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How Our Eschatology Affects Our Attitude

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 25, 2019 5:10 pm

How Our Eschatology Affects Our Attitude

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 25, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/25/19.

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On today's broadcast, I'm going to explain how our eschatology or end time views can affect our attitude today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire Delphi going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown for the lightest. With thanks for spending this time with it with your slide on radio or laid on a podcast another online form with your watching on Facebook or YouTube way to our viewers. There great to have you with us today on the line of fire.

I will be taking calls but working to be getting into the word and having some in-depth discussion about a really important subject. The end times is important enough in and of itself. What happens at the end of the eighth what happens with return of Jesus. What happens to the human race happens to the church. What happens to Israel. What happens to the nations.

It is a big questions but an even bigger question is how does this affect the way I live today. I was this affect my attitude, my walk with God. My effective ministry to those around me today. That's what we want to focus on and regardless of your own particular end time view and will look at a number of different ones today, regardless of that I believe you'll find today's broadcast very very helpful. Now many of you know that March 19 is when the new book I'm holding an advance copy in my hands. Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in a pre-tribulation rapture co-authored with my esteemed colleague Prof. Craig Keener. Our book will be out on March 19. We got our advance copies on the same day and we both posted them on her Facebook pages, saying hey we got our advance copies and Craig being a funny guy he so here's a pre-copy but it's about a post-civil can I posted about a post-tribulation subject anyway so reposted that same day it jumped on Amazon to the number one new release and Christian prophecy. I just wanted to see who else had books coming out, you know that David Jeremiah had a book coming out some others that were obviously serious heavy hitters so there's obviously an interest. The moment we posted this there's an interest, but our book is not a divisive book. We have clear views. We have strong views. We do not believe in a pretrip relation rapture.

We explain why in the book but with the steam and honor for our colleagues who differ with us so regardless of your position today I believe you will find today's broadcast very helpful as well as the book very helpful course you can preorder it now. It's due out on March 19 out before I I give you a breakdown of major end time views and what I see his strengths and weaknesses within each one.

Regardless of your scriptural view of one look at each one and see strengths and weaknesses will give an example of how a misreading of Scripture or a misapplication of Scripture can affect our mindset and our ministry today.

Let's take a look at second Timothy chapter 3 beginning verse one.

This was one of the first verses that I heard, quoted regarding the end times as a new believer, I heard this quoted second Timothy 31. But understand this, but in the last days or times will come famously in the King James perilous times will come for people be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, and holy hardhearted unforgiving backbiting about self-control, brutal anyone is good, treacherous, reckless seated, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God holding to an outward form of godliness but denying its power to stop right there in the middle of that person.

I can read the end of verse five for recent men come back to it but I could really write out for recent so how was that verse quoted well. I heard it quoted as approved that we were in the end times and look at this description that Paul Gibbs of the end times the number one look at how accurate the Bible is in describing the day in which we live those first thing then the second thing was the understanding the tacit understanding that things will only get worse. Now I didn't hear that preached necessarily intermediate conjunction with this verse and don't try to do anything to bring about change in the society is only get worse. But I've heard that on-and-off and was regularities for the last 47 years for the better part of it, things rolling and get worse with the bad things are going to get worse so so just picture pictures go to the doctor right and that the doctor tells you yeah you got the serious condition it's it's very concerning and in your mind you been told once the doctor has bad news for you. It's all downhill from there. There's nothing you can do to change affect your health. I am bothered with this medication at I don't bother with lifestyle change at I go bother with exercise therapy any of that surgery and that's all you get worse. Now if that is our attitude.

Based on this verse look perilous times encompassing the wicked and terrible.

Why try to bring about moral reform. Why try to turn the tide with abortion in America. Why try to turn the tide was sexuality in America what why try to turn the tide with social injustice in America or any other kind. What why bother why combat human trafficking things will only get worse.

That's reality that I use as an example to say that so we can read Scripture have an end time reflection based on it, and then come to wrong conclusions that affect our minds so what are some of the problems with that interpretation. Let's go back.

Second Timothy chapter 3 verse one and let's notice that Paul says to Timothy, take note of this.

Take careful note of this.

Understand this mark Mark my words, Timothy.

So the first question is why is Timothy being warned about something definitely relevant for 2000 years now.

Member told you I didn't read the rest of verse five but refinish speaking of the same worldly sensual people holding to an outward form of godliness but denying its power.

Avoid these people. Timothy avoid people like this. Okay so you get the point Paul is talking to Timothy about something practical in his own day something relevant to Timothy in his own day.

In fact, that description that Paul gives work well in Timothy's day worked well in Moses day worked well in the 18th century in the 15th century work well. A thousand years ago.

In fact, you could read the Scriptures from the ancient world, decrying the wicked days in which they live.

And that's what the state of humanity today. In other words that's a description of fallen human beings civil why in the world with all tell Timothy about what. Perhaps there was a mentality that now the Messiah come to the world and died and risen from the dead, that everything would just change. Perhaps there is a mentality that with the gospel being so powerful that things were just change around us and get a lot easier.

All right it.

Paul also warns Timothy just a few words down a few verses now that all who live godly lives in Messiah Jesus will suffer persecution notice. This is relevant stuff, you know, savable, but it's talking about the end times. Yes, clearly in the New Testament the end times describes the period from the death and resurrection of Jesus until his return. In other words, we have been in the last days we have been in the end times for the last 2000 years what is what is Peter saying acts 217 when he begins quoting from the prophet Joel about the outpouring of the Spirit at any says in the last days, God says I'll pour my spirit in Joel 228 it doesn't say in the last days. It says after this, in Hebrew. In the Septuagint, the Greek translation doesn't read in the last days but Peter set it to say eight these days in which we are living now these are the last days the days spoken of by the prophets and we see elsewhere is restricting its 10 Paul speaks of of living at the consummation of the ages and said computer longer. First you want talks about that the gospel increase in these last times in which we live.

In Hebrews 1 speaks of God speaking to us in these last times and James Jacob.

The fifth chapter speaks of these last days in which we live in. First John two speaks of us living in the last hour. This this is all in New Testament times. So we have been in the spirit of the last days the end times. This is the the final season of the working of God on planet Earth before Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom. Hence the last days the end times. The culmination. It was about the last quarter of a football game this quarter to quarter to substantial period of time, but it's it is the last segment segment section of that football game.

So I just use this as an illustration to say that we could draw the wrong conclusion that everything's going to get worse. Therefore, there's no reason to try to bring about change based on a misreading of second Timothy three not only so, what if every generation read second Timothy three and civil.

This is a prophecy about the last generation and were living in the last generation.

Therefore, what therefore there is no reason to try to change anything.

The reason to eradicate slavery. The recent fight of the social injustices no reason to ever seek to bring about social change in any generation ever because everyone reading and say that's us were the last generation is happening because it's all coming down you see how dangerous that can be yes yes what Paul sings very relevant. Don't don't expect this to be like taken some beautiful cruise into the horizon the tough times in these last days. People going wicked in the SAME. And yes, in many ways human beings will go from wickedness to wickedness and get worse. But in many other ways speaks of the gospel going in power the entire earth, and God saving a multitude that no one could number, and I find that significant because in Revelation 7 it speaks of a multitude from every tribe and tongue and language in an in group ethnicity around the world right. It speaks of those people gathered around the throne worshiping multitude. No one could number, and yet elsewhere in the book of Revelation there is reference to the Army of 200 million so if 200 million could be number and that's that's given a number there. How many will number the save be the end of the age. How many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions. How many billions to know the exact number. Only God knows, but my point is, yes, this can be wickedness, right up until Jesus returns. Yes these last days will be marked with all types of moral compromise and spiritual compromise and deception, but that's the way it's always been at what God says don't be discouraged by that avoid the wrong kind of people but also know that the gospel go forward in power and triumph over the entire world. Meaning nothing. Everyone will get saved but that there will be a harvest from the nation fullness is say several of the legal and again I want to talk primarily about how as a college or in time view of facts in our attic today here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown what is best, for the study of the and time so theology right Diaz God obligee were used theology either study of God. So the eschaton, the, the and in Greek, what is that eschatology the study of the end. The study of the and times so there there are several different viewpoints that have been held to at different times in church history summer to fringe to extreme to modern even even to be mentioned but I will look at the main ones that have been held to over the years without a become very dominant over the years so the operative word millennium millennium referring to a thousand year.

And there is a reference in Revelation the 20th chapter 2 Jesus raining for a thousand years of your and from the best we can tell, the earliest witnesses that we have different church leaders who are the disciples of the apostles and the believers in the second and third generation it seemed that they widely held to a pre-millennial coming of Jesus that Jesus will return to earth before the millennium that will be a time of great wickedness difficult. The tribulation at the end which God's people will stand victorious but specifically that Jesus will return and establish his kingdom on the earth for a thousand year. So it is free, millennial comes before the millennial kingdom. Some people think that's a more modern view. Actually, from what we can tell that was the view held to by the earliest believers.

But then again, even though there are many verses in the Old Testament that speak of the Messiah ruling and reigning on the earth and the wolf lying down with the lamb in a time of of of unity and harmony. No more war is really for centuries the nations come to Jerusalem to learn about God as God's people church we were ready been glorified with the niece of the nations that remain so as as as much is there many verses in the Old Testament speak about that and that can be reinforced by verses in the New Testament is only that one solitary reference to a thousand year. And by the way, in our book.

Not afraid of the antichrist. Craig Keener and myself and get the counter there and it is because of our art screen in our are lights and some of the best biblical psychedelic covered any anywhere of in our book. Not afraid antichrist Mononoke. We were the pre-tribulation rapture we take some time to sketch out these different views and where they come historically. Prof. Craig Keener, and Yours truly so the premillennial view seems to be the earliest you over period of time getting down to third, fourth century there was more overview of a spiritual kingdom, and especially with the Christianizing of the Roman Empire and it looked like the triumph of the kingdom of God that now Jesus was ruling spiritually over the world that his kingdom was a spiritual kingdom and it was manifest on the earth, but it wouldn't be a specific thousand year reign of some thought there would be thousand years and that would be the end of the world democracy that the work out like that. So there's not literally a millennium on the earth.

The thousand year reign and that position is known as millennialist. The millennial position that that there when you see a at the beginning of more than that often means negating so an ACS someone who doesn't believe in God or agnostic someone says we can't be sure about certain things. So someone was millennial, or a millennial. They do not believe there will be a literal thousand year king of Jesus on the earth. So at the end of the age. Jesus does return, and any millennialist you hold to a time of apostasy and defection and falling away before the end of the then of you that the comes up later this if you call, post millennialist and that view was held to, for example by Charles Finney in 1800s for Jonathan Edwards in the 1700s, and they really felt that through revival and conversion and the spreading of the gospel in the earth that we could literally usher in the millennial kingdom that the church through the preaching of the gospel would usher in the millennial kingdom that the the gospel with would be like a little seed that the grew and grew and grew it until it was massive encompass the whole earth or or like the woman who put Levin in different loaves and then it rose until reach fullness of something Levin always means wickedness the bottles would speak with Melissa wickedness Alyssa know know it's it's parable of the gospel. The gospel spreads Matthew 28 reduces the great commission in and says that we are to go and make disciples of the nations that's taken to mean not disciples from the nations but literally disciple the nations that the nations themselves will get saved and then after the millennial kingdom after the thousand year reign so this will be a spiritual reign of Jesus on the earth through the gospel. After this thousand year. Then Jesus returns and then we just going to eternity. So that's called post millennial and in that view was very, very popular in America in different parts of the world. As I mentioned, 1700s 1800s World War I and World War II crushed a lot of that position. It is regain some popularity in our day, but not a fraction of what used to have and what happened will world evil human even you could no longer hold this idea that the world can better and better and better and better and better because of the tragic evil of the 20th century. So the premillennial position that Jesus will return before the millennium and rate rule and reign for thousand years on the earth. Millennial position that there will be no literal reign on the earth that Jesus is raining spiritually. Scanning and that he returns and we step into eternity. The post millennial position that through the preaching of the gospel. 1000 Year Reign Will Take Pl. on the earth. Jesus raining in heaven as his church is the way on the earth for thousand years is the whole earth turns to the Lord at the end of which post millennial Jesus returns and we going to eternity and then beginning especially in the mid-1800s, becoming very popular through the Scofield reference Bible and then through how Lindsay's late great planet Earth and then through Jerry Jenkins to my Jesus breasts are selling novel series left behind of the pre-tribulation will premillennial view or the dispensational premillennial view in the book. Not afraid antichrist. We explain more about the history of dispensationalism is. This is called discrete tribulation will view and break it down in terms of what it means but it basically make makes it a complete distinction between Israel and the church. So God was dealing with Israel Jesus the Messiah came to Israel was rejected were now in a parenthetical aid to the church age. And then when when God is ready to deal decisively with Israel again that parenthetical angel and rights like bookends on either side the church will be taken out to meet with Jesus and then that in time clock it's taking the final seven years, and in particular 3 1/2 years of tribulation great tribulation hell on earth while the church is been rapture in the presence of the Lord, enjoying his beauty in favor as all hell is breaking loose on earth at the end of which time Jesus returns and sets up his millennial kingdom on the earth, so it is pretty millennial. It is pre-tribulation and end with that a major distinctive of that view is that Jesus can come in any moment and that we should be living in readiness of Jesus coming at any moment now I'm not try to argue for a particular position today we argue in our book, but even so, when you had so many church leaders over the centuries. With so many different views you don't want to hammer this in his super dogmatic way is much behold the thing strongly. We want to do it with grace towards those who differ like their other positions as a set even more friends that they're just not worth discussing here. Okay, but being these are the major different viewpoints so I just want to point something out a strength for each viewpoint right strength from each one. The millennial viewpoint has as a strength that it recognizes the spiritual kingdom of Jesus. Even now it recognizes his rule and reign. Even now it recognizes the extending of his kingdom. Even now in spirit so that King Jesus sits enthroned at the right hand of the father.

Those enemies made a footstool that's a positive emphasis to always remember that the post millennial view has as a strength, a spirit of optimism and victory that says that the gospel will triumph the ways of God will conquer on the year that in the end instead of us saying all man defeated again. Notably, the victory of dog spreading through the entire earth.

That's a positive. There the historic premillennial view has as something very positive that it literally takes the literal words of God.

When God literally says that he will be thus and such for Israel that he will do thus and such on the earth that you will keep his promise that he will literally do these things.

Hence, we recognize the modern state of Israel as part of the fulfillment of that leading forward to the rest of what to do such for encouraging look at what he's doing is encouraging that the rest will come to pass. The pre-tribulation will premillennial dispensationalism do that divide things into these different dispensations that also takes his promises were literally has as a strength of focus on the return of Jesus. It talks often about the return of Jesus. Thanks often about the return of Jesus tells us to live in readiness for the return of Jesus.

That's a positive as well so I want to take what I can. That's positive and that I can see in Scripture from each of these different views and in fact I live. I seek to live in readiness of the return of Jesus. I believe you will literally keep his promises.

I personally have an eschatology of optimism, believing God is an ideal holy in effect raising now by each of these different also have downside of an hour at the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown not taking your calls today. This is one of these teaching days as we talk about how our eschatology how our attitude.

Excuse me how're end time views or views about the future can affect our attitude. Our mindset.

Today's been on my mind with the new book by Prof. Craig Keener and me holding my hands out officially due out March 19. Not afraid of the antichrist. What we don't believe in a pre-tribulation rapture written not to be divisive, but to edify and to challenge everyone to look at Scripture. Some say but one right on it that's controversial well do say the same thing when someone in your camp writes a book on the end times that you agree with. If you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture and and civil rights new book on a new novel comes out about a new movie comes out about it. You say what they shouldn't do that because that's divisive though because you agree with. So let let's all the students of the work. Let's all season with all humble ourselves before God and the city.

Father was your words. This will ensure its captive to your we don't bring our own biases and preferences. What is your words how much are you reviewing how much can we know based on your work really good example how Scripture can be misapplied in such a way that can have a crippling spiritual effect on Matthew chapter 24 the so-called all of it discourse. Jesus begun the Mount of olives, which we have been very similar but slightly different for Mark 13 and Lou 21 Matthew 24 disciples as they're leaving the temple this amazed at the been there many times. It's amazing place. The size the stones. Jesus is not one stone can be left unturned and and it when they say them all okay verse three will one of these things happen will be the son of the coming of the end of the age they're asking is if it's all one of the same thing. The destruction of the temple center coming in into the eight so he answers this threefold question all here in Matthew 24 and he says, verse four issue answer than be careful that no one leads you astray.

Many will come in my name saying I'm the Messiah, and will lead many astray, so there's a warning, but deception. So if we go down a little further in the chapter we see that the warning about deception comes up again. Let's look. For example, in verse 10 as a result of persecution than many will fall away and will betray one and hate one many false prophets will arise and leave many astray because lawlessness will multiply love of many will grow cold rights so notice we get a warning.

Be careful not only to stray verse four, verse 11. Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. Let's keep scrolling down and let's go down to a role. Let's see around verse 24 is Jesus is giving further warning. Verse 24 for false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen CF told you before quite so many people read those verses and say we got to be really careful about spiritual deception.

Today Jesus warned us that it was coming in since were the last generation. He's coming in moment in these warnings about spiritual deception, especially for us so we don't people to like miracles today feeling today prophecy today. We need to be really really careful about that stuff will actually, the Bible always calls us to discernment.

The Bible always causes the test everything by the word and to hold fast to that which is good and in the Bible from Moses. They almost warning about false prophets and false miracles and things like that so there's nothing new without warning. Jesus is obviously speaking of things intensify increasing but I will point something out. The men to whom he first spoke these words. The first application was to the apostles right the first application is the apostles and the destruction of Jerusalem in their day and the final application is the last generation, wherever that will be an and what I understand to be destruction of the that the template will be extant. That's I do believe will be a temple built the third Temple can't guarantee it. But I do believe that that will happen, and that the be a final unfolding of this scene at the end of the age before Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom on the earth. I am historic premillennial, I am not dispensational. Many dispensational friends. I got saved in the dispensational church a pretrip church. But I'm not personally have not been for decades.

Other people reject my premillennial views and reject by views about Israel today being propeller prophecy is a just dispensational stuff. I was not say so I'm not so. So I mischaracterized me in order to differ with characterized me properly and differ in substance right especially do it on that millennial in the post-millennial 11 appreciation for all the different views of appreciation for the pretrip view in the millennial view of the possibility of what I believe are positive aspects, each of those teachings. But I am not any of those as I don't see them ultimately taught is the overall sense Scripture speaks about the end times and the return of Jesus. But here's my point.

Matthew 24 was first spoken to those disciples that generation and then some of the chapter applies in particular to those who live at the end of the age before Jesus return the final culmination of the age.

The last generation before Jesus return did Jesus tell his apostles.

Beware careful about miracles. God removed the remedial careful about props who watch it watch it. Be careful about tongue who laid hands on the sick make it no equip them for those very things he told him don't go anywhere minister Stan Jerusalem 2440 9X18 into your endued with power from on high into the power from on high comes on you when you receive the spirit and power, then you go on your mission alloys mobile fulfill your mission and that mission included healing the sick and driving out demons and their experience included speaking in tongues, and prophesied, this is this is not a word of caution about the charismatic movement about Pentecostalism but don't know nothing of the sort because of true miracles that were taking place there is a warning about counterfeit miracle. In fact, you can make a good case for the fact that when there are very few miracles happening in the church but not as many counterfeit miracles happening in the world, and the more God restores his power and glory to the church and the more there is a manifestation of miracles in the church, the more you see false miracles, counterfeit miracles, caliphate prophecy, counterfeit tongues, counterfeit healings, caliphate experiences, the more you see the counterfeit is is the exact result of the greater outpouring of the true and again a simple illustration never seen it covered three dollar bill. The only counterfeit that which is real and then you try to make it seductive and obviously we always need to be aware.

We always need to be discerning absolutely and and you can make an argument that the generation Jesus day in the last generation.

At the end of the eighth SB for more careful to reject the satanic, but I would say along with that be super careful to receive positive I am.

I am more eager to receive what God has to receive the good that God has to experience the life and power.

The spirit in my life so as to be of a more effective witness lost and I world I am far more concerned with that than avoiding deception.

In other words what I'm communing with goblin at one point my heart out to God without reading his word and praying my my main prayer is not all God help me not to embrace something satanic.

My main prayer is Lord, make me more more like your son. Lord help me to live more and more in conformity to your spirit or help me to embrace more and more what your word says and and to live a crucified life alive to you that that's that's my prayer. May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you may be a madman be a man of your word, the man of integrity, a man of the spirit man of faith mentor honors you was Christlike in word and deed. That's my primary per my primary prayer is not help me to avoid being deceived.

Yes, I asked God to keep me yes. I asked God to preserve yes Ascot give me wisdom. Yes, I'll ask him to help me to be more more grounded in his word and truth to more quickly recognize Eric yes that's that that's not my primary emphasis, nor should it be yours here if it this year married man okay and you know there's always a danger. You need to get too friendly with will not married to.

You get pulled away by porn or something like that is your major prayer every day. All God help me not to have an affair. God help me to come up with porn fine, pray, pray for protection.

Pray for wisdom pray for Dr. to put up walls around and keep you safe. Pray for the fear of God. Yeah, I'm all for all of that in my book on sin, the more start with 20 reasons not to sin, which are incentives and how to payments all that but isn't your main prayer with him and be the husband will be the man you won't be be the one my wife needs me to be up at me to be effective in the role you've given as as a husband as a protector as a provider. Help me to manifest your your your son's life through my love is that your main focus. All we call primarily to grow in grace and knowledge. So yes Lord, keep us from the evil one preserve us deception. Amen to that but but some of us by miss reading certain passages warnings about the end times which we divorced from many contacts that had relevance to the disciples then and just make it relevant to us as if we are deftly last generation.

Well, the problem with that method of interpretation is is it is wrenching it out of context.

Let's put it in context and then rightly apply from their right now this may ruffle some feathers. I'm not trying to be controversial you. I will avoid controversy, but I'm not trying to be controversial here. I I am not gonna manufacture a problem or controversy, or difficult or get you upset of no desire to do that but I want to point out some problem with various end time views our view of the future or view of the end times are eschatology can negatively affect our attitude. I talked about positive aspects different viewpoints different end time views and how each one and bring something positive, but I want to turn this around and take the last segment of this broadcast the talk about how all wrong and time you or how wrong emphasis and in time you can mislead us or negatively affect our attitude today again. Whatever your viewpoint encourage you get the book, Craig Keener, I wrote you out March 19.

Not afraid of the antichrist. Why we don't believe in the pre-AAA fracture was interesting is that I've not believed in this for over four years as a believer the same with Craig. We we came to faith in churches that taught this but as we started the word for cells, ultimately, with respect your leaders see this Scripture is vital and we both have friends because the world of never leaving hundreds. I've no idea where this analyst I will write back of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the one by Michael around here again not taking your calls but talk about how her in time. User views the future can affect us today how our eschatology affects our attitude are so let's say that you hold to the pretrip rapture popularized by the Scofield reference Bible popularized by Helen's easily replanted earth popularized by Jerry. He and to Jerry Jerry take it to my Hayes left behind novel series movies that have been made based on these lots of popular teaching and preaching. Let's see you hold to that you pretrip rapture which says Jesus can come anymore. Jesus can come any moment and anyone who says differently like that. That is guilty of delaying the Lord's, not not actually physically delaying it, but but sing at second happens pretty bad, which is wrong. Think description note so what can be a downside to this view, Jesus coming in a month. Of course I could question Scripture.

If Jesus said look for this look for this look for this then you'll know that the time is near woman that would've meant that less those other things: place is good with minimal does Israel have to be established back in the land before the rapture takes place according to pretrip elation without many would say yes. Will that would be before that happened.

Jesus could not have come anymore, but you may have answers for us, but that aside, I I don't see that Scripture I believe we should live in readiness.

It was coming and anticipating is coming along first coming, but I don't believe that he could come any second because I believe there many things in Scripture that sought to happen. According to the word that he could so they unfold in a year or six months or three months when… You think 100 years that could happen, but I presumably Scripture says Jesus come in anymore, but here's what I find is a downside to that way of thinking, it makes it difficult often to have a mentality of being here for many years and and and planning ahead. Think of what could happen if you knew you to be here for a lifetime. Preaching the gospel in serving God and that you have assignment to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord and to hasten the coming of the Lord through obedience and with the hope that Jesus will come, but in your lifetime or the next generation to sit right so you have a 50 year assignment you get saved you 25 years old and now you get 50 year assignment from the Lord think of. If you plan and yes got okay what can I do in 50 years or more of the Lord said have a multigenerational mentality. Think about yourself.

Think about your kids or grandkids their kids, their grandkids how I live. I plan many people on the reason that education is Jesus coming in a minute will no reason to really move ahead with career because Jesus coming any minute will no reason to fight the social injustices of the day because Jesus coming in a minute. Note no reason to really think ahead with any type of long-term strategy because Jesus is coming any minute. They say well it's maybe in the back of her head, but not probably, but it is often still the back of our heads that the idea of long-term strategy long-term planning goes out the window look if you stay in in a hotel room for a nice is very different than if you find out it you coming in the area for one night.

Okay see you get a hotel for one night. But what if you knew you can be in the area for months maybe get one of the hotel rooms words like a sweet and you pay by the week and you feel you dislike gumbo kitchen everything you need when working for year will then you rent a place where you can either be there 10 years money by house right so these things do affect our attitudes more than we recognize some so if you're honest, you have to rise up from 64 at an and I never thought certain things through and plan them out because because us in Jesus coming any minute so look. None of us know there were death that is noble to meet the Lord sought in living readiness to see him every day, but otherwise I am assigned for life in this rise in of. That's what I have to work towards plan on his life assignment. I worry about the millennial view. The view that there will be no physical millennial kingdom of your that there is just a spiritual rule and reign of Jesus.

While the problem with that is, it often fails to recognize that God literally keeps his promise the same God who literally scattered Jewish people said that he would literally regather them. I find utterly impossible and absently unscriptural review that Jesus said or what when God saved Israel scatter you my anger but regather you in my mercy that the scattering is a physical scattering and that the regathering is spiritual know that is not how he keeps his promises and not how he explains that this expires them with litter out so there many things God is doing on the earth today, in conjunction with the prophetic word, including the physical restoration of Israel to the land and including will ultimately culminate culminate in the international charting of Jewish people to the Lord and and all millennial view that denies a literal millennial kingdom that denies the double literally carry out his promises on the earth that that fails to recognize the God literally keeps his word, that is super encouraging know we bring a tour group over the Israel summary or just with me there some a bit on previous tourist or over there in Israel you think boycotts kept his promises to Israel keep his promises to the church. It's there's much to that much to that one is the post-millennial view of the possibility of you with with all of its emphasis on eschatology of optimism, a positive view on the end times.

The gospel will triumph that the problem is that it fails to recognize the depth of human evil and wickedness and the fact that right until Jesus returns there will be darkness. There will be sent in. In other words, it it can be over optimistic you can be overconfident now I don't know that there is a human being on the planet more optimistic in Jesus than I am talking about close to me just with the confidence and faith in an expectation of God's kingdom and God's promises and his utter certainty that the glory of God will cover the nations as of the certainty that the Israel will be saved.

This other utter certainty of the triumph of God in the air. I live with this all the time. He fuels me every day some old was growing does not me that being said, that being said, there is a false eschatology of optimism that is not prepared for the death of human evil is not prepared for the ugliness of what will happen and that sometimes some time falls into a gospel of comfort and security that everything is gonna work out great. This adequately prepare for supper and by the way, I've heard the story, but then verified in Craig and I tell it in. Not afraid of the antichrist.

There were missionaries in China who were pretrip rapture missionaries and is communism Rose and they had to flee from outside tongue what was coming down on the people there. They had taught them beat before the tribulation. Jesus will rapture you out while the Chinese Christians suffered hell on earth is it will be like the adequate was answered by skin to bring people live or support to them to death. Worse or bury them alive worse in prison for life force was people have suffered all kinds of terrible tribulation and hardship in their places were believers and been wiped out all and kill tortured to death, died the most terrific ways that they been through tribulation when the Iron Curtain of the bamboo curtain I should say open back up and missionaries really get back in China.

Many Christian leaders were upset you talk you told us we wouldn't go through this you toes would ratchet out first curtain boom tells that story so there can be a certain mindset which works well in America, one relatively compared to the rest of the world.

We have it so easiness a little persecution that he can feed into a certain self-confidence.

What about historic premillennialism, the view that I hold what can be a downside to it. Well off in there's really not a lot of focus on the return of Jesus are dispensational's friends have it or are or are pretrip, premillennial friends haven't not think there is there's an unhealthy emphasis on the discovery and monkeys coming any monkeys coming any moment and retribution. A second euros rapture practice jump up and down get ready for the rapture and think about the markets he's going minute out of say an exaggerated way, but I found that unhealthy on the flipside, who talks about the return of Jesus who brings consciousness to the return of Jesus who emphasizes the importance of the return of Jesus more than good for the pretrip dispensational us so II differ with some of the theology there, my friends, but I recognize there is excitement there. There is a reality about his return.

So while on emphasizes as you go through the New Testament the return of Jesus up bank subject was with my dear friend Pastor David Harwood few days back missing night service for his first fellowship and we were interceding and praying and worshiping and we did one of the saws can be a great day when you come, Lord Jesus, and the more we sang that's I was just getting so excited about the return of Jesus. We longed for his appearing.

That's another thing with the post-millennial view we hardly longed for his appearing beat because he's the boss was a crime. First, no the world is broken the world the sinful world was hurting more pieces, even so, the Hebrew words, Barack Obama, Shimon and I blessed the suit comes and then the Lord Lord will be back in one major theme to find in not afraid of the antichrist is is that we add end on a note of victory in the report. We don't want to be if we don't have to be afraid of the tribulation. We don't have to be afraid of the debt were not afraid of the devil. Why should be. If we be afraid of the devil's main man antichrist, and Jesus said in this world you have tribulation would be a good chart of overcome the world. John 1633 and up. Also nice working 22. We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. Why should we fear tribulation. God is with us double keep us as wrath is poured out on the sitting world double keep us sitting world attacks us the strength has always let's live lives worthy of this law

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