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Dr. Brown Answers Your Hebrew and Greek Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 15, 2019 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Hebrew and Greek Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 15, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/15/19.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to broadcast his bride with me the questions we finances I've done something a little different today. I solicited questions on specific versus or questions about Hebrew and Greek.

I solicited these on social media to be responding to these so will be taking your calls today. I think you can find this edifying, insightful, and I'm going to try to unpack some of these in more depth get into a little bit more depth. Take some time with these questions give you more background alright so let's start with this one from Ruben on twitter in John 422. If Christ were speaking Hebrew with gibbon basically saying Yeshua is of the Jews right. Salvation is of the Jews out of sounded different. Also, Isaiah 12 to a profit.

This is that a prophecy of his name trying to see how close the salvation and the name Jesus are willing okay. The short answer the now salvation issue in Hebrew is closely linked to the name issue, but they are two distinctly different words. One, a proper noun. The name of Jesus, the other simply, now the word salvation. But the point of the matter is, to any Hebrew speaker in the ancient world. The words are quite clearly different quite clearly now let me explain this to you when I was studying Arabic years ago I had three years of classical Arabic Arabic preserves a number of sounds that would have originally been part of Hebrew and part of ancient stomach languages but are not pronounced in modern Hebrew today unless you happen to come from particular part of the Middle East where those sounds are preserved otherwise. Those sounds are not preserved in modern Hebrew and ancient Hebrew, they would have been so for example, in Hebrew, have one letter and I but originally preserved two different sounds IN and the client signs not the exact) station, but as close as I can come because I didn't grow up speaking Arabic or an ancient Semitic language so we know that an ancient reader when they would see that Brian would know by context when it was Ryan that when it was high. So for example the city that we call Oz in Hebrew, and the Septuagint is Gaza, and in English Gaza. We speak of the Gaza Strip today. Why is that, while originally in Hebrew that was a high insult Hase and the closest you have in Greek to that are in English would be a just sound so Gaza so when you, as an English speaker look at the word garage. It doesn't strike you that you are looking at two different cheats doesn't a G for the energy for a job. The garage right to different G sounds but you read it in context.

You know how or take the word circus doesn't Don you that there's a soft C and a hard C because you stood. If you're just learning English. You might say Kirkus right resources, the most likely Kirkus is. What's the difference between the seat circus at the beginning and the S's at the end. Doing this because like how you know this is Grover. This is normal to write.

Or how about the pronunciation of TH. Thank you. The thank you this. Thank you for the this the two different sounds were TH the and the book we just do it naturally. We don't even realize. So in ancient Hebrew, you would have the letter that and in some cases it could stand for, in some cases it could stand for you to say I guy don't distinguish the difference between what you have. Ha.

Write this in H and you have, then you have come all right is so that the letter in Hebrew. Today, a modern Hebrew speaker disses, but in ancient Hebrew speaker would've known some context. It's the in some context, it's hot that a softer and harder now, but I was learning Arabic associates that fit somewhat to Hebrew pronunciation now learning Arabic and you have these different sounds that you don't have. In Hebrew, but originally you did. And the reason I bring all this up is it what the world does this have to do with the initial question the reason I bring all this up because in my ear. There was very little to distinguish that the car the hard, and the hot the soft very little to distinguish them. To be perfectly honest. But when I was reading a text one time disseminated Arab speakers.

They got totally confused because I I'm out of the pronunciation of those two that was absolutely clear that there was a differ in their ears. A total difference just like the difference between thank you for the and this the if if Yeltsin were German you know. Thanks. I go to banks that the thank you thanks is that they don't have that the sound to them so in our years of job status is very very clear so the point is to Hebrew speaker, they would not confuse the noun issue with the name Yeshua they are related but you would absolutely not confuse them. The spelling is me is different.

All right, in the pronunciation is different enough so no Isaiah 12 speaking of salvation coming is not a prophecy of the name of Jesus. It is simply issue salvation in his name issue so different emphasis in terms of accent different bowels different spelling.

So to ancient Hebrew speaker.

There would've been no confusion whatsoever.

If Jesus was speaking in Hebrew versus aromatic in John 422 he would not have been saying Jesus is of the Jews, Yeshua is of the Jews.

The rather issue so they are related but clearly different and to any native speaker. It would be as clear as day. Got it all right.

Let's see me scroll up on my screen.

Philip, would you say the office is the Greek equivalent Elohim and the Greek word curious is equivalent to Adonai, Jesus is called Lord. More often than the office but I believe that it is a bigger title based on Septuagint. I first let me explain what Philip is saying there. The office is the Greek way of saying God Elohim is the Hebrew way of saying God. They are equivalent.

When being spoken of the God or a specific God but Elohim can also refer to many gods, the office would have to change into the plural so the Hebrew Elohim can refer to God's like the gods of the nations the idols the false because they worship or can refer to heart Elohim, the God, the one true God. Those would be the primary meanings of the word. The office is always referring to a single deity, so the true God or God of some consul equivalent not 100% exact. The Greek word curious to curry us Lord is that equivalent to Adonai yes or simply to unknown which is Lord or master or even sir, so those would be equivalent. Jesus is primarily called Lord in the New Testament and you're absolutely right, Philip.

You must understand this in light of the Septuagint use so Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible completed a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus over 6000 times when it sought Yahweh. The name of the Lord or however the name was originally pronounced Y. H.

WH, in Hebrew, you have okay however it was originally pronounced.

I believe he always is our best understanding. I reject the idea that was originally the whole wall or you hold off but put that aside. In a way nothing to do vital but over 6000 times by the time of the New Testament, it was translated as Chris Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord. So whenever you saw the divine name Yahweh.

It would be more it would be courteous. It would be Chris. Now it is curry us. Jesus Lord Jesus. Yes, that is of great significance. Now it becomes even more significant when you realize that the attributes of the one eternal God are given to Jesus or prophecies about the one true God, the Lord Yahweh, courteous and Greek that those are now directly applied to Yeshua. For example, Philippians 2 riches every knee will bow to him. Every tongue will confess that he is Lord, to the glory of God the father so notice Jesus is Lord. That's the emphasis the father as God. That's the emphasis the father is Lord Jesus is God. But there's the New Testament emphasis that primarily speaks of God as the father and promoted speaks of the Lord as Jesus the son, but here's the point that statement that Ebony will bow every tongue confess that comes from Philippians excuse me, that comes from Isaiah 45 Philippians 2" Isaiah 45 it says every knee will bow to Yahweh every tongue will confess to him here that is applied to Jesus to show the New Testament is tremendously significant. Not only so we see for example in the book of Revelation that Almighty God is referred to as the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega or in Hebrew the olive and the top the AMSC and yet Jesus is the end of Revelation is referred to as the first and the last to begin. In the end, the Alpha and the Omega, if he is a created being as Jehovah's Witnesses argue, and his other cults and false religions argue, if the son of God is a created being.

Then he under no circumstances can say I am the first and the last on the beginning and the end on the Alpha and the Omega, you cannot say that only the eternal one can say that if he says it, it means that he is the eternal someone. Jesus is repeatedly called Lord in the New Testament that is of great significance, especially to Greek speakers who had the Greek Bible the Septuagint to use, especially to Greek Jews who were more fluent in Greek than in Hebrew or Aramaic.

Every time they heard Lord, Lord, Lord, it would bring that immediate association with the God of the Hebrew Scriptures with Yahweh, the eternal one: Lord is a great significance. Confess him as Lord is not just saying yes sir yes sir it's more than that, it's more than that.

It is recognizing him as the only Savior, and the only king, and the only one to whom we bow down and bowing down to him that brings glory to God the father, all right, we got more questions for you getting into a little bit more depth on this Friday broadcast of the one for you got questions.

We got answers. Remember, if you haven't ordered yet get our book, not afraid of the antichrist. We are shipping already sunfish the outcome March 19, but we are shipping ready Craig Keener.

Yours truly, what will believe in a pre-tradition rapture and when you order the book to send you a link to the download of our future down as best we can discuss the subject. Talk about old history beliefs begin not to devise means those who differ as best as understand all right we will be right back. I know you're not going anywhere.

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This why you think that the church today can see that the Torah still in play today as it states in Revelation 1217, 12, 14 Torah equals all God, 613 commandments. My brother, I I strongly beg to differ with you there. The Sinai covenant is not binding on all believers today. It was never intended to be so Sinai covenant was intended to bring us to the messianic era to bring us to the in breaking of the kingdom with the Messiah when he would then initiate a new and better covenant is a habit. Revelation 1217 Revelation 1214 speak of those who obey God's commands. Yes, but why do you assume that that means the 613 commands of the Torah. How how about the commands that Jesus gives us afresh in the New Testament. How about the. The other commands and expectations that are found throughout the New Testament why you assuming that it's all 613 commitments. For example, we know that we are not commanded him his Jewish followers of Jesus we are not commanded to offer blood sacrifices anymore for our sins were not commanded to do that since Jesus died once and for all we know that he is serving as a high priest instead of an ironic high priest right now Hebrew sentences.

That means a change in the law so there have been changes because the first part was finished reach its mission reached its goal expose universal sinfulness of Jew and Gentile laid out the justification by faith was taught in in in the tort laid out our need for blood atonement laid out all those fundamental things played its role now because we fail, the Jewish people fail God gave us a new and better covenant. That's were under, for example, your fine if you go through John's Gospel. Every time you see the word and to lay so the Greek word for commandment. There every time you see that you will see it refers to the teachings of Jesus was his keep my commands keep like what he's talking about the commands that he has given himself to an end and I would guarantee that there are many commands in the tour that you don't live by and you know I could list them one after another after another.

You believe that there should be a death penalty for someone who doesn't keep the Sabbath we burned a sorcerer which allowed we stone people who commit adultery, stone, disobedient, rebellious children, several none of the punishment to stay all. If anything's change. This change is change since change when Paul quotes from from Deuteronomy 1st within five must purge the evil from your midst which it occurs repeatedly in Deuteronomy which can refer to the death penalty or cutting some offer the community pushing them out but but it often refers to putting some of the death cost is using in terms of excommunication.

All right, so we are not annulling or abolishing were saying that the Sinai covenant had its role to play a play that role. And now the righteous requirements of the law are written on all of our hearts to keep and to obey and Paul explicitly wants incautious to warns Gentile believers to not let anyone put pressure on them regarding Sabbath observance and things like that. And again we could go through purity laws. I could show you how how you're not keeping those and then if you sat down with the religious Jews going to give you what he believes is the understanding of verse after verse after verse after verse you would recognize. Okay is a lot here that were not keeping every word of the law is relevant. Every word of God's terrace all the five books of Moses, the specific laws within them in the specific Sinai covenant within the five books, every word is relevant everywhere. We learn from every word teaches us about God and his ways but that doesn't mean that every word is applicable to us today. All right we don't throw away the first we build on the first and we learn from and we grow and we go forward. I would say without question that it is a slippery slope to say that all believers all followers of Jesus are obligated to keep the commands of the tour and this is exactly what the glaciers were told was a no-no. They were told, for salvation is not just for salvation. This is for sanctification growth.

I would say that and why when Paul is writing to say idol worshipers from Corinth to now, Doris in Thessalonica who now come to faith was illegally these things on them that we get some fresh teaching and Intel's defeatist. Don't steal, and tells the Thessalonians. Don't commit adultery because just to let you know it's in the law is live by that no one was in the law. Yet some Gentile doctors are in the synagogues and Paul preached with the vast majority was conference over the years were outside the Senate art in an idol worshiping Gentiles. That's that's what he writes the Thessalonians about how wonderful you turn from worshiping idols to worship the one true God. So we learn from everything the Hebrew Scriptures we apply that which is applicable. We build on it. We don't abolish. We see it as fulfilled and we build on what came before. With respect and honor for either you have people now they can discover what tribe of Israel are actually from and try to find a Jewish identity that wasn't there and so on. Sulfur of watch people actually completely pasta sauce fall away from Yeshua so I rejoice in the goodness of all of God's laws. But I do not wrongly apply them and say that all Christians today are under the Sinai covenant all right, Giuseppe, also on twitter asked this. What does the prohibition against taking life. The fifth commandment Catholics system's sixth commandment, Jewish meaning. The Hebrew and what does this translation mean and practice okay. We are most familiar with the fifth or sixth member depending on numbering that was all the same commandments and keeps her with number of different us all the same commandments okay so what what do we understand it to me when it says Exodus chapter 20 verse 13 of the Hebrew is the church saw.

So if you read it in the King James for that. So you've heard it quoted colloquially, thou shalt not kill. What is that mean we just heard a reference and twitter to taking life was that mean thou shalt not kill that mean kill an animal does that mean kill someone in war is that museums try to kill you that you can't use self-defense killed them. Let me know. Death penalty wasn't the right translation that the Hebrew ruts saw is not kill Libra wrong is kill. The Red Sox is murder right so all translations, including new King James all translations recognize that modern translations and they rightly translate with you not murder right now the the the.

There are translation precedents before that that could go in that direction.

The Septuagint could potentially go in the direction of kill, rather than murder. Right. But, but, in point of fact, there is no question that the Hebrew ruts saw means murder. So murder is taking an innocent life. Murder is not fighting a war that you have some of barbarians in the ancient world coming and savage wards to destroy you and they come to attack, and they come to kill and they come to decimate and you fight back and kill them know that's not murder, and in the Bible, the death penalty is not murder death penalty is a legitimate punishment, safer taking someone's life, you forfeit your own life is nothing to do with killing animals and in fact the word ruts saw murder wouldn't be use with regard to animal because you can only murder a human being just like in and issuing system and murdered the Someone murdered the dog know they killed the dog. They killed the cat. Someone murdered my neighbor right different word would be used so exact same thing in Hebrew means murder when you understand that it's taking of an innocent life. Again, not murder. SunTrust kill you and your family. You fight back and self-defense didn't murder the person you kill the person try to murder you. Same way someone dies on death row for fruit killing 10 innocent people, as I didn't discuss I hated them and decided I was going to do it while you put the murderer to death. You murder is murder the same way the Bible speaks of God killing of God giving life and taking life never calls, got a murderer that is taking innocent life right back with more request.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire down by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown all right, it's Friday you got questions. We got answers, but I am going to give you a special advance review. I've been posting the last several days, what, six, seven, eight days.

The top 10 reasons that Prof. Craig Keener and I do not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture leading up to the release of our book next week in order our website will ship it right now. Not afraid of the antichrist.

What will clean the pre-tribulation rapture. It's a divisive book is on the tacky book. We honor our brothers and sisters, or friends or colleagues you believe in a pretrip rapture. We love them and respect them in the Lord, but we read the Bible differently. As most of the church has history and much of the church still does to this day. In fact, a pretrip rapture was really unheard of for the 1830s those really studied with church leaders to sit through the centuries can verify that in any case. In any case or art goes on to divide upset people, but rather look at what Scripture says and help us have an attitude of readiness and faith and in God's grace that we are over comers.

We are more than conquerors in Jesus and add along with that, to know that if God's wrath is poured out on the earth. You can shelter us and keep us someone said yeah, but we kept the Israelites. They were all in one place.

Also, God could keep us God's unable to shelter his people if they're scattered around the world now.

Sorry I will agree with that. All right before I get back to some questions that have been posted on Twitter and Facebook. Some questions about specific verses were Hebrew or Greek words what I want to do is give you all 10 reasons so we haven't gone through all of these online but these are short is not meant to be big proofs not meant to be big proofs just our summary.

Reason number 10 through the reverse order. The doctrine of the second coming of Jesus separated into two distinct parts that were seven years apart was unknown through church history. Release the first 1800, 30 years number nine.

The chronology of second Thessalonians, 15224 makes clear the believers receive rest from suffering only a Jesus is coming to gather his people, which must be preceded by the man of lawlessness number eight the our hope is in the Lord's glorious appearing second Timothy four a, Titus 213 Hebrews 9/21 on 32 not a hidden secret rapture and reason number 67 the wrath from which we are saved. Verse Thessalonians 110 five not his eternal judgment was five not not simply a final generations tribulation. All right. Reason number six. The Old Testament gives us clear examples of the Lord, keeping his people safe while his judgments report out what Isaiah 26 versus 20 and 21 urges us to take refuge when the Lord pours out his end time wrath reason number five in context. Every passage that speaks of Jesus's imminent return refers to his return after the final tribulation. For example, second Peter 310.

Reason number five no four yeah, the same Greek vocabulary used to describe the rapture is the identical vocabulary used to describe the second coming, including words that speak of a physical arrival of public appearing, shining forth in a revelation is number three no biblical text explicitly mentions any coming or gathering before the tribulation was first biblical text explicitly mentioned both after the tribulation was number two. We are promised tribulation in this world, but in Jesus always with victory.

John 1630 3X 1422 revelation will not want no biblical passage explicitly distinguishes the rapture from the second coming is just a little rundown get the book when you ordered on our website.

You'll also get a link to download the audio of our interview that Craig and I did on this past Monday. Okay back to your twitter questions. Let's see here. Okay Michael. In what way does the context of John 12 apply to John six particular versus 36 to 44. Can the same method of exegesis use an exclamation be applied to any other doctrinal issue.

So here's the point. John 12 verse 32 Jesus is stating that if he's lifted up, will draw all men to himself and John six.

Jesus explains, no one can come to me was the father who sent them draws him and a Calvinist would say no one comes to the Lord, unless God draws him and he doesn't draw every body. He just draws his elect and contracts. In contrast, I would respond with John 1232 and say that since Jesus has been lifted up on the cross. He has been drawing all men to himself disabled but but the context of John 12 is different. There are Greek Jews that went out that they wanted Jesus and these explained to be glorified, and so on.

Yeah, I understand.

I was dental now is the judgment of this world. He says in verse 31 of John 12 now the prince of this will be driven out as I lifted up from the earth.

I will draw all to my cell. He said this to show the kind of death he was about to die now. Here's the point once it was this the context of different but I believe the trees or related truths that all I have to do when I'm examining a passage and I see similar words used similar concepts raise.

I have to say okay is this making a general statement that I can apply from one context to another. Is this specific only to this context I believe that John 1232 is something that is a larger statement being made and that can easily be applied to the statement in John six. After all, it is the same writer, it's John writing and after all it's the same vocabulary that he uses that's that's very big that's major same author using vocabulary that is not the most common vocabulary. So for example I'll just look now. I'll go to to to John chapter 12 right. I'll just do this is a little little teachable lesson here or go to John 1232. I'll scroll down to the Greek and I will look for the word for draw okay and I I see it there in Greek Elko and now I'm going to click on it and I'm going to search for this word and see where it occurs throughout the Bible and now go over to God in the New Testament. This verb occurs 12345678 times the correct I believe eight times total five times in John then asked 1619 when it talks about drawing Paul and Silas did dragging them into the marketplace. Acts 21, where they drag Paul out of the temple, James Jacob that the second chapter, talk about how the rich drag the poor all right drag them into the courts and then we have John 644 so no one can come to me was the father who sent me draws him where's the next time it occurs in John's Gospel, John 1232. When I'm lifted up from the earth all draw all people to myself John 1810 it says there Simon Peter having a sword drew it, so he drew out his sword. That's unrelated John 21 six with a draw fish, drag them into the net and the same in in John 2111 drawing and fish pulling them into the net. So the only context that in John's Gospel that is using draw in terms of drawing people is John 644 John 1232 and in the entire New Testament. The only time these two. These this verb is used, to talk about drawing people to salvation but otherwise the Jews were drawing out a sword drawing for so drawing your sort dragging, and that's with fish dragging people of before magistrates drag them out of the temple, dragging them into the course to see its history can be is a forceful word in terms of its use.

So John 644 and John 1232 that would get my attention. John uses this for five times in his gospel only eight times the entire New Testament and twice specifically it is used in terms of drawing people to himself that would tell me it is significant. Also, it's interesting if we go back into the Hebrew Bible. Nehemiah chapter 9 says this, verse 30 Nehemiah 930 many years.

You bore with them. The people of Israel and worn them by your spirit through your profits if they would not hear. Therefore, you gave them into the hands of the people of the lands and it's it's interesting that this Greek word this Greek verb is used in the Septuagint and in the 930 Nehemiah 930 that God bore with them in Hebrew and was long-suffering instead is is bearing along with them in the sense of drawing appealing, and they would listen so God's drawing is not necessarily a drawing can not be resisted.

God can draw and people can resist all right so it can be a dragging verb at the Peter doesn't drag his sword out right there is a know you drag you can drag some of the core they can resist being dragged into court. All right, you can be tried drag Paul and Paul could fight back and pull away to discus is a strong word doesn't mean it is irresistible, but all respect to my Calvinist friends.

All right, a Tom Wallace Galatians 5 2223 not translated as with the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law grew singular, and most of us are simpleminded, we can remember love. Okay the reason it wasn't translated like that is because no one would dream of translating it like that of the Greek and fruit so there's fruit on the tree you're telling me Tom that fruit on the tree that obviously is a bit assume a bit tongue-in-cheek in your question here, but first singular suffice about the fruit on the tree a moment, when Apple going to see the fruit on our Apple trimming fruit is a is a collective now so fruit can can be plural. In fact, most of the time it's used in plural. You need to get some fruit at the grocery store what kind of DIFFERENT winners and fruits right so that so fruit in the same way here means the fruits that are borne by walking in the spirit and by the way, when you say you know most were simple by week. Remember, love but we also remember joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness of faith and gentle self-control and and even if we don't remember all of those if we walk in the spirit in harmony with God. Those things will be produced in our lives. This they will that will just be the natural outgrowth. That's all. Think fruit grows naturally so as you walk with the Lord you spend time with him as you meditate on his word to drink in his presence. As you do these things.

What happens fruit is born actually. So with our simple minds. We can remember that this like a tree bears fruit bears fruit five by drink by the root system is even assisted blinking in nourishment the same way you have a system in the Lord. The fourth time alone with her fellowship that fruit love, joy, patience, process will naturally all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to join his friends on the line of fire. You know, as we open the phones on Fridays normally are or phone bank is filled or screen is filled with calls from the beginning to the end. The moment line opens up some calls in love doing that. I wish we had hours and hours and hours just to do it every single day when I can answer questions but on some days for scheduling issues or to give place to both the can call in.

We will take questions that are posted on Twitter, Facebook, I asked specific questions about specific versus questions about Hebrew questions about Greek so we look at Hebrew question really could agree question that have been posted on Twitter that on Facebook we had a problem with Facebook when we were posting questions were unable to post on the S. Dr. Brown paid so I had to post on my personal Facebook page which most of you have access to visit Smithville with the 5000 person friend limit where is our Esther to run Facebook page has 580,000 and counting. So we can take in an endless number of folks there so I apologize I couldn't get it to everyone to respond to.

But it was a Facebook which that day I met a skipper asked this.

I remember answering at least a question contributors in the past. Is there or is there not a player of Majesty respect in Hebrew effort. Some arguments that Elohim's plural forms point to the Trinity.

These arguments normally deny that the principle of respect which I've heard is true elsewhere. Okay so we've got several different issues. The issue number one of Elohim being in the plural.

That is not what's normally meant by plural of Majesty when we talk about verbal issues or let us make man in our image. Is there such a thing support of Majesty. This is simply a Semitic way of referring to power or it can refer to two intensity with a plural so the Hebrew word for compassion is Rocco meme, which comes from rest them room. It's a plural form Rocco meme, but we translated it singular with compassion. Why will I was seated in intensity of emotion or can that be the most logical explanation or for example pie meme face that's plural in Hebrew is because of the different aspects of the face or whatever the explanation is Elohim plural in Hebrew and in many would argue the Semitic languages as a whole, but certainly in Hebrew, Elohim, this is plural so the God. It's it's God's it's a plural form but refers to the one true God.

In the context would speak about him in the same way. Given Isaiah 19 the.

The Hebrew is plural of the name but that the adjective is singular.

Caccia double hand you over to a cruel Lord, believers, Lord, to but when you're speaking often of a board and power Lord or this God in his deity or owner. Some, but that sometimes it's expressed in the plural, and Elohim normally means God in the process. That's one thing does that point the Trinity know it doesn't, but it's in harmony with Trenton doesn't point to Trinity was harmony with God being triune or is first second thing is, is there a plural of Majesty in verbal forms rightness add-on, but some and keep retaining them and I sent it in Genesis 126 let us make man in our image, according to our likeness right so the reference or the image and likeness.

That's plural hour and then let us or when when the king says let us let's do this.

I decree that this will be read before us, so he is speaking." You that's common in the ancient near East normally have it in verbal forms like let us make but you that's common in in the ancient near East and you can still have a king speak like that today. Decree of the triggers that everyone showed common with all's that the court here.

Speaking of him because he's that it is given one right so the pull of Majesty. It does exist, but it doesn't necessarily explain Genesis 126 and someone claimed that in Hebrew.

You don't have the plural of Majesty and these verbal forms but only in nominal forms or prepositional phrases like to Oscar for us or we will read decree so assessments the verbal, it's that it's the report. In any case. In any case. Genesis 126 could be the plural of deliberation. Let's do is just one person talking. Let's do it, but it's the liberation the question would be why does it say our image and our likeness. That's that's not deliberation that's that's God speaking there about his nature so does Genesis 126.2 God's tri-unity. No, but it's in harmony with the striated and it could well explain why. Genesis 126 is in the pool doesn't necessarily do so.

But it could well so in short, yes, there is a polar Majesty respect yes Elohim at as as an intensive former plural form can speak of God, the God because of his power and his might, Majesty, yes, that's absolutely true. And yes, there are certain forms and Hebrew that you would call a plural of Majesty they don't necessarily explain versus like Genesis 126 with explain Isaiah 6. Who shall we send who will go for us is the polar Majesty could be or is it God speaking as is Trinity could argue that either is possible can be dogmatic okay we go over to a question on Facebook from Jonathan based on what Luke says in acts 2120 so it makes reference there to process Maria's right so all these myriads of people. How many Jewish believers to think there were by the time of the events and asked 21 to think Luke was using hyperbole. What do most scholars think that the population of Jewish believers was at this time so ask chapter 21 verse 20, acts 2120. Was it hyperbole, so this would not be Luke exaggerating this would be Luke accurately quoting what Jacob James says right so when we arrived in Jerusalem. Luke writes the brothers and sisters walk must gladly leave Paul and their entourage on this day Paul enabled us to Jacob so those games but Jacobs the right way to translate the Greek reading from the TLV all the elders were present after greeting them. He reports to them in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through service and when they heard the "refined God. They said so this is the. The brothers was Jacob telling Paul.

You see brother how many Mary ads there are among the Jewish people who I believe, and they are all zealous for the tour. They've been told about you the teacher of the Jewish people and the Gentile stripper sick Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children walk according to the customs what's to be done in no doubt of your you come and then they go on telling you this to prove that you're not teaching Jewish people for sick Moses and tell them not to circumcise their children close not saying to sick Moses is teaching about living in light of the new and better covenant could not build on what Moses had spoken certainly would not stop Jews from identifying his user Jews from circumcising their children which course back to Abraham. So was where they exaggerating, but if there exaggerating to make a point to Paul and he then acted on that point, you would say that's ultimately deceptive but but what does the, the number actually name on it when he he speaks of of these myriads of believers if if myriad it is this that mean thousands or does it mean tens of thousands, as some have argued, we know early on and ask that the number believers is ready 5000. So is it now tens of thousands at this point are there are a couple of different arguments. There is the argument of historian and anthropologist Rodney Stark and he points to Jewish population in the ancient world, and there seems to be over.

Of time almost the disappearance of like a million people. That would be on the Jewish ranks.

Now I don't have exact number in my head. I believe it was even upwards of that terms of what he said in his exclamation was gay of people scattered to have people killed by the Romans, etc. but in the Roman world. You get terrible wars in the war 66 to 71 or 132 135 terrible wars great sort of Jewish people, but in his mind there's a large chunk that's missing a large chunk that's missing, and the only to explain that is that these Jewish people assimilated into the larger church population and were were basically lost from the Jewish records or from the larger Jewish population because of their identity with these Christians with followers of Jesus with the church, which became predominantly Gentile then that's where they regroup and hence you got like maybe a million Jews were believing in Jesus by the end of the first century. There are some that that put the number up with incredibly incredibly high. Others would say that at most, at most be a 10 or 20,000 at that point it would be a lot Jewish believers in Jesus at that point.

My take.

And I'm not an expert on on the ancient demographics and all of the questions that would have to be study and population studies and things like that. Genealogical records and Everett whatever else we have that we looked at in and so on.

None expert in that, but my understanding, having read and having looked at it and read some of the rebel relevant literature which would be multiplied tens of thousands, perhaps hundred thousand or more certainly by the end of the first century potentially hundred thousand or more, but it's hard it's hard to be dogmatic about where their more Jewish believers then that any time in history when the numbers are high now the more Jewish people in the world and the world than but not massive massive difference like 10, 20, 30 times more Jews in the world today because of all the suffering assimilation through history, but certainly to me at least several tens of thousands would be the indication just can't be dogmatic about our friends Meredith, not afraid of death across the shipping now. I actually order to singularly get

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