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Should Pro-Life Christians Support Abortion Laws with Exceptions for Rape and Incest?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 8, 2022 5:10 pm

Should Pro-Life Christians Support Abortion Laws with Exceptions for Rape and Incest?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, so should pro-life Christians support legislation that allows for abortion in the case of rape and incest but with effectively outlawing 98% of other abortions. Time for the light a fire with your host difficult scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown have lightning. I opening discussion today you get to participate. I hope we can sharpen one another. Learn from one another challenge one another in a good way 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. You get to way and you get to make your case as we talk about pro-life legislation friends. This is not an abstract discussion. This is something that is taking place on a regular basis. This discussion just took place in the state of Indiana, so we'll talk about that in a moment we'll talk about what happened in Kansas with very different results than Indiana and also going another direction in terms of how things went about in Indiana versus Kansas and pro-life legislation will talk about that there's a massive bill that is been pushed forward by the Democrats.

A bill having to do with inflation.

The bill having to do with global warming climate change bill having to do with healthcare. It is a massive bill is a bill of great consequence. But it is a bill that focuses on areas that are outside of my focus outside of my areas of expertise. In other words, these are not things that that I've given myself to over the years, or been called by God to give myself to over the years so to have a discussion about something that I'm not focused on discussion about something that God is not called me to give attention to, however important it might be that will really help you.

I'm not going to offer you something that is really worth your time as a listener there so many other radio station to be listening to right now so many other podcasts you could boost you some of the other streams on on Facebook and YouTube. You can be watching so I want to give you the best quality I can. I want to be genuinely your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity, gingerly infusing it with faith and truth encouraged genuinely helping you stand strong in the Lord. So the areas that are focused on call to interested in those of the things we can best talk about that's right and give my best contribution that we can have the best interaction. I'm sure there are plenty of others will be covering this bill you can learn from their excuse me what you need to okay beautiful number once again then let me lay out the issues and the arguments 866-34-TRUTH the state of Indiana just passed legislation.

This is now host Roe V Wade passed legislation that was signed into law Friday night by the government so you have 22 chambers with in each each state just like you have nationally you have that the Senate and the House of Representatives that makes up Congress.

So you have the same set up in each state. Yet the house and the Senate. One of my colleagues is in the house.

There he called me Friday with an update on what was going on. It had just been passed by the house this pro-life legislation then it went from there to the Senate.

Then it went from there to the government so this is now the law in the state of Indiana. All abortions are forbidden in the state of Indiana, except for abortions for the reason of rape, incest or to save the life or health of the month.

Now, in order to qualify for the rape and incest because still the abortion must be performed within 10 weeks and then it can be performed in a hospital by Dr. so that effectively shuts down all the abortion clinics in the state as well with abortion less of a easy thing that senses go to the Planned Parenthood clinic or the other abortion clinic now going into hospital. Everything having to go through Dr. etc. hopefully the more abortions will be eliminated. So the question was with the right bill for Christian to sign on to know my colleague argued against the exception causes for rape and incest and list those causes were in their the bill would not have gone through right they would not have sufficient votes to push it through. So he had to make the choice as an unashamed Jesus follower who loves the word of God loves life has made the case against an exception because for a princess saying hey it still a baby you don't punish the baby. The sins of father I yes understand in a certain sense the mothers punish then he's interviewed many women as well that with the victims of rape that decided to have their child and said it's the best thing they did. And through that child. Now they've had grandchildren, children, grandchildren, etc. others who said that having the abortion didn't help heal the rape at all and they regretted it. But even so, without allowing for rape and incest. The bill would not have passed. So now that his changes in the changes of other pro-life Christians were were denied. So you have a choice. Do I vote for the bill as it stands and thereby eliminate 98% of the abortions in the state and the clinics close down and leave and that we can always work towards the others in and seek to remove the rape and incest because over time or you say principal's principal compromise here you compromise everywhere you you side with taking the life of an innocent baby can with our time at the save the life or health of the mother not talk about that. So were rats arguments in an ectopic pregnancy something like that.

The it's not being debated nor was arguing that okay that's yeah save the life of the mother. If that's what has to happen than it happens but if you say look once you are going to put your name on the size signed into law a bill that said that you can terminate the life baby in the womb. You can take the life of an innocent baby to 10 weeks if that baby is the product of rape or incest that you have now signed with unrighteousness. You have now signed with death. You are you are now co-working with the enemy you're not partner darkness and that's what some would say this was also high on one second. So if you have to make a choice between standing on principle and losing 98% of the lives you could save or say okay right now I'm gonna have to compromise on something important to me in order to save the lives of all these others do not do it. Some would say let's just say you're in a very small town that only has one fire truck and you have two fires at the same time and one of them is is in a nursing home and it's almost impossible to get all the elderly up is the nature of the fire. The fire truck gets there in time. Bill say 40 lives. There is another one of the private home with one person trap where you send the fire truck when you say well this is the 40 lives than the one we hate to lose the one dude you can for the woman save 40. Isn't this the same intelligence of this is the debate that Took Pl. in Indiana. My friend who advocated for no exception causes rape and incest and argued for that before the secular media when it came time to vote on this bill voted for it, saying, better to save the 98% plus of that will be saved through this better to have the abortion clinics in our state shut down. We can always work to create a greater culture of life and address that other 1% of the perhaps less 1% to save the health of the mother.

So that and again that 1% is this woman was arguing about.

So how would you vote, where would you stand on this 866-34-TRUTH I'm going to go to the phones momentarily, but first hear the results of our twitter pole list for this pro-life Christian. If you could eliminate 98+ percent of abortions from your state by allowing for exceptions for rape and incest and of course the save the life of the mother, would you vote for that law would you vote against it because of the rape and incest exception.

So some looking at the results you're on Twitter 70.5% said they would vote for the repost.

Is this what four hours ago 70.5% so better than seven in 10 to the vote for 16.4%. So they go against it.

13.2% were unsure some really edifying helpful comments useful discussion in the comments on him and interact with some of those comments as well, but let's go straight to the phones will start with Emily in western Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling what your take. I think Dr. Brown eyed okay I might have been. I appreciate your three found not confident that not being fed honestly.

Personally, I might find when I was 16 know, I know I know about the situation like personally on when I found out I was pregnant I didn't even have a pot about both my boyfriend and my dad. They pressured me really happily all non-making fiction and luckily my mom what their child backing up on not.

But even got so bad that my dad threatened in our present time for my boyfriend and everything.

I think we need to keep in mind that there are women out there who might not want to have an abortion, but they feel pressured me to see the ones that are having abortion by victim Joe but as far as voting I would vote against that because I think that we shouldn't compromise at all. In this regard because I think when we declare that life is precious me to stand by that and we need to set the tone because I think that's how we ended up in this position in our country with Caitlin continued to make compromises in order to extract from God.

But if were ever going to make a change. Long term, we need to eradicate the evil stand by the rights and not the incremental approach, but the all or nothing because because the principal right friends gets interact in this 866-34-TRUTH Emily one quick question, so your your firstborn. How old is your child the 17 now. 17. How how did your father feel after he was born almost immediately after he was born the first time he held and he fell in love with her.

Right away and I think in the case of Braden and Kathleen understand that tomorrow never make a right and when women are raped their earning. But that report can be healed by the back temporary, but the pain from abortion last a lifetime.

We need to stand by these women and be strong and we need strong men… And we need strong women to step up and that this this is a view on women abuse on children and youth on Emily, thank you. Could be a source.

For example, this is for your kind words. Much appreciated.

We them leave us the vote not get to in 866342 is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866342.

Jen is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome the line of fire Michael Brown blessed and delighted to be with all of you my joy, my privilege from the heart. Thanks for giving me your time today ready for the broadcast I was talking to my dear friend Scott Fulk were my closest friends in the world.

Scott and his team organize all of or Israel tours every detail of of the foundation that set up there.

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Good asked Dr. SK your and you'll see it open of the second item that comes up on the homepage and share with friends of your pastor will bring some folks from your church but you have enough to bring your own tour, share their but let folks know and we will go together, but we do have a city limit so the sooner you get in your deposit, the better. Okay, so you are a legislator right you are in the state of Indiana. You have a bill that's now being proposed and it is pro-life bill in the aftermath of the removal of Roe V Wade's and other states can make the decisions on their own. Remember the Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade did not ban abortion across America. It turned things back to the states, so states that have laws ready to go into effect pro-life laws. Those laws went into effect. Now some months back we had Janet Porter on talking about heartbeat bills and the heartbeat bills would say you cannot abort a baby after this printer, you hear heartbeat, etc. in the vast best Christmas majority of abortions are carried out.

After that that would effectively eliminate vast majority of abortions. One brother called in and said but you are legislating the abortion of the other babies nursing up until this point, it is legal. That's wrong and this incremental approach is wrong in God's sight. So, so we had Janet and this dear brother on to discuss these things together on the year and understand the nature of the debate and will give you opportunity to weigh it so let's say your pro-life legislative so you argue against a clause for rape or incest. You can put in all the provisions you want to stand with the mother to stand with the family, etc. but you say okay we don't want to have that exception for rape or incest, and overwhelmingly or substantially. You could go down so the only way now the bill to proceed is with the rape incest exception again. No one's debating to save the life of the mother. That's the parts not in debate right so now comes to the vote.

This is not theory anymore comes to the voters at the Friday before for the bill effectively outlaw 98+ percent of all abortions in state and cause all abortion clinics to shut down and that's good be within 10 weeks and is going to be in the hospital by Dr. which is also safer for the mother was having abortion for some reason or you say no, no forgiving here that this compromise, you don't make an agreement with hell in order to get 90% having you make it 2% or 1% agreement without you don't do that so that's that's the battle to Christians on both sides of it you get ethical arguments on both sides of it. One argument is you will never get anything done of lasting value investor incremental and practical your argument is you to trust God and he was right or you don't. Both arguments have Christian weights behind them.

Let's go over to New York City. Franco welcomes the one for which her takes her a how are you Dr. Blessed are you, thank you big friend of your call thousand euros. Time that I remember well Mr. you have used the appeal of a lot of people like Arial, I got your messages on the train for 20 year all. What a blessing.

Blessed be the trains of New York City.

Yes sir for your fellow from a fellow and FYI I hope with abortion is such a device to copy because I think the dissolution of worship is not limited to recovery because we don't we don't we will come from.

We are not legally speak will not come from the great love if it the love of Christ to prep for life.

If the love of Christ became heart and change the direction of life. So I think the direction the year. The approach of the shortage should be whether abortion is legal legal portion of the short changed people's life because in order for people abortion young young girls. I don't think the solution to Miguel they need rehab delete care they need right port.

No SSI get limit assess this and no one is talking about putting women in jail in terms of the major laws that are been put forward the legislation different states. You may hear someone talk about that here and there, but those are those are not emphases of these laws and I was a gift of certain laws in society and we want to change people's hearts. We have laws against murder against stealing Britain in this particular case, or if you had a vote and there was there was one clause that says okay no abortions except for the case of rape and incest and saving the life of the mother, would you vote for that. Would you say no in conscience, I can't.

What would your decision be artificial will be limited to the limit and all I mean because it's not up to meet people is up to me to create a character for people to make good decision I can make a personal vision for the purpose you know only the person was going to go to whatever decision she Got that woman have to go so let me ask you another question. Do you agree that we should have laws that it's illegal to drive a car while drunk, while yeah but… Pretty good back and apropos that I okay so what about this one about the mother's decision how that impacts the baby in her womb. Well… Berthold official you know very personal to fish right got it right yet so I might my deficient my thing is like the root of the problem is not that women are getting back up have a baby. Yes, that is only things that happened before you know you absolutely absolutely so-so. Frank I'm hundred percent with you in the church focusing on changing hearts was 100% through prayer, through compassionate outreach through winning the lost making disciples to sitting godly examples showing the battery hundred percent with you that that the emphasis of the church is on transformational parts must through the gospel. At the same time Road differ is that we do have laws in place in a society we have those laws for the common good.

So even though I want to change the heart of the thief.

I'm glad there laws against stealing even want to change the heart of the rapist. I'm glad there laws against raping so down, down the list here.

So in the same way I want to change the laws about abortion so that we realize you don't have the right to take the life of the child, your body, your choice. But there's a baby's body and there that's not your choice.

In that sense, so we keep working hard to change hearts laws while we advocate for call divorce Franco. Thank you for the very kind words and thank you for weighing in an amen to ultimate focus must be. But do consider some of the points and I thank you again for calling in 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Mexico. Tom welcome to the line of fire and doing well thank you yeah well I will I will young Lord and bite out of law school building the wall and when it was a big issue like if everyone and I would I was somewhat great from the Lord. I know the Lord in my view and end of the now moment the you know you to come in again. You know, when you stand with on the abortion issue and so you know I'll compromise if I cannot okay though my family had been very pro-choice. The school of Christian but you know you compromise school you get all the supposedly higher education so that the compromise issue is somewhat progressive in nature wrestled little by little will get off an envelope. We should really copy but if you could make the issue of the BN BN given three days of the international within two days of the impact of the right and when the woman doesn't even know if there's a conception where the doctors don't even know what the conception and she's going to get a cleaning to get the junk cleaned out whatever you want to call it my good go for that.

What I think the answer is going to have to be the personhood amendment be at the national level book of right now they're talking on the national level about codifying Roe versus Wade.

So what good is going to do in Indiana when you have a how with slim majority vote to codify Roe versus Wade is no count of inviting yet you just jump in search of a trust midsentence, but we had a break coming up. The Supreme Court has original movie Wade current reality is that is states across America. Therefore, every state should be doing with Indiana so every state fiscal I should be seeking to put forward effective pro-life legislation. As for the Senate codify movie Wade. I believe that's unlikely, but many case we proceed, and the like that we have right now. He Tom, thank you for weighing in prescient line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown where the lady our first call with Emily, but every color sense and everybody on the board in front of me is all male. So ladies love to hear from you guys. Of course happy to hear from you ladies look to hear from you as well.

866-348-7884 before go back to the phones of the legislation in Kansas that failed.

This would this was responding to a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling that would affect the constitutional right to abortion. I'm oversimplifying things that this bill was saying there is no constitutional right within Kansas for abortion and the bill failed by 59% to 41% in Kansas is a red state so wanted to fail. While some claim that it was simply a matter of being massively outspent by the pro-abortion side. Others claim that it was effective to the point of deceptive, even demonic messaging from the pro-abortion side they put forth a very false image of the pro-life side.

Others said that the bill was put forward a wrong time and wrong way.

Others have said that it failed because it was not incremental. It failed specifically because it did not say okay let's take these steps and then when that's in place. Let's take the next steps to do something more radical is only going to undermine our cause, and of course this is being touted as a great pro-abortion victory in a red state so uncommon to hear throwing stones at those who put the bill forward and try to make this happen in Kansas know certain not appreciate pro-life efforts there, but there are reasons being given for why it failed in Kansas whereas the legislators voting within Indiana even even more strongly with even more unanimity voted to uphold these this this new legislation. Again, the question is the exception because because of rape and incest. So Tom in Mexico suggested well what if if there's rape or incest that the Lord required immediate DNC so excavating of uterine tissue will the problem would be what she is pregnant then then you are aborting a baby just at a very early age right. Tom's position was you wouldn't even know yet but God knows reality is that you could well be aborting a baby, also to require a woman after that trauma to immediately have the Duns subject yourself to surgery is a challenging thing as well not moving the phones for your thoughts for your proposals.

866-34-TRUTH like let's let's go to within Indiana Malachi in Gary Indiana. Thanks for weighing in.

Appreciate the call.

Are you there yet. There, go ahead sir yeah you not I'm innovate and match shirts.

We are in one way, very disappointed that this was not a full abolition abortion. At the same at the same time it out.

We are still partly happy believe in it for me last will still be saved with her, but principally speaking and I had hoped that more Republicans would've voted no on his deal and reworked it even further. I can only imagine you now not bear flag only speculate, you know that I was cast in a no vote treated bill but at the same time I'm not upset at those who wanted to have a full band like you know in order to save lives voted yes and Anna Ella get those who voted no because they want a full band and heroic so I can frustrating. The frustrating thing though is the opposition looking mainly Democratic front of the other Republican who insisted on exception and its justice frustrating God, but the gospel yet you yourself as you said Malachi. You yourself if push came to shove your legislator so you you advocated against the rape and incest exception and you you lost out. Now the bills being put forth vote on principle, you would've voted no right back to understand, though you will be handling yelling lot all clear hate Malachi you covered a bunch of sides of the issue. There and and thanks for wrestling with this and thinking about it, appreciate it very much so. So far we've had callers say that that year it comes down to your vote will you say. Today we are outlawing 98+ percent of all abortions in our state and shutting down all abortion clinics as a direct result or we say to do. That means to compromise and we will vote against this until we get the everything that we believe is right. That's that's the bottom line question.

That's the thing that people actually had to wrestle with going back to the phones in a moment of over on Twitter. Some of the comments here.

We just click on our polling data will voted not sure because it depends on the state since the state will pass the creek. There was little pressure than don't vote get the creek bill through otherwise taken improvement over nothing. People can complain but human lives being say. Marissa said an imperfect law today is better than no restrictions at all what we wait for a better one. I've used respect for the amazing pro-life voices who see this is compromise and prefer to hold the ground but I'm happy to start here keep on fighting life. Short one crime doesn't make another acceptable frankly my dear, said the perfect is the enemy of the good you can pass this bill and still move to make it stronger.

Babies will die while people wait for perfect bill that may never come. Scott vote for it and keep fighting for that last 1% King's son okay while Google translate as wealthy pro-life Christian becomes life hostile Christian in German camp you coincidence will deliver with Google translate texts very thought-provoking question is really easy to say you wouldn't support it until you find yourself in that situation on pro-life, I would likely support the bill with those two exceptions, and let's see Florida law you want for compromising your convictions in 28 teen linking to an article of mine there with a look at the moment.

That is because the selling out of the rights of our neighbors no virtue defending reproductive freedom is not vice Mr. HEB is never acceptable to take the life of the unborn understand the case of saving the life of the mother. David sometimes we have to take the small victories to lead to the bigger threes nomadic vote against it. Don't compromise with evil. As a Christian we accept there is a reason God allows the pregnancy all innocent life is sacred, read a few more comments on the other side of the break, but first let's get back to your views here we go to Fred in Atlanta. Thanks for calling Alina fire your aunt good afternoon. I'm off for whatever we need to do Away at law Weblog currently here and there in Georgia. You know, we have the six week abortion man and man are Sen. Sen. here also is also the pastor is pro-choice, so Quentin is that is if the church we have woke Joel quite cope or kill you. Pro-choice pastors that's the issue to knowing the congregation yeah I played in front of we play the video clip of the pastor bemoaning the overthrow of Roe V Wade in reached out to never got a response publicly critiqued it. See you do have look you have in the Bible yet false prophets of false shepherds to false teachers you have those that were leading Israel.

Often, the priests were corrupt. Paul talked about false teachers and and Peter did all this one's about them so that's always been here. You you've always had compromise clergy you've always had people that that were doing quote ministry, but living in sin so this this is here, but yes, it's wet when those that are supposed to be the watchmen on the wall or leaving us the wrong way.

We are really in trouble. That's right with the senator down here you got a good senior pastor at Ebenezer back church yesterday. Pro-choice and I payment it fronted at church since April since mid April with my spine and then it ended up being McCright a minute but it ended up being beaten almost out there every week and I but I have prayed with many people out there about the post about them being pro-choice and attending church you know and and and really make an impact to out there with me just me being out there not a lot of my you know I mean I'm not calling people come out with me and protest about this guy, I'm not doing anything is just beneath what is what is your sign sacred well but should beware of false prophets then also. Also, I preach out there to about integrity in the pulpit and in righteousness in the pulpit and just stirring up a whole can of worms out there birthday you know you're filing your need your finding people that you want to hear all sir. I find many people that want to hear it you know you know the homeless people come out to you know they come arming the market so demonic and in a you know what I mean. But then I've also believe that that God wants to do a mighty work in the church in Ebenezer Baptist Church because of the history of rare that God want to do a mighty work in revival want to hit at church, but there's a cost involved. You cannot live in sin and preach the gospel. You cannot compromise the pulpit.

You know what I mean. The same judges confirmed this to me. Did you spend time praying for past one on master and I spend hours a day, or sometimes that fact. And I pray you see I just just based on the tone of your voice or the fact that you went years over this brokenness. The pain I I just assumed that this comes a prayer and that you pray for past one.

I think I'll really get hold of him friends. That's what we have to do. Yeah, we call out to expose false prophets and we pray for the repentance and we pray for those that they're leading astray and reach out with the gospel. May the Lord bless you.

May Jesus himself exalted in your life and through your life. Rick may Jesus highly exalted in you. Three. Thanks for calling it appreciate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred far are you getting my emails weekly basis with updates on our latest resources and newest articles news videos are you getting informed. If I'm speaking in your area. Get informed about our trip to Israel in this book coming out. If not, you're missing out. We're here to equip you and when you sign up.

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Also while you're there, click on the homepage about our newest book the political seduction of the church subtitle 1 millions of Americans have confused the gospel with politics. I wrote this book to help each of you see your way through how we live as believers in this world without getting caught up in the political system. How we vote and stand for righteousness without being seduced into a wholehearted obsession with politics or looking to a leader to save us or getting caught up in the election fever. It it it'll it'll be eye-opening to sue all all this is how this how we got off all the false prophecies. How did it happen, we noticed talk about the false prophecies that guarantee four more years of trumpeted by would never be inaugurated. Things like that would explain how it happens, how we fall into this deception and where we got off track to help us stay on track. You can preorder assigned numbered copy. Now they're going to print fairly soon, so go the website asked her to browned a work center for emails and then be sure to sign up and get a copy of the brand-new book a few more notes you're on Twitter old. Let's see here your other others are saying it again reflecting the polling here that 7/10 say vote for Bill containing a rape incest cause and and and their say and in then keep working, keep working to get rid of that those clauses keep working for pro-life culture in the state of 17 little under 17% against a 13% not sure I give you my my own view and then I can go back to the phones again. I'm not the position where this is anything other than hypothetical right.

This is totally hypothetical. This is not the position I'm in now was a legislator casting a vote and just look in an article that someone posted of mind healing fractured nation where I say I'm unlocking to compromise any of my convictions not at all, but it's in the context of reaching out to those on the other side of the political divide and and trying to shine light into darkness, etc. so I believe if this is been the situation I was in I would have done my best to remove the rape and incest cause with them my best to do that or you for that degree proportion in the case of saving the life of the mother and then working against the exception causes rape and incest. I probably would've argued for some legislation that would be there to help women of see what the church to come forward and do it but that's not the case to provide help of its needed, etc. but having said no, not for the entirety of life, but to help someone make the right decision and help them get started. The right path. If that's needed. However, if it came to a vote ultimately were at that moment, we can effectively shut down every abortion clinic in the state we could send a strong message pro-life to the nation, we can effectively eliminate 98+ percent of all abortions in the state immediately by as of that. That night when it signed into law, and now work towards the other. I would've voted for multiple working for the rest that that would've been my position as best as I can tell from my vantage point now. Others strongly differ with that which I fully respect and understand and and obviously we could see things.

Either way we could make an argument either way and in someone could talk me out of my position because again it's just a hypothetical, but those are my thoughts at at present that I could say okay right now. We can deftly do this we can change the mindset we can change much of the culture or state can be known as as a pro-life state and in in reality again the abortion within 10 weeks.

In case of rape and incest in a hostel by duck you still got cut down on numbers even more. Even more, and as the church continues to step four. If you have a culture of life is grows, then you can eliminate the rape and incest cause.

The subsequent I believe I would've taken a course. But if you deeply differently. Again, I fully expect that and understand that okay more calls. Let's go to Robert and not home, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown in 1983. Billy Graham wrote the book approaching her speech. The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and he said that if it voters in government Newport pastors and counselors they would not allow the exception for rape attention now in the book. He mentioned James Robison who conceived and rape is been a lot of fire for sure. You also mentioned Ethel Waters fingernail saying it Billy Graham Crusades and I went mega church Sunday school class and this lady stood up that that she was right at gunpoint by this guidance that the Lord would not let her file charges and years later that God led her mother to the Lord. Nobody else had been able to secondly oh incest. I had always thought that any incestuous construction work were so in a how vegetative types. They don't talk about it was faced with a lifetime carrying for the child of the state was responsible for the church. Now that is not true at all lady if you do a search Alina Marcella Medina. She she was right by her dad that five years old and she carried the child. The child live using seat. She got pregnant five years old. Yes, they sure are six Google. That's why sent do a search Alina more so I just hit you that you are the email I thought weeks ago just jump in no one's no one here on this broadcast none of the callers for split-second nursing there should be exception).

Princes roll against it all will be posted as for incestuous relationship. There are many genetic issues that can come up it's it's it's very common but even aside from that, there is the fact of okay here's a 11-year-old girl it's rape by her older brother and nephew to shift to carry that child and go through the statements of all those questions but that the bottom line, sir, is if there was if there if there was a vote and you had to vote and the bill passes. If you vote for and has an exception because rape or incest or the bill fails. So the 90% of abortions will still be legal in your state.

If if you vote against it. How would you vote well. My point is there was apparent pro-life activists over the new 440 years. There was a time that I hadn't realized I'm not sure I have the right given the knowledge that I have now what I have readily available for rape and incest and I think anybody else they look around resident right right right right with little specs are all pro-life leaders. I know that I've worked with for years and years and years.

Every one of them is against a cause for a princess. Everyone is against because it's a baby in the womb, and you don't punish the baby for the sins of the father right so you work with the mother to help her and you believe that working with the mother ultimately she can be glad to have a child by the way James Robison's will, my dearest friends on the planet Jerry Hill, the wife of late evangelist Steve Hill one of my closest friends back then and in the greatest evangelist to work with your in America.

Steve's wife Jerry was was conceived in rape we had folks on the air to talk about that they were conceived in rape so we understand the value very life every single life as we know there are people that God is used to bless that were conceived and incest so were not arguing for split-second for the morality of three princess quotas. This never been the debate on the show right never been a debate with me is a still a baby in the room question is if you could stop 90% of all other abortions today while working to eliminate the abortion close rape and incest. We could do it. Would you say no that would be a compromise like this again. There's an argument either way a Christian argument either way.

And it it's one where we need to hear each other patiently and pray and avoid sweeping accusations and name-calling partnering with Satan.

Things like that right which which no one here said, but others have been told that and lets her best to hear each other out. Understand the position and I fully understand the view that says I couldn't sign I could not sign because in signing, I would be saying yes to the rape and incest because I fully respect that and understand fully respect and understand it.

I think there needs to be understanding for those who said let's get a massive saving of life today and worked to save his other lives tomorrow friends. Thanks for the discussion right back tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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