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Dr. Brown Speaks with Jonathan Bernis About Lasting Peace in the Middle East

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 17, 2019 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Speaks with Jonathan Bernis About Lasting Peace in the Middle East

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 17, 2019 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/17/19.

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Dr. Michael Brown

So, can there be lasting peace in the Middle East or it will only happen when Jesus the Messiah returns it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown what her friends to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcasted and want to fire at the bottom of the hour and be joined by messianic Jewish leader Jonathan Burns. You see among Jewish voice broadcast as we talk about his new book, lasting peace in ask if there can be true peace in the Middle East lasting peace of any kind before issue of the Messiah returns but if you have a question before then.

866-34-TRUTH the sausage Jewish related anything that falls in that big category that works on a Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 7884. A couple things I want to say right up front. I'm right now doing a major updating and revision of my book, our hands are stained with blood. God moved on me very intensely, all blitzing out 27 years ago. More than 27 years ago to write that book. I was gripped to write that the church feel the pain of the Jewish people through history persecutions you suffered at the hands of professing Christians different things that are brought great pain and agony on the Jewish people. The church would feel that by God's grace. This book has been translated into more languages than any book I have written. It's had a tremendous effect on many readers, many of had a tremendous change of heart towards Israel through the book that blesses me deeply. Translators have been deeply moved, while translating the book and it's been continuously imprint sense 1992, but we are now in the process of doing a complete update on it so I go through chapter after chapter adding additional quotes adding additional information, adding additional examples removing things that may not be as relevant on a timely level and replacing them with something new, supplementing the material that's throughout all probably late summer, but I am reminded as I go through it that there's nothing new under the sun.

There is nothing new under the sun issues I dealt with 25 years ago were issues that came up 50 years ago hundred years ago.

They just take different shape and form. Now that Israel's been a land issues that came up 25 years ago. 30 years ago. 50 years ago.

Here they are again in different form and one of the lies that I dealt with in the book was that today's Jews are not really Jews there because our converts. They are all pagan converts who then converted to Judaism. They have no historic connection with the people of Israel. That, of course, even that statement. Today's Jews are not religious what which gives which it the millions of Jews and the Jews from different backgrounds, so the because our theory specifically ties in with Ashkenazi Jews who have more of a European heritage so those of the allege was that the set up of the concerns that means that about 52% of Israeli Jews, Sephardic Jews are are not Ashkenazi so that means over half of the Jews in Israel don't even fit that lie that that I really Jews but just throttle any and then wheat we had a caller seemed very sincere gentleman called in last week and or before that and said well you know their scientific evidence. DNA and biblical historical geographical evidence that today's Jews that reduce immune Ashkenazi Jews with native role is really Jews and I syphilis you seem sincere. What will send you some references will send you some specific references and we did.

We took took a few minutes through my assistant Dylan. I said okay.

Your DNA studies that refute that as our theories. Here's an article with a lot of scholarly information. Here's a scholarly scientific article. Here's a book with detailed DNA information, etc. so we set it to this gentleman and he wrote back and said is all hearsay.

Anybody can put anything on connects he seems sincere in terms of having questions but what what can we do beyond that it really good time travel that we do find out when we get the time tunnel and go back in time and and and then what what moved videotape our time tunnel travel here. We've got evidence on every level.

Geographical evidence linguistic evidence scientific DNA evidence and because it doesn't fit the theory it gets rejected. What's ironic is you can read something else on the Internet that makes other claims that you believe so, the stuff that agrees with the lie and the anti-Semitic notions.

We believe that, but the stuff that doesn't we dismiss mean that's that's rough.

How can you then have meaningful communication.

I actually noticed a comment on YouTube again the standard thing. Today's user reviews DNA proves that etc. and for every thousand, 10,000 comments that come on YouTube. I might personally respond to wanted to, or team might otherwise it's for people of conversation back and forth right but I happen I is okay respond uncle respond so I I I posted a link and said here's book I thought were further to a whole book that will give the whole story. Explain why were confident about certain things in terms of DNA evidence and Christmas back to the original Middle Eastern people of Israel. I I myself posted the like. The response by book's yet how you help people is not really dig and study, 86634 before we go to the phones.

Let me just give you a little background I had made a statement about DNA studies linking Jewish men today who claim to be of priestly descent, most of them were many of them have a last name with Cohen in cementing utmost with many: meeting Keohane but some aren't sure am I really Keohane or not, I've heard from family tradition, but without hundred percent sure the so yeah, we sure we know it's been passed down and move we been doing this at this the temple stemming so they're not functioning as priests and therefore therefore there is there is less evidence it's been passed on because they're not as active doing actual work that he gets are you my father. His father, and so on so forth and and there are rabbinic traditions that they go way back that say that their disputes about this when Elijah comes as the forerunner of the Messiah. He'll settle these kinds of disputes, but there is a professor in Israel that original is really his parents were Holocaust survivors from Poland lived in Canada that he made all the audit Israel.

His name is Carlos correctly and this professor began to think because he himself was supposed to have priestly heritage.

He began to think about this the settle.

Okay, wait a second EF. In fact, we all go back to the same person. Those were all descendents of Erin then across different segments of Judaism and Jewish people so Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews and those are more religious. Those are less religious, but who believe that their descendents of Erin. They are co-hunting right then you should be able to trace us all back.

We should have a certain genetic marker that traces us all the way back to one person in the Middle East that would line up with roughly the time of Moses and Aaron and turns out that's the case is been verified of looking articles from the late 90s articles from 2015. It's been studied it's been verified that we don't know we don't. We obviously we don't have errands DNA obviously no DNA studies are are based on. Okay we've got the DNA of Abraham always got the DNA of King*Ghana Marcotte always got the DNA of some Egyptian Faro or snow, obviously not. But what you do is you trace things back in his comments at the back back back and said okay. It starts here was my dear, but this time, and that winds up with Erin so you have that was lining up with that period of time with one common male descendent in the Middle East is a then be all these different people in these disparate groups because Jewish people scattered around the world and intermarried, etc., yet they still preserve this. This genetic marker. This DNA marker so that's fascinating. Now I had made the comment that this is not African so it's all these alleged black Hebrew Israelites and things like that. We we know thereby accused us of their white shoes, Chinese Jews, we understand through intermarriage in and through our being scattered around the world. We understand but I'd made the comment no. These not African so I didn't mean that there is no African Jew that has this genetic marker and someone point should be more clear about that.

Someone pointed out on YouTube that the limbo tribe so African Jews are African Israelites also shared his soul that would also mean that their ancestors can be traced back to Erin and then again through intermarriage.

You have all of these different shapes, sizes and forms of Jewish people around the world when others marry into Judaism because if if Jews marry out than their lost to history that there there Jewish but in terms of Jewishness that's lost to history. But the people intermarried in the converted video seminary in and Jewish people live in places long enough than that's how you get all these different groups and people's shapes, forms and sizes.

Anyway it's it's it's really interesting for those who want more details adjust look up Carlos correctly SKORECKI Carlos correctly these of the Rambam Technion Medical Center least he was when he did.

These studies he tested were two distinct Y-chromosome markers Yap. So why APN disk DYS 19 labeling it the one Keohane modal haplotype a particular genetic marker on the Y chromosome. Why AP – was detected in 98.5%; the man in a significantly lower percentage of non-co-hunting juice of common Jewish descent, but remarkably remarkably 98.5% of those who identified as priests through the ages.

Anyway just wanted to share that information with you.

Unfortunately we had to disable comments on a few YouTube videos just because of constant vulgar, ugly black Hebrew Israelite anti-Semitic comments and zero of them with any anti-substance in terms of scriptural truth or geographical, historical truth just lies recirculated and you poor thing. Enough because people think it's a good so thank God for the diversity among the people of Israel.

We are white and black and brown and yellow with red but going back to a common ancestry will recommend number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcasters we hear Marty gets inviting us to drink from the water of life. Give judicially to question 866-34-TRUTH. If you missed last night's real Messiah broadcast member in life for couple weeks for a few reasons, but were back on last night with our Jewish outreach real Messiah broadcast spent the entire time on the phone with a young Orthodox Jewish man from Israel who called wanting to challenge me very politely, but wanted to challenge me and felt I was misrepresenting Judaism, etc. you'll learn a lot about traditional thinking. He's not a rabbi is not an official spokesperson for the Jewish community he was. Not a skilled County missionary debater or anything like that. I don't miss but want to mischaracterize but he does represent a lot of traditional Jewish thinking what he had to say.

She'll find that insightful.

866-34-TRUTH escorted Granger, Iowa Monty, welcome to the live fire thank you Dr. Brown appreciate your show was all right. I just wanted to make a comment but first of all, your question about yelling the Middle East, but Viacom biblically know that's not going to happen. I read a book, and hopefully I don't have it with me. Of course if I'm on the go. But if I remember correctly it was abrupt and the title was never in and I think if I remember right it was by a gentleman by the name of LaGuardia but there was a paragraph. The map book, but I thought summed up the whole book all accurately and we had to family one ticket set up, looked across the valley, and he said son that land over there has been comments to us all out will give it to us. The other side of the valley. The father took the sun up and looked across the sun. Yahweh has given us this plan as prominent to us and when you have that type of generational thing you yell here in the United States. We think the Hatfield and McCoy's was acute. Well, that's nothing compared to what's been going on over there forever and ever yeah and in Monty but bubbly. When I was just searching for the total more than the rent you to be hundred percent right. I'm seeing references the Vietnam War books but you could be right in your in your reference there but it's it's even if it's not quite as simple as was stated there. It's a great picture. The roots of the conflict or deep and and in Islamic thinking. Not that the land of Israel then called Palestine was specifically promised to the Muslims, the way it was promised to the people of Israel in the Bible, but once Islam expanded and then ruled over that territory.

Once Islam rules over something that's it. It's sacrosanct Islam to lose it as an open wound in an open sore and of course even though Jerusalem is never mentioned once in the Quran is the city from which Mohammed allegedly ascended to heaven is called Elkridge that the holy city, but really occurs is assured a reference for that be in place for the holy Temple once was, which is of course denied by current Palestinian propaganda.

Yet, Monty, it's great point and its illustration really hits home in terms of how deep the conflict is 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to David in Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown been a pastor in the inner city of Fort Worth for 35 years, tongue talking Southern Baptist been ordained into the national Baptist ministry, but in 1996 I had a dream I saw three faces and I thought, and what an image that I'm a Jew on the trap of your father's or the tribe of Judah. Well, being a Southern Baptist. When I dream that I said man I'm not telnet. Nobody I'll be at work but I wrote it down cannot write all the stuff down. Well I got my DNA back in 2008 Tina Irish last name Donovan and it said that your third great-grandfather was 100% Ashkenazi Jew and I just bring it up from the standpoint of all this lot. This thing is, to get Ashkenazi Jews saying that they're faking are not that you know I don't believe God does anything without purpose, and I know there's a reason or purpose that he gave that to me 25 years in advance and that would come up now is just strike while while there that's that's yeah that is absolutely fascinating course is that a scientific argument. It's a spiritual argument confirming scientific data from a few generations back, but you know that the thing is, the devil knows the Jewish people are and it was Ashkenazi Jews who were wiped out by by Hitler and the Nazis in Europe so the devil knows who the target and while that that is very systemic use. You sound like Texans Southern bathtub talking Southern Baptist yeah all all the way fascinating. Very very interesting hate, hate, one, one thing that that would great-grandfather was it under great-grandfather oak a. Where is he from Gino with the world as far as I knew RK guardian. One quick thing I Dr. in the dream when I woke up from it. The Lord dealt with me about snow. It had something to which no so when I got up I look at my strong Hebrew concordance. I looked up toward snow and it made generations. Okay you have this to you what word you may have looked if there interesting are he, David, a process that very much 866-3487 84. That's interesting.

All right, let's go to Karen in Fort Myers, Florida and that we don't guarantee welcome to the line of fire broke the law.

Thank you. All right, so I will question about the one you read right now, you believe that you be yes or sure men are there birth of the leg. What would you believe is going to be going on in the millennial reign while passages like Isaiah 11 will be fulfilled at time of universal knowledge of God and the war. Passages like Isaiah to where the nations will beat their swords into plowshares and will come up to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel. Passages like Zechariah 14 with his pilgrimage to worship the God of Israel by the Gentile nations Israel as a as a yeah just that you can really talk to me right now but there's a lot of noise coming from your phone so it existed without you here so pilgrimage in and worship it could be that Ezekiel 40 through 48 are fulfilled at that time and this will be a literal temple that's that's built. As for life, it seems that human beings will be multiply in. In other words, that this will not be the eternal age. The people of God of the church believes in Jesus will already be resurrected, but everyone else on the earth this a thousand year reign and we we co-reign with the Lord over the people on the earth. If I'm really understand Scripture about being over five cities intensities etc. of for those responsible and and then Isaiah end of the book of Isaiah refers to things there about from one new moon the next one Sabbath and exits it seems that the biblical calendar will be kept there. Some argue this just metaphorical images that have spiritual meaning him and I've risked all the arguments for that but I don't and I will see how we can just make everything is a spiritual imagery and then, in addition to that it references someone dying 100 years old be considered a your child is like Kirsty does a young sobs. The longevity were apparently longevity restored and then human beings living lives, whatever else people do going on and then at the end of that Satan's final release were. He then sees multitudes to me that's God's way of finally vindicating his name because here it is in a world where there's not injustice with is not sin and corruption the way it was before the millennium where the knowledge of God is his universal knowledge of the glory God covers the earth as the waters cover the seas, etc. and yet still when Satan comes to deceive multitudes video we don't we don't want God is our God, and they rebel so that's us understand things that we go to the eternal age hey Erin, thank you for the call of order brought you back can't interact but we had weird too much noise coming from your phone there right of the time for another call a let's go to Belva in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Michael hello Act III, Connie and I want you to comment on an article called learning Negra and questioning here that day either staying at the Bible you meant I wrote that line the feeling that line if found in Africa that went okay, but here Negra in the Bible. The King James Bible. It married Dr. Wyoming, meaning that it was dark and for the one a look at Dr. thinking was again Negra and our dark skin so white and blue eyes armor mutation that came about. Not recently but I way back wicked. Can I delight and it made an extent that the mutation was just so I'm sorry because I got 30 seconds to comment number one no there there are a few scattered groups in Africa that have DNA the traces back to ancient Israel overwhelmingly 99% of it is among those who identify as juice to this year on that number two is no such verse. This is more most smart dark woman doesn't exist in any bottle. Sorry that there but there and that was referring to King James that there third show, I point out limitations referring to princes is white. What is until I can get to that battle but knows this is my skin people for millennia and millennia, but Israelis were not white not black. Thanks the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown generally minor fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire thoroughly Jewish is in a moment I'm going to be joined by my guess messianic Jewish leader, author, TV host Jonathan Burness to talk about his new book, a lasting peace. Brand-new book a lasting peace. I just want to make one comment before I bring Johnson onto the line with me right before the break you heard if you would listing a call and the caller mentioned that in the King James Bible says that Moses married a darker woman, meaning he himself was dark. She was darker I said there's no such verse in the Bible, King James version or any Bible, how I know what I know is if someone says something that would've been that obvious and conspicuous, I would say that I would read it, I would've noted it would've come up in discussion already, but just a curiosity I just searched King James Bible for the word dark in the word darker doesn't ever occur in any verse under any circumstance in the King James Bible by the way, so I just want to encourage you don't listen to myths and lies. People are pulling the wool over your eyes when they say today's Jews are not really Jews or Ashkenazi Jews have no connection to the ancient people of Israel there pulling the wool over your eyes or that all real Jews are black, they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Don't listen to them.

I plus I could care less skin color is a material that's not the issue to me. If Jesus was a Chinese man or a black man. If Moses was the Native American man of the Mets get's a skin color or ethnicity. If he was Caucasian. The if he was African doesn't matter whether that some of them looking at Molly concerns his truth, accuracy, all right what's happening in the Middle East today was happening in the Jewish world Jonathan Burness leads Jewish voice broadcast. You see them on TV is not only in anointed author, but he screeched and traveled around the world and see many Jewish people come to faith all around the world is very active. By the way in reaching out to various lost descendents of Israel in Africa. So Jonathan great to have you back on the modify with us. Thanks for joining us. Michael, thanks for having me on that was that was very informative. By the way, I can listen to teach all day. Both thanks that we can hate what's what's happening in the Jewish world in Africa before we get your book and talk about a lasting peace. What what you involved with what's happening there. Well a lot and it's really fascinating circus of talk about a couple of different maybe three different groups that were working with first about the beta Israel community that's been recognized by the state of Israel and historically connected to the people of Israel. There is no hundred and 30,000 Ethiopian Jews living in Israel. Many people don't know that now they're the kind of the bottom of the economic strata in Israel, but they are really assimilating well now into Israeli culture and this is it. I think the fulfillment of Bible prophecy where God promises that he would regather again second time, the remnant of Israel, and it specifically mentions the area that's today Ethiopia Michael.

The thing is that there's many beta Israel that have not yet made it to Israel, some because of of absolute poverty and they just haven't been able to leave the rural areas that are in and make it to a place like Bond are out a sob about where they can then register, but in other cases, third the beta Israel that have converted either themselves or the parents or grandparents to orthodox Christianity. In many cases that are not true believers to get it just to keep their little parcel of land so they could survive in many of them were left behind, and we have the privilege to work with them providing medical care and dental care, and I care I'm talking about really impoverished people and they want to go to Israel and I believe someday you will have an opportunity, but right now were trying to keep them alive.

Many of them are coming to faith in Jesus as their Messiah, but this is probably the most persecuted Jewish community in the world today I met in people that have been them and only beat up but have been shot have had grenades thrown to their homes. I've seen the scars I've met. Those that have lost family members of anti-Semitism and it's shocking but it's a great opportunity and ends at such a privilege to help these people especially help them find their Messiah and the joy that I see on their faces.

Some of them weeping when I pray with them and our teams pray with you since it's an amazing work in the military and level. There obviously earn people's trust by demonstrating genuine love.

Interestingly, when I was in Israel and may discount a missionary try to start trouble with me and I got briefly arrested before they told me just go home didn't do anything, but that the two gals that came to formally arrest me out. One was was an Ethiopian Jews, so that that I got a kick out of his wealth are they experiencing any racism in Israel. Is there any prejudice or the or they look at is not legitimate uses because their heritage or because their skin color. What they experiencing their I don't think it's an issue of legitimacy because the majority of people in Israel came from countries where they were persecuted illegitimate. It's really a melting pot.

They do there is some discrimination because these people are impoverished they come with nothing Michael and then there's this resentment that they have to live off the state and them.

People have these the Israelis have spent huge sums of money. First of all defending the country. Huge military budget defense budget, but then they've also assimilated over million Russian speaking truth over the decades and now the Ethiopians coming in have absolutely nothing in there, so there is some discrimination to be honest just because I think of the economic strata and that the Russians suffered the same thing for them but not Ethiopians are sort of at the bottom of the totem pole.Anton and then what what else you mentioned a couple of things happening in in Africa right now you involved with yet another group working with are called the lumbar and the some very interesting thing and very interesting group that now the ultra-Orthodox community is targeting for conversion to Orthodox Judaism and what's so interesting is this is a group maybe 60 70,000 people in the Bush of Zimbabwe that have retained their identity as members of the judge of the of the Israelite community don't even refer to Jewish. They predate that and they claim to be back from it at time of Ezra Nehemiah and not only descendents of Israel but of the colony dance DNA confirmation that so that's the thing that so amazing they have there is a confirmation that matches them with the Sephardic and Ashkenazi to leave descendents of Levite of Aaron so they have that that the DNA proof. They also have customs that they've retained like they have their own butchers and they only eat meat that's been butchered. According to Torah that that's been in their history for 444 centuries. They circumcise their male children. Now they really blew it. Here Mike they do it on the eight year and were trying to painful a painful oral letter, a mistaken oral transmission.there they're shifting now, but think that that they they faithfully have been circumcising their male children for generations. They don't intermarry and are isolated in the Bush of Zimbabwe and now the DNA tests confirmed they are in fact Jews as they claimed that's another group and will sink thousands of them come to faith in Messiah and there they're on fire for the Lord sign that wonders, miracles over hundred congregations that have been established just through our ministry alone over the last seven years working with them. It's an incredible amazing and why are they getting opposition persecution from others in the Jewish community welded because of because of the growing faith in Yeshua they are, and they were ignored. Here's the thing, they were ignored for sports for decades and now with the DNA confirmation and the work were doing among their community and the response to the gospel.

Now they're sending emissaries from the Orthodox to ask me about that American Israel to try to convert them to Orthodox Judaism. So now they're important.

All of a sudden I was I was actually asked if some of my material answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Some of the material could be used in its miss English Bible Institute doing work among some of these people's different parts the world, but specifically in Africa needing to be able answer Jewish objections to Jesus. So here we are regal full cycle and in the real battle for their souls. How how utterly amazing and you're right on the front lines with that right on my mommy let me just just so you can pass the news on. We have built libraries.

We have assembled libraries and sent these libraries to the lumbar. We sent one to the evil tribe in Nigeria because you the same phenomenon ultra-Orthodox trying to convert them away from the Messiah and we have sent all of your materials as part of the fiber of their being read by the lump of there being read by the E booth are being read by the bait. Israel, they all have your materials and they need those materials because many of them are being convinced that that Jesus is not the way and so these materials are absolutely vital. Amazing. While one was a privileged team up together hate we got just a minute before the break, but you are as sober as I know in terms of someone that that works around the world knows the word well but but you don't get involved in all kinds of crazy speculation. And yet in your book a lasting peace. You you really see signs of the end of the age. Don't you I do, but I see signs that are often overlooked and are not are not apocalyptic. As such, they're not failed there very clear when Jesus said the gospel of the kingdom has to have to be proclaim to every act noticed every people group and then the end will come as black and white. If you can get and that we get to be part of that process.

It's not talking about geopolitical boundaries.

It's talking about reaching every people group every tongue and up to the Jew first. I believe that that principle in Romans 116 is universal in every country. The gospel had to go to the Jew first, and every people group within that nation and we get to be part of that Mike we get to be part of that incredible opportunity, and yes what what what time is there than this disease done throughout this whole first 10,000 new book a lasting despite Jonathan Burns will dive into the contents when we come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown mean come back to thoroughly roosters them on fire. My guest Jonathan Burns.

His new book, a lasting peace. So Jonathan, what should believers be thinking about the Middle East. How will your book help them sort things out so they're not just political spectators but have some kind of spiritual understanding will that's a fantastic question on the premise of the book is something I weave through the book is the situation in the Middle East is not a political issue at spiritual and the call of the of of the Christian call of the believer.

As I understand it, although her call took to speak out and make our voices known is to deal with things in the spiritual realm with the weapon that God has given us and are not carnal, but the mighty for the pulling down of strongholds. And this is a spiritual battle. There is so much propaganda and garbage out there about Israel in this growing tide against Israel know this is all connected to anti-Semitism which is nothing new. It's a systematic effort to destroy the Jewish people and you can't disconnect the state of Israel from that fight and I talk in the book about taking the time to look beyond the propaganda and find out what's really going on there and understand the that the history and what's led to the current situation and so I tried to write a very readable but thorough enough book to help Christians understand what's going on there and why it's important. That's why it should matter for Christians and what we can do about it. Based on the calling that every Christian has some soup before we get to the question of what we can do about the situation in the Middle East.

Give an example of some of the propaganda that were dealing with yet. And in this it permeated the college. The college campus.

Sadly, the whole BDS movement is an example of this, which is the boycott investment sanctioned movement that creates a completely false history to Israel. You know the whole idea that this was land seized from the Palestinian people will there never was a Palestinian people and the land was in 1948 when Israel became a state.

Again, a restored state in 1967 when Jerusalem was taken back after the Six-Day War Israel was not fighting against Palestinians. They were fighting against Jordanians and Syrians and Egyptians feet.

These are just a complex complete rewrite of history touch on in the book I try to do it in a simple way but this is absolute propaganda moral equivalency is is absolutely nonsense that that Israelis and Palestinians are are are treating this whole conflict the same way. Look, Mike, Michael, you and I are in complete agreement that everything Israel does is right there not sanctified nation. They make a lot of mistakes.

God has given them a land grant and the reality is that God is given them this land is an eternal possession and they're not the Goliath that beating down the Palestinians. There is a completely different worldview that I talk about in the book between the leaders of the Palestinians.

Hamas… When you look at has blah. It's a completely different worldview than the Israeli government and the ones one is shielding themselves with with innocent civilians and targeting innocent civilians to to kill and the other is it makes a great effort and I'm talking about the IDF now the Israeli army is very very systematic and careful trying to to to preserve and protect the civilian population. What you see him on the news outlets. The majority of news outlets is so much propaganda that creates this this this animosity towards the state of Israel and its demonic again spiritual at its root, so when we recognize this again. God cares about about everyone.

Most Israelis the best majority are not believers letter the state is secular, the very religious Jews hotly oppose messianic Jews so were not trying to glorify Israel or to demonize all Palestinians. The Palestinians really been hurt by their leaders in this lot of corruption in the leaders and radical Islam among many of the leaders so we just try to lay things on the table but a lot of Christians look at this and believer symbol. What will Kai do it so crazy am I just pray for Jesus return. I guess it's all we can do because it's secondly peace before then is is that it overly simplistic viewpoint is is there more that we can do the layout in your book a lasting peace. I do, I I really believe in a lasting peace. But I don't believe it, and in accord or document or agree minutes in a person and we've experienced together being in Israel and and and seeing harmony, experiencing harmony and peace and unity between Israeli and Palestinian Jew and Arab through the Messiah and I want to make the statement and I try to say this in every interview God does not love the Jewish people more than he loves dear he doesn't love Israelis more than he loves Palestinians. This is about God's sovereignty and and in his and his plan for the redemption of the world. He chose an individual named Abraham and decreed that through him and his offspring. The world would be blessed that ultimate blessing is the Messiah and we get to carry on earth or Christians get to carry on that call by through the in drafting into the olive tree, and Michael.

We have the only solution to the problems in the Middle East. The only solution to the problems the world faces in his name is Jesus issue. The proclamation of the gospel transforms life. We know this is your you're saying that even now as we look at the political conflicts in the deep-rooted conflicts and radical Islam's intentions and the fragile nature of whatever peace accord.

Israel has it with Egypt or some other nations. As we look at that as we know ultimately that final piece only comes in the Messiah returns that that there is a true and lasting peace that can come to individuals through the gospel and that is followers of Jesus we should all be ministers of reconciliation yet that I should've quoted you in the book that's that's exactly what I'm saying. The proclamation of the gospel and prayer and intercession for the shalom of Jerusalem that work. Shalom means more than peace. It means completion to bring to completion.

God destiny for this land and its people.

Ultimately, the opening of the blind eyes of Jew and Arab like to find Messiah to find into her inner peace and destiny, and then everything changes.

I think former terrorists that have come to faith in Jesus loving Israel, loving the Jewish people sincerely that that's the only way militant member of the Islamic community is going to change their views by being changed from the inside out by the living God.

That's it. That's how it works and we can pray that into existence. I believe we can pull down strongholds my card.

I believe God is given us that affording that power we have to understand the situation we have to understand what we've been called to and the authority that we truly have went when you mention former terrorists.

I was ministering the apologetics conference and one of the speakers there was a former radical Muslim from Egypt whose been a passionate believer. For years, and a great lover of Israel and he's more pro-Israel than you and I are here. He's more in love with our people and you know he was telling me he was on a flight sitting next to Rabbi from Israel and began to talk in the Prevacid there who are you, so I used to kill used to kill Jews, that's it.

That's other guy starts irrelevant because the part is harder great love. So this this miracle that happens in individuals if it happens on a wider level and in it happens in answer to our prayer then then we can see perhaps a growing piece in the midst of political chaos and conflict before the final piece of the Messiah friends the new book by Jonathan Burness because those name BER NIS a lasting peace. Get a copy. You'll be edified, you'll be informed. It'll it'll help you to see clear. One thing was Jonathan is a clear, biblically based spiritual thinker. She will get it A strange mumbo-jumbo you get clear thinking it'll help you pray with clarity and to pray with faith jump to the folks want to connect with your ministry. What's the best place to go. Yeah, we with our website is simply Jewish to a Jewish catalog. Jewish voice.OR G keep leading the way, man. You did an awesome job in the forcing again face-to-face soon.

Thanks Michael, you two got black. God bless 866341 the number we got 30 seconds to go.

I did this to have it as I got off one call I was giving out the number for the next call, but where at a time just the good news is the great news is the amazing news tomorrow doubling Friday that follows the villagers there is. That means you got questions. We got answers to the falsity of the said beginning to show to the end of the thank you call any subject under the sun but doing all right

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