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Healing for Sexual Brokenness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 26, 2019 5:20 pm

Healing for Sexual Brokenness

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 26, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/26/19.

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So the party is the party of infanticide will talk about that and an author with some insight into the healing of sexual brokenness is used on board the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown are some things that are so intense just reporting them. Sounds like you're exaggerating is telling the simple facts it feels like you're making something up that's not the case with reporting facts and truth is disturbing as they may be, but with hope as always here in the line of fire Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast great to be back in our studio after great time of ministry in California this past weekend back in California this coming weekend. By the way, just briefly but to all of you that greeted me face-to-face.

Those of you that listen regularly to the podcasts that watch us on YouTube or online. In other settings. Great to meet you face-to-face or real real delight. Thanks for your gracious and encouraging words never call if you are away on today's subject. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. All right, here's the background over the years there have been attempts to pass bills that would protect babies born alive after an attempted abortion, so the baby somehow survives the abortion and this baby would now be guaranteed medical care as a Sen. Barack Obama voted against this, we claim that if it wasn't tied in with abortion restrictions.

You would've voted for the fact is, he voted against a bill like this. Will Sen. Ben sass wants to put on record with the Democrats stand, so he has been pushing daily daily daily daily for vote block block block block try to get a vote.

Finally got a vote yesterday and his life reports Senate Democrats block bill to stop infanticide and care for babies born alive after abortion is a repeat that Senate Democrats block this. They voted against it.

All 44 Democrat Senators that voted left-wing. Bernie Sanders joined in as well. Strikingly look at this. All six all six of said again.

All six of the Democratic Senators currently running for the 2020 presidential nomination voted against the bill who specifically Cory Booker Jerry Brown Kirsten Gillibrand, Harris enclosure, Elizabeth Warren, along with independent Bernie Sanders. I mean you want talk about being a party of death being the party of infanticide making their votes clear and known. There needed to be 60 votes to go ahead with official vote on the bill. The Democrats stop that from happening. Here's here's what Pres. Trump tweeted out in response, Senate Democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children. The Democratic position on abortion is now so extreme that they don't mind executing babies after birth. This remembers one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress. If there is one thing we should all agree on is protecting the lives of innocent babies. What is the bill actually say it may be tied in with abortion, maybe it actually was related to abortion and and and was can restrict a woman's court right to abortion. And remember, you're only talking about a baby they can survive outside the womb.

A baby that is born alive. Here's with the bill actually says let me read this to you. This is the born alive infants protection act, section 1532 requirements pertaining to born alive abortion survivors a requirements for healthcare practitioners in the case of an abortion or attempted abortion that results in a child born alive 1° of care required immediate admission to a hospital and the healthcare practitioner present at the time the child's born alive shall a exercise the same degree of professional skill, care and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child is a reasonably diligent and conscientious healthcare practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age and be file the exercise of skill, care and diligence required under subparagraph eight ensure that the child born alive is immediately transported and admitted to a hospital to mandatory reporting violations healthcare practitioner. Any employee of a hospital physicians officer and abortion clinic was knowledge of a failure to comply with requirements of paragraph one shall immediately report the failure to an appropriate statute, state or federal law enforcement agency, or both penalties. In general were Vaught's Kissimmee River Violet subsection a shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both to intentional killing of child born alive. Whether whoever intentionally performs or attempts to perform an overt that that kills a child born alive, described in subsection a shall be punished as under section 1 woman one of this title for intentionally killing or attempting to kill human being is pretty forthright. It's pretty simple for legal language. If the baby survives an abortion, you must give it the exact same care that you would give to a baby that was born under other circumcised stances at that same gestational age so if it's 8 1/2 months if it's eight months whatever the appropriate care is yet to get that baby to a hospital. If someone sees this happen just go ahead let the baby die. That must be reported of summonses at all and it's gonna kill the baby.

The parents want to kill the mother want to kill us can kill the baby that then that person will be guilty of a crime of killing a baby outside the womb. Here's here's what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said before the vote. He said it isn't about restrictions on abortion based on the truth is about changing the options available to women. Temperatures again is just about recognizing that a newborn baby is a newborn baby. It is that simple. It is he said this can be extreme far left politics surrounding abortion really have come this far or he really supposed to think that it's normal that there are now two sides debating whether a newborn weather newborn living babies deserve medical attention friends. We have been sound of the alarm.

We have been shouting the South. There have been other articles written for years about the shift left to justify infanticide after all if it's fine to kill a baby.

Let's say the baby is severe health effects of your handicap and this baby is best thing to do was terminate that baby in the womb. Even at 8 1/2 eight three-quarter months this the best thing to do for everybody for the baby is compassion or why not do it was the child's outside the womb, and you can tell for sure that it has this handicap of this problem.

You see the deadly logic. So, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer he's gonna put a spin on it why he's gonna vote against this. He said the bill is quote carefully crafted to target, intimidate and shutdown reproductive health care providers other words, abortion clinics, abortion doctors, false false is much as I would be thrilled if it was calculated to shut them down. That's not what the bill is about fact read the bill.

The bill is self-evident. He claimed this, he said the bill would impose requirements on what type of care, doctors must provide certain circumstances, even if the care is an effective, contradictory to medical evidence and against the family's wishes first. That's nonsense. It's in the same care must be provided for any other child born under those circumstances. Unless and less. He's now saying that if the parents decide we we do not want that baby that's what we tried to abort the baby. The fact that the baby survive the abortion doesn't give it a right to life put to death outside the unless he say that the parents have the right to make that decision or in a less the physicians have the right to say now will think that babies viable.

I wrote an article about this week or two ago who decides when the babies viable was with her dear brother a few months back, quoted him in the article when he was born, his parents is our Bibles get no arms that have a normal life with full lively strivings. Bless these ministries marry his children and he does everything.

Anyone want to do amazingly without arms with a great spirit about him boosted. Who's to say to me maybe it's only the healthiest and strongest business element, like eugenics, does the sound little but like not CRE in supremacy where you don't only the fittest rate should survive wasn't the Nazis that started to exterminate elderly, handicapped, mentally ill, that may slaughter perfectly healthy mentally ill young people so they could use their brains for studies.

How far is it then to start killing others parasites like Jews and Gypsies and others get rid of the unwanted ones is this a sick I don't have a large Twitter following a much more active on Facebook in terms of, or follow. We got 30 something thousand on on twitter, but like I got an immediate response to this tweet last night at 1030 today.

44 Democrats voted against protecting the lives of newborn babies who survive abortion. This is beyond sick.

It is satanic already well over a thousand light switch for Mike my twitter account is many people are really saying amen to that. But Sunil bad news. Not all bad news. Life news also reported this new poll shows Americans much more pro-life after Democrats push infanticide and abortions up to birth.

There was a swing friends of 17% from one pole to another. What what to 17% mean only the abortion debate 1% year to present their back and forth over period of years, 17%, swaying when questions were asked why it seems to be a direct result to Democrats pushing aggressively is in New York State, Vermont and other states for abortion right up to the moment of birth even for alleged mental health issues of the mother most like that just can't see having a baby. I can handle right kill the baby totally viable baby instead of deliver the baby and adopt the baby now kill the baby and then governor Virginia and other similarly infanticide to me this is some cases like this is babies born alive. Maybe it was gonna be severely handicapped in several outlets for the parents to the compassionate thing try to kill an animal made outside the womb, kill it anyway friends tied is turning as we always say Satan over places hand this stuff is from the pit right one.

Talk about a new movie coming out when we come back, as well as a very very important vote in the Methodist church. If you enjoy in 866-3487 84 comes the vote 2020, never, never forget how those voted for infanticide the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is… This is a major vote this today. The Tennessean reports United Methodist delegates reject plan allowing same-sex marriage in LGBT clergy. This was about to rip apart the Methodist Church and it still might.

With inclusion was scripturally and in the Methodist guidelines for morality in making decision. The various ways that Methodists will come to these determinations. There was no justification for same-sex quote marriage or active LGBT individuals in clergy, so the Scripture book of discipline conclusion was does not allow these things others a proposal that the church as a whole would allow this with individual churches and leaders that did not agree would be protected. It did not prevail if it was just left the certain parts of the states. It would obviously easily prevail if it was left to believers conservative believers in other parts the world were Methodist with even be voted for, but ultimately it it in my opinion something like this is going to result in a split sooner or later that either will be a real revival of scriptural Methodism that is Jesus loving and following in the principles of John Wesley that would not even consider something like this at which point the liberal churches within breakaway and formed their own denomination Methodist denomination which we quickly decline in numbers and vitality because some the wrong side of these issues or the church would go further left and further in the way of apostasy, in which case the conservative churches within breakaway form their own denomination which the extent they were following the Lord in an active way would grow and thrive and prosper. So, the vote was 374 two 449 so whatever the proposal was failed by 75 votes would you shows you how deeply divided. The Methodist Church is over these issues.

You can expect this to happen.

The division on on the one hand, a division on the one hand is negative… For righteous purposes. The rigidity is good and God calls us to preserve unity and strive for unity but not unity with compromise.

In other words, if I'm working with brothers and sisters, we are all believers. We hold to the fundamentals of the faith and were seeking to stand for life in our city were pushing back against abortion and radical abortion activism. It's important that were unified working together as one honoring one another.

If, for trying to help the poor and the needy and reach the lost and was so divided that we can even think about anybody else does or church splits in your all. One of the Lord that then that's that's tragic on the flipside, if unity comes at the cost of denial of Scripture that is not unity because we know more unified with the Lord if if unity calls for us to deny fundamental biblical convictions, then it's better that we separate. It's better that we divide so on the one hand you hate to see division on the other hand, sometimes it's healthy and necessary when one group goes in the wrong direction. The other group must say we will follow the Lord no matter what will be gracious will do our best to reach out will have compassion.

But we must do what is right and follow our convictions okay this really coming out called unplanned.

It's a story of Abby Johnson who was an employee of the year with Planned Parenthood involved in multiple thousands of abortions as a Planned Parenthood clinic director and while watching an ultrasound of the baby's abortion was being performed.

She realized she was on the wrong side that she was sitting. She left that career behind and is given yourself to the pro-life movement of pure flex will be distributing the movie they distributed because not that one into and the movie unplanned scheduled to open on 800 screens on March 29 and by the way, if you want realize how pro-abortion Hollywood is right. Just look at some of these headlines from the last couple years, Jerry fourth 2019. Hollywood glorifies pro-abortion Ruth Bader Ginsburg in new biofilm August 22, 2018 Hollywood celebrities now celebrating abortion with pro-abortion jewelry August 15, 2018 mother Chris's ignorant comments reveal how pro-abortion. Hollywood is September 26, 2017. Hollywood makes its position on abortion clear with three pro-choice films right so this is going to open on 800 screens March 29. You can expect post protest. You can expect pushback you can expect opposition, character assassination and everything of a book coming out in August called Jezebels war with America.

You better believe this is part of that war. So the movie though was given an R-rated was a profanity in the sexual scenes, no gratuitous violence, but the images of abortion are considered disturbing so so check this out. Here is a woman helped over 22,000 women in of abortions during her time it at one clinic and the.

The filmmakers just get their names here are Carrie Solomon and Chuck Councilman listen what they say are right.

Go down here okay.

They point out that many teenage women in this country who can legally obtain an actual abortion without parental permission will be prohibited from going to see her film containing simulated images of abortion without obtaining parental permission is pretty pretty extraordinary is not the 16-year-old girl to can decide on her own without her parents knowing Devon abortion and your, one of the most difficult traumatic decisions. A woman can ever make a decision that she may regret the rest of her life. A decision I could affect her health, her ability to conceive. In the future.

A decision that will terminate the life of the baby in the womb understand certain circumstances of something happened. Maybe she went to for the boyfriend and now is pregnant their parents find out you know her life could be threatened. She was the sum of Islamic society and in our life would be threatened, or in another. Certain fundamental circles in America that it might be it in OSHA's unforgettable how I on the I'm not saying it's an easy decision but the fact is that in many states she could make that decision entirely on her own without the parents ever knowing about they they might never know she was pregnant and might never know Shen abortion. All right. And yet, to go stick go see a movie to go see movie she would have to be accompanied by an adult sum of 70 extraordinary is you have the abortion EB 16 Abby abortion, but you can't be 16 or go see a movie about abortion.

How extraordinary is that how telling is that Abby Johnson said this, we are pushing the boundaries of what is never been before. On such a wide scale by showing America exactly what abortion is. Abortion is disturbing its violent. She said my opinion one of the most impactful films of our time is the passion of the Christ was regular so I feel like unplanned is in good company and are ready for the MPA is going to slow this will be done. I believe people are ready for the truth what's going to happen to the theaters that show this movie, what, what's gonna happen to the 800 that announce it.

How many will will pull the plug before they even show it and then how much will this only stir interest and spur interest in the mood I was reading an article on on the you can read my latest article there and stream our website. Esther Gibran is cage your where we explain how Hollywood has given abortion or rating but I was reading another article in the stream and the author said this this could be the uncle Tom's cabin. This could be the uncle Tom's cabin just as things swung with Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel uncle Tom's cabin in the mid-1800s and turned hearts against slavery for the liberty and liberation and equality of slaves same way, this author was saying. Maybe this could do this for abortion. Let me just say this when I had to choose between voting for Donald Trump in voting for Hillary Clinton. I voted for Donald Trump. One major reason being the recut was so strongly pro-abortion president Trump had said that he would stand for life that he would appoint pro-life justices in that regard he has done even more than I expected.

In that regard, he has been more consistent in that regard.

Now that the Democrats continue to show their extreme bloodlust for abortion and a so-called woman's right to abortion as they continue go farther and farther to the extreme of death.

Yes, voting for infanticide. That's what they did.

President Trump continues to speak up for life diversions or how could you vote for him as an evangelical Christian that this is this is a major reason why. And I'm not in the least bit ashamed of it when I see where the stakes are NYC with the Democrats going in 2020 if it was president Trump and any of these candidates easy choice. Easy choice romance flaws and shortcomings when it comes to how extreme the issues have now become and how far left. The Democratic Party continues to lurch easy choice in 2020 when it comes to these life and death issues like it a lot. I must say this to be politically correct to get your favor approval is as much as I understand VP Zach David Kyle Foster man came out of a lot of sexual sin. A lot of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is going give life and death. Someone they may want to know will will your credentials on what basis are you giving this advice will you speak about these things and if it's really life and death advice. I would want to be able to back that up with life and death experience. I would want to be able to back that up with fruit of years of counseling people in three areas they would know but I have to say is reliable. It's the same with my guest today, Dr. David Kyle Foster, author of a major work now in a new addition sexual healing reference addition a biblical guide to finding freedom from every major area of sexual sin and brokenness actually wrote the forward to this new addition David Foster knows what it is to be lost in sin to be lost in rebellion and in sexual brokenness and addiction. He knows what it is to be set free and redeemed. He knows what it is to help others. So friends if your listing right now whether you are addicted to pornography. Whether you are caught up in deep same-sex attractions.

You don't know the way out whether there is another area in your life of sexual sin or sexual brokenness.

Listen carefully you can be helped if you'd like to call you can call anonymously if you'd like to share what was going on your own life in any counselor help or the life of someone close to you can do it anonymously 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 David, welcome back to the broadcast.

Thanks for joining us today greatly with you so that David in. In short, what did God deliver you from and how long ago did he do that well.

It started out with masturbation.

Nine invented developed into porn years, which became a major addiction throughout my life back then developed into error, sexual immorality, followed by almost sexual immorality that morphed into male prostitution and employers and activation of the money that was targeted everything you can think of practically before the Lord turned me around and how many years ago did you do that, the 1980s without me. 139 years 39 years, so, so your you can actually testify that Jesus really can set us free from from the worst of addictions and bondage's and perversions your your living testimony today absolutely deducted by calling UN consolidation for repentance and giving your life to Jesus Christ and then he calls you enter an intimate relationship with God father whereby he then communicates to you the root behind your behavior that sexual behaviors really only a symptom. It's the root traumas of life that cause you to run to those behaviors. So what why is it since you preach repentance preach holiness you hold to the fundamentals of the gospel having a demand from Trinity Evangelical Divinity school youth served as a magic professor at schools like Asbury theological seminary, so your man that knows the word nose theology is a sin you preach repentance and holiness. Why not just refer to sexual sin while you also refer to sexual brokenness because her behind her factual parent parental behavior are, so perk for example, a person who's been sexually abused if sexually broken because in the aftermath of that years they become afraid of doubtful effects, perhaps for the same effect.

Perhaps they feel a lot of self-hatred. They feel guilt. They make valve they start living life about themselves, so there's a lot of brokenness in the aftermath of the various traumas of life and so that's why say sexual sin, and broken… So we are responsible for actions but behind her actions are often negative life experiences, traumas that hurts we received were responsible for what we do.

But if we can understand why you get to the root of it, then often that's where transformation comes from and and David all that you do as much as you hold to biblical standards of holiness as much as you're quite forthright in your communication, your tremendously compassionate.

Everything you produce is compassionate when you see so much sin and rebellion all the activism in the world around us. In extreme things like drag queens reading to toddlers and libraries and things of that. It's easy to get angry but you're not motivated by anger as much is motivated by compassion is as epic as God's been so gracious in your own life directly. We hear the faint gray and transforming out of her much dissolute life really. I probably would've been very judgmental. In fact, that was my first inclination not to getting. I was going to start out and correct everybody in the world and I was going to kill myself. I was just going to launch out into the performance-based attempt to change my life and fortunately God showed me that right off the bat, I mean in the first week of getting straight to pointing out that I could not fix myself and I did not have the power to change and that I would have to rely on him 100% if I wanted the power to be transformed from the inside out. There are a lot of maintenance programs out there where you follow certain programs that psychologists over the decades to come up with and many of them are good in terms of helping you to stop the behavior but none of them transform you from the inside out for the drive to go back to the sexual stand can't be powered so you emphasize grace and transformation from the inside out which of course I affirm, confirm, agree with 100% and I want folks to understand whoever you are, maybe you didn't fall into the depths to which David fell may be your your sexual attractions, addictions, bondage's are much more within the realm of what's considered acceptable eve. Either way, we sin, we fall short. Either way were in rebellion against God. Either way, we need help meet salvation, repentance, healing, so your book sexual healing reference addition friends. This is a substantial substantial volume who was it for you. Give me a list of people that will be helped by going through this book or article written for two audiences first direct for leaders in the church because most seminaries have no courses whatsoever, and our pastors to respond to sexual and broken and so when it's actually broken everything goes the fiddler pastor very highly likely that they won't get much help but also our ministry is always set out to equip the church to do this ministry of the church. But second, and so and so I wrote this as a reference addition so that a pastor to keep it on a shelf and refer to it, or counselor or a ministry leader and people came to them for help in areas that they didn't know how to help but it's also book that the counselor or the pastor can then turn around and give the person who is in bondage because it's laid out so that in very simple language so that anybody can find out how God transforms the sexually broken person and it has exercises at the end of each chapter of the study section at the end of each chapter so that you could teacher than a Sunday school class or a parachurch ministry are not it's not it's a 500 page book quite comprehensive for both audiences what was going through David so I looked at the overall concept contents and then I read very intensely and in certain sections and spotcheck section after section in order to do good job of writing the forward for the book and what blasts me was that it was scriptural it was practical. In other words, there was good biblical theology dealing with issues dealing with sin dealing with sin and holiness and things like that. There were clear understandings from a psychological perspective in terms of what would people were dealing with, but then with the solutions they were there were practical steps that the people could take in and I want to give some examples. So what will get served a few minutes before the break will will continue afterwards.

Let's just say you got a 19-year-old young man is not married but he's addicted to porn first. How far can a porn addiction go on what what kind of things are we talking about today in the church where you got churchgoing people and their there there praying the reading the Bible's there there coach trying and get there addicted to point out how far do these addictions go well, according to dark colored they often end up in self harm or your son out and I'm driven to get rid of the pain in your life that you actually end up hurting yourself in the process. When you practicing it so that it also rewires the brain. Dr. William Struthers is written a great book on this called wired for intimacy and he described from a scientific perspective, what looking at pornography over and over again does to your brain. It actually changes your brain so that when you begin the healing process it much more difficult because the mall and addiction. On top of a response to's so, so we were talking genuine addictions here were not just talking about Matt you know I keep being drawn to this are drawn because there there is something powerful spiritual and physical and David can we really solve this problem if we don't deal with it holistically. Notice if we if we don't understand the whole process of what goes on with addiction can we deal with it. Just piecemeal, or do we need to treat this holistically.

Now you here after you willing to do whatever it takes and I recollect you now want one company comes to management outlook on the first thing I do is trying to discern whether they're willing to do whatever it takes because if they're not there is a certain limit that they have on what they will do in the power of God's not going to flow. I collect the pearls before swine principle whereby God could not give what is pressure to those who don't yet recognize the discretion and his power and great is is pressure blood clots when he died on wise words, fosters the book sexual healing reference physician has getting the one dealing with these issues.

Your own life friends lives is the book it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, he is the author of the new edition of the sexual healing reference addition the biblical God defining freedom from every major area of sexual sin and brokenness. By the way this not an overstatement. That's what the book is that's what the book covers.

Once you get a copy. Be sure to go on Amazon and post a review to let others know that David and I first joined together for ministry some years back I was in Orlando did some recording for him. Not long after that I got a note from a young woman in the far east and she said she was trying to follow the Lord struggle with lesbianism got caught up in a lesbian relationship didn't see any way out. So our video for the first time saw real compassion in addressing these issues. If you get wonderfully set free. When I was in that country. A few years ago she gave me a handwritten letter with her testimony. One of the most precious letters I ever received David you you had some real opposition to your ministry. What happen on video with your videos.

I got a notice from the real one very about our 800 video, most of which are not about homosexuality there about child abuse and sex trafficking sex addiction disturbed by everything you can think of and they start out they were objecting against the idea that the blood of Jesus Christ could bring healing to the homosexual and that I was going to have to take down all of the offending videos that talked about homosexuality being a broken and so I emailed them back in a typical which video surveillance because we've always been compassionate with always been loving others. We never condemn or create shame and are sexually broken person.

The reply was were not going to tell you will have the time. You just cannot take them down so then I pointed out all of the videos on other subjects in the fact that we had gotten emails and comments from all over the world, which came from people who were going to commit suicide before they watched one of our video. So I told you, you take videos down you know you're leaving a gap in a resource for people who might even be taking their life. I couldn't care less. They took them all down, even the one not about homosexuality, no, they were intent on taking them down from the very start. They were just playing a game at the beginning extraordinary and we had an officious defacement but never something like this.

We have so many videos of helping so many people measure major platform that's gone. And of course you've experienced opposition with other videos, DVDs you put out. I was posting know about these resources, how they can get him let's talk about such were some of you.

What's that about well after documentary film and it features 26 former homosexual telling her testimony and in the beginning of the film. We have Dr. Brown and we have Dr. Robert Gagnon goes oh, probably the world's top biblical scholar on what the Bible says about homosexual confusion. We had Neil enter Sen. a great lineup not only of experts but then testimony from former homosexual very powerful and we now have an online for free still to go to our YouTube page. You can watch it at no cost.

YouTube page is it is Good have to quickly look it up if we give the name we search for them. Secure passion okay. Carl Foster okay we so if you need to search for David Kyle Foster and then you can watch for free and I remember when you made that decision because your ministry needs income like everyone else but you thought it was more important to get the message out. What about perhaps even more controversial video that you put out with former transgender individuals back Dr. later video and we have 1214 former transgender in this film. The film begins with experts. Once again we do a short history of transgender is him throughout centuries going way back in the DC area and then we bring in a little history of more modern history of the transgender movement that's followed by experts like Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Dr. James Anderson up from reform seminary in Charlotte and others and then we get into the testimonies, which are always my favorite part because people are just overwhelmed by the mercy and grace of the Lord and his transforming power and they've all left the transgender lifestyle and now serve Christ with all of their I was reading a story of a woman who identifies as a lesbian. Now in his talking with regret. Maybe what she's 19, 20 years old about the fact that she has the breasts now because she has been surgically removed. Couple years earlier, thinking that she was a boy trapped in a girl's body and doctors agreed in the house. She's real some woman I'm a woman. So even though she still confusing terms of sexual orientation and things like that here she is not not as a conservative Christian fundamentalist activists but as a lesbian say a terrible mistake so that the weight of these things is so massive and yet society shift. It's a radically it feels to me David like we've moved from confusion to dilution you think I'm overstating things not at all you know 40% of transgender people will try to take their life in terms of homosexual you have a very hypothyroid 3 to 5 times higher than the average among heterosexual and there's a great darkness, depending on our on our nation and our world of the dark is getting very dark since I was a young kid what you believe and to read the where we are now. The good thing about that is that makes the light all the more obvious and all the more brighter and so as we approached these people who maybe this transgender lady who now regrets what she did and we tell them of the love that Jesus have for her, and the identity that he intended for her to have and can impart to her as she gets healed from the things that cost or brokenness of people lined up like nobody I've ever seen. This population is probably the most broken I've ever come across their very fragile and they need love and 90 grace and I knew the truth need some way to hold her hand and walked them through not only this regret, but also the brokenness that created a whole situation since David if if this is apparent listening. And let's say they've got a 12-year-old child confused about gender identity or a 14-year-old child that's come out sit I'm gay. Will your book sexual healing reference addition would help that parent of wisdom and insight into how better to minister to their own child area of hunting were not when we talk about each chapter on issues such or brokenness.

We talk about what generates the inclination that they have the matter which! There it very much a spiritual battle from the dark. It's exacerbated by what men do to each other. For example, transgender people I've never met a transgender person knew what sexually abused as a child. Now that's huge as a causal factor payment lesbian 65, 85% of lesbians are sexual abuse, but over half of male homosexuals are sexual abuse victim and it baffles my mind it boggles my mind that the psychological profession is pretending like there's nothing wrong there just move along. When that's clearly a causal factor so apparent when they sit down with your child. They may not be able to help your child a lot because there's so many interfamily issues going on that can create blocks.

You know like a child might have some secret things that they think the characters wrong and they hold scratches and so many times I can hear the parent because of that, so getting getting the child to a ministry having them watch of videos and read books on the subject that can help them to understand how they ended up the way they are and the parents should be doing the same thing and meet us, parent advocate, child. You know they lay down the law. They lay down condition. They operate out of the performance orientate catered law, kind of the basis which is not what Jesus came to provide they need to express unconditional love to that child no matter what the child ultimately decides to an Internet that will out begins working in the heart of the child to open them up and began to admit the grudges they've had the thousands they've made a trip around they've harbored and when those things are admitted and confess and repented of the Lord comes in with great power to help that person and great grace for one, that person might fail along the way. Absolutely. And in your words.

As always with grace and compassion from some who received it from the Lord friends go on YouTube type in David Kyle Foster is never watch such were some of you are transformed. Watch them sit down with friends, watch them together and then get the book for yourself leader for those in need in their own lives sexual healing reference addition difficult to find major intersections in both business also impressed by the addition David worth the Lord is with you dear to dark brown accomplishes

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