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Dr. Brown Tackles the Big Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 7, 2018 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles the Big Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 7, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/07/18.

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Stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown well time certain flies. This is our last special broadcaster prepared for you while I am in India. Hope you been blessed by the broadcast this week. As always, we pray. We strive to make them meaningful to you. We are not on the radio for our purposes were on the radio for God's purposes as best as we understand them to minister grace and truth to you to help you stand to help you be courageous to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

If you do think of it up. Pray just for grace on the traveling back from India a long trip back, but often times I really met with the Lord. Got some great writing done there even been able to get some rest in on the plane and then doubling Monday again to get back on Sunday and Monday back with you live right here as always, all right. I asked on Facebook and Twitter were some topics you'd love for me to address on the line of fire will be preparing to special broadcaster India were some of the topics you'd like me to address.

I'm taking this Friday.

The questions we've got answers. I'm taking this Friday and using it specifically to answer some of the questions to interact with some of the topics you posted. Now I just want to remind you we do our best to be interactive every every way that we can so we have live talk radio unless I'm overseas and unable to do a live show or traveling for it. For some reason I can't avoid doing a live show which means that phone lines are open or you can call that's one way we do our best to be interactive with and then we are very active on social media, especially Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, Instagram as well, but more so on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube so thereto you can post your comments. You can raise your concerns. You can ask you questions you can share your testimonies and in that way as well were able to read what you're saying. Things really get to our attention. In some cases were able to respond directly there, then you're always right or ministry through the website instructor asking your Browns are, we have a team whose whole purpose is to answer your email questions and respond to things that you're asking then some of those things.

RT will get to meet Dr. Brown. You need to look at this or did you respond to this on radio or reach out to the person individually.

So we do our best to be accessible to you. Obviously, if were able to reach millions of people. We can't directly into it, interact with everyone. We do our best and that I often do a live streams on Facebook will just come on talk is that you post your question. I'll respond so we do our best to be as interacting with you as we can be.

And if you say I feel left out.

Hate we were doing everything we know how to do to be interactive and to deliver what God lays our hearts for each of you.

So if you are not connected to us on social media and you're there on Facebook or on twitter on YouTube connect with us how you do it just got asked her to and you'll see the icons connect us on Facebook or YouTube Instagram in this way we can be interact in a more regular basis all right well or start, this Lewis or Luis says this posted this on Facebook so I'm not just responding to short questions today. Some will be short but but some of them longer open up, I Dr. Brown would be possible to do a segment on the importance of your take on contemporary Christian-based education and your advice and encouragement for those seeking to further their ecclesiastical education through Bible school, University school of medicine like fire, school, etc. thanks and God bless. Okay one I believe it is super important massively important that we are involved in providing quality education for children. Now, in some cases it's perfectly fine for godly children. Children believing homes to go to secular schools. Now let's first talk about up through high school, Toronto, my college, university, right in some cases kids do great.

Maybe the school system itself is a good school system. Maybe it's not as radically left this in its meaning.

Maybe it's not as indoctrinating a negatively or maybe these kids are such that there in a strong home environment, getting great discipling by the mom and dad maybe they got other siblings with them in the same school, and they do fine in a hostile environment and they thrive in it and are able to share their faith and it's a good proving ground for them. But that's not everyone, and certainly many kids would do far, far better if they were homeschooled. If the parents had the ability to do that or if there any Christian school.

If the parents have the ability to help them be there and for all of us is that we just put it is a public school. Such simple okay will then help make a way for others to do that if your sandwich is what I remember Christian ministries years ago saying the parents in California to get your kids out of the schools I I agreed in large part with that sentiment can say every parent, every school but I agreed in large part with that sentiment. However however, the Christian ministries that are to say that the Christian minister to say that I need to do their best to help people do that because number one. Not everyone has the ability to homeschool Richard. Not everyone has the ability in terms of finances to do. Maybe mom and dad are both working number three. Medical has the ability to send their kid to a Christian school in terms of what it costs. Christian schools often get by with very little in and the teachers of the ministries work work for much less than they could elsewhere because they have a heart to serve make a difference.

So these Christian schools need help as well. But having said all that, if you're able to make the choice.

It's also important to realize that many kids don't do well in the one-size-fits-all school system and they do much better than say a home school setting where there can be much more flexibility in terms of how the children learn at what pace they learn our educational system.

As we have it now is much more one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, many kids don't fit well into that even putting aside Christian biblical values so if you're able to homeschool your kids wonderful in their homeschooling networks and there are many ways to make it very easy now with with online programs and things of that three different, that was a few decades back as it was Christian school.

There are many more options that are much more accessible so in less you know that your kid can do really well in a very secular environment or the environment that that public school environment is much more Christian in its orientation and the teachers have more fear of God and in that we really need to look at other ways to raise and train our children outside of the public school setting because in many cases there is an agenda there's an underlying agenda that is against our faith. There are presuppositions that are against our faith. If science can be taught. It's not can be taught in a way that presents the science of intelligent design as an option in thinking as I can give you objections to evolution that exists if there's gonna be a class on sexuality.

This can be a class on the deals with these things are sex ed classes almost always there to be taught from the perspective that we would differ with them in one way or another again is not universal, but this is Lord, to the Lord LGBT activism in the schools is as rampant, and again from the perspective of LGBT activists there there helping the kids to do what's best for the kids.

We would take issue with that.

In the same way. There are other things terms of world religions and that you can almost guarantee that in most of the schools of this presentation on Islam and Christianity, Islam still come out looking better and and think of it, but your kids are given be an environment away from you mom and dad away from the influence that you want to have or if you're single parent raising your kids even more courageously struggling through the many challenges with that they're in an environment where they're being influenced by peers by teachers and I'll agree with you, the vast majority of their day. A large portion of their day, and when their home may be absorbed in other things so you don't get that much time with them. I mentioned this quite a few times, but I was speaking at a church are all maybe 70,000 in California a few years back I was talking to one of the pastors on staff. A good man and he said none of my grown adult children so their older teenagers or young adults.

He said none of them none of them agree with me on homosexuality and any wasn't say they had rejected the Lord was a saying that you say that as professing Christians they don't agree with them. They been more discipled by the culture they been more discipled by social media. They been more discipled by the school system, then by the gospel in their own household.

So these are very serious issues again. You may not have the ability to do anything differently than send your kid into the public school system right that may be your only option. In that case be really involved with your kids education talk to them daily about what they're learning.

Be there for them to pour into that all right. Gotta prioritize that it's more important than other things. Your kids are are much more impressionable and pliable, they might realize for good or for bad and and then get involve the school system as much as you can, means going to meet with the teacher.

If it means taking up an issue with with the school, something you you're not happy with it. It's the most important thing can you outside your own relationship with God and your spouse's's point your kids all right. Having said that a university level. I would say Lester specifically called to go away to a secular school, you should consider Christian University Christian college because the atmosphere at secular universities is externally hostile. God and many kids raised in the face with a really knew the Lord would live more nominally faith many kids raised in the faith when they go off to secular school so it's 20 after staying home in a godly environment involved a local church and going to school locally. Community it's another thing much more intense when you're now on campus that your entire environment and an election were specifically called by God and parents don't just assume orchid needs an Ivy League education pray about K is specifically called by God to specific school. The only place you still you certain things you felt clear. This is what the Lord was leading them I would consider first the Christian college or university. Now as far as ecclesiastical educational is ministry training.

You want to get ministry training you want to get something that's going to help you do the work of ministry in our school fire school of ministry will be going exclusively online, God willing within the next year we may have interns that can be mentored by us of close in person or otherwise were going to be transitioned to an online program will be talking more about that in the days ahead, we do have an inner-city base school of Chicago fire school Chicago.

We have schools in the Philippines and Cameroon in Holland in Italy, with potentially more schools become internationally associate any of those nations wanted to study and learn to be discipled and so that those wonderful places to be, but having said that, there are a fine online programs as well as well as universities and seminaries that combine spiritual depth and low for the Lord and practical ministry with academic education. Ideally you want combine. Ideally you want to be in an environment that is passionate for the Lord that serious about the word that helps you get trained in practical ministry as well. As gives you the solid academics that you need. Many times people train for ministry and go off to seminary that doesn't have a combination so you get intellectually stimulated, but you will not be as equipped to minister the loss of evangelism and their number schools that are excellent schools. If you have specific questions and lifeless nation and help you there all right were dressing at some length, some topics she posed for us, much more, I hear on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your again is Dr. Michael Brown nice friends for joining us this is my last day in India with a special broadcast your or you online the file we have prepared these in advance before going to India to many difficulties with the live broadcast Mindy and by the way, when I was doing them. From 12 3230 in the morning from India.

That's the time differential from Eastern time to Indian time IST they call it Indian standard Time one time zone for the entire massive country of India. Yeah, it's also known as Indian stretchable time is things don't always operate exactly with pinpoint precision like you might get saying Germany. Robin told Switzerland more pinpoint yet a big Rolexes in Switzerland know that that anyway think any anywhere anyway. Sometimes we'd be scrambling to get these in a connection working and I mean scrambling and I'd I'd I'd be staying in a hotel with a heavy thick connection. They had tech support. There and things not working properly, give me a call and it's not working I can't get the computer connected in the radio unit connected and an opposite I'm trying to be polite but six games that you understand someone needs to come now. Yes sir will have someone guys know you don't understand the things not working. I've got a do or the international razor. Yes, there was no cooking so we we had three complications and times will we can broadcast effectively. The connection was not good enough so we prepared the shows in advance and God willing, I think, right until the end of the year. We every day phone lines open open open open blood broadcast a Christmas with simple but knew no one talk about love a lot of time for your calls.

Let's see how just looking here at Randy.

Randy asked this question on Facebook.

What's the biggest hindrance.

The biggest hindrances to witnessing to Hindu or other predominant Indian world religions. Let's that's certainly an appropriate question for me to answer from in the right or answer while I am in India that there I'm not an expert on ministry to Hindus so you been to India.

26 times yes it's true, but when I'm there and it seems quite openly. I am not doing quote crusade meetings to proselytize Indians that so I'm there. All right, so I'm there I am there pouring into believers and spending quality time with my friends there during the Bible school graduation and things like that the the Indian believers there do what they do and share the gospel. So I printed them and they do outreach.

My primary calling when I travel south mean evangelist except when I'm doing Jewish outreach and things like that, then I'm functioning in the ministry of evangelist or sharing the gospel someone on the flight, etc. but my primary calling such mean evangelist when you send in evangelist into the exact same environment that I'm in there there's a joke that heaven friend evangelist is not a single believer in the audience there preaching to help her evangelist is everyone in the audience is a solid believer now it's a bit of an exaggerated statement, but those that I know that are really called to be advances that's that's what they live and breathe in there okay preaching believers, but they want to stir the hearts of those believers of those believers wake up and reach the lost and they want to get those believers on fire for God, but their burden is to reach the lost. When I travel I would concern for the loss.

But my heart beats for the loss, but my primary calling is to equip the body and to challenge believers to go deeper to preach a message of of repentance and refreshing and renewal and strengthening to call believers leaders deeper to equip them. So the odds I've done meetings in India, especially many years ago that were outreach meetings, but that's not why I'm there. That's not why I go and therefore the Ike I can tell you about the Hindu religion. I can tell you about conversations many conversations I've had with Hindus about the interaction of but I'm not answering this as an expert in in the Hindu religion or Sikh religion, which is also prominent in northern Indian prejob territory and things like that but a few things one is now that there is a rising Hindu militant, a militant say the other way arising militant into his in India wanted to make India Hindu nation and openly and overtly persecuting Christians. It's a very serious time that needs prayer in any and all share more with you doubling what I'm back in the states next week so the problem is that Christianity is therefore looked at as a hostile outside force or as someone in the crowd once yelled out as we were preaching. It in a extreme Hindu village and radicals took over the stage with lies and razor blades in her hands and shut down our meeting. It was a pretty wild scene wheat we knew were getting into them went there one manual is white man's religion. So even though in fact Jesus was not a white man in the Old Testament prophets without white man and the apostles were not white men.

This is the perception as part of colonialism is as part of British rule was as part of an outside oppressive force and the notion may also be that it's a poor man's religion because many times the missionaries were most successful in reaching the poor and the needy and they really cared for the poor and the needy and they broke through the caste system with this aside live with them and therefore gave dignity and hope these poor outcast of these untouchables who then came to faith is as a result to be exposed to the love of God, the truth of the gospel so it can be perceived as white man's religion or poor man's religion and that has to be overcome by speaking the truth of the gospel by taking an interest in the individual you're speaking with bite by introducing them to people of different castes and backgrounds to high caste Christians and things like that are Christians who come from a high caste background so to demolish the wrong thinking with truth and to let them understand hey, Jesus was more brown skin than white skin, according to my here just to try to bridge those gaps in and say one of the very first apostles without white man.

He came in the is one of the first countries to receive this good news 2000 years ago and another potential response from Hindus is kind exact opposite which is where fine with Jesus. We love Jesus we recognize Jesus. I remember doing village outreach decades ago may be out of 20 to 3 years ago and normally I was doing leaders meetings in the daytime and at night I'd be preaching to crowds, but again limited believers with their ugly was there too, but many to believers stir their hearts to surrender first to the Lord and this particular day, instead of doing leaders meetings in the day I did a village outreach with the team just experience it myself so I'm giving a message through the translator simple messages I can bring that with that because the people are our ignorant because the cultural differences, etc. so I'm giving this message in this village with a bunch of huts and things like that and a man starts gathering everyone gathering them, gathering them all yet you come, come, he's the evangelist and he's grinning as I'm speaking it is nodding anything. Yes yes yes so I thought I thought it cool.

He's a local believer he's a believer in the village is been preaching to people and now we come in as foreigners and with our Indian translators and were bring the same message and he's all pumped yes yes yes at last summer's breed killing every Muslim crowd maybe 20 people together and I'm preaching to them and you want to turn to the Lord receive the Lord. Yes, they were praying all this so were done by going to the guys little house, hot thing. It and I see some idolatrous stuff in there and I said you you can remove that was no no no, he love the idols he love this God in this goddess and he loved Jesus to no problem. Great teacher might leader the divine incarnation, so that's where we have to show how Jesus is different. That's where we have to show the one true God is different and interestingly, when you are preaching to some people you talk about the incarnation God came down took on human form you talk to it. Traditional Jew about that you say it like that's a God came down to earth and took on human form at the height of idolatry gone to a man or man into a God and an when we would speak to traditional Jew would explain God this complex unity since his son into the world and his son died for us. A sunburned, very divine images, etc. something eternal and and over the sellthrough with the Scripture say and in the mystery of the incarnation. When you're preaching to Hindus, Exuma God sent his son, that would suggest that there was a male dog regulations of the female God who gave birth to a child God.

And since the child on that son into the world so it's much better as being to Hindus.

A dog came down to the world that they can relate to mourn their thinking the idea of an incarnation they can relate to the but we have to show is this is the one and only time it ever happened is utterly unique and what happened and point to the cross the cross.

The cross redemption and forgiveness, redemption, forgiveness, redemption, forgiveness, you will find all those long to talk about forgiveness and although Hinduism can look for redemption, incarnations, reincarnations and things like that that the idea of redemption and forgiveness of sins in right relationship with God and transformation, and grace is not something that would be found in these religions. If you're speaking to us seek SIKH you'll you'll know about seek as you see the man is not cut his hair adversaries got us here like in a bun and easily wears it, like with her was like a stocking over his head.

He's gonna get a beer and also be these other items of identification of a seek that is such a specific religion more monotheistic than Hinduism. With such a specific religion, even though they welcome the Scriptures from other religions is a very intense identity of being seek and somehow you must communicate to that person is not done much witnessing to Sikhs over the years, but something that transcends their strong cultural identity and and helps them to connect first and foremost with one Almighty God and salvation through him, and that being the most important form of identity and then they could come with this holy message help their people. All right take a little more time going into debt respond to some of the toughest questions you have posed for us to review this right back much the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the special Friday broadcast. You've got questions, we've got answers. I am still in India. Thank you for your prayer support as I'm here on this trip.

I'll give you a full report about the trip trip number 26 to India when were back in the states. I'm scheduled to be traveling over the weekend getting back old Sunday afternoon or evening and back with you live. God willing. On Monday, but I did ask on Facebook and Twitter few days back. Hey were preparing special broadcast for while I am in India so what topics would you like me to address someone to respond to some of those topics. Now this was posted on Twitter and IGN wants to know why is Jesus the only way to heaven nor I like explain that and the difference between karma and grace so we understand as believers why Jesus is the only way to heaven.

It makes sense to us. How can we convey that to someone of another faith.

So were presupposing that the person were talking to believes in some sense ended in a deity world to come.

The future because were presupposing, but by the question here.

They believe in heaven, but they believe in the world to come. Where there is joy and peace and those suffering and in the presence of a beautiful wonderful goddess is there all the time. Okay wonderful. Praise God, but why do they need Jesus. Why can't they get there on their own. Why aren't there.

Multiply acceptable ways multiple ways to God that are equally acceptable associates that that multiply multiple ways to go that are equally acceptable.

Why not now II might first ask the question, do you think that all roads lead to the same destination generally speak those when you see a highway and roads going in different directions to think that they are all doing the same destination won't obviously not as we have all the roads to go to devices okay to think that all decisions in life. Bring the same outcome us obviously not some a good decision some bet. So on the surface of it is it that hard to understand that not every good intention gets the desired result, and then not every road goes to the same place that philosophically objection.

I think most people, so it might make sense. So just because there are lots of different religions and lots of different teachings doesn't necessarily mean that they're all good, or they all get the same destination same question and all diets work the same that if you ever lost weight effectively. Are you good healthy lifestyle. You know the answers no of course not. Some that are bogus summative short-term results, some to do more harm than good and some that are really helpful. Right.

It is not a matter of well everybody gets to choose which works best for them. The fact is, some things are healthier than others. Some things are better than others, so people can understand it okay so just theoretically we can say is a reason to say that all religions or religious expressions, or as good. That was good as the other bait based on what criteria who says why space was religion English tangible and was real than the direction of the road or the effect of a decision that's made or the reality of a diet was healthy or not healthy right you follow me so far as people just make spiritual thing so ethereal, so just, well, anything. Well, it's not like that with anything else, isn't an now is coming from a different angle. When you have a company in your hiring and firing people your company do you make the decisions about hiring and firing or is it up to the employees to decide if they want to get hired if they wanted to fire is obviously not you do the interviews.

Okay, I need someone I can be here Monday to Friday 8 to 6 report and a long day here Monday to Friday 8 to 6 and this will repay be here for two hours a day and astronomy, and now you know Snyder decisions the bosses. This is so if in fact there is a God who created us. Does he have the right to set the standards the sea have the right to set the entry requirements for being part of his family being with him being his kingdom be in heaven forever.

The most people would say yes to sort displays of foundations making sense so far you talk to people who spend any kind of background with this is largely leader's role to come because again it's the question why is Jesus the only way there. So I next wants okay we have an ideal God standards are in it. Do the 10 Commandments might be good standards set a good place to start.

You agree with that jeep. You do agree with the idea of this most loved all your heart with neighbors yourself those good ethics to hold to an annual basis show that will fall short every one of us fall short. So now in problem reform sure the entry level requirements. The God himself is set how do we then get in what I just lets us in. This is nice, he just lets us and because these is good.

Okay slight problem with that, but it is in the world like that okay rape and kill no problem not go to jail because the judges good nontarget judges may judge and if if I is a bad evil wicked sinner going to heaven. What this heaven home of the bad, evil, wicked, said you want me to be an extra neighbor do I want you to be my next-door neighbor if if you're a bad evil wicked sinner is in the will just change we get will said where, how is that God likes to take. Where will this make us into different… Zaps us what what if you don't like worshiping all the time but if you like a place for this is one of having your mind is getting drunk with no hangover and having sex with no consequences and stealing. It will for the thrill of it and not getting penalized but I haven't friends is not heaven is a place of light beauty so how can God just forgive us. Now we get to the heart of the gospel and this ties in with the converse is grace, but we will explain in all different world religions is that this is only one regards is here is the solution. Here's the solution I am going to make a just decision because everybody deserves punishment will fall short. We will send sins deserve punishment. Everyone deserves punishment, but I take the punishment that you deserve and put it on my son is absolute perfect. Now the responses that's not right that suffered yet. It's not. It's not fair it's grace is not fair is not getting what we deserve. It's getting the opposite of what we deserve its extraordinary act of divine love unprecedented unparalleled in all world religion on precedented and on Carol Fike.

You really can't go beyond that. In terms of a display of extraordinary mercy and kindness and love and favor grace.

Yes, now a little further God puts our sins on his son so that we ask him for mercy. God can say I forgive you the prices been paid and now give us a new heart and make us ready for heaven's sake, you will that's Christianity, Judaism is one set of beliefs and in Buddhism another and hinders another in Confucianism another and towers on Shintoism and was in religions.

Their lives are different expressions which is a problem someone has cross there's only one that has food coma for sins so Jesus prays and he says fall if there's any way for me to to bypass this letter to be put on them and drink the cup otherwise showing the intensity of what was to come in the agony of what was to come.

Not just the crucifixion and the beating but the bearing the sins of the wall of sound shoulders. Imagine imagine this so if there was any other way. Jesus would have to die if if you didn't it if Buddhism could get you into right relationship with God illicitly believe in a personal God or Hinduism with all of its reincarnations were or Judaism with its its law based theology based with repentance and mercies will Judaism be doing if if Islam could do it. You would need the cross so the whole message is that if if you recognize Jesus to die for. Since then, he's only because there was no other with this another way with Darfur since if you could be righteous despite your obedience with affected persons.

You make the argument that way and pray that the Holy Spirit is to penetrate and then always quote Scripture if they don't believe the Bible quote Scripture because his power in the world and that insured is a difference between karma and grace, is like a you get with Skype with you get with comity okay okay so you were involved in a hit-and-run accident and so was terribly injured but you took off and no one got the license plate and they couldn't trace it back to you and you got off Scott free. You are high you were drunk you got off Scott free is of the persons cripple karma would say you next time. But not this life. Your next life is going to be you.

It you're here or suffer the consequences of this one way or another it out your you ever have it joking around playing ball with your with your friends. This kid and there's a really bad call. You know that you not all knowledge goods like now is wrongly broke through an analysis of the ruble stilled against them in later zero. Maybe the ref makes the opposite call and it goes against the once he got there than when you're karma. Karma come back to you benefited from her bed really early or that have now been really came against you. We benefit from that karma. So how does that work out in our lives. While we also get what we deserve we get what's coming to us. Grace is Jesus, we deserve and we get what's coming to him talk about while all my moment, that's the gospel when you really understand the gospel. It really is too good to be true it really is to wonderfully conceive and then when you see your own sin and the synthesis of the Savior. You may also want to run to the cross before he screws about the don't am not worthy. I don't deserve and are members of the filling a believer saved.

I would say less than two years and there was a brother that came in an evangelist and he was preaching on the crucifixion from Luke's gospel forwards, there they crucified him, maybe even save us in the earth that point anyone through there in Jerusalem and they crucified him as he began to talk about the crucifixion.

What Jesus was going through and I out. I was crying on the inside and trying some of the acid got snow stop stop.I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this. I deserve the punishment, not you know, worthy of this.

I was so struck by the transaction, but that's grace it's over but hey, maybe I'm speaking to you right now and that's you finally understand the meaning of the cross.

Deserve judgment. Jesus for placing a relatively new life child.

If you really crafted. Let us know right to us through the website*around love to help. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for being part of our special Q&A broadcast. I am in India right now you hear my voice, but we prepared this broadcast in advance. I am not dealing with breaking news or anything like that. If you want to know my latest commentary on the news and and key issues that are being addressed just go to the website asked her to and look at our latest articles that are posted because on a regular basis.

We are addressing those if you don't get my emails sent. I'm currently on Facebook, twitter, UDF, wonderful, wonderful be connected, but you never know how long those platforms will be open to us. You never know look as massive as they are now a member. MySpace was the big thing once in a member, blackberry was the big phone that you knew you just don't know how long certain things will last or platforms will be there or specially these days. How much will be able to continue to get our message out the way we do through the sky from so get my emails and every Friday think it can vary by David only every Friday we send them an email and it gives you the headline in the summary of each of the articles are written during the week before five could be six as as well as any new videos that we posted as well so you will be aware, then at the end of every week. If you missed anything. If you want to catch up. There is also the beginning of the week be put together a special resource package at a great discount that you know about it and here and there, will share with you a special announcement may be a major debate that's coming up or or may be a key opportunity to be with say it is all I will forget the Senate no longer your questions. I want to do this regularly and I haven't done it yet this week. I can't believe. Okay our Israel trip, you can still come. You can still come with us to Israel. The trip is February 1-10.

You still do it. We just heard from a woman she was. She was sending. I think hurt her kids and in-laws your sons and sons-in-law something like that her sons and daughters in law, but after two couples as a Christmas present was sending them to India. You've got to get all the funds and now normally would've close out close this out months early, but we open things up for more people is really the tour lifetime right maybe.

Maybe got some holiday money. This is coming. She was a gift and you can designate a certain way. So we've got to get on the stout good Esther to SK dear and you see right on the homepage. A banner will come up with the Israel trip and the recent what makes it so special. Not only will you be around a great bunch of people mother. It's not 10 buses remove for buses or things like that. But one couple buses so it's really intimate. Okay to be around a great bunch of people get to know well while you're there, will connect you with messianic Jewish believers in the land so you'll get to connect with as we see the living stones.

You have a fabulist forgot and then my colleague Scott Volk will be with you every step of the way. All right he he is an awesome guy is an amazing guy he's with you every step of the recall everybody's best friend and then you'll go. The tour is tailor-made to people of of our background all right, so every day you be in effect each day like this is a lifetime of stuff.

I just got in this one day bite. But then, but then I'll be there key sites teaching as well so be it a logical and down fire from Mount Carmel were will be there will look out at Armageddon, and I'll be doing the teaching from their you we we do baptisms in the river Jordan yet and I wasn't reluctant to do with the first time while it's just the Lord's there. It's amazing but then at night will be doing stuff together will have time just our group only our group. No outsiders in intimate Q&A time will have time or worship, a minister the word to will have time you can go and do live radio with me will do it together. Whoever wants you will go together so we have amazing opportunities. Recall it holy fire in the holy land because you get the best of all the different types of ministry on one amazing trip refers to Tessa sign up sign up today. Esther to clock really is taking but were able to open things up you little more space we get one for you.

That's right, you join us. Okay this question from Renée. She asked if I could address the mass exodus of those who don't feel the need to attend church anymore. Let's put these people in several different categories. One is the nuns and when he asked the religious nuns. Those who don't say they are atheists and agnostics, but there not identify with any religion and they have left church with the river to save a lot. God knows some yes, some no they left church as their disgruntled they don't like religion. They think… Gone to political they think religion supercritical. Whatever it is they've dropped out most people really need a fresh encounter with Jesus. They need to really know him so that they identify first and foremost as Jesus followers so I put them in a separate category they need to encounter.

The Lord really know him so that it's it's not a matter of identifying his soul with no religious affiliation. It's a matter of identifying as a wholehearted follower of Jesus. This put them in a separate category essay.

The other categories would be those who just say hey church is boring. I love Jesus identifies Christian church was born and those who say well I have an online community and online community and wonder why need to go to a building what I need to go to a house home on need to gather with other people. I'm an online community and right, I brought a message for an online group the other day basically were to start an online church. Did you bring a message for us so know who's there or the background to it but I knew is an opportunity to bring the word to people.

I did and it all against all different kinds of settings if I can bring the message the gosling to modify can bring freely. George Whitfield, I believe it was who once I preach from the pulse pulpit. If you gave it to remember those days pokes, look at is the antichrist, the Catholic Church is the great harlot Babylon things like that so for Whitfield say that was saying a lot. The open the door to meet his outreach bring the gospel so Bo and Mike not saying that the online church was the Catholic Church regular comparison of simply saying I don't know much about with the group is doing why the meeting online, etc. but we regularly lifestream our arm or messages. Many churches do that now the sum lifestream the worship service, and people were shot in love. It can't get out and and in years past, but couldn't you know my miss my church up and be on the radio I can listen but now I can I can just sit there with my tablet computer, even cell phone and worship with the people in your the pastor preach.

I love it and there plenty people that are in church River whatever reason so I reach them to the message or they can listen to the message on top of whatever else are doing wonderful. But what I say to those who say I don't need to be part of a physical body. I recognize there some that the only axis you have is Internet close country and the only way that you have any fellowship is via Internet and then estimate the secret group. So thank God for online fellowship. Thank God for online gospel preaching. Thank God for online discipleship to the extent it can be given, and we are in an increasingly cyber community that can produce increasingly wired community so there will be more and more people that have that it is an expression. However, if you have the choice to be part of a flesh and blood assembly and there are other people who love Jesus in your community then it's really imperative that you with when he was tense. Don't forsake the assembling of yourselves together some of the custom of doing this it will then have Internet options that I understand that but there is something about face-to-face life to life, interaction and communication.

When asked a question how how would you like to do an online marriage that stays online. You never get to be with the person face-to-face physical in their together. This can be a full marriage in that respect it be something missing.

Obviously obviously and and you know, even if your 85 years old and in the sexual aspect is is not that important to you. You're still just an online relationship. Still, it is good to have limitations and then even if you become really best friends with some of just an online relationship that the fact of the matter is that that this one person right so when we are together there so many things that happen as a body 1.

We need each other. We need each other that were not islands were not totally independent human beings we need each other in very real and tangible ways so that that means that in your time of crisis in my time of crisis in our time of confusion in our time of need direction of strengthening what we would need one of the workgroup body and no part of the body functions independently doesn't function separately from the rest of the body. We need leadership we do there many verses that speak about the role of leaders and equipping role of leaders and accountability to leaders. A healthy accountability, not a bondage repressive one when you're just on your own income negotiating please. There there is not that ability for someone to have that leadership role in your life and and there is no accountability alive. Just go from here to there there to there and we see so much of that today that that hyper- individualism so we need a place we can interact with each other there some that happens in corporate worship there.

Something happens in corporate prayer, so that just doesn't happen in her private setting.

So again, if you're only if you're a community where there is no gospel preaching church or house fellowship in a close country and your only axis is Internet wonderful. If you have the choice to be with flesh and blood people. You need to you will be sharp and you will grow your own gifts will come to greater maturity document can deal with junk in your life and and help warn you about Eric as well as you can be a blessing and help to others. So it's really essential dropout you. Seven hurt and burned will ultimately Jesus didn't hurt and burn you. Hopefully process that but even if you had a bad experience there plenty of other people in a loving the plenty of other people care if you a bit in the Lord now 47 years and you have had my share bed church experiences, but overall over the years.

I say people done their best to love me that you need them. They need you. I friends this study hear my voice God dwelling on Monday July the

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