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Who Is Yeshu?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 1, 2019 5:48 pm

Who Is Yeshu?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 1, 2019 5:48 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/28/19.

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So what's coming next. For the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will it is clearly your Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted and blessed you with all of you. If you have a Jewish -related question Hebrew related something related to messianic prophecies specific interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. Something about Judaism with the modern state of Israel. By all means give us a call 866-348-7884 is the number to call and I get to as many calls as I can in the course of the broadcast. One of those things I want to talk to about what's happening in Israel with the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu want to talk about that want to talk about some recent manifestations of anti-Semitism among quote Christian news leaders will talk about that I want to respond to some charges that were brought some misunderstanding about the history of the Hebrew name for Jesus will talk about that some things post on Facebook. I was asked to respond to Russell will take time to do that last night on the real Messiah broadcast. I took some time to rebut some really major shocking errors by Rabbi Toby Singer presentation done in Israel recently.

A few different people asked me can I comment on it and I get asked to comment on things constantly. If I responded to it. I was asked to do.

You never hear me on the radio. You never read a book that I've written you never read an article written because I just be responding to people's request. Respond to this video this article.

This teaching, etc. so do my best to be focused and not get distracted. But I felt that because this particular video been viewed about hundred thousand times on Toby Singer's YouTube channel B's account missionary Rabbi this refused to debate your deal with me for over 25 years so because it was getting a decent amount of plays because some folks asked me about it because the errors were so shocking and egregious. I decided to take time to address it unless that's broadcast.

If you missed it the website or YouTube channel asked her to Brown as Kd or Brown, you'll see Dr. Brown refutes Rabbi Toby Singer on Daniel nine and Psalm 22. All right before we get your calls before we get to talk about what's happening in Israel before we get to some fact and fiction about the Hebrew name for Jesus one play couple of clips for you when I was in Bethlehem debate Cholla last May, speaking at the Christ at the checkpoint conference is the only pro Israel voice at the conference, pro-Zionist voice at the conference I met a gentleman name seemed familiar but I know him and I thought he was Christian Christian news that would be covering the conference in a fair-minded way. I didn't realize the extent of his anti-Israel bias and actually is lack of experience in being in the Middle East on the ground which led to some very bizarre statements that he made but I did a quick interview with some on his team and no clue where they're actually coming from and just my ignorance about what their position was until late. They actually started the post things and that's when I realize they were there. I mean this all the standard anti-Israel tropes and anti-Semitic concepts and misunderstandings and misconceptions so I won't play a couple clips and of the best way.

The best way for me to rebut these is by agreeing with them sarcastically yet so this is supposed to true news. That's the name of the. The organization and this is Rick Wiles talking about Donald comes evangelical advisory board of this is that the they that he is speaking about at the beginning of this clip let's list the real reason I'm writing is because the real agenda is Israel and they're not going to jeopardize their standing with the White House to get things done for Israel. Yeah I can see that is the real reason so they will they will look the other way about seven and keep her mouth shut and so they're pushing the agenda because they have control Washington. They have trunk control of the trump administration. Donald Trump is owned by the Jews. That's the truth. If so, not only so, but I'm also owned by the Jews. And if you're watching on YouTube. YouTube is also owned by the school will hang if you listen on the radio. The radios also owned by the just weekly or are you driving your car car is also owned by the juju live in a house house is also Embassy the Jews own every thing. In fact, in fact, the Jews own Rick Wiles. That's why they put him out there to say those things so that they will sound so stupid, so impossible, so ridiculous, so incredible, so contrary to fact and reality that everyone will laugh and say ha ha how to write the Jews own Washington they actually own Rick Wiles yeah okay I am being sarcastic and being ridiculous because comments like that merit sarcasm merit ridiculous subsonic look, I know people on comes evangelical advisory Council, a coupler or close friend. Some dear friends in their good number of them. Maybe the majority that I actually know and I am tell you what they say the president trump behind the scenes and end where sin comes up behind the scenes and what he's been called to repent behind the scenes. That's one thing. The other thing is some of the ones who are the strongest and have Trump sear the most have the least passion about Israel, that's the semimajor easement is on a major topic for them. The semimajor part of their agenda so everything that was just said is contrary to fact. But what does it matter as long as it's blasting the Jews and anti-Semitic all but that was just getting started. It gets worse not remember for many years now, the Jews have been blamed for all the world evils. Whatever is during the Middle Ages the black plague because less Jews died than Gentiles why hygiene because the Torah this all die plenty died, but not at the same percentage with which these others died.

Obviously, Jews. They poisoned the wells themselves. If this was widely believed Jews were slaughtered for this.

When an economy fails in country. It's the fault of the Jews.

I got a brand-new edition of my book, our hands are stained with blood, with by God's grace has has become an important volume for many this command in 1992 exchange many hearts many aunt minds about Israel and the Jewish people get a brand-new edition coming out with destiny image in September of this year and just finished in recent weeks of a massive revision adding notes, adding references, adding stories, anecdotes, updating other material so exact same book, but deep and sharpened attitude and I have example after example were Jews. Jews are blamed for the spreading of AIDS Jews are blamed for problems in the Vatican. It's it's always the Jews, and in there is the classic forgery. Russian secret police, the protocols of the Elders of Zion, which has has been believed for over a century, as if it was gospel truth that there is a secret cabal, the Jewish leaders waiting at it in in in the dark shadows for the right moment to come come out and take over the whole world.

So in keeping with this type of conspiracy nonsense. Listen to what Rick Wiles says here about about the origins of the sexual revolution. They use sexual revolution to destroy a society.

This is what's been done to America, the sexual revolution was a sinus operation to break down American culture families prerogatives you absolutely owe it's it's it's true it's true Theodore Hartsell himself was a secret gay activist.

We do know that even though that David Ben-Gurion was actually Dorothy before he transitioned to mail you do know that you didn't do the okay I'm being sarcastic I'm being ridiculous.

Once again, those type of comments. Merit sarcastic responses. Sexual revolution was silenced, where there Jews involved in the sexual revolution is influential leaders and use a bit involve all kinds of things and were there Gentiles, plenty of Gentiles involved in were that with the earliest founders of gay activists in America Gentiles.

Yes yes was a matter but why care about truth when you can blame the Jews that now the problem is that Rick Wiles and true news have an audience how big it is missing is his massive audience large audience, but have an audience and and people watch this and believe it and and now they have the courage to expose this as a Jewish follower of Jesus am in constant conflict with my people constant this all the data goes by, sometimes not an hourly goes by that I'm in interacting with the Jewish person that has differences with me about Jesus and other things and I be the first to say that is was far from perfect. Designation of accident in Israel ascended at the conference in in in Beit Jala at the top the list were where they should each criticism, and I be the first to point to negative Jewish influence in history recall marks in the comments manifesto be at some of the early founders of communism in in in Russia in the first 20 years of the of the 20 century.glad to call those things out negative Jewish influence in Hollywood words it whatever Jews are influential for good or for bad. I'd also be the first to talk about a whole.

All of the Nobel Prize winners were Jews who have brought health and life to so many and and Jews doing so much good on the forefront of so many issues around the world at an end in times of disaster calamity. Israel is often the first nation to Christian relief getting to a place with is the catastrophe in Israel with humanitarian health and I be the first to point to the high ethics that are found throughout Julia's factors like everybody else.

Jewish people rest the world were remix there's good there's bad. But this type of stuff is outright dangerous needs to be rebuked needs to be exposed and Rick, if this clip happens to get to you opposite will play when I play to mock my sarcasm. Feel free to do it.

Just note those being sarcastic. Let's have a debate would you give a public debate with me on this.

A public moderate debate that we could live stream so potentially millions of people could watch as are your charges a thousand Jews correct. Are they true and accurate. William William public debate with Lisa. Let's do it right back because of the file name the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I got again that music early Jewish Thursday, 86634878840, let's go to the phone. Starting with John and Mary, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the line of fire. I don't Michael very well thank you sir. All I want to go real fast here because I want to cover something real quick and then segue into the question after you I didn't study enough to quality now for the last years and I've gone from dispensationalism that the full gamut get 180° turn all the way to prevent or limit an improper aneurysm slide understand all the years of eschatology and I don't want to get into all of the site but I say that say this, I see the need to not only one national revelation that is ever been given time that Abraham was taken on the Chaldea okay and he was basically extracted from paganism from the pagan world. Because the whole world system at that time was off bag. Okay now the whole world system and that means Abraham had to make 100 turn in order for God to start working in his life and for nation to come so we come to Mount Sinai and glide into giving Israel a national revelation laying down the lock Israel exactly how we should worship God now, I sent all back and say yes I want to write when you into the question to use our enter question is outside of going to the Old Testament. I want you to stick with the alt.cement that he was stripped and when we go there.

Don't read any passenger that you can read Christological past drinking and here's a question Johnny one package one passage incline parts from the Hebrew Bible that that God can use Aaron says it's all right to start by each human being… Is John first thing to say when I can talk eschatology before printer is and is dangerously wrong, terribly wrong. Serious ugly biblical error that really endangers one soul sides. Most of it plainly and clearly. But we won't discuss eschatology here and it's not that the focus on it on Thursday but the Bible does not support human sacrifice some and understand the point.

The Bible is against human sacrifice planning okay.

The reason why the reason why I watched the news.

Reason why ask you what I seen well aware not where God allowed human sacrifice. When I do see Jean embedding Internet ready religions all along the world. Not only guard Johnson is just to be clear that just just be clear, the Bible does not support human sacrifice.

The Old Testament and New Testament does not support human sacrifice 100% human sacrifice has nothing to do with the synagogue laying down his life on the cross to die for our sins is a precarious atonement human sacrifices on related to that.

So I don't understand what your point is electric.

I reject the Bible. Now I understand where you going. I took say what however you listening we got these long pauses that that are workable.

If you have a serious question that you like help with.

If you write in info it* and member of our team will be glad to observe these things out. But the Bible is against human sacrifice Genesis to Revelation.

There's not a hint of anything positive about it is universally condemned in the Bible Jesus dying for sins is the Lamb of God who lays his life down is the righteous die for the unrighteous is not human sacrifice. Anyway, thanks for the call hate since eschatology was brought up member this coming out now. March 19 not afraid of the antichrist that we don't refute and demolish full predators in this book Prof. Keener and I do not do that in this book, but we do layout or belief in historic post-tribulation will pre-millennialism Jesus comes at the end of this age.

At the end of whatever tribulation.

There is in this world. Jesus comes at the end of that God keeps us in the midst of his wrath being poured out. We are persecuted by men and and the enemy comes against us.

That's always been the case in this world, Jesus, and you will have tribulation would be of good cheer of overcome the world and he will preserve us.

He will come at the end there's one second coming, not to come at the end catch us up to meet him in dissent together with him in glory as he establishes his kingdom on the earth now for the antichrist why we don't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. It's written graciously towards those we differ with.

I did give very strongly about full predators of for my debate with Michael Sullivan on this disc go to war website*Brown is get your and type in Sullivan you can watch the debate. There. And yes, I did strongly rebut it because it's a very serious error that needs to be rebutted and needs to be resisted the idea that there will be no physical resurrection. The idea that that's past the second coming is past that were ready in the new Jerusalem. This is it for eternity here on this earth like this. Yeah. Very very unfortunate on biblical position really unheard of before the 1970s, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Philip in New York. Welcome to light a fire, and art about how you don't do very well thank you I just have a question in some time ago I was reading some common about your debate with Toby a finger. It was alleged in there that the you don't want to debate him anymore you you you lost your creepy debate that you don't want it debated. I noticed what we say who said this, I don't remember my it goes along that line. Everyone knows that everyone knows that Rabbi Singer has refused to debate me for over 25 years. That's common knowledge. He himself says it that he can splash reason is both bogus reasons for whoever won or lost the debate that suffer to solicitors. Originally we agreed to do the debate said I had previously debate him debated them in the home of Russian messianic Jew. It was with neither of us knew were going there to debate each other but we did the debate, there was a woman there who had previously followed Jesus but had renounced the faith and was a very zealous Orthodox Jew to encounter missionary work.

At that point she was so shaken by the debate that was one of the things that that brought her back to Jesus and she's been following the Lord for decades now and is doing amazing work with with poor children in the in Nigeria after it happened your phone.

There are interesting, phone date, but in any case yes and JoAnn was was so shaken by the debate. The private debate with Rabbi Singer that was one of the things that help lead her back to Jesus than we did debate that was aired on Sid Ross show when the when he was on the New York City with like a an hour an hour and 1/2 long show. Whatever we did debate together CBN's 700 club. They sent a camera crew because all parties agreed in advance that it was going to be videotaped and then aired on on national, international television and Toby said I'll all sign the release form.

After when the debate was done. He refused to sign so that was that was a shocker because it was it was video recorded when the infinitive can devote watched it and and then subsequently he acknowledged an error he had made an end anyway. I was reaching out to me were dialoguing a lot interacting talking by phone were both late-night people talking late at night.

Any I was gripped deeply to pray for salvation and they cut me off and that's over and over 25 years knows refused to deal with me under any circumstances get he gave he gave bogus reasons in terms of why he won't debate the claim that the debate we post was edited.

Actually he was the editor use puts what the testers because it cassette tapes in those days, and the maximum was was 90 minutes in our discussion went longer than that, that he, Sid and I relocate this phone call that we don't need that. This part that we don't need that.

So he was one of the editors are at the end of the full videotaped and been available. Mix that I was still a truth I have got nothing against him personally.

I pray for his repentance. But this is just that the truth of what happened so he claims he won't debate me because after the debate Sid Nye did week of interviews will be talked about of the debate was nothing supposed be done like that, no, quite the contrary, we were quite explicit. I said Tim if you put out a 50 tapes.

There is a quite tape series. Whatever. And and go through all of you know, say what you think I was wrong.

Put great.

Just don't change the content of of of what we put out this will agree to self it in a case.

Yes, unfortunate that some people believe the misinformation but yet, by all means listen to debate readily available online different places. This type in Michael Brown, Toby Singer, that if you want to find I set the record straight replay clips of what he says and then I tell the truth about it. Set the record straight.

Just go to Esther to and type in a singer there. Toby Singer and you get the video where we set the record straight and then make sure you watch last night's we set the record straight about some wild misinformation that he put forth very passionately.

The lecture in Israel all that being said, I'd be delighted to debate up again. Three. Passion is very eloquent even though there a lot of inaccurate statements. He specialized in this for many years a subspecialist on my side I think would be enlightening and helpful for everyone and can see a good reason not to do it. If getting the truth that the maximum number of people is the goal. So I remain ready, willing, Rabbi friends, they'd rather do things in writing and I respect that told me the base of the as of said 25 years.

Here I am learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown phone lines are said on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question from pure Jewish person you differ with me. Consider my faith in Jesus. If you've heard a Jewish objection to Jesus being the Messiah you're wondering about her Hebrew related question give me a call 866-348-7884 is the number to call so interestingly here in America, Michael Cohen, the now disgraced former attorney of Donald Trump who has a jail sentence hanging over his head for lying is now speaking to Congress about the evils of Donald Trump. What's true, what's not. I don't know unless following the testimony closely for a couple reasons one I don't know that Michael comes credible and that he has a jail sentence for lying. Number two I don't know that some of the charges come against Pres. Trump for anything to be concerned about other words, it may be junk this past that maven who was whatever I discussed was that happy with him as a candidate initially than warm to recognize that that he was going to be that the right wing to defeat Hillary Clinton but the other thing is let things come out the light. If Donald Trump is done something that disqualifies him for being the president let it come to light. If not on of the stuff on the latest gossip right but interestingly this in parallels with Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

They both been married three times now to know if you knew about the time you married three times.

You know he was an adulterous affair years ago almost destroyed his career. The honestly came forward to confess that acknowledgment or style, Trump in the past. Adultery is this something you you would've seen as part of his life there both a strong alpha male, leaders constantly assaulted by the left-wing media and have campaigned on the basis of strong national security and wall. These charges are being brought by Michael Cohen against Donald Trump again God knows what's true and what's not true.

Here's a headline major headline about Prime Minister Netanyahu Netanyahu to be charged with bribery pending hearing, so there have been charges swirling around Prime Minister Netanyahu for some time now, and the question is, since they're going to be elections in Israel about a month from now will charges be brought against them before hand or will that be seen as trying to influence election results or will Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is certainly a survivor and one of the savviest political leaders. His rosary had been an about your surpass all of the previous Prime Minister's in terms of the.

The longest running Prime Minister of Israel is been elected different occasions, or maybe's pastorate, I have to check but he knows how to survive, will he use this is to say, this is another attack coming against him at the same time and looking at an article that was posted by my colleague Ron Cantor and up just lost it.

But Ron is talking about how Prime Minister Netanyahu has has now worked together with what's considered to be an extremist Arab party in the land. And this is to make a coalition so that he can get elected, and some say he's he's gone too far. To do this doubt understand. Again, if you're not familiar with Israeli politics, you vote for party, not for person. Yes each major party has a person who is the leader of that party in the face of that party, but you vote ultimately for party not a person.

So there are hundred 20 seats in the Knesset in the Israeli parliament. So to have a majority in order to govern you have to 61 seats, at least right. Pretty simple. So let's say that Likud Prime Minister's premise, Netanyahu's party, which is a a right wing conservative party. Let's say that Likud gets 33 votes and let's say that the party and you can have a dozen or 15 parties running in Israel right meet some of the matrix of the minor. But while parties running. Let's say that another party geisha T. Let's just say it got 20 votes and another 18 another 15 a whole bunch 780. We do you you now if you Likud. You have to reach out to other groups when I reach out to your main opponent. Maybe they got 25 votes. Workers during their your main opponent, they will not do government with you that they watch out, and they have that. The next chance if you can put a coalition together so you reach out to this group may be ultra-Orthodox Jewish group may be Schaus or United surgeries reach out to them and maybe they each have five votes or six votes or receipts I should say well in order to have us in your party after you read this this this okay.

We agree all high on you have enough negative reach out to this group. Well, this group has their own agenda to be party or coalition.

We want these rights okay you get them so you end up putting something together, which often does not reflect the values of your folders but it's just what you need to do to set up your government and then if you fail, then the next party downloaded and have the next best shot at at setting something up will normally be elected. Parties able to do it so Prime Minister skews me detail calling for early elections. Now how the scandal affected how this working with a party that many consider to be so, so far, anti-Zionist pro-lab is actually racist has I can affect things.

We shall see. But just understand that in America, especially evident among evangelicals premise. Netanyahu is looked at as a hero. Heroes is looked at as an extraordinary leader in many ways been an excellent leader.

On the other hand, within Israel, the criticism against him from the left can be every bit as intense as the criticism against Donald Trump and there be plenty of people pointing out this problem.

This issue this this fault, so he's not a savior figure which way things will go with the elections. I don't know. I don't know.

We shall see.

But I never pray Lord keep Prime Minister Netanyahu empower never pray for you to pray for Barack Obama to lose elections and pray for George Bush or Donald Trump to win elections.

Lord, you will be done or I will vote based on what I understand is right I will certainly do that but I don't listen.

I don't know. Ultimately, God's purpose, meaning it could be that God will put in a godless leader over the country because that's what that country deserves.

We are reaping what we so the gobble race someone up who is going to be terrible for us because it's a judgment he's done that through history. He refers to Nebuchadnezzar as his servant. He says he raised the Faro for specific purpose of here this hardhearted man. God raises up to make his heart even harder, but it ultimately leads to the massive deliverance of the people of Israel from Egypt in a way that far surpasses what would've happened if it was just a okay you want to leave great go for no problem. So God alluded to demonstrate his glory and bring judgment on Nietzsche because it would send raised up hardhearted man that particular Faro for that particular purpose.

So he speaks of the Syrian Isaiah 10 is the robbers anger so never know who doesn't erase it could be racing up someone that's the worst for the church. It finally gets the American church to wake up and get out of season. Pray for it could be God raises someone out to be a champion of the unborn stand for life in so I'm gonna speak the truth about political campaigns under vote my conscience and the pray God your will be done and lorded wrath remember mercy. The simile comes Trish I did.

I do not know who the next leader of Israel should be.

II don't live like Prime Minister Netanyahu for many reasons.

The things very positive about them plenty of other things I don't like agree with that and I live in Israel, so I'm not as expert on the day-to-day situation there's others that are there so may the will of the Lord be done. They God's best for his purposes for his plan to come to pass in Israel and the Middle East is best for Israel. Palestinians is best for Israel's running Muslim nations Magog work accordingly. Pray for his will to be done. By the way, by the way, I am going to look up right here on my Facebook screen and on my YouTube feed if you post a question, a Jewish related question for me on Facebook or on YouTube. I'll do my best to answer some of those questions before the shows how you can: 866-348-7884 but if you have a Jewish related question. I'm looking at my screen here on Facebook.

I'm looking at my YouTube screen. If you post a question and I see it, I'll do my best to respond. Time permitting all.

How about this quote.

America is under control of Kushner nonsense nonsense yet. Jared Kushner has become a real friend of evangelical Christian.

That's true Jared Kushner. Many was leniency in the vodka would be much more in New York liberal even Democrat. Maybe it's turning with them be in the White House and seeing some of the evil of those come against them in the rat ecology of of where the left is going. But if if America was in control. Jared Kushner a lot of things would look different and Donald Trump would not be taking some the stands that he's taking just for the record, okay, chemists Bloomberg right spot at that statement and responded okay. I was asked to respond to this by missionary in the Philippines. I've never met him but we contracted on social media over the years, this is Michael having respond to the slander against the name of Yeshua. Posted by an anti-missionary Orthodox Jew on Delphi forum Jesus. Jesus is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew Josh. We hope she will meaning our salvation it stands.

Therefore, the Septuagint and Apocrypha for Joshua know that's that's true from International standard Bible encyclopedia. That's an accurate statement so the Greek Jesus. That is the equivalent of the Hebrew/Aramaic issue and for the record, Jesus in the Septuagint so the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible completed hundred 50, 200 years before the time of Jesus.

It translates Yehoshua, Joshua and Yeshua. It translates both of those words with Jesus or I should say transliterate's those as this is so both Joshua Yehoshua in Hebrew and Yeshua which rings fibrosis tissue.

Both of those are represented by Jesus in the subdued. That's why in Hebrews you will you see for example the King James talk about Jesus was some of Joshua because the Greek is Jesus, and sometimes it is Joshua. Sometimes Yeshua in this if you put out I'll get on with the claim here and will correct it on the line Thursday. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown join his friends on the 31st Thursday broadcast on the line of fire you to question from Amin Lowe Dr. Brown I'm an Israelite, what you believe in Saul of Tarsus well Jesus Yeshua the Messiah chose him as one of his emissaries when officially came. That's why believe in what he wrote. It's in harmony with what Yeshua taught. Jesus himself called him and single them out. He had been a persecutor of the followers of Yeshua and then he had a radical experience recognize the error of his ways and preach the good news rest of his life suffered much for was ultimately martyred for his faith and the early followers of Jesus recognize the validity of his work, as did the other emissaries that initially came the other apostles that were chosen by Yeshua. They recognized and welcomed him as well. So that's why believe in what he wrote. Okay, so let me get back to this Orthodox Jewish claim of the name Yeshua sometimes building list. Yeshua is the Aramaic, not Hebrew version of the name Joshua know is this the correct that the cyclic it's the short form of job it is not is not the Aramaic form of Joshua here all. I'm just going to go for moment here. I'll go to the book of Joshua right and I will look down in the Hebrew here in Joshua 11 right by here remote Moshe Avedon the knife he only on the Nile Yeshua. So after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua Yehoshua okay, how is his name spelled how is Joshua spelled in the Aramaic Targum Yeshua right the marginalia sure the same name Yeshua in Hebrew equals Yeshua, Aramaic same name Yeshua is a short form like Mike from Michael right that's all it is like Tom from Thomas like like John from Jonathan. It's a short form. Yeshua is a short form of Yehoshua. Both in Hebrew and Aramaic that does originate Aramaic you can argue that, but it's used in Hebrew and Aramaic. It's a set

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