you have been living in isolation for millennia. You are not you are not exposed to certain viruses and bacteria.

Certain a common cold. Could be a plague level event. There something else if you are in fact it was so when you go among people that could potentially happen. Jeremy what what what happened with Europeans is the this Spanish coming over to Mexico and things like that. What happened with diseases of people dying you know from something your hearty here, but some cousin outside kills them there hearty, they come something that kills you. So that's that's one reason so that it is so went there with a health issue. It could be contagious and could spread and could literally white people out.

That's one reason. Another is the desire not to push contemporary civilization on other people and how you feel when you read about save the rainforests in Latin America South America and the rainforests being decimated because populace is growing growing growing and expanding and be a big business expanding spanning an silk at the wildlife skin wiped out and all these things are happening, but then you find out here's an indigenous tribal people and they've they've lived untouched by the outside world have just been discovered and you know the plane comes by this like some giant monster bird that they should try to shoot with a bow and arrow. This would be living well do we now want to make them into Westerners do now want to convert them to always and say hey here's iPhone we just episode tower in your area. One of my trips to India.

I spoke to about 10,000 young people. I actually ranging from teens up until 30s and some older but my whole message was a warning about the seductions of the West, a warning about the seductions of American culture and materialist and there was a Hindu police officer there high-level police officer who talked to the brotherly work of Indian was so glad to hear a Westerner coming in and warning about those things. Now I want these Hindu people to know Jesus.

I want them to know the love of God through the Messiah that that's that's my heart desirable when I'm in India my purpose is not proselytizing a meeting with my friends and and and and pouring into leaders that are there in private meetings and things like that and during graduation. You know those those kinds of things but my heart's desire is to see them come to the Lord that the Hindus there, but here's a Hindu leader who was thrilled to hear me warning about Western culture materialism sexual decadence and things like that that is much as India is a Hindu culture is also traditional Asian culture and in that sense that the sexual ethic would would be higher. You have a much higher percentage. For example, of women getting married were virgins far far far far far higher than you would in the West you see deterioration of values and things breaking down is more for decadent Western culture or hyper materialistic Western culture comes in so many want to protect these groups.

These peoples from the outside world for the outside influence. Think would be negative. However, the gospel first transcends culture the gospel transcends culture the gospel fits in any culture in them of the culture, sinful along can transform sort transcends and has the ability to transform it and then and then withdraws that missions around the world. Hundreds of thousands that Americans that Westerners commissioners going from Africa around the world laughing Creole around the world going out from other nations around the world. So let's not make it all up a white American affair. Thank God for every white American missionary living sacrificially to bring the gospel dislike thank God for every person of color from another country living sacrificially to bring the gospel. Thank God for them. We are there.

We appreciate that we seem but let's confuse the two. John Chow was was not going to the sensibilities people to make them American or to introduce them to Western culture is ghost when Jesus and that not only so, for the most part, the lifespan of these people is can be much shorter in many cases this trouble, violence, and in some of their brutal customs that are very abusive to women, things like that.

Maybe with the gospel coming in transformation coming in and I can attest to this with my own eyes in terms of things I've seen in India with the Gospels gone to unreached 60 raise the quality of life and instead of just a hut that that the wind and rain and destroyed it.

There's actually a small house there was tiny smaller than your own bedroom. The whole family was there but it was there and and they've they've got clean water now, and they learn certain hygiene things that examines the lives this is all just service. It's good for the good of the people and it also calms with the gospel. All right, what about the wisdom of going somewhere you know it might cost you your life and how does this relate to each of us individually.

That's will take up we come back right here on the line of fire. They've like to call if you have a comment or question 866-348-7884. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown what would motivate you 27 years old. Good health whole life and future ahead of you would motivate you to risk your life to good people who've never heard the message of Jesus would motivate you to go to them knowing that they might will kill you, tell you this, Paul wrote to the Corinthians, and six Corinthians 5 it's it's that the love of Christ, the love of Messiah that compels us, controls us and constrains us that stirs us to action. It is love that says no matter the cost. I've got to bring the good news and and friends. I work with people we support people who do this, who live in these situations where they are literally risking our lives as you said love to support some support us. We support them. Yesterday was so cool giving Tuesday.

Thank you thank you thank you for all of you who gave and helped.

We appreciated where were inching towards our goals for the year-end and Intuit listen burdens off into it to get us going with strength into the new year financially and in you help us do that. This is we we can just like glum earn more money. We do it we do in ministry and in prayer and the funds.

Thank you.

Those who gave and if you didn't give yesterday give today go to the website asked Dr. asking your browser click on donate. Join us join our team. Thank you.

But as you give the firstfruits of everything you give goes to support commissioners rental and some of them I can't give you names details anything. Some of them are risking their lives on a regular basis to bring the gospel. Some of have literally given their lives bringing the gospel. These are people close to us.

Most of them graduates rural ministry school people. We sat and poured into for many hours and in that fire so burned in their hearts. The seventh of got ago got going give my life and did Jesus say if you save your life, you lose it if usually for my sake and the gospel you find it, meaning discomfort, hold on to do what's convenient and have people like you get a foster life is a highly other for the gospel. If I live or die with the gospel he found 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 80 4II know you some questions about the propriety of what John Allen child did last week seeking to reach the unreached. Knowing if you cost him his life was a foolish the first day that he tried to make contact with some of the islanders in the North Sentinel islands under Indian supervision. The native nation of India that the first day he that actually spirit him but it is the spirit into his Bible and NEC's written about it. He sees his written zone notes. He said he was doing this to establish the kingdom of Jesus on the island and is a dumpling.

The natives of if I'm kill is that I've been so nice to them why the so angry and and so aggressive, so this is he, he knew what was happening is that if you want me to actually get shot or even killed with an arrow, then so be it dissuasive, Lord.

I think I could be more useful alive, though, so I think it is,, that you issue it picture that you right now and you know you believe you had a spear thrown at you by people were known to be hostile outsiders. So you come through the minute they will kill you right there. You get spirit on the miniature Bible now you leave now come back the next day you is pretty good chance the enemy kill you want to tell about Jesus what what about your life, your career will will limit your future literally two things you could do for family Jesus in us a grain of wheat falls aggrandize remains long dies appears true.

He said I believe that the was is a wise thing to do its talk about this in a constructive way. As we honor our brother, but of love for Jesus love for the lost, willingly gave his life and I believe something good and lasting will come out of this. I believe others will be inspired and I believe questions will be asked what what motivates people to do what they do. But let's address some questions that do come up will started in St. Augustine, Florida Joel, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown thank you for having me. Sure thing so we know we know that that, with no governmental persecution by all ported though it were going to be protected area that we follow government protocol if it allowed and then there is a government for the when men should be go around the government and then go out into the unreached areas got it. Yes. So I I have a colleague support that does this very thing goes to people is never heard and risked his life and doing it with steam so he'll email us the same about to do this and I can say what part of the world anymore, for obvious reasons, but in doing so, he has to break some loss he he has to violate the laws that see you can't interact with these people. However however at the same time the country which he lives has laws against the gospel ready it.

In other words, on a regular basis.

He is either breaking the law or breaking local custom was sharing the gospel so it's it's not like say in America right could I could just, you know, talk to anybody anywhere minute, some in private property, thinking of him just talk to someone freely. There's a bottle what you you cannot do this particular thing it's illegal. If the break and enter do that now that's a separate issue is right or wrong, should I should, but when it's a matter of the country are ready is persecuting the country ready is against you. The country is really killing Christians and then they have laws that nobody can reach these people you're ready breaking the law by preach the gospel anyway. So, in situations like that, you say, when the law is stopping me from doing good with all respect, I have to obey God. You say after obey God rather than man just like the Hebrew midwives wouldn't take that the lives of the baby boys that were being born. They feared God so they they broke violate the edict of farrow because they feared God just like the three Hebrew young man in Daniel three, and then Daniel himself and Daniel six.

There were edicts against praying to the one God. There were edicts and you must bow down to the statute.

They said no they violated those edicts and they suffer the consequences in God deliver them. He limited the three Hebrew young men from the flames. He delivered Daniel from the lion's den. So there. There are times when that is done for the gospel when the apostles were told strictly asked if if You don't preach, don't preach the they went out and preached they were flogged and told him preaching Jesus name. And they went right out and never stop teaching and preaching in Jesus name.

So when the government is forbidding us from sharing the gospel.

Then, as God is calling us to share the gospel.

We have to do with wisdom we do with lovely we don't do it in a rebellious way against the government. But we do it in obedience to up to a higher authority when that higher authority says go there than you do. It do it that's only reality you totally agree. But with the N. Sentinel Dr., Barrett third about bringing either that they were yes immune yells actually know that exactly so. So that's where that's where you and I dress that in the first the first half-hour was broadcasted a sin that that's a key reason why you don't have outsiders come. Another is you don't want to bring in outside culture that can be very different or detrimental to the people there and you want to preserve indigenous cultures, which are rapidly banishing from the planet. So yes you do need to consider. Okay number one went out there to convert them to Americanism or Western ways to make anything like that were there purely to share the gospel that worked its way out in their culture, but for sure for sure, the disease issue. Those things need to be carefully looked at, and anyone who needs very wrong know I got you went about reaching them. Okay, I know more behind the scenes because of I'm read of firsthand some of the work closely with them what happened behind the scenes of his that it would be to share any of that.

II believe that he took the necessary precautions that needed to be taken and that he was fully aware of the potential issues.

The question is, once he got there and was greeted the way he was.

Was it wise to proceed again, or did there need to be a more systematic approach over period of time that little by little, would open the door to remember Jim Elliott, Nate St. and the collies that were were martyred in the 1950s by the ark Indians that they little by little bit relationship. Little by little reached out little by little, and then the other.

They ended up getting martyred anyway. You know that can still happen so we can debate that, in other words, is a wiser way little while is always a so is it a go.

To get there right at some point I agree somebody somebody has to go and so that has to be overcome, yielding fear of disease.

The fear of this importing something contagious.

Ultimately, someone has to go and we trust if the Lord says the one with the Lord is wise to these things as as well. See you you look at everything you can, as clearly as you can as cautiously as you can. So the question is, once he was greeted the way he was and was speared the first day in his Bible and was able to leave should have come back the next day.

Should he have waited. Should those are things between him and God.

You know and maybe, maybe there was a better way that over period of time could have better opened the drawer and made an entry point where the gospel could get to these people loved by God and for whom Jesus died and is a very fair question to ask. Phil told and and you're asking it in a 100% legitimate way, but I know you agree with me that it's easy for us to sit here in the comfort of our homes and discuss whether it was the wisest way I want to honor a man that said Lord I think I'm of more use to alive but if I have to die I'll do it you so what good came out of it when I have people all around the world praying for the sentinel. These people you're certainly going to have someone that God sends back there and and I believe success will come in. These people would hear the gospel and you'll have a whole bunch of people talk about missions talk about the unreached and looking at John's example in single I want to go and then your next-door neighbor Dr. Spear.

You such a nice person, but you never share the gospel with them. You lived there for 20 years. How about starting right there. Joel, thank you for your excellent questions only take a few more questions come back, stay right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey Francis as I get ready to go back to India trip number 26 AA meeting on Sunday. We got great programming. If you don't want to miss a single day next to be blessed at a fight help encourage strength and I really really believe that so miss a single broadcast X we can be in prayer gullible use me to be a blessing to my dear friends in India and I'll share more with you when I get back. Okay, there are few reasons for that. I'll share more with you about the trip afterwards, but it's possible that here and there'll do a live stream from an input on Facebook from India. If that works out. Put all of our broadcasting going on as normals can be very special week next week, but the friends when you support our ministry. You only support me as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. You also help us reach Jewish people with the good news about Jesus everyday of the week. You also help us support missionaries on the front lines all around the world doing extraordinary were forgot until he will review her annual missions conference just in our 19th last month 19th annual missions conference when when we do those were when cheers hearing the testimony of of our missionaries as our missionaries folks we send out support that the came to her school administered a great majority of them. Otherwise, all of them deeply connected with us.

Mind blowing with her doing other doing it. We support us your supporting them as well. Just let me know that 866-34-TRUTH is going to Italy Joel where are you in Italy sir, Sen. is about 40 minutes prevented or emitted from a broader I great talking jump I'm scheduled to be back in Naples in January to be my 27th trip to Italy.

But thanks for calling.

So your question are you running out so the question is what do we have around. No, what we have to offer but wishing their minds so Macon country might have a what do you have to offer room when I have higher moral values than the West. Can you tell me to accept your message. I believe in Jesus through certain agreeably to God are believed to dishonor God I believe is a prophet so we might be agreeing they were still believe a message and you know he will call back in the future all the stuff why would affect your views when your moral values are toward BK when you compare to tar weight reach Muslim countries go to always talk about a poor country without Lori issues the reach Muslim countries where they have very high moral values in very conservative society. What will be the message for you. So number one we tell them that America is not the gospel in Europe is not the gospel is the reason that these nations are in in the streets there in Jim's rallies was the been rejecting the gospel is the first thing because buses around the world. I think America it's this Christianity is the first and we tell north-south case and this only tiny my tiny minority of Italians and real Christians.

So, these countries are decadent because they reject the gospel. That's number one number two amenities Muslim countries give a strong outward impression of high moral standards because they are forced by the sword, so to say this people sin like everybody else.

These people for like everybody else and behind the scenes.

There's all kinds of junk that goes on like anywhere else, and bottom line is they are very much aware of the fact that they that they sin because of Islam. There very aware of the five thesis oral messages.

You can have forgiveness of sins and know you can know God as father because Muslims don't know God as father.

They can even relate to that because that that would lower him because they're just the creation third-best servants of all. Not not sons and daughters of her heavenly father you until you can know that you know that you know that your sins are forgiven. The truth of the cross that Muslims don't know. So our message. The rest of the gospel is spreading incredibly or in the Muslim world far more Muslims going to face now must 1020 3040 years and many centuries before that. So the more those societies hear the message, the more they find forgiveness and in countries going through up evil exterior or rock when there's so much persecution of Muslims killing Muslims.

They see Christians in the way Christians live and they're attracted to the gospel so they should be attracted to our own lifestyle. They should be attracted to the fact that we have an intimate relationship with God should be attracted to the fact that that through the cross, they can have their sins forgiven. They should see that in Austin should be sin that makes them jealous of Joel wonderful question but that would be the answer. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to West Virginia Parker welcome to the line of fire.

But here I'm here because I have come in. Most people don't have my third diving missionaries for over 30 year Quiktrip Creek white people garage a week that people to China.

We've got people to doubt that.

But the but Victor wrote concerning because we currently have people in the country of North Korea my questionnaire like right now I've not been named the family that down there to dictate the concern. The my questionnaire group capital victory really hard on maybe could. They're currently in a prison camp right now card I know of my there right now in a craving Somewhere in North Korea helping them out somewhere.

One of the work to the work they literally do.

They are a literary doctor to preaching the gospel on side and neck how they got caught. My questionnaire like why do people go to places like Saudi Arabia and all these other plate and why North Korea, why would you that W. North Korea, like I want to go to Malaysia but a Commissioner but I'm scared to do it because of all the sharia law that going on. I know what you thank you for being so honest sharing this. Here's the deal. Our lives in on her own. It's not my life. It belongs to the Lord. I was speaking couple but was a TV show couple months ago. Jim was driving back to the to the airport in Missouri and he had served the special forces been in Afghanistan watch many of his friends die and I asked him about it he said were expendable assets, sir.

That's it were expendable assets that a week ago is military. You may die for your country, your expendable you're there for mission. I thought want to have that attitude as a soldier, how how much more how much more have that attitude as as a follower of Jesus must not my own belongs to him.

If he says I want you live to be 90 years old and see great great-great-grandchildren and be the richest person in your community and give money to the poor so be it. If he says I want to preach on the street corner the annual die Soviet allies in our own, we belong to him. If you save your life, you lose it.

Usual effort for his sake and the gospel you find it so you want God to be sending you to Malaysia. These are the countries you want to be sent by God, but he could just be the burden your heart is deepened and that's his sending and you face the fear, want to die and and and I don't I don't I don't think I could survive prisoner torture.

But if you only go all go because my life belongs to you and I can tell you that the few times that I've been in situations where literally we knew there could be a physical attack. In one case is a stage taken over by radicals with with nice razor blades and in their hands. I didn't see the guys with the weapons but we had guys come on stage. Took the mice away from us at the meeting down turn the power for the whole community and then we thought we are looking to get out here in one piece and a couple other three times max.

I was in situations that the real-life, potentially life-threatening, or at least have a meeting coming. The only concern I have is telling the people about about the Lord's only concern in the other. The threats got the more I want to stay in the why because there's grace there. Why do people go to North Korea because it's a dark countries is the most persecuted country in the planet other people die without Jesus. So missionaries go. That's why we go in but the fact is that is missionaries are none of us.

My life is belong to me. I address controversial issues. Not because I get excited about it because God called me to and something would have been warned many a time. If you do this is can be a penalty for in your and and you meet must have police protection and this and that and this is the issue.

The issue is more what you want to do. It's looking foolish on the beer reckless, but my life for the gospel. That's normal thinking, all right.

Phone lines are jammed here virtually at a time, Lee and Tennessee. You've got literally seconds if you can share something really quick. I'll do my best to respond. Dr. Brown think about work. The undergraduate business. So I did have doublethink on it right by Montgomery look like real quick doubt that remarkable port and I'm aware of different art like that colonizers previously reached the people a lot of back and picked kill it are there numbers will greatly reduce because of it. People are saying but these are unreached people but it took me forever to have been reached and it's not gone yet. Just received this all and I read is not the case that there was one man, an anthropologist to make contact with them decades ago and established distributive relations, but nothing more came of that. Otherwise, people kind of lived isolated on the office like 60,000 years of max at those dates but but anyway, not from what I've read, but even so, I understand the fear of conversation. I understand the fear bring in outside culture values and concern about importing diseases and all that none of that had anything to do with why this brother shall overcome those hitless in the can we live to make Jesus known because of cost or consequence

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