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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 14, 2019 11:12 am

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 14, 2019 11:12 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/11/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Alright let's do it. Come on you got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

What a joy to be with you today on the line of fire. Couple hours ago I was over at our oldest granddaughter school.

She's 18 and speaking to her class. The Bible class about why we can trust the Bible, why were confident that the Bible is God's word is been transmitted to us reliably bentonite will be debating Dr. Dale tugging strongly opposes the Trinity, and in particular the idea of the deity of Jesus, so that debate if you're anywhere in the Charlotte Concorde North Carolina area. Join us tonight 7 PM admission. Of course, is free, that will be 7 o'clock tonight Eastern time and if you want more details go to Esther to SK DR Brown double-click an itinerary or you can watch a live stream on the S Dr. Brown Facebook page, SK DR, Brown should be live streaming the debate and pray that Jesus, the eternal son will be highly exalted tonight. You got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH number to call and we will dive right in.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, Bellini, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown thank you for all I dislike about John. John about the first John and Don John wrote to the belittling Jewish and that I am on the road to general lack Jewish and Gentile is generally understood that John wrote to believers that this was to the church in certain areas, and then to be circulated among other churches, so this would rightly be called a general letter or general epistle, James Jacob was deftly written to Jewish believers.

And just like Galatians was deftly written to Gentile believers. Some argue that first Peter was written to Jewish believers. There is debate about that, but the letters of John would be called general letters. They were written to all believers.

Jew and Gentile to be circulated among other churches as well.

Okay well I thought that my question I might let you you're very welcome godless you, sir, 8663 for 87884.

All subjects are welcome as long as the subject matters appropriate for Christian radio and then if you call me it should be an error I can help you know if if you want to ask about what kind of tires are used in your race cars that can help you on that review.

You want prescription for a medical disorder can help you with that but whole range of subjects. Hopefully we can help you with 866-34-TRUTH go to San Diego, California Carlos, welcome to the line of fire around that figure from you. Thank you out. My question was again on the binder and you've gone over that time and time again, but I was listening to Dr. Bill Qureshi at the Monaco appointment at the way from North America. Yeah, you did a good talk about his dad and his dad a practicing Muslim would receive dream that confirmed event in his life and it sounds very much like things that Christian experience so hot. How do we I just think about those things where there are other people to have the answers when they experienced P and affirmation, and end up pretty much my question, yes. So let's look at several different possibilities. Okay. One possibility is that it's just our interpretation. In other words, were concerned about something women do tomorrow. We have a dream about a sunny day and we think okay it's going to be okay and when everything is okay. We think was confirmed by dream and it just it it's our interpretation of that were making the dream means something it doesn't. That's certainly a possibility.

Often we dream about things that are on our minds and therefore it may seem to tie in more with real life and we think it supernatural is just very natural.

So that's one possibility that it's a totally natural phenomenon.

Nothing supernatural little. Another possibility if the dreams were bringing false revelation and false information and turning someone away from God and away from the truth that we would say that those were demonically inspired right that would be another option. Then when it 1/3 option would be that there are things a little bit beyond our natural understanding in the spiritual realm that some of us are more in tune with, for example, women often have intuition about things that men don't. And though see something, it's clear to them. It's just they intuited it's part of the way their wired maybe his father was wired a certain way that his dream life tidy and more with the natural course of life, etc. that's possible but again without being there to analyze it or look at it or know all the details were the total distance here. So get one possibility is nothing to it whatsoever. Just a figment of imagination, argument, example we were many, many years ago visiting some friends in a decades ago and they have a little girl, maybe two or three years old and when we got over there. They said how was the ride we should find this in any accidents we said no. They said anything year accidents. We said no. This is all thank God because she was really praying before you came in on a little way she thought there was going be an accident you spray looks like.

God answered her prayer. Maybe he did maybe deliver us from an accident or maybe there was no trouble at all and this little girl just thought there would be so you know things like that can happen. You don't want to make everything supernatural, but if if I met someone that didn't know the Lord that talked about all the supernatural confirmations they got her voices. They heard and it was very real and supernatural than I would think somehow they were just in touch with the demonic realm with there's a lot of spiritual activity in the world.

Some of it is good so it is bad there just more in tune with that. The bad spiritual activity that so I would look at it. Thank you Dr. Brown and an author you over here and then to California for the constant awesome next month right yet there all right wonderful thank you Carl 8663 for 874, let me say this plainly, I do believe, according to Scripture that God continues to speak to us in dreams and visions ask the second chapter, Peter says this is for the last days, your old men will dream dreams, young men will see visions.

It's often in the book of acts softened in the Old Testament. There's nowhere it says it would cease. Doesn't it doesn't mean you're adding to the Bible, plenty people in dreams and visions that are not recorded in the Bible. It does mean you get doctrine from that, but it's undeniable that in the Muslim world.

Many Muslims are coming to faith, dreams and visions. Often the dreams and visions connect them with someone who preaches the gospel to them with. There's no denying God at work in that no denying the people of supernatural dreams and visions that warn them of things to come that help them grow in the Lord than enable them to minister to others. So I embrace everything the Spirit does with joy besets my intent to embrace a business.

This was going to test everything based on the word of God, 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Bob in Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown I have a question about genealogy in the first time a quick testimony about our Democrat is for the genealogy. Specifically, the early lunch from Adams window know what Abraham one could have a parent numbers of years associated with them.

Those either the Hebrew language or the typical background of the Whiting route genealogy. At that time allow for missing people or Yes so if if you'll look at, say, the commentary on Genesis 3 chapters of Genesis by Jonathan somebody one of the most learned young earth creationists, he would say there's no way to find gaps in it and the dates would seem to be inclusive so-and-so lived such a certain number of years and had such and such a son, then you have XM or more years died than that son lived X number of years, etc. had a son, so it would seem to be no gaps if you just read it in the most straightforward way and I respect young earth creationist who read the text in that way that within the Hebrew language. The word son could simply mean ancestor just like we talk about Abraham, Jesus being the son of David, the son of Abraham and Matthew one so we know it means that the descendent of the descendent of Hebrew courses. It works very naturally and that was giving son and grandson descendent, but we have all the years laid out it's more difficult to read like that, others would say that when you look at ancient near Eastern genealogies. They'll often have large spans of time condensed into a few key figures so the only way that you could read it like that in Genesis 1 and the young earth creationist will argue against it, but this would be the way you target that Adam lived X number of years and then had a son who had a son who had a son who had a son who's best known son was so-and-so that was.

It skips several generations and then it gives you the next with. There's no evidence of that in the Hebrew text as we have it. If the person being Adam and then Seth because Abel was killed and it is genealogy goes through Seth.

So will be do have the information, it seems that there are no gaps there. Others would argue that that's a have to read it that that so-and-so had a song about a son with his son, culminating in the next famous name in it. So that's how you would have those those gaps.

The question would be why would you have those first years that that you have such and such before he had with his first son than a son son son son son so I would say this to an end, all of you listen know that I have young earth creationists on the air and old earth creationists on the air over the years, but I would say if you didn't know anything else about length of time about scientific evidence for how long.

Human beings have been here if you know anything else. Then you would say there just reading it in the most straightforward way with that, sir, if you can give me like 45 seconds the power music testimony go for all right I was married a few years ago regarding children and we got a miracle fun without 47 years old and it happens to me very frequently when I have a little decision to make about your work on this book project, respect, spent time with him but I remember a song or 80s by Harry Chapin cats in the cradle know that vaguely well anyway basically about. I was too pretty for assignments. I grubbing this is a vital time. I have thousands of events is the fact is song's message is timeless. It stays with you. I and I'll tell you all my Bob to share this excerpt: we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown friend got answers 7884 the earlier call in the better chance we have of getting to your call. In a moment. Well, in a few moments to read a quote you about contemporary Christian music.

I can say what was written but can be a shocker you like are you serious, so trust me you want to stick around for that okay member. All this week my brand-new book I just signed several dozen copies my brand-new book, the power music God's call to change the world one song at a time, together with audio interviews I did from worship leaders and songwriters in Christian music artists all the audio interviews and the book at a special price at our website. Esther Brown a SK DR That's why Bob wants your testimony about the power music so I had a cut in didn't get to hear the final part of it, but ran out of time. Okay, back to the phones we go to Chris in Toledo, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thanks for taking my call truth that I have a question about Unitarianism that may be a little warm up a precursor to type debate.

Yeah, I've heard you another debate with Unitarian say that it idolatrous for Unitarian to worship Jesus and like like you to explain maybe a little more detail. Scripture why it is idolatrous and end up in Europe I made out time for follow-up. Surely, so Unitarian like talking tell you that I'm debating tonight is not like a Jehovah's Witness who believes that Jesus was the first created being and is is supreme and exalted, but is not full deity. Dr. tug be like as a buzzard and Joseph good the James White and I previously debated that he believes that Jesus is a glorified man that the son of God did not exist until he was conceived in the womb of Miriam Mary. Therefore, we are bowing down to a glorified man. Therefore, we are giving glory that God's is for example in Isaiah 42 he shares with no one else were giving glory to a created being given glory and honor and praise. That is only due to the creator who said have no other gods before me.

We are taking verses like Isaiah 45 which says every knee will bow to Yahweh and every tongue will confess and applying that to Jesus, and if were doing that and he in fact is not eternal deity than its idolatrous idolatry by its very nature is to give the worship that is due to the one God and give it to any other being an angel be a statute be a demon posing as a deity. A human being that's highly exalted by God.

Any of those would be idolatrous because that type of worship and adoration obeisance belongs only to the one true God in Scripture.

Okay I got a follow-up to the transferring who believed in and commit natures within the person Christ worshiping in the person Christ spoke human and divine in so knowing the worship of the first thing you first thing is, the Bible doesn't call us to try to understand all the details of the incarnation.

One thing I'm not doing tonight is getting into a philosophical debate on I'm looking at what Scripture says I can try to work things out of my Newman might normally interacting with creeds.

My only desire is to say what Scripture say and open up with the Bible says as best as I can and then bow down to that I worship God I worship God with his invisible. I worship God with his clothes in human flesh worship God. That's it. He's the only one there. If you worship, adoration, aren't you worshiping creator and creation in the Purkinje creator during the creator Tori sees me that it found me a story and what it feels like you're splitting a person between human nature and divine it online worshiping an LOI only worship God with his clothes in human flesh and still worshiping God through God to his being closing using a flash is being closed in human flesh did not detract from his deity is fully God and fully man and clothes human flesh did not detract from his deity.

So I worship deity. Okay, I guess that's not a story like you know you and Chris just to be clear, I don't think in creedal ways that the down decree.

I'm thinking creedal ways or even most of my bleeding life.

I didn't even know what historians believe that that I looked it up. Okay all I know is, God appears a few peers in human form. A few peers in the cloud. If he's invisible enough on my face and worship that's that's what I know and and is is if his deity was diminished if you cease to be God by taking on human form. Then we be worshiping flesh out a listing of the debate. Midas experience that if you are bowing down the worship of person you would like because you can't differentiate between human and divine natures in the person Jesus as you worship Jesus would seem like you're both worshiping a human and the divine nature. Somehow things like other would be idolatrous in that way, but I'll always motivate my day. I listen, I understand what you're thinking and and I can have the same dialogue with the religious Jew you know if your clothing God in human flesh that is a wonderfully God, or something like that. But to me it's never been the slightest issue or hang up, but I do appreciate the question.

I imagine something like that will will come up and I'll be challenge more more deeply as we go with thank you sir for asking 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Eugene and Fort sill, Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire. Not are you again. I called and can you hear me okay I think.

So if you're okay, just about it.

Question and you might not be able to get my folder on that I am at work right now I'm on the clock might have to go by on we look at the Scriptures like thinking printing I've written that the cast down every thought mine makes it clear… That are contrary to God, get mine and my time and birth. I believe for five or keep it mentioning my people anything I put the strength to follow management that there is a such thing I don't like strangers there and I'm not. I read it here a lot. Everything okay but I do it a lot with the be on some type of neglect are going on. I'm often there, like on. I'm not sure what it would be called to being an artist. But I one point I kept getting in question that giant golfing Butte throughout the day like you are read something about God like you that how you worship and I believe John nine I find medically ill doctor of the country later… Date… A man might how do you deal with with being better, contrary to the faith that come against the mind and not really all I wanted to serve the Lord. I don't even have an issue that I didn't have mine issue there. How do I live and in faith in my life there is this this is obviously a painful, challenging thing to deal with and I don't want to belittle it or or speak in a way it is.

If it's just an easy easy thing to do and am about to say but I'm sure few things the spiritual realm is real. And then there are other things just sometimes my own mind works. That these thoughts can be tormenting and distracting. So the first thing I would do is cast the thought down by by intent, meaning I'm I can listen to these other voices if there contrary to Scripture I know where they're coming from the reader coming from the demonic realm from my own flesh, but if there contrary to Scripture. I'm gonna put those down that this mean that I can be there this mean there will be harassing, but it's like okay I'm in ignore this.

Just like if you're driving in the car and in your hear his voice say you don't turn over into the other lane are yet you just ignore it and you keep going. That's the first thing the second thing is. Sometimes I found that when I've gone through something like that that just getting with the Lord over period of time really shutting myself in and praying and talking to him sing God I'm struggling with this Agatha's crazy thoughts laying it all out that sometimes that can bring a sense of peace.

The second thing the third thing is you might really need some ministry you might need to sit with sooner spiritual leader sure was going on and get prayer for freedom. There could be something oppressing or attacking you and and sometimes someone with some experience and wisdom can help deal with that. The first it's like ignore the letter. How if I get hit plenty of times before I preach. I get hit with you and I can have a message that you you get sick you got this and you just ignore it and keep going and it does mean that the pain goes away. But you're not interacting with, you're not fighting at all the time.

Often the fire starts to go out one of the 70 wood and the more I ignore something, the more dissipates and then again quality time just having a heart-to-heart with the father struggle with this often this piece of grace that comes as you give it to him. If you don't find freedom then that I would really go and get prayer and ministry. There could be some other things going on where you need some help is God certainly wants you to be in a place where your heart and your mind or guarded with this piece and where your free from this torment and if you're struggling to find that place, then God will help you through others to find that place. It certainly his design will hate pray for grace right now, Lord, in Eugene that you help him. Whatever that the the source of the struggles these problems. This mental torment is Lord, help them get to the root of it, and set them free. This mine can be set on you. In Jesus name, amen. Hey, thank you for calling friends will be right back with more of your calls 866-34-TRUTH an interview, you hear a call if your burdens recall the only spray we had a great prayer team. All you listening and watching to the line if I would come back on the start with this wild quote about contemporary Christian music and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends on the far you got question and answers. Each so early this week.

My newest book, the power music God's call to change the world one song at a time, was released. Many folks like what you wrote a book on the power music but music is been important to me for decades since power for good or evil and really felt that burden to do this is a labor of love for worship leader, songwriters, musicians, singers, worshipers and all lovers of music so you get the book and all the audio interviews we did this week with Becca Shane Colletti Glick Claire and Erin Crider who wrote the sender revolution theme song for Lana fire Paul Wilbur missing the Jewish worship artist all those interviews, together with the book over the website asked Dr. 866-34-TRUTH before go back to the phones.

This was posted by C. Matthew McMahon, here's a quote you ready about contemporary Christian music. There are several reasons for opposing one. It's two new to its often worldly, even blasphemous Christian music is not as pleasant as the more established style because there are so many new songs can't learn them all also puts too much emphasis on instrumental music, rather than ungodly lyrics. This new music creates disturbances, makes people act indecently and sorely the preceding generation got along without it it's all young and that really speaks to today will check this out.

This was written by William Romaine and Anglican Calvinist. In 1775, critiquing Isaac Watts hands.

Yeah, it was called an essay on psalmody against the hymns that Isaac Watts had written.

When I survey the wondrous Cross of God, our help in ages past. Give forgot a moral praise of the other hymns that they begun using in their code contemporary worship of the day wow oh wow yeah amazing 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jeremy drawn the line of fire Dr. Brown for taking my question we come out looking to one of your podcast where you paralleled the Aramaic member with the low back letter yeah absolutely fascinating. I love it.

My question is it out. I translate may talk about a low gossip being like the divine essence, the ultimate reason in the universe essentially art something along the lines that make that but then you hear how the disciples they ready to give our time and attention to prayer and to the logo right thought about their record in the Scripture there, Jesus, but then referencing the Scriptures that the written word that so commonly used the written word and then would turn any with the NETs explaining is the concept of Lagos in the Greek world and is expressed by Philo. The Jewish philosopher, a contemporary of Jesus would point to some of these other aspects of divine essence or wisdom or expression, and then the member and Aramaic was a bit more of a circumlocution or a way to speak about God communicating and acting without having him do things directly and there's the derivate was was John one borrowing more from the Greek Lagos thought or from the Aramaic member thought they overlap, but they have different aspects to them. Okay, so if you're tech about us going. Contracted with Raima for example, and you have your faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Raima of God is correct to say that the Raima is more when God illuminates or speaks the words you essentially are closer just not starting to get reticent a very famous misconception popularized by some of the best known for the faith.

Teachers there may be something to the concept. Thereafter, in the Raima and Lagos are used quite interchangeably in the Bible that if you'll just go through the New Testament and search for Rhema and search for Lagos you'll find their use quite interchangeably and can both speak of the written word as as well as communication and other form so you know it's it's based on by hearing hearing by the word.

It doesn't mean only getting Revelation or the spoken word or the so-called Revelation were to Rhema word it it's it's a common phrase we used but it's not based in Scripture okay now. Take for example a greater byword for lot remain slightly different thing that we have two words for word here. Do you know what the is there a clear differentiation that you have to do is is look at every single verse and see if you can find different stations but remember that the degree you know that the Ogg Apollo right so if agape love. That doesn't just mean that, for example, in first off I don't love the world, it's Ogg, Apollo, so sometimes we overdo some of distinctions but Jeremy, it is important to realize that exact synonyms are somewhat rare that there are slightly different nuances between one word or another. But if I throw out five English words that are similar and say what's the difference you'd be hard-pressed to really find much of a difference. But if you look at the lexicon and see how words are listed.

Sometimes the give you slight distinctions and emphasis here there, but there is a lot of overlap between these words. It's, it's, let's just say the simple way we break it down to the spoken word versus the written word or the revelatory word versus the written word that's not supported by the text. If you dig and think you've come up with some examples either the lexical work by doctoral dissertation was on one Hebrew word it's ancient near Eastern context and then a lot of the other studies I've done word studies for theological dictionaries which are Jewish you take out your concordance and you look at every single time the worker occurs. The verbs use the noun is used and then you start to break it down with different context, different nuances with the base root meaning is and sometimes you can find more distinctions, sometimes not. Hey thank you sir for the call and the questions 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Andrew was going on and her Los Angeles friends, we suddenly have a liner to open. So now's the time to call 86634 we go to Rosalee and Spokane, Washington. Thank you for calling the line of fire. Dr. Bentley, and I very thought occurred to me pretty much. Thank you, thank you. I am really tumbled over the third Temple and my frequent Minuet intermittently planked already. I because of their unbelief after I'd become a generational issue because all the lamp into Revelation and think they will not recognize antennae asking how he received his thinking about Dan Ivey, my friend and I get it yet so so what Zechariah 13 is a whole different subject as to whether that's messianic prophecy are not certainly Zechariah 12 is the look to him with a pierced and we know that Paul writes in Romans 1125 that the hardness on Israel is only partial was not over all the people in every generation is a remnant who believes and then it's not for all time is the end on the heels of the fullness of the Gentiles coming in all this will be save the be a national turning as you speak of, but yes, it's generational but it's generational and it's a way that is very understandable.

For example, if if I strongly rejected a particular teaching that I grew up with and and my wife rejected that teaching that she grew up with.

Now where I teach our children a certain way then they're going to teach their children a certain way. So when you have the Jewish nation as a whole, rejecting the Messiah and the leaders rejecting the Messiah and then as a judgment, hardness of heart coming. Now it's only natural that when the next generations are taught to be taught and situated doesn't believe in Jesus and the further down you go, the deeper he can get. So what was an open question in the first generation is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah became a very close question. Over the centuries only a small remnant leave at others it wasn't even an option. So it is generational. But it's not even that God has to actively do something. It's just the father's passing things onto the children to their children and the generations that follow the make sense making the fact that the Christian world will tell you about it a lot have to come to cry everybody out. I'm not sure that because if the blade work to let you get that right generational.

He they are no removed and would be careful and terrible thing to go again. Your father before you over the upstart 2000 years ago. They called it of God to win. Yes, it's a little silly yes on their tempo will that the third Temple is really even even a I. I know it's troubling to you but it's ultimately a secondary issue in terms of the sun on the minds of most Jewish people around the world now intermittent and religious Jews believe that when the Messiah is revealed little builder templates one without the recognize and so ugly that will be part of a final deception before final tourney but let me just run a couple of thoughts for you briefly. One second Corinthians 3 this it is avail over the heart.

But when anyone turns to the Lord, the veil would be removed so whoever the person is, no matter how religious do whatever their background if they earnestly seek God the Fontenot. I have rabbi friends Rosalee who were some of the most devout people you'll meet very very much in terms of everyday praying and and and wanting to please God and I believe that they'll find the truth that they'll find the Messiah that he'll be revealed. That's one thing a second thing is I know it's not an exact parallel but what if you grew up in the Muslim world, and religious Muslim home and and you've got 1400 years of saying hey Mohammed is the true prophet and it be a fearful thing to break away from your family.

There and yet God holds Muslims were accountable Hindus accountable and that ultimately will all stand and give account to God. I will say that lightly. It breaks my heart to think of my Jewish friends or family is don't believe in the Lord to think of the being lost is is heartbreaking to remember Paul carry that agony in Romans nine he was in continual pain if there was another way for his people to be saved.

He witnessed carry that pain witnessed carry that burden.

But that's what we pray with cheers. That's what we do outreach. We believe every individual to God.

I'm not the judge of anyone. God is the judge and and he is the one who will decide everyone's eternal fate, but if there was another way to God outside of Jesus the Messiah. He wouldn't have had to die for our sins hate got a wrong got a breaker but thanks for finding out about the broadcast and hopefully will hear from your family again in the future. 866-34-TRUTH I'll be diving right back in salute. See Bryson Frank Courtney great curate next week. It's as many calls as we can and I'll remind you about the debate taking place tonight they'll hug the Unitarian denies he needed Jesus hit I debating father long to God according to Bible. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us a advantage of or digital library and asked her to Brown.Ward I got a video there. You Jews need to be saved. Explore the digital library and for all torchbearers.

All of our monthly supporters can access a lot more videos on demand a lot more material we have for you as well, but thousands of hours for everyone on the digital library's.

It is a short video to Jews need be saved again tonight 7 PM at fire church which is right near the Charlotte motor Speedway debating Dr. Dale tell you the subject is the father along the true God. According to the Bible is the God of the Bible.

The father alone tonight 7 PM 4323 Concorde Pkwy. in Concorde.

If you can't be there in person. Watch the live stream on the starter Brown ASCII DR Brown Facebook page.

All right, let's go to Bryson in Marietta, Georgia.

Thanks for: the line of fire.

Hey Dr. Brownback. My call on that. A quick question about the prophet Ben Daniel about the temple being destroyed and the Council that all that there had around even I'm about the Bible in front of me, but they were talking about like a woman want to take the temple and all you can't stop because why would Lee think that will get this started and Daniel already propped up by that that what happened you know we say hindsight is 2020 right and it's so clear to us that Daniel prophesied that but let's say you didn't know anything about it right the temples been rebuilt. You been delivered. You know it is the time of the Maccabees.

The temple was defiled under Antiochus epiphanies and then the Maccabees overthrew the Greek rain and and reestablish the Temple in you just think it's going to go on, do not expect you to be destroyed. So if you go back and read Daniel 924 to 27 as if you didn't know anything that it's not so clear that the temples going to be destroyed, and in hindsight it's totally clear but a lot of prophecy isn't as clear before it happens once it happens like Jesus dying for our sins. You look back in the Bible is like. How can you miss it. But before they are read Bible and didn't even see that so that and the other thing is, there were prophetic warnings, Jesus worn you referring to John 11, where the high priest Caiaphas is better that one man died and that the know, the whole nation be taken. They knew that that at that Rome could crack down on them.

They knew the danger that that's why they were concerned about messianic movements or someone claiming to be king, etc. but no, they it was a terribly traumatic event in Jewish history and terrible suffering. Hundreds of thousands going to Josephus, a million Jews killed tens of thousands crucified, a terrible trauma in the life of the nation. There are religious Jews. Bryson that to this day wake up at midnight to mourn the destruction of the temple, so I was it was a terrible trauma and again looking back, sir.

Yeah, of course, Daniel prophesied it, but was that a conscious thing that the people as a whole wherever leaders is how I I don't think so understanding. There were some others giving warnings, but they were considered friends but we know he Bryson always nice to speak with you. Thanks for your question 866-34-TRUTH out.

Let's go to Courtney and Birmingham, Alabama. Welcome back to modifier high-tech about my call hello back about a client at that and that you would apply that to the understanding maybe like let's say I think a pathogenic where it bent that people whom the Lord or when I read that passage and especially neighbor linking and making a have great power back and forth, you start to luckily he that Isaiah is directly called Yoda hey Bob that we had out they had not yet had bought a ring that he might be actually at him right now he sees there is never ever call that I say is never addressed as Yahweh and interaction he's he's never referred to rather Yahweh is speaking through a man is just like that I was to prophesy and say I the Lord say to you, everyone understands that I'm not the Lord that I'm speaking prophecy or from reading the Bible to say I the Lord so you understand I'm reading someone else's word so the show Lee off was a messenger and this truly in certain cases would be respected. The way the one sending him was respected, but the shoe lift was not equal to the one sending in every respect. For example, I might send someone to represent me right and my authority is in them.

II send my grandson who's one of my grandsons there 15 and they say Dr. Brown says this is such an you have to obey it as if I said it, but that doesn't mean that you're married to my wife or you become the parents of my children or grandchildren are considered and into my radio show so totally everyday. I am the only mention that because some Trinity deniers claim that everything about Jesus authority deity that is really not his own that it's that that he's just the father's representative and that's why he spoken of in such highly exalted transmitter breaks down.

It only goes so far I'm not again have a quick nap. I don't share their beliefs. But I do believe that I am the vine, I do not think he is equal to the father.

So I guess where would you qualify me as part of their belief that maybe don't believe the issue of divine heretical. Where would you qualify me at if I fall into the category of absolutely 100% believe that the Messiah is divine. I just don't think he is an equal. Maybe, you do an English so that the father so I would. I would say you're on a journey, and your bit confused on the journey. That's why would put because there's not more than one God. There is only what about Psalm 45 and when and as I like you to follow him along major throne of God's revenue. Messiah is called God the same way that God the father is called God. If so, how many gods you worship, I conked at that this doesn't work because it doesn't work because the same praise that goes to the father goes to the sun in Scripture because in Revelation 22. It speaks of God and the Lamb insists his servants will see his face and worship him only one God and so this is not actually out there that that doesn't work and it says that all things were created by him and for him. That is not what is truly a messenger does.

It's simply not the way it works. Courtney at time you common man under like work at the map and are entwined trying to convey a concept like that and I saw this is the son's eternal and uncreated, and we call him Lord and we bow down to him the exact same way we balance Yahweh and he is actually identified as Yahweh in the Old Testament, the sun is explicitly called Yahweh in the Old Testament is there more than one Yahweh. If you don't mind reading Evan in Hebrew. The reason why I ain't directly and we know that he is not Yahweh you're comparing apples with oranges is as one has to okay doesn't say that the world was created through Isaiah] does it say that we we give all praise to Isaiah and bow down to him and call him Yahweh. No wallet is is is there's no confusion. He is a messenger is speaking for the Lord that that's all. So it's it has nothing to do with all the adoration that's that's given to you shoe in Scripture.

With him being called God.

Isaiah calls him mighty God so what I encourage you to do. Courtney is this is step back and accept the scriptural revelation that this one God is revealed to us his father son and Spirit that the sun comes into this world and humbles himself, and so submits to the father and that the Spirit testifies about the sun one eternal God.

For whatever reason you have a hard time embracing that. I just encourage what watch the debate tonight as we exalt the sun and and except the scriptural witness and is one God that we worship in one got only, not multiple gods one God only is been revealed to us his father son and Spirit.

The father is God the son is God. The spirit is God same one God hate I can get some of the calls with the thanks for calling and probing.

I appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH Andrew and Gaithersburg. Time is short, but dive right in. I will go to Dr. Brown. Good good bill for the time short.

I wanted to thank you for your power.

You power of music.

Oh and I also appreciated all the more because I'm awful when hiring songwriter Urso, it does encourage me to hear that and start and I started writing back when I was in my coat storming to document 16 but I never really got to recording it, but you're so it is really been encouraging you not to give up on it and listen folks, if you missed any of the broadcast. Thank you and you and may the Lord give you grace to be used in music for the Lord Monday we went from soundtracks and movies to the rock scene to Christian music to talk about the power of music for good or for bad.

If you miss that it's on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown.

You can watch it there or on the Esther to website and then we had interviews with songwriters, music artists, all three weeks to get the audio interviews and participant, let's address the grounds alone tonight, the son of God eternal deity will be mightily exhausted. Thank

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