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What Is the Last Trumpet? And an Interview with Actress Robia Scott

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 19, 2019 5:20 pm

What Is the Last Trumpet? And an Interview with Actress Robia Scott

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 19, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/19/19.

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So what exactly is the last trumpet prescriptions.

15. What is it have to do with the end of the age will talk about that and then interview from a key actor in the unplanned movie stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire mouth like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the best number to call you don't believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

If you do believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. Another view of the end times. That's a recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Yes, our new book, not afraid of the antichrist. What will believe in the pre-tribulation rapture Craig Keener and yours truly. Now out today just got a report from one reader's and got the book started reading it didn't want to put down got it last night and start reading so I think you find it to be an interesting read, and edifying read.

A fascinating read and eye-opening read and gracious read. Our goal is not to attack the demesne to belittle to mock our goals to say hey we once held to a pretrip rapture based on a study of Scripture, we don't hold to it. We haven't held to it for decades. Here's why this with the word says and here's hope and encouragement in the midst of persecution in the midst of opposition so were unable to get to all of your calls yesterday. Those of you who believe in a pretrip rapture wanted to raise arguments and race points you have another end time point of view and wanted to weigh in challenge of anything I've said 866-34-TRUTH is the recall that the bottom of the hour were changing subjects and I got to see an advanced release of the unplanned movie. I assured that with your couple weeks ago. How intensely impacted I was watching it, and there is there is a character that when you see the movie you will not like she is a Planned Parenthood leader and she is Planned Parenthood to the core and she does a great job of playing this role. I mean, I did not like her whatsoever in the movie the great job she's going to be joining us will introduce that actress to you a little bit later in the broadcast. Okay, let's revisit an argument that came up a couple of times yesterday. One caller was upset with me for not recognizing this argumentative or just ignoring this argument has to do with the last trumpet right so we know that Jesus teaches elsewhere. John's Gospel, for example, that he will raise us up at the last day. So that's another reason that we believe that we are raised up when he returns at the end of this age, not seven years earlier, but rather at the end of this age, the last day. That's when he raises us up, but Paul writes this first Corinthians chapter 15 beginning verse 51 behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, we shall all be changed in a moment.

The 20 when I at the last trumpet, the trumpet will sound dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. So when I held to pretrip rapture. I taught that the last trumpet here was different than the seventh of seventh trumpet.

In Revelation 11 and was different from the trumpet blast of Matthew 24 after the tribulation of those days the Lord comes with a trumpet blast but it was the same as the trumpet in first Thessalonians 4, is that I interpreted with regard to the rapture. Now how can I say that the last trumpet action was in the last well I because they fit my theology to work that way and I found a way to explain and teach it, but upon further study of Scripture, as I can't do.

That's not right. So I was challenged yesterday, but what about this interpretation of the last trumpet what what about that has nothing to do with the last in terms of the last of this age or the seventh of seven trumpets in Revelation.

Rather, it was the last trumpet sounded on the day of trumpets. The feast of trumpets, young, true in the Bible mention, for example, Leviticus 23 in Numbers 29 the first day of the seventh month of the year, which in Jewish tradition becomes the new year. Russia shut the the new year, but in the Bible.

It's the sounding of the trumpets that that's all Paul was saying and he was saying that Jesus is coming back with a trumpet blast.

Okay so I want to go to website that quotes Dr. Arnold fruit and he is one of the best-known Hebrew Christian messianic Jewish teachers, a man who really loves the word of God and we hear there been conferences together, or the presentation side-by-side, but he's headed up teaching ministry for many many years like little T, Isaiah, or one of the prophet. Evernote these dozens and dozens and dozens of messages is his dissertation on Israel obligee was a very important work at his PhD from York University.

As I did is a serious student of the word serious teacher of the word. So if if you beg to differ with someone, it would be someone like Dr. Fruchter bound whose work I really respect and he is a historic strong teacher of the pre-tribulation rapture so here's here's the argument right there is a website asked the question, does the last trump relate to the seventh trumpet in the book of Revelation and there is there is a reply.

The post trippers to try to link the last trumpet, the first Corinthians 15 with the seventh trumpet of Revelation this morning. Try to prop up their beliefs concerning the timing of the rapture and anything note action is not to try to prop up our releases because we found this consistently taught throughout the New Testament. So this writer continues. The fact is that Paul was writing to the Corinthians, and was talking about something they're familiar with, not something that wasn't even revealed yet right so obviously sometime at the seventh trumpet in the book of Revelation.

Some of the seven trumpets. They have no idea there is such a sequence of trumpets haven't been taught that I agree, but last trumpet just means that the last trumpet that's out of the trumpet that sounded on the last day on the final day. All they have to know was that his coming is going to be with a trumpet blast so here's what the post says so is the reference to the last trump about them. You'll notice that in Corinthians postmen showing the connection between New Testament truths and the feats of Israel present with first Corinthians 5628 he talks about the feast of Passover, and unleavened bread and shows how this is fulfilled in Jesus death, Esther agree with first with his 15 2324 he speaks about the feast of firstfruits, and how this is fulfilled, Jesus resurrection agree with that. Then, now, first Corinthians 1551 he talks about the last trump connects that with the resurrection rapture of the church simply fulfillment of another Jewish feast, the feast of trumpets all freaked about a Jewish believer in Jesus writes in the footsteps of the Messiah quote is evident from the fact that Paul use the article. The last trump that he expected the Corinthians to know what he was talking about.

The only knowledge they would have of trumpets or those spoken of in the Old Testament, especially those of the feast of trumpets the last trump refers to the feast of trumpets and the Jewish practice of blowing trumpets at this feast each year during the ceremony there a series of short trumpet sounds competing with one long trumpet blast which is called the kiosk at the law. The great trumpet blast. This is what Paul means by the last trump. As such, it never it says nothing concerning the timing of the rapture, only that the rapture whenever it occurs, will fulfill the feast of trumpets. The article by Fruchter bound says this the seven holy seasons. Leviticus 23 fulfilled in the order in which they fall with follows the feast of trumpets is the day of atonement, which was the day of Israel's national torment coupled with the affliction of the soul the day of atonement is to be fulfilled by the seven years of tribulation during which Israel will suffer afflictions leading up to her national repentance and restoration. And just as the feast of trumpets proceeds David Tolman so the rapture perceive the seven years of tribulation. Hey, I II appreciate those arguments and I agree for sure agree for sure, the Messiah's death corresponds with Passover is resurrection with firstfruits the outpouring of the Spirit with Pentecost feast of weeks agree with his return corresponds with the feast of trumpets national Tolman for Israel with the day of atonement and ingathering of the nations to Jerusalem with feast of Tabernacles agree with all that. However, I don't agree with the sequence where there's a seven year tribulation in between the feast of trumpets and the Day of atonement. Now let me explain this. Everybody stay with. I do not know if the exact sequence of trumpet/shofar blasts that we are familiar with in synagogues today and have been for some centuries. If that can clearly be dated back to the time of Jesus. In other words, I don't know in the temple in that day that they had that exact right with those exact blessed so maybe someone can convince me that that was the case, but I'm not aware of that being the case, which would mean that the Corinthians, even if they started in the synagogue there were God-fearing Gentiles in the synagogue, and then they came to to learn more about the true gospel of the true Messiah through Paul and other other emissaries that it's unlikely that they would've known about that exact sequence of comparables, but even if they did to Gallagher, the law, to the great blast is not the last comp. In other words, I have scoured the relevant literature looking for a clear teaching with in Jewish literature that on the this the day of the sounding of the trumpet shown true, which again becomes the Jewish new year. Russia shall not in Jewish tradition. I've looked for clear statements that there was this the last trump everyone knew what the last trump was. I've not found.

I've looked at commentary after commenter in first Corinthians, and they either agree that it is the.

The last trumpet that sounds the final one right. Hence, if you have a trumpets sounding in Matthew 24. When Jesus returns.

He comes with the sound of the trumpet will hang on if he comes with the sound of the trumpet seven years earlier. Then he comes with the sound of the trumpet seven years later, in the coming with the sound of the trumpet for the rapture is the last trump then what's the one after the last one and if the coming with the sound of the trumpet fulfills the feast of trumpets the rapture seven years earlier then what is his second coming with the son of a trumpet Philip not the feast of trumpets all over again. That's why when I see first Corinthians 15 saying that will be caught up to meeting with the last trump. First Thessalonians 4 telling us the same thing the dead and Messiah will rise and will be caught up together was relied remain to meet him in the air with a trumpet blast and I see that and I see Matthew 24 after the tribulation of those days he will come with the sound of the trumpets office they the same trumpet, especially if one is called the last. Then other New Testament scholars agree, yes, it's the last meeting.

It's the final one. It's the one on the last day, and some say yes, it would mean the last in terms of sequence, so hence the seven trumpets in Revelation. The seven trumpets. Revelation 1st Corinthians 15 within corresponds to Revelation 11 when the kingdoms of this will become the kingdom of our God and his Messiah. So with all respect to those who hold an argument I I frankly do not find it supportable by the ancient literature, nor do I find supportable logically nor do I see. However, the last trumpet bill is another coming with the trumpet after the last right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown running us on the line of fire six or truth is the number to call. By the way, have you seen my latest article Google versus God's word Google versus God's word.

We now have the specific information daily call caller reported exclusively last night of written on it as well that our video can you be gay and Christian got some employees of Google upset. They then complained about it.

It went up to the vice president Google Michelle Sharma who looked at it specifically and suggests this is an appropriate skin start values. To paraphrase, we will not allow it to be advertised on YouTube so here you have employees getting offended by gospel truth of VP at Google saying no we will not allow it to be advertised on YouTube and basically it's Google setting itself against God's word is really simple there's no gay bashing on the video there's no homophobia is no hatred, simply speaking the truth in love. That's last a while ago. What would YouTube banned the Bible. Now, this doesn't discourage me feel bad for Google of massive power.

The Internet be tremendously influential, but this is its company is here today can be gone tomorrow. That's that's the reality.

God's words can stand heaven and earth will pass away. Jesus said in Matthew 24, 35, but but my words will never pass away. So read the article share with others.

If you've never watched Kenya began Christian by all means watch it and share it widely.

The more people try to keep us down. The more we speak up and speak out. We could use your help in doing so friends I cost money to be on the air. It costs money to produce these videos. It costs money to take the gospel to nations around the earth it takes money to be on the front lines of reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel takes money to produce these resources.

Even with the whole team working sacrificially. So thank you in advance for standing with us together.

We are making a difference that you might say to me you might say I got a problem with what you just present 866-34-TRUTH 8663 for eight 784 I got a problem with what you just presented about the end times based on the feast, the, the holy days of the seventh month of the calendar because look it says the first day of the seventh month. That's trumpets. Then there is a 10 day period and then day of atonement and then five days after that to the first days trumpets the 10th day is day of atonement, Yom Kippur, the 15th day is Sukkoth tabernacles so you could say to me. How can you say the trumpets is as followed by Dave atonement when there's 10 days in between and that that's obviously the tribulation time to time of testing. Number 10 speaks of the time of test will there's a problem is the problem is if you if you believe in a poster, a pretrip rapture so you say that those 10 days that represents the seven year. Why on what you have than is is after Lord returns immediately after that the survivors of the nations that tried to attack Jerusalem will will come to Jerusalem to worship at the feast of Tabernacles. But that's that's five days later. So based on this chronology would like several years before that event happens with what we can tell it happens within the first year I don't want to look at those days. 10 days there in five days is actually speaking of a definite time. Rather, the 10 is symbolic of testing and purging and what we see in Zechariah 12 is that when Jesus returns when he visibly appears those glorious verses in Hebrew HEB twilight should the car. The look to me whom they pierced a memorial for him that will be the be deep mourning and repentance. That's the date that's that the ten-day symbolism that's the. The repentance that leads up to the day of atonement, so we welcome them back the Jewish people. We acknowledge few years. We are broken and repentance were grieving we we can't believe that that we rejected and we can't believe that the one we thought was responsible for sufferings is actually are our Savior and our deliverer and we weep and mourn. That's the end of Zechariah 12 each. Each group, each tribe a part that does the morning and repentance is that deep and what is that lead to 13 one and Zechariah the fountains then open for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for the people of Israel a fountains and open of cleansing why because were being washed and cleansed of our sins, and then what is that lead to Zechariah 14 Tabernacles, the survivors of the nations that attack Jerusalem now come up to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles. So what does flow beautifully and clearly, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to phones Matthew in Illinois you're the first one up today welcome to the line of fire, hello, I I think I can hear if you keep talking with the art trumpet. I think you're kind of like you are contradicting yourself that no one can count me in the father at me drop them and I will break them up on the last day you will might not think that given me break the final act based on reverent look on, but believes in him should have eternal life in our rate about on the last day that the lap three that thousand year or 1000 years before the final final last day of the resurrection before line.they didn't like what talk on the last trumpet prompted the book of Revelation, but the written yet and deemed to me like that catching away that I'm John 14 verses 1 to 3 earth but won't be in chapter 4 and first Corinthians. There like a catching I will be good having an 1/2 to happen sometime, and it does make a go right back up and right back down. All right, Jesus is also high on the responsible a few things. First, 00 contradiction, because the last trumpet is the last in your tell me it's not the last, that seven years after that. This mathematic Matthew only talk to me talk you know you learn if you don't listen okay, fair enough… And you state your point so first thing is, if the last trumpet is not the last trumpet, even in this age okay that has no meaning whatsoever. It is the last day of this age, we will be resurrected.

That is the end of this age, then we have the millennial kingdom and something totally new. Jesus raining on the earth, so it is the last day of this age it is the last comp of the states that the first second thing to teach it the teacher Matthew Taylor at last chance to just stay back and was a put on hold to the spirit will listen, but not when I let you let you present your point, I'm responding to each one, but here here's my probably be totally candid with you, but you'll never learn anything without listening, you'll never learn it if if immediately responding without digesting what I'm saying I will sit is to belittle us as my habitude immediately speak is to listen and adjust first right so first thing is that the the last trumpet is knocking to be followed by another trumpet in the same age is not the last.

That's number one in the last day that we can be raised is not seven years before before the end of this age, it's the last day of this age. Number three the teachings of Jesus were certainly circulating and he said he was coming back with the sound of the trumpet after the tribulation of those days in Matthew 24 right so he tells us exactly what's going to happen after the tribulation of those days and this comes with the sound of the trumpet you have a scenario in which Jesus the son of God comes within inches of the earth, but actually doesn't arrive even though were waiting for his robot arrival where he come secretly and invisibly.

Even though were waiting for his visible appearing then he comes right to hear it gets us and turns all the way around and goes back as a poster. He appears in glory catches us up to meet him and we descend with him. John 14 does not mention a catching away comp 14 is that a rapture verse John 14 is a promise to believers through the ages that he is a place prepared for us. That is gonna bring us there to be it what what for seven years now. This is our eternal home. So there's there's not a syllable you said that contradicts anything, nor have I been self-contradictory.

Anything that I've said about the resurrection on the last date of my workable judgment resurrection last day different lack no way that the resurrection dilapidated age, but the judgment not on the last day of the millennium double the first thing the first thing is there is in second Peter three that from his coming is physical coming until the end of the millennium that is referred to as the last day but but just interestingly that that that whole. The day of the Lord is from his visible appearing in the clouds at the end of the tribulation until the end of the millennial kingdom that the problem has no so so III have no problem if God wants to extend that that last day, but you are saying that the last trumpet is not the trumpet of the second coming that that's the previous trumpet that's that's that the fundamental problem that you're saying that there is a trumpet in this age. After the last trumpet, and it's the trumpet that Jesus spoke about with his return with the Corinthians know about that Matthew Woodley, Corinthians, know Jesus taught about that, though there's no other reference to it to a trumpet anywhere that's relevant and there's a reason though it were ever heard of. It is are you waiting for the a secret almost arrival or for the visible appearing of Jesus. What you waiting for what you looking for well I think are you longing for his appearing or for invisible almost arrival going to be invisible and become first thing I think you can write an Archangel keep a copy of the counter coming is coming. It's is coming.

It's his power to see it. It's his arrival but is suggests we think it Jesus and turn around and sees that heaven is loaded on the earth's surface. Jesus is always guys almost arrival coming in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I have sat down to watch Vance release of the unplanned movie and did not quite know what was coming when it was going to come and got completely overwhelmed by it. Sobbing uncontrollably just devastated by what I saw and tremendously moved by the movie as a whole story of Abby Johnson for Planned Parenthood director youngest one in the country who then really surrenders her heart to the Lord and recognizes the evil of abortion.

There's one one character in the movie comes out March 29.

You want to see it at don't worry about the fact it's rated R's radar because Hollywood has a problem with truth about abortion, there's one character I really did not like at all.

She did a great job of being who she was and it's my delight to have her on the air with me.

Robbie is Scott out welcome to the line for thanks much for joining us. Thank you for having your delight. You love to hate me or talk about it. I did not like you in the movie. I don't want folks to know everything that that comes with the court cases the end.

I was very glad with the way the thing came down but but let's get here in the private everyone felt happy when my divide that yeah will want Toshiba private screenings in a moment but first you were not always a follower of Jesus, you are not always doing ministry work. So tell our listeners and viewers about yourself.

Be before you knew the Lord correct. I young girl on black and I decided at that point that I needed to become a professional dancer. I think her 28 and I give her my hair and that I like legwarmers and started training very very dancer well adhered. After that I wanted a card), I for the world with 10 at the girl have gotten Earl Alleman early 90 I can't get out people at a time to talk music video transition Dr. Mikey or Brent acting and Don showed that Chad Beverly Hills 9021 now and backing a vampire slayer during the time I was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I became a Christian and very shortly thereafter.

After that I conflicted with what was available in Hollywood turned out the felt the things of God, our God. And I knew that God was transitioning me out of a 20 year career in Hollywood and cheerful. Now I've been getting up in the last 15 years I'm a Christian beaker teacher offer my butt and I honestly had no intention of ever going back to Hollywood but not so so you lived what many people thought was the dream dancing with and for Princeton great crowds and all that. When you are in the midst of it.

Did you find it satisfying and fulfilling him even before you knew the Lord you think this is that this is wonderful or did something strike you that something's hollow. Something's missing. While everyone thinks that that money there until you have that you realize that you really are not doing quite well in many areas in my early 20s traveling the world on television.

I have it all together struggling milk or eyelet dealing with my eye with food and body image issues that I think mostly deal with that, especially after get back to the jail.

I felt uncomfortable I felt tearful Angela I not bring with it the conflict are not about what drove me to really start searching for God yeah and noticing that so interesting about it is Scripture says little of silvers not satisfied with silver rebels. Gold is not satisfied with goal says that the lustful eyes of a man and never satisfied, so the thing is always there to me if I just have this I could just do this if I could just exactness but is there it never it never gets there so so what a lesson one other question before we talked about your role in unplanned. There are a lot of professing Christians in Hollywood. There are Christians in the professing Christians in all aspects of the music industry and many times I'm I I may have seen a headline about a particular person or maybe some raunchy picture. You know featuring them is like doesn't interest me and the lady find out all their Christian. They love the Lord. I think thought something doesn't quite line up between loving the Lord and being used to some kind a sex symbol or and these are the raunchy, gratuitous violence, profane films, you felt the contradiction went when you are in the midst of the the Hollywood industry following Jesus. There was a conflict there. Do you think that perhaps if we knew the Lord more deeply. There'd be there be more conflicted people about living in compromise.

Great question and I think that you really delegate the depth of God. You, you would get back conflict and you would all be you know what he really thought is really first and foremost in your life or desire for that first you trust God will give you a gift and you are not you I'm part of an example and catch you here. We are all these years later and now got it brought me back around to shoot you the gift of acting for something that is for the kingdom so that the unplanned movie again friends.

It opens on March 29. II knew that it got in an R rating because of some disturbing images but nothing, nothing that was compared to a normal or rated movie these days. Obviously, the issue was abortion and I want to say exactly when this happens in the movie but Abby Johnson's moment when she sees the reality of abortion. I knew the effect I love the fact that they had on me watching it the privacy of my home. I'm wondering what effect is going to have when people are seeing this in movie theaters across America so I private screenings went when she watches the ultrasound, what happens in the audience. In Marietta, all the reaction we have people notional that we can literally hear them reacting when people get to be overwhelming for them. They could reveal that we've actually had a few times where people are thinking.

Actually, I passed out. Leave had to deal with that and I don't think it scare people, because really overall, the movie is quite impactful at beautiful story after story of hope at the story of redemption. Interesting that I believe that the culture we become desensitized to violence because we see it every minute on television and annuity people brutally murdering one another.

We completed actual means and not Anyway yet compared to bat imagery.

What we show on the movie. Not and it's not you know it… Don't worry because we are on camera. It is so shocking to our bowling to our spirit that people have a very strong reaction like a big deal and rated R movie give me my parent and churchgoers as church leaders we want to protect ourselves from that galactic violence are not extreme sexuality don't want our young children to dreamed it fell. We do not want to protect ourselves from things we do not want to protect our teenagers from think this is the truth on the screen that need to be seen because when you feel in your own eye, you cannot eat again if you're pro-life.

If you're pro-choice, regardless of movie do not cut out of the way no no you don't and then will be out when when I watched it at home. I'd mentioned to my wife Nancy that I was going to be watching it. She really hear me say that and it didn't register, so when I tried to compose myself and I was about to go teaching my class in our ministry school. I came walking out to talk to but I couldn't talk and and I broke down sobbing.

She actually got scared because she thought somebody just die. You know what would happen when he got in last and just began to share with the students in our ministry school about what's happening updating them on laws in New York and comments from the governor Virginian, the infanticide debate, not all that students begin with.

This is what seeing it in and we spent the next two and half hours praying and crying and an unthinking in any business.

Nothing gratuitous. There's nothing there. It's not like some terrible you see much more graphic pictures about abortion. Despite looking for it online but just the simplest. The simple reality of what happens in abortion even fairly early in the pregnancy is is something that world definitely does not want people to see. So you as a Planned Parenthood director. How did you as it is a major leader in Planned Parenthood Ave. is a real feminist I menu what you are you you carried it well was one who is this gal before paying right on out more. Okay, how do you then get obviously you know you're doing this for the gospel right but if you know you're going to be hated, how do you get yourself into preparing to do something like this you know what I was wary at first when I read a little portion of the grant.

I thought oh my goodness. Now I'm a Christian I'm so interested in going back into entertainment. I'm thinking on, but at beautiful anointed character and now God bring me back for that character. I want Larry subject matter knowledge and the character I knew quickly. I can quickly impair that guy call me back that that movie is for such a time like that.

I felt like I understood how to play the character I understood that I really wanted to dial her aunt in terms of her drive – in just that need to be exact fullback need to win at all, and get turned down the compassion and turn down in out really any kind of concern for anyone out and act like my dad. I think her very focused and strong need to and just keep going the movie after Abby Johnson played by Ashley Bratcher, who will become of the so when I'm in the movie comes out when when you give her the reward for employee of the year and all all real and now you talk about how you they got a produce more abortions they can record and things like that. Obviously the movie is factual so you know this to beach in those you know that as you play the role that Planned Parenthood was is actually trying to get more abortions to make more money. That's a big part of who they are wide helmet so important how much of our culture does not under parent because of the propaganda that Planned Parenthood had television programming… Program that adds to what to believe because not much of the media had been from the left side Planned Parenthood had condensed many even of the Christian on the body of Christ that we know their health clinic there about women's right there about benefiting when Daniel Gary bondage is abortion only got braided, we want to make sure that that is not why I stay right there is Scott plays a key role in that it's the line of fire with your host activist authors, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown here. First order of business is to present Planned Parenthood's employee of the award.

Abby Johnson needed to show the meeting youngest) you'll actually be inside the real difference doing things changes you having even yourself talking about these procedures is a little baby doing anything I the woman playing Cheryl there one giving out the award for Planned Parenthood employee of the year is with us now will be at Scott and again as is you play that role and I'm looking now at just your picture that came with background here smiling. Looks like some of the Lord, gentle heart notice to set you want a monster in the movie you were what I would think. Was this a strong female pro abortion leader committed to the cause and believing in it, you can't. You can't overly demonize. There's the human side to it, but it is it is someone that I was actively rooting against through the movie did your family interact with you about this.

You know how they felt about you playing this role completely order. I plan that people might type if I think they find out that I am actually a full prime minister today.

Funeral credit icon. Yes, friends, unplanned unplanned coming out March 29. How is it that the directors came to you, but you been out of the business for some years you were just engaged in ministry so I get a resume out looking for acting jobs if it happens to be the right pro-life Christian movie or something. I was laying yes so how to have the come to it would really only God but circumstances that get there not any time in the committee. I like on a Christian talk show, talking about my dark counterfeit comfort. I randomly met a woman there who happened another writer and directors of that movie she just felt by the Lord that you introduced me they wanted to meet me. We went and had coffee

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