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Tackling the Big Issues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 4, 2019 5:40 pm

Tackling the Big Issues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 4, 2019 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/04/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Friends I've got a powerful insight to share with you about abortion today and phone lines are open for your calls is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire. It is Monday and from Dallas this morning there from Sacramento on Sunday so been on the road a lot but the lighted to be with you. Having missed broadcast with all the travel 86634. Truth is the number to call and I try to do this as often as possible so I'm opening the phone lines as I do on Friday. You've got questions, we've got answers a bunch of things I want to talk about things real importance of real significance or share my heart with you. Hopefully ministry, truth and life and light and courage and strength and hope and faith to you today but the phone lines are open with anything you want to ask me about anything you want to talk to me about. Here's the recall, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 I have written that God is neither Republican nor Democrat.

I have written that Donald Trump is not my Savior. No president is my Savior or our Savior. I have said many times that I don't have a lot of faith in the political system as a whole. I have said many times that the only solution to America's deepest problems is a gospel based solution said that believe that that reflects my heart that reflects the emphasis of my life and ministry. At the same time is right to call out parties for corruption or sin: individual leaders for corruption or sin to respectfully call for repentance and when all six Democrat for that presidential candidates along with independent independent Bernie Saunders when all six of them came out and voted against a bill that would protect babies that survived abortion a bill against infanticide a bill saying whatever care would be given to a child born with the parents want their child to be born of the mother. One of the child to be born. Whatever care would be given to a child of equivalent gestational age. So if it was seven months or eight months or whatever, that the same carrier be given to a baby that survived abortion anyone with a beating heart, and with the conscience vote for that.

Obviously, even if you're pro-abortion, you should vote for. So the fact that 44 Democrats, virtually all of this base. The one exception voted against the bill so against infanticide alone was six Democrat Democratic presidential candidates, and Bernie Sanders to me. That was something to call out. We talked about this last week.

The article that I posted affect them. We just see where it's at now.

I have an article when it's right to indict the Democrats where I explained plainly why I did something I normally don't do which is called the whole party normally. I'll address the issues and individuals, but this time it was right to call out the party which is become the party of death and there is an article that I wrote of where is this hang on looking for a year yeah all six Democratic presidential candidates vote for infanticide that was posted six days ago that article just on the stream, we shared 100,000 times so resonated it. It it it struck a cord hit a nerve. What I want to do is go back in time with you and and taught you about with the Democratic party platform was 20 years ago. So in my article was right to indict the Democrats. I note that Time magazine July 26, 2016 pro-life leader Marjorie Donna Fells or noted this on Monday nights is he speaking about in July 2016 the Democratic Party ratified a platform custom-made to reflect Hillary Clinton's policy agenda. Just when you thought the party could get more extreme on abortion, think again. So she says, in contrast, in 1996 it was Bill Clinton was hardly a friend of the unborn, who said abortion should be quote safe, legal and rare was 1996 with the last word indicating abortion is a something to be celebrated and then Dennis Hauser also pointed this out.

1996 the DNC adopted a platform that characterized abortion is a difficult issue and because of that quote we must respect the individual conscience of each American a call for making abortion less necessary and more hurt note those words that we must respect the individual conscience of each American now friends.

It's rare when my bride of almost 43 years. March 14 of this year 43 years of amazing marriage so it's rare that she will comment to me about watermark with Nancy will say to me really like that article or you'll have a little different perspective or or whatever you know were different with me on it every so often she will but it's rare that she does. She sent me a text this morning as I was getting ready to fly out. Appreciating this article from which I just quoted when it's when it's right to indict the Democrats in a civil what did you think the article was especially good and feasible. The contrast from 1996, where where the Democratic platform said we must respect the individual conscience of each American. She said what happened and then she wrote this and listen to these words very powerful words very intense words.

She said I believe that the abortion issues greatest danger is not necessarily to the unborn. But to the living or stripping themselves of their humanity by their own will. This is the love of many waxing coal. We have lost the understanding and comprehension of our value as human beings will become cold barbarians with little understanding of what we are actually doing to ourselves and our psyches.

We think we are simply ridding ourselves of unwanted children of the losses for greater and broader than that. She said this, our humanity is thrown in the trash along with all the body parts we read that again our humanity is thrown in the trash along with all the body parts. The point is that with each knot of our head in agreement with this practice.

We are slowly and imperceptibly destroying within ourselves what it actually means to be human. We are disposing of the God breeze qualities and attributes that make us a special creation is destructive in the extreme by its insidious nature. I told her those words were prophetically sharp. When she sent them to me and we were just talking on the way out.

As I got home and turned right around to come back to the studio here we were talking briefly, and obviously there's the slaughter of the unborn.

The horrific injustice that the cruelty the. The ugliness of that that must be exposed that appraisal be exposed to the unplanned movie which releases March 29 through Focus on the Family during a major campaign in New York City in May and then right in Times Square.

We've got all that the giant billboards and signs the gun show live ultrasounds and things like that and just skip your picture of humanity of the children whose laws being terminated and will and and for all of you who have abortions and feel smitten over this. Jesus died for that sin as well say it a thousand times. He died for that sin as well that if you cry out to him for mercy and forgiveness will forgive you. You may have a pain to carry through the days over but if you are absolutely forgive and he can use you to help others and to bring life and hope to others and help others not to make the wrong decisions that you made will be condemned in your sin turn to God for mercy and you know some of you the extreme pressure you are under the extreme duress you under a difficult decision was it was a wrong decision. He understands. If you turn to him in repentance, he will have mercy, and cleansing forgive.

I don't say these words to condemn but to help us take hold of life and truth. The reality is that we are killing ourselves as we kill babies we are embracing the culture of death.

Let me share with you a couple of quotes from Mother Teresa if you don't have my book saving a sick America, can I urge you to get the book as well as the one coming on August decibels war with America. Mother Teresa said this, the greatest greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion which is war against the child. The mother's learn to love but kills to solve her own problems. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people love but use any violence to get what they want.

Abortion kills twice.

She said because the body of the baby a kills the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women. Half the babies and all the mothers will. And she said this, we must not be surprised when we hear of murders of killings, war, hatred.

If a mother can kill her own child. What is left but for us to kill each other and from her perspective, especially as a Catholic sheet piling with contraception as well. Once that living love is destroyed by contraception, abortion follows very easily that many of us have a different perspective.

The Mother Teresa did on the board contraception. But I that quoted in fairness to her, because that was passionate conviction of hers as well and listen to this. Another word for Mother Teresa and I have this in my book, saving a sick America. America yeah it's it's not not not on that one, separate America needs no words for me to see how your decision in Roe V Wade Hester formed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion is pitted mothers against the children women against men, and is shown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships in my book Jezebel's war with America that comes out in August and tremendously excited about and and tremendously burden to get out to the maximum number of people. I have a chapter where I tie-in abortion with the practice of baby killing the ancient world and when you see the bloodlust associated with on the time of the woman under tremendous stress and pressure and pain.

The 15-year-old rape does know what to do and people in the beginning.

Abortions with great difficulty him I'm not saying that, in comparison, a speaker, bloodlust God have mercy on you that one through that, and that made the wrong decision and that he restored those who celebrate abortion and those who champion the right to abortion the Planned Parenthood's making billions from abortion. It's bloodlust and it's greed, and it must be expose God have mercy on America. A whole lot more to talk about some while Christians related nieces is get your causes become back of the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Holly someone or something else a semi one that I posted on Twitter and on Facebook and it is a graphic description of the sugarcoated gospel accurate description of sugarcoated preaching.

If if you're watching on Facebook or YouTube and you'll see this, but I'll describe if everyone else is a hand reaching out of the water right.

So someone's drowning. There is a hand reaching out and and now it in, and that the next the next slide, there is there. The next box.

There is this a hand reaching out to the hand that's drowning and that it it it in high fives. The hand and then the person thinks down you that's that's what sugarcoated preaching man everything good and everything great man you're good I'm good God is good everything is good and it doesn't deal with sin and it doesn't deal with repentance and it doesn't deal with holiness and it basically buys a new shirt for someone dying of cancer is what does instead of curing the cancer 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 phone lines open for all kinds of questions of them will come back to cover some social issues. The moral and cultural issues of let's go over to Louisiana Andre, welcome to the line of fire Dragon background for taking my call them you have a junior, work Juno or Crowley, Louisiana is read up out of map yet. I am scheduled to be there Saturday night Sunday morning this weekend. Now yes Saturday night Sunday morning it's on our itinerary on our website.

While we are you know what church a building called Beth about Bob Victor picked them out my eye on this. Not too far yet. Will you go out with your question and I will tell you it I found it Northside Assembly of God Saturday night. Okay Sunday morning yet and probably lose it when I saw Louisiana just realism coming your way so okay to your master, you might have to return my Mike noted with the law and I think I have the kind my question about Brunei property for about abortion is and I can probably call another time it in next question that I really want to ask you what was going on. She was on your heart about abortion first will start their okay and and also in my what you plan about the sugarcoating. In my opinion the only victim in abortion is the unborn child outmoded. I know that I feel that it is a selfish act on the mother because of Federal Way finance for dominant baby of your them out when you believe the fornication or adultery from working for correct on the multiple and and Planned Parenthood and any other type of abortion clinic roadmap that model to come in for that ability does not handcuff them and let them all in the training need not be vivid, you and so is something you're saying and if the root of the whole thing at the, monthly, and another plan you know is enacted.

Goal in my opinion are as bad as the legend belongs all that support abortion and Planned Parenthood, make appointment, today clinic baobab mother I feel is a major player in the abortion yeah Andres obviously every mother that makes this decision is responsible and there many married couples that make the decision that this note effective careers or you know selfish decision like that.

It's noted that this too busy right now to have another child. But what without minimizing the guilt of the responsibility. Still, you have to hear from women had abortions, you know, for example, a 15-year-old girl who gets raped and if her parents knew what happened to her. Even though solder fault. You know that she got raped, you know they're they're going to kick her out of the house or excommunicate her something or flip out in his know what is new in an you know, some suggest he gets an abortion. She cries over for weeks and does it. I put that in a very different category than the woman says can affect my career. I can for Tampa Bay right now you know you had a one night stand with that guy that intent to get pregnant.

Michael let this affect my career up but even even in that case even even in that case of of of a woman making a brazen decision. Would you agree that in doing so is also killing something in her own life. Yes, she's killing that baby in the world. What would you agree she's also killing something in her own life that she's dehumanizing herself in the process. All code agree that there will be allowed to give a lot of shame about emotional called and warned the vomit that the experiment in the aftermath, but the initial and they don't realize it until it actually happened that paying me if I met a woman who had a miscarriage. A lot of emotional called as an attachment.

Yes, yes, not motherhood starts at conception and you can call the fetus all you want but after baby development in the brain-dead law and when you rip it up rip it up. It is definitely an experiment that that model also out of Jesus Christ and his great with capital consequences. In fact, Andre, you do well to the miscarriage issue because all all mothers listening to me have had miscarriages, you know how traumatic that was how painful it was.

How if you really get pregnant after that, how to, the less moment right up the delivery. There was the fear of miscarriage or the or the thing hanging over you. That sense of loss, even if okay you have a baby miscarriage.

When you have a baby you still miss that other is onto that brings up a great point when just because a mother will fully terminate the life of the child in the womb doesn't mean that there was no connection and to and if she says there was no connection is this like tumor mass of cells that shows the degree to which she soaring the heart white will will take another question, another day, but I'm glad you you waited with the abortion comments Andre, thank you so much, 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Jordan in California.

Welcome to the line of fire prepared to work hard reporter. Thank you sir are No that's that's okay that's okay okay regarding Eric Bentley metrical recruitment. I put them out when you feel that you feel that there's actual anti-Semitism or just lack of understanding of God's heart for Israel. People really okay well Jordan I wrote the book, our hands are stained with blood to help Christians understand the historic pain of the Jewish people with Jewish people suffer through the ages. God's purposes for Israel and to expose the demonic nature of anti-Semitism. The book commanded 92 in the state imprint ever since, to the point that we just finished making lots of revisions and updates for a new addition that will come out in September, but I of course the current edition is is is been used in and encourage folks to get that are Twitchell September but that is really helpful to ask people read many a pastor many a leader. Many individuals have their heart changed reading the book because people disbelieve all kinds allies in these days with intranet this but anything goes you know you care. You could make any kind of statement and and find a link that supports it in the link itself is bogus. You know anything surrounding so quickly and you gotta blame somebody's it's always the Jews so one thing is to special from Scripture, God's heart for Israel, not because of Israel's goodness, but because of God's goodness because of Israel's faith of faithfulness, but because of God's faithfulness so to try to show that the people in Scripture the same way God loves the church with all of our warts and blemishes that that's the way he loves Israel, will all of Israel's warts and blemishes. That's one thing. Another thing is to get people to see how irrational extreme and crazy anti-Semitic sentiments are you know sometimes the best thing to do when some is an error let them is let them keep talking no and and the more people give out there anti-Semitic theories in the Jews control this in the Jews run that the Jews responsible for this and that the more you can help expose how crazy and absurd. It is and where it leads. But my book, our hands are stained with blood you find to be a really really good resource.

And if you can get others to read it if you can get a leader in particular to to read it can really help open eyes and convicted of wrong attitudes, and then Jordan. When people see there was this attitude through church history that led to so much bloodshed so much shedding of Jewish blood in the name of Jesus by professing Christians. It helps people recognize the demonic and ugly and inexcusable nature of anti-Semitism they may the Lord bless you, Gordon California 866-34-TRUTH will be back with more of your calls and then having athletes like Martina and I were true that Petrillo Nevitt shall over get that right and former Olympian and now speaking out about male athletes like Devon was now you talk about that because it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on YouTube. I still get.

I welcome to line fire Michael Brown. The letter to be with you on this Monday 866-34-TRUTH open the phone lines like a due on Friday you got questions. We got answers 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but I are our videos know the moment they get out they get flagged after request, route review, not suitable for all advertisers and in the vast majority when they get reviewed pass right so I'm not surprised that some videos that are really strong and and and take real strong issue with things in the contemporary society and callouts in saw I'm not surprised when those don't get approved alright so that there still on, but no ads can run so if they were shown 10 million times it wouldn't bring in a dime to the ministry, but that that's okay it's it's their right to determine what suitable for all advertisers and advertisers wouldn't want to be associated with certain things. Okay I understand if we just travel consistency obsessional agree with were lines drawn the tribe consistency to the strange thing is I have a video that's pretty radical and pretty strong and pretty extreme and think no way this is getting approved and on another note, your videos approved for privatized.

What are some of the ones that have not been approved, privatized. Dr. Brown takes your calls and answers your questions have on the world was not suitable for all advertisers that or or how about this one of Dr. Brown interviews Jonathan, on the paradigm Jewish myths and facts biblical wisdom in these troubled times.

Figure it out.

It's I am just saying that because I just got a notification that one of our videos was acceptable for all advertisers and I just reminded me of this all right. I do want to talk to about the fracturing of the LGBT movement tunneling. It's totally fractured, but there's a not surprising feature now between the LGB side and the Teesside all right come to that. The moment but I want to grab a few calls, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Minnesota. Patricia, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown had no and had information about alignment and fluid from aborted baby being drunk. I needed to prolong their life. You think this is true. Okay, I was I was not heard anything about this, but let me first say, though, Patricia, nothing would surprise me, as if this kind of thing was being done because aborted baby parts of been used for all kinds of different things including perfumes you know this, so nothing would surprise me if someone could make a buck from it or it was just part of the demonic fallen crazed human nature and and the ugly things that we can do and our moral slide because of abortion that would not surprise me at all. I have not heard anything about it. Will will look to see if there is anything to it. If it is all the more monstrous to report it but a before I ask you a question. I have read about people getting blood transfusions and things the students blood treatment that supposed to prolong their life or make them healthier read about that and that is actually happening. No certain type of blood. Trent treatment not just simply transfusion.

So that's why this wouldn't surprise me either. But if so, how utterly, utterly sick and crazed.

Where did you hear this see this report came on my YouTube recommended radio and okay having a little leery.

I thought no abortion and my career and consider. I felt the need to now yeah yeah got it but don't remember what the source was yelling I was looking for and unfortunately you lined it out yet you do it just as on our website. Asked Dr. Brown the Lord ask your Brown the Lord is a Linksys contact you could just send it in. Obviously if everything on Internet was true then when he start about how everything on Internet could be true because that was what is mutually contradictory, but sometimes you know Patricia, I've heard stuff and it's so crazy it's so out there. It's like him. I really am possible and then you find it's true so evil like this wouldn't surprise me if true, but no, I don't know if anybody thank you for your prayer burden for the unborn, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Arizona. Is your name actually pronounced a man or a man, yet I was nominated I that he was a pretty well, isn't that something. If you have a 20 could of been amen and amen right I'm so anyway you look through a whole life of of yes amen yes to them exactly no of course right because that would be better for twin settlers that have the same name. Much better day of anyway since you've lived your whole life this by apologies, but I yeah little hard to backslide with a name like a man the right thing for thing like all Dr. Brown sure thing.

What is regarding the impact a little bit. I'll bet the sure I'm not I'm not having a hard time believing in hell work being it. You know what the Scriptures of the thing about reality, but when I hear people talk about or respond to think like a few years ago when the they did that TV interview with Goldstein that I forget exactly the question, but something along the lines of his geography only way to take, leave that up to God. Yeah, I immediately posted something or his team did we get emphasize that he believes Jesus is the only way to God centric.

But it was the him and he immediately sought to fix that. And if you asked anybody close to him. They will is as much as I tried to interact without success of they will all affirm that Jesus is the only way to salvation. Dr. yeah and Mike might not go tell them it's okay.

That's right, my question is where we draw the line on your people to like you know they went at it. Note like I heard that they ministered somebody in the they didn't give their life the Lord before they died until they went to hell and with conviction. The they believe that I don't know where I draw the bike and draw the point that I don't think like newborn infant toddler if they had picnic forever and I don't think they go to hell for how do we draw that line and in this is the easy easy thing to to look at certain is.

Did someone reject the gospel with understanding it. In other words, if if someone dies and we don't know what state they were in there they heard the gospel.

They were reflecting on it and they died unexpectedly. Only God knows what happened right in the closing moments or into what we don't know we don't know what happen in secret, but if I know someone dies rejecting the gospel that I say their lost if if someone dies curse.

I don't want this.

I don't believe it on the ground, the one true God.

If they die in that state. There their loss. I mean the Scriptures are very very clear that whoever does not believe will perish. So if if they've heard the message right there is responsibility culpability. They've heard the message again. What about people who never heard the gospel. What we understand were falling human race, and that when we can are old enough to make decisions moral decision we make wrong ones. Every human being will was rolled on in the wrong direction. Has someone responded to the light of God in nature is someone responded to be. They've been prayed for doing it, and the Holy Spirit starts to open their eyes and they cry out for mercy. They don't fully understand the whole gospel message. Their loss versus work. Let God be the judge of that. But for sure we know that humanity is on it downward slope without God, unable to swim against the tide of pull themselves up on their own and that if you die rejecting Jesus, you are certainly lost and there's no remedy for it.

F after that that we can say with absolute certainty of someone else… You go ahead okay John. John 15 and verse 24.

If I had done many great work with no one else. Then they would not be accountable. Like the thing like there was that there was a necessity for them to be a miraculous, though we can meet Kelly put a different level of like it rained out of I would impute on what I was on camp at the University of Arizona one time and screaming at people that are going to hell is not enough with him screaming at them that they're going to hell enough for God.

Okay, now okay they heard that their quote was usually here's here's the problem number one. How do they get the other ones in other words, if it's not there is no chance after death.

That's right its appointed to men once to die after this the judgment right so there's no gospel preaching after that. And we've all sinned and fallen short, and are damned in our own sins right so let's just say the person didn't clearly understand the gospel if they die without Jesus, there there still lost, but here's the passage I pushed back at the first thing is Jesus is telling a greater responsibility and greater culpability. But Jesus gives this parable in Luke's gospel and any talks about the two servants. One of them knew his masters will and didn't do it the other didn't know his masters will and didn't do it the one who didn't know his masters will and didn't do it is beaten with few stripes, the one who did know his masters will and didn't do it is beaten with many stripes, but they both did wrong and suffer for one suffers more than the other. I'll let God be God. In terms of pronouncing the fate of every human being, but that's the problem. If someone doesn't respond to the gospel is obviously not everyone here is a clearly they don't respond, what, where is there salvation where, how do they get in. Outside of the blood of Jesus. That's what we do preach with urgency and share the gospel's office has God please have this present believe that much of the world's law say I appreciate the question sir, and I do appreciate your heart and asking it will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to quantify the common from Facebook. What about all the guys who convince women to have abortions there. There are men tremendously culpable in abortion. And, much as the motherboard mail abortion doctors that perform the abortions. But many a woman has been pushed by the husband by the man. The father is been pushed to have an abortion and and did it fighting and scratching the others there's another factor to factor in for sure 866-34-TRUTH before I go back to the phones. I remember around 2007 before I debated Harry Knox a professing gay Christian minister who then was with the human rights campaign, the world's largest gay activist lobbying organization when he got up to speak. I don't know exactly when and in our debate/dialogue, but he made clear to transgender individuals that were there. How much raw wine and and how much they stood for transgender rights, etc. what prompted him to say that was that a few months earlier, there had been a transgender protest.

What was it October or or or no maybes few weeks. I forget exactly I can check my journal but there was a transgender protest and there were man identifies women in dresses and things like that. Outside of human rights campaign event because in the human rights campaigns lobbying the past and of the employment nondiscrimination act. They had pulled away from emphasizing the T part.

In other words, that an employee could say to a man who dressed as a woman, though I idle on the lunch was the receptionist in our office. General think it would be appropriate and they weren't fighting about. That is discrimination because they thought it easier to get this passed without without the T word well what what happened was that there was apology for that Nona will stand together but then others would say what. It's a strange mix you have people marginalized and looked at by traditional conservative people as being wrong on the outside as a dogmatics because transgendered individuals say this is not sexual orientation. This is gender identity is different while now the transgender activism is going as far as it is, you have leading feminists like Germaine Greer and others. The book female erasure. These women would militantly standing, and so much of what I stand for, but they are speaking out against transgender activism say it. It wipes out the category female erases female of Andrew Sullivan will most eloquent and and widely quoted gay activists Andrew Sullivan say look, there is there is male and female sex and you can just deny those rallies them according them directly, then you have the great tennis player marking them to love each note the network you mispronounce it is.

I'm thinking about before I say it never to love and and she says look a male who identifies as a female shouldn't be allowed to to compete with with females using what's the big deal about her, so she is lesbian Jesus is a champion for lesbian rights now an Olympic swimmer silver medalist in England is that the same thing. She's being attacked.

Being transferred but the thing has to fall apart. You got two young men, two boys cleaning up the winning that the statewide championships of female was applauding that these are biological males who are at the end you're not there not on extended hormone treatments to make them any less male and here they are winning races against girls. These boys winning races against girls on the girls team competing as other girls, which is completely unfair to the girls so about the guys. What are biological males that along with the other males if they want identifies women that's up to them and let them run with the males and compete with the males tonight have the Olympics really making room for more transgender athletes will if you been on hormone treatment long enough and it removes every competitive advantage lesson if you are 6 foot five, 290 pound male and now you're on treatments to two feminize you in certain ways into the lesson, your testosterone, whatever that whatever the hormone treatment will be on okay you you may be less male and powerful and strong you are before, but you still have a biological a massive biological advantage over woman that's what you've got, you know, former winning ghetto weightlifter male in Australia, New Zealand, now he competes as a woman is cleaning up besetting records.

Is anybody surprised it's unfair that you cannot you cannot you cannot you cannot ignore biological realities.

It's that simple. It's that simple. And the more this activism goes through extreme measures. The more the thing will splinter 86634.

Let's go over to Kansas. Nate, thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Mike Brown my? I related a lot about my sin in the church and stuff and I follow a couple people and charismatic churches that don't live in my state on YouTube and really real love receiving from different body. I entered the trend happening in certain circles that when they speak the lack of them talking about certain in it from the pulpit and in how they talk about repentance, meaning it's really just a change of mind in regards to how dangerous Nate.

It's real dangerous stuff. It's really really dangerous since the first time it's happened. You know they're there.

These hyper grace emphases that come every 5000 years and sometimes their swing against legalism.

Sometimes they're just going with the tide of the natural society and natural man, but it's real dangerous stuff. If you just say repentance is just a change of mind you need to change your mind about yourself and renew your mind and see yourself as righteous, so there's never conviction is never grief. There's never broken this there.

There's never really going to God only send God of sin. Forgive me wash declines make that that will not produce holiness that will only produce it a superficial righteousness.

You see how often should we speak against sin as often as is appropriate. Or how about that preachers say okay listen I'm gonna lay preacher, the whole Bible. I want to preach to the New Testament in the in the coming years or under him to preach through the letter support to preach through the Gospels are when you do is get a force you to deal with these issues every time.

Speaking to the lost, to get saved: to get saved on in a very clearly and definitely speak about their's.

She's made speak about their sin and speak about God's amazing incredible answer to our sin, namely the cross alone beyond anything we ever would've trumped up and tell it to follow Jesus means to leave their sin behind follow him wherever appropriate in the church setting a map every message but whenever appropriate you speak about you. You address it with encouragement, with hope, with life without condemnation without legalism, but it's a very disturbing trend in my book. It's time to rock the boat which came out in 1993 I address this head-on in an extended way the Lord's focus of the book is that in hyper grace, which came out a few years ago I address it again in a more updated way with what's happening today, but these are serious issues.

It's one reason Sir that the church of America is in such a mess that with all of our gospel radio gospel TV mega churches, best-selling books that we are so compromise backslid a large part comes from the pulpit of a whole chapter and saving a sick America called restoring thunder to our pulpits that deals with this exact issue, which is of great concern. Okay all right you beat… No, go ahead, overly positive.

England come to the pulpit like them. They like the body of Christ like that yesterday. Sure you can absent look who's Paul writing to his letters, believers, and how often does he deal with sin and how often to see correct and how often does he rebuke Jesus is doing with believers in Revelation 2 and three and five of the seven churches are told to repent or else I'm super positive severe you get around me. I'll encourage you encourage or encourage you encourage you talk to the students of the ministry school you talk to anyone that walks closely. I'll encourage you encouragement Christian church, but also tell you the truth when the needs to be correction. Love compels us to do that. Hate. Thank you Nate for calling all right. We got time for the call, Stephanie and Marilyn dive right in.

Time is short really member on you, Gary will grant being narrowminded at looking out breaking the law and hurting an absolute degree and Scripture came in throughout the writing Scripture. For example he gave her think the creation story and change and Janet and Pat and Chronicles are different and that even even one thing I thank you card act by radio. Why did you doubt it was a change in an datatype for Blue and sparkling like Galligan got it right so so the sun, let me answer really quickly. It's a big question, and maybe I'll take up again later in the week number one, the creation accounts don't change their just poetic descriptions and in more literal descriptions there different different sides of the same beautiful coin. That's the first thing the second thing is that Jesus takes what's been previously taught and goes deeper hoses to a higher standard.

Okay you heard this, but I'm I'm thinking of even deeper. That's the second thing the third thing is Kings and Chronicles parallel each other with with supplemental information. It's not a change from one to the other. The fourth thing is it's interesting that will always allege changes the biblical position on homosexual practice for the beginning of the Bible to the end never changes. It's wrong and Moses is wrong and Jesus is wrong and Paul it's always wrong, and was always reinforces that God made men from women and women ferment, because we have a heart for the loss.

We don't live in them and deceive them and ordain them

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