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Is California About to be a Sanctuary State for Medical Child Abuse?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 27, 2022 5:20 pm

Is California About to be a Sanctuary State for Medical Child Abuse?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 27, 2022 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/27/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network California become a sanctuary state for medical child abuse for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown tops for so many years about the direction of certain activist circles within our society. There is a reason that we had been raising her voice. We care about people we care about every individual.

However, they identify at the same time we see a dangerous agenda sweeping the nation, and often the ones that are impacted the most or children never call if you have questions about this today, 86634866348784 below to go straight to my guest in California. Greg Byrd with the California family policy Council and Greg a lot of things are happening in California. I think the whole nation needs to know about. Would you agree definitely California income becoming the sanctuary for minors being sterilized with transgender drug surgery will need to be laudable. California yet we were hearing a different state saying they're going to be sanctuary states for abortion.

Of course, going to Gavin Newsom that in the way in California for that. But now this is this is yet another step. Now a lot has happened in California and Greg you been on the front lines. I get your emails and see what's happening. You work with ex-gays and tried to influence the legislature.

There, let's talk about two major bills will will break them up that are forthcoming in California and and you Susan, you can do this on a legal level that everyone can understand. Break these down force tell us exactly what's at stake to build better. Going to legislature right now they're being introduced by Sen. out of go Scott Weiner openly gay man that is promoting these particular building particularly upset about what you happening around the country with the limiting access to puberty blockers cross sex hormone and surgeries for minors and he wants California to be a place where you can come and be protected from the laws that their enacted, but he also for families been in parent or even doctors work from the date that are now banning the treatment, but he wants.

He wants to provide children minor any minor who gets to California California court particular bill will sever parental rights of the parent and they will take jurisdiction over that child for that job and get be cross sex hormones. Blockers and surgeries they want, even if the parent will not agree to it. So this is a SB 107 and it is making its way quickly through the legislature with the a hearing next week but it got to be passed by the end of the month so it's going to go quick left one of them.

Alright so let's just focus on this one moment your we understand the ramifications so doctors say right. Here's the place to go we could do a transgender surgery.

We can put these kids on on hormones block the onset of puberty and all of that, parents, family, say here's the place was so we can get this so that that's bad enough and will will talk about why the moment but how old would a kid have to be to get into California on his or her own and say hey I want these treatments and I can't get them in my home state limit simply the bill simply fair that a child if they child brought to California, a court would be prohibited from considering whether that child was kidnapped from the person with legal custody if that child it comes the California for gender affirming care so look at the family courts will not will will even take temporary jurisdiction of the child if that child had come for purpose of drug for transitioning it to treatment for the California hoarding of the similar law.

If a child is being abused another state right of the child abuse happening. California will picture in every jurisdiction of that child if the child is running from being abused by their parent date built held further to treat that situation just like they would treat an abused child because in their mind appear is actually abusing a child by not giving them the lifesaving treatment of gender affirming care they call so let's just say theoretically, let's say you've got a 15-year-old girl. She's got a cousin that's 20 years old and the cousin's family lives in California girl is in Texas now and let's say Texas is you can't use transgender surgeries or put the kids on drugs so the cousin says hey it will take a trip to California parent tell you go with your cousin then find out that the kids can stay there with the other family and maybe she's 16 years old and have her breast removed them and this is only exaggerating and say some of this is this really what the law the essay. That is what the law thing and you know when California comes up with crazy laws.

I think you know I don't write but I always get a bunch of attorney to just confirm right so I got three different attorney organization, confirming what I'm saying I was going to quote you a quote from Pacific Justice Institute, which is a Christian organization sure and Becky McCrindle.

He said SB 107 may need may be the most raising assault on fundamental parental right in the history of this date, this is not a game not a springboard joke.

Families who thought they'd escape California will not be faith that distilled enacted so tell the truth. There is a socket insect let's let's play the clip. This is Chloe Cole.

This is a young woman who became convinced that this is actually trapped in the wrong body and let's let's hear what happened to her this. This is not theoretical. This is the young woman's life. Let's listen to her testimony before these very legislators say hey this is what reality is this what were dealing with.

My name is Kelly: I'm a 17-year-old to transition from the Central Valley. I was medically transition from ages 13 to 16 parents looking to therapists who affirm my male identity, and the therapist not care about causality or encouragement to learn to be comfortable. My body he brushed off my parents concerns about the efficacy of hormones.

Blockers and surgeries I parents are given a threat suicide as a reason to move you forward my transition manikin all just after two, three appointments, but nonpunitive offers an injectable testosterone at age 15 I asked to remove my breasts.

I therapist and senator for my transition. I attended top surgery class.

I was filled with around 12 Were they were men muster my age or younger. None of us are going to be men. We are fleeing from the young couple feeling of becoming women. I was annoyingly physically cutting off my true self from my body irreversibly and painfully our trans identities were not questioned. I went there with surgery despite having therapists and attending the top surgery class. I really didn't understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making. I was incapable of understanding and it was downplayed consistently by parents, on the other hand, were pressured to continue my so-called gender journey with suicide threat. I will never be able to breast-feed a child, I have blood clots in my iron I'm unable to fully empty my bladder. I do not yet know if I'm capable of carrying a child, full-term fact even doctors if it nonpunitive offers and testosterone do not know SB 107 is circumventing state laws and Anita safeguards in place so my story is not repeated. Children cannot consent vote known SB 107. This is this is what were doing friends. It is actually heartbreaking and great before I was on Tyra Banks show in 2009. If you can believe this talk about these very issues as they brought our kids as young as seven or eight first time on on national TV that this was being shown with these little kids and I was the only voicing your experiment with the children. I reached out to Dr. Paul McCue was leading psychologist, Johns Hopkins University, and who got 16 surgery band from Johns Hopkins medical Center now that they recently reinstated it but he got up and for decades I reached out to him and said, have your views changed on this and he said it any paraphrase any medical interference drug interference surgical interference with the development of a child is child abuse and this is this what were dealing with California becoming a sanctuary state for medical child abuse. I don't know. Some states are finally spinning up against the impact in the Atty. Gen. check for you put out an official opinion back in February.

Just the great you know, about 15 page summary of why these transitioning surgeries and drug are child and the crazy thing if it knows there is no and I'm reading from the report. There is no long-term mental health outcome better improve or rates of suicide that are reduced by hormonal or surgical intervention and the other thing is that you quote fears, childhood Onset gendered for you has been shown to have a high rate of natural resolution of up to 90% of kids don't transition Olympic come to learn to accept their body, but if it if it was 50%. Why would you ever do this, knowing you could mistakenly sterilize someone from life right there is no going back to what is no going back any of kids you know a lot of them are confused and it will them if anybody ever had a teenager and I got a couple teenagers and no they don't know that there's a struggle with emotions all the time you know they don't they're struggling to find out who they are, why would you let them decide to make permanent vision. You know, at 1112 13 right here even younger when for any other area of life was really interesting.

Great is that there are now more and more gay and lesbian activists speaking up because with their says no love is just as gay or lesbian, and in fact at that very high percentage you you mentioned it. It seems to be average in the in the around 90% that that will just come through and in the longer field are trapped in the wrong body.

Yet many will identifies carelessness of let's all say is just a gay kid in your China like to surgically mutilate the seven even unlikely voices, including now people who have transition themselves and their speed guessing no don't do this to the children it's it's wrong and you could never change a mailing to a female, no matter what you do or vice versa bill.

We come back and some other developments use California scraper California family policy Council the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was happening in California radical extreme beyond what you think is is possible and yet actually being considered for law and California so speaking with Greg Burke from the California family policy Council Greg Telus about the second bill that relates to this one another bill from meter to go that that there are still some doctors here in California who refused to provide transitioning drugs and surgeries to people.

I am a lot a lot of doctors badly have not spoken up again be the effects of these drugs but but there are still there.

Try to keep your head down and they just refusing to provide you know whether the cross sex hormone puberty blockers or doing surgery. They just don't want to have anything to do with the in the refusing to do with the inventive making got there.

Though what he is done if you'd introduced the bill, SB 923 in this bill is all to put pressure on the doctor what it does is it requires all.all anybody employed or being insured by a health provider to go through LGBT training activity type training where they learn about how Beth to three and talk with and deal with those who identify as transgender. Okay, so that that's bad that that's been happening a bunch of different profession. California plot if the bill also provide a complaint provision where if someone filed a lien against the doctor for not providing this type of care.

Then the doctor has to be reeducated right and complaint, if it found credible is made public right. This is all and sanction can be added to impose on the doctor if Bill refuted to provide the care right the care around using their language writing of the be for the sterilizing of a treatment and benefits simply to pick those remaining doctors who haven't fallen in line and either ruin their careers publicly shame them or coerce them into doing these things that they their Contras would violate the Contras limit setting up for great big lawsuit, but you going ahead with it anyway.

So let's let's list the cell. Let's say that you are a doctor and you are known for treating women with breast cancer and you are known for performing vasectomies and things like that strong reputation so here's a 17-year-old girl. She's been on puberty blockers for for years ready and now she's okay, ready to take that next step and and and get a vasectomy and this Dr. in conscience is not going to remove the breasts of of the woman whose healthy some cancer. There's no medical reason to do it. So she goes to this Dr. because he is highly recommended as is nobody.

We don't do that under these circumstances, only vasectomy.

If there's cancer disease and and therefore we have to remove the breasts so theoretically now. If he refuses, he could he could be publicly shame. There could be lawsuits aggressive. There could be a complaint filed that is now on record.

So when you go to search for this guy, this blemish is there and who knows what could happen beyond that now others. All you don't do this, gang up on them, and my understanding that correctly, or am I exaggerating no to the reeducation class already forgot, I left that out. Sorry I left that up yet so if you fail to provide the FDA care are the treatment effect to me will be forced back into the class right but in at lift after the there's a complaint system with some type of evaluation to see if the complaint is verified right but they wanted verified to get this Dr. won't do a mastectomy on the tilt a girl you got the reeducated and been removed from the law here.

It the bill would also require department track and monitor philanthropy by the department related to trans inclusive care and to publicly report this data as specified. What's what's that about publicly report the data work. The work in a shame you write it. It is crazy that there is a particular treatment right.

The doctors now are forced to give you name another treatment like this officer is mandated to give or urine to be shame. Let's just think of it, you go to heart Dr. Wright and you say a doctor. I got this condition and I understand you have a treatment that it is very popular. You know what this neurosurgery that you do and it's got great results and he looks is is not a good candidate. Now it's I would recommend it. And I certainly wouldn't perform it. I don't think it's got a good chance of success so long to do it and I will I would discourage you from seeing someone else because something is going to work but anyway, I won't do it right so you walk out the door right the last thing you want is someone operating who doesn't want to talk you can do that.I like this medication. No, no, I don't recommend that giving your other medications.

Not a good idea will prescribe it. That's their prerogative. Euros will see another doctor was a surprisingly so that this is when I'm not aware of anything like this in our medical history by no means a historian of this but it is shocking this is. This is never been about tolerance has at this is never been about diversity. This is been about my way or the highway and working to put you under pressure. This part of it all totalitarian impulse. Yeah right bit better. Weiner had in the elder peacock has regarding you know how we are treated like if you disagree with the treatment we want for we will meet you give it to.

We will punish you.

We will destroy your career.

You know, there is only one way right. No one can know what is the disagree by end of those who disagree are going to pay, gosh yes as well. That's the reality of what we're doing with so one last thing, Greg and them will find out what will our business computers could do. There is a bill in California that was just removed before it was going forward, and likely would've passed.

I dubbed it the most. They gave bill in this bill would've banned all professional counseling but not for minors that's already in place in California but people of any age who were had unwanted same-sex attraction to the professional therapist, counselor, psychologist to get to the root of it, try to deal with it or of stroking with gender identity and wanted to become at home in their own body. It would've been in legal and state of California to provide professional help for those people again unbelievable outrages. That's why dubbed it the most. They gave bill you were on the front lines with that you were involved with people testifying ex-gays and others in your opinion, why is it that the bill was withdrawn when it had a good chance of passage, Sarah. Knowing that the pre-court case that came down in July and there was the recess and what that that was Supreme Court officially get another California bill. It was a it was a law that impact targeting pregnant be the care center and was telling those light those sinners that were life and pay Vince you are licensed by the state. We have the right to determine what you need to fade our clientele and one of the thing there were require that they say they had to tell them about where to get reports that an and the Supreme Court that you know what know this is a private organization can tell is violating free speech. The government can't compel someone to stay a thing they do not believe it right in the whole law was based on this idea that government could bit professional speech had left freedom of speech, right been regulars professional figure of life and and the Supreme Court came back and fed well professional speech is no has no left freedom. Freedom of freedom of speech rights than any other speak right foot undermine the whole idea that life had left freedom of speech, right yet another speech will that is what the whole we have out here in California we have already become a ban on counseling for minors so you can't you can't curse minor and unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. You can't help them except their own bodies or to change their feelings or behavior right toward heterosexual behavior feels info that that law undermine the whole principal so that is one of the reasons I think the law has never come back right because they I think they knew if they passed it that the Supreme Court would make a decision that would outlaw country, that's my and not sure if you saw what happened in Florida this last week to let the 11 of the circle at 11 Circuit Court 11th not really call it feels yes number 11. They just came down with a case that struck down a counseling band in one of the cities there in Florida. Yet as I made a really based on free speech right that you can't you can't tell a counselor just because there think something is super unpopular by the government.

You can't. You can't dictate their speech, but when it came to can't say in a counseling session and there is this stuff is all completely to tell Terry and hate to Greg's to stay with me a couple more minutes suddenly break. I want you to let our listeners and viewers know can they do anything outside of California. Those who listen in California they do so busy. Couple more minutes and will be done and then I'm gonna talk about a related subject of interest.

Probably every parent out there is a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Farley grab Craig for one more moment great bird from the California family policy Council so Greg those within California that are here in this broadcast can they do. Those outside of California. What can they do well if you're in California you gotta call your legislator and if you come to our website California and go down to the bottom you can your action center and we got a calling campaign were were working on for both of these particular bill, SB 923 and SB 107 we can connect you to your legislator and make sure they make sure they know you're really concerned about the buildout.

If you're out. I mean usually people outside of California but you don't really pay too much attention to what California does its own state that this particular bill is targeted at you right me. Sadly I California is starting to turn itself into a threat to every family in the country with this bill because it's not going to respect your parental right it as it should. Right. And so you gotta get your own legislators.

The complaint me.

I would love it if we had the Atty. Gen. governors.

If this bill gets close to passing which mean the. And so far, but we get some national attention on this particular bill to put a lot more pressure on legislators because you know the Constitution is set up.

That week, each state honored the judgment of every other state in California is now deciding there going to resist that they're going to oppose that learning to violate the current and just be what happened, though, other states got up and up with Bill and you know we need your help. Stand up and help.

Although the refill got kinda conservative here, California were a big state were just overwhelmed with the number of liberal belief help. Alright, so did the website will more time please. California so specially everyone listening viewing within California go there today. Get in touch with your representative will be directed to to do that when you go there and I should have an article. Hopefully next day or two that's online playing all this out way out was happening and again we have to start about what happens in California is up to people in California know what time it could be your kid is pleased to California that has life altering drugs put in their body or surgery done to their body against your will, or consent directly because you have a state that did the right thing. It is extraordinary. It is outrageous to Greg Stamm the front lines to get people standing with you.

Praying for you and we were trust, we will trust that God's righteousness will win out and that these kids lives would be protected. Thank you so much. Thank you all right 866342 as we have told you many many many times when not exaggerating. There's a reason we been shouting these things from the rooftops for many many years wanted to be illustration in the moment but first center for Israel trip yet you know about it. Okay take a moment good start to brown a SKGR just to name first on most welcome. S. Dr. SK DR right on the homepage. You find out about the Israel trip its unique and special. It will be a joy to be there together with you in Israel seeing some amazing sites having some incredible time together some great teaching as well as is just it's an amazing amazing time so check it out Esther to and before you leave the site if you don't get my newsletters my updates my emails, so you'll know you're the latest articles to equip you because friends we are here to infuse you with faith and truth encourage why so that you can stand strong so you can do everything God called you to do you have time to research all the things we research enough time to put all the videos that we practice you have a busy life just like I have time to do a lot of the stuff that you do so. Let us help you.

Let us serve you.

This equip you go to the website. Sign up for the newsletter.

Do that first. Do this to get our emails Esther to Brownsville and we got also living the free many e-book you want to send you how to pray for America will start their and then put your welcome tour if not more about my testimony from Ellis to the PhD all that on the website and then check out the Israel trip to some friends you want to go as well.

Seating is limited so if you want to go see you sign up, the better. Okay that's a quick story all right.

You may have heard this for me before, but haven't talked about it a lot and then I want to say was happening in school, perhaps near you in school perhaps where we kids goes when your grandkids goes okay so I was speaking in Canada. Prior to Colby to several hundred Christian leaders that together together and interested believers talk about cultural issues in the church.

What we could do.

I gave an illustration of a situation right from Canada.

So I said there's a man he's he's been fighting a battle in the courts but apparently he and his wife are separated which answer the dynamic here. I didn't have those details though, but this what I knew if a 14-year-old daughter 14 all right 14-year-old daughter, who now was identifying as a boy and strongly encouraged by her school that the emotional psychological problems.

She was going through or because she was really a boy trapped in a girl's body.

She wanted to go on on hormones and work against the impurity development things like that was just get ready to transition the mother was in favor. The father was against it so went to court and the courts ruled for the daughter you can do what you wanted. They also ruled against the father to the point of saying if you refer to your daughter as your daughter if you call her. She if you call her by her female name her name all her life. If you call about that if you talk about the case publicly you go to jail if you privately refer to her as is your daughter and you can username you could be arrested for that you publicly do that publicly talk about the case arrested go to jail. So I shared the story is one illustration of what was happening Some people settle. He's here, he's here because of course I want to meet so we came up and we talked so I know the story first said I read it I researched it before I talked about it Maitre had it accurately then meet the father face-to-face.

We talked about the told me the details and I remember meeting him thinking. We met a farmer Madden earring and he wasn't talking like this quoting Scripture. It turns out that he was Catholic, but a lapsed Catholic in this whole situation had brought them back to the Bible and back to Catholic roots and things like that. All right, so it is his objection to her doing this was not even initially religiously based. It was just the common sense of a father caring for his daughter while I spoke with him subsequently, all earlier this year after he got out of jail he spent months in jail and because of COBIT and other things that can be exposed to people about this. Another issue is real people. He spent the time, virtually in solitary confinement. He was allowed out one hour day, but otherwise was alone the entire time. What is he talked about the case publicly. I'm not making this up friends, remember, it is our calling as believers to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world salt of the earth means, among other things, that we are the moral conscience of the society was Dr. King used to say were not to be a thermometer just tells you what the temperature is where to be the thermostat that helps set the temperature, not by taking over and forcing our views on others that we use the political process like everybody else received influence our legislators like everybody else and we advocate for abuse in the public square and we raise our families.

According to reviews like everybody else. An atheist has the same rights of Buddhist has the same rights Satanist has the same rights we can all do that here in America and advocate for a position and if someone is selected that we don't like and and they push the country the way that we don't like will now we do what we know how to do as believers we shone the light we preach the gospel. We pray we fast we seek to devoting people. Little do the opposite of the damage but it's that still are elected official. Joe Biden is my president. I didn't vote for him. I don't like the job that he's doing.

I pray for God's best in his life, but he's my president maybe didn't vote for Donald Trump. He was your present that's that's the way it works so so being salt is changing things from the grassroots. If we get influence if if God makes you the next president United States and you can have influence as a believer great but you sought to govern the whole country gets it because I'm a Christian now everyone has to be for every laws. Everyone goes to church on Sunday at no, no, that would be a disaster for the nation and for the gospel. No, but you could be godly and make good decisions and advocate for certain policies as much as it's up to you to do so little point judges to the courts. That would that would do a judicial benefit bring to judicial benefit rather than do damage into all that, and set a good example by your character, taking over about shining the light and dark places about being the moral conscience and talk about exposing darkness and I'm called to do it more than your average pastor is a radio host and op-ed writer and and and and speaking that way, but the whole church is called to be a prophetic voice to the society by sharing what God is saying by reading what you saying in his word and by declaring that the nation the whole church is called to be prophetic, and I believe that as leaders in particular in the body we should be like the sons of Issachar in first Chronicles 1232 who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. I'm not so concerned with dates setting about end time prophecy.

I'm concerned with how should we live, how should we be living in this age. That's the issue that's the question we come back were going to the schools. Again, this could well be happening in the school year you were school with your kids or grandkids tensile. I know I've got your ear. Let's find out what's happening so that we can do something about it in first and foremost a weapons of spiritual everything starts with a relationship with God and with his prayer in the word of God. That's how I got space for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown asked Dr. Brown.Ward, and you see the latest article actually commenting on the vice president's comments to some blind and visually impaired people and advocates for disability meeting where she referenced herself as a woman and her pronouns were. She her commented on that. Not not attacking vice president. But the social madness that sets that the backdrop for that next article. After that Saul asked Dr. next article. If that is the only surprise is that parents are just now learning about LGBT Q plus curricula in their children's schools to write the article across the country. Parents are reacting with shock and outrage as they discover what their kids are learning in school his children being indoctrinated by an aggressive, one-sided, radical LGBT Q plus curriculum, causing many parents to push back aggressively surprises me, though, is not that the parents are upset with surprises me is that many are just funny about out about this now since his indoctrination has been going on for many years.

For example, is back in 2006, everybody here that 2006. 16 years ago, the New York Times reported as the children headed to adolescence. Some parents are choosing to block purity medically to buy time for them to figure out who they are raising a host of ethical questions. Not surprisingly, schools are engaged in a steep learning curve to dismantle gender stereotypes 2006 friends.

What exactly does this mean at the park day school in Oakland teachers are taught a gender-neutral vocabulary and are urged to line up students by sneaker color rather than by gender. We are careful not to create a situation where students are being boxed in and sit Tom little school director. We allow them to move back and forth until something feels right.

This was 2006 at an elementary school friends is a private school, but these things were happening in other schools and becoming more more normal now in the public schools. So I ask, should we be shocked today to learn that this gender confused ideology has spread to schools throughout the country so silly take you into my book 2011 a queer thing happened to America, where I documented a lot of these things that I've been researching then for for six years when the book came up so already in 2011 when the crew thing happens. America was published.

I could cite this quote official policy of the San Francisco unified school district board restroom accessibility student shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity exclusively and consistently at school so she did it all the time in this one directionally than you choose your bathroom Los Angeles United school district referenced the river. This is my 2011 books this was happening for years before that gender identity refers to this as Los Angeles school policy. Gender identity refers to one's understaffed sees me interest outlook and feelings about whether one is female or male or both or neither. Regardless of one's biological sex with those last words carefully, regardless of one's dollars go 60 dealing with now is nothing new already in 2011 I could write say this is really happening. Children in elementary schools will be exposed to the rightness and complete normality of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender expression. With this the highly praised academic witness highly praised academic books such as the clearing of elementary education and opposing views will be branded as dangerous and homophobic to be silenced, excluded from the classroom and get this clearing elementary education came out in 1999, 23 years ago. Chew on that from the subtotal book was advancing the dialogue about sexualities and schooling. You also wrote that middle schools, high schools and colleges will go out of their way to encourage both the celebration of homosexuality and deep solidarity with gay activism and much of this was rampant, our campuses long before your 18-year-old college born child or college bound child was born. So I reset so surprise today Kevin Jennings wrote this founders listen.

Originally, the gay, lesbian and straight education network found in 1990. He boasted 2005, nearly 3000 schools have GSA's Eastern alliances or other student clubs that deal with LGBT issues as your kid can go there come out as gay and you want even though it over 50 national education, social justice organizations including the national education Association have joined glistening its work to create safe schools for a nation's children through projects like no name calling week, by the way, I've advocated against bullying sink. Each building is bad enough to teach gay is good. Just each bullying is bad.

2005 in terms of the growth of algae seek to plus actors that that was a long time ago was 2009 as listed in the article that Pres. Obama appointed Kevin Jennings himself again educated to serve as assistant deputy secretary for the office of safe and drug-free schools does he have an agenda.

Yes, clearly feels is in the best interest of the kids was appointed by the president yes this agenda gets pushed nationally in 2000, both shortly after 2007 I purchased the second edition of the book called the Glisson lunchbox to write so this is a troll that was widely circulated around the.

The other country in inner children schools Glisson lunchbox to. It was described as quote member cannot. 2007, a comprehensive training program aimed at providing educators and community members with the background knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make school safer and more furry places for lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender students, some of the activities included North American history, game cards listing 28 N. Americans. Most were fairly well known of people like Sir Justin Baker, James Baldwin Bernstein George Washington Carver bade the Jackson out Ginsberg etc., all of them were told Tennessee Williams bed rest and summits known others that's their speculation. There there all gay world history. People like Alexander the great Hans Christian Anderson Pope John XII, Noel Coward, Hadrian drove our own John Minard, Richard Mitch, Michelangelo, and on and on there all day. Bisexual kids learn located.

There was even an activity called getting in touch with your inner tranny bacon so I all I own this day I have the material I count 2007 elementary school children kindergartners. This is how you get in touch with your inner transgender identity so participants better understand and personally relate to the breath of issues around gender identity and expression US children. Questions like have you ever been told, act like a lady woman girl erect like a man was a situation make you feel and why.

If you see some of the street as gender is unclear how you react, both internally and externally. Hey, maybe your transfer so maybe these questions will help trigger these things so again educated think this is wonderful as a send the article their perspective all the progress the fact the GSA's is gay straight alliances are all over America. The fact gay trick is deeply entrenched in schools all over America and has been for years educators they think it's great kids will be bullied. They can accept themselves. They will go through what they went through in their young etc. there thrilled with it. We say to dangerous and destructive and is no business in our schools teach kids to be nice to everybody. Teach kids to be respectful of others teach kids that bullying is bad, that does it.

God start teach about their sexual identity that don't go start time about gay straight issues when the six years old, absolutely not. Parents are now upset state after state. The recognizing what's in the schools and the shock my shock is they just find out now because assessment schools for years maybe just drive your school district but in all likelihood is been there for years.

If it's a typical public school and Lester in a really conservative aboard the Christian part of the country and even there could be an schools. This is been in schools for years and years and years. I know everybody's busy. I know it's difficult to track with everything happening.

You could schools but you got. It's essential because now if you listen to the Gallup poll, 20%, 21 to 3.1% of Genesee kids say from 18 up Genesee young people's 18 to 23, 21% of them identifies someone LGBT Q spectrum is listen to the barn to poll both from Lester. It's 40% were semi generation baby blues is less than 3% generation behind the traditionalists is less than 1%. What's happened indoctrination, brainwashing, social pressure, bad examples, let's get involved is pray for those who differ with us that they would come into the knowledge of God's grace and truth. Hey, I can't pick up the phone now just because time is too short Trevor in California as your children allowed to make transitioning decisions will and plenty schools. They can come out and be encouraged in these decisions or the school will tell them actually quite a few schools. Upper person examples will encourage all know your transfer need to go in the stretch, but they can't get the medical help without parental approval. Hence California say woman risk open the door and opened the door the kids could come here and and it will be illegal for you to pull them out because this is just like child abuse. If you will let them get this is Charles's external world upside down its child abuse. To do this to kids so those living California go to California get involved raise your voices for the say all this raises another program powered by the Truth Network

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