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Jewish Perspectives on the Endtimes

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 14, 2019 4:30 pm

Jewish Perspectives on the Endtimes

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Dr. Michael Brown

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday joining stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown will even talk a lot about end times as the book written by Prof. Craig Keener and I comes out in just a few days.

March 19 not afraid of the antichrist. While we don't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture so on. Today's thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast will talk about some Jewish views of the end times.

Julius and does not talk about it the same way that Christianity does the focus is little bit different, but there still wanted text in Judaism that speculate the talk about the end of the eight social will look at some of those today and take your Jewish lady calls including calls about the end times 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and let me make plain if if I was debating a Jehovah's Witness if I was debating a Muslim, always debating someone outside the faith on life and death faith issues. In other words issues that make the difference between heaven and hell. Then I would do my best always to be gracious to my opponent, but to demolish the other arguments with truth as best as possible to help set people free to follow the truth to help put seeds of doubt in question, and those who are deceived and to fortifying strength and true believers when I'm dealing with friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. My goal is not to demolish your arguments. My goal is to say, hey, I appreciate where you're coming from.

Here is why differ. Here's another look at the Scriptures consider this viewpoint. What I do take issue with is people who get really dogmatic and nasty on either side and I was noticing some comments to my interview with Dr. Keener. By the way, when you order that for the antichrist from our website, worshiping a ready when you order for master to were also Guinness in your link to download the interview so that you'll get the full interview that I did with Prof. Keener to listen to that as well.

But of I noticed someone different with us and say false teachers heretic and someone else posting on Facebook. What you say heaven and hell aren't real, as if the pretrip rapture was that sacred Nike company exact opposite point of view and say this is a new teaching within the last couple hundred years and it's deceiving many and giving him a false hope in. I would rather say hey look, here's why differ scripturally. I respect the many pretrip believers in the body. Today I believe the numbers lower than it was, say, 30 years ago, and higher than it was 200 years ago because again it didn't exist as a teaching before then, but these are disagreements we have with in the Lord. That is the whole purpose of our discussion to have friendly, useful, edifying interaction and learning from each other, 866-348-7884.

That's number to call with judicially questions are questions about the end times and I'll be going to the phones shortly but I want to start with the text in the Mishnah. The Mishnah is compiled about 200 or 220 A.D. right so roughly 100, 7290 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

You could say in certain ways.

It's the first coat of Jewish law, but it's really a compilation of laws and discussions. It's not meant to be a comprehensive code in terms of do this every day do that every day but it's the first systematic compilation it's under six different headings and in the section on women. One of the headings there is so tough that is about an unfaithful woman woman who strays one of the laws in the Pentateuch about that, etc. and in the Mishnah there only a couple of references to the Messiah.

The Talmud, which expands on the Mishnah as many references in the Messiah with the Mishnah, which is really focused on various laws and practices does not speak much about the Messiah, only a couple of instances. This is one of them. It is the last verse or mission which also means verse and the tractate, so does the tractate is like a book so chapter 9 verse seven it says this.

It's talking about the decline of spirituality and what's gonna happen at the end of the age when Rabbi Meir died the composers of fable ceased when that outside. I the diligent students of Torah ceased when Ben Soma died. The expounder ceased when Rabbi who sure died. Goodness ceased from the world. Rabbi Shuman got been gone. The L died, locusts came in troubles multiplied reveille Elizabeth desire to die, the sages ceased to be wealthy. Rabbi Kiva died the glory of the Torah ceased Rabbi for Nina Mendoza, died. Men of wondrous deeds such as these are all in the previous generations all these people died not going back hundreds and hundreds of years because the previous generations about spiritual decline.

Rabbi José Kuttner to died.

The pious man because he deemed I what was his name called cognitive because he was the youngest of the pious men would be small, young one Romeo Columban Sakai died the splendor of wisdom ceased, Robin calmly all the elders are the core of the Torah ceased in purity and separateness perished. Rabbi Ishmael Ben fob. He died the splendor of the priesthood.reveille when a Rabbi meeting Rabbi Yehuda the compiler of the Mishnah die emoting fear since ceased. Rabbi Pincus been your ear says when Temple was destroyed, scholars and Freeman were shamed and covered their head men of wondrous deeds were disregarded and violent men and big talkers and powerful so this is hundred 50 years earlier when the temple was destroyed and nobody expounds nobody seeks nobody asks. Upon who shall we depend upon our father who is in heaven. So it's talking about these great leaders who died and now it's a time of spiritual declension Rabbi Eliezer the great says the data Temple was destroyed. The sages began to be like scribes. In other words, everything is gone down spiritually.

Scribes like synagogue attendance synagogue attendance like common people in the common people more and more at the base of there's been steady spiritual backsliding. Nobody seeks upon who shall we depend upon our father who is in heaven now look at this in this context of spiritual declension backsliding in the footsteps of the Messiah. Insolence will increase the cost of living will go up greatly so. And in the time immediately leading up to the coming of the Messiah.

This is a Jewish tradition in the footsteps of Messiah insolence will increase and the cost of living will go up greatly. The Bible yields its fruit but one will be expensive the government will turn to heresy and there will be no one to rebuke the meeting place of scholars will be used for sensuousness. The galley will be destroyed. The goblin will be desolated and the debt dwellers on the frontier will go about begging from place to place that anyone to take pity on wisdom of the learnable rock those who fear sin will be despised and the truth will be lacking years will put all bent to shame youths. The old will stand up in the presence of the young first son's first father daughter rises up against mother-daughter law against mother or man's old household or his enemies. Micah 76. Interestingly, Yeshua quotes the same words about his coming really don't think I came to bring peace, he says, but a sword."

The same verse fascinating the face of the generation that final generation will be like the face of a dog. Some will not feel shame before his father upon who shall we depend upon our father who is in heaven.

But Pincus been your year, says quickness leads to cleanliness cleanliness leads to purity prerelease the separation separation with the sanctity sanctity leads to humility. Humility leads to fear of sin, fear, sin leads to piety.

Piety leads to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit leads to the resuscitation of the dead resuscitation of the dead leads to the coming of Elijah. Maybe he would he be remembered for good comment.

So it's a very unusual passage in the Mishnah in that it's not dealing so much with laws, legal rulings legal debate and it's talking about the final generation and interestingly about the spiritual decline in that time how much more you would ask is there been spiritual decline to this day in Jewish thinking the high point was Moses on Mount Sinai, and that every generation since then has been one step further removed from the Sinai revelation.

It would be like a person sitting right next to be playing a game of telephone, a whisper in their ear and I come up with some silly sentence like the cow will jump over the moon. After the frog comes jumping home while the person that hears it directly from me if there listen carefully. There were pretty good chance of repeating it. But the further down you get 510 1520 people. It's probably gonna get pretty boggled and twisted at that point. So the Jewish concept is the closer the Jewish people were Sinai, the more accurately the revelation was passed on, and that's why if you had generations that were considered to be especially spiritual were specially in tune with God's Torah raw that for another generation to, hundred or 500 years later, and to overturn what they said with would be unthinkable. They do that or here I am sharing the gospel with a Rabbi with the Jewish leader highly educated been studying learning all his life and I come and say well you're misinterpreting the Hebrew Scriptures are actually if you look at this cute you'll see that this is pointed to Jesus the Messiah. Their response be who you teach me retell me.

I learned from my father who learned from his father from his father all the way back to Moses on Mount Sinai. And not only so, our generation. I was so far removed and we are at so much less a is spiritual and unsolicited lower spiritual playing than they were then how can we possibly tell people 500,000 or 2000 years ago.

They were wrong in their interpretation when they're on such a higher, spiritual plane.

Anyway this one of the share those things with you may will get into another Jewish tradition about the end of the world that you'll find interesting little later in the show but I want to go to the phones almost immediately got a break coming up soon so soon as we come back I will go to the phones but be sure to to be on my email list. If you're not. We've got a great book an e-book to give you for free. It's it's called seven secrets of the real Messiah.

It's excerpted from my book, the real culture. Jesus it represents some decades of study and reflection in thinking, put together, and now in a shortened, very readable, eye-opening form. It's our gift to you when you sign up to get our emails so you said you just go to ask Dr. SK DR literally take 30 seconds to do it if if you take time enough you on driving the stop and do it SK DR You see, right there on the homepage center for the email is just put your name, email address down will send you the the e-book for free and in this way every week you'll know the articles of risk videos then send one email all that information early in the week special resource offices for announcements to make decision never known socially never know this.

We can stay in touch.

Go to Esther Toronto and sign up for emails will break that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I'm related questions in honor of our new book Craig Keener and me licking her an idea is a creek and yours truly right that I will have to for your efforts. I or me for the Antichrist coming out on the 19th. What, what's the days that Tuesday Monday 866342. Let's go. The phones will start in Canada with Joseph either Joseph I guess not right reach. Just make sure that we didn't totally lose Joseph there that we did that the once there okay let's go to James and Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to line of fire about all you been a question of the jurors and correlate requests regarding the in Revelation chapter 7 about the brick about all the drivability of Israel, and about the hundred 44,000 question of what one of the women used for going out of that Michael be a believable biblical number or the like, metaphorical and and also to go along with that of how to how to do know was tropical, very, records are his people speak about neotropical vomiting like always the tribe of Judah or the tribe of Levi never modify them from the tribe of Asher are hard mentally on a member.

And for good reason because most don't know, so number 1.

Your average Jewish person reading the book of Revelation. So it is not like a Jewish interpretation of the passage but within the church. There are numbers of different ways of reading Revelation 7. We know that the book is highly symbolic so here are several different ways. It's red one is it's red that the 12 tribes of Israel symbolize the whole church.

The church being the new Israel and at first thoughts about them hundred 44,000, then says what it really means a multitude. No one could number from every tribe, etc. and that's what comes next in Revelation 7.

Although I understand why people interpret it like that because I don't see the New Testament author saying that the church is the new Israel with the new Jacob. I reject that interpretation. Some say it will be 144,000 Jewish people are Israelites that it will be saved at the end of the age in pre-trippers believe that it will happen during that the tribulation. In particular, that refers to literal hundred 44,000, and a great multitude from from the world that will also be saved.

During that time that's possible, but speaking of it of a future hundred 44,000 Israelites that will literally be saved or another interpretation, the one that I favor is that the 12×12 is speaking of fullness.

It's a literal hundred 44,000 but it's speaking of Romans 1126 Jeremiah 31 one all Israel will be saved will be the God of all the families of Israel at the times that there will be a national turning of the Jewish people to the Lord at the end of this age, along with that. Romans 1125 the fullness of the Gentiles. Revelation speaks of a multitude from every nation that no one can number so I look at this is a picture of God's end time harvester massive harvest of Gentile souls at the end of the age and the turning of the Jewish people to the Messiah. Robison can't be dogmatic on it. Why isn't the tribe of Dan mentioned, I will have a good answer for that, you know, some say will dance send it a certain way. In the Old Testament that's weather excluded but other tribes send it doesn't have a good answer for why Dan is not mentioned, there as to your other question, sir.

How is it you gonna know their eyed tribal affiliation identity will they don't have to those God knows we know that James Jacob writes to the 12 tribes scattered abroad through is ready for Jewish believers throughout the world. The references them as 12 tribes of Paul in acts references the 12 tribes serving the Lord and Paul knew he was from the tribe of Benjamin would basically happen was that the northern tribes under attack from the Syrians and just wanting to take refuge in Judah. For the reasons I came down to the South and merged different different individuals in groups condemning merged with the people of Judah, and hence their identity, tribal identity got lost in the larger a Jewish population. So yes, some Jews feel very confident that they go back to the tribe of Levi, and their descendents of Aron may have the last name: they may have the was called the priestly chain particular aspect of of DNA that indicates that there have the common descent. Others assume that we must be from Judah that would be the more prominent tribe with some honesty from Benjamin and some if you trace the lineage all the way back originally went to the other of the 10 tribes. We just have no way of tracing it today, so that's a matter of God knows, and may also be a James there other Jewish people in different parts the world today or it or are Israelites that have lost their identity by large but God still knows who they are and there are those who still live a have 1/7 day Sabbath then identifies Jews with absinthe a Sabbath they circumcise their sons, etc. and and they have a connection to Israel, but it's just been severed. Maybe those are some of the people of the be represented in the end as well, so there's a lot you know, for God to sort out but that's as best as I understand okay. You're very welcome 86634 let's go that Alex in diamond bar, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown I love your document, I love your approved space of the documentary, Jill I got covered in controversy okay to give it to my Rabbi yelled at the temple and I get people served by talking about. I guess a debate that amount due.

I guess that well anyway, long story, but I have a question. Do you believe that the congressional vote on the anti-Semitism revolution last week as a precursor to Jacobs trouble. I mean technically I give it have to be bought by meeting them in the long sense but in the immediate sent you think that that has any bearing on that particular prophecy okay so first Jeremiah 30 Jacobs trouble that is different dimensions to it. Certainly when it was prophesied was speaking about the terrible suffering.

The Jewish people would have at the hands of the Babylonians in the years that followed, but it certainly refers to other periods of intense Jewish suffering, out of which God delivered us and will happen as well as the end of the eight so there is a past Jacobs trouble, there have been kind of many Jacobs troubles to the century some some very, very intense and then at the end of the age. It is, I believe the shaking and the people around the world. God's spirit moving mightily massive numbers of coming up messes number of people coming to faith and much darkness and Satanic activity in war in at this time of of clashing of the kingdoms of the end of the age that yes, I believe the be a final Jacobs trouble out of which God delivers Israel but I will have almost anti-Semitism and the weak rebuke that a God in the house and the amount of people within the Democratic Party, evens liberal Jews would give place to comments like that. I don't see is any specific precursor. You can see this is a precursor.

Jacobs trouble as much as another potential step in the wrong direction. See, we just we don't know Alex if there was going to be a steady decline of the words that United States more and more and more is going to give place to anti-Semitism more and more. More hostilities can arise more and more. It America will turn against Israel, and this will be a time of final abandonment of his real with the Jewish people have to look to God because all the nations come against them or whether this is just a little drop in the bucket.

In other words, that this will correct itself that the political parties would unite in condemning anti-Semitism that Johan Omar and and others of like mind will not be able to serve long we don't know. So it could be a gets it gets worse for 510 years and then swings back, but if it does get corrected if you look at it like a cancer spreading in the body. Just like it spreading among the Democrats. It could spread among Republicans is as well. We we have no guarantee that it won't. So I I'll get overwrought about a lot written about love exposed to the confronted as of many others. I'm concerned about it because it's not written anywhere in the Bible that America will always be Israel's friend, but I certainly hope that there will be sufficient pushback against it and that for the foreseeable future. America will stand with Israel, not so much for Israel's good but for America's good Capex… I appreciate your insight. Are you are very welcome sir, 866-348-7884 we come back on the other side of the break. I want to go straight to your calls and then I'm going to look at another Talmudic text that I think you'll find interesting read for mission.

Next from Talmud about the end times and interesting tradition in Judaism and he so what's the definitive Jewish be about the end times.

There is no such thing in terms of its been codified and this is the way it will be. There are large strokes that can be painted nor large themes that can be affirmed, but would Judaism is done. It is its codified law. The words this is the for traditional view. This is Sabbath practice and this is how we celebrate this feast are holy day visa laws of ritual purity in a marriage and that's what the emphasis was supposed to codify views about the Messiah, so there are large themes that are laid out that are believed but there's not as much focus on it. In Judaism, and it's not the kind of thing that is codified by law.

In Judaism, so there are things that are held to an strongly believe and there's a lot of unity among traditional Jews and holy to those not the same as the income document is usually whole settled differently over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking over Facebook, greetings from Rico shalom from Finland.

It is cool I mean social media can be abused in misuse but it's it's cool. Look over Facebook feed in our YouTube fee and Mr. Highlander 400 is Dr. Brown the Pentecostal charismatic yes you bet the messianic Jew anyway great to be with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which is March 14, 2019 which is our 43rd wedding anniversary.

Nancy and I have been married now 43 years best friends for 45 years.

So we met 1974 I was saved by two and half years at that point Nancy was a hard-core atheist Jewish mom married four times heart of rebellion towards anything having to do with God. God miraculously brought it to the same little time Pentecostal church I was going how I ended up there was from the Lord, that she ended up there from the Lord and we met began to share the gospel with her. God opened her heart out saved her brought us together. One week after she came to faith. We started going together. One week after that you were in love and we spent the rest relies together and that here we are 43 or 45 years later from that and we got married, 76, 43 years later two wonderful daughters two amazing sons-in-law and four incredible grandchildren.

I wrote an article or attribute to Nancy this late last I thought I want to do it. I ordered flowers to be delivered in made some plans for today but I said I want to write something which adds another previous anniversary like this so you can read it's on a website asked Dr. posted on other sites as well. Yeah.

And obviously it makes a big difference to marry the right person it to know the person not just feel like I think the lords in this book will get to know the person but traditional Judaism. It's been said we don't marry the only love we love them will remarry. In other words, in traditional Judaism there is a match made for a couple like in many parts the world the way it still is with the parents make a match the they may look at what they think is best for the child or some look at what's the best economic them with a look at it. Sometimes they have the that the children need to them a chance to get to know each other and explore the possible relationship, but it's very common that in other parts the world and through history. You marry someone you don't really know that well. To love the one you marry or let's say I have no question whatsoever that Nancy was God's choice for me and I was God's choice for her.

No question about that whatsoever.

But the fact is, when you make a covenant of marriage before God as believers in particular that's a covenant that you made. I think I married the wrong bird talk to some of the other day I I'll think every shooter married, my wife is what you did you get married as believers to know you love her as Messiah love the body you love her as Christ loved the church. That's what you do you lay down your life for her and God will bless your marriage but it's wonderful. We had the great confidence that marry the one that God gave me.

And so here we are. What an amazing journey. I am blessed beyond words, and for two Jews get saved a little time Pentecostal church in Queens New York if you knew the whole story, especially because she ended up there. It's the Lord, the Lord can bring people together. 866-34-TRUTH taking a Jewish -related questions today we go to Casper in New Jersey.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown think my car love your ministry about what you do much of your time and my question is my father couple years ago became hard-core Christian and he got involved with the grassroots movement in my apologetic been Judaism was a really high note. Delete. We got a lot argument and I know we had it up talking about it because it was just a big wedge in our fathers. The relationship of my question is, could you explain the end. I believe that Internet property of the 7270 week I get confused when that when it went. The second couple of the rebel and then the time from the 60 97 of the 59 we can fit it 70th week when that started when that timeframe started when that second couple of books to be created or bill and then that the doctrine of the temple. Please make yelling that little better. The cat did just just a real quick question Casper, how you identify yourself.

Your own beliefs. I am a Christian, I love Christ. My world is my Lord and Savior. So when you see your father, you hard-core Christian initially that seem like a good thing. Yeah, I became a Christian and then he you know I kinda guided him. You know in in that way would I became a Christian first and then and then write that and we are you Gentile or Jewish I am Puerto Rican computer you got it okay so got it so so then your dad got caught up in this thing that he supposed to rediscover his Hebrew roots in the Torah observance is mandatory and in all this right there. There is a book that you may find helpful as you have my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices.

I do not I do not I do have the I am going to read the messianic book of the objections right now right yes and okay to do it when we don't stay on the phone for moment reaches to get your info will send you this book as a gift the last quarter of the book I do with Christians in the law and maybe some of that will be helpful so I'll send that UA is alive yet is my gift 60 questions Christians ask about usually some practices and volume 3, Casper you find a lot more detail about Daniel 924 27 but in short the that God is speaking to Daniel Cater praying about the seven years in return from exile and that's important in the temples can be rebuilt but let me tell you something much bigger. A much bigger picture. The second beat seven years, but 70×7. So it speaks of three periods of time 7×7 so 49 years 7×62 so. 434 years in the final 77 years.

There may be minor gaps in in between these visits. Three distinct time periods so so the first one has to do with the rebuilding of Jerusalem some anointed leader raced up to it.

To do that right when the that that the decree is to their their debates among Jewish and Christian scholars Vista when the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem starts okay but you have that first so that's a 49 year. Then you have the 434 year. So the temple standing etc. and and then you have the final 70 year. There are some Christians who believe that still future that that that final week is separated and still future understand like that because it does speak of the destruction of the temple so God speak about the building of the second Temple and its destruction.

And before that is done before the temples destroyed, there will be anointed one couscous cut off with nothing for himself and what will happen is that everlasting righteousness is brought in atonement is made for the people. The prophetic vision is sealed, etc. so we see that is a strong messianic prophecy but before the second second Temple was destroyed before that happened that the Messiah would come and die for our sins, and bring about everlasting atonement and that is the ultimate fulfillment of the passage there and then sometime after that of the. The second Temple was destroyed so we know this is all within a generation that this happens so you have these three distinct time periods, €49 434 years seven years there, it's possible that there gaps of different kinds in between them is some try to say that the 70th week is really fulfill when use me when the Messiah dies for our sins. And that's when sacrifice and offering. It is cut off limits is no longer effective in God's sight, and then after that that the temples destroyed. I think the 70th week refers to the final destruction of of the temple in in the year 70 but know that we can debate some of the things the broad strokes to mere clear that all this had to happen before the second Temple was destroyed, which makes the strong messianic prophecy are think and work 49 years where Scripture is like, whatever are you talking about will not not a precise way. In other words, the it is the period of the rebuilding. Basically and you know some claim of it was this the decree of Cyrus within that doesn't happen immediately with rebuilding. Some say it was a decree from another Persian king.

Later on, you know there's there is debate about it. Some try to say it was when God spoke to Daniel which case you have some gaps along the way. You know because you have accrued from from Daniel stance of the destruction of the second Temple was well over 490 years so that's why there's some some ambiguities.

What I try to focus on him. Let's look at the broad strokes and inlets. Let's see what had to happen before the second Temple was destroyed I stayed right there Casper, Rachel would get your contact info and will send you that book as a gift. Maybe it will help in your dialogue with your dad let's go to freemen in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Thanks for calling the line of fire your Dr. Brown right away and wish you a happy anniversary. Thank you sir. I also met my wife of church and first thing that shipment to that she was getting ready to go on a trip to Israel, really. And yes, sir, and after she told me that I'm I knew within my heart. She was the one okay.

Amazing yes and thank you. Yes, your closet, your question is okay. My aunt called me or not.

Call me text me the other day asking me to watch a video by Stephen Darby, never heard of but anyway not sure I ended up watching a video and he was talking about something and I know that is spreading pretty rapidly is not a Hebrew Israelite, but he is going along the same log of the doctrine of the younger Israelite anyway. He was talking about Negro land. I will if you ever heard of that is supposed to be in Africa and he was showing his mouth and whatnot but anyway I just want to want to know if you were familiar with that and if you are about. She wanted me to call her back right after I watched it I recall the bacterium with no to a get some more insight on the courts do not work. Help me to explain it as well. I believe you know this. The size of the services. So I'm not familiar with him, but looking online.

Jesus is going to church this ministries church… Is not preaching as a Hebrew Israelite, but these related concepts really going well, that we come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown mean friends Thursday justice word from Israel, all within the last couple of hours rockets fired from Gaza on Israel causing alerts even throughout Tel Aviv. Of course this draws a military response from Israel, the critics able what else to the people in Gaza supposed to do there in a big open air prison problem in Gaza is the leadership come off. Problem is the people elected the terrorist leadership. He said why would they do that was because come Austin humanitarian work. Hamas stands for the people. Many other ways. Leadership is corrupt.

Like most of the senior Palestinian leadership is even a student.

Christians have bemoaned as we spoken about these things and yet you still do the rockets, killing 10.

So it's it's only okay to retaliate of people die was if the rockets don't hit their mark than your retaliation. Oh yeah sure we do that if rockets were coming into America from Canada or from Mexico sure we do that Israel must use restraint and in its its use of force, but it absolutely has every right to reply with force when attacked okay, so back to back to freemen the Negro land saying from what I can tell is primarily associated with Pastor Stephen Darby or widely associated with them and it is this this notion. It is this notion freemen that there is this original Hebrew identity that Blacks are rediscovering their Hebrew heritage and that now they begin to preach this, and emphasize it as I'm looking online. Almost everything I see is is is a video link as as opposed to something in writing and most of it associated with this with this one pastor so here's here's the long and short of it. There is no question that there are legitimately African Jews is no question about that dislike there are Caucasian Jews like me. Okay. And there were Jews from many ethnicities around EVERY but many ethnicities around the world as the tribes of Israel. The Jewish people were scattered around the world and intermarried with those around them as people converted into Judaism. Since all time, but in Judaism if you marry out you assimilated into the into the larger culture right some converts to Judaism and nares in another's different cultures are brought into the larger sphere of the Jewish people.

Hence, you have Jews of all different colors of all different ethnicities so there's no question that there are African Jews and some of them. For example, the Ethiopian Jews or that the lumbar Jews in Zimbabwe. All right, you know, there is discussion about the big boat tribe in in Nigeria and are these people recovering Jewish roots and things like that. It's part of their their heritage so there's no question that a a tiny minority of Africans have Israelite roots. Okay what happened is as I understand it is a colleague is is help enlighten me on this him him self and African you would like to it is that a movement originally of African Jews in America who were Torah observant, then became a wider movement about black Hebrew identity, so it it made this jump and now this idea that Blacks are the original.

He received you'd almost see that the progression of so it starts off with with legitimate African Jews. Now the larger idea that all act or African Israelite.

She would say. Now the larger idea that all Africans are Israelites and then the next step is that no Israelites are Israelites of their non-African but bottom line is what makes us who we are as being in Jesus being in the Messiah, that being Jew or Gentile not being male or female, but being in the Messiah.

That's where our spirituality comes from and this idea will will trace it back will see that the rigid Israelites role originally black false if you'll if if you'll trace it back. Oh by the way, I'm sorry something in looking at not confirm but that Stephen Darby passed away December 2017 that's Internet report. Not sure if that's accurate. So for speaking about the living or deceased of either way I hope that Stephen Darby truly knew the Lord even if there was some error and what he was teaching there is teaching but bottom line. Bottom line is when there's this emphasis number one that this identity and really push this is a big thing and now we will have to observe Torah error number one error number two while the original Israelites.

Overall black and and in the white man is imposter and not really Jews. Error number two. All right, those are the things to be on guard for Freeman, so if we find out more and I may get information.

My mistake blackness in a Jewish friend who listens regularly. I will always contact me and say here's info for you. Are you miss this you should fill people in on this so we talk about the subject of always eager to get his perspective of yet type quickly. Let's grab a text from the trauma that only go back to the phones from the call on it. The end of time attracted Sanhedrin the end of 96 be.

That's the back page front back a B of of page $96.96 is big page was not considerably. Hitchcock, have you heard when the son of Giants mind if they will, or the son of the fallen there's debate was the flaming rabbit Scott citron who is the son of Giants and some of the phone. Robin often said to him, he is the Messiah of Hitchcock asked him to call Messiah. Some giants are so formal fallen rock documents it to him. Yes, as it is written on that day I will establish this is from from Amos. The ninth chapter, I will establish the tabernacle of David that is fallen on the fillet. That is why the Messiah is called by Nissley Reese exits him that this is what rub your finances during the generation which the Messiah Saturday becomes Torah scholars decreases for the rest of the people there. I was filled with sorrow and grief and troubles increase in the harsh decrees will be introduced before the first passes. Second, quickly comes. This is the beginning of the lengthy us discussion in the Tolbert were different leaders give their perspectives and it's the opinions of several generations merge together, but there is a theme of spiritual decline within. There is a theme that the world will either be totally righteous or totally wicked, but the Messiah comes.

There is a theme that if the Jewish people are worthy become the cause of heaven so speedily if unworthy come running on a donkey had slowly and of course we say it's not either/or. The Messiah first comes riding on a donkey.

Then comes the cause of heaven stomach tradition that says that horrible turn to heresy before the Messiah comes to a traditional Jew would look at the spread of Christianity around the world is the fulfillment of that prophecy. We would look at is the fulfillment of messianic prophecy of the Messiah's light shining in the nations, 86634 let's go to Gary and Huntersville, North Carolina.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire dark brown or black man.

Congratulations are real longer but it really knew I was in her new book. Thank you sir I got part document I like to come back and again worked Newark related but the first part of pretrip and I look at all the evidence I can't find a pre-career field in the deal where in the book of Revelation we have catalogued seven-year. Tribulation, where were we were to live in that unless the number spake, we were in the fifth year of that and ask ourselves the question when is Lord the return we could say two years because the catalog that seven-year.

A mentally fine Jesus in Matthew 24 saying no one knows hours that I would turn on and I think I heaven don't work together have to be two separate event is why don't your comment on yeah so so just appreciate that and just be for many insanity here is just right. Different number one. The idea that will be able to say exactly this is the beginning of the trip was short started here. His memory says no one knows the day or the hour but the times and the guys did you know at first Thessalonians 5 says for us of the Messiah. It is not returning as a thief in the night work because were children of the day were ready. We know the times and seasons was the day or the hour that no one knows what he does give signs is that when you see this happen.

Look up redemption is drawing near. So we are supposed to know when it's getting close with the first thing is, even if there was an exact seven-year period because it's debatable and Revelation are some its symbolism. There throughout the whole book does actually mean literal seven years. The seven speak of a time of wholeness and completeness of suffering. You say nobody mentions days month so it can be debated under Senate but even if even if it was an actual seven-year. There could be massive debate to start now.

Did start six months and one was the beginning or, in the third year, the 50 or I've had people say written tribulation. Now if they can obviously not been set obvious to them.

That's wondering the other thing is, Jesus says, for the sake of the elect.

The days will be shortened.

So what is what is that mean so. My take is we should know, times, seasons, getting close getting year of such somethings at is at the door without knowing that the specific day or hour and and also for us, though the coming doesn't overtake us as a thief.

Okay with that, sir, I apologize. We are out of time and for everyone else. So sorry. I think it's more because I'm really planning to open up the phones as much as possible next week as we talk about the end times and have more of you way and with your questions. But look, let's agree that we love the Lord that were eager for his coming that we live with urgency while yet life and that we long to see Davis returning you don't have a guarantee of tomorrow, so we live in readiness to fight God bless you, thank you joining us today

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