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5 Spiritual Principles That Will Change Your Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 3, 2018 5:00 pm

5 Spiritual Principles That Will Change Your Life

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 3, 2018 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/03/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Today I'm going to share with you five spiritual principles simple and clear. They can change your life stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael Graham. As you hear my voice. I am in route to India 26 trip to India in 26 years so if you pause for a moment and pray for grace on the travels traveling grace of this ability to rest and be refreshed and renewed all about 40 hours from door to door leaving my house and arriving at the final destination of India normally get off the plane and start to minister. So if you could pray that would be awesome all this week so we have special broadcasting prepared for you that I believe will really be helpful, life changing, impacting and friends. We are not on the radio to make money know it costs us money to be on the radio.

We are not on the radio to fulfill some personal ego trip or something as if it's it's important to be heard by people know we are here by divine calling and we are here to serve you to help you to equip you to strengthen you if you appreciate what were doing. Pray for grace our lives and ministry that would fulfill what God has called us to do on radio on Internet in writing in books, traveling, preaching in schools. The things we do around the world. Pray for grace to fulfill the calling and purpose of God.

Cheryl redoing with your friends share the radio station you listen to to encourage friends to tenant Cinema link if you watch online or listen to a podcast, share it with your friends and if you're able stand with us, support us, help us means the world to us, especially at a time when I'm in India when we can't bring in funds through speaking and things like that. Rather were just pouring out and pouring in. If you could pray with us and stand with us at a time like this. We really, really do appreciate it to be one of our partners a one time partner monthly particle to ask Dr. SK DR

Click on donate.

Thank you in advance for staying with us and by the way that the big thing. But you should know. Of course all of your gifts are tax-deductible such a great time of year coming to the end of the year to stand with us with a one-time tax-deductible gift or become one of our monthly partners. All right, which are the radio to help you do the will of God fulfill the calling of God, serve God effectively, and if you don't know him to find out who the one true God is and how to be in right relationship with him. We are ultimately passing through this world but even if you live to be 110 years older ultimately passing through this world and in the light of world history. Each of our lives is just a blip. That's it. In the light of eternity is not even equal to a grain of sand on the beach and yeah in God's sight. Every life is precious. Every life is important in every life is redeemable for the glory of God and through the Lord. Every life has extraordinary potential social don't look at yourself. Rent discount yourself as a wobble whom I use this work some job garbage collector will not unlock come do nothing to cook for the kids the morning us in the mountain and then you know the work myself. I come home and the one am I doing or like my ministry and what's with this, but I agree people coming into the church. That's my ministry. Everyone am I doing don't don't look at it like that every human being is uniquely created by God. Every human being has a divine purpose. Every human being through the cross of Jesus can bring eternal glory to God and make an eternal impact on the lives and the fact of the matter is, we are only as healthy as the body is healthy doesn't matter if essay the brain is functioning wonderfully but the rest of the of the body is completely paralyzed and immobilized. It doesn't matter if you're if you're healthy in your heart, but you've got cancer in your body the whole body needs to be helpful in any healthy and every member has a role and every member has a part.

You have a toothache a bad bad toothache and incapacitated you about this one little to lose. That's all. Or are you ever you know may be competing athletically in your blister on your foot one toe bed blister and sidelines. You every part of the body counts and Paul writes in first Corinthians 12 that the parts of the body that seem to be less important receive greater honor and even protection so I will encourage when you're 15 years old or 85 with your married with your single weather you are rich or poor with your life is looking good. Outwardly or not in the Lord, your life can have great significance. So all this week will talk about a bunch of different things, but as a ministering in India.

We want to build you up and strengthen you and encourage that's what were your friends were here is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

We want to help equip you to be a world changer we want to help equip you to be an ambassador of the gospel will help equip you to be faithful in your calling others to pray whether it's to give whether it's a calling and parenting, whether it's a calling stand for righteousness in the in the workplace. Whether it's preaching behind the pulpit. We know many pastors and leaders listen to the show. Watch the show. Read our articles where equip you and strengthen you, so that the principles I will share today are so so simple and yet often we fail on the basics we fail in the fundamentals. I've often reference this, but you'll see a world famous golfer and after tournament. They realize okay II could have done better and they they practice the fundamentals they work on their drives. They work on their putting they they work on fundamental skills. You know the same thing if there is a major league baseball player may be a great hitter and he's in a slump so that the batting coach. The hitting coach to look at film MLC okay your slumping your shoulder little bit used to hold it more erect okay are you doing this double hit suggests look at the basics. To this day. Now save 47 years by God's grace. I'm still majoring on the majors. I'm still working on the basics all I don't mean that the basics are a mess in my life. What I mean is I know, to the extent my roots are dug deeper. I know, to the extent that that the basics are strong in my life that everything else will flow everything else. Doors that need to open will open for you when the basics when the fundamentals are in place, leaving five simple principles today.

But this is the introduction to the principles, all right, to the extent that the foundation is strong. You can build higher and higher and higher and higher and assure again what I've shared many a time with students or ministry school. Many a time on radio that the most important thing for successful ministry is not being able to preach well or not being able to teach well or not being able to fund raise well or not being able to administrate and organize well almost things are great and have their place and are important. The most important thing for successful ministry is to have deep spiritual roots to be intimate with God and the word of God and in prayer to have a vibrant personal relationship with the Lord.

Everything else is built on that. Think of someone like Samson.

Samson was remarkably gifted. Samson was one of the most supernaturally gifted men we read about in the Bible with the supernatural strength. Many have this covenant with God that as long as his hair was, not cut the strength would be there. Unfortunately, that meant he could live like the devil and still perform these feats for God. He could sleep with a Philistine prostitute.

Judges 16 violating all kinds of laws, especially as a leader in Israel and get up and carry the city gates on the shoulders because the character was not right because the foundations were not right in his relationship with God ultimately that strength became his undoing. He ends up being seduced by the Lilo and the Philistines is of giving up his secret ends up losing his strength as a being humiliated in filing an active of wanting to make things right with God is a strength because to come back. He gives his life to destroy the enemies of Israel. But it's it's a very, very sad story. Many times we put all the emphasis on gifting. We put all the emphasis on being anointed for charismatic Pentecostal seven gift of healing or gift of prophecy.

Those things are wonderful. They are from the Lord their spiritual graces from the Lord, enabling us to glorify him in touch hurting people magnify the name of Jesus so wonderful. Thank God for those gifts with the character is not there within a strong foundations in the word. People can easily drift. We can easily get caught up with power and with manifestations. So here's the great thing that just levels of all and and equalizes it all. Nobody has to know your name for God to raise you up. You don't have to have special connections with the big Christian superstars or the media elite certain no, you need to be rightly connected with the Lord you you don't need a wealthy banker to finance your ministry. If God chooses to back you know, he may use a wealthy banker. He may connect you with media elites. He may open doors for you to speak it at a famous mega church that then gets a burden to support interest or let me do all those things. But the great equalizer is that is not the rich the famous the well-connected to advance the kingdom of God. It's those who are well-connected with the Lord.

Those who really know the Lord. Those who walk with him.

Friends have watched it for 47 years of watchful eye on him in secret that he blesses me in public that when I honor him in private. He opens doors for the for the whole world to hear. Not every human being on time and on site that that when we do what's right in his eyes.

He knows how to make the connections sometime back I just wrote out a list of every supernatural connection God's have from it and most of the major ministry doors that have open from, be it preaching in certain key places be working with certain key individuals to publishing with certain publishers, be it traveling to certain nations. Most of the doors that have opened have opened supernaturally through divine connection and not through human effort, and in God is often remind me of Galatians 3, having begun in the spirit. Are we now to reach our goal by the flesh in context. Talking about starting with grace and reach your goal by the works of the Torah, but in the larger context. What saying is the God who bursts the thing will sustain it. So whoever you are, don't compare yourself to anybody else. Don't compare your life to anybody else's life. Don't measure your effectiveness by someone else. Effectiveness by the father what you want me to. How can I please you. How can my life glorify you.

The end of my days take you say well done and faithful servant like these are the foundations come back alive. My friends simple by God's grace doable error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. Thanks for joining us today on a 1 to 5) text friend, email Brandon whatever other what you have. Contacting a friend On the shoulder. If they're sitting next to say true, then the line of fire all this week, God willing, as I am in India this week with your friends there for the 26th time in 26 years of some well a lot to talk about we talk about it when I get back from India for for quite a few reasons talk about it more when I get back were going to have a special broadcast all this week that I think will really help you grow be strength in the Lord. Have a good healthy perspective on life and calling right five spiritual principles that will change your life. Number one seek first the kingdom of God, the one seek first the kingdom of God. Let me read for you in Matthew the sixth chapter as Jesus is talking to his disciples, and insane.don't be anxious. All right, he's talking about covetousness and greed, love of money and then he says this.

This is why Tabor is 25 Matthew six. Don't worry about your life what you eat what you drank about your body, what you wear, say, don't worry about any of that. Rather, rather it is. Isn't life more than food and the body more than clothing. The birds of the sky, they don't soul reaper got into Berkshire to heavenly Father feeds them are on yours, more than they can evaluate a single cubit to his life by, but this single cubits a foot and 1/2 to his height by wearing a single inch and we were about clothes. Learn how the wild flowers of the field grow little labor spends ready yet. So, not even Solomon in all his splendor was drawn like one of these. That's how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and was the first more will do much more for you. You will and faith. So don't worry saying what we were only drank or what we wear through the is nothing to work since I don't think about it.

Can James take no thought means here. Don't don't worry. Don't worry about these for the idolaters eagerly seek all these things in your heavenly Father knows that you need them, but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be provide a few different worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own principle number one seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness put spiritual things first major on the majors first civil what what exactly does that mean I let let me give you an illustration of use before but perhaps maybe you've never heard it's a terrific illustration.

There is a gentleman giving a public presentation and had a giant glass box so you can see right through giant glass vase and he took some big rocks and he put them in the vase just big enough so they get in the mouth of the vase go down the neck there. Put them in the boss and put it right up to the top. He said Susan Cavazos full obviously full is okay now watch and then he took these these really small stones and began to drop them in and they they started to fall and fill all holes earthly think it's full now. People raise their hand but they weren't also sure okay now watch then he took this fine gravel and for that in and is it full now, the maybe they took sand and poured the sand and every last square inch film and yet still be full. Susan, what's the what's the moral of the story.

It was the purpose of this illustration now my explanation, my answer would have been, there's always room for more euros getting more right well know that that wasn't the purpose of the illustration, illustration was put in the big rocks first because if you don't, there won't be any room for them afterwards. Put in the big rocks first you need to look at your life, you need to look at your schedule and you need to say okay how can I put first things first, you may not have all the hours that you won't have to spend with God. You may not have as much time as you like to devote to him. But if you will put him first so let's say it means getting up in the morning. This even 10 minutes earlier start just have 10 quality minutes with God or or setting aside some finding a way to grab a little extra time just to read the word.

Let's say you're driving your car to work riding a bus or something you go whatever you have a little bit of a of a commute right. Do you have the ability at that time to listen to the word instead of listening to the new did you have to listen to the news. You have to read the newspaper to Jeff to listen to that podcast yet you have to watch this particular thing a while on your phone do you have the ability your work is not requiring interview to be doing something else. Do you have the ability to make a choice of what you do with that time. Why not listen to the word first so you know, semi-daily from from early in the day to late. I mean every minute taking care okay so then when you have discretionary time surely somewhere in the course of the day you have discretionary time, why not put God first. Why not put seeking him first, and if you can make a more radical decision, a more substantial decision and say like I'm wasting our day, always two hours a day and truth be told, even many of us who are busy do waste a decent amount of time over the course of the day we can just get lost searching the net, we can just waste time watching TV caught up with sports or playing a videogame or whatever the habit is okay some things. It is negative in themselves in a neutral, but there negative and that they take time away, put God first, if you know the story of David Wilkerson and the birth of teen challenge. It's quite a supernatural story in his life thereafter was quite supernatural, and to this day. The legacy of his life and ministry continues in many different ways including teen challenge with I believe over thousand teen challenge centers worldwide in the single most effective drug rehab work in the world so what happened in his life while he used to watch late night TV member TV then what you talk about in the 50s TV then was that the same is TV now so it's a lot worse trash here now but he would stay up late and was a late night person and watch TV for couple hours late at night midnight 12 in the morning and God spoke to him to give those hours to me. So for period of months, he began to seek God earnestly during that time, and suddenly, supernaturally, unexpectedly, God open those doors for him the next thing teen challenge was birthed in a ministry that starts the world across the switchblade story and on and on it goes.

So seek him first put the big things in your day. First find time here. Maybe your your mom with a bunch of kids, your homeschooling, it seems your day is seamless and has no beginning and no and does your husband have the ability to help you out.

Say one night one weekend day for a few hours. You can just get along with God, or even to have at our quality time.

You have to think about anything and you can just pray and worship or get in the word we need to prioritize spiritual life.

We need to prioritize spiritual effort. We need to prioritize kingdom principles.

The same thing with giving give the firstfruits give the firstfruits tithing was required in the New Testament. I believe God calls us beyond tithing in the New Testament to to sacrificial generosity were certainly called to give in which the principal Proverbs 3 verses 11 and 12 excuse 910. Honor the Lord with your firstfruits so so start by honoring him with what comes in first able gave the firstlings of his flocks was cable just came came excuse me, Cain and Abel Kane. This gave an offering from the from the ground you say well was that was a blood sacrifice. The other not think that was the emphasis there think the emphasis was that able gave the firstlings that the very best he had the first of it. He gave to the Lord was Paul Wright, and directed to the Corinthians in for scripting 16 that the first day of the week they should set aside but is not because Sunday was the church that knows because the first day of the week.

That's the beginning so set aside money and then when he came he was gonna bring it in the collection to help the poor saints in Jerusalem.

So give first sub height. I don't know if I give first, the mother needs will be met with is a faith thing that we do, but I've been amazed over the years to see as we honor the Lord first as we put him first, that all the other things we need will be added to us. I remember learning this big time when I was in college and I have all these papers to finish. I thought there's no women to get them done.

A procrastinator with the last minute.

There's no end and be able get them done on time and turned in and I felt the Lord say to me. Seek me sick. I don't have every minute, every minute counts, every minute counts. I don't and I felt clearly you need to pray for.

Forget about the other stuff you need to disco after and I did pray a commune with the Lord. It was in the word. It took a substantial period of time and then how I got everything done like half the time should've taken some you are not introducing the exact same thing happen in your life so simple principal first things first major on the majors.

If you're frustrated with the course your life and feeling around circle circle circle circle circles than do what you need to do to put seeking God first being with the Lord first following him first, giving first honoring him first determined to do that and you will begin to see your life coming into order you begin to see divine pruning removing things that are distractions getting away begin to see much more the right first principle of the Holy Ghost. First, God and his righteousness family. He stands than you think of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown is you hear my voice today. I am in route to India for my 26 trip there in 26 years so again all through the week will be asking for prayer on this trip. Grace and anointing on the ministries we do as we serve the folks there grace to rest and get productive work done in the many hours of travel in each direction. We got special broadcast prepared for you that I believe will really bless you and help you and today I want to lay out for you. Five simple spiritual principles that will really change your life. First let me remind you of an account in the Bible there was an Arab man general named Naaman Syrian Ironman same thing and he was a leper we call it leper today, but it would've been some extreme skin condition different than leprosy as we know, we refer to them as lepers. So we had this severe condition and there was a young Israelite woman who'd been captured in war and she said well if if of you get 12 why should the property feeling right now. So here's about a minute you goes with this great procession.

He's got all these gifts to bring all this in Elisha's name come out to greet you. This is a message read about in second Kings five. This is a message and what we talking about so you don't come yourself at were still the messenger says the goal go dip in the Jordan River seven times and you will be completely what I come all the way here Israel. The prophet doesn't come out to honor me drama mighty general in my country and he tells me to go dip and lick dip River in my contract and nicer rivers. There is money. Jordan needs this expert that the prophet come out hold up his staff and he'll go Camaro for this so what observances serve if he asked you for some difficult thing when she's done it. If you will grow and conquer term giants and come back with their heads on a pole will be healed. If you give me some exploit to do if you don't climb the highest mountain, no games and simply gives him big and difficult to do when you do it. Yeah, something like this, so he humbles himself existed during seven times in his instantly healed when he comes out the seventh while what it's it's the same principle friends.

It's the same principle if will do the simple things. If we view the basic things if will do in that sense the easy things on the difficult things fall into place if you're like me you want your life to count. You won't waste your life on life. We will be in with family-run Thanksgiving and watching the grandkids grow and families develop and you think I'm on my left account with the years. I have to count. I want them to be valuable in God's sight and in the site of this world so first thing you see God first. Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God's righteousness the Israelites when they would gather the manna they had to get it first thing in the morning in the wilderness wanderings.

Otherwise, it would rot. Exodus 16 chapter there is something about seeking God. Early in a late night person pretty much all my life I've had many wonderful times seeking godly but but I know I must prioritize being with you. I must make decisions to put him first.

He prefers to be in the word first and then let the other things happen number one simple basic seek first the kingdom of God is righteousness. You do that you see change coming like going by the way, you really do it seriously. You find out there's a devil. One of the Puritan said that when we go to pray. Satan knows that were going to fetch strength against them.

Therefore, he appose with us.

With all of his mites pretty accurate quote so you you you determine the put him first. You'll find spiritual resistance for sure.

Okay, someone number two do it. Your hand finds to do, do which are hand finds to do. Ecclesiastes 9 reminds us can do in the grave, dead dog is better than a living lion. Yet it you might've all these great plans and dreams and your dad you can accomplish the got a chance to do it now. Do it now. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Colossians 317. Whatever you do word or indeed do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him. Every hand finds to do, do it and do it for the Lord so he doesn't notice what okay I know we know it, but do we do it. Let me explain. A lot of times we have great plans for the future. We have great dreams for the future.

Let's take basic things after Thanksgiving. How many of you are planning on dieting in the future while you after the Christmas holidays near New Year's read how many McCormick New Year's resolutions and get better shape than exercise and primal is the more quality time with Mike. It but I'm gonna take that step of faith and pretense record a memo on the step out in this ministry are on him to be more devoted to my children on the counter that bad habit to break that addiction we have these great plans for tomorrow. Great visions for tomorrow but you live in today really been perpetual today.

Yesterday is gone tomorrow never arrives right where we live in a perpetual today. The question is what you have the ability to do today do it.

I the only thing I can do today is is was a guy I work with I could I could try to open up a conversation with her about the Lord is like pure missionary overseas or preaching. Millions of people or ergonomic power, like the president has or bouquets revenue that questions what can you do now, what can you do today do it once again lead to all worry about that, but what about talked all worry about that.

In fact, struck me years ago that many of our promises of obedience tomorrow, or excuses for disobedience today. In other words, do what you can do the arm to Pharaoh starting tomorrow, well right now if you know you shouldn't have that extra scoop of ice cream. Why not avoid that. All I am start praying four hours a day, the first of the year. Wonderful. Hope you do it, but right now you got 15 minutes free one. I pray all I am. I'm going to knock on every single door in my neighborhood and share the gospel with family were to make these cookies make these cookies were to go to her neighbors and offer them cookies and share the gospel to do or reach every person.

Our neighbor bought one of I hope you do it but but how about being nice to your coworker today so that you introduce that person to Jesus, I'm going to be the world's best mom I got home schooling is going to be off the charts and my kids are going to be the most spiritual kids in the can a wonder I hope it's all true, but how about right now given quality time to that one kid that needs it to monetize or make these great plans for tomorrow in order to excuse our disobedience today to excuse our laziness today to excuse our our lack of zeal today.

How about doing what your hand finds to do, and I got this massive to do with it is so big I mean it's like Matt. There's no possible way I can. Okay. Do one thing you know there is paralysis by analysis we figure out and you can move this paralysis by being overwhelmed is just okay here is say that with cleaning your house against no boxes, put away after a move or catching up on emails or whatever the thing is, or losing weight you by God's grace I lost 95 pounds in less than eight months by dieting this by radically change my entire lifestyle by God's grace is been my lust on the list for quarter years, but is much as almost miraculous to lose 95 pounds in the day when we were a month, eight months yeah that's fast for this delayed months, but is eight months of making a choice each day so the same thing. Whatever your goals are and I'm just not a powerful person of prayer. I just don't know the were okay. Do one thing do and don't worry about building a home build on it. Do what your hand finds to do one if you got a bird to pray why not pray now if if you've got time and energy you are surfing the net you know and just okay stop because you can do something more constructive now and see here's the thing, since we live perpetually in today since we live in the perpetual now, then what I do now affects what's coming next. And, in other words, if if I'm building a foundation and I put I put something down. Now that's there now II can build more on that than one that than one that is a great principle. I often quote from Proverbs 16, three according to Hebrews's goal of other non-SFW, muscle test, which is literally roll upon the Lord your works in your plans. Your thoughts will be established. What's it say what you doing right now, today commit that to the Lord roll that over on the Lord don't want to model about tomorrow. See when you obey today. It's going to change what happens tomorrow here looking like this. You're a giant ship and the ship is off course is what we gotta make a radical course connection.

Okay, so you can't turn the thing in the second brightness number was not possible to retrieve. You tried to think Us.

So What You Do Is You Turn It Seem like the Most Radical Turn You Can and Is Can Be a Little Degree. But Now You Make the Next Turn Your Degree in That Direction, and the Next Turn a Degree in That Direction, and the Next Turn. Another Degree That the Next Direction before He Knows the Turns Easier and Smoother and More Observable Ball City. Conversely, If You Waste the Time Today. If You Indulge the Flesh Today. If You Do the Wrong Thing Today. It Just Makes It That Much Easier to Repeat the Wrong to Repeat the Error.

The Next Day so You Want to Set a Good Course for Tomorrow Obey Today Number One Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness Number Two Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do, Do It, Right like 30 Bucks. I Wanted Okay but Can You Write a Paragraph or Blog Right Now I Want Each Member of the Gospel. All Right, Continue, Pray, Pray for Souls Now so I Get This Address and I Burn Day and Night with Massive Vision Way Way Way beyond Anything That We've Done and Then We Get to That Level What I've Been Dreaming about It. It Just Feels like the Floor for the Next Always Felt at the Ceiling before and I Just Feel like Ford Burning for the Next but Keeping His Was Your Hand Finds to Do Now, What Are You Able to Do Now. Give Yourself That It Will Set the Course for the Next Day and the Next and the Next. If You Keep Doing It Each Day Will Be Able to Do It Your Foot Hand Finds to Do It. Your Hand Finds to Do This. Is This a Month from Her, but I like in a Policy. Don't Worry about That Was Your Hand. I Got Three More Principles That Have Look at Those We Come Back Right Here in the Special for Him, the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Voice Aboard Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Your Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Thank You for Joining Us Today on the Line of Fire. Michael Brown Is You Hear My Voice.

I Am in Route to India for My 26 Time by God's Grace and Provision. Thanks for Praying for Me and Get It If You Could Just When You Hear My Voice Just Stop and Pray Simple Prayer Father Meet All the Needs of This Ministry. In Jesus Name I Would Really Really Appreciate If You Would Do That Would Mean so Much to Me and Our Team As We Trust God for His Provision to the End of This Year and to Keep on Growing and Expanding in Gospel Work around the World and the New Year. All Right Five Simple Principles That Can Change Your Life Forever. Number One Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness Number Two Do with Your Hand Finds to Do Now 345 Come from a Parable of Jesus in Luke 16 Mitchell Ricci Also Said to the Disciples. There Was a Rich Man Who Received an Accusation That His Manager Was Squandering His Possessions Recall the Manager and Asked What Is This I Hear about You Give an Account of Your Management Because You Can No Longer Be My Manager and the Manager Said to Himself What Should I Do, since My Master Is Taking the Management Away from What's Wrong with Today. I'm Ashamed to Big.

I Will Do so When Removed from Management People Welcome into Their Homes so We Summon Each One of His Master's Debtors Mistral My Mastery Is the First 100 Measures of Olive Oil. He Said Take Your Invoices That Sit down Quickly Right for Next Estimate How Much You Will Hundred Measures of Wheat, He Said Take Your Invoice and Told Him in Writing. The Master Praise the Unrighteous Manager Because He Had Acted Astutely. The Sense of This Age, Horse Tooth and the Sons of Light in Dealing with Their Own People. I Tell You, Make Friends for Yourselves by Means of the Unrighteous Monies That When It Fails They May Welcome You into Eternal Drawings Is an Interesting Parable, and That the Master Is Praising Someone Who Is Acting on Scrupulously but Is Trying to Work Things out so That These Guys Would Now like Him Once It Once He Left and in the Message That You Needed Well and You Did Well Dealing with Your Own in Jesus and the World Understands That the World Understands How to Use Money for His Purposes. We Need to Use Money for Gospel Purpose That Gives A Lot Of Discussion about the Parable but but Let's Look at the Application All Right Number One Whoever Is Faithful Very Little Is Also Faithful in Much. And Whoever Is Unrighteous. Very Little Is Also Unrighteous in Much so If You've Not Been Faithful with the Unrighteous Money Who Will Trust You with What Is Genuine If Is Not Been Faithful with What the Loss of Someone Else Will Give You What Is Your Own Right. Principle Number Three Faithful and Little Faithful and Much Faithful and Little Faithful and Much Shall I Say It Again Faithful a Little Faithful and Much There Is an Old Poem That Says Find out What God Would Have You Do and Do That Little Well for What Is Great What Is Small Is Only God Can Tell I Share This so Many Times but Was First on Radio and or Stations Were Mainly A Few Stations in North Carolina. Maybe It Slightly beyond That, I Was Praying. One Day I Said, Lord, If You Give Me a Million Listeners a Day. I Will Make the Show.

The Very Very Best It Can Possibly Be, and I Didn't Need the Lord to Answer When I Got an Immediate Answer Unless It Was the Lord Speaking or My Own Mind Telling Me What I Knew to Be True, but the Answer Was Make the Show.

The Very Best You Can Be and I'll Give You the Million Listeners. In Other Words, Rather Than Waiting until You Arrive, Waiting until Your Discover When into Your Great Gifting Is Seen by the Boat.

The Spiritual Eyes of the Great, Want Not Bureaus like the Spiritual Equivalent of America's Got Talent American Idol Whenever the Thing Is Where Your Favorite Spot Doing Yes and Rather Than Waiting for That Moment, Lord of You Open the Door for Me to Be on America's Got Talent. I Know You Were Going to Be Missing. If You Open the Door, I Will Really Really Work on My Voice.

Number Four Country Force Now More Involved and Asked to Speak at Times Were Church in Brooklyn Tabernacle Logged Our Problems All the Greatest New Message. Well, How about Working Your Preaching Now Faithful in Little Faithful and Much to Put It Seem so Insignificant Be Faithfulness to Trivial from the Faithful.

This Is Demeaning to Be Faithful in Little and You Will Be Faithful and Much God Will and Trust You with More Don't Be Some Spiritual Prima Donna. Don't Be Too Big. So to Say That to Change Diapers. Don't Be Too Big to to Do the Little Things.

The Insignificant Things. In Fact, God's Watching When No One Else's Watch Is Not. I Started in My Home Church Teaching Children

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