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Time to Take Our Stand

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 11, 2018 4:30 pm

Time to Take Our Stand

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 11, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/11/18.

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Brought back from India were alive and friends. It's time to stand up and speak out stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, though it is a joy to be back live with you here in the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to share this time together. We were back from India Sunday night really do the show yesterday Monday but actually got snowed in here we had a decent amount of snow for North Carolina snow and ice.

In fact it's it's amazing. I even got in on Sunday night at all. I think some like 1700 flights canceled going in and out of that area. So quite amazing that we got in at all, but because that we couldn't be live yesterday so thrilled to be back with you his number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 here's the deal.

Anything on your mind today any subject you want to raise any question that you normally calling on leaders Thursday or you get questions we got answers on Friday. Any question under the sonic success whatsoever. 86634. Truth is number to call and will take a bunch of your calls today and I got some words of encouragement for you.

After all, I serve on the radio as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution someone encouraging on edify you want to challenge you today as we speak. So I get to that subject of paint a picture of what's going on with voices trying to silence us, but first I will explain why I didn't say more to you about my trip to India. I've been there, now 26 times in 26 years so it's it's a good amount of travel from leaving the base to getting to my house was back and forth 40 to 45 hours each way with a with a hotel stop in the middle of it. In Mumbai, spent a few hours there in between flights. But it's it's a pretty rigorous trip.

It's a lot of travel left on a Sunday came back on a Sunday so eight days overall and then about 3 1/2 days of ministry.

Actually there and done it now for 26 years and in recent years the government there. The lead party and the government is the BJP. The BJ party and it is a militant Hindu party and the Prime Minister of India premised or multi has said open plainly has declared it loudly, clearly, that India is a Hindu nation that he wanted to be an entirely Hindu nation that he wants to turn Christians back into Hindus that he wants to turn Muslims into Hindus that he does not want these other faiths, and of course the gospel is spreading in India.

And Christianity is growing powerfully in India so there is real persecution.

There are people being killed. There are church buildings being burned down.

One reason we help raise funds to build physical buildings and in tribal areas is because if if you can have concrete. It's harder the burn the thing down, as opposed to just destroyed in a hot and things like that. This is sexy with their dealing with an evident physical structure gives him a place with little room for 20 or 30 people it gatherers. They can gather in a hut and it does call attention to what's happening there but there is real opposition to the gospel. There is the real possibility that the party will be overthrown that other parties will come into power that are more moderate Christians of course are praying for that but it's a volatile time because of that for some years now, we have not done big open air meetings, and in fact for quite some time. Our whole focus is been to pour into the believers their reporting to the leaders. My dear friend that I work with urease apartment.

His wife Monica, their ministry is planted over 7000 churches in tribal regions in India, so they they go to places that are very difficult and you got a few dynamics. You've got the Hindus and some of many of our peaceloving, but there are militants and these militants now can, have a free hand because the government is not stopping them. So that's increase persecution of Christians and then you have the naxalites. These are Maoist communists that are on the run from the Hindus and fighting back there. There's a lot of bloodshed there and the Christians are caught in the middle so it's a volatile difficult time, but it is not quite as bad now as it was when I was there a year ago.

There's more pushback against the government more of a sense that change could come so I didn't know how much I could speak freely, and while I'm there. I don't proselytize a minimum on the plane talk to someone else talk to someone about the gospel but when I'm there. I'm not doing outreach rallies is not the purpose of you being there on pouring into the believers.

They are doing a graduation for their ministry school rear, and in fact the folks going out to the tribal regions and to plant new churches. They know their risking their lives. They fully understand that.

And then when we do a baptism every year based upon them, as those being baptized in his young and old, and they been prepared and they have serious time of prayer and reflection after baptism, as well as before.

But there asked specifically after they make their profession, are you willing to follow Jesus to your last drop of blood to your last breath. That's a baptism in and out of the how many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds we baptized over the years as I get the water with my friend this upon them, and he does the, the, the officiating, but I don't how many we baptized with everyone very seriously yes yes the answer. The question is yes. So this is not just some light weight gospel.

I tweeted this out last night and just a simple simple statement that you know it's it's hard to deny in a biblical basis and then look at the contemporary culture, but I tweet this the gospel of Jesus. If you want to be my disciple deny yourself, take up the cross, and follow his words verbatim found for example in Matthew 16 Mark 89, etc. if you want to be my disciple deny yourself, take up the cross and follow the modern American gospel, God loves you just as you are so indulge yourself and dream your dreams God is with you baby yes so it quite quite a dramatic contrast and obviously a carnal prosperity message has made its way into India and is doing damage there as well. I dress that in playing with holy fire have a whole chapter on that and talk about the damages doing in India, but you get the real deal in countries like this and those of the folks that we work with all the pastors and leaders. We work with of like heart they're willing to leave it all for it, for Jesus they're willing to risk their lives for Jesus and they do it on a regular basis, and the gospel is spreading. So one other little story.

We were traveling in two to India and see you fly into Mumbai so it was love at Charlotte North Carolina to Heathrow in London few hourly over there then London to Mumbai is because Bombay then get a hotel there and spend the night there. Then in the morning fly to Visakhapatnam couple hour flight and then probably arrive early afternoon. 12 in the afternoon and more than likely will be asked to go speak immediately to the pastors and leaders who were gathered sometimes get a break for a few hours will anyway that the plane is about to land and be shook upon them and the pilot says that there's some extra air traffic today so we just have to circle little they can air to the shook upon them. It's a little airport and you get a flight little bit after maybe another flight will normally basically traffic and member that's coming to land suddenly we moved in a circle again of the shoe were not circling ring full blast going somewhere. The pelicans on suggest because of of the of bad winds. We can't land. We can't land and we are going to have to go to Hydra bought about an hour halfway coming between Mumbai and the shook upon and then from there we'll go back to Mumbai and then when the plane is ready and and that there ready with the weather them will go back getting what we get out of Hydra bought and its complete chaos and and I film the limits, funny you find an agent, everyone's gather on the agent they're yelling back and forth and go is the loudspeakers. Those desk to go to the whole bit. And finally they tickle the luggage off and then blow actually really just get on another plane go from Hydra bought back and it I can explain how chaotic was if I told you the host or priest would be here for a few hours so end up now finally turning around finally gone back so we arrive five hours late. At this point, but traveling for quite a good amount of time little bit worn out 10 1/2 hour time difference, and it's time for the night needing the ready worshiping and things like that to my friend Lisa promises so Mike and one of the hotel rest tonight start tomorrow was no school of music coming that's why I'm here for us. Go to the meeting so cheers the most interesting thing every year the ministry. Their praise and they asked God for theme give us a theme for the year, give us a theme which the Scripture verse and the theme so a few years ago I coming in my first message is from second Timothy four and I was gonna read a particular verse. I just follow back up a couple verses the story here, and as I start there and preach his message. Lisa promises me brother that that was our theme for this entire year since December this was our theme for the entire year is a very sobering word from second Timothy four and it's only because I backed up a couple verses that I read the right verse. There I thought I said that so interesting. I felt led to back up and started this verse is a brother. That's our theme for the earthly gods evaluating us for the year will and that night on preaching and in the midst of my message I feel led to quotes in verses of Isaiah 50 for sure if that was the theme for that coming year.

So, as were going over a wonder to myself how wonderful do that again. Wonderful.

Give me a message that ties in with their theme for the year and I was thinking about preaching about opposition and overcoming opposition in the text from John 16 in the text from acts 14 and then just cross my heart. This is the end of all the travel after all the fine the whole bit.

It just drops in my heart.

Romans eight don't preach about opposition preach about God being with us. God, being with us and we are more than conquerors through him who loves the matter what opposition we passed sources, let's turn to Romans eight and I start reading in your spouse's brother.

That's our theme for the year. The very verses you are reading is our theme theories that in fact it was not only when I got in prayer, but entirely separately, they they have a special children's camp in January. They ministered on lament how many hundreds thousands of kids bring bring them the gospel to minister to them in many other ways and praying over the children's camp. They got the same or independently. Lisa Potter getting the same word from Romans eight of your dog dropped it in my heart. It's found it amazing that many of my trips to India. God will put things in the heart.

It is so easy and simple and yet when I speak them. It's exactly the verses the teachings it's even been naming children with were asked to do.

Sometimes accustom their name someone when they're getting baptized. They wanted new names to the old Hindu name the Christian name and it's amazing how many times it just be in my heart and mind all speak it like brother. That's the name your brother that's the very verse so I just take it a special grace on these precious Indians that we get to walk in friends there doing it doing it on the front lines and a lot of our American gospel. They don't relate to is so far from Scripture I we come back to phones 866-34-TRUTH your calls next and then the word of encouragement for you, stay right here the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown the AI.

I had a very interesting story coming back on British airways from India. That's actually made it into the republication, especially in the UK. Something about that in a minute. 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown because we been prerecorded for a few days during my India trip and because we were snowed out yesterday. Have Mabel open the phone line so they are open now and will start with Robert in California.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. I have a question for you in regard to your belief that you can lose your salvation for your salvation you okay you believe somebody can be chosen before the foundation of the world. One week and in a couple weeks later not be chosen before the foundation of the world. Now I would phrase like that. We are chosen in Christ. That's pulsatile emphasis when he speaks of chosen is he so speaking corporately. It's interesting if you study it. These all speak in the plural, and corporately, so we are chosen in Jesus.

If we walk away from him just like it when we were in our sins right Paul says in Ephesians 2 that we were by nature children of wrath.

Colossians 1 tells us we were alienating our mind by wicked works, and cautions to as well. So if if that was the case before we were saved. How did God look at as he looked at us as enemies. He looked at us is hostile. He looked at us is dead in our sins. Children of Satan. When we were in Jesus. That's when we became chosen so outside of him were lost were children of wrath in him were chosen before the foundation of the world in Christ. God foreknew those who would be in his son forever correct, but the choosing is in Jesus, so let me ask you something Robert okay will you do with all the verses that plainly warn you about the danger of forfeiting your salvation in verse after verse after verse of the New Testament we do those I don't say that I think Jennifer John. They went out from what about forget that for us right now. What about all the verses that some of certain people okay.

That left and if they were truly among us that we stayed great wonderful. But what about all the verses surely you know where they are. That's a okay so what would you do with those. If we deny him, he'll deny us when we do with that to believe I state I don't think true believer and I think the wise anointing that what was it a warning.

What is calls people and work like wheat archenemies. He's talking to believers in context to believers: the brothers said writing to the church in a certain area.

This essays to unbelievers or to the saints to the believers to leave you with warnings to the saints.

I don't I don't think that they are wearing something distracting for my question. None of those that is not distracting at all, but because you're trying to make a theological argument, and I'm just asking about warnings. Okay, I've answered your questions were chosen in Christ. God chosen people in him. So when you are in him your chosen outside of him, you're not very similar or the foundation of the world right in Jesus's or in Jesus or regular or not. In Jesus, no it's God.

God ordained that there would be people in his son. Okay who those people are those of the ones about the bodices who put their faith in him who look to him right so let me just ask you something when you were outside of Jesus. Right. What did God say about you them according to Scripture, did he say that you were an enemy that you were that you were by nature child of wrath. Yeah okay so that was your state then did God look at you then and said you are chosen.

You are in Christ or did he say that you are an enemy and you need to repent and believe or the foundation of the world that she was a nonbeliever where in the Bible does it say he said that she was a nonbeliever. I read it in the Bible. After I was so it's only addressing believers when you say that about you, but hang on.

When did he say that you know your chosen only in Christ severely recent verses do you just tell me what these mean, okay, fair enough. These are all all to believers by good start in Colossians. The first chapter but now he has reconciled you by his physical body through his death, to present you holy faithful and blameless before him. If indeed you remain grounded and steadfast in the faith and are not shifted away from the hope of the gospel that you heard me bite. If indeed I think I think you mean I think your truly say that you won't do that although what is the one you more worthless verse, why, why worry them when there's nothing to it while I have, how, how about this, this Hebrews to want.

We must therefore pay even more attention to what we've heard so that we will not drift away from this is to believers to the to the believers of Jewish believers for the message spoken through Angels was legally binding, and every transgression and disobedience received a just punishment. How will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation. What you think you put that there are about neglect salvation. How will we escape. This is so hold on list you drift away about this. Hebrews 312.

Watch out brothers so that there won't be in any of you and evil, unbelieving heart that departs from the living God. Watch out brothers so that there won't be an interview and evil, unbelieving heart that departs from the living God. So you're saying that it forfeiting that salvation you can you can say Don I don't want you I don't understand you not like like you say I don't got any more thing exactly another was every day we fall short. I put my trust. 100% of the keeping power.

Jesus, I don't trust Mike Brown. I trust Jesus.

He's my Savior from beginning to end. He restores the work will finish it is the author and finisher by salvation no one conflict me out of his hand. I'm utterly securing him but he wants me that he's executive force me to stay in his house. We do have free will and that's why he says that everyone assist me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my father. That's what it says in in in Hebrews chapter 3 verse 14 for we have become companions of the Messiah. If we hold firmly until the end the reality that we had at the start and many other verses like this every time you you work at it.

If you renounce Christ exactly exactly know if it is a very important distinction sir, because there are many believers just like some people say once saved always saved. I can live. However, I want an end they get they they take that to extreme and get messed up so there many people.

I think all know every day I get saved I get lost I get Savior get lost.

I can confess my sins before I fell asleep on the dying go to hell all know what if I got in an accident and was mad at someone and then a car that I die the car wreck and I was mad at someone will go to hell. So a lot of people are insecure because they misunderstand that.

So yes we got into a very important distinction here. We are saved by the blood of Jesus not by your good works, so it is just like were saved by putting our faith in him were lost by renouncing him okay thanks a lot you hate you Rob Reiber. I appreciate it meant this was a very healthy interaction in dialogue there. We got to a key .86634 that lets the rich in Iowa walking to the line of fire over my question is from Genesis 126 when God said to be fruitful and multiply, so I'm assuming that's talking about having children is correct okay. Would you think that imperative or command is still valid for us today is that still the New Testament thing that God is commanding us to help children by so you have the command course Genesis 126 that you mentioned 13 verse 28 so that the famous words per review and in Hebrew so be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it so that was given to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1, or to a Dom encompassing Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 and then again in Genesis 9 is given to Noah and his sons and their wives to say, be fruitful and multiply, because it's just a people now on the earth and the earth has to be filled once again throughout Scripture.

Children are spoken of as a blessing from the Lord as a heritage from the Lord as as gifts from God and it would be in the ancient world, the rarest of couples that would not prize having children and would do anything they could to have children and a woman that couldn't have children would would be considered Kirsten and it would be a terrible thing so it's not like our society today were people think yeah Iraq is maybe not that being said, I cannot say that there is an ongoing command to every human being to make sure they get married and have children. We know that some are called to celibacy, for example, we know that the pattern of marriage remains the same, that those married must have the the biological nature of male and female, to constitute this. But in Judaism, sir. It is a command and if you have a least one boy one girl. You fulfill the command if you can't. If you have all boys roll girls whatever you did your best wedding. Judaism is considered a command can I say that it is a New Testament command to have children.

Though I can't say that although again on every level. Children considered a blessing from God, and a part of our our our future ongoing heritages. They also say that I may be speaking to folks now who are who are barren couples are unable have chilled this in your cursed designing your love by God any less and and you may go the route of adoption or you may become spiritual parents are too many in different ways. So look at children as a blessing meditate on what the Bible says about family and then asked the Lord for his wisdom. Thereafter, hate.

Thank you for the question. Much appreciated 866-34-TRUTH so we come back tobacco will tell you about an interesting meal was being served on British airways. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is so the interesting thing happened this morning.

I can I get something called Google alerts and it's when there's a story mentioning my name in the news. Someone told me you were to go I should put my name… The problem is given a Mike Michael Brown yes this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, throw three back live with you if you get snowed out yesterday. Studios were closed and then in India for week so having all this was prerecorded greatly back live with you and I'm taking your calls now on any subject, making up for lost time. Any subject under the sun.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 so II. The problem with having a Mike Michael Brown is you get everybody under the sun has that name so most of the time the Lord has nothing to do with me but I stayed on it because there's so many stories about Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed in Ferguson Missouri a few years back, so I always see how much this is in the news and his stories still in the news. But anyway, I noticed her bunch of links with my name and it's this one. Me personally and ensure that this will happen.

I was was fine back from India this the British Airways collie could generously pay for my airfare soul is fine back and in the business-class from from Heathrow to Chicago is really going from Mumbai to Heathrow Heathrow to Charlotte North Carolina but because of the bad weather of almost all the flights going in and out of Charlotte North Carolina were canceled so they rerouted us to Chicago in the Chicago into Charlotte. Somehow our flight flights before and after it were canceled with our flight maybe back anyway. Some of business-class going back from from from Heathrow to Charlotte and look on the menu and normally I don't eat the food that served on the airlines.

Just as I bring salads and I have very little meat may be little grilled meat. Once we can schedule the plane and stuff so I normally don't eat the meals on the plane every so often some fits but I was like the menu just in case it is this venison okay since dear right venison and it it says this in small print that despite them being very, very careful. It's possible that there will be bullet fragments in the Madison that there will be bullet fragments in the venison, so I took a picture of it and that we just put up on the screen here at even the greatest care has been taken due to the nature of the product. There is a verse fall risk of bullet fragments that can be found in the meal so I tweeted output on Facebook, Instagram, someone suggested this is a good way to get some extra iron so I I I asked her sister then a journalist, a freelance journalist with the UK son writes to me on twitter to take connect with me so of understory on this, so I I then connected she asked me if you question so I talked to some of the. The fight intensity ever seen this so they got a laugh out of it.

To this and we we think you could hunt the meat in England same in America you know if it's being sold 700 m farmed or something. Whatever. I'm not really familiar with it, and a nose with my son-in-law Jimmy because he's €100 maybe he killed some of us meet them in one of the flight attendants was joking and say look, maybe it's for you there because Americans organist Sue Sue all the thighs and could well be you could be right.

In any case. In any case, there are several stories there is one what to call the bite the bullet and initially I put up a link to the to the article, and I pulled it down instantly because that particular link that version of the sun online has all these raunchy pictures on the side of the ice that we found one from the iris on that. That was good and then some other articles were written on it so it hears the iris on bite the bullet British flex business-class menu warns their fancy disc containing fragments of bullets passenger Dr. Michael Brown was Charlie from Heathrow to Chicago business-class when he noticed the priest exit is the med soil and then there is friends all over the news in your anyway they were great and the service was great having the folks were conscientious and friendly did a great job but not expecting that you kidding me well all right I want to go to the phones in a moment, but tomorrow we got a really important and interesting interview this young man who went to a school of ministry some years ago a Dom that he and he now is a celebrity promoter. That's what he does is openly Christian celebrity promoter and he was the one who interviewed contemporary Christian music artist worshiper Lauren Lauren Daigle about homosexuality among other things, and then post a YouTube clip. She's not sure about this, will the thing goes viral because she's been on Ellen and and and other other secular TV shows sorrow and articles a hitless helper out here the second demo for bad answer to give real we cancer. Let's help her out here and then Dom and his parts of I think the answer was fine and look that we really know homosexuality. Sin according to the Bible says to tell you about what's gonna show and will have an honest conversation so you can explain why he asked the question I want to ask him how is it that he can do what he does as a Christian celebrity promoting is there kind of a bad mixture.

There and and his views on the Bible. I take exception to some agreement. We have a really interesting conversation and he wants everyone to know he was, not setting her up but that would ever guess he has on. He said he asked them all challenging questions. That's what he does so in any case, we will have an honest discussion with the man who asked the question that's on tomorrow's broadcast 866-34-TRUTH I'm going to the phones and then I have a word of encouragement and exhortation for you that I want to share with you before the show was out but will start in Ontario, Canada.

Cody, welcome to the line of fire doing very well. Thanks and attribute student even Anderson are marching to Zion movie.

If you happen to get your opinion on it and if not, will you watch and get your opinion on it later on it. Yes sir, I haven't watched all of it. I've watched enough to find it utterly appalling and agreed goal, but it is a goal that I have at some point to demolish it to demolish the error to expose the anti-Semitism of it. I normally if you asked me what I think of Pastor so-and-so brother so-and-so this picture that I would be careful not to sit here is God's policeman know that I can give my opinion on every body and is gotta be something pretty blatant for me to address this clearly not only Stephen Anderson fanatically King James only, and rejoices say with. If the pulse bar gay bar in in Orlando when a guy came in there and and shot and killed many of the patrons so many homosexual men and women killed and wounded a few rejoices over something like that.

Then his is marching to sign video which I we gone viral online. That's the scary thing that it is is horrific is appalling is ugly whatever truth is mixed in with the error only makes it that much more poisonous. So I do hope to put something out ultimately in video form. We demolish it point for point.

I might have to do something in written form. First, just haven't had the time to sit down and do it properly but it is classic anti-Semitism classic misinformation classic lies classic wrong stances on Israel, etc. so, to be avoided and if folks hear about it now and watch it go and watch and be appalled and be afraid it will have that the time and funds to put something out there can really demolish it. For those who love truth.

Yes, thank you for asking. 86634 let's go to Ashley in Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire background you're very welcome arm being married an appeal 91. I all yeah sure thing will congratulations so Nancy and I going on 43 years of of marriage and so for your fiancé. What she says matters to her the most is that I love her unconditionally. In other words, she doesn't have to live up to something. She doesn't have to be at her best. She knows that I love her that I care for her that she's my bride. No matter what. And so for your fiancé in others. The joke that the wedding is the bride's day so you know she's gonna pick this out that out. The colors and all this and you know this. The addresses for the broad energies going to be involved in all that is the bride's decibel. Thereafter, it's the bride's life. So as as a husband, I'm always going to put Nancy first. Always that's just the way it is. So let's say you know it's cold in the house but she likes a cooperative sweater. You know, if it were 1/5 in the little preferences, little things I'm in honor her and and and that's in Stuart. Paul writes in Ephesians 5 that the husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church and Lisa's Latham's life are.

So these little things away if I can. I can easily do that and and so for your fiancé. I just encourage them to put you first. And as he does.

You know they say happy wife happy life. So when he honors you and blesses you and loves you like that. It just brings out all the more your love for him and honor for him and respect and esteem for him and I would encourage you even when he's not doing well or if you fall short of expectation to really honor him and and to give him respect because your husband and then to find out each other's love languages most is best as you can, for example, I might so you the classic Gary Chapman book that sells more copies every year and it's been out for many years. It's just good to understand that that example your husband like a home thinking man, and she's gonna love it if I bring home flowers and then he ignores you.

This is watching sports and you think I want the flowers I want your focus and on his and you might think well if I give them focused the attention he's really happy. Now he wants a hug. He wants affection so when you find out what really matters in you honor each other of its ingredients are to wonderful marriage and every problem can be solved if you both.

Humble yourself. If you stubborn Violet, apologize I'm not honest them wrong then you have problems if you humble yourselves like all right what I do.

The got chipset or how I hurt you because these things do happen in a relationship.

Humble yourselves you can be blessed you never have lasting problems that are deep you can work through everything and it's it's really not that hard. You're obviously marrying each other because you love each other and if you'll you'll humble yourselves really put you first. If you're really honor him we find out each other's love languages that out everything you go through life you be able overcome together and enjoy many blessed years so that's that's the formula that we've seen work and it works works for others as well. Like Dr. Brown you are very welcome hey Ashley how old are you, I'm 25. My heart see you guys. Are you absolutely ready but may the Lord's grace and blessing be upon you for many many years to common as you serve him in on him may he grant you the holy desires of your heart's all right 866-34-TRUTH we come back. I want to give you a short word of encouragement and then will go back to your call. Stay right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire.

Having Vincent prerecorded shows was in India being snowed out yesterday in North Carolina. We have open the phones for any kind of questions today 866-34-TRUTH but first before we go back to the phones friends. It is time it is high time.

It is well past time that we speak up that we speak out that we push back. It is high time that we use the liberties that we have before we lose them.

There are many things happening in our society today. On every front in our's it in in the culture in the media and social media that are going in the wrong direction.

In a large reason or going in the wrong direction is because so few believers speak up and speak out, relatively speaking, so few Christian leaders speak up and speak out this article on zero that asked the question is silicon Valley morphing into the morality police a Silicon Valley morphing into the morality police. And then there's a quote from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, of course, openly gay. I only say that as a sidebar, he is who he is, in terms of a leader and is a great company leader all that but he will have sensitivities in these areas as far as LGBT issues and he said this hate tries to make its headquarters in the digital world and Apple. We believe the technology needs to have a clear point of view on this challenge. There is no time to get tied up in knots. That's will really have one message for those who seek to push a division font you have no place on our platform that ostensibly, that sounds great. That sounds wonderful apples as you have no place.

Our platform will Apple said that the Christian organizations. Apple is said that the Christian ministries you have no place on our platform.

Why because they hold to biblical values and that is interpreted as hateful. The Manhattan declaration, which is a fine Christian statement under the auspices of of Chuck Colson's leadership and others over period of years. Wonderful Christian statement that I immediately sign when I saw they were putting a nap on on Apple they were banned from putting on a nap. Other groups that help people deal with unwanted same-sex attractions.

They were banned from putting up apps. So what exactly is hate these days that's that's the big issue.

In fact, this is a secular article which is who gets to define what words and phrases protected under the First Amendment constitute hate to catch a war that is often ascribed any offensive speech. Someone simply doesn't like Christians who don't support abortion rights are having attack stock dollars go toward Planned Parenthood be considered purveyors of hate for denying women the right to choose bullies of Americans support legal immigration as opposed to illegal immigration be labeled xenophobes are racist and be banned from the digital world and the answer is yes and yes I have an article posted on the Also, the website is Dr. Brown the Lord are as you read it and then sign the petition. That's attached of the articles entitled sign this petition and proclaimed that biology is not bigotry and the thesis of the petition as we lay out is quite simple biological sex should be determined biologically. Nothing controversial about it. Hardly these days. Not only such a thesis controversial is also considered bigoted so the department of Health and Human Services in October leaked a memo saying that sex would be defined biologically in federal law as opposed to gender expression or gender identity. So if it said you can't discriminate based on sex, it doesn't mean based on gender expression or for speaks of females as biological females and males, biological males, so it's biological sex is determined biologically, pretty simple yes no no no no that's offensive, that's bigoted. So here's a petition by professors, scholars, scientist doctors, others psychologists saying yes to all of these basic points about biology to say even though some people don't fit exactly know they may have a congenital disorder that doesn't change sex as those you have male and female. You don't have 30 different options are 90 different options you have male and female, and in some of a congenital disorder and those who struggle emotionally and and and identifies transgender filler trapped in a body should be treated with dignity and respect. Under the law, but you don't change the definition of biological sex based on the so there is we lay out the main points of the petition and then I a quote from a statement from the American Association of University professors right and they take strong issue with Department of Health and Human Services saying that sex is biologically determined and they also take strong issue with with those who differ right so guys if you scroll down to earth. His arrogance and poor reasoning, they they explain that in fact it right above my phrase arrogance and poor reading on our screen for those who are looking in the spirit of academic leaders of the statement makes this claim, politicians and religious fundamentalists are neither scientists nor scholars. Their motives are ideological. It is they who are offering gender ideology by attempting to override the insights of serious scholars. So in other words, we we know better. We are educated we are scientists we are free of bias.

We have no agenda, no ideology, no underlying worldview.

We only are the truth that that's what these academics are sent so what would they say about the science is the scholars and professors who were the initial signers of the petition Senate sex is biologically determined with approximate dates. Space can't be taken seriously with other bigots because they never went us look you have a Council of teachers being fired from school because they won't address Johnny is Jane. They won't call he she and therefore they get fired for this. Why is this happening because too few Christians have been speaking up because too few medical professionals and professors and pastors and leaders have been speaking up.

That's why there's increasing censorship online. That's why social media is continuing to go to direction. He goes and will continue to go that way until more of us speak up, but if I speak up. I might get unfriended friends, people being beheaded for the gospel door by being unfriended if I speak up, people won't like me what you have been burned alive. Are you having tortured to death. Are you it's not pleasant to be rejected by family friend somebody likes that it stings people. If you lose a job but come on.

Jesus said if you want to be my disciple deny yourself, take up the cross and follow me civil be hated of all men for his namesake distally to be there where he because were obnoxious or mean-spirited or lacking compassion for Haiti for the gospel. Rejoice time to take a stand. Not a nasty way that an arrogant way. When you have the opportunity to say hey here's what I believe is why believe it do so if you don't know what to say. Let us help you be equipped. We have thousands of hours of free resources on asked Dr. Brown, the Lord just waiting for you or 886634 let us go to Scott in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown hello computer remaining of the word impurity and you gave you a realtor you will thinking about yes so impurity can have different meanings.

So for example, in Hebrew there is clean and unclean. In Greek there to be pure and unblemished pure and impure have two possible meanings. One is ritual impurity.

So for example you you're out in the field in your looking for something, you know, try to do something often exit all what says a dead body reading sin, immersive mining rates among which are ritually impure ancient Israel to have to be cleansed, so it would simply be the difference between being ritually pure and ritually impure as nothing to do with sinful attitudes or anything like that or impure could mean just the way exactly what it would mean in English that that is dirty, but it is unclean in a spiritually immoral way to the be impure would be in a man who has sinful desires for a woman it would be someone that is greedy and covetous. It would be a silk someone that is thinking wrong thoughts are doing wrong deeds.

They would therefore be impure, so there's just the ritual status, which is nothing to do with sin.

Specifically, and then there is the moral status but the Hebrew and Greek words really are similar to English and that regard, let's see, it will get time, let's go to Tracy in Texas.

Welcome to want to fire mother get to need to speak right into the phone. Another work question I wanted to get your underwear and had a lot of during in Mount Laurel to wake me up with one one-word night what it would have been banned okay and I know that Hebrew language had different meaning. Now I'm going to get your take on that right so if if in fact you were given the word in Hebrew have been is the son is the Ben is son, so if in fact you received a word from the Lord in Hebrew the case. It can happen then that would it and you're pronouncing it correctly. How bad is the son, and if in fact this was a word from the Lord in Hebrew, then that's what it means. The sun and perhaps it was God calling you to focus on him. An interesting route to get there but who either say if it was the pronounced little differently.

It could have been a worse thing understand you and exultation tip to understand and perhaps that was the focus versus how bad the sun. Either way, let's glorify Jesus. Either way, let's lift him up, make him known art friends is important to me tomorrow think you want to miss back with you that

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