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The Self-Destruction of Our Culture

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 16, 2019 5:00 pm

The Self-Destruction of Our Culture

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 16, 2019 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/16/19.

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We've told you for years that the radical activists are going to overplay their hand is happening in front of her eyes for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. We've we've all heard about the prologue.

In boiling water that you put a frog in water and little by little by little by little, turn up the heat by the time he realizes how hot it is. It's boiling and it's too late now whether there's truth to that picture or not is not the issue. The issue is we use that illustration all the time to talk about societal change to talk about moral compromise to talk about spiritual backsliding.

Explain how it can happen little by little by little by little, and then suddenly when you recognize what's happening. It's too late. It's the situation in which we find ourselves today in America and not just America in terms of social and moral chaos and anarchy and collapse in terms of biblical morality in terms of commonsense sexuality.

On the other hand, things are getting more and more extreme to the point that people are finally waking up this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast. It is Wednesday on the line of fire today when sometimes we focus in on worldview what's happening in the world around us. The number to call 866-34-TRUTH the only one in the car. I will be listening to Scripture. It was up to make a phone call or something like that, really listening to the Bible today finished listening to a chapter thought I've got a minute or two before I get to the store I'll just shut it now ended up flipping on the radio for minute was Rush Limbaugh and he was talking about a law that is being discussed in South Dakota that would make it illegal for a man who identifies as a woman to or boy who identifies as a girl to compete in sports against females and he he had his own take on that.

Of course agrees with our position. The insanity of a pet is own take on account of radical feminism. They were just as good as my review of these goods, men etc. etc. so now you got men compete against the woman. They can't say anything, but of course this can be pushback well things are more extreme than you probably know I have a medical doctor online is about to join me in a moment my latest article you can read on our website is called the self-destruction of LG BT activism start by saying this. Sometimes in the debate record of law the best religious report looser simply to him or her continue to speak soon enough they sink their own ship. It's the same with LGBT activism more victory. It gains more, exposes and destroys it self amend was on the front line fighting for liberty and freedom and the right to self-determination in California.

Dr. Henri bundle is a courageous voice.

He is involved with a case now friend of the court with the alliance. The offending freedom an article on college gender affirming treatment for confused children has no scientific basis. Medical experts warn court quoting Dr. Ben. Also Audrey. We've interacted via email, but I think this is the first time we've spoken over the phone. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown for having up please just tell us your medical background first. I'm a board certified family position was a Navy officer, but I'm also I am the cochair of the committee on adolescent sexuality for the American College of pediatricians. I do want seven bloggers nationally for the Christian medical dental Association, but I've done my day being a family physician got it, and in what is it that you in such a volatile cultural battle is not enough just to care for your patients care for your family go to church when I just leave it there. Yeah, well, for one, brought up to help the whole idea collaborating with Christ and doing the right thing.

At least you're part of it was ingrained into me from when I was little and my interest was in more general dialectics of the whole culture of life and whatnot and on the whole GL BT segment of it. I actually thought well transgender is an gender dysphoria should be so obvious to people.

Surely this is something I won't need to get involved in the fight is about to happen as well as long so that my involvement began and it went into overdrive last year when California introduced AB 2119, which for simplicity elders called the transgender foster child, Bill, and I was part of a very small team but potbelly religion at.

We ended up losing. But it said heavily into the national and international level efforts that are across and you know all political boundaries.

All the latest boundaries. If it's really an all hands type awakening as you were saying. The people that are very distressed with what we see happening particularly the children, so there were two major bills in California one you say that your efforts to stop it from passing lost the other is at least been stopped temporarily so first yeah explained I would go yeah yeah X explain eight 2199 first. What did that bill entail, but are actually 317 99, which was withdrawn before it went to committee 29, 34, connect Republic by now everybody knows about trying to ban everything that even remotely designed to help people willingly alter their sexual orientation or gender identity 2119 was transgender foster turtle meeting at any foster child in California, in its original writing any foster child in California that demonstrates any degree of gender identity confusion must be affirmed at the old and on the foster parent on social services right on through the line that they lost a firm now. We did succeed in getting major alterations done that they took away the you must admit, sort of a general administrative guideline.

Obviously they were going to stop with that.

So we achieved something that we did not succeed in getting the bill either withdrawn or voted down. So let me play the transgender advocate role here and say Dr. Reynolds. Surely you know that many of these kids who are deeply troubled only find wholeness and peace when they are affirmed as the opposite of the biological say speak because really that their brains are different in their they really are like a boy and a girl's body and so many of them want to commit suicide. So many of them struggle so mightily and then when they transition the first time they have peace in, and there are many people living happy lives that of transition. So why are you opposing science and why are you willing to hurt these children because almost nothing that was very true.

The party line but it's not gender dysphoria. The idea that a person is very uncomfortable in the biological sex is as you say it identity and gender identity using psychological process, not physical. We know from the medical literature that the desistance rate. The rate which with with which an gender dysphoria goes away by adulthood and 61 to 98% of the American psychiatric Association DSM-V. If you look at it with assistance right there you have to flip them. Of course, could be presented in terms of persistent desistance rate is as high as 88% in girls and exceeding 70% and 98% in guide that's overwhelming, which is to say, this condition if you do about nothing is overwhelmingly likely to go away on its own, but not if you medicalize it and to medicalize it means your patient for life in any step taken to puberty blocking and then following that cross sex hormones. If both are done. It's pretty for sure that child sterile puberty blocking starts before the sperm and the egg mature and we know that only 5% of the use make any attempt to preserve their they are fertility by putting away sperm not, you can't. If you're not developed yet and that bad news and if you add to that gender affirmation. Surgery is the call sex change surgery now. Now that fit their whole life will be spent.

Further, being medicalize the complications that come from that reading to further medicalization. Contrary to the statement that affirmation leads to reduced suicide. We know from the study out of Sweden that followed three years of balder transition are that for those who did the whole thing right up to and through the surgery their completed suicide rate became 19 times that of the general population. So affirmation doesn't make it better is demonstrated, it makes it much worse.

We also know that through comprehensive psychological therapy for the patient and often for the family.

There is often family dynamics that are at play here that those are shown shown to be a preferred therapy that helps a great actually the greater number of patients and it is by far the least harm is nothing to take back everything out and about, is noted. Children don't have fully developed brain and the prefrontal cortex of the hill completed fully ready to go. 2025 Project out the long-term consequences we protect them in California. Kids can even use tanning bed not working say that they can engage in a lifetime of toxic hormones and and and reassignment surgery that fund medical butchery. They can't weigh the full consequences of that winter. 910 11 so I would argue that what were calling this whole gender affirmative therapy actually boils down to a form of child abuse and one day I was there one day to be about the class action suit and the people on the other Saturday yet.

Dr. Paul McCue of Johns Hopkins fame for many years with the most respected leaders in psychiatry, psychology in America and then became the enemy of the activists because he exposed everything you're saying some years back I was can be on Tyra Banks and it was the first time that there can be parading on TV these little children, 70 years old at record transgender and I shot him a note and I said hey have have you stayed up on research on this and he feels his views just the same. And then he said any type of medical intervention with the child is is a form of child abuse, meaning you put a kid on hormone blockers support that he called child abuse just as you did.

Dr. Reynolds drove a couple more minutes just to stay with us. I do all right, stay right there. I want to ask about is there a danger is on hormone blockers and then what about a mom affirming like a nine-year-old son is being a drag queen could have the capability to process all that her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown wake-up call because we love people because we love our freedoms because we love wholeness because we believe God's ways are vast on the society doesn't just drift from them but actively fights against them in fights against those who are trying to hold sanity. We must speak up and sound the alarm. 866-34-TRUTH I'm speaking with Dr. Andre Bonomo, Andre just was reading an article from last year attacking you is a loony website that often attacks me is a nutcase wherein were in good shape there. Your nutty physician in the lovely city of Redding California lease they got the factor VIII that your physician in the lovely city of Reading that's positive, but you have the right app. Yeah so so Andre you've recently been involved now in in raising concern about this whole issue of treatments that kids undergo hormones puberty blockers, etc. how much do we know about or are we experimenting on our kids how much of this is known proven science or are we just experimenting but literally doing wrong to our kids on quite competent were doing long short. Oh what we presented to the legislature in California is the National Institutes of Health's engagement $5.7 million study that is the first of its kind look at the medical effects of puberty blockers and children.

Only the second look at the psychological effect without quoting any other study that tells you right there. There is no body of knowledge to draw on the state level is jumping. They know that for a drug to get past the FDA that it it it could be hundreds of millions of dollars of testing and research and in the companies have to unbelievable money to get something through and and then if you see an ad on TV you know you're struggling with smoking cigarettes take this by the way, side effects can include dizziness, nausea, suicidal thoughts, depression, you know it's gotta draw and yet there is no kids 10 years old boys think she's a girl's body. By all means get the kid on hormone blockers and you're saying we haven't done massive research and testing and and vetting over period of many years before doing this quite typically, your question puberty blockers are not FDA approved for the use being used off label in the first place, and in terms of helping applicant put someone on the biologic mail program on high-dose estrogen, biologic, female, put on high-dose testosterone.

You get all the potential complications of those hormone in high doses and the understanding were talking about here.

The range of what's considered normal of the testosterone or estrogen levels in a gendered export person who's transitioning tenant up to 10 times the level that their biological sex is body would ever see.

Of course you're asking for complication blood clot, heart problems, even malignancy. Puberty block of a prepubescent child you're eliminating the part of their growth, which is where the greatest bone strengthening happened to your begging to have osteoporosis at a ridiculously young age, and it goes on and on and on this and this is not not proven effective in the don't think we should be doing quite so you you wrote an article came about a year ago of post on public discourse, probably elsewhere that the transgender is him is a state-sponsored religion what you mean by that I mean this is ideology, the medical case reporting.

This is paper thin scientific words, no soul.

Eventually, why would this being put forward ideology and an ideology that biology doesn't matter so as you know many other people. Higher ranking than I would stronger academic credentials in the US and in the UK look at it and say all this is the modern form of Gnosticism in its various forms that you have the idea that you can make physical reality conform to your will. I guess believers would look at it, they will. That sounds a bit like the philosophy of sorcery to document again when this is being imposed on 10.

This is just wrong in so many ways and I'm just looking at an article in the sink. The same website that often attacks me that attacked you a year ago for your your very article asking is transgender.

Some state-sponsored religion.

Good for you know another amicus brief, another antiscience crackpot position so it is wild that when you come with facts. When you come with science. When you come with love. When you come with concern the responses you must be a nutcase. So it obviously were hitting the nerve here and in this.

This must be expose what we've seen even more recently, though, is is what I've said for almost 15 years of those who came out of the closet one put us in the closet meaning it's not a matter of tolerance, diversity, it's a matter of my way or the highway. It's it's a matter of you know, not just accept no not just different but but you must celebrate everything empty with LGBT activism or you will be appose so right now the city of Denver has now banned all counseling for minors who are struggling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion so you get a seven-year-old boy.

Maybe he was molested by an uncle when he was a younger boy he sees confused about his sexuality. He's attracted to males but doesn't want to be. He wants professional counseling is parents affirm it merely a legal ilio exactly what you got it illegal right and and if it same thing a boy feelings trapped in a girl's body in a girl trapped the boys that's with their perception as they want.

I would rather be at home in my own skin it illegal to get professional because of the California and in New York, €16, about the passes. California went one step further. California tried to ban this for everyone, not just minors. Anyone who said I am troubled by same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion. That's why Doug is the most they gave Bill and ran it so that this almost passed. I mean it's outrageous even think this is possible, but given here. You live in California on the front lines of this battle.

Talk to our listeners give them a heart and an understanding of what's happening.

Well, we understand now that as we had predicted. There was no question. Assemblyman Lowe is going to introduce the successor to 2943 the old and it looks like this time you might've predicted there won't be any exceptions you won't be able to get out of it after religion, closet, or anything else. No thrill out of something along the line of you shouldn't be protected to engage in fraud and bigotry just because the religious something like that we should take encouragement in the Supreme Court, sniffly case from last summer were getting on changing the subject here to abortion. But how California was mandating that pro-life sinners must have posted big block print all over the place, the phone numbers where people can know the get a free abortion. So basically mandating speech on the part of pro-lifers you must be soliciting for abortion. But, of course you are doing it the other way around abortion clinics in Supreme Court ruled likely that method obvious violation of the First Amendment. So we have reason to believe that what California is trying to do and perhaps what has been done by 8 x 14 other state in the case of banning therapy for minors can be overturned, but obviously it's superior to prevent anything from happening, that is to hope in Supreme Court to be our Savior left damages.right and the other thing is, it may take several people getting arrested going to court having years and years of their life taken away and then they finally win at and then and then there's a good ruling that's passed, but obviously it's a whole lot better to avoid the car crash than to have the car crash and then have a successful recovery from the car crash and to drive more carefully.

The next time it's an all-out assault on our liberties and recently I and others drew attention to this whole now the phenomenon, not just of drag queens reading to toddlers and libraries and the ace. The ACLU was fighting for the drag queens against the great extremists who are trying to fight against the parents who care about the kids that only that now the celebrated drag queen kid, 10, 11 years, the celebrated called amazing.

So this kid 11 years old with his mom present performs in a gay bar.

People throwing money at him, and when went.

We took others took exception to it. She said what are you talking about.

This is blatant homophobia, and he's a professional letting yourself now is in Canada 10-year-old boy another drag queen is a photo shoot and is there if there is posing with a naked mandrake with this. This is absolute child abuse.

This is heterosexual it doesn't matter it and and I'm not hearing an outcry again is been committed around the world. Why, because of LGBT is going to be good since the homophobes and transposed to oppose it. We've got one minute before the brakes or as a family physician share your heart speak your heart to my listening and viewing audience know our legislators and our school officials in the public schools have to hear from the parent. I encourage you to engage what I called for Steve. Communicate your convictions with compassion encourage instability but do it and it doesn't have to be an article you can write a paragraph. You can call them on the telephone but every one of you, your legislators in your school officials must be hearing from you frequently regarding the subject that you are watching your concern and you think what's happening to the kids. Here is a form of abuse that there their responsive public pressure and is there a website that you would especially recommend a resource you do pretty well to look up the American College of pediatricians. They have plenty of you look at the stuff I've written the Christian medical and dental Society of their website, CDC, and just type my name to the search bar. So we got enough because pediatricians see MDA's public high entrées nonrefundable a and M. L bring us together and light will triumph the darkness of the English thanks for thinking that we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. I get it I get it.

I understand it's easy to get discouraged. It's easy to throw in the towel. It's easy to look at what's happening in the society around us and to think it is all release for America is over. Everything is going downhill. It's almost like looking at someone. Maybe there are 90 years old. They have a debilitating condition and they just fell and broke their hip and you think that there there and I can recover is just going to be downhill from there. Is that the case with America this is Michael Brown and you have tuned into the line of fire your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Your voice both Saturday and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church.

All too often in compromise. We have just produced. Consider this video number six.

This is about the most popular thing we have ever done some of the most impacting work we have ever done short videos about five minutes each with a clear, compelling message, animate it graphically to keep your attention just showed one of the videos last Friday morning was meeting with our oldest granddaughters Bible class at her Christian school talking but can we trust the Bible, so we started by showing a five-minute video from consider this series can we trust the Bible there on a website asked her to run a skid your brown dog org to see the banner for consider this, but we've got our newest video. I just want to play an excerpt for you because it asks the question and answers the question, is it too late for America. Rego is America past the point of no return. Have we fallen to form recover. It's true that we've had spiritual revivals great awakenings in the past but have we ever sunk this low for 20 models and 60 million abortion since 1973 about a radical redefinition of marriage in an all-out assault on gender distinction about a widespread scorning of the Bible and biblical values about an epidemic of pornography about massive spiritual and moral decline to the point that middle school children are sexing each other, sending each other naked pictures over time. A tremendous division on every front, political, social and ethnic hi recover from this couldn't be too late for America right so that's where we lay out the concerns if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube feed. You see the graphics that underscore what were talking about, but is it too late to get the full answer to give my get my reasons and understanding from history best with its too late for America or not.

Go ahead, go to website Esther to or YouTube channel. ASK DR Brown you'll find it right there on the homepage. Is it too late for America also if you enjoy these videos. If you are blessed by these videos, consider helping us consider supporting us a we do these with the help of our supporters and our friends.

It's a big project I I just heard from old someone in one of the best known profamily ministries in America and you say wow that's well how do you do it.

How long does it take that this is a lot of work from our team to do these, but we trust to make an impact. If you're blessed by them want to become a torchbearer want to become a monthly supporter is a monthly support, you get access to content that no one else has is a monthly supporter rescind your new audio message every month is a monthly supporter. When you order in our online bookstore you get a 50% discount.

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Let me talk you from about my latest article, the self-destruction of LGBT activists began one of my activist friends who has really gone through hardship for taking a stand for speaking the truth, exposing raw things he's been maligned. He's been blacklisted. He's lost money as families come under pressure. I was at a meeting with him that was hosted the church building and the building of vandalizing through brick at one of the windows that that's his life and when I asked want you to stop was a rhetorical question because I wasn't asking him to stop, but is an obvious question is the cost of this much you gone through this much, why not just stop this and I'll stop when they stop all stop when they stop so I want you to consider our consider this one.

Consider this the goal for LGBT activism is not tolerance, it's not diversity its dominance and exclusive exit again. The goal is not tolerance the ghost on. There is no tolerance of my viewpoint for your viewpoint that we hold to what the Bible says there is no tolerance of our viewpoint, we hold to commonsense nature.

There is no tolerance for our viewpoint. We have scientific data that differs with the claims of the act was no tolerance for whatsoever.

That's why there's an active push to to stop those who want to differ on any level, though thou shalt not differ with LGBT activism, which will suffer the consequences. So I I give some examples us a look as you just let this play out about the agenda on the timeout be a nice neighbor but if I listen you couple it was next door neighbors tree. I go out of my way to treat them graciously because of the new it was.

They probably think I was there and I go out of my way to be a blessing in their lives. I go out of my way to see if there's anything I can ever do to help them in any way.

What is there.

My neighbors called to love our neighbors as ourselves, especially because people like us who hold to biblical views can be considered bigoted or hateful, etc. so have to overcome that if if you are a coworker of mine and I found out you were careless. I take an even greater interest in your life.

Why be big because I I do care. I do love you probably suffered a lot of rejection over the years probably have a negative view of people like me you may have a skewed view of God, I love to reach with the love of God, the truth of God and also convinced there's a better way.

But II just be a friend anyway and if anybody tried to attack you. We got God forbid they have to get through me get you at the same time to the core of my being. I reject the idea. The two men or two women can quote marry and that should be legitimized and recognized by the society and that it's right in God's sight to the core of my being. I reject that I've I was having a law that was a short flight actually maybe you have to buy some with that and I was sitting next to a gentleman and pretty quickly was clear to me that that he was homosexual and he was also high school principal so we just got into a discussion about LGBT issues. And what's right what's wrong with you. We should firm another firm in schools and so is very civil really discussion, but obviously I I differed with him on point after point after point and then he said to me what you know the menu talking to his guess it knew that the first second that's left talking to Ralph Cook does have a conversation about the chapter had all for knew about the job I got was some conversation, let's talk to tell you what I differ with your goals, I tell you why it's wrong for the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center. Those hundreds of billions of dollars whites dead wrong for them to be actively pushing curriculum and lecture it in in elementary school to get your kid to question their own biological sex or gender dead wrong on and oppose that to speak out against it.

So let me give you an example example, ion with this SPL so probably loss okay got my picture Chris response to homosexuality. April 2007 teen that's that's interesting because they haven't had anything up on me in a while they they still have an article from years back. SPLC call me.

One of the 30 leaders of the new radical right on the one I was blessed that they slandered me in the line the other foot that was ourselves along with area 30 new activists heading out that the radical right. That was May 2012, so I was I was listed along with with folks like yes if you click on my page.

There's nothing there but the magnet click on some of the other pages see if they come up with. You click on my page is nothing there but but you've got other folks to other other folks names are still coming up so that they pulled my page but they still have me listed in an article so people still refer to me as on on SPL. See list on the one hand, was honored to be slandered and maligned in an and they they accuse me of being in the same rank sissy former Knights of Ku Klux Klan leader or grand Wizard of the Knights Ku Klux Klan, David Duke and Molly to the Shabazz was a former leader of the new Black Panthers and other neo-Nazis and white supremacists. They put me in there because I was literally homophobic that it was just LGBT phobic, whatever it is they pulled my page and what I was honored to be slandered and maligned on the other hand, I called them to task and I reached out to them to dialogue and they did not respond. Surprise, surprise their dead wrong when they're doing what they're doing in schools and end their influential still less influential used to be that I could still influence well.

I asked the question a few weeks ago after 11-year-old drag queen dance before admiring patrons of a gay person. Where's the LGBT outreach with indignation where's the outcry I want to major gate sites and incident report on it so conservative websites reporting what I see the website since Robbins is dead wrong in many circumstances and is been 11-year-old girl in a heterosexual bar with a bunch of guys there dancing.

There's no money in her I'd be just as outraged. Okay now is such as the board activities.

Dressing as a drag queen. So when there was criticism that his mother said it's plate and homophobia.

He's a professional listener 1011-year-old. Does not have the ability to think all these issues through understand what it means me directly. Connie doesn't understand his own sexuality yet using the understanding is even coming to puberty yet and yet with his mother's approval.

He is dancing as a drag queen and performing as a drag queen and anyone is an issue with the display homophobia where where was the outcry from the LGBT community wasn't this, this is beginning to destroy itself expose its own extremis and then then when parents speak up because they don't want drag queens reading stories to their toddlers, toddlers drag queens could just break me to this there were grooming your kids that we wanted the ever-growing that you want to be more excepting of the parents protested this ACL you all hundreds of billions of dollars portal Ritalin court. How dare you trust fully.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let me just say this I am is aware as anybody in terms of how messed up things are in America.

It was this what I this is part of what I do every day I get an email sent to me by major conservative news organization with eight or nine key news issues and takes in background and links and things like that a lot of is bad news then my team is by the hour, sometimes all day.

Sometimes all night sending me the latest news of what's wrong here would throw some crazy or something crazy. Plus I get burdened by the Lord to write about certain things and address them so that I get online I get books and I do my own research, plus because we become known for his multicultural issues. I people contacting me constantly strangers on Facebook. Have you seen this.

Have you read this people reaching out.

This is going on in my family so I'm I'm aware of problems. I'm also aware that God remains God. I'm also aware that Jesus is Lord. I'm also aware that truth will ultimately triumph. I'm also aware that in the end, when everything is done in Jesus returns the God's ways will be established on the earth and I also know that God is moving around the world and in pockets in different places, moving powerfully in America and my answer to the question, is it too late for America is actually encouraging answer, but it's a sober answer and it's an answer that throws things back on you in on me. So by all means watch the video, you will be encouraged as you do. And by the end of the broadcast. I want to give you words of encouragement but I gotta warn. Gotta sound the alarm of gotta give the wake-up call so so check this out right check this up. Parents protest against drag queens reading stories to toddlers in public libraries that you say will why these drag Queens doing this well obviously they want the little kids to become more familiar with drag queens and think it's perfectly fine for a man due to not just be homosexual to dress as a flaming the out there warm in as perfectly fine.

They should be sensitized to the it's it's not because drag queens as a group of incredible desire to help kids develop a love for books. This is not the motivating factor. Please let's not be naïve at 90 so the parents that we don't want. This is in Louisiana which is a pretty conservative state, so the ACLU says you are restricting liberties drag queens how dare you, and it in the words of ACL you Louisiana staff attorney Bruce Hamilton. I'm not making this up to my latest article. Self-destruction of LGBT activists and read it and asked her to Brown, the Lord, I ready and you read it elsewhere was posted these extremist, the parents about you parents of toddlers and you don't like the idea of drag queens reading stories to them. This you these extremists are attempting to usurp the public library for their intolerant agenda. Did he even say this to write this with a straight face in those evil, extremist, intolerant parents how to stop drag queens from reading to their intolerant tellers take them to court so things are going further 10-year-old boy drag queen celebrated for.

That's that's crazy (okay use photograph within naked adult drag queen for magazines. And the man in question was posed naked.

I just want RuPaul drag queen can't okay it's insane enough and sick enough at its it's unpleasant enough. You have to talk about it is crazy that we live in a world in which this happened. But I'm not hearing the widespread condemnation from the gay and lesbian community.

I'm sure some reps at summer outraged course. Where's the widespread condemnation, where's the widespread outrage. I'm looking for going to sites looking for typing in names. I'm not finding it what it will be because it's it's it's LGBT because it's a kid that's a drag queen is settled, drag queen baby because you can't because it's LGBT it's good fine. However for close friends. This is going to implode that there is only so far this can go before people say enough is enough. The problem it so many been duped.

It's it's all look at you have to recognize spiritual forces at work. You have to you have to realize a level of deception went when you see people believing certain things now and celebrating certain things like II have a whole all okay they start news, yes, that some event with look at that link drag racer winners slam proposing naked next to 10-year-old child photographer she statement after admitting after doing several people found the image. This tasteful art so so they're discussing it and at least lease the little word is getting out, but who's the boy. The conservative conservatives service. I almost guarantee you if we had raised our voices. Nobody would be saying anything on the other side.

This is going implode. It has to but it's almost like so many people want.

Sorry to jump back and forth there one right wing new site called image troubling and over sexualized to do my best to be composed. My best to be composed in their some profanity or we may want whole that isn't just looking at that page.

Is the argument Pro LGBT side that this pictures not hurting anyone a boy dressed in drag, posing next to a naked man. If it had been a girl and a man, a boy and woman and the adult was a kid was heterosexual, homosexual drag queen drag queen came whatnot. It is obscene. It is horrific. It is perverse and it needs to be punished by law. This is what you call child pornography in a different way on right wing new site called image troubling and oversexed is not just coupling it is not just over sexualized. It is sick. I'm on record. Go ahead YouTube sensors I'm on record gay websites. I'm on record that picture is sick. That picture is perverse.

Anyone that celebrates it is perverse. I am on record saying that and it is perverse that there is not an instant widespread condemnation from LGBT activists across North America saying absolutely wrong should never happen.

That is abuse and in this case we side with the conservative Christian you you say right so here here's the statement from the photographer. I'm not after sympathy for the controversy or applause. I just wish people were bit more understanding each other's differences in the duty of the journalist Explorer.

For some people uncomfortable subjects that Sir is sick, sick. You don't do this to a child under The child swelling in the parents willing you don't do this and should be punished by law, you say well there's an epidemic of war stuff than this and Kitty point yet everybody agrees it's wrong.

Everybody repudiates it, and when people arrested we say good for them in and we hope the fund repentance and forgiveness and and and healing and wholeness is of this. I received a lot of threatening messages last night some serious abuse; Hank and I was doesn't bother me too much but make you aware of the potential dangers that come with us, were okay, it's wrong.

If anybody threatened him.

It's wrong of some of Susan or her hand but the potential dangers that come of this, work, the danger should be you go to jail take a picture of a boy dressed as a drag queen next to a naked man that that should be the dangers he says it was a balance piece about the subject, which ironically probed the issue sexualizing filled the of the other pictures are also disturbing.

They just were not as blatantly wrong and should be blatantly illegal as this okay friends I like to talk about this every day.

Unlike a talk about this. Most days I like to write about this. Most days, but every so often sound the alarm again and to those that are sitting on the sideline way waiting until things get really bad. Waiting until it's the children being affected will you could've jumped in 15 years ago and it wouldn't of been too early whole jumped in 20 years ago before I did that with the been too early, but we still sitting on the sidelines. I can only ask you what are you waiting for before you get involved with schools before you get involved with physician stanza passes what I believe we can see God's justice

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