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Will a Third Temple Be Built?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 20, 2018 5:00 pm

Will a Third Temple Be Built?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So should we be looking for third Temple in Jerusalem is is a positive thing or a negative thing stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH.

Your job is Dr. Michael Brown, holding something in my hand. Always very exciting. I get the first copy of a brand-new book, this one coming out January 8. What will be talking to about.

In fact, while the whole music focus one week in January is brand-new at this. Got it.

Moments ago the power music you read a book on that God's call to change the world one song at a time so I got on my desk. Your mother mentioned Michael Brown. Welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast delighted to be with you. If you have any Jewish related question of any kind, fullness or open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784.

The Hebrew question question about Jewish teaching Jewish tradition question about modern Israel today question about messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament if it's Jewish related is kosher for Thursday's 86 634-8784 they made a call this week and got another question in our call screen will tell you. Actually, we need to take to three weeks between calls because many days we get lots of calls we need to be fair to callers letters get through work, but others have have spotlight for moment so hope you understand that, but if you have questions and and you need answers and you can't get through to me right to us Esther to you see with this contact right to us and we have a team member with a PhD in Old Testament fluent in Hebrew, Russian and English and he will answer judicially questions on my behalf but I get copied on every one of them and often I'll say hey let's add this, let's respond this way I'll take one of the questions and answered on the your certificate through us all means write to us again the number to call 866-348-7884 I got up early this morning.

I just had going for a checkup and got up early and noticed a delightful tweet that was sent to me by a gentleman by the twitter name of a Benjamin and this is this is what he said and it was in response Michael to pray for the president.

I put it out yesterday and the prayer: viral one website alone. It's matured over 73,000 times this on Facebook on one website alone. It's on multiple websites: pray for Pres. Trump and this is what you like him or not voted for not but perhaps then you mean was responding to this, but this is what he said are you ready DJ T Delta trough is helping Jews build a temple for the future Antichrist and clowns like you are promoting him prayer for him, all you guys do is build up strawmen to get people hooked was telling them that they will be enraptured before your deceiver and you make merchandise misspelled merchandiser like white, etc. so I I'll think he means James White, Dr. James White of things were from Israel who is referring to those. My first thought because I see white thing. My friend James White.

Maybe when Paul White it. In any case, the other thing that's so funny about people attacking you in and I mention it because it ties in with with third Temple issues, but the. The reason that some of the taxes.

So funny is because whenever there attacking fours is false or is completely unscriptural so so the first first thing first thing is Donald Trump helping Jews build the temple in his room. No, it's not part of this project.

Right now it's firstly okay. The second thing are we supposed to pray for leaders. Are we supposed to pray for leaders. Doesn't Paul write to us to pray for leaders and those in authority, kings, rulers response to pray for ever supposed to pray for people like Nero and Caesar. These these demented Roman rulers. These dictatorial tyrants. The persecuted Christians and killed Christians and if were supposed to pray for people like that were not supposed to pray for the Pres., Trump Pres. Obama you kidding me. II just saw a bunch of tweets. Obviously, the, the articles got shared so much that it will get shared now by people who differ with me then look at shared by others. Next thing you know we get these people attacking us to death. How dare you pray for a man like that's that's the one supposed to pray for. If he's as bad as you say is we should really be praying for him and maybe are not as good as you think you will. Maybe your little too self-righteous.

I welcome prayer. I welcome prayer all the time any day the week and Jesus said it is not the healthy who need a physician, but the sick, and he was just saying it because the people to me was speaking were healthy. It was say because they didn't realize they were sick. Now is point the people coming in repentance with the ones that recognize their true condition was written. Romans 50. We were yet sinners, we were ungodly while we were weak right but we were still week the Messiah died for the ungodly soul and then is how dare you pray to them, as it were not praying to a man. Someone else blasted me a moment ago and actually get civil interaction.

I responded blessed to be a moment ago and said that I hear you make a mockery of Christianity when you worship a man like Cronkite Trump. I said I wrote a book called on compass on my Savior.

I worship Jesus said of the million times over the Savior gets my life the surrogates by worship. The Savior gets my adoration. The present gets my vote. Been any recent what he respond to be like that teachable moment reach out maybe get someone to think model how to do it for others.

Sometimes just want to do it will respond, but in any case. In any case, so I first to my knowledge, the present is not helping Jews people build the temple first second thing yeah I'm calling for prayer for him were supposed to. That's good thing. Third, you guys do is build up strawmen to get people hooked while you don't write books and Donald Trump is not my semi-voted for the president to support them but I'm emphasize on my Savior. That's not what you call building up strawmen is it and then I'm telling people you're enraptured before the time of judgment before the Lord be before tribulation center excuse me I have a coming out March 19 with Craig care, Prof. Craig Keener called, not afraid Antichrist why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture. So that's the funny thing. And of course the reason run radio and an NRA or Internet feed is free.

You can watch the whole show free don't have to subscribe and and the reason that we put out articles almost every single day for free and the reason we have thousands of hours of free resources on our website is because were merchandising all right were in it for the money is what we give away thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of free material anyway.

I met the guy smiling but that's that's the type of stuff get that's out there and let me say one more thing I I heard a powerful preacher years ago. Make the comment that he was not moved by praise because he was not moved by criticism and he said to someone once when they asked him about walking humility and things like that. He said when you are on your knees the praise and the criticism goes right over your head so if if I'm going to get all excited because somebody said something really wonderful about me, then the next billing to be really depressed because the voices of the really negative about me.

So I just want to encourage your friends have a healthy self evaluation before the Lord. Welcome constructive criticism appreciate heartfelt Thanksgiving, but esteem yourself rightly in the Lord so that you're not flying high on the praise and going lower the criticism I just noticed on our Facebook page.

There is a place where people can can give reviews of your page for your unit, organization, ministry, whatever it is so I I'll look there periodically and and the vast, vast, vast majority of people with great stories of appreciation and thanks can which blesses me because I know is her team our whole ministry team were serving people and making an impact. So I appreciate that and I'm very thankful before the Lord, but also know that they're going to be the most vile, ugly things and attacking things in and often there were there next to each other or will be like wonderful praise, horrific attack, wonderful praise and you just have to smile it's okay. My evaluation is based on a walk before the Lord. Constructive criticism and having a healthy understanding of of God's called me to be who he's called. You did beeping a son or daughter of God.

Serving others, being a blessing in your household in your community, wherever it is and is not based on people's opinion. So I deeply appreciate positive words. I encourage people if we blessed you post a good review Seesmic if our books been a blessing to go on Amazon of the sites used and posted review that why because people read them and then they're drawn in it if if were blessing to go to our Facebook page. Esther Gibran is Kadir Brown and recommended and post review so we can minister more people but it's not so we can look good. It so we can reach more. So these these were two consecutive reviews on the Facebook page… Let's pull those up so the first one says this from Keith high level of scholarship and honesty about the issues so we always express appreciation and thanks for the kind words high level of scholarship and honesty about the issues the next one from a gal named L this quote Dr. Spears lies the just feed into the hate taking over a country and he does this in the name of God suffers there one after one after the other so all that to say is really same with you. You post something in and you get, you know, 10 likes or 100 likes and you're flying high.

The picture got shared of the code got shared 200 times it and then you see a really nasty comment from an old finances dumbest thing ever saw. Oh you're the preacher boy. Now you think somebody will from pressure for Christensen to go doubt we there's a better way to maintain an even keel. That's with healthy relationship with the Lord. That's with a good honest reflection before the Lord, not to highly exalted not to lower your based in the sum you beat yourselves up all the time.

Some you think that your religion is in your mind. Is this a healthy balance that we can walk in and Paul encourages us Romans 12 to recognize her gift or calling in our walk with the Lord in an not to think of ourselves to highly with you so rightly but II still works this push Mike that I still have to get a kick at out of this. I feel bad for people that are so mistaken, but I have to get a kick out of it when they attacked me for because that's correct attack before I believe if you want to attack me for what I believe, go for it, do it different with what actually preach and teach but don't manufacture a Mike Brown that you hate so you can tear them down if the so what I believe her teacher preach. Don't manufacture motors in my heart that I never dream of in a million years right will come back with talk about this third temple issue in a moment I stepped off the phone with that talk about this third temple issue in a moment. It's been in the news something's happened major in Israel.

The last two weeks and you go to your calls. The service we come back right here and a lot of fire on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown young friends ignore. I don't know what that was just heard another voice their welcome welcome to the line of fire.

It is thoroughly Jewish. There is that in your Jewish music didn't hear our Jewish music. But it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Trust me on that real streets of the phones and will start in Montgomery Alabama with Craig. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you good writing a paper for my school going online classes and I was trying to find references to the conduct of Hebrew slavery and the and how it was laid out in the amount and the mandate there. Andy, the Black Hebrew Israelites have ruined the Internet for that subject. There is nothing I can find. As far as the practices and specifically for one question as to whether or not the.

The Israelite slaves were paid a wage specifically because of what we find in the parable that Jesus tells about the slaves that you know has to pay his master back and he goes to another slave he owes him money so that's, truthful question is, is what I paid a wage and if so how would that no mandated, and secondly, what would be a good source for that type of information you 00 different books that talk about sociology, the Old Testament and then Madison customs and background, but generally speaking, if if you go to the got questions website bruschetta and type in slavery. You will get some good information there some useful information that is not in any way polluted by by Black Hebrew Israelites also if you'll if you look at any conservative evangelical commentary on the book of Exodus, Leviticus, you also get information on slavery commentaries that deal with Exodus 21, etc. the parable you mentioned from Matthew 18. I don't believe that saying that slaves were paid wages there. I don't believe that's implied but rather these were just people that were under different people that owe them money that's that's what I would get from that but for the most part you a slave if it was a Hebrew slave was an indentured servant. In other words it was. Not someone that since since kidnapping was forbidden under Torah law, and in many who believe in the 10 Commandments thou shalt not steal his time of stealing a person is the greatest emphasis there. There was no sanction for for going somewhere. Kidnapping people like and the African slave trade, Africans, kidnapping Africans and selling them to Europeans and into America.

There is no such concept of that, the type of abusive slavery, but the majority of the, the slavery was rather that some poor person would sell themselves into slavery so that they would that work for someone else and what they would get his is a roof over their heads and provision so the NLM (seven grant is 60 or six years and you'd be released in the seventh and was she said no. I want a dispenser for life so yummy they didn't have all the rights that others had, but it's interesting that immediately after the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 the very first thing that's dealt with Exodus 21 is rules about slaves and again this is debating and to use the word slavery not because we associated with the horrific African slave trade and is really not what what it was. So there's a debate as to how to translate the Hebrew word evidence and serve it is. It's late with this, halfway, and be in between those many bondservant works better but the weather.

That term that you are likely a service that Yahweh was just so yeah just as a surrogate exactly so is that the word there was the root of the verbal root either means to worship or to serve depending on context with your obviously related related concepts. So bottom line is that they would be provided for their needs would be met. It's not like they'd be thinking about how can I how can I be storing up money so that when I get free.

I can I can take a vacation or something like that that that wasn't the concert of his day-to-day life. Just like in the ancient church, the early church. If someone stay with you and ministered teach, stay with you and he would be provided for all he was there and then money would be given to him so he could make it to the next town we be provided for those it wasn't a way to earn extra money. It was just a way to live and survive. So that was the same. There the other things you can look at some of commentaries on Jeremiah at the 34th chapter because God judges the people of Judah for failure to a failure to free the slaves were they were supposed to be freed in their freedom within they they bring them back. They take him back onto their power. And that's one reason God brings judgment on Judah was their mistreatment of slaves, but when I started to say was the fact that you have these laws here immediately after the 10 Commandments starting their it could be that immediately causing hey this is part of the world in which you live. But we do this right we can do this with mercy really do this with compassion different than some of the surrounding nations were slaves were not treated as well so those would be some of the places to go for help. Okay perfect thank you figure out work items I don't want to take up too much time, but there was another reference that will be quick to. I cannot remember the exact words but it occurs several times and cannot quite talk about getting the firstborn to the Lord and I listen to a lot of atheist and they said that that was that. That was child sacrifice. Don't know if it's the opposite it's it's the opposite what it is is every firstborn animal firstborn male animal would be would be sacrifice to the Lord and God said, I demand the firstborn children. However, because we don't practice child sacrifice.

Instead, I've chosen the Levites and it is for service to God that sacrificed they serve in the temple. They serve in the sanctuary. That's what they would do so they took the place of the of the.

The firstborn Israelite, but that person was not sacrifice they would serve in the temple and the whole of of of the Tanakh consistently overwhelmingly speaks against the horror of child sacrifice and it's a major reason that God brings judgment. Yes, when you see dedication of the firstborn of the that's laid out and in Scripture.

What we see, there is again firstborn animal, but because you don't sacrifice a person instead. Levites took their place. All right, thank you for asking. 866-34-TRUTH David in London.

Welcome back to the line of fire. Hello you know of any commentary that focused purely on translation you like… Could you go from another comfortably. So for example, that that sometimes when I look at date the text in the original e-book there are things that visible to all available in English, not for example with moving to Monday, the moving theist on that kind of thing and the things I didn't notice. I get it in English as well but I hadn't. Note that the quote about the length of the legal thought on that and talk about that that love on the picnic that Jacob and the that they mention them. God called the LOA that translated God, that both of the idea was that maybe love still had the polytheistic view and yes… David didn't ensure it any scholarly commentary of the books of the Hebrew Bible is going to concentrate on on the Hebrew words and may provide a new translation otherwise will just break it down near there. There many multivolume commentary scholarly commentaries Christian scholars Jewish scholars every single one of them will deal with these issues. But here's here's something very, very simple that you can do that you'll find very helpful and it will cost you a dime. Okay are you familiar with the NET Bible. The new English translation okay so here's here's what reducer you just when you have a chance soon as the shows over. Get online and go to and search for an ET Bible, new English translation okay and you will get to website blue letter Bible.

Probably fine, but you may find some other places and there are over. I think it's over 60,000 translation notes okay so NET Bible. So I'm I'm looking at it right now. Here's a New Testament passage, but guys that go over it to Genesis I on our screen here and and what you'll see is that you have the translation of the text of the translation of the text is is going to be on the on the left, so there's your your NET text and I think if if you go I was going to tell them how to get there on screen over to Genesis, but which refinement is on the right side. It has these detailed translation notes so every time there's a controversy in the Hebrew it's all the whole focus is not commentary it's just translation verse after verse after verse after verse after verse. That's all that's there right so you'll see the lengthy notes just on the first verse of Genesis is a should be transiting the beginning God created the heavens and the earth is that so you'll find it when you look at notes you can look and see with the Hebrew says and then you can just look over words as notes and it'll give you detailed translation notes and there really excellent their well done will explain the Hebrew the explain differences.

Different possibilities. They may tell you okay there manuscripts in the Dead Sea Scrolls that read this and and here's the Septuagint, the ancient Greek Jewish translation, etc. so you'll find it really, really helpful" of the scholars as well will cost a dime and the only focus is not commentary is just translation that should meet the need of which you are speaking all right 86634. When we come back. I want to talk about third temple issues and will continue to take your calls right here on the line of fire. Oh, one of the special announcement. When we returned, but we will get to that momentarily and listen with you voted for the president or not.

Pray for him.

One of my great prayers that God would make them into a praying man is death and a lot of pressure deftly under pressure.

Let this be something that God works in him, turn him into a praying man wonderful prayer to pray, pray it more for me love you more praying man. A lot of that will direct that for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome to our really Thursday broadcast. If you have a Jewish related question for me. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so I touched on this very briefly. Just one day. But it's all about 10 days ago. Now a lot of news from Israel come to the end of of Hanukkah and there is a group that has been working to prepare temple vessels for the day that the temple was rebuilt to train priests to be offering sacrifices and a rebuilt temple and looking at an article breaking Israel news.

They had a photo spread from December 11 dedication of altar for third temple and reports this back on the 11th. On Monday, the Sanhedrin hosted the dedication of the altar for the third temple marketing event with a full dress reenactment of the Corbin Korb on Tommy D. The eternal offering or the perpetual offering be better translation and it describes the altar was made of aerated concrete constructed on a metal frame, etc. and it shows it shows different pictures from that event and and I'm looking at you got the priest and the whole garment with with the trumpets and and it's fascinating in the different things that are describes the book 00 Houck how could you do that how the temples of standing the shaft of the temple wealth.

There are rabbis now that have come together, they are reconstituted Sanhedrin. Now, the Sanhedrin, and they should use the rule introduced what was the ruling body in the land. It's hardly that fact. Now this is not the ruling Jewish body in the land and it certainly has no authority over Jews worldwide. There's no single group that is authority Jews worldwide. You've got Jews in numerous different groups and then others. They could care less about religion or God, but it's fascinating that all this is happening. So according to Jewish law, or some would say this interpretation of Jewish law, you don't have to have the temple to consecrate altar and if you go, for example, in as are the third chapter before the temple was rebuilt once they start work on foundations. They consecrate an officer can immediately begin offering sacrifices again so how I feel about 1/3 temple on the looking for. I'm not looking for I'm looking for the return of the Lord until he returns. I'm looking to be productive for his glory. When the lost. Take the gospel to the nations. See America shaken and awakened.

See the Jewish people are Jewish people come to faith in Yeshua's on the looking for third temple. I'm looking for the Messiah. That being said, I do believe that Scriptures indicate that before the Lord returns there will be 1/3 temple will this be a temple that prepares the way for an antichrist could be could be. Will this be a temple that leads Jewish people to think what we certainly don't need Jesus the Messiah because our sacrificial system is back. So this whole argument that we don't have blood sacrifices that we do again. I'm not looking for in a positive way personal.

However, if it is rebuilt it will be part of the final fulfilling a prophecy before the Lord returns, and then in fact if there is a millennial temple as may believe there will be Jesus ruling raining out of Jerusalem for thousand years over the earth and maybe selling brand-new and maybe that reconstituted or it may be something brand-new so not looking for whole. Why can't we fit rebuilt, but if it is built, it would mean to me that we are another big step towards the end of the age that this means coming in 10 years or 50 years or we don't know that so II follow the news with interest and fascination, but is not my focus is not my focus is not something I think about or read about it in my trips to Israel.

I've never actually been to the Templeman Institute and talk to people there looked at what they're doing billing, but it is very fascinating because 50 years ago.

How do you know who was think it is hundred years ago the possibilities were even there. Certainly very interesting 00 before forget we did open up a few more seats for Israel trip we we intended to close things out to three months ago I made a decision to open up a few more seats we still have some seats so maybe you even planning, and you can actually make this work in just 56 weeks notice because we leave February 1 all right or maybe want to bless someone with a holiday gift of a lifetime and was in the moniker of Israel. So if you want to come there still room if you got the funds and you can do it there still room it is the trip of a lifetime go to website Esther to Brown the Lord ask a DR and you just see it right on the homepage that you see the banner for and be awesome if you could join us. All right, 86634 let's go to Raleigh, North Carolina Michael, welcome to the line of fire or begging Dr. Michael Brown not imagine that I was there about take a trip to Israel that even know about this like got that out, no chance to listen to on the radio got a gnarly work about 5 o'clock but my question for you is deepening at times like the lawn. The Old Testament is being hyperbolic and offensive like if two men are fighting in a straight punch or kick like hits a pregnant woman in the stomach bite you are supposed to get restitution. I've arrived stupid to anything of the concept of F2 men are fighting that is the way of thing like even under the most extreme X circumstances. There is no excuse and there's no leniency in striking a pregnant woman and stuff like that. Yeah, actually, since it was hyperbolic it would be exaggerated on some level or not what it literally says, and according to Jewish tradition references. I fry tooth for tooth burning for burning that that is meant metaphorically that it would simply mean an equivalent fine. So when you have here at hand for hand, foot for foot then you show no mercy. Jewish tradition claims that from the beginning that was only meant to some monetary fine because what if someone only had one eye and they lost their other line other totally blind. How could that be fair, etc. so I don't agree with that but there are Jewish interpreters that understand it. Jewish interpreters also say for example in the book of Deuteronomy in the 22nd chapter, disobedient, rebellious son that used to get like a teen son and he does listen to the voice was parents and is a glutton and a rebel and in constant rebellion that you bring in front of the elders of the city, and stoned to death.

Jewish tradition said that was there to put the fear of God and people, but never it never actually happened and and we studied and learned to see that it never actually happened. So there is some Jewish tradition that believes that this was hyperbolic, but I don't personally think that weight Michael.

I believe that these laws were literally given and literally intended and that many times. An example would be given of of say a category and that category within serve to represent similar cases in similar situations is obviously not everything is covered in the Sinai covenant. That's one reason Jewish tradition grew an increase in multiplied exponentially over the centuries because not everything is there and that if you're going to make everything into a new law. The new custom you're gonna need, endless new new discussion and interpretation. I do believe that there are things that Jesus said that were clearly meant in a hyperbolic way. For example, if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away. Obviously, we read that instinctively know what that means.

Otherwise will be walking out. Her eyes plucked out so there. He's making extreme statement to say you have to deal with sin ruthlessly that ruthlessly and the factors actually are our thyroid hand or foot. This can cause us to sin.

We sin out of 100, yes, there are cases where hyperbolic language is used to get a point across an extreme point, but it's gotta be in such extreme language that we get it. In this case, the case you mentioned. I believe that was literally given. Thanks for listening today. Glad you're able to catch the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Leslie and Charlotte north Carolina. Welcome to light a fire, what about the world.

Yap at a quickened up and start radio. They are not but you know that you are quite similar: Reynoldsburg data for the year.

Word to the Jewish people during the time it back in the Old Testament before the Messiah came, what they believe happened to their soul mate.

When they died or became, yeah, so scholars really debate that Leslie there are scholars who believe that there was no hope of an afterlife in the Old Testament, or let's say, a place where the soul would go and then eventually a belief was developed in resurrection for the data I'll look at that in a moment about resurrection but there's actually debate about it all. What does it mean when it says that someone is buried with their fathers. What was the psalmist mean when he says that no one can praise you from the grave that was immune Ecclesiastes where it says there is that there is no wisdom or power. As you can do in the grave. Why was Joe but despondent and one of the divers from death was just kind of a respite to the suffering. It seems that that there was some concept of of like a shadowy existence in the in the netherworld and that was after death. There was some type of shadowy existence that they look forward to without a clearly defined hope. The hope that the that they were looking for was resurrection. So we see in Daniel which is one of the later books of the Old Testament Daniel the 12th chapter.

It says at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people arise will be a time of distress such as never occurred since the beginning of the nation. Until then, but at that time your people. Everyone was found within the book will be delivered. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting contempt. The book of Isaiah speaks explicitly about resurrection of the dead. Isaiah 25 and 26 so we we can only debate what was believed in Old Testament times, appalled, writes to Timothy and says that Jesus brought life and immortality to light to the gospel so we understand a lot more now through the New Testament, then say the Old Testament saints would have. There are some verses in the psalmist saying when I die out all all all see your your image or your form or in the path of righteousness is life there is no death. So, some believe that there was a hope Old Testament that you die and be with the Lord but I don't think you can really argue that the size of the I think what's clear is that there was not a real understanding of what happens except that in the grave. You can do anything more in this world the big focus was in this war world. You can praise God from the grave. You can't tell your land from the grave. You can't raise your family from the grave. That was the big emphasis and then you await the resurrection, but perhaps a view of stiffs as shadowy ongoing existence year is asleep but not asleep waiting for you as a scholars debate that to this day. So thank you for the question 866-34-TRUTH right back with your call.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, your friends questions I was asked today about slavery and he Bible about life after death. If your digital library friends asked her to ASKDR Brown Dilip, your go to place thousands of free resources waiting for that we put together articles, videos broadcast so go there. You can check with C we've got one video there. What happens after I die. This give you a full biblical perspective that's of the digital library. Another one does the Bible endorse slavery so different.

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Thank you for your program are greatly heard the story of Julian the apostate try to rebuild the Temple and the tremendous supernatural barrier that stopped him in the open. Lamellar remark about this is Eric.

I'm going to be 100% candid with you. Normally when folks asked me a question, I'm just answering immediately because the information is in my head the Scriptures that the facts the background. I glanced at RR call screen here and saw a note here about the attempted rebuilding of the temple by Julian the apostate. I was not familiar with this in any detail before now and just during a break was reading myself some dismay until we can that I could've made it like I knew all this, but I was I was looking to do so. Here he is totally hostile to the faith. No Roman Emperor got of the. The opposite of Constantine right and I visit her at around 362. He daresay of if, according to the story and by the way I saw it on the Catholic website and a Jewish website so it's it's interesting how it's preserved, and no different faith circles, but according to the stories you for you all. If you can rebuild the temple that he can disprove Jesus because Jesus is going to be destroyed and can be scattering, etc. and so according to the story but he tries to rebuild it, and every kind of calamity happens in earthquakes in all this is like okay we better not touch this. So what I need to do now is see how except that the accounts are by historians, but it what's interesting is you have to see how it's preserved like if it's preserved only in church circles or only in traditional Jewish circles then a strike that could get embellished. You know it could be you start a project you ran out of money. It didn't work. The workers were superstitious and I get embellished and becomes all these miracles interventions, but if it's preserved in sources you would expected to be preserved or preserved in Roman historical sources are other things like that and then corroborated in the church sources of the Jewish sources, then it has more credibility sometime. I'm curious to dig more and have you dug into it much yourself. I glowered searching online and reading Wikipedia Jewish dictionary or encyclopedia, so I got basically the same story report you think of material front group for location so we assume another real dollar and I look forward to your conclusion next Thursday night. Let's see next Thursday. Yes, the work were back after Christmas is Las Vegas that the 27th yeah all I'll do my best to it to make a mental note just to check to see where the stories preserved. Is it just preserved in church sources this get embellished with each generation is just preserved in different Jewish sources series you have to do critical historical reading to travel to through. That's what is will the Gospels come through such a shining way because even even secular references indicate that there was this this Christ figure worshiped as a god that was crucified and known as a miracle worker and his disciples claimed he had risen from the data received have a corroboration in the way the Gospels, fit together, but not that this perfect neat thing which is typical eyewitnesses in different perspectives and yesterday see you do that you study in those ways and then you come to conclusions as to the verifiability of it, but all I minister this moment there is a another way to say this, if in fact it happened I've zero problem saying that sounds exactly what golf would do it. Was it would surprise me in the least.

There's nothing incredible about it.

So if and how accurate it is, but certainly when there when it is time to rebuild the third Temple. It will be in fulfillment of prophecy because Jesus indicates that this the temple and his debris from what I understand the temple at the end of the age before he returns. Harry thanks thanks for your incarcerate yet. All right, Douglas Beck thanks 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Monique in Greensboro. Thanks much for calling the line of fire. Thank you Dr. member take my call. Again, I think of that important might be my third time in coming years, but I wanted to just lay more in reference to what you're saying about the president are the topic today. I don't know why more of us that are Christians that we don't realize that it's not a get into. Given that we would pray for Dr. but I do believe that God is working in the confirmation of my heart for those of us are connected to the spirit of God that he is working on some weight. It can be no money is part of the example for the believers and unbelievers just by example of what shot went from what we thought him in the White House to what he leave that. And I think that can be all and I just wanted to say that as your sister in Christ, completing the content I love you because you are dear you are knowledgeable you're able God is able to use you to reach equal that don't understand, and going and make it just the clearing just as relevant, and point right back to what we all know that believe in Christ is the true and that will violent bellringer. I'm almost bad, and how excited and thankful I am, but my heart rate.

When I listen to you sometime because I've only heard you speak truth rightly divided.

I've only heard you speak truth concerning the president concerning thing I watch how you deal and responded people really nasty people are ignorant people are just people that in fear and don't know and it all speak of untrue walk with Christ and this is what I'm hoping that listeners that will listen regularly enough to pick up on whether they agree or came in with your opinion or didn't come in your opinion, he that truth and how you even deal with it. You, in addition to the truth of the actual unit, whatever that the truth is about the issue and so thank you and to hear what you come from in the drug bear thing and all that all of you think that your listening really testified in the un-debatable reality power and love of Christ.

And so I'm praying that people are listening and not just yet. Inmate they may come in on interest about the president are, you know, whatever. But if there really listening to you and watching you an imperfect man doesn't think the perfect you know just if there listening, they will be a lot and so I just wanted to it and a lot and I think it just go and how God told perfect in the best we can do it. Don't think were like right with oh I understand you got to trust him and and be available and not that that what you do and tell authors nowhere. God I love you and I won't have it and and I think I keep doing what you do and I pray God continue to bless you exceedingly in unknowing and assurance inability to do anything that you need to do and it always will. But I pray that he apathetic at comfort and assurance your man of God. Thank you so much you are tremendously tremendously gracious and I want to glorify the Lord and as we pray for president trump and just looking it article up on the screen of a call. The pray for president trump the share. Just as there what 76,000 times within its course on the website asked Dr. Brown and you find it. Numerous of the websites. If if president trump is as bad is some of you believe he is understand others are cheering him on, and so happy.

I was present, but others really despise him or her you think he's really really really bad all the more reason pray for him and I just this morning just this is medical is everything's good fine because people's wonder, but I just get it how to get an IV thing and so still the guys who use the left arm is a better vein there and I used to tell my testimony get all your eggs to street drugs and the whole bit.

You share my testimony of how ever get you had blood drawn, or anything at an IV for anything so I was doing today and I said yes actually. December 17 is three days ago was 47 years from the last time for me tomorrow so free instantly by God's grace and so on and just glorify the Lord and and talking to that to the guy that was tending to me and you know I was with my dear friend Paul Wilbur missing Jewish worship leader Park salon songwriter and we were with the pastor in Texas who still with LGBT issues with sometimes gets mad at the activist really nasty to have, and he said that Dr. Brown you just so compassionate and just so loving towards these people is to have you always been compassionate like this and Paul oversedation is no note because he knew me when I was over more raw so all that to say God can do incredible things in any of us any of us. He can and that's what we pray for the president, making the praying man, a man of his own heart quite phone lines still jam this and if you calling tomorrow folks and I see your name is anyone still waiting now. I'll do my best to bump on the list of get to your call friends back with you tomorrow.

The questions we've got answers. Keep praying

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