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Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 29, 2022 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 29, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/29/22.

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The following is a prerecorded program you got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more and spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown as time together like an answer as many of your questions as possible.

Today I'm responding to your social media questions I I know you're right you're ready to have the hand you are style yeah but will respond at your social media questions today posted on Facebook and Twitter some really interesting questions posted already, so I will be answering those don't post them now because I solicited these earlier in the weekend doing them on a first-come first-served basis. If you want to make sure that you don't miss days like this when we say hey will be responded to on social media. Make sure you follow me, and asked her to run like that page on Facebook ASKGR Brown asked Dr. Brown like that page on Facebook and as soon as we post things we post them on Facebook twitter so latest articles, latest videos get posted there as well, plus all kinds of cool means, and Twitter on track more and have more quotes and thoughts there over on Twitter, it's DR Michael L. Brown DR soul by Dr. Michael Elsie to Wells there. Michael L. Brown. You can follow me on Twitter okay first question is from Stuart on Facebook does religion regardless of identity. For example, Christianity, Islam, etc. seem to be becoming less important to people's daily lives in a so this is so out of place in modern society that the religious myself, I would be interested to hear your point of view. I think it still has a place okay. The broad answer is that on the one hand you do have a growing secularizing of society. We see it in America with a number of those professing Christianity dropped from 85% to 75% in about a decade.

You see it in Europe were countries that were heavily Christian. In the past are very nominal today where you can speak of America or Europe being post-Christian. At the same time, there has been a massive spread of Christianity worldwide, which continues to grow of Islam worldwide, which continues to grow. There is a revival of Hinduism or Hindu fervor in India. So it seems that at the same time, the F secularization rising in certain parts of the world that you have religious fervor rising in other parts the world. If you think of the Jewish community the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was almost obliterated by the Holocaust because civic Judaism almost obliterated by the Holocaust.

But now, growing more rapidly than any other part of Judaism and as secular Jews become less and less Jewish. With each generation, fade into the larger population. Religious Jews are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds special by having large families. Same thing with the Muslim world. Large families and conservative Christian parts of the world large families. So in that respect religion as a whole continues to grow rapidly side-by-side with the secularization of society and what happens ultimately is that there is a void that people realize there must be more than just this life we have so many deaths with culvert and so much fear and so much uncertainty in people looking for answers, no more specifically, the gospel is the answer. More specifically, God's love expressed through Jesus is the answer. More specifically, when people call out to God through Jesus. They will be transformed.

They will receive new birth and will be a hope and purpose, but within their lives.

So religion in general will still have a place because people realize there is more than just this life more than just this world. Otherwise it's it's utterly senseless. On the other hand, it's not just a matter of finding any religion with the truth. The truth is found in the person Jesus, thank you for the question. May God bring you into real beautiful relationship with him or really are the Samaritans considered as Jewish.

What is their place. They consider themselves to be the true and pure Israelites there down to just a handful, maybe 50+ people, not that long ago because they would not allow people to marry in to convert to their form of religious expression and Marianne Dave change that some so that their and their numbers have grown, but Samaritans consider themselves the pure and true Israelites. They believe that their version of the Torah is the authoritative one, they still will do sacrifices at the time of Passover and they believe that they can trace themselves back to the original tribes of Israel as the pure breeds the Jewish community. 2000 years ago looked at them as half breeds second Kings, the 17th chapter describes how when the Assyrians exiled the 10 northern tribes of Israel suited that in exile every last one of them. But the X are large numbers of the 10 northern tribes from whence is the myth of the 10 lost tribes that they're just somewhere over this mythical river waiting to be discovered or regathered or something like that. But many of the tribes were lost or much of their population.

I should say was lost through exile and not returning this happened. 722 721 BC, but then you had Israelites still living in the land that were in exile within the Syrians would do. They would take people from other countries and then exile them to a different country. So think of it like this that you have Mexicans living in Canada and Canadians living in Mexico and it kinda breaks your patriotic spirit and in your in a foreign land. So second Kings 17 says that when the exiles came that they did know how to worship the God of Israel and Lyons were sent judgment against them. So priests were resentenced to show them how to worship, so the Jewish community civil that's who you are. Those are your origins. There is half breeds a mixture of other tribes of other peoples in the tribes of Israel.

Your half breeds.

So that's how they were treated in the in the first century. That's what you see some of the conflicts that the Gospels layout or even recorded in acts is things would happen that the Samaritans retreat is kind of a different class.

My own view is that there is obviously Israelite blood that has been preserved and other groups have intermarried over the centuries. They admit may have intermarried less, but are they part of the people of Israel. Yes, I understand that they are aware they consider themselves true Israelites to the state. Yes. Does the drawer large Jewish community look at them as fellow Jews, some do some don't. I thank you for the question. All right, Timothy, and this is question based on John five. According to John 528 and 29 to the wicked. Also get a resurrected body at Judgment Day. Absolutely yes no question about it, that there is a final resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous. Now if you look at things.

In Revelation 20, you would see separate resurrections for the righteous and then for the unrighteous with passes like Daniel 12 to look like. It all happens at the same time, in which case you're just compressing two events together. You have events having to do with the first coming of Jesus and the second coming that are sometimes compressed together like Isaiah 5213 through 5312 is both about his humiliation and death in his final axle exultation, but for sure. Daniel 12 to many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground, meaning those who are raised are many may those who sleep in the dust valorize some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. So there is definitely a final resurrection and in the evening. Revelation 20.

You read about that that the dead will all appear before God.

So the final judgment will be on people in resurrected bodies.

They will be thrown into hell in resurrected bodies. Does that mean eternal conscious torment. Does that mean suffering and then destruction and annihilation. Those things can be debated, but the fact that there will be a resurrection of the righteous and the wicked seems an debatable based on Scripture.

All right, Freeman Wenders, the old covenant and in the new covenant began. So technically technically it is with the death of Jesus that the new covenant is fully inaugurated not explain why mean what I say technically a moment the new covenant is fully inaugurated with the sacrificial death of Jesus his blood he shed.

The covenant is based on the shedding of blood, and he says this is the last supper.

This is the new covenant in my blood right so when we partake of communion. We remember this new covenant.

So some of the books Old Testament and New Testament. Those concepts come much later covenant is the question know the reason I say technically that's what it begins is because when you show up begins his public ministry he is proclaiming the Bassar, the young gal in the good news of the gospel and and he says you had some.

For example, in John 16. The law and the prophets of the time the prophets were until John to John the Mercer. Now the kingdom is being preached so when Jesus begins his ministry.

He is now announcing the new covenant. So in that sense it's being inaugurated. You could say it's inaugurated through his ministry and sealed with his death and resurrection. So when he preaches and in Luke four, quoting from Isaiah 61, one of the spirit of the Lord is on the because Lord's anointed him to preach good news to the poor so he's he's bringing the good news of the new covenant is now proclaiming forgiveness of sins. He saying in Mark 10 that the Son of Man gives his life as a ransom.

So the new covenant is inaugurated with the preaching and proclamation of Jesus the kingdom of God breaks in to this world in a distinct and new way. When Jesus begins his public ministry. The new covenant is officially sealed with his death and then confirmed ratified by his resurrection. So there is a sense an overlap during those years of the new covenant now breaking in an overlapping with the old and now with his death. This death on the cross that the sacrifices of the old covenant are no longer needed because he has taken our place. He has willingly laid his life down on our behalf, so that is how I see the Scriptures speaking to that question. By the way, every question like all your questions. We can make out every question has been excellent so he'll be digging into more of your questions on the other side of the break.

Remember, if you don't currently follow me on Facebook asked her to Brown a SK DR Brown. So along with Miller's latest articles is videos the moment they go live will also see all kinds of great quotes in their thousands of comments all kinds of interesting discussions with David over on Twitter DR Michael Brown quality there and I may be very inspired will be the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on today's now because I will be seeing those we got a bunch to respond to you already and they are really, really interesting. All right I will go with some more on Facebook now this is from an Dr. Brown I observed a lot of people in my church.

Plead the blood of Jesus while praying and blessing people. I don't see anything about this addressed in the Bible. What are your thoughts on this practice, thanks so much for your ministry. It has really blessed my life. God bless you sir hate.

Thank you and so glad that we have been a blessing to you right so is it scriptural formally scriptural as I can show you the verses I can give you explicit Bible for this that we are to quote plead the blood of Jesus. No, there's nothing in the Bible that tells us to use those words. There's nothing in the Bible where someone prays using those words or we have some type of formula that we can take from the Old Testament and and move it over and apply it to the new. So in that sense it is not found in the Bible.

Is it dangerous, is it unscriptural on biblical all know I certainly wouldn't say that. In other words what people are saying is God bring the blood of Jesus to the situation.

Lord have mercy through the blood of Jesus Lord the blood of the cross made me at work. It's power may be efficacious in that situation. Lord, we know there's been sin and people cried out you in repentance the Lord. I plead the blood of Jesus over them. In other words, fulfill your promises. Based on this your first John one that if we walk in the light as God is in the light that we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus. God son cleanses us from all sin. So what's happening here is there are prayers being prayed or words being spoken. Invoking the power of the blood of Jesus invoking the finished work of the cross.

So even though you can find chapter and verse for it unless you you're trying to do something magical and undo everything just by saying certain magical words list that your intent or you saying is God bring to bear in this situation the power of the blood of Jesus. If that's what you mean by it. Well, amen.

God understands it right. If you think it's a magical formula that has special power by just invoking words than that would be an error. Matthew, what's your opinion on the argument that Luke wrote the letter to the Hebrews based on a sermon preached by Paul.

The idea being that the letter seems every Paul. The writing style itself is very Luke. Thank you, always Dr. Brown when you're very welcome. Matthew number one. I am not a Greek scholar so I am relying on the opinions of others when it comes to the style of Hebrews certainly Hebrews is recognized as having an elegant style of Greek. For example, you contrast that with Revelation, which is written in almost a formalized Semitic style of Greek overlords writing Greek as if it were Hebrew in certain ways with Hebrews is very different than that in the degree even the Hebrews relies in the Septuagint. It's definitely a book written in Greek by a well writing Greek author that that seems clear enough from the opinions of others. As to it being Pauline and thought there are some you know historically that of thought. Paul wrote it.

A small minority of suggested Luke wrote it, so said Apollo's rotor, the famous quote from origin in the second century God knows is still the prevailing view among scholars today so I would say that what we can all do is read Romans through read it over and again read first Corinthians through read over and again read Philippians through read it over again and go from there letters that everyone recognizes written by Paul and Reese Hebrews. Does that sound like the same person. To me it doesn't it doesn't really ring in that sense as well. You know this is calling it obviously is not joining right as he read zero first second third dollar K obviously is not is not in that that literary genre or theological genre, but the problem is when there is such ignorance as to who wrote where is if it'd been associated with Luke or Paul there. To me, there would've been much stronger traditions supporting that result seems so early on there was not clear apostolic authority associated with it to the point is that we know Paul wrote it. Stephanie, Paul or Lukacs and Hebrews absolutely so I I remain agnostic about I've never really given myself to intensive study of the authorship of Hebrews is never struck me as something important that I need to give myself to.

But I'm not overly impressed by the theory. From what I have read and study. Nothing is impossible, but I I'd question it. Robert been reading Josephus's book titled the Jewish war in the name issue is mentioned as being a priest with Anna and this is this the Messiah, the supreme military generalists though. Any thoughts know there were many issues at the time. It's a very very common name so I'm how many Michael's are there today will determine how many Michael Brown's are there right me, trust me growing up with his name were everywhere, and in the news in different stories and I mean Anna and Anna goes there a lot of Michael L.

Brown's out there there.Elana Dr. Michael L. Brown's others always say you have common names that adjustments are there, etc. Yeshua was a very common name in the first century and therefore it's totally expected that there will be different people with a name in the Hebrew Bible there probably five different people with the name issue. Wondering, the high priest all along was Roosevelt who was the governor and in that issue. It is a prototype of Jesus the Messiah and in Zechariah 3, and specifically Zechariah 6 where he sits on the throne wearing crowns or a crown so he is a prototype of a priestly king or of a royal priest.

And in those two figures merging in one but she was a very common name and's and certainly not the same one there is a disputed passage word where Josephus speaks about the Jesus that we love and follow the question is, what did he actually say and how much is is later edition and and that there certainly is later edition that in that coming. Obviously from from believing circles that they got it in the Josephus's words, but scholars debate exactly what his original text was there right this is all about will read it. Lucas's recently when my brothers has developed an interest in the Eastern Orthodox Church has been attending one we been talking about their beliefs whenever resting. This is the issue of the authority of the Seneca medical councils becomes these councils which were before the East was split or built binding upon all churches.

They reset how Jesus of those for would leave them the church into all truth, and therefore when United would not fall into error. The surprising supporting passage in Matthew 1818 20, which is and in its Jewish context would mean having Holocaust industry context, like the Council drew snacks/we understand the ongoing leadership of the Holy Spirit in the church is right to say that when the church leaders come together this decisions it makes of God's stamp of approval or from the Holy Spirit whereby the anti-Jewish sentiment and evident in the Council of Nicaea's outlawing of the quarter this month observance of Passover seems to nullify with the New Testament teaches about not making services of days reason to judge one another does assume that the identifiably Jewish believers were invited to any of these councils you think there's any merit.

So the Holy Spirit was working the counselees perhaps dealing with Christological heresies love to hear your view on the issue. Yeah, great questions and well phrased number one when people in the Eastern Orthodox Church make this claim of being the true church. Then there other standby say no.

The Roman Catholic Church is the true church, even if you say okay before the East was split before anything happened. You have these various ecumenical councils in their buying still restore Orthodox friend or brother is saying hey, this is this is the right church. This is the true church with the original roots in apostolic succession in the Catholic Church saying something. I was they both can't be right that both of them are the true church, to the exclusion of the other right.

Some would say it like that of the swing set sold so flat out but the reason not a traditional Jew, even though the traditional Jew say that they have an unbroken chain of tradition going back to Moses on Mount Sinai. I ultimately have to examine the by Scripture and Rice see that Scripture contradicts the traditions after Jack the traditions such exact same thing here. I see two competing groups and others claiming to have the real roots are but some other groups that they know were small but we go back we have the apostolic succession. We can trace it all the way back so how do you examine what we have in common. We all have in common is the 66 books of the Bible. Therefore, I test the traditions by the Bible and Rice see that the Bible is contradicted by the traditions or use it as you say some of the traditions are are overtly anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. Then I have to reject the authority of the tradition so I don't reject the creeds in their entirety. Obviously, I find value in the expression I find that you had church leaders wrestling together to understand certain truths and that there is light within them, but ultimately I do not say I am in Athanasius in follower of Jesus, and I base my life on the Athanasian Creed and Nicene Creed because to me those are philosophical expressions seeking to understand God's mystical tri-unity God's infinitude. So putting them in the philosophical terms of the day doing their best to understand them but my confession of faith goes back to Scripture and I do believe that God leads us into all truth, which is why there have been corrections like the Protestant Reformation that God continues to do it around the world are hundreds and hundreds of millions of true believers who find in common the fundamentals of the faith can be found in all these different groups.

Jesus in fact continues to build his church is outside of any of the boundaries that we ourselves have.

I would be right back with more of your questions here on the line of fire.

Thanks for joining us today. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire yesterday to twitter Kendra.

One objection I heard to the authenticity of the book of John is that palm branches are used right before Passover, when Jesus comes into Jerusalem edition that palm branches are used for Sukkoth not Passover. This shows that John did not understand Jewish customs all all know not not at all the confusion as to think that a first century Jew would be that confused and and write something that a miss, and that it would then not be universally corrected by other of the other Jewish believers who were there, that's mean that very thought is utterly outlandish just just on his resurface okay on three surface that that should get you say okay something something is amiss there that he can be that off that only a everybody.

Everybody knows that nobody knows that he got it wrong.

I'm just pulling up to work for year. Everybody knows that he got that wrong but you get it. It's kind of unsinkable that somebody would get it that wrong. It would be like someone in American and in the 21st-century, talking about how Donald comp was never president or how Barack Obama was never president, no one's gonna make an error like that. What I want to do is go over to the Bible background commentary of Craig Keener right and let's just see with. He writes about.

In fact, let me see if I can even search for the word palm all right so you commenting on Mark 11, the spreading of garments represents Royal homage branches are also waived an homage to rulers first Maccabees 13 second Aeschines 10.

The larger palm branches used for the feast of Tabernacles in the fall would not be available Passover time in spring unless brought from Jericho branches. Describe your small enough for the call to walk on caring branches was also part of the worship of the feast at the feast depicted in Psalm 118 27, which says Yahweh is God and he is given a slight buying the festal sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altarů He blessed the sea looking yes it was cords or with others.

We translate that translate that differently and translated as branches. Yeah, that's what Dr. King was referring to sort it.

In any case, the objection itself completely disqualifies itself from being taken seriously better for century Jew we get something that wrong and there were palm branches that were used began celebrating during homage to the leaders or even associated with the feast. In general, just not the same ones. The larger ones used at Sukkoth. All right legal back over to your questions, Ariel. All right a sentence can you do a brief walk through Genesis 18 and 19, and demonstrate that the angel of the Lord was the pre-incarnate son.

Yeah, I've I've actually done it many times and even at length on the air, but in short it says that Yahweh appears to Abraham. Genesis 18 he looks up and sees three men. He then dialogues with those three men, one of whom engages in a conversation with him and his wife Sarah and that one is identified as Yahweh. Then when the men get up to leave. It says that Abraham stood before Yahweh. They have a lengthy extended discussion where Abraham pleads for sodomy because God tells them what is going to do finally say look of their 10 righteous people, or would you destroy the cityfor the sake of 10 right and then it says that Yahweh left there. Done talking Yahweh left and then Genesis 19 one and two angels came to song so Yahweh in two angels appeared to Abraham and were there in the flesh so that with that would include later interestingly later in Genesis, that it says that Yahweh rained down fire and brimstone from Yahweh in heaven.

Some Jewish interpreters say is just grammatical structure don't read too much into it but you can read a lot into it say it seems like you always on earth and always in heaven.

At the same time so I've gotten into the great depth many times and then in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I get into it as well. Hey friends, to get my emails just reminded me one thing triggered another thing in my mind. We've got a great many book and e-book how to pray for America I layout just simple principles and prayers for America in a short, readable, edifying mini book and e-book only give it you for free if you don't get my emails to ask Dr. Brown SK DR we get our our latest updates and special resource offices and announcements in front commentary and speaking to great way to stay in touch with us.

SK DR Brown asked Dr. Click on emails when you do automatically.

I want to send you that free many book how to pray for America.

All right, Joshua, do you believe that the miraculous Tsongas were meant to be normative in the church. So how do you explain the absence of it for 1900 years our charismatics, burning people may tell this is how God normally works thank you and God bless you and he as I've been raised in the classical Pentecostal church 20 some years in the criticizing from without alarm now Lutheran. I am hundred percent sure based on Scripture that the sign gifts were to remain normative that these are part of an expression of God's love part of a manifestation of his character part of the demonstration of the resurrection of Jesus to unsaved world and of great importance in ministry part of the empowering of the spirit. To me the word of God is absolutely clear on. I've debated publicly will see anyway to get away from it scripturally and I try the late 70s and early 80s when I was a Calvinist and I tried to become a sensationalist eye.

I tried to get away from the gifts of how the spirit today.

I I thought I'd rather that they're not for today kind of embarrassed saying that you are always speaking tongs and engagements, saying in I I preferred that they were not for today and bought books against that and and studied against it. But the worst is to clear.

I could not get away from it. Paul says it eagerly pursue the gifts you especially prophecy. Don't permit times. He never changes that the word person so Scripture that's my authority that's what base my doctrinal never changed the everything the New Testament acts to that the Holy Spirit poured out your son's nose and prompted us for the last days the time in which we live until Jesus returns. So I find Scripture category, you will study more deeply get my book authentic fire which is a gracious response to John MacArthur's Pastor John MacArthur's strange fire in my book, authentic fire and I have a whole chapter in that so Scripture and therefore charismatic. It's it's a good like chapter really laid out or go online and watch my debates with Sam Waldron or Theodore Zechariah. This on the gifts of the spirit for today that's first second then been absent for 1900 years you could read accounts of church leaders in the second and third century to talk about healings that talk about exorcisms and get into the fourth century with Augustine where he's writing.

City of God, and has to change his theology in the midst of it because they documented over 70 healings and about two years so he can deny it changed his theology about it, and thereafter to tested attestations of miracles through church history of so and then you have really tongs and and some of these gifts that that were more more unusual through the centuries. Never totally gone but more unusual you have them. The late 1800s and now continuing to this day in the church far away for decades now that is been the fastest growing around the church around the world. The fastest growing is charismatic Pentecostal around the world for years because it's so new there's more like a teaching, a discipling and things like that far away decades fastest growing church movements around the world have been charismatic Pentecostal God himself breathing on so you have this ongoing for centuries. You do not have a teaching that when the count of the Scriptures close the gifts ceased is up there is a major church teaching for centuries and centuries and centuries and look of your Lutheran when you believe that the Protestant Reformation fix some things were where the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox church had agronomists gone astray right so we all to those things, then why can it be that the spirits making ongoing correction where we miss certain things never totally lost them and messed up that you be part and parcel your faith now is it a burden to say should be normative. It's an invitation can be a burden if you put stress on the awesome drawings because on that he'll all I did something wrong because I'm not speaking to another that's negative but take as an invitation take it is invitation and again I challenge you was the word say what is the word site. I'll show you clearly where the word presents these things as normative. Jacob James V chapter, we should be praying for the sick and soon he'll be some it happens regularly right was a change that changed such as you look at lift Scripture and show me where the Bible categorically clearly says these things were to cease us to where categorically close as though continued until Jesus returns. All right looser go with Ezekiel 3738 happened during the great tribulation or prior. I don't know that there is a specific time. Of X number of years called the great tribulation. I think that language in a more general sense, but if we are talking about final war dog Margo the dog my dog chapters in the final war and conflict.

To me that is in the culmination of the ages, so during the final tribulation. The final attack, and God's final deliverance. That's what I would see that happening blows me in your conversations with the Jews. Rabbis with exclamations to get for being an X almost 2000 years.

Consider that a functioning temple at the time of the destruction so I would agree with you that that points to something very extreme, some sin that was very grave the rejecting of the Messiah himself, they would say that they failed as a people to observe the Torah that they were guilty of C not phenom baseless hatred and because they got exiled them, and because the nation is not turned back to trying tradition as a whole. Therefore, they have remained in exile and that's why it's so important to get Jews back to Torah and tradition, which in the Jewish minder or merge together as given by God, but I agree I believe it's a very strong argument that it's something grave must it have something strange. It was see nothing on it was baseless hatred directed against the Messiah himself by friends.

You got time for some more questions will come back right after Roy and go slowly for your that might be something important you to our ministry.

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Click on donate monthly and they will also send you out a beautiful Bible and my revolution book as gifts as you join with us a thank you for becoming part of our torchbearer team so question on Twitter asked this of this Exodus 2022. Teacher abortion, or that God cares less about the unborn and the born of her disclaimer.

Love your response in Exodus 2122 and if you read it say in the new Jewish publication Society and then fight one of them pushes a pregnant woman a miscarriage results but no other damage and sues the one responsible shall be fined according to the woman's husband as well as has an exact from the payment be based directly, but if other damage and sues the penalty shall be lifelike, etc. so this is one of you to miss carries there's a fine sons happens to her that his life for life.

I fry tooth for tooth, etc. most translations and I agree with these other translations is that if she gives birth prematurely, and nothing else happens. Right there is a fine, but but if the baby dies. If something happens the baby than its life, or life. So it's quite the opposite.

I believe that this verse can be used to support our pro-life position are not on Twitter that I will go back to Facebook Tony I've heard your annihilation is the statute, no. I said that we should carefully study the Scripture that a good case can be made for annihilation. But there are other strong reasons to argue for eternal punishment.

That's a grave grave matter. There were whatever you conclude, we must recognize that the judgment on sin will be terrible, irreversible, and of eternal consequence so the riskier question would be the best versus in your opinion for supporting the view all the verses that talk about general believe your parish will be destroyed.

Second, that assault the Thessalonians 1 punished with everlasting destruction from the presence Lord. Matthew 1020 God can destroy both body and soul in hell is about being cut off, perishing, etc. and then verses that would point in the way of eternal punishment would be for example, Matthew 25, 46, which speaks directly of eternal punishment and then Daniel 12 to could be argued in either direction and then the church history largely viewing things in terms of eternal punishment, but the matter should be really studied and debated all right.

Let's go over to Facebook Jeff unnecessary prophecy.

One that I don't hear brought up often, but I find intriguing is Haggai 29 which is at the glory of the second Temple exceed the glory.

The first miss energies we see that Phil knew she was first coming yes so to ensure rather than reading the rest of the question is verse I use. I use three verses to say Messiah had to come before the second Temple was destroyed. Use Haggai 29 the glory of the second Temple would be greater than the glory of the first Temple, and it's not just the silver and the gold in the adorning that Harry does. Ultimately, because the second Temple before Herod was the shadow of Solomon's Temple in terms of glory and splendor, physical. It can't just be that it will be beautified anymore, because Gus is off fill this temple with glory and elsewhere we see the temple being filled with glory. Exodus 47 Chronicles 5. It's the presence of God. She not in the Talmudic rabbis recognize that the second Temple didn't have it didn't have the fire falling to consume the sacrifices didn't have a number of key things that the first Temple had. That's one Malachi 3 the Lord himself will visit that temple and bring purifying judgment and then Daniel 924 27 that atonement will be made for Israel in everlasting righteousness brought in before the second Temple was destroyed. I put those verses together and see them as a strong proof of this. I had to come before the second Temple was destroyed and he reveals his glory with his presence at the Temple healing the sick, working miracles, revealing who God is and then sending his spirit to the very Temple upon his disciples to preach after his resurrection to preach and heal. So I agree with you on that. I want to switch back over to twitter and let's see here, articulate, let me see if I can find this to update my Facebook questions here because I did tell people I get to as many as I could bear so sure some of come in during the show.

All right, so thank you for your patience. We get the newest ones that came in here briskly make the claim that Paul never authored fees is because the second Thessalonians 1st second Timothy and Titus.

Hypothetically fetid North and you believe this really changes anything. Is the cement of God's guidance was word superseding the Apollo been the author those epistles if they were written as frauds and forgeries claiming to be from Paul when they were not, and they were accepted in the canon because they were believed to be Pauline. That's a big problem. There are really good answers to the objections that Paul didn't write these mint when I read Ephesians, Colossians, just as examples.

I mean, they drip every every every theological thought of just grips with Pauline understanding to me of just use those as an example and we do have okay different vocabulary. It can also be different. Scribe involved in all those things are possible as well but conservative scholars in my view, have given good answers to those now if someone wrote later in the spirit of Paul as if they were Paul and people understood it wasn't really Paul, but was written as if it was Paul. That's different, but these were received as being Pauline and I believe scholars can make good cases for all of these being Pauline merrily about the spiritual father is the pastor a spiritual father is nonbiblical to pray and worship and unite with other churches.

Once all thanks a pastor should function as a spiritual father but that we would call him father, but he should have a fatherly concern for the flock, but many others can be spiritual fathers and you can say hey this is that the man disciple makers my spiritual mom, you know she's kinda nurtured me as a new believer from day wanted and you know that's that's that's fine. I been a spiritual father to many, even though I'm not a pastor but in terms of having a fatherly concern and sense of nurturing, developing, growing the flock. Yes, that's something that that elder shepherds should should do so. The church needs lots of spiritual mom's spiritual dads. None of the formal sense] but in an informal way of of recognizing the role of icing on the formal sense, meaning you don't call that person father or mother right in a formal way. But Nero, I mean there there God people out of here when I went to the Philippines.

The first time and that the students in the Bible school that was planted by our students. They said to me hello grandfather with a big smile. They said we are the students that we are the children of your spiritual children with a big smile. So understood, and that way a man is for worshiping, uniting with other churches if there like faith. What would be a biblical if their fellow believers in Jesus really be together with them forever in heaven.

Why should we periodically got in worship and in God's sight of their many different churches there is the one church. So if it's truly his people.

We should work together where we can unite together and believers come together now if if false doctrine is going to be put forward or dangerous practices endorse no no and you don't join together with the but if their fellow believers who hold to the fundamentals of the faith and and you join together on those to worship the Lord in a commonly beautiful glorious. Amen. All right, friends, we are out of time cuts as many questions as I could, will do our best to open up the phone lines a little extra next week to give you some time to call in because we didn't take calls today member to make sure that you get my emails so I'm on the road again gobbling this weekend and maybe coming near you. How do you know you get an email letting you know if he was so ask around LISP dear Brownsville or click on emails again want to send you sign-up really need to read the book, how to pray for America is a blessing and smile grace and favor goodness and joy and peace and love of God, the Lord, another program powered by the Truth Network

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