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The Eternal Deity of the Son

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 6, 2019 11:09 am

The Eternal Deity of the Son

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 6, 2019 11:09 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/05/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend Michael Brown. Delighted to be with you on today's line of fire won't be taking calls today.

This is one of the special shows were doing while I'm in Israel while I will not be taking calls but really dive into the word together.

Many of you may have seen my debate with Prof. Dale Tuckey, philosopher Prof. Dale Tuckey Trinity denying Prof. his group reached out to me, eager to do a debate on the subject. According to the Bible is the father alone. The true God, and they offered to fly me up to Minnesota wasn't a debate doctor to get to know who he was at that point, but I said I'm really not able justify them for one night by back schedules and permit that reserve in my area regret the hosted nascent yet. We love to do that will fly and will bring a camera crew, the whole bit. And so when they're that eager to do as well. Of course let's let's have the debate and I have to be candid with you what I do. Debate is not a personal issue is not a matter of me winning or try to make the other person look bad wrong.

I'm jealous. The truth, I'm jealous for the Lord. I'm jealous for the gospel and in this case, I was grieved over the denial of the deity of the son, the glory of the sun, the one and only of the father and I really pray that God would enable me to exalt Jesus to exalt the sun.

If you haven't watch the debate so is my preference that entered doctrinal controversy or social moral controversy that we present as much as we can in debate format so people can see both sides to see the arguments to meet regret nothing to hide the spring all the truth to light and then I don't need to endlessly go through the debate and an answer. Things again because obviously I want to do it adequately within the context of the debate itself.

There debates have been involved with years back, and to this day, people are still putting out videos about the debate supplemental notes and and then you hours and hours and hours justify their position of thinking. Obviously carefully did that well in the context of the debate that self presented evidence of euros, but hours and hours and hours and hours later proved a point that being said, what I want to do is open up some of the truths that that were discussed in the debates on not revisiting the debate that stands for itself what I'm doing is going back into some of the Scriptures and let me explain something growing up in a Jewish home. Even though I was not a religious Jew, a traditional judicial a concept used believe in one God is very zealous in that faith.

And that's fundamental and Jews through the ages have died rather than convert to Christianity or convert was Landau Islam is the left someone God, but they would have to deny their Jewish faith to convert to Islam with Christianity to be the perception that was somehow idolatrous that God was made into a man or a man made into a God or the gobbler somehow three so because of that, there's a consciousness is a Jew that there is this one God and one God only. Even though was not a religious Jew when I came to faith.

Well now I'm told, while Jesus is God is a Trinity Cape is there is. The Bible says Jack came to faith in Italian Pentecostal church and there is there's a joke that I learned when I was in Italy ministering among Italian Pentecostals that they have one tradition, one tradition only if the Catholics do it. We don't. So in other words, I grew up in an environment that made clear the word out Catholics. Most of the people in the church reform Somerset is the best Catholics of this and that's the environment which I came to faith in the whole idea of the creeds of the church and all that I was unfamiliar with that and then early on was a brand-new believer local rabbi who befriended me just me a book and in the book is on anti-Semitism in church history.

So I'm brand-new I don't know, church history, I'm Jewish coming it's it's like these guys are bad guys want to stay with the Bible so that's that's restarted and then being challenged by just walking believe this. How can Jesus begun amending Jehovah's Witnesses and then challenge me so I just was the Bible say that's my only issue, and that remains my only issue.

It is not to speak disparagingly of all the church through history. Thank God for his people for his body to the ages.

Think of for the insight is given to his people, but ultimately if you are Protestant. If you are a messianic Jew, ultimately using agree that the final authority of Scripture.

That's my issue.

What does Scripture say so in Isaiah chapter 42 verse a in God's dealing with the idols of the world aright. He's dealing with his Jewish people in captivity and speaking judgment on the idols of the world. He says I'm the Lord I'm going.

That is my name, my glory I give to no other near my praise to carved idols that Isaiah 4011 for my own sake, for my own sake. I do it for how should my name be profane my glory. I will not give to another. Now you say right so in context it means God will not allow idols to take credit for what he does and his glory is given. If his glory is given to an idol than that is profane, no he doesn't, he was glory to any other. The issue however was that there was only the competition. The articles that were the other false gods with competition. The question is does God give his glory to another so that other is worshiped as God or adored as God. I've had this conversation many a time with traditional Jews with ultra-Orthodox Jews zealous devoted rabbis and they will say to me that my heart is divided because I love Jesus and I love God because I praise Jesus and I praise God because some of my affection goes to the one who saved me and bled for me.

Surely every Christians can have an intense loving affection for the Savior bled and died as God praise Jesus and thank Jesus. And yet our leisure should be to go along with the latest God alone. Jesus issue is God if he wasn't. It wasn't on the flash II could not. Given that devotion. I could not get on that love, I can recommend adoration. I believe that's part of the issue you're not salmon share my glory with anyone else. Now Revelation chapter 5 verses 11 to 14 beautiful verses that I looked and I heard around the throne and the living creatures and the elders.

The voice of many angels, numbering myriads of myriads and thousands and thousands same thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice, worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth, wisdom might honor, glory and blessing.

I do not believe based on Scripture that any created being is worthy of receiving all of that as I read Scripture understand I do not see any created being, let alone a glorified man just flesh and blood human being. But now glorified. I do not see any evidence anywhere that a human being can get that level of praise, adoration, worship is it's it's one thing to bow before earthly ruler it's it's one thing to say, all honor belongs to all great came. It's it's one thing to fall. Some of feet and kissed him that these are things done in ancient Greece to different parts of the world to this day it's it's one thing to come with riches and treasuring given to an earthly person but angels singing this to them, a man immortal tykes with a look at this and heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth menisci and all dissidents all the created universe saying to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb to notice the worship the honor the adoration that's coming is identical to him, sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory might forever and ever. The four living creatures, that all men, the elders fell down and worshiped, so the identical glory is being given to the Lamb into the one who sits on the throne. If the Lamb is created being. If the son of God is created being a first grade angel Jehovah's Witnesses would believe or a glorified man is the so-called biblical Unitarians would believe that come so-called because their views in a biblical then this is idolatrous, then this is now dividing our hearts beat between the Lamb and God. If the Lamb itself is eternal God, then there's no division whatsoever think that is very, very clear, wonderfully clear to either God is going back on his word and another created being a sharing in his unique honor and glory or the song is one with the father equally God noted that all creation worships limiting that he himself is uncreated right let's let's go down and and look again and I say the 40th chapter 40 through 48, and what you see is that God repeatedly says I am I am he.

I am he. I am he.

I am he. I I am I am he it in Greek.

So the Hebrew Bible translated the Greek or the Septuagint go Amy Eggeling me. I am I am he, right. So for example I and I give you lots of examples from these chapters. Isaiah 4812. I am he, so Hebrew on the who in Greek go Amy I am he. I am the first and I am the last now.

What does Jesus say in John 858 right when he says hey Abraham rejoiced to see my day he's dealing with these these these Jewish men in Jerusalem.

Abraham rejoiced to see my day. He was glad this is not your 50 years old. I was a Ramsey at and he says, before Abraham was, I am now the logical thing if he was talking about pre-existing and may be in concept, he could've said before Abraham was, I was known or I would.

I was anticipated I was destined to predestined us to say that he doesn't even say before him was I was to be the normal way of sea ice is diverse, but rather before he meant was I am in one of the Scriptures do they pick up stones to stone bait. They know what he was saying. They knew the outrageousness of the client, but luck luck luck luck God speaking of himself in his eternity, his Majesty says himself. I am he. I'm the first and on the last Revelation, 26, the father speaking.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end right. The father says that only eternal God can say on the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the created being cannot sit right religion 2013, Jesus says I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first on the last, the beginning and the end he is giving himself an exact identification with Yahweh in these chapters in Isaiah 40 through 48 with the God of Israel, a he is identifying himself here is having the same eternal nature as the father in the book of Revelation is what John is doing no created being can say on the Alpha and Omega cannot be positive relying or not the oscillator not getting another person. God is says it is on in the flash error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on our this is Michael Brown in the midst of our Israel tour or third Israel tour gobbling will do them again in the future and you'll be able to join with us on a future trip, but a Mexican call students as well as teaching, digging into the word days and I'm opening up some of the statements from my opening presentation in the debate on is the father loan the true God. According to the Bible with Prof. Dale talk if you haven't watch the debate. Please do it's on our YouTube channel on a digital library and asked Dr. or ask Dr. Brown on YouTube.

All right it couldn't. There are many parallels between the God of the Old Testament and the son Jesus in the New Testament. So for example, that is God's words that will not pass away.

In the book of Isaiah chapter 47 and eight where is it's the words be sure what Jesus that will not pass away.

According to Matthew 24, 35, so just as Jesus takes on the exact same eternal nature as the father expresses that exact nature in Revelation say on the Alpha and Omega, beginning in the first and last, which again no created being insecure. Imagine an angel making a proclamation who are who you think you are out course course so this being clear from Scripture. Even the unique actions of God to save and deliver Israel as he works through earthly deliverers you work through earthly judges and kings and others that delivered Israel" saved Israel, but in terms of redeeming them from Egypt in terms of redeeming them from sin in terms of setting them free from captivity in terms of bringing them from darkness into light. There's only one Savior only one. Isaiah 4311. I I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior walked with Apache sis was referred to as our Savior over and over in the New Testament numerous times referred to as a service very name speaks of Yahweh saving sure so what about him. While it's God at work. It is God in the son Jesus as him and the father the fathers and me was Paul right in Titus 213 that the Greek grammar is quite clear he refers to quote our great God and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

If you want to speak of two different personages.

It's easy to do it. Our great God and make it a separate concept and our Savior Jesus when it is written, our great God and Savior, Jesus the Messiah. He is calling Jesus as their Savior. But our God on a low Savior, it makes sense doesn't it and and then look at this is really fascinating is a lot to learn.

You look at Isaiah 40 through 48 and go from there back into the New Testament because God is showing that he is the great and only God, these are the strongest passages from monotheism anywhere in the Bible exalting the one and only God of the universe. I'm a strict monotheist. I do not worship other gods not bow down to other gods. I don't give my devotion and affection to other gods one God only made himself known to us as father son and Spirit. Yes, if you want to say one being three persons, that's fine, but because I was not debating the nature of the Trinity.

I was not debating the creeds I was not debating different expressions of God's tri-unity. The debate was is the father loan to God according to the Bible all I had to show is that the sun is also the true God.

According to the Bible. A demonstrators well.

Briefly, that the spirit is also true God but Isaiah 4311. I I am the Lord, besides me there is no Savior now. Isaiah 4424 I am the Lord who made all things, who all alone that who alone stretched out the heavens and spread out the earth by myself either myself, he he didn't do it through angels. You didn't do it through other intermediaries because the creation he was on their right and and and if he's creating than the Angels or spectators of degraded angels and increase the earth there rejoicing in passages and Job would indicate that there the spectators well well look at what wow there rejoicing and singing in praising adoring what is the New Testament say John 11. It starts with the language of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Hebrew Bible opens with the words which the Elohim at the semi of at the arts, which is traditionally translated in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The Greek says NRK in the beginning where beginning I was John 11, rendered in the beginning and RK so here he is clearly and emphatically clearly and emphatically putting his stamp and saying this is the creation at the beginning Genesis 11, only to give you more insight was a say in the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God was with us at Woodward was a God versus not a good way to render the Greek word was God so that they have several golf have the. The main God and in this lesser God, through whom things were created, so what what we make of this good way to translate John want to convey with the Greek essay in the beginning was the Word was with God and what God was.

The word was all things were made through him without him was not anything made that was made in a few verses later in the chapter he came into the world. The world was made by him who the word son, the Word became flesh. John 11 exit. Absolutely clear. All things were made through him without him was not anything made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men.

I I thought.

Isaiah 44 God created you created all by himself. He did one God fathers in spirit.

This is telling us someone else is there, if that's not gonna. That's not the divine son and somebody else was there and and Isaiah 44 is untrue because God did not create the world by himself.

That's why John 130 Johnny Mercer says the Jesus ranks before me because he was before me is what Jesus said lots versus was John 313 John 638 John 641 Johnny 23 John 13 three that he was from above.

Also John 17 references this he was from about. He came down from heaven came from God. He was returning to God of courses preexisted course. He was sent into this role, he was, not just created.

When he was born in the womb of Mary rather than son took on human form through the womb of Miriam and became Jesus the son eternal becomes flesh and blood in the womb of Mary Miriam and is known to us now as Jesus why Paul writes this risk is eight if Ross there is one God the father from whom are all things and for whom we exist so the father being the source of all things, hence known as the father and one Lord Jesus the Messiah through whom are all things. This was on John 11 all things were made through him without him was that anything made that was me I so one God the father. One more Jesus now is the father called Lord in our translations over 6000 times in the Hebrew Bible. Yeah, name Yahweh. Traditionally, Jehovah becomes more English Bibles but also ancient Greek Bibles and things so here people reading that the Hebrew Bible and Greek reasons, Septuagint they see Lord Curry us almost 7000 times, referring to the one true God. Now that's the principal title Jesus in the New Testament is the father no longer Lord of courses Lord but is primarily known as God in the New Testament is the sun not gonna courses. God is properly known as Lord in the New Testament all things from the father through the son.

Okay. And then Colossians 116, 17 for by him speak of the son all things were created sprinkler heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, with the thrones dominions lose authorities all things were created through him and for him is before all things in him all things hold together. You know I am often confronted with other positions and challenged what I believe and it's been the that way for 47 years of not existed in the spiritual cocoon since I was saved by that's a great rough drugs you talk to local rebel day when I was child and then meeting people from the cults in my high school we were into all kinds of the Eastern religion, transcendental meditation, all past lead to God that we have these different speakers come and speak to the students is been this weird little group within our school has its own school of the story so would always Always challenge and then I went over the secular University so no one that a single professor ever through through through my bachelors degree my Masters be my PhD that a single professor ever studied with ever agreed with my faith. Not one, not one, not one. To my knowledge, was a born-again believer that one of the Jewish scholars I studied with agreed with what I believe not one and some were downright hostile to the faith are very skeptical about the authority of Scripture or anything like that similar very secular in their approach. Then I stood with other professors mother background. My faith was always challenge that always been challenged to basal I'm constantly being confronted with other positions and do my best to look at them and evaluate them and one of the best ways to expose error is when you hat when you see the most convoluted and ridiculous explanations and possible estimation explanation is that takes simple text and turn them upside down and twist them try to make them mean something else. These are okay that Debbie was bankrupt since he was the son of the old undeniable in the beginning of all things came to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the line of fire broadcast Michael Brown not taking your calls today. This is one of our special Israel broadcast that we prepared for you but I will be taking calls on the show as I'm with our tour group in Israel. Yes I say that my impulse is to give your number. This is the normal reflex, but I just told you without taking calls but sit back as we bathe you in the word of God and the glorious truth of the eternal deity of the son, you know, I I don't personally get confused about was after I prettify would it didn't Jesus that but what about the spirit. No II understand how God relates to us and calls us to relate to him so he comes into our midst. In a way that is touchable, tangible to his son is as first John says the word of life. We touched him. We we touched him. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We we've touched and we live with him. So Jesus says if you seen me you seen the father received that's always how the father revealed himself. That's why in numerous cases in the Hebrew Bible, God appears and people see him in some cases it Dennis is 18 that the most graphic he he's there having a meal with Abraham and talking with them at length and then walking away and leaving so so he can visit us. You can come into our midst.

In human form.

It's the song who makes the father and also the one hand, God is never been seen, but he has been seen.

Why because the father remains hidden. The father, the source of all things manifest through the sonnets with the son does is the radiance of his glory and the exact imprint of his of his image. He was one right. He shines forth the father's glory and in the spirit works among us and visibly. No one sees the spirit right. The spirit is poured out, the spirit works or meets the spirit teaches and instructs and leads and guides. The spirit is not just a power but a person is the unseen mom like as you dress all attention to Jesus because that's how God is no so how is it that millions, hundreds of millions of former idol worshipers around the world have come to know the God of Israel through the son he is that holy magnet that draws praise and adoration to God as I'm praising and ignoring Jesus that is glory to God.

So I pray my normal prayers to the father through the son empowered by the spirit. I could also cry out Jesus help Jesus save me is the Savior. He works in Gaza where Weatherford is the constant printing partner Gossett looking at like that he just wants us to relate to him and know him.

His father, and then we simply expressed through Jesus.

So that's why John 523 it's the father's will is said that all may honor the son just as they honor the father that another, you may send a messenger, you may send a messenger on your behalf and you want that messenger to be treated with the same dignity that your treaty right that person represents you.

That's why ambassadors with different countries have certain immunities because they are representative country are given special status but let's consider this if you your married man with kids right and you send your ambassador, your messenger who is representing you, and you send them with a message on your behalf. Okay so I'm supposed to respect that person as it was, you but that person is not married your wife.

That person is not the parent of your children that that that person is still not you and I cannot honor them the same way on you because you are also all these other things. Get the son dishonored the same way as the father is in John 17. Five. Look at what Jesus says now father, glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed.

While covering text remarkably clear. There Jesus is saying that he existed before creation before the world existed.

He enjoyed God's presence. He enjoyed the glory of God. They shared it to gather. He is eternally Cree existed. That's why Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus existed in the form of God, he emptied himself, and became a servant die for us is Dr. James White is pointed out, this is given to us as an example of humility, but this mind be in you which was also in Messiah Jesus, though even exist in the form of God, he didn't take advantage of that. If you hold onto that rather emptied himself, taking on the form of a servant and then dying a criminal's death on our behalf, so if in fact he wasn't God and how was it humble to not take advantage of being God or hold on to one's deity if you weren't God just thought you were God, I was an example of humility to humble yourself and lower yourself and take on the form of a human being.

If you're just a human being.

How is it humility to be a human being. So obviously Paul makes this point powerfully. There then Isaiah 4523 were God swears that everyone will bow to him and every tongue swear him qualifies as first Jesus thing every knew about her Jesus.

A few every tongue will confess that he is Lord. This is to the glory of the father, but that is confessing to him you are Lord, but that was to Yahweh if I'm saying to Jesus. You are Lord just as I would've said that the only bowing down to him. If he's not Lord is not Yahweh that is not to the glory of the father's blasphemy very clear again very powerful that the implications are absolutely massive.

That's why Jesus in Matthew 23. It say that is long gather people of Jerusalem to get as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings long to do that hearts through history. This was this was the son of God reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out. That's why Hebrews 18 code Psalm 45, seven Hebrew case of hollow him along the edge or throne of God's forever and ever. By the way, when I was first learning Hebrew in college, I learned a little to be bar mitzvahed, but very little.

I forgot most of it that I'm in college and in learning modern Hebrew, but got a textbook Thomas Landon's Hebrew grammar Rabbi recommended it.

So I taught myself biblical Hebrew to Landon went through all the exercises in the book and and detailed explanations attachable learning modern Hebrew in college and I remember I I went to to talk to my Hebrew teacher one day. My professor who is also Rabbi and I said to him, could you translate this verse for me, some 45 seven so he looks at it and Hebrew recent visa call him along by the suggest praises to the Almighty or throne of God's forever and ever. I said I could do to do with context here members didn't get red in the face with context is speaking of King it's ultimately a messianic Psalm, and that's the only way I can have its full meaning that this king is only a divine one called God because he is God and and I dismember this is Hebrews messily better than mine. At that point but is not interesting.

We just read the verse by itself knew exactly what so this is now quoted with reference to the son, who was superior to the Angels.

This is has to be laid out his take on human form.

Who is this son. This is written to other Jewish believers right so it says about him. Your throne of God's forever and ever and I checked dozens of major English translations before this and that that is clearly how it is translated and and then and then he was one quotes from Psalm 102. Speaking of God's works in Hebrew before hand of old and Greek in the beginning right you, Lord. This is to the son, and you Lord laid the foundation of the earth and the beginning. Actually there people who try to deny the D of the subsidy of this creation to begin exactly new creation in the future. Me, that's that's much have to take this text turned upside down and make it say things it cannot possibly say just reading the words giving Scripture and by the way, if I wanted to quote machine gun in my opening presentation in my debate on the nature of God. If I want machine-gun I just couldn't quoted references boom boom boom boom boom boom and multiply by two, three, four times this verse in the room but I did as I quoted lots and lots of verses because I want people to hear what the word said I was machine-gun and what it is massively edited those try to give verses in court take the time to quote them read passages, the people could hear them with her own ears so Psalm 102. This is applied to the son, right after it is said or throne of God is remember to the sun and you Lord laid the foundation of the earth and the beginning in the heavens of the work of your hand not letting future new heaven and earth.

You don't create a future new heaven and earth in the beginning. This is talking about the earthly creation says they will perish. The current heaven and earth.

They will perish, but you remain, they will route morality, like a rolled rolled them up like a garment that we change.

Who does this except does this except God glorified vendors. Do any of this please do the same in your years will have knowing who's a document God God and only God, you can't say this to an angel you.

This is God alone son eternal creator who always was and always will be is what Scripture says and then in the Old Testament. Of course when the most famous messianic prophecies in Isaiah 9 is called LG bore mighty God is interesting to read traditional Jewish interpretations and translations that that wrestle with this now. Sometimes sometimes the name of the child reflects the child to call him Esau or a dome really look at his is now his skin color. Reese Harry or this or that is grabbing the ankle in the name it refers to other times it is about God.

So logically Yahoo my God is Yahweh right but here these are titles being put on the SunStar shalom, Prince of peace, obviously referring to him and then explains why. What follows was tight as the LG bore mighty God, which is the title of Yahweh. Isaiah 1021 the son is called God and by the way, it's best. They're not to translate is called everlasting father, but rather a father forever, many king over the nation. Father forever or possessor of eternity, another potential meeting a father that's why Thomas after Jesus rises from the dead member he was doubting. Now that he understands after the resurrection. The disciples eyes are open even more. What is you cry out to the resurrected Messiah, my Lord and my God. And when you read some of the X places all is like my Lord and my God what it was like coming using the Lord in vain was that it or what explosion he said to Jesus my Lord, and he looked up and said, my God is here that you think obviously you just yourself of those arguments.

Was Jesus say in the next verse.

Don't call me don't send me my Lord and my God will say that what is he say now you see me really finally get it now. Yes there's only one that we worship as my Lord is my horn not a running one bottle yes father-son spirit one got old one that has moderation is only one who is my my God Almighty eternal God, that's it.

My heart is not defined in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I want to be totally handed of when I was preparing for the debate with their tugging on is the father loan the true God. Even though I was familiar with the scriptural evidence even though I was familiar with the scriptural arguments about the sons eternal deity to tell you is I really prayed and dug into the word fresh house on the way.

I was blown away by how decisively how frequently God makes himself clear on this issue. Then, when we look at the larger picture of the nature of God. So one eternal being in three persons. Again, this is even using human language.

It will be speak of persons in terms of God father son and Spirit. It when you look at it you think that what we end up you get on your face and you worship. Worship God.

Amazing, glorious, beautiful. That's why Paul writes in Colossians 29 that in in the sun. In Jesus the fullness of God dwells in bodily form that cannot be said of any created being the fullness of God wealth in him in bodily form.

That's why second Peter 11 again just the plain clear reading of the Greek speaks about the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus the Messiah is our God and our Savior. Peter says it.

Some of the early church leaders use that very same language. The disciples of the apostles referred explicitly to the deity of the son explicitly. They referred to and and Paul. The most likely rendering make an excellent case were in Romans 95 that he refers to Messiah as God. Overall, blessed forever praised forever and then first John 520. The most likely grammatical understanding is that John is telling us that Jesus is the quote true God, the true God is why John 14. Jesus says the father is in him and he's in the father that's unique relationship.

That's why Romans eight verse nine through 11, Paul identifies the spirit of God with the spirit of Christ and and check these prayers up.

First Thessalonians 3 second Thessalonians 2 this in the lungs versus limbs 313 now may our God and father himself and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you that this was interesting. One he's praying to the father into Jesus. Why, why, pray, Jesus Wyant why include Jesus in a prayer to the father and must Jesus himself is his deity. What he do that is like Catholic saints for the saints as well and no this is prayer directed to God, but includes Jesus not only so, not only so, he uses a singular verb in the Greek the elsewhere confusing singular would be like a term flesh and blood red mother was flesh and blood seen as one thing humanity so this is quite unique. Its drawing gets retention but even more clear. Second Thessalonians 216 and 17 pulpits.

Jesus first, the per look at this uses a singular verb again now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our father who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word may Jesus and the father comfort your hearts with a singular verb because the one because you can also pray to Jesus. Stephen does acts 759 Lord Jesus received by spirit with Dr. Kramer and Arthur Marana thought Aramaic. Our Lord come relation 2220. Even so, Lord Jesus. These are prayers to Jesus. John 1414 of the we principally pray to the father.

Jesus that if he asked me for anything. I'll do it.

That's why Revelation 22. Get this the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the new Jerusalem. This doesn't say the throne of God and the throne of the Lamb will both be in the Jerusalem no throne of God and of the Lamb have Romans 11 will be in Jerusalem the Jerusalem and his servants, not their servants. This service worship him who the throne of God and of the Lamb. They will worship him. They will serve him like one God doesn't sound like the Lamb is also God. Revelation 22 the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the new Jerusalem is service will worship him they will see his face at their faces in his name at their names will be on their foreheads with the words as wonderful and glorious.

That's why Zechariah 14 tells us that Yahweh's feet will touch down on the Mount of olives at the end of this age but ask one tells us that the sun Jesus will return. Just as he left is gonna come back down to the Mount of olives cigarette 14 says when he does this he always be touching with the deduction from their son is God him self and and notice notice not only to be baptized in the name of the father-son spirit if the sun is just created. Being a piece of exalted Angel if he's a glorified man. Why does he get his name in between the father and the spirit.

Why one would want to do that and not only so, Jesus tells us in Matthew and Luke that the only women can know the father is, if the sun decides to reveal and that only the sun really knows the following the sun that the father only knows the sun and the sun on those. The father that's the subject of a glorified man with a bent does not know God the way God knows them. But Jesus says the sun knows the father father the son and the son is one decides to whom he will reveal the father when it comes to the spirit and I could've spent hours on this in the debate. I was in debate your limited time.

That's what percent is much as I could. So here I just give references that have time to quote all the verses but acts five.

Lying to the spirit is lying to God and ran license far was you I got worried you out of the spirit and you live with thing. Little Rock and you I will bench you live in the wind and can you lie to a power in the likely person lying to God is lying to the spirit like the spirit is like God. That's why the Scripture says that the spirit can be grieved. Your watch this. Listen to this. I'm I'm pounding my my desk here on the grieving it's assisted desk. It's just the desk okay I'm I'm grabbing the mic here on the grieving.

It's just is a metal contraption right but the spirit can be great. Isaiah 6310 Ephesians 430 in the spirit teaches and in Bible teaches, guides, speaks interest. See's Romans eight the Spirit intercedes for us with unutterable groanings and God knows the mind of this. I spirit, the spirit teaches guy speaks intercedes appoints leaders bears witness second Samuel 23 three Nehemiah 919. Romans I'm just on and on and on and on and on. The spirit is manifest through wisdom and knowledge first Chronicles 28, 11, 12 prescriptions 12 78 spirit is eternal. He was 914. Romans 1530 speaks of the love of the spirit point is this benediction. Second Corinthians 1314 the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. Felt fellowship with always. Are you intimate with the Holy Spirit druggie fellowship with the Holy Spirit this power to set a thing.

Is this a being so again spirit can be grieved spirit teaches these acts 13 the spirits as separate for me. Saul and Barnabas Orbison saw separate them for me. Spirit speaking, there is this beautiful wonderful truth John 1526 when the helper comes, whom I will send you from the father, the spirit of truth, so three separate persons or father, son, spirit when the helper comes, must sent you from the father, the spirit of truth receives withdrawal. He will testify about the power he will testify about me father since the summer sun.

Since the spirit is beautiful. That's why blaster against the spirit is his unforgivable sin. Spirit is the one bringing God merely representing him. That's why he's called Lord. Second Corinthians 317 and 18 as Jesus is the Lord of glory gets crucified. First Corinthians 2. Again, not a man that the Lord of glory with the spirit is the Lord second Corinthians chapter 3 and enter a passage I I referenced beautiful passage and in John 12 Jesus's is is talking to Jewish leaders and then John speaks of them and then quotes from Isaiah 6. How that their hearts are hardened, and it says that Isaiah said this when he saw God's glory.

When he saw the Messiah's glory.

And because Isaiah 53 references that Jesus dying for our sins, and then references Isaiah 6 raises, as I saw the Lord high lifted up, and who the Cedar Yahweh. Yahweh on a diet of obscene galaxy, the king, the Lord of hosts, and in John tells us in John 12 that when he saw him Yahweh in Isaiah 6 he saw the sun because the fathers never been seen son is seen with the word says maybe that a problem with church rooted this one be Catholic or follow Protestant tradition. These will be scriptural and heard these fickle biblical Unitarians use it now. I think they're right throw that out.

Go back to the Bible throwdown go back to the Bible. The Bible clearly speaks of the eternal nature of the sun, so I heard your arguments before because their true. I was a try to create something new. I was trying to open up with Scripture says and have the joy of quoting Genesis 48, 15, 16, where Jacob describes God as the God before whom I fathers Abraham and Isaac walk the God is been my shepherd all my life long. To this day the angel who has redeeming from all harm the Moloch the messenger that he says. May he bless one God, one God also identified as the angel redeeming the hard heedless. Please bless you knowledge, much more my website for the aspect a escape or brown the Lord visit us

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