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Is the Netanyahu Government in Crisis?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 27, 2018 5:10 pm

Is the Netanyahu Government in Crisis?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 27, 2018 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/27/18.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

While there are corruption charges that could be brought against Prime Minister Netanyahu. He has called for new elections in Israel will talk about that today plus the Israelis think about Pres. Crum's decision to pull our troops from Syria or the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on today's thoroughly Jewish history broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866487884. Any Jewish related question of any kind. Phone lines are open. I've been noticing notice seen this for a while, but just noticed it even more recently, the striking parallels between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Pres. Trump now many of the things I'll say are known to you and obvious to you, but there's a crisis now in Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for new elections right so it is really you have elections at a certain period of time. Just like in America but listen, there's a government crisis would say that your majority ruling party or ruling coalition.

I should say is is being threatened. You can call for early elections.

And that's what Prime Minister Netanyahu has done so before I tell you about some of the parallels between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu let's step back and look at what's happening in Israel. Now, the Knesset, the parliament that has 120 seats and to have a ruling coalition.

You have to have at least 61 seats is a way but you just vote for whoever was Prime Minister Noto.

You vote for party yes the Prime Minister is the best known person in the parties of the party head becomes the prime minister. So in this case Netanyahu, who by the way is if reelected would be serving his third full term and end with the past.

Now any other previous prime minister as the longest reigning longest leaving I should say some say raining Prime Minister elected official in Israel so significant. He's played a major role you hug us from 1948 the 2018. So he's played a major role, but what happens is this you vote for parties and there are numerous parties, such as two or three, then 10, 12, 15 even more that ultimately put forth candidates and put forth platforms so then the people vote for the different parties. So right now if elections were held today, the indications are that the Likud party the right wing nationalist party known for strong security known for Netanyahu's policies. They would get 30 votes to 25%. They would get 30 seats at 120 say that's that's tiny that's that's nothing at all. No, no, that would be a very very large percentage compared to everybody else you know the next competitor party left-wing party. Maybe they'll get like 12 seats or something like that.

So that means that that Netanyahu will Likud within work with other parties that that are similar in ideology. It's okay. Let's join together and then we can have government coalition. Well, here you have maybe ultra-Orthodox Jewish party.

Maybe they get five or six seats. So it's a small amount but their powerbrokers because they know that they may be needed in the government and they said okay you have to back off on this position for you to join the coalition. So you go back and forth and back and forth Netanyahu's office.

The a master at doing all this and then you have your majority and then you set up your coalition so because there is controversy over recent moves by the Prime Minister last month with a cease-fire with Gaza not going in after Thomas. Many were disappointed with that upset over his majority now is razor thin and there are corruption charges being brought against him. Three primary charges of fraud and bribery of of pay for influence for so for example here's some companies donating large amounts of money to him and then he works out some special arrangement with the government allegedly to benefit these companies overseas companies different things like that works with one newspaper versus another and and is gonna suppress information so there there three separate charges coming against Prime Minister Netanyahu and he has decided now with the coalition so razor thin that he is going to call for early elections.

So there was a vote today on it because the Knesset has to agree to do it and you want to talk about an overwhelming majority vote. It was stunningly strong to vote to dissolve the Knesset only a couple of those say no.

So Israel's Knesset officially dissolved all dissolves all April 9 elections headlines are proclaiming that so with that means now is that the government is going to be well can be daylight campaigning.

So the Knesset is basic and when I do anything the next few months were when I do anything when a passing laws were not they dissolved okay this happens and what is this roof the 20th government since 1948 then the baby elections on April 9 and then the question is the, the Atty. Gen., whatever the equivalent would be there who is potentially bringing charges against Prime Minister will he bring the charges during the elections will if he does, will he be accused of trying to influence elections.

What if he waits until after the elections to the Prime Minister say the people have voted, and they don't care about these charges.

True or not. They don't care they know I'm the man to leave this country. My party is that is the party to leave the country so that's another possible that's possible. Charges will be dropped. But it's also possible he could be indicted, Ehud Olmert, former prime minister, was indicted have to serve time, others say, well indicted, we don't care we vote for him anyway.

We stand with them anyway. So another volatile time in Israel. But right now it seems that Netanyahu was a clear path for the crew to have victory again on the one hand the other hand with these corruption charges come against them. How would that affect things, 866-348-7884 any Jewish related question of any kind.

Hebrew related related to messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament related to Israel today related to Jewish people. Jewish tradition more broadly. Most of the calls that we take on thoroughly Jewish Thursday so 866-34-TRUTH 784 so one of the parallels with Pres. Trump. All right, let's let's have my guys. Kai and Matt do a little fact checking for me this is true that Benjamin Netanyahu has been married three times, just as Pres. Trump S that true, let's try this is a true that there is adultery.

Netanyahu's past, for which he publicly confessed and asked forgiveness. Is that true is it true that there are corruption charges hanging over his head. We just talked about that.

Is it true that, as of the latest poll, 71% of Israeli citizens wouldn't affect their view of the Prime Minister even if he was in diet is a true that he is known as a man of strong nationalism and putting Israel's security needs first, standing up for the people of Israel. Yup yup yup to everything I just said so just like Pres. Trump, you have a thrice married leader in the condemning either insane. I'm just reporting facts. In both cases there is known adultery.

In the past. In the case of Netanyahu while he was a political leader, so it hurt him more in that regard.

It was as far as Donald Trump knew this is his past. This is been an immoral guy, then it's interesting you got these charges hanging over each of their heads are potential tortfeasors.

The girl is what's gonna happen was a campaign finance violations with Pres. Trump is a fraud and bribery with Prime Minister Netanyahu within remarkably, those who support Netanyahu are saying doesn't matter if true would still stand with them because these are the more important issues. He's the right man to lead the nation as a person.

Pres. Trump by Larisa tile cares about these charges refer their true and who knows, but the big thing is, he's the man to protect our nation and to stand for security things that that it is very interesting. Similar types of leaders strong alpha male type leaders strong nationalist leaders are also that is a dirty word by the way, strong security leaders and leaders with checkered pasts.

By the way, just as an aside, Benjamin Netanyahu is the son of a world class historian pension Netanyahu.

That's the first name, most famous for his what is at 1500 page study of the Inquisition and and a lot of the Jewish aspects of encouraging Jewishness Jewish roots or Jewish practices from the Catholic church after the forced conversion of Jews without the Crusades, and thereafter through the son of a famous historian and and perhaps that gives them a little bit more of an interest in history. So when he's written some things he's he's written with illiteracy that you would not necessarily expect from a political leader but could be in the family heritage and blood so I listen I don't know what's best for Israel. From here, many ways. I like Netanyahu many ways. I like his strength when he when he speaks before Congress that the support he gets his tremendous he is inspirational in that regard, and I do believe that is concerned with the well-being of Christian citizens in Israel as well. Muslim citizens believe he does care but is definitely putting the security of the Jewish state.

First and foremost as you would expect the Prime Minister to do all supposed to happen going forward. Don't know what we'll see.

But it's gonna be a volatile time leading up to April 9 and the fact is, as long as Hamas bombs Israel as long as terrorists attack Israel as long as these things happen strongly like Netanyahu is going to be very popular in the more left-wing parties are knocking to be as popular all right will go to the phones when we come back the bottom of the hour and the speak with a friend from Israel about what's happening in Syria and the potential crisis for the Kurds, the Christians there so Kurds and Christians there so will getting into that but will come back talk to you take your calls, 866-3487 84 and you what it's five weeks. Not even five weeks off, you could still if you can sign up today. Italy payment today can still go this Israel February 1 every Kathy just got to do it now. Did open up open the extra seats a few weeks ago, but gonna do it now becoming a center website Esther SK your right back with your calls on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two are thoroughly Jewish broadcasting six 634-8784's the medical following my latest article asked the question what am I missing when it comes to immigration, you know I don't speak about that a lot on the remote write about it.

Number one I have no expertise in the subject whatsoever number two of not been particularly burdened by the Lord to focus on it. You can only focus on some of the things you can be a specialist in a thousand different areas.

There are others that you focus on this so we rely their wisdom and we've had them on his guests and we cling to their articles, but is a few questions to ask and say what what I missing here.

I got a got no partisan bias in writing.

It's not pro Trump anti-Tremont discussed some questions so into one website was posted in fascinatingly enough. I'm told I have a thinly veiled right wing political agenda and what I wrote no I had questions his coffee's amazes me when people know you better than you know yourself, they can tell you why you did a particular thing they can tell you what motivates you to do a particular thing they can tell you what you're really thinking, always, always fascinates me. That's not related to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but I thought I would just mention that throw that out all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to James a Long Island welcome to the line of fire and afternoon Michael okay I have to questions on the will. The first question that I have the Bible you can communicate yeah I you speaking directly at your phone argument. I met speaker because it's a little harder.

Little better. Keep going. The first question that I have you like did God allow David to Mary souls life or does the word I give you souls life more to care for them, or is it that they become is what the problem that I had with it. I think in the book of Leviticus is that you cannot marry a daughter and the mother sold David's first wife was Mark how which would be one of one of Saul's wide daughter Arkansas… Do David a mission to Mary audit like that and divided the birthing the public 18 or 19 yet so you also have the issue of, for example, Jacob marrying two sisters which was forbidden by Leviticus 18 but of course he didn't do that willingly, and that was also the receipt and choose to marry Rachel. As you can chew :-) and that was that just happen, but that was also before the law was given, but certainly was. It was a wrong thing. It was a bad thing in them and the marriages were fraught with difficulties because of it.

So there. There many things that happen it in the Bible that are contrary to to God's will and to God's ways and and yet they happened in the recorded but your point though is important one is in this case it would be God saying yeah I'm going to do this on to give them to you by the way there with what specific verse.

Are you pointing to interest… I believe that record annual writing about aluminum noted that they do not work. We have a door that is just a just the two of us talking a reason to be nervous at all.

All right because that the word of judgment is is given here and it doesn't ring a bell and second Samuel B.

The eighth chapter but but so you could be right now it's it's it's not for sure but it in any case.

In any case that the question would be what God give David if he was married to a daughter. Also that mother in marriage and in the answer is obviously not God would not do that. In terms of blessing David or something in his will or something in his plan, and if if we if we look at me call here so Saul's sons I'm reading from first Samuel 14 were Jonathan E St. must assure the names of his two daughters were mayor of his firstborn, and me call the younger right so McCall, daughter of Saul. Therefore Saul's mother was the wife of exclusion because mother was a wife of Saul, so as as I understand it, it was not that that God was giving them the wise that he would take them all in sexually and have relationships as much as as part of the judgment on Saul and David inheriting everything would have them as well. If David then went to act on that in a sexually that would be in violation of Leviticus 18. Which of course really had been given as part of the law. So you're requesting. This is well taken. Yeah, I agree. What about when I look in the Eagle award for going up. It seemed like because I want to know that I give them to you in your book, and when you go to Isaiah 40 verse 11 is more like took care. So I love you and Isaiah 30 we were diocesan Terry that you know that the sheep in his in his bosom as a shepherd of a kid it could mean either they could have a sexual connotation. It doesn't have to have a sexual connotation. We have to judge it more by by the context right let the team going to get another questions go for your equipment, but I have no I bought and not run because of you could what are a few hundred million video on YouTube. I think outlet not under the 99,000 cement DICOM and what all you not the question that I have you like a good December 20 is not in the Bible. No, not one account. When we sold one.

What is the profit by the middle Zechariah was performing his course of a by now look back in and chronicle extent got David break down the God of the profit if you 2424 different works. August schedule a buyer would be a future. The house will be July not extend when when the engine came to Mary that Elizabeth was only six months pregnant. If you take the course of a beaded I would be… 21 May and enacting the build travel until a Jewish holiday, after 24 May or the profit will McCormick on the home frequently commended could be in the company so it looked like Zechariah got Elizabeth pregnant in early June so from June to December Dolby six months.

So when you think Elizabeth was only six month from December to September. I will be 40 weeks… You could kill your pregnancy so it would clean what we believe, that you want in September. Know what that if they done September 11. Would you like that you hang onto just want one thing I appreciate you digging into that one comment on it in a minute but just understand this if she's six months pregnant in December right okay so then three more months. That gets you either to late February or early March. Right now, so that Elizabeth pregnant.okay when you look into Mary right you just left right left that part of the math out so cold there.

There are yeah so just to fill in the blank there so certain there are others who inflicted this the exact same way. Who said okay Luke one you got this priestly ministry going on and one would he have served and and gone to the records and Chronicles and there are others who've argued for a birth date of September, October, and said that what a perfect time for the word to become flesh. John 114, he pitched his tent among us.

What if it was during Sukkoth tabernacles so there are messianic Jews that I know when they celebrate Sukkoth when they celebrate tabernacles. They also celebrate.

This is the time when they believe the Word became flesh that we can prove it, but it's difficult to prove, and it is in facts or the there are early church leaders who believed that the date was December 25. So how that would work out with with the data that you have there is fair question, and those who say will house is going to be in. In Luke the second chapter that shepherds are out at night with their flocks at the time of the year would be too cold to be out and therefore they would be out at night with the fox and so it's unlikely but just to say that there are early church traditions that believe that was the birthdates of the 25th. I don't know. I've never looked at it as this is the birthdate and therefore it celebrate the birth of Jesus. At this time but can you make an argument that it couldn't be. At that time and then it must be a few months earlier.

Based on these calculations arguments the answer is yes and others have made the same argument. The fact is, God didn't give us a specific date nor will we commanded in the word have a specific holiday celebrating the birth of Yeshua.

Nonetheless, to whatever extent people can glorify God for the incarnation glorify God for sending his son into the world and celebrate that in a way that brings him glory and is not worldly or carnal or pagan wonderful have adequate thanks James for doing the digging and explaining it in that way again. Some might dispute the details here and there with the overall argument. Others have done as well and I appreciate you digging and coming up with that. So can you make a case for the Messiah coming into the world during the feast of Tabernacles. About that time and could that be the imagery of John 114 the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, which is literally pitched his tent among us worth considering hey thanks for it for follow so carefully and keep challenging us all to keep digging into the word if you differ with our brothers do your homework and see where you guys data from all right 866-34-TRUTH we come back I'm going to speak with a colleague from Israel Michael Niebuhr and Michael and I were together earlier in the year in Israel who wasn't a listener, I think so thinkers earlier this year that this last part of his earlier this year. We had some good fellowship together. Good time before the Lord. He is a great Hartford Jew and Gentile in Messiah working together as one in the Middle East.

So the news the president trump that are 2000 troops in Syria can be pulled out his really sent shockwaves through the region's effects is a possibility of change his mind.

Many are praying for that perspective from his really come back there. Here, for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown working to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Thanks much for joining us today. This is Michael Brown the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Let's focus right now on the situation in Israel.

Israel is flanked by hostile neighbors. If you if you want to jump a decent distance over to Iran. Iran continues to speak of the destruction of Israel and wanted to wipe out Israel and telling his will you dare go after nuclear development. I think that we will wipe you off the map and and speak frequently in the ugliest terms about Israel and chant death to Israel in the streets in Egypt to the south. Is it a better relationship with Israel but there's still a lot of anti-Semitism in Egypt. There's been a peace treaty with this a lot of anti-Semitism there. When you go to the South West. You have Gaza Strip rule by Hamas and Hamas is dead set to see Israel wiped out enough corsets, its power and resources are greatly limited by the embargo on but by various restraints that are put on Thomas.

Nonetheless, there is an ongoing attempt by Hamas to undermine Israeli security and they did kidnapping and killing every single day if they could. As you then go up to the north. You have Lebanon and Syria, and there is terrorism that comes to Israel through Lebanon and Hezbollah, for example, being being strongly ensconced there. And of course Hezbollah being supported by by Iran. They have Syria, which remains in a state of war with Israel and the the nation itself in tremendous chaos because of the ongoing war with the Civil War there. Many of the different factions involved. You have the Saudi's who are supporting the Sunni Muslims you have the Iranians who are supporting that Shiite Muslims have the Christian minority to get stuck in the middle you have the Kurdish minority that gets stuck in the middle even though the Kurds are primarily Muslims there still a minority ethically they get stuck in the middle and then you have turkey, which in years past was less hostile Israel, but with a more right wing Islamic government under the current prime minister. There is more hostility towards Israel and although Turkey has said hey we are we are going to.

We are absolutely going to annihilate any bit of Isis that remains there are real concerns. The trick will do no such thing in the turkey instead will will attack the Kurds fact, I saw a headline earlier today warning about that very thing that that Turkey is going to try to wipe out the Kurds in Syria so our presence only 2000 people only 2000 troops, but we have had a great impact in the region. Of course Russia under Putin has a real interest in Syria. They are so it is it is a battlefield for the Middle East. It is a battlefield for the entire region so stakes are very high. Many, many, many lives lost hundreds and hundreds of thousands either killed or seriously injured.

Millions displaced Lebanon just basically taking a refugees to the limit of the countries a rock flooded with refugees. In fact, we have a strong team of grads from our ministry school for fire school of ministry who are serving in northern Iraq in Kurdistan and shortly after their arrival, there refugees began flooding at almost in their backyard. Suddenly there were tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people in real need people hurting both genuine Christian nominal Christian nominal Muslim religious Muslim sleep and having a wonderful time reaching out with the gospel with good news. So on the one hand president trump did Sarah will bring our troops home. I want to do my best to to bring our troops home and he said hey I'm I'm doing. It wasn't everybody excited but others say no this is this is the wrong time, place, we we we made a commitment to the people there and there's some very strong articles that have been written criticizing president trump, urging them not to do the same listing agent you just blinked newly early gone that the trimester of Turkey you let him win the day and you're listening to his lies and this is gonna be a disaster for the Christians and for the Kurds. The Kurds are fighting with all their might. This article saying Turkey committed ethnic cleansing in northern Cyprus. They will do so again and Kurdistan. So there are concerns here Kurdistan and then obviously Iraq Syria closely closely related here Kurdistan course in northern Iraq. So a lot of a lot of concern for what's happening. I know for fact that some very strong articles urging the president to reconsider have been given to his staff on high-level and hopefully have gotten into the hands of the president as well and this is something we can certainly pray for God to have his way, and if if in fact it is going to be bloodshed for many innocent people and American troops can help now, then by all means God turn the president's heart. There's more to the story though. According to what I've read, and I have no inside information on this just what I write what I just told you was inside information in terms of article strong articles urging the president to change minds and he made a terrible mistake. I know for fact that those have been given to major players in his staff with the goal of getting it directly into his hands, that I know what I'm about to say. I just know based on reading the same stuff you read based on seeing the same stuff you see so so in a nutshell, I read that the Prime Minister Netanyahu did his best to dissuade president trump from this decision and was not able to dissuade him and that Israel is a whole is not happy with this bit because basically it just gives Syria and Iran, based in Syria much more free reign to attack again through Hezbollah and others, and from what I've read Israel is ready begone to up its bombing of Hezbollah targets and in anticipation of potential attack, but there is there is a lot going on and I want to speak with with Michael.

Michael Karen from from Israel and discuss these issues so Michael had not there we go. Glad to have you on the line of fire today. Thanks so much for calling in to be with you always enjoy listening to your brought your podcast, even overhearing Israel will thanks Ursula it's about 1040 in the evening. There is 940 and 40, 1040 okay got it right first before we talk about Syria.

Talk about road to Abraham and the work that you involved with in Israel will rear work or networker type of work on all over the goalie we participate together in the project, relief related some of them are discipleship, some of them are prayer initiative and them.

Basically, it kind of framework around the idea 19 Highway so the Scripture.

The very specific Scripture that actually finds expression in many places through the Bible but it started clearly outlined in the vision that either out of the highway that would not only bless Israel, but would blessed the entire earth. And so we were not were not so concerned about the road there, what kind of the same path of Abraham followed from.

Down to Egypt and then ended up in Israel were there is a coffee but the field is much as we are using it as a framework for doing ministry in the Middle East but will try to bring together people from many nations.

Background part of the ethnic group to give a different expression, a kingdom expression to people in the mentally dotted and you yourself, you get interesting family background time on your life. Kids adopted kids so I actually started off at the University going to serve intimately and ended up in Turkey where I met my wife, a Turkish Armenian actually her father was a survivor of the Armenian genocide, and I wasn't even thinking at that point about marrying somebody from the Middle East, but the as it as it was, I was praying for her husband and the Lord spoke that this is going to be your life you're going to be her husband. I was bit shocked by this because I couldn't really speak during our also a lot of other third of the barriers to this relationship at any any way to make a long story short, my claim to fame was the poster translator 33 years ago and have four children and then we adopted to foster to Sudanese refugee children in Israel, but there became Israel in 1992 to use it as a base to go in the Muslim world.

We didn't really know about the highway and how it can affect our work. But the more we started read the Scripture and looked at the caller God placed in our lives to the Turkish and Kurdish welcome Israel. We start to see that not only we had this vision, the people coming from all over the world. Many nation with this vision of a highway that I read the Scripture Isaiah 19 I want to do this. How do I do it and we were the same place they were with it were not really sure that it it sure is compelling, interesting, and at the it again started us on a journey that continues to this day, and you obviously have intimate knowledge about Turkey being much more secular nation in recent years, then shifting more to the right under the current Prime Minister we do want to focus on Syria will get there in a moment, but if you can just give an overview and maybe a minute and 1/2 or so, what's happening with Syria axis with Turkey today will not current in the mid to late 80s. There is a very strong late 70s early 80s there was a strong communist movement in Turkey and that would not only affected many ethnic part and and hearing many important of society, but to make it very very short. Basically, the current student develop their own nationalistic movement in the style used of the country and that that became a that became apparent. Every action against Turkish nationalism, that which had gone from you know from 1920, though they weren't denied basically the current even any kind of cultural any kind of ethnic any kind of expression of who they were the people of the reaction after about the whole thing 50 years and basically for the last 20 or 30 years. The Kurds in the in the eastern part of the country have started their own path to know you maybe forming our nation but least having some kind of cultural, linguistic expression there though this is been an ongoing problem. Even secular nation. Now the last 15 years. The current administration. The unjust government party took over. Their idea was distorted as he says this is just a job right here in the sense of self. On the other side of the break and sell what you hear. Michael's heart is really versions about the Kurds and about prison comes decision.

I think it's important here.

This right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown need not mean that he was singing know it's early Thursday and a lot of fire. So much for joining us and I can give the phone number out out because a lot of devote the rest of our time to my guest Michael carob from Israel so Michael you were talking about the Kurds in Turkey and some of the development there. Just a quick question to clarify this for our listeners and viewers. What makes the Kurds.

The Kurds, who are the Kurds you have them endure the rock you have them in Turkey. Is it an ethnic group is a religious group, how we define the Kurds. The Kurds are about anywhere in about 35 to 40 million people are probably the largest ethnic group in the world today without termination date may trace their roots back to the ancient means who were an interesting group that we find in the biblical narrative and are very much a part of the time that the Jewish people in exile under Inman in the Medo Persian Empire but them today they be the calculate mainly for different countries that are found in portable come to the military strategically in southeastern Turkey Northwestern Iran northern Iraq and then in Syria. Eastern Syria alright so why should we in America and I am asking these questions because many Americans don't understand this. Why should we in America be risking the lives of our soldiers in Syria for the sake of the Kurds summing their mother. People around the world. We can't be everywhere and help every moment we love to do that but America is not the world's policeman. So why do we what we have any relationship with them.

When we care. Why is it important that our troops are helping the Kurds should some items for us during the whole. During the war during regional work and emergent devices.

Kurds in Eastern Syria and the Democratic Syrian army and everything has been mainly populated or mainly made up of Kurds not only from Syria, Iraq and Iran, not only men but women as well. They missed some of the most loyal part of the fighters on beat with the coalition forces with United States and Eastern.

And there they stood side-by-side and really put their lives on the line to stop Isis note of progress, inferior, and in a way of not stop there. It'll keep going and of acute going to come to Israel come to Israel ago to the west. So in a way were war isn't just about Syria separatist about the Kurds that affect every nation epic nation in Europe infects the West as well and throwing away their standing on a on the front lines of the battle that in the sentence for many of the freedoms that we hold dear. Only here in Israel, but in the West as well. But there also see an interesting point of the Kurds see Israel as a model for them in the Middle East. Why because in a sense we build state here in the Middle East we go to state as a free and democratic state where people can know be free to express their faith to the most extensive be able to have the freedom that you know that most Western societies and the Kurds see Israel tomorrow you go the state. We want to state like that they see us really a model for them only about America relationship with the Kurds about America's relation of the throat.

Also about stemming the tide of no Iran desire to build a bridge from Tehran all the way to Beirut. Basically from Iran to the miniature income Iran to the Mediterranean. The thought occurred to stand right in the middle of that bridge so important. Now I know only for the United States and that if I get there often for now accurate for Israel, but they also stand and spent in a very strategic because they are sorted there. Their geographical territory really are. Also have some of the most richest land of mineral resources in Italy and and why. Why is it so somatic is 2006 is not that many people want to have such an impact. If we pull our troops out right is significant not only of them at the 2000 with the document that most of the 2000 are not volunteer what it does not denote infantrymen. Both are people that are special or expert report their training. They put together a 30 to about 30 to 40,000 fighting for Islamic state is not finished by anything. They still have a huge concentration right in the middle. They're just biding their time to got great resources there about this war is not over it all, though there strategic ally for us in that area and plus that 2000 really represent our commitment and assent to keeping things kind of where they are around there because the Kurds likely center there is that they are going to be under attack by many different nations because they inhabit many of the lands that have really rich resources in other countries. Blunt mesh resort, though, for various reasons, it's important we stand. Here's another thing the current history and current especially at some of the most open to the gospel right now any of the people around, looked at the mania today are in Europe summer northern Iraq as refugees other than Turkey in summer increase in therapeutic their spread out over the Middle East, but they are the most open right now to the gospel in a way they want to build a percent.

They want to build their own nation) in the center.

They might be ready set up a government everything like that and other also a Christian. During Christian.

Well and they understand that Turkey comes in their freedoms and their there through life as they know it could end it. There's Artie refugees starting the blood out of Easton. Into northern Iraq, up to a million people could be directly affected by a Turkish invasion and if this Artie happened in Northwest. So the what's happening on it very well known and thin right now in the middle of winter in the middle of winter.

Not easy for people to move and if refugees are going a lot of them are probably going to die on the way, is not a huge refugee problem around the Middle East. We don't need another one.

Do it in a way, it's crucial that we pray for this decision to be reversed not only for the sake of these people, but as well for the sake of what God is doing among them Emily and Ethan fair in Iraq but as well, and many other nation so were praying for the president to change his mind on this again. We've been there. We are involved in evenness if some folks are saying okay this this does raise humanitarian issues and in you race many points about Iran and Turkey, etc. but most evangelicals in America are concerned about Israel and they do believe that America should stand with Israel. So the people of Israel themselves and Prime Minister Netanyahu himself.

They're not happy with Pres. Trump's decision. What are they concerned with what what might happen with American troops pulled out of there who's going to fill the vacuum is as they see it. Big question.

Right now Turkey getting closer to Russia. Getting closer to enter for us to encourage them and that way doesn't seem like a very good strategic vision is to be completed here in Israel. Why because we talked about this highway that they're wanting to build another highway. I will not in the Bible. A highway from herein Tehran all the way to Beirut. This would put as well many other people, especially Israel. In jeopardy, and that way so Israel is less concerned about that because we live here working to take care of when I can trust the security to anybody else, but it doesn't make our job any easier because it emboldens people that are already have territorial design or the correct very very clear interest in a very clear sort of gold against Israel as a nation state and clearly speaking.

Turkey has turned in many ways, various, and their very much focused on you know on what is happening in Israel and not a very positive way. And so in a way this does embolden other people in the area that you are are not for Israel against his will, not out for Israel's best enter in the way we see America's support key in this thing and then pulling out would definitely be not a good thing for us and were concerned about who would build affect the real issue a prayer right now, not only for Israel only for the Kurds in Syria, not only for the situation, northern Iraq, with all these refugees as well. It could create another another humanitarian doctor as well as being a strategic decision that could have ramifications Western since that's that's a lot of information, but I would I would dare say that about 99% of that is stuff that was new to many a because we're when I hearing in those details when I hearing it in the humanitarian way it were more hearing in a debate for against Pres. Trump and and Michael. We've got a good sized team.

As you know that's based in northern Iraq, rest for ministry school serving there. They love the Kurdish people they work among them there. Seeing fruit there. Seeing Muslims coming to faith non-Christians coming to faith have a house of prayer going on there. Discipling teaching and of course the question of, you know there's always that the push for Kurdish independence and an that would have massive ramifications of the region as well, but you can't say a whole lot about what's happening in the Muslim world without the training conference here there's you have to speak in general terms, but all are you is someone eyewitness in the middle of this on the subject at one minute.

Are you seeing a real increase in terms of genuine Muslim conversions.

Muslims coming to Jesus in the Middle East.

Yeah, you know, in a way God will use any situation from of them are not Greek others all think to work for good for those who call them and I believe the Kurds are called. At this time in history, and so you know in a way we seen a horrible tragedy but think non-Muslims are more open today than they've ever been

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