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Jewish Myths and Facts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 31, 2019 5:10 pm

Jewish Myths and Facts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 31, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/31/19.

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You don't, there are some crazy crazy myths about the tome with Jewish literature will talk about today stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I'm absolutely delighted to be with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday especially delighted extra delighted. I'll tell you why the moment. Okay, after the broadcast, literally immediately after the broadcast I get the car with my assistant, Dylan, and he brings me to the airport by five Kennedy airport and from there to Israel drive one day before our tour group. So please pray for grace on the trip and noticing I wish I could go.

We actually set dates ready for next year. First time two consecutive years gobbling but we set dates ready for next May.

So perhaps you can join us in May 2020 gobbling but when you take your Jewish lady calls today, 8663487884866342 any Jewish lady call of any kind of Judaism, Jewish tradition state of Israel today is semi-prophecy Jewish objections to Jesus, a Hebrew question or joy to take your calls and I'm going to dispel some common anti-submit a myths know these days for last 2030 years. Things can spread so quickly through Internet and and now more than ever that there can be something completely bogus, complete lie complete nonsense.

A quote that's fabricated or someone misheard it and misattributed it. Whatever it is, and next thing it's out there and then it's repeated in its repeated minutes on this website.

This will quotes an article and ended it gives the veneer of credibility as well.

These always of the websites what it was. I got it from here. And they got it from there and it comes from nowhere.

Ultimately, someone misheard or made it up or reported, but through the centuries many Jews have lost their lives because of all kinds of crazy lies and some of them are believed until this day, especially in the Muslim world. Yes, that's the truth now this is been on my mind extra in recent days because I have just finished revising and updating our hands are stained with blood.

The publisher came to me last year and said look, the book has been a classic.

It's all to God's glory by his grace. It's been out continuously since 1992. He continues to sell their messianic congregations. If you become a member you required to read that book or the ministries before joining working with them required to read the book, God knows how intensely he broke my heart in writing the book and how deeply he called me to pray the impact and distribution of the book before came out so what happened was I been wanting to updated add a lot of information on a lot of different fronts a revise some things here. There we could now sharpen the discussion with further developments and things update the bibliographies so news can be a lot of work and a serious enterprise but we knew the importance of it so gobbling late-summer run August the new addition will be out and spent a lot of time adding notes, adding anecdotes, adding stories, adding illustrations, adding Bible interpretation and keeping it the same style and flow and focus and intensity. So, in doing it. I've had to deal with some of the ridiculous lies about the Jewish people and Judaism, so I will give an example.

Or give an example 866-3487 84 with your Jewish related questions. So one of the objections that I dealt with in the first edition of our hands are stained with blood. Was this the Tallman, though not only condones child molestation beast reality and other forms of morality. It actually sanctions them.

So in the first edition I wrote aside from the fact that neither Jesus nor the apostles overcharged even the worst of Jewish leadership with such sins. Jewish history testifies to be exact opposite of this ground was slender and universally recognized that observant Jewish communities have an extraordinarily low rate of crime sexual morality version is well known facts of nonstops and Christian authors from completely twisting words of the Tallman taking quotes entirely out of context and presented atomic rabbis as perverts below.

If you understand what the Talmud says a recommend you ask a rabbi that some of the with anti-Jewish sentiments is also strange that the same rabbis can be accused of being strict legalists in one breath and express their accused of being sensual Rotarians but here's what accusations and this is in the updated new addition I added this ready as it would take too much time here to examine some of the most common misrepresentations of the Talmud.

But one case in point will suffice. Critics say the Tallman sanctions child abuse.

Since the Talmud states ready. It was taught by shipment Shimon Daniel Hyde stated a proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest. Review said that all the women children that have not known men by line with them key for yourselves.

Finish surely was with them. Consequently, were told by concern Christian minister Olya than your cause permission for sex with three-year-old girl stands for all time and his concern Christian minister is in order. The stone the plague of child abuse with an Orthodox Judaism Israel supreme rabbinic Court of Appeals needs to confront pedophilia in the Talmud and declare it longer whole author no longer legal.

As if the ducks Jewish man marrying and relations with three-year-olds I know it sounds crazy, but you hate. Didn't you hear didn't you hear the quote relates to publishing them on your car.

I stated a proselyte is under the age of three years in one day is permitted to marry a priest who said that all the women, children that have not known then by line with them key for yourself and finish surely was with them so what, next he say it's not hard to find out it's really not hard to find out if someone wants to so the Tallman is referring to the age when a girl converts to two years, not the age when she can be sexually joined to a man so if she converted before the age of three. She was fit for priest. That's what it's about. I if she converted after three. She wasn't so if her family converted to Judaism and she was two years old so the other. All considered Jews. But the older women. Let's say for an older sister who is 10. They convert the same time, she would not be allowed to marry priest because priest could only marry certain people but she converted before she was three, then there is a principal is derived from these other passages that basically makes are pure enough that she could then marry a priest.

That's all it is. That's the perversion, the wild scandal.

Nothing whatsoever here so here's an expanded translation bodily available online. I own the books but this available online so the Gemara which is the Talmud cites another ruling of rubbish member in your Chi also related to discussion of defining who is considered a virgin is taught in rabbinic source that Rabbi Shimon Daniel hi, says a female convert who converted when she was less than three years old and one day is permitted to marry into the priesthood as it is stated that all the women, children of not known men by line with them, keep alive for yourselves. This verse indicates that these women were fit for all the wars and since Phineas the priest was with them is clear that young converts are permitted to marry priests.

That's means not like this horrific monstrous thing that they're sanctioning pedophilia. No course not, God forbid you sit no no no you are playing games Mike Brown we know your type it when people post your liar and you know everything. The first misunderstanding, then they falsely accuse me visit your liar and you know it. For cells Mike Brown Nana Tahoe truth because you know elsewhere. The Tallman talks about a little girl for like two years old and fees violated. It's nothing. It's not, doesn't care it's talking about is who is considered the birds. What if God for bid. Something happened to little girl.

She was violated by a man when she's two years old. She still considered a virgin in Jewish law.

It's as if there was an accident with a stick or something like that and that's what it says it's nothing. It should not be held against her.

She should still be considered a virgin so you know yet.

It's it's maddening on the one hand, when you have these crazy attacks all yet the things a tolerance to enabling words the strange things. There are different things and Aaron and things that are unusual for sure, but sanctioning no no no no, God prepared if anything starts telling Tommy like those of a lot of laws and customs than can do this again to this dispute about this dispute about that because Judaism study of the laws, the highest form of worship that's that's how it's viewed so to intensely engage in God's commandments and to have intense discussion about what you can do and can't do them was forbidden with but it is considered to be a form of worship in your engage in God's holy laws and commandments.

But listen, I have spent a good part of the last 47 years the illness. The half-century in dialogue with traditional Jews in dialogue with ultra-Orthodox Jews, some of whom I've gotten to know very well, some of whom I spent hours with in private rubbish movies Orthodox not ultra-Orthodox.

We spent many many hours and yet there there things. Of course we differ with profoundly to the core of our being and belief in Jesus and what it implies profoundly different closings. We differ on. But what when I if I'm talking to to one of these to and you got look there some counter missionaries so I wouldn't trust at all, just like this and preachers. I wouldn't trust all this hypocrisy everywhere. We understand and their scandals. You have scared you ever have a sex scandal in the evangelical church is ever been a scandal, some committing adultery ever had a scandal in the Catholic Church and get some scandals in traditional views into but overall crime rate in terms of sexual arousal and morality abuse that the.

The numbers are way way low and there are there are Ultraflex rabbis. I know that as far as human ethics. There is ethical is anybody deliver me wanting to do what's upright as much as anybody that comes from their traditions by realist rates of phone that's a good time to call 866-34-TRUTH also tell you I'm so happy to be here today. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 80 yeah just a matter of hours long hours but will be in Israel where that will be the native language spoken around its thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be here 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related question you have of any kind. I'm about to go to the phones but this morning I had to appear in court as a witness. There was just an issue where I had to testify and told get there at 10 in the morning Nancy with me and maybe they'll get to the case by four.

Maybe not. If come another time, and no cell phones allowed no because we didn't realize that we got there and we know could be able to do live radio, let alone all that the case might not be heard till five and then maybe not today maybe another day and suck itself, where Iacocca probably a fight is really only for Israel for an mod railroad member bring up radio so thankfully we are able to get things taken care of, and move on. But like 1231 so we store it did know if we do live radio until then. So all is well. That's why I'm extra happy to be here to take your calls live and we start in Battle Creek, Michigan. Jacob hey how's the weather where you are but long on this morning Dr. Brown. It was -15 with a -41 so numerous computer you have least you're a bit more use to it than say someone living in Florida but that's that's rough going to call the man up here and probably in your notes. Thank God.

Yet, let me get to my question here, appreciate and analyze what they appreciate you chewing and I was in your position and had to leave for Clark for Israel. You know, I might just take the extra hour off and have someone else in life don't want her something but your dedicated and I appreciate that and often to feel the talking appreciate you both.

Thanks, thanks, it's my joy totally told me much of the go-ahead's yet.

So my question is referring to Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 and one print figure out if what how the Jewish society of the Old Testament viewed the word image there.

And God said, let us create man in our own image and the reason I'm asking is because I think that understanding how the Old Testament Old Testament people viewed God and how they view God is on is a good way of how we can look to how we should view God and in I guess the second for my question is, is that word image in relation to the nature of God being that we are creating God's image body soul and spirit gutters referring to is that Elijah got so first first thing is the main Jewish commentaries we have on the books of the Bible come from after the time of Jesus and then in some cases a thousand years after the time of Jesus, and in later and you have homiletical commentaries that are early, but in terms of commentary that we be use to verse by verse don't have those until about a thousand years after the time of Jesus. So if you try to find out Jewish thinking in his day. If we have evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some early traditions preserve the later rabbinic literature, we get an idea but we week. You'd otherwise have to look at our house is translated in the Septuagint in the in the Greek translation of by Jewish scholars a couple hundred years before the time Jesus, how was it translated in the Targum that's Aramaic translation paraphrasing, see what we can glean from their and then even the idea of man. His body soul and spirit of Paul lays that out spiritual body. First Thessalonians 523 but that's more of a Greek way of dividing the human being, the, the more Old Testament Way would be body soul or flesh spirit. So you have the it the inside.

The outside so even in that respect, the question would presume a few things, but the. The Hebrew word for image is is sell them and sell them could be used for making an idol like don't make any image right a graven image, you can have one word use with this is that this is a related word and it's it's the word for image, likeness is is broader. Rashi, who is the foremost traditional Jewish commentator speaking on Genesis 126 he explains about Salomé new in our image as meaning in our form.

Another was there something tangible about it. And then, after our likeness is not in our likeness, but after a likeness. He says to understand and to discern. So, another was the one is taken is more physical and outward and the other is taken is more inward that thing said Jacob Judaism believes that God is incorporeal, that God is not bodily in any way that he is the spirit being and therefore if we talk about the hands of the Lord are the arm of the Lord or the eye of the Lord. It's all metaphorical would technically be called in anthropomorphism speaking about God in human terms, the same way if you talk about the jealousy of God or the anger of God that would be called an answer answer path is which is speaking of God's emotions in human terms. Anthropomorphism speaking to him of his of of of him in a physical way so Judaism does not think that God looks like us in that regard. Even if you have visions in the Bible of him like that Judaism would say that that God does not have a form we can observe or look at and therefore they would not think of for example were created image of God that that means that God looks like a human being. And that's why we look like human beings because were created in his image Judaism would not think that human beings body soul spirits. Also God's body so sporadic and that would be a more Greek way rather that we are rational creatures like him that we have morality like him that we have ability to love and hate that we can create. Be creative that we are spiritual beings that would be the extent that Judaism would see us is created in his foreman's image even though you could argue that the word image is is referring to a bodily replica.

What what what you take our what you think that translation ingrain is it referring to, referring to, I guess, argue, the word Trinity the current year biblical word but like the training nature of God being Jesus, I believe. I believe Jesus is God.

I believe the Holy Spirit is God ugly father is God. And so having that on three and one is you take that stance on the on what that means in Genesis 126 right you.

You do have the spirit of God in Genesis 1 at work. We know from the New Testament that the father creates all things through the son. So let's say this, it is in harmony with God creating as Trinity. Hence, in our image and our likeness because it is father-son spirit speaking normally. However, when God speaks, he speaks as is one it's not plural it's as one so if this is speaking of God creating in tri-unity, then it makes perfect sense. It works well. You can't necessarily prove it from the Hebrew, but the Hebrews absolutely in harmony with it now. Do I believe that God looks like a human being. And that's why we look like human beings that no words when Isaiah sees the Lord or when Moses and Erin Devon off of you and the 70 elders in Exodus 24 saw the Lord receive the woman he sees the Lord and any there someone sitting on the throne writing that describes his hands and his feet and and it describes head and so on. At least that's how God has made himself known and it could well be that he created us to look like him outwardly and inwardly that that we have the capacities that are uniquely God's will… Obviously we have those capacities in terms of of the love to hate to make moral choices have moral discernment to be creative, to be artistic, etc. due to grief to rejoice all the things that that are unique to our species come from being creating God's image, but could also be that he does have a tangible form, you can say is that that's certainly the way he's been seen in every scene and makes himself known… Appearing in a fire or something like that. That's Otis. I got dogmatically say that that were created in his image and therefore the father looks like this in terms of human form, but if it will be. That's how he certainly appears a and B, it would be in harmony with the word solemn hate Jacob a stay out of the court, you're probably hearty and used with the thank you for your questions and I hope I hope I answered it and look 1B biblical Mongo beyond Scripture. The fact that God is spirit doesn't mean he's just like when Norm saying that I realized coming from a Jewish background.

Even though I wasn't religious I knew that we believe in God's incorporeality, and therefore he was entirely spirit and to me that translated into abstract spirit win like magic carpet, swinging and swinging out obvious that some traditional views think but it was only what I've been saying for some years that I realize that I did not fully recognize the tangibility of the spiritual yet understood at and I knew that God and eternal spirit created everything that is created that which is visible with the indivisible is even more real than the visible the invisible is eternal in the visible is temporal and not only so, the invisible will the visible realm is a spiritual realm that is visible itself is a visible purpose God's physical limitations. One day we'll get spirit body yeah that's true I will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown will welcome through thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown, just 30 minutes before leaving for the airport to begin my journey to Tel Aviv, Israel get there one day before our tour group.

If you have a Jewish lid question of any kind, 866-34-TRUTH, giving all your calls momentarily looking at a headline from today the times of Israel string of attacks on Jews rattles Brooklyn neighborhood NYPD opens hate crimes investigations beefs up presence in Crown Heights after series of unprovoked assault on identifiably Jewish residents of these things happen from time to time and any time any group living peacefully than targeted by another group simply because of their religion, their race or ethnicity is ugly and that's scary to the community. It's one thing we have gang warfare back and forth that's terrible and tragic but folks are provoking one another in challenging one another, but you folks try to mind their own business and live their lives to get attacked is the color the skin because the religion because their ethnicity.

That's that's ugly and scary for the community and unfortunately what is happening in Brooklyn with having someone else is happening around the world against Jewish people at the Semitism is tragically alive and well in my book, our hands are stained with blood is we have completely gone through it, revised, updated, added lots and lots of tremendous information and discussion of the new edition coming out gobbling in August.

I'm struck once again writing the book originally in 1991 and then now working on it again so almost 30 years later certain things such as the never change the keep getting worse terms of Jew hatred at the same time, God continues to work. God continues to back, and many many Christians around the world stand with, and pray for Israel, 86634 let's go to Jodi and Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire law and I appreciate very back of my car but I want to archive all thank you for your program and you have a great outreach and I was wanting to know the.

I got to question I want to know the key passages that is best to go out of her with our Jewish friends on how to wear on one of the key at and MET the witness norm and also the question would be what happened and apparently the that I still like there yes or so, let's answer the second question first.

In the days of Jesus, the Jewish historian Josephus mentions three principal groups, the Pharisees, the Sadducees in the Essenes were the likely authors of most of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There were other groups, political groups like the Shikari and groups like the therapeutic day, but they were less significant groups. So what happened to these different groups. The Sadducees were very much temple based in with the destruction of the temple and with the destruction of Jewish sovereignty.

They were they controlled a lot of the leadership they were basically decimated and lost to history. Now there are some who claim that they were the legitimate Jews that they rejected the traditions of the Pharisees, and they have continued until this day and that they are Carol I choose today which is a very small group but let's put that aside and say, generally speaking, the Sadducees is a major movement was largely lost to history. The Essenes also largely lost to history. Many of them had a ready separated from the temple and thought it was corrupt but the Romans effectively destroyed them and wipe them out and they were not able to continue. However, many survive in a tangible way. Over the centuries. The Pharisees survived in what is called traditional Judaism or rabbinic Judaism. Basically, the Pharisees over the next centuries. Now became known as the rabbis so that the authors of the Talmud of traditional Jewish literature.

To this day one of my friends as a counter missionary ultra-Orthodox to so no long beard, black coat the whole Bittner studies many hours every day and he refers to himself as a Pharisee because himself, your Pharisee friend and that's his way of saying we go straight back to the Pharisees now. Bear in mind that in traditional Judaism be a Pharisees a good thing we hearing Christianity means being a hypocrite and a legalist in Judaism.

It's a good thing and traditional Judaism doesn't accept the very negative outlook that's found often about the Pharisees in the New Testament so that's that's explanation. There, as for as for sharing the gospel to Jewish person. If the person is not religious to the person is more secular. They may be very open to you to share the gospel them, like anyone else, finger testimony, talking about their own life about sin, about their need for God and you might as well call John 316 but if they say look, I don't believe in the New Testament, Jewish, then the very best single passage to point to is Isaiah 53 and asked them to read it out loud and in English translation. I have been asked who is that speaking about, see if they can understand the idea that the Messiah came to die for our sins, and that our own people didn't recognize him. In doing so, that would be the number one passage to go to Isaiah 53 a great place to start.

Okay, okay, I appreciate your ministry and I can you do a great job and I appreciate your book on on the counter, you know, the hyper great book, but the effect of there.

I got it right about that later player Douglas and Jody if you want to get one book that will orient you. That's a good book to give to a Jewish person get the real kosher Jesus among my books. This one book. If you read it and give it to a Jewish person. The real kosher Jesus 866-34-TRUTH we go to Jake up in Clarksville, Tennessee walking to the line of fire. Afternoon Dr. Brown okay so my question is a two-part question one is about the Hebrew word ho – and the other one would be the Hebrew word you'll my aunt and my understanding at least of the word first word could be 1, and also Mark and the other one is part of my understanding of what young could have several different meanings not have a lot of people in my family, my circle who are very big on keeping Shabbat and everybody has different opinions on that. But I was wondering you'll see in an Genesis thinker, because they could you also hear God say statement like he called the light day, and I open up the Hebrew, and I look at the vowels, which I know not in the somatic, but understand that the valves are different, so am I to understand the workday has a 24 hour calendar date versus a time of day light like John 11 you said you let me jump in. The first thing that the first was co-– she did good job on it that it accent on the first syllable co-– and, in itself, it means month by it is it is a month from new moons and in other words, the, the months were tied in with new moons or a new moons were celebrated each month are recognized for their importance that the the biblical calendar the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar versus a solar calendar so cut Dosh is the word for new code – is is month but again a month and a new moon were very much interchangeable in terms of the beginning of the month and a new moon. There is no issue in terms of the vowels with your home. The that that that's not the question there whatsoever, so, yet when they the words were pronounced with bows without written with vowels for many centuries but don't simply means day just like our English word day meaning it could be day and night right so that daytime and nighttime or you had evening and morning one day they meeting 24 hours and then in Genesis 2, you have the expression be your own meaning and in the day that which is literally meant when they could be referring to several days in the Wayne could be over. A month or could be referring to a minute so that the Hebrew word day in and of itself doesn't tell us anything about 24-hour or not, because it can be used for daytime. This is also within Genesis 1, you have that it can be used for daytime or that it can be used for a 24 hour period, which would indicate it's just like our our English word and let me say this whole debate about young earth versus old earth that is a much bigger debate than the meaning of the Hebrew word you'll there many many other things that factor into that and there are different arguments given both ways in different scientific things, but I'll just encourage one thing of for for you and your friends and family. Jacob is to take hold of the spirit of Colossians 2, and not to make a focus.

Things like new moons or to recognize and celebrating Sabbath that that's the shadow and the substance is in the Messiah, the substance, the body of things is found in the Messiah and and therefore therefore the real emphasis needs to be on being in him walking in him fellowship with him as opposed to observance of the day were celebration of the new moon or something like that which I believe you would affirm your heart is well hey thank you sir for the call good speaking with you.

866342 okay, I've got like 45 seconds before I go to the brakes on on them to come back and let's see who's up next. Tyler, your next then James José Philip gets as many as we can. On the other side of the break, but please pray for true group traveling over some coming from parts the country would be real cold and there are potential issues with with flights being canceled and things like that in pray for for God's blessing on the tour. Really looking forward to this one as much as or more than you have done in or the torso for people really bless that's what blesses me know because I'm Osama Stewart I'm calm, conscientious of the fact that people spending time and money to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and boy oh boy does it exceed expectations. This is something special is you and pray for some divine appointments. Pray for me to run into some religious is that nobody from online and we get to meet face-to-face. Let's believe God come back with some stories about it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome the line of fire Michael Brown thoroughly through Thursday. By the way tomorrow to be answering some fascinating Facebook questions that were posted in God willing Monday to be hearing me live from Israel.

Get all connections established properly will be broadcasting from is really the way hopefully live from Israel on Monday right Cumberland, Maryland Tyler walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, a girl I'd had a good short questions I can thank you for your ministry. I really appreciate everything that you doing really helping to find patent back at whenever I deal with counter missionary argument is really good to have someone out there you speaking about anything been taking a look at Scripture and in breaking it down, giving you information on thing. According to Scripture, and now early to comment. I'd really appreciate that and my question. The first one is for now I'm. How do you like where you go for information on the technical ductility and how do we know the authenticity of the early Jewish writing you in my second bike I looked on at your bike. How do you how you managed to maintain faith whenever going through studying the thing and and looking at the thing through yell at all the counter missionary Dr. where do you find your faith and in what you believe this or so. Thanks for the kind words and so glad we can be of help to you regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls. The earliest copies of the parts. The Hebrew Bible that we have an and other documents regarding the history of the composition of the Septuagint and other ancient witnesses.

There are quite a few good books on textual criticism of the Old Testament.

II just type that in on Amazon, for example, Old Testament textual criticism, there are few books that come up immediately and all was am looking at or or books that are considered reliable of you might want to get all a broader question are the Old Testament documents themselves reliable Walter Kaiser is a good book and that of the Old Testament documents reliable, but otherwise just just type in Christian book, Amazon, type in textual criticism of the Old Testament, or Old Testament, textual criticism, you'll find some standard textbooks come up and go give you all the information they'll give you all the background. A lot of times if you have Bible software.

They'll have some good Bible encyclopedias or dictionaries with them and you'll have a lot of information right there online, but if you just look up certain articles online, you know, I can pretty well tell quickly if this is a good source for bad sorcerer, or how scholarly it is recent success is not always that easy, so the good textbooks or good respected Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias. Will you be background articles. As for maintaining faith. Of course, God is the one that that helps us and strengthens us and keeps us so II give glory to him for a strong faith in my life after 47 years in the Lord, but number one. He wonderfully saved me wonderfully gloriously radically save me and that salvation was so real and God working in my life. In those early days of the Lord was so real and the fellowship I enjoyed within those early years in the Lord so so intense, so special that it was hard for me not to believe in that regard, but from day one, I was challenged from day one when my my dad lovingly says great rough drugs with 90,000 local rabbis in the local rabbi started raise questions that he brought me to meet other rabbis and then all of my studies, all of them through college and grad school so my bachelors my Masters, my PhD were all with not with people didn't agree with me somewhat completely secular summer atheistic and hostile.

Some religious Jews somewhat, but not a single one agreed with me. So from day one, I was challenged and I just determine I've gotta follow the eye. I know that the Lord save me and change me.

I know the Bible is true, but these are serious challenges under the father. Truth so I I Doug and I studied and I looked and I meditated and I looked at both sides and I got on my face and prayed for the courage to do it to follow God's truth and told him I just wanted this truth so the truth stood that's basically what it comes down to that the challenges were superficial Jewish objections as profound as they could be fell short. The critical attempts to discredit the Bible, fell short so is the combination of having a vibrant solid relationship with God Tyler, which is always critically important is not just our heads.

This relationship fellowship rights and Griffin's 1340 we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. So we we walk in that closely we walk in intimacy with God and and then we see them working in our lives and then we love them with all of our mind as well. So whatever questions come up with the riches we study, we look consider and we find hey there good reasons. That's why people are helped by my material because I struggle I was challenged I was. I was asked tough questions. I didn't have the books on Jewish objections to go try to write them. So I go through the fire with my hope that we can help others not having to go through but II went through come out stronger on the other end and I rendering grad school right looked okay. Here's yet another objections like when you look at and evaluate the certain point you think of half of the my level best to show intellectual integrity. I think I can rest peacefully in the midst of that. Thank you sir for your question 86634 outlets go to James a Long Island thanks for calling the line of fire: Dr. Brown on the short and consummately quick are really up to question the first question that I have.

As I read on Isaiah 7. It seems to me that before Isaiah even what it has got already said he was going to fit Israel into captivity good is it, the name should just shut me, the remnant shall be transferred there were still in the land. Why would Domenico be time it got cool could not leave you by the way, if you go back to Isaiah 6. The end of that chapter's judgment chapter. The judgment is coming and sure your shoes can have the twofold meaning. A remnant will return/remnant will repent is so Isaiah really knew the judgment was coming to get on the house soon. You don't know you always hope maybe with repentance. He can be put off right but Isaiah says in the eighth chapter that his children were actually signs so yeah you name a kid Shar yeshiva remnant will repent/return you're saying that this can be judgment. Absolutely, he knew it was coming or not. Yes or not, not, you know, I don't agree with it but I have to ask you what God would God allow them to happen in order for prophecy to fulfill it. If you want the name, but she bobbed and we are being are been researching it today the neighbor she will mean daughter what household with little now. How is it that Solomon which was prophesied in part and second Samuel 712 to be good fun to build a house is born for the daughter was boxy bookplates there by God in some way with some form yet is that the name somehow insinuate that you gonna come from this one yet so that's that's a fascinating thought James and I love you digging into this is easy to read too much into this, but shave I can either mean daughter of seven or daughter of an oath as you said, that's you related related routes so for sure, that could have been part of her name to have been an oath she was born. In response to those that was it.

Whatever but you don't reach too much into names be because of even look my name is Michael McPhail who is like God (semi Michael. They were consciously thinking with them and who is like God because were worshiping God. The pic they Michael for other reasons. So we don't reach too much into that, but to answer your larger question God's Redeemer. It's not that God makes one person's sin. Here's a guy upright, fearing God try to please the Lord, and God is going to make you get drunk and sleep with a prostitute and then that prostitute is then going to get angry and then murder this person I'm I'm making the whole thing happen that out of that someone can be born out of there that ends up coming to the Lord is the hardship that's not what happens is that God allows us to make choices and he and his sovereignty and in his wisdom that he carries out his will through choices we make meaning he's a Redeemer so he did not make people crucify his son rather he put his son in a certain place at a certain time so that those with wicked hearts would carry out their wicked desires and crucify them all foreknown by God and through that he saves the world as opposed to taking someone who's God-fearing honoring the Lord.

Praying, fasting say I make you kill my son and through. Thus, in such so that's why even though the first child born about stupid dies, then the second child. Solomon led by Lord, by the Lord. A UD Jaws is just the die looks like an English UD job is beloved of the Lord and so must do with with peace from shalom, but that's what the name is given. Even though he was born in a relationship that came about through adultery than murder.

It repented and God redeemed last point. David's adultery and murder did come back on him and he did end up reaping what he so hey I wish I get to all of your calls will open up the phones more gobbling from Israel to take more calls but wait question to Jesus study Talmud Talmud doesn't come into its final form until five or 600 years after the time of Jesus, but he would've been familiar with many of the dishes later come into Tallman hey friends, thanks for your prayers as I head out right now to the airport. Israel, here we come

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