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How Will the Gaza Crisis Affect the Israeli Elections?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 28, 2019 6:10 pm

How Will the Gaza Crisis Affect the Israeli Elections?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 28, 2019 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/28/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Pres. Trump has recognized his real sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the UN is not happy stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got a lot of ground to cover a lot robot it relates to us here in America but it relates to believers around the world. Phone lines are open as well. 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-348-7884 will take all Jewish related questions as long as they qualify as being Jewish related.

We will absolutely take your call so 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call behavior related question related to Israel today related to messianic prophecies losses Jewish related duties related question. We are glad to take your calls. All right, let's just talk for a moment about what's going on in Israel. Hamas from Gaza has launched many rockets into Israel in recent days. There is an alleged truce right now between Israeli government and Hamas. There is not direct negotiation with terrorism and how the truths truce is work out and things but it's it's a real truce in and that in that one of our friends sent a picture of her of her cell phone. Many Israelis have an app that just sends a warning every time the others a rocket anywhere rocket attack anywhere as every minute bump, bump, boom boom people have to spend the night in bomb shelters and things like that certain of the village cities that are closest to gossip.

In any case, this is not good timing for Prime Minister Netanyahu on the one hand, because it reminds people that with all of his years as being Prime Minister, he is not dealt decisively with, us is one problem. Another issue is some claim that Hamas is doing this because it's part of their ongoing war with with the Palestinian Authority and thought talk that there is constant battle between these two Palestinian organizations, both of whom have blood on their hands against one another, both of whom have a lot of corruption in the ranks and the Palestinian people deserve better leadership than they have gotten some say this is actually a provocation against the Palestinian Authority and then ultimately witnesses fall in terms of a Israel in terms of the elections that are about to happen just in a matter of what days of what's gonna happen there. How will this affect is who is the right man, which is the right party sees me to be leading Israel a lot of debate over that a lot of discussion over that. I don't know for sure that Likud and Netanyahu should be leading Israel, it could well be there the best for the nation. Right now I do appreciate many of the policies within often for the good to be in power they have to make all types of arrangements with ultraorthodox parties that often work against the rights and freedoms of others.

In particular, messianic Jews and their other issues. Larger issues of justice and larger issues of what's best for Israel.

It's best for the Palestinians.

Netanyahu certainly been the strong security leader and is not a radical right wing leader by this is on the right and in many ways is do it. There's a lot of things that America rightly applauds, but it's complex so I could. I pray God have your way in the election and do what's right for the people of Israel output for the Palestinians and for the surrounding nations, but I want to give you a perspective here, as Hamas is launching bombs into Israel.

I want you to hear and those watching. I want you to see what's Hamas programming is doing. This is what people in Gaza are watching as Hamas is launching bombs into Israel to try to kill innocent Israelis. All right, it is programming the Arabic words, exhorting people to wrap explosive belts around themselves kill Israelis.

Some of the words that are being seen on screen or is your listening in Arabic, scatter the enemies body parts make the skulls fly in the sky so Hamas is launching missiles at Israel civilian population. Hamas is also TV is broadcasting calls to murder Israelis, yeah, now let me put this in a larger context. Pres. Trump has recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights Golan Heights, so this is north of Israel.

This is rigidly Syrian territory territory of Syria taken in the Six-Day War 1967 officially annexed what early 1980s, but never recognized officially by the United States and to this moment not recognized by the UN Security Council. In fact, UN Security Council met today and all the other members were highly critical of the Americas, and this is not going to help long-lasting peace efforts a while I bring that up first. Kudos to Pres. Trump forgiveness did he do it primarily to help Prime Minister Netanyahu and election season.

It's a look at the great relationship that they have.

This is happening under the Netanyahu leadership is that why he did it. Did he do it just to say once again I'm standing with Israel. Did he do it to expose the Democratic Party getting more and more anti-Zionist.

Even anti-Semitic.

I don't know what his motivation was, I'm glad he did it and it's shameful and shocking that American president hasn't done that before we had conservatives and liberals, and they haven't done it, but one I bring that up because Syria remains totally unstable. Syria has always been an enemy of the modern state of Israel and Syria has been home to various terrorist groups, especially those funded by Iran now like Hezbollah and Hezbollah is just as ugly, just as murderous as Hamas step for step. Hateful wanted to demolish the Jewish state wanted to wipe out Jews that live there.

It it is as full-blown terrorist as could be, and probably does less humanitarian things that Hamas does in less educational things than Thomas does this Hamas is a is it's as educational and humanitarian way.

I should say the wing that's helping people on the ground and that it has its terrorist wing, Hezbollah may just be terrorist from top to bottom.

But even disguising itself with in these otherwise but bottom one that's what you have in the north. The been in Lebanon there is strong and Syria now that's what you have in the north, you have the same murderous mentality slaughter the Jews in Israel slaughter the Jews.

Whoever does it.

It's a great war from Allah. All right, that's the mentality that is right on Israel's immediate northern border. It is imperative for peace were security that Israel is made that Israel has those orders very simple. This is not some mystical thing I could care less with the UN Security Council says it doesn't surprise me because the UN Security Council of extraordinary history of anti-Israel bias is Nikki Haley strongly and rightly called up as Pres. Trump strongly and rightly called out another lease of strongly and rightly, and as is well documented.

Resources go to S. Dr. type in United Nations and you'll see some of the sites that we link you to that document the UN's history of anti-Semitism.

So the fact that they are upset with the US during this tells you again the US is doing the right thing. This is essential for Israel's security.

And without Israel having secure borders. There is no possible talk of peace.

This had to be done.

This is the right thing. I am glad it was done right, 86634.

Truth is never the call with your Jewish related questions. One of the thing.

One of the thing New Zealand New Zealand mosque chairman. This is Jewish, and Israel news that all the minor New Zealand mosque chairman accuses Mossad Zionist business of orchestrating Christchurch and terrible tragedy terrible tragedy. Muslims killed in cold blood down to little children and was three years old.

No justification. These these are not combatants more. These are not people ready to take your head off. These are people in a mosque. I know I do not believe Islam is a true religion. They are human beings. Their fellow human beings. There 100% protected under the law. There is no possible justification in any human scenario that has a heart has a conscience is a sense of justice for for what happens is murder.

Mass murder mass murder.

End of subject. So soon, we denounce it. Anyone that speaks for we denounce anyone that there comes as a social or social media in trust to defend this we 100% walk delete your comments and block them for good. All right, the fact that the chairman of New Zealand mosque was caught on video telling a rally in the city of Auckland with the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad and sinus business behind the recent shooting attack in two mosque crisis is absolutely abominable apartment and detested no no that that did not lead to the shedding of Jewish blood at that moment no. It was at the equivalent of of the 50 Muslims who were slaughtered no but this is the type of poisonous Jew hatred poisonous anti-Semitism that has cost so many Jewish lives through the centuries that has led to the shedding of so much Jewish blood to the centuries that is contributed to so much of the hardship and pain. The Jewish people experience through the centuries.

It is utterly detestable and of all people on the planet. That's someone who shouldn't set someone who just saw the ferocity the hatred the bloodshed at the hands of over Muslim hater or an immigrant hater really want to classify him all right. And by the way, if this guy was a legitimate white nationalist white supremacist. These people in the history of hating the Jews at an and in modern days these people have a history of of hating modern Israel so of all people that you known this.

This is when you now try to reach out and peace rather than spread more anti-Semitic lies.

This person should know, but that's how deep anti-Semitism is in his long and that's how vile hatred of Israel is today in many Islamic circles around the world to this moment.

This moment all the more reason that Israel needs secure borders and friends like America all right. We are going back straight. Your call soon as we returned, 866-3487 80. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, usually from early Thursday Celeste on Twitter you think would be an honorable thing seen at the goal on the Syrian territory future genies energy profits from the gas and all that is been found in abundance of the bill Syria. I responded don't get response everything. But since this was right on target with them. Talk about number one Syria attacked Israel and Syria lost territory in battle that's that's the reality. They lost the territory and more. The second thing is Syria has remained a base for attacks on Israel to this day, and is often cooperated with her. So that's an ongoing loss.

Mr. nonetheless Israeli doctors work is the border on a daily basis. Help Syrian refugees help help Syrian sewer who were hurt and injured in the terrible war that's been taking place there for years, often sacrificial. Some of my friends have worked closely with them and it's amazing what they do to help the people of Syria.

Finally, Syria made peace with Israel Syria would be blessed in many many ways. All right to the phones.

Let's go to the gym in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Your first stop on today's line of fire. Hello Jim, go ahead. Oh good afternoon, dark brown arm.

Jim and I have a question pertaining to a former professor whose funeral will be tomorrow the Jewish Christian and I intend to go to Cheryl about Israel be a part of the but if given an opportunity just might stop wondering how should I have about their in terms of being at Jewish fellow I've never been one my life and don't want to really say anything or do anything that might be of the reason Pam the space person was the professor very brilliant man.

He converted to Judaism and he would sometimes start to convert me, but I did not ever convert so that a man but if I could you give me one who has convert to percent and Jim, thanks. Thanks for your sensitivity in this in this issue when you say participate in the funeral. Did you mean you might be asked to say something more, do something I I. To doubt it. But you would've been hell yeah you what it's like to be a spontaneous thing you would you would've been told so first thing we can hear the funeral. You know you you put on a nice suit and you go there with with a heavy heart and I would go there, praying that God would increase your sensitivity for the Jewish people that depending on how religious they were. The funeral will be will be different.

Some contributes very secular sum can be very, very religious white. When did he pass away. I drift out very fair today. I don't think them hot, but it might've been yesterday while I'm not really sure yet because I do not think that I do not take the local newspaper at all.

Right… So Jim, insured and word-of-mouth. A juice must be buried within 24 hours of death. So if if the person was very, very secular that with the Madison converted to Judaism is probably taken more seriously. But Jim, it would just be a matter of going in and sitting quietly when if people stand, you stand.

If something is read as if it's a prayer you can look at it. If you agree with it.

You can say it.

If not you. You just sit by and you wouldn't do anything offensive.

In other words, you're just going there to to see off her friend and obviously you're not happy with him leaving the Christian faith is eternal fate. You don't know anything.

But how he died. What happened that's between him and God. But you just go there if you if you see a line of people that that are grieving the family afterwards you just say he was a fine man or something or will miss him.

Whatever that that's it. Don't don't try to be a witness or anything like that, you know that's not the place for it to share the gospel but see if the Lord just deepens your burden for the Jewish people and being in a setting like that. Otherwise this, follow the lead of the crowd of people sit use it if they stand they stand for the line to shake the hand you do it and out like anything you just say you know what you would about a friend so may the Lord be with you and and may be deep in your heart of the lost sheep of the house of Israel thing. Thanks for asking.

Jim all right, let's go to Nathan in Georgia walking to the line of fire. Hello, I think we talked earlier this year. Last year, but I had a a question on Job chapter 26 verse seven. All right to request that debit layering mean that God suspended.

On nothing because you know, like II did believe that it gave him not relate to share. Since I'm a little confused on these really imply yet so it's it's literally a bleeding mom is is literally without anything it's will not want without without anything and as I'm looking at different translations the Septuagint so the ancient Greek translation reads that it's it's it's suspended it's hung on on nothing but me to see yet so let's see just sampling the English translations King James new King James CSB ESV NIV NET also either. He hangs the earth on nothing or he suspends the earth over nothing, hangs the earth on nothing you one translation after another wondrous translations as he suspends earth over emptiness, but anything emptiness is reading something and it's it's literally on nothing.

It's without anything hangs in about anything so for those that that want to point that out in terms of of the creation account that would be different than the idea of the of the earth dislikes standing on certain colors in the Posa standing on this and so on, that this is a verse that really is is a great creation statement in the Hebrew it's pretty clear you know that what I said pretty clear. I don't know how you consented more clearly meant to say. Nothing is unique expression infected and he read on to fight it off. In fact, this can look those words together gleam which is literally with without that anything and yet as I thought. This is the only time it occurs in the whole Bible right here so that I please. What it means or it is now my question towards that. I like out in iron I believe that to but it there was a skeptic site that said basically that McCain James that on nothing. So basically implying that a hook is holding it up and admitting that each hook is not on there.I think they're joking on that.

But it also said that wasn't God. He was saying that in there that very specifically what I think is job stranded jokingly saying that my Hello it's Jones speaking about the acts of God, that's no bribes. The Bible is people talking about the acts of God.

Genesis 11 is not written in the first person in the beginning I created the heavens and the earth, but in the beginning God created so it's people describing what God does. Throughout the entire Bible.

Now there are passages in Isaiah that are similar, you know, and in Isaiah 40 through 48. Recent passages were God speaks directly to the prophet. If this is Job proclaiming God's works to say he hung it on, nothing suspended and on. Nothing else you said and it was one of the words you say if if you say just if you say he threw it out there doesn't mean you like bold means that skeptics can make fun of whatever words used but is behavior saying that he that inherits a graphic picture of God is putting it out there suspending on nothing but if it suspended on nothing. It suspended from nothing, so it's not like he's gotta a hook.

He's holding the hook in the hooks going to know it's to try to trivialize that that's a skeptic telling you I have no interest in what the Bible actually says, and on to do is make a mockery of it needs exactly what you thought it meant and it's a very powerful verse saying that you would say that ticket from you know God like job got this idea from God it wasn't from himself and that it actually does have implications like like it, set scientific. If UL that you did you and Mike witnessing to people like to show how great the Bible is yet another words, where would Job idea. There's no ancient cosmology. There is no ancient description of the universe being created will be created that with tie-in with this from other of the religions of the creation accounts of the myths and traditions and things like that.

So where we've gotten the idea in less God put it in his heart that's that's one thing. And for those that are going to attack the Bible in one place so you know they're actually several different pictures that the Bible paints about creation and and again I do not look to the Bible for specific scientific statements, meaning this that all those that believe certain things about creation. All those that believe, for example, that that the sun one around the earth right if the Bible specifically says no, the earth goes around the sun then through most of history through most of world history it in until the times of Copernicus and Galileo and all of that that everybody would've thought the Bible was wrong even though the Bible was right okay and then that I'm also the point is God's communicating truth about who he is and his greatness and his power and his might and his majesty and his wisdom rather than giving specific scientific information.

If the Bible does give specific scientific information, then it would be accurate information but that's not mainly why this is done so by all means use this first show I yeah the Bible is statements like this, you know that that do not fit in with ancient recent culture and belief somewhere that come from this to be something that Jesus is the second main reason is that science is been there for five hours and I think you can call Nathan back with more your calls and some interesting things I want to share with you. We come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends for now you're Jewish related calls or warmly welcomed in particular those who differ with me, 866337884 a few weeks ago I took very strong issue with some comments that I called I was anti-Semitic by Rick Wiles on true news and posted publicly.

Hey, let's discuss this.

Let's debate this so the folks are true news got back to me immediately and said hey come down to Vero Beach will have you on our TV show. Coffee is great here with discuss the issues so we got back to immediately not a coffee drinker so passed on that but absolutely let's do it by let's be fair. Let's have Rick Wiles on my radio show so I'll agree to be on his TV show. If he agrees to be on my radio show and if not then let's have a formal moderated debate we can lay out the issues.

Some of the outrageous charges that were brought by Rick while excluding Jews controlled in the White House and Jews basically controlling the of evangelical leaders that work with Trump because they didn't want anything to happen were it would affect Israel etc. and so they don't caught sinners wanted to some very outrageous, highly unfortunate things, and there may very publicly so were addressing very publicly. So we still don't have word. This is some time that we been asking for would be still do not have word as to whether Rick Wiles will come on this radio show the whole hour together. That's great. I'll go on his TV show the basis in the record TIME going on his shoulder, my radio show both put in writing that we agreed to do them severely doesn't first the others obligated before the Lord to do the other and and then we. If he says no to that that isolate several formal public moderated debate that your issues substantiate them all. They outweigh I assume you're wrong. Substantiate that and go back and forth cross-examine each other. See with the facts actually why so that's where it stands and hopefully will move forward with this and have some good fruitful dialogue okay before I go to the phones I I get all kinds of interesting things sent my way on an hourly basis and not everybody likes me as you know, and my fellow Jews don't appreciate me sharing Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. So we get comments posted constantly on our social media outlets, whereby God's grace were able to reach millions of people we get negative comments posted constantly. So I just wanted take you into my world for a moment on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday this comment was from Scott and was over on our YouTube channel. You're such a sick deceptive person.

Dr. Brown and you know you're wrong and what you're doing is wrong.

True weak person in a week to you cop out to JC for easy spiritual fill because you don't have the will to live is a real Jew sibling studies the Scriptures tested our stupid New Testament is how much of a fraud it is and how all of its concepts are completely fronted, Bob.

I caught you twisting Scripture lately lying about what Scripture says it's disgusting.

It's a sickening, well rehearsed, but how do you live with yourself when you know you living a life XD Scott you may be projecting there about living a lie. Don't know about your own life or who you are, but please give us a call and me one example growth ever twisted Scripture lately lied about what Scripture say I actually live with great joy and peace be before my heavenly father God of Israel. I live in the deep sense of affirmation because my heart is very simple. Got along please. You and is a Jew. I want to please you and Ali follow your truth wherever it leads those of cost or consequence with my life by death. That's my great joy. That's why I Stan Rice that that's why I hold to what I hold. That's why despite rejection despite being spat on, despite being threatened. Despite very unfortunate misguided posts like this. By God's grace we continue Stan Goforth regardless of what has come our way into joy.

It's a privilege to serve reproach for the gospel so all you do sinners encourage me to keep being a faithful Jew and making known the Jewish Messiah. Thankfully, many of our people do have your stay here and and others like you are still walking in darkness and groping in darkness. The good news is God's light shines even in the dark. The Scott I I pretty will have humility to recognize God's light when it shines it's it's awfully hard to see you been wrong. But if you're honest person does light shines in you. And that's when you say God help me follow you. That's when you understand the issue is the light of the world and that was written in the New Testament writings is written.

Standing on the shoulders and building on the foundation itself was written Tanakh Hebrew Bible of Peter responding to one of our Jewish outreach readers is that Howard will change. What the heck no Galway lunatic. No one need your BS. Keep talking your SMAC Hashemi God will strike you down Peter. It's unfortunate to see so much anger inside of you and and the welling up of some ugly poison inside of you. I live under the blessing of Hashem day by day.

He's incredibly merciful and compassionate and kind and loving what a goddess is the prophet Micah said Miguel Comeau who's who's a godlike you move with extraordinary God he is, and I've come to know him as as Abba my intimate father through what Yeshua the Messiah has done II can only pray that you will come to know him as well. The high said this, he typo there is a disgrace to Judaism, a fake Jew hate. I don't mind being called the disgrace if it's for following the she is also interesting is that at different times in Jewish history when some of our people are broken away from the mainstream of their day to follow their conscience.

They were vilified at that time, but then later have involvement recognized and appreciated.

Hail and Eliezer Ben Yehuda, who was determined to resuscitate the Hebrew language and make a language for today.

He went through a whole lot of opposition because of, or that the hussy deemed the early followers of the balsams over the 1700s to broke away with a lot of the condition of their day, or the study style of their day were vilified in some cases been excommunicated now are some of the largest ports of Judaism around the world. So the fact that you have to go against the grain. That's that's part of what we do as as Jews. They did being a fake Jew if you mean that my mother and father want Jewish that doesn't work in my DNA tests confirm 90% Ashkenazi, 10% Sephardic so that's all confirm for me to fake Jew that enough on Jewish tradition. I'm not claiming to be a traditional Jew I'm not putting on an outfit to look like a traditional Jew to make you think I'm something that I'm not I differ with traditional Judaism as a messianic Jew, following Jesus Yeshua the Messiah because he is the Messiah of Israel. I want to be authentic in God's sight. My interest is not being authentic in the sight of people, much as it is being authentic in the sight of God. Now others joining as well as not just from Jew sides that we get attacked with some of this set. Someone came Paul Charles Spurgeon John Wesley there burning in hell and then you die, you're gonna burn in hell. Mr. Brown, you are lost, those were entirely other video and I feel feel bad for Paul but they were to be put in the same company as Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, I'll take that any day. These just as the destination wrong you looking forward to being with them. He's just got the destination wrong, but I I I smile because these attacks use are so off-base. But I do feel bad for people that are this blinded with rage or anger that this misled and and the good news is just like Saul of Tarsus was once a persecutor, one that had believers put to death and then became with the great champions of the faith in himself die for the gospel. People like me little people like me, not my people.

I call the little people like me who who oppose the gospel and then got wonderfully saved God continues to work. There are former Muslim imams that were persecuting Christians that revving Christians put to death that are now passionate followers of Jesus discovered an email to some some is email list. Today I was reminded of this brother in Egyptian brother used to be a terrorist and you will not find the more's the passionate support of Israel and redeliver the Jewish people than this man today and and what I was with him yesterday was line Israel was sitting next to an Orthodox rabbi. They began to talk in the rabbis ask about his background in the custody are used to kill Jews is to be a terrorist file reviews the Christian I love the Jewish people.

So God can change hearts and maybe some of these people in days to come will be some of those most wonderfully grammatically changed 866-34-TRUTH all right. We go to Jake up in Las Vegas. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown predicted my question my question concerns the Canon of the Old Testament from a New Testament perspective, we have an area here or there are a lot of Catholics and the Apocrypha. Is it correct for me to say, especially when I'm teaching that the Apocrypha, the apocryphal books of the Old Testament is recognized by the Catholic Church are really not part of the Canon of the Old Testament to a Hebrew yes that that would be correct if you if you ask a Jewish person. What is the Bible.

They will say, to run the VM could tubing so Torah profits and rights Torah consists of the five books of Moses, the prophets consist of Joshua Judges 1st and second Samuel first sick kings and then Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and 12 on the prophets in the writings consist of everything else the historical books that it mentioned like versus a Chronicles and and Ezra Nehemiah Esther looks like Ruth the wisdom and and poetry books so Psalms Job Proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, etc. so all those other books. Daniel Lamentations.

Those are considered for the writings but bottom line the same thing that Protestants call the Old Testament is the exact same thing.

The Jews call the Old Testament there. There is no reading say of of first Maccabees as being actual Scripture or or Tobit or pincer ecclesiastical's is being Scripture and in Judaism so you can say we have with those were in the Septuagint and and there were Jewish traditions that recognize the any official Canon of the Hebrew Bible that that looks at what is Scripture always excludes those books.

So yes, your 100% accurate in saying that in all of the records of canonicity that we have would support that statement in terms of what Jews recognize as the Bible.

Great predicament? You are very welcome 86634 to got time for all a few more questions so still time to get in and I will give you an update on apologetics contest that is still taking place with it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome welcome to run through the Thursday 866-34-TRUTH have you seen our new video is Jesus kosher for Jews. You've got to our new animated consider this. You've got to see it, share it with your Christian friends share it with you Jewish friends. It's on the S. Dr. Brown website. It's on the Esther to run YouTube channel. Okay, so over the last week there was this fun apologetics contest put together by two young apologists on twitter with a pick 64 different apologetics apologetics ministries logic leaders ministries and then had a micro bracket. A competition like the NCAA college trim.

It was 64 teams and each time one beats the other than it's reduced to 32 than 16 and eight and for than the final two so anyway I found out about it when it was process.

I thought how funny and I beat the young man that I was up against. The first time and then the next mama because Ravi Zacharias like okay Robbie's everyone is rubs across the sums gonna win. But then I what happened was I thought all others, share with folks, this is going on this thing. All folks that you know people in on twitter Facebook this target involve voting for thought on how funny so with like minutes to go. Literally minutes to go.

I passed Ravi Zacharias on Sunday morning and whatnot for the competition then I'm up next against Jay Warner Wallace cold case detective with your sexy fun people are finding out about other apologist, they don't know about, and I'm having fun interacting with people so just for fun. I stayed engaged any anywhere even though if the public. That is because Ravi and Jay want to even the score.

Not but anyway so I II BJ one was the next Was William Ln., Craig is of these are great guys make great impacts of being used by God in powerful defenders of the faith, and I guess because my folks knew about it may be his folks that know I sub it was incorrect and that is Pastor Mike when you may not of heard of Mike but Pastor Mike Wenger is getting good Internet following seas is a younger guy pastor passionate defender of the faith also. So we were up against each other and and he passes me a couple days he passes me the middle of the night, he puts out a funny video as to why would you vote for who so funny, so I I thought he's going when he's up like 51% to 49% no way he's got such a good Internet following so I put out my funny video, respond anyway. I beat him at the I put out a video response and I mean we were all laughing and start just having fun in the midst of the intense battle day and night, so anyway I made it to the fizzling two people left right so it's me against, guess who Ciesla CS Lewis okay so we hundred. We understand that there's no contest to that CS Lewis is a giant that is influences is massive that these arguably the most influential Christian writers based on evangelicals of the 20th century. To think of it as mere Christianity or the Chronicles of Narnia in a movie. The movies and also meet CSO we can see that we fully recognize that but but I have an angle I mangle the competition will launch Friday night and continue through Sunday so I have an angle to acknowledge him is of course the chap in the winter. I'm out of his league, but but here's what you should vote for me, so we we've gotta is to be good free beer that we have that ready. This is what's coming next. If you're watching the up Yours truly against the great CS Lewis of this apologetics competition so it's all been in good fun, but the positive the positive coming out of it is one. A lot of people are finding out about other city know about and to wear hearing great reports about how all of our materials is a blessing and help to you and and out of everybody they I think I'm the only one may be the only one Jewish to the only one with a major mission of phone Romans 116 to the Jew first so this befalling us on on Twitter if you're not on the or if your Facebook page Esther to Brown to hear about this, but my twitter handle is DR Michael L.

Brownson two Elsner DR Michael L. Brown join us for help will go up against the great CS Lewis of course of some of these guys a giant site and I honor them and and they're having massive impact if there if their forces were mobilize the social media, the mainline war that they would be if this is us all in good fun, but along the way, thank you for your many kind words and your comments and just letting us know how we been a blessing.

Thank you thank you thank you. That means so much to us and to all of you who are supporters or monthly torchbearers. Those of you helping us in so many different ways.

Those who pray for us.

Thank you. We are making a difference together right back to the phones. Let's go to Carolina in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to light a fire you hear me yes if you speak out clearly. I can have a cold. All I'm sorry about that. Thank you so much I earn my Gentile believer all my life. Yes, you want to know how to turn that word of God which permit apply only to the nation in which permit apply also to the child to the body of okay wonderful question. Carolina first thing is that we know there are many many universal promises that are made right so many promises throughout the New Testament are universal. Therefore, all believers and and knowing God promises to answer our prayer or be near to us and help us and things like that and then many of the promises, the book of Proverbs are universal. If you live like this that you will see results like this.

Many of the prayers and the Psalms are are universal and we can take them along with. So here's what I would say every promise that God has made throughout the whole Bible, you can spiritually apply. For example, when God tells Joshua and the children of Israel every place where your foot treads and give you that land will obviously we can't just walk into a neighbors yard and stepped foot say I declare this is my land, but we can say spiritually that whatever God calls us to do whatever steps he takes us calls us to take will be blessed. We can make spiritual application of everything and especially as God applies it to our heart a given situation. You might be reading about the scattered refugees of Israel and how God's gonna regather in the spirit may speak your heart.

Just as I promised regather them on the regather family law. Okay, that's a spiritual promise, but we cannot take what God literally promised Israel is literally for ourselves, meaning he did not promise he would bring us back to the land of Israel. He did not promise that that is one big particular thing.

The national promises that he made to Israel. He didn't make any other specific nation. There is no other nation on the planet that his relationship to God that Israel did so, the physical literal promises to Israel should be taken physically and literally everything that we can apply were so spiritually do so. Isaiah 4110. Fear not from with Rosa specific promised Israel specific time in history, but the spirit can speak that to us in our times of trouble and difficulty, fear not from with so make spiritual application don't make literal application of those that the plan was and don't steal her from Israel, make spiritual application, but realize the literal promises remain for them. Thank you for the call out, let's go to Cheryl in Mansfield, Texas.

Time is short so please way right in. Thank you for all you do. Welcome okay you about the man in the garden in the garden. I definitely know it not at all that with the fan in the garden of root or the act of pictorially and unite the following yeah okay so the idea that Eve had sexual relations with the snake's is 100% bogus.

There is zero support for that in Scripture in any way, shape, size and form so completely throw that out its mythological there is no scriptural truth for it is no scriptural hint at it is no scriptural allusion to it whatsoever.

We know that there that the picture that's painted in Genesis the third chapter is one of the little tree with literal fruit doesn't say it was an Apple you're correct but literal fruit and the sin was disobedience to God that God said you can eat all the trees right tree of life. All the trees just don't touch this one. Adam and Eve had a certain innocence. They were obviously perfectly created so they had a brilliance. They had a physical stature beyond we could relate to us as fallen human beings.

They they were perfect creations of God but they had an innocence, it says at the end of Genesis 2.

They were both naked and felt no shame. Think of it like this. If you think of of two babies on unchanging tables in the nursery right and now shall refuse and you got a six month old boy and is being changed next to six month old girl. There is no consciousness what sort of link it boy or girl when they could note there is zero consciousness of that Adam and Eve as fully developed perfect humans had that innocence eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The sin was disobedience eating the fruit was not the issue, except it was fruit from a tree of which they were not to eat so that was the issue. Disobedience to explicit command of God, and now the knowledge that they received as disobedient human beings was a mixture for them. Now there innocence was lost so you can have massive knowledge, but have it in an innocent way, I believe, forever and ever and ever. With all the knowledge and learning experience we have, it will be with the complete innocence that we have not known as conscious human beings so forget serpents, you think 100% bogus zero scriptural support for the sin was not this the specific nature of the fruit, but disobedience to God's command.

Genesis 320 explicit reinforcement in seconds and she and second Corinthians 11 that with you tomorrow. You've got questions

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