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The Silver Lining in the Humbling of the American Church

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 25, 2022 5:10 pm

The Silver Lining in the Humbling of the American Church

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 25, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/25/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. I will explain today why my approach to the problems that America always begins with spiritual issues. First time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more sanity and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. Darkness is deepest right before the light begins to shine. I'm in is reality every single night when it gets its darkest. Immediately after that it begins to get lighter little by little soften the same in the spiritual realm. Could that be the case now in America where so many things are going wrong where we are hitting bottom, and so many other ways. When we are in one of the worst conditions we've been in as a nation in many many decades.

Could it be that there's a silver lining in all of this and something spiritual.

God himself is doing something in the midst of his welcome friends to the want to fire. This is Michael Brown. By God's grace here to see you healthy.

Striving for faith, courage, truth, you can take your stand for God so you can be a light shining in dark places so you can make a positive difference in the world in which you and I live friends. There is no political solution to the problems in America, there is no cultural solution.

We must have a gospel solution now for my zero but having said that, we talk about a bunch of things of spiritual importance today but we want to open the phones for any subject you want to talk about what we do on Friday whenever almost never can get to a good number the caller so will start open up the phones for random subjects on other days with this. If you have a question or comment that does not relate to them talk about all later in the broadcast. Get your calls will really recall the better. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and one more reminder if you don't get my emails while you know it's like is like a restaurant that you really like to go to and every time you go there there all kinds of things for free that you'll know about free appetizers, free meals, free drinks, free desserts all their for you but you don't know about so let us equip you. Let us give you all these great free resources new videos we put out the new articles we put out. I got to minister to people when I was speaking in Las Vegas this past weekend. Why will they run our email list and found out I was going to be in their area, so sign up SK dear Brown asked Dr. Brown dog org and then right there on the homepage you be able to click to find out sees me to subscribe to the newsletter and the fun about our next trip to Israel. Seating is limited. We don't take like some of the ministries. Larger ministries will take you 10 buses or things like that. Whatever the they do it with excellence, but also be smaller to buses.

Max could just be one bustle is limited. Check it out Israel for May 2023 okay so let's let's start here. If you have followed our work over a number of years you know that I am not primarily a political commentator. I will speak about politics is your voice from all 70 and spiritual clarity, but I'm not primarily a political commentator and in fact there are a limited number of subjects that I speak on related to politics tons of stuff is happening all the time in the world of politics and I'm not commenting on it because that's the summer calling us that my gifting is that my focus is on my burden. All right, I I address political issues because they intersect with cultural issues I address those cultural issues because they intersect with moral issues address those moral issues because they intersect with gospel issues. I'm a gospel first got that's more orientation.

That's my mindset started preaching in 1973 at the age of 18 and in what amount ministering the gospel.

That's what I'm doing about ministering the gospel in a fight touch on these other things. It's as the gospel relates them so everybody has their calling. Some people are are economic commentators and conservative pundits and political experts.

My expertise is Bible first and from there touching every other area of society so will not. When I look at the state of the nation when a look at the state of the society I'm seeing here were having the political problems, but those arise out of big cultural problems and those cultural problems arise out, of deep moral problems and those moral problems arise out of deep spiritual problems.

If we can get the spiritual right, we align with God than the moral will fall into one of the cultural forms along the political be better shape. Obviously America and no nation on earth. America will never be perfect in this world. America will not totally be Christian ever before Jesus returns.

My goal is not for us to take a rare takeoff know when I called to take over call to serve all right. We are not called to to take dominion over other people's lives or calling is to bring people to Jesus of the they will submit to him. He is the one who was to rule over people's lives. Cecil why you get involved because we live in a Democratic Republic and we can vote we can make a difference in that respect right is positive to do it but I'm still choosing between one worldly system and an otherworldly system. In other words, politics is of the spirit of the age. The difference between the gospel in politics. This is the difference between heaven and earth.

All right, so my trust is not the political system in all of vote based on who which Canada things better.

Might my trust is not in the political system right so said that enough you for that enough but I want to reemphasize it because of your midterm elections coming in, and this can be daylight frenzy until 2024 so it's good if we keep reminding ourselves of that so that we can better keep our perspective here is the problem.

Big big big problem.

Jesus tells us his disciples. Matthew five you one of the world city on a hill cannot be hid. So we are called to shine like like few verses before Jesus is you are the salt of the earth. The Matthew 513 60 the salt. If you are the light of the world. So we are called to be a moral conscience of the side, we are called to be a moral disinfectant is as some have put we are called to illuminate the darkness. How many times have we said that you go into a dark room and flip the light switch on when nothing happens you get mad at the darkness will you say what's wrong with the white was the matter with the light that's the question that you ask Jesus in a different context in Matthew six says if the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness so big big big problem in America is was multiplied tens of millions of people claiming to be born-again Christians and with so many tens of millions of people attending church services or watching gospel TV or listening to gospel radio were taken gospel content online was only tens of millions of us a substantial part of the population professing to be followers of Jesus if our light is not shining brightly now got a really really big problem that cannot just shoot straight.

The candidate must were listening right okay we have had a whole lot of scandals in the church with your Pentecostal charismatic with your Southern Baptist with your Roman Catholic weather you're into academics and universities or with your into apologetics. We have had a lot of scandals in each of these different areas so Pentecostal charismatic side of things right that's that's would've lived in for decades that the failed trump prophecies. The false trump prophecies among other issues, but that I mean is massive egg on our face and in the not getting cold prophecies right massive egg on her face, and Christian critics have have rightly called us out for that and said where it how you justify expert notes shameful, shameful, many, many, many leaders badly deceived shameful event then you look over say that Southern Baptists suck good good friends of some Baptist but that's not my own circle benefit of traveling as much and and you've got the sexual abuse scandals there that whatever accident happened that it appears that there were key leaders who basically made the victims guilty in silence them to defend and protect others. If these charges record but it seems that much of this is very accurate. And then of course the ongoing scandal that that doesn't go away in Catholic circles fruit for years now in America and abroad. Six scandals there and and I'm looking to start naming names but through denominations known for worship through different groups known for this or that major schools is one scandal after another and and we have been like the world rather than the world changing us. This is rather strange.

The world was changed us, and in many ways our message in some circles is to become like the world when we show the world how much like the world. We are just like you will. And why would I want to leave everything to follow your God, one will want to do that so we did a lot of egg in her face, but fears the silver lining in middle here's the good news judgment begins with the house of God. God is humbling us. That's first Peter four judgment must begin with the house of God. God has been refining us. God has been humbling us.

God is been revealing a lot of the junk why because he wants to move because he wants to send revival, he's bringing us down so we can raise us up.

He's exposing the junk so that will come to deep repentance, so we won't trust in ourselves so we won't go boasting about our own power or wisdom refinances or resources or platforms instead will be on our faces in God we need you, have mercy on us brothers just pointing the finger at the wicked world and the wicked society in these bad evil people so pointing mainly at that what we do. Call sent out the society were first looking at our own lives and on our faces would have mercy. Lord be gracious so yes it is a time of humiliation and judgment purging, but I believe there's a silver lining in it all is the church of America's Humboldt will come to a place where we are ready to be recipients of revival. Blessed Jesus, a truly happy or the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. All right, 086-6348 789. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I am and go to the phones shortly, but can I bring in one other important perspective when it comes to want to see America impacted where you live. I know folks listen to the broadcast around the world, different nations, who weren't really living it's it's the same principle to say here applies to to your family.

It applies to the community which you live in Foster City nation same principles. Take a look with me in Ephesians chapter 6 right Ephesians, chapter 6, and in their Paul is is writing to the believers in Ephesus. Of course, and it's one of the most famous passages that that we've heard taught on preached on in the New Testament and pulling up in my accordance Bible software so you can just put all kinds of different debts that it was called the desktop so this is one I have with the with Bible and in English on the left and Greek on the right. So Paul begins in verse 10. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

Put on the whole armor of God's that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places, and therefore with we put on the whole armor of God Slickers again verse 12 for we do not wrestle against her wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places right so yes, this is personal and individual right. In other words, individually, we are not fighting human beings we are fighting demonic powers when you're alone in your room at night and getting bombarded with thoughts of anxiety or fear were sinful temptations you not battling people rebelling demonic forces seeking to plant a new church in an area and there's all types of of opposition and hostility you. You may see it outwardly from people behind that there are demonic strongholds of the supplies personally but then, on a larger corporate level. Would you agree with me. If you're an atheist answer is no, but if you are a Bible believer. Would you agree with me that we are in a spiritual battle. Would you agree with me that Satan is actively working to destroy lives in America and other nations not blaming everything on the devil.

Would you agree with me that he is actively involved will then how is a solution that does not start with spiritual things. How how is the solution that is more natural and spiritual going to change the nation here come back to your planning a church in an area right and there there is, let's just say that the pot is legal and with it some of the things of opened up and that this had a negative impact on the society and there's a lot more anarchy and chaos, and drug use and you work hard to get people to think differently about pot, even to the point of changing the law. So it's not legal. The way it is now okay good work on the law, but Mr. change people's hearts there still to be messed up and bound right if better have a good more than a bad law, but Mr. change people's hearts rooster to be confused and lost. And if in fact there are demonic spiritual strongholds as you travel the world you encounter them. Wow, it's just wide open. The gospel, moving incredibly in this country you go over here and you you just hit a wall like a brick wall and one place your words sink deeper and people change.

The other place it seems there's no response.

Why will there are spiritual battles strongholds. These things are real. Some I'm not looking for a demon under every rock.

II spend what when I'm on a prayer retreat for weekends of spending hours and hours in prayer with the Lord. Maybe there's one moment in that prayer time. I feel really stirred to to to come against satanic powers of things that that the model focuses the Lord right a meeting with the Lord Lewis and ministry.

I recognize that there are spiritual battles reface so if our biggest issues are spiritual right then I can be fixed by politics that then I can be fixed by this one elector that, when elected, yet the voting helps, but is is way down on the list of our spiritual weapons of of the of the tactics we can use to bring about positive change. So that's why my focus is always a what's happening in the church. If we can repent. If we get right. If we get read it set free from bondage. In the society and in bondage in our own hearts and minds. Then we can be agents of liberation. That's why am always good to be gospel first in my approach. So yes we intersect here on the broadcast regular political issues. Just moments ago shows about the start friends would go for many many years asking for which we do some very close to her family same-sex wedding to be going on us.

Why couldn't for the following reasons. Will the world we live in. So this is cultural. This political but ultimately it spiritual or only in track. We InSync on track InSync 866-34-TRUTH of let's go over to Jeremiah in Denver Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Mark Brown.

My question today is about family members, friends, community who one point in time, believe the gospel.

They confess Christ as their Lord and Savior, and absent abandonment and living a bigger agnostic life. Obviously these people salvation is greatly wearing on my soul and I've heard you say before that people can have their name written in the book of life, but when they live in rebellion to God. They can have their name stricken.

Remove and I just wanted to know where in the Bible exactly as that found right so that specific concept comes from the words of Jesus in Revelation 3 when he tells the church in Philadelphia that I will not blot your name out of the book of life was if you honor me, I will not blot your name out the larger concept that someone can know the Lord and then walk away from him is found in many, many verses in the New Testament. For example, if you look in the book of Hebrews chapters 2, three, four, 10 and 12 explicitly releases. Hebrews 6 touches on it as well. You have passages like first Peter two where Peter talks about those who knew the way of righteousness. Who knew the truth and you turned away from it that it would been better if they had never known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and turned away. Others would say no. First John two says those who went out from us, were never among us that if someone claimed to be a believer even seem to be a believer and then turn away and they die in sin, then they were never truly saved and others would say, although once your Savior, always saved you turn away once you cross from death to life. You can cross back. So maybe your life is cut short. Or maybe don't receive as much heavenly reward so that last position Sarah.

I reject strongly and that I agree with you and I agree with you about the problem with a lot of elders in my community that you and I feel they become complacent with trying to regain the lost its dreadful it's absolutely dreadful because the word is very clear in my view about the possibility of apostasy so even if I held the second view that those that turn away were never truly saved in the first place will then I'd be deeply burdened to see them truly come to know the Lord and and.

For example, if you are Calvinist and you believe if someone is truly Sayville persevere in holiness of the following is only temporary than if you were consistent Calvinist, you'd really be crying out to God for them when they fell away to turn back. Look at the gym either here you're your name Jeremiah, you know, the book of Jeremiah. This constant called Israel turn back turn back turn back with the understanding that if you turn away the lost. If you turn away and dine your sin, your loss.

There is not a ace adverse in the Bible that a single verse and and friends call and prove me wrong. I'm a put out an open challenge is that a single verse anywhere in the Bible that says that if we willingly, knowingly reject Jesus and Diane sin and rebellion that we will still be safe not one verse that can possibly support the user will says if we deny him the Diaspora then we don't believe you.

You want and I'm so right. If we don't believe you still there if we deny him, he will deny us so Jeremiah you are right to have that burden and it could well be that your prayers or their lifeline. These people who once knew the Lord when Mike met my best friend before I was say fellow band member.

I was best man in his wedding.

He was best man and not my wedding. He was away from the Lord for over 40 years, close to 45 years and we were talking on the phone the other day as well. You brought me back will, of course, it was the Lord's work and he knew that but I just be bird. The pressure is pray for him as well but God brought them back and he's on fire and preaching and giving close to 45 years so keep crying out, keep believing honor the elders that differ but you carry that burden and the Lord will hear your prayers will see your tears and you may just be the lifeline of these people coming back to Gog Magog restore them to God bring the real repentance and faith never really known him meeting Vivian, thank you for the call will affect the phones so the great line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I 7884 the Lord is open. The really neat doors for me over the last decade to K+ to write on political websites conservative websites as well as explicitly Christian gospel websites of the particular political websites or conservative Christian in the larger perspective, but they are political. It was a fun, just in a Bible study every day that the articles will be posted because there are many political cultural issues.

So does open the door for me to do that. It laid on my heart that I was to do it and then dropping to do it and I've done it, probably written over 2500 article since the point is though that in in in writing these articles, I'm still coming from a gospel first mentality, but I'm not like some other talk radio host is a conservative political talk radio host or some cultural commentator the brilliance of a culture, but is not necessarily a Bible believer. They have their roles and they do good and educate beginner how many times have you heard me talk about economic issues almost numb wife of expertise and it it's not my gifting calling educational background as a my burden.

How many times have you heard me address issues of immigration very rarely same reasons.

Here you hear me talk a lot about Second Amendment and our right to carry arms know it's it's it's not my emphasis focus. So the areas that have touched on over the years but pro-life areas family issue, sexuality issues, things like that. The things that the Lord Burghley to address and they then tie in directly with biblical subjects and now they trickle down and touch every other area of society. Hence we address those. But here, you'll you'll never you'll never come to this broadcast and hear me making fun of the present by talking to happen is a godly thing to do and it agrees my heart will look at some Christians. Social media page or maybe minister the gospel and one day they got a beautiful Scripture verse and the next day the link to beautiful worship song and the next day a clip of Pres. Biden making another slipup in a speech in and making fun of or you're on the other side of the political spectrum to get a Bible verse here in beautiful worship song here and you're making fun of Donald Trump being fat that that is so obscenely wrong to me, and God cite that word were doing. This is the believers as as opposed to hey we have our strong views we have are strong differences and will call things out but will do in the way that's honoring to God gives more scripture about this in a moment and got a really deep edifying clip to play for you. But first we go back to the phones over in Indianapolis, Indiana Jan, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I'm glad you said that I am or have a comment that I do a question coherently now. I had been serving a 1580 and I was the part that I like it when you had gone now to Patrick on the other day I lived through that Brownsville revival charismatic movement.

All of those great and I've been serving him long enough to know now that apostle Paul and Peter both. Dad if I understood them right. It's not my opinion that matter and I believe that that is part of what probably at Dr. Brown. People can't hear you.

You are can they hear other ministers that I honestly believe are possible for the body of Christ in the power because they're all the different opinion of the Scripture summary notes out of their Bible are commentaries that are in the Bible. Now, others are just giving their opinion that a minister's interpretation of the Scripture that I remember my pastor, meaning many years ago you stepped beneath the pulpit and say I'm giving you the next week. If you don't go home and study Pasternak God when the correct interpretation, it's not on me. It's on you.

I believe once we become one voice, one Spirit and one Michigan salmon only snack that is in the body of Christ will give many there are people who should not be asked. Are there people who should not be traveling evangelist, and so on and so on back my comment we are to reflect the and clean them and think there's still to my of the world that is in the church that is trying to say now is your time to repent and get to know me intimately, and want my next finance act back. My heart will just comment on my comment on your comment of course is absolutely going to make the main thing the main thing. Gotta be focusing on lifting of Jesus and calling people to repent.

So each. We each have different aspects of calling for timeout people stand behind the pulpit teaching the word gonna make the main thing the main thing and we gotta be bringing people the word we've we've we've got a we can be in the word, bringing people is the word as opposed to just a pep talk. When inspirational talk and end we as individual believers need to be people of the word. The word and the spirit go hand-in-hand, and I've listen sometimes to hold messages were of a snippet of her versus read to start it and then a thought comes to it from it out of context and then the rest of the message the words and even used you think will wonder why were so spiritually sick. Let's it's a major reason it was gonna make the main thing the main thing. Obviously, review study resources commentaries things we study, we learn, but all ultimately we've we've got of but the word speaks for itself as much as possibly can.

Thank you.

And then for each of us will you get on our faces and pray Lord when you show me where I need to make changes. In fact, let me go over to thank you for calling Lenny go over to second Corinthians chapter 10 Sigrid this chapter 10 Paul writes something really really interesting and and it's itself a mechanic of the larger context of second Corinthians was happening here, but they really were and some was full of themselves and thought they knew it all and were not recognizing Paul's authority in any says this in verse three. Though we walk in the flesh, meaning in this world and in physical bodies in this world we are not waging war.

According to the flesh we don't fight the way other people fight for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, the not worldly but have divine power to destroy strongholds those of the weapons that we fight with divine weapons. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ be ready to punish every disobedience when your obedience is complete. So through prayer, through the proclamation of the word through the Holy Spirit working powerfully through us. We bring down these false ideas and demonic strongholds by proclaiming the truth but not just doing it in a purely intellectual way and certainly not try to fight force with force where you hit the streets in protest Ravi more people out. Our protests were usually held in Charlotte when they yell and shout louder. You. You will get some results but ultimately fleshly results and will just be whoever shouting the loudest and the longest wins for the moment. If we want to see real change come to front come from the inside out dramatic radical spiritual change changing hearts, minds and lives than the culture it 6634 truth.

Let us go to Stephen in Tampa Florida. Welcome to the line of fire right are demanding you for taking my call. Sure thing. Hey I just wanted to piggyback off what you are speaking about a little bit early about judgment on church, you know, I've been thinking about this recently and I think in my mind there's been three big category. Obviously humanity at all and ended candlelit thing have been going on for ever in the beginning of humanity and then you start being what you do for the things that are headed in the dark will eventually come to light and you see that a local congregation that's been going on recently. As you mentioned, it's been on the public world knew if even elevated even higher. More than ever now my life that I'm thing that you could get, but they all the world pastor Christian denomination you could get 5000 pastor in a room, what would you encourage them to do for the body of Christ. Yes.

So I would encourage them to seek the Lord more earnestly than ever have in their lives, and wherever they have left their first love to return to it will encourage them not to. It would not be about what they should preach or teach it would not be about what issues they should address it would not be about how to structure their church would not be about how to reach their communities. Even though all of those are important subjects risking me right how I would approach it as far as I understand what the Lord would lay on my heart to do it would be. We have to go after God like never did before we have to know him more intimately than we ever have before we have to experience him more deeply know his word better be more passionate for him be more in love with God and devoted to God and consecrated to God than we have ever been in our lives. And if that happens, everything else will fall into place. Everything else will take care, of itself, you know it's it's it, look at it like this. You've you've got dialogue that's kinda crusty and doing nothing yet a blazing fire over here will you throw that log in the fire, and soon enough that log itself has become fire.

It's the same with us that if we will burn brightly if if we will be freshly gripped by God.

We will love our neighbors. We have not before we will love our spouses and families like we have not before have not. For years we will have a burden to reach the lost week we we will will grieve over over sin and have God's perspective on it so if if I could push a button it would be that all of us would pursue God like never have before.

To know him more intimately. The walk with him closely to be more people of loving Jesus people the word people of the spirit and if we do that, everything else will fall into place. That would be my heart if everyone listening to the extent that speaks to you the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I go back to the phones momentarily, but I just want to glorify the Lord and edify you with this. Cindy Sidney McLaughlin is one of the top athletes on the planet right now is 22 years old and she has been shattering world records in ways that are just not done as you got elite athletes pushing their entire lives to run the fastest jump, the highest and throw the fathers do what they do and if a regular Saturday can take sometimes five, 10, 20 years record to be shattered, sometimes even longer.

And that is just by the fraction and then maybe some of the fraction that it's in the cloth is totally blowing things away so this is the end of her race at the world championships of these are the best athletes in the world like the Olympics, world championships this is the end of the 400 m hurdles, and you'll hear the commentary and just how blown away. They are playing so that they're just big never seen anything like this. It's it's it is stunning and if from right is she sitting on the ground after the racing. Thank you God's existence done so, what you hear in interview afterwards.

So whatever the network that was carrying. This is major network.

Here's the interview, and I'd I just love the way she's just who she is in need and because she's when the greatest athletes on the planet right now representing America to hate. Let her speak. So let's listen to what Jesus said do you have crush your own world record. Once again, but can you, take us inside from the blocks reset of the race of just how you accomplish this again by saying all the glory to God these past two days getting ready to Hebrews 416 have been on my mind I'm coming boldly to his throne to receive mercy and grace. And I think he really gave me the strength to do that. I saw the legacy got you just quoting Scripture as if everybody believes the Bible with a smile and not with his foreskin and he was just who she is sought is blessed.

When I saw the clip wanted to share it with you. All right we go back to the phones are for and fail in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire and duck around your neck of the matter is I wow also make for me in the bottom line. What kind of acting the part love you. I can understand why you would say that without my question is about and what about I don't I get maybe one and a I don't know what. Whatever the hold now Avenue that had been under great and that is to come from additive come from who you are. Based on your fat 21 that we like of God so I had to abate on and found out and I know not under the law to call called make it perfectly clear the late chapter 3 that a lot of the unmanned know you don't got the law. Your recent hot because a long time. All the little bit.

It all the little that what comfortable that what sounded or the law that we could do a big one that the agreement that everyone have to clear the deck with Dave Pequot what time you get it because of good on the phone one that was a God, would be of the type with a pre-and he was okay but one thing that you did for the law.

We now make that practice safe is so so first I'm with you in the approach as I look at it the same way that it's not under the law, but it is something that flows out of relationship with God and the New Testament does reinforce systematic giving the regular giving proportional giving those one is the ones that have more should give more generous giving even sacrificial giving.

So all those things if put into practice will bring us beyond the tithe for sure that the I don't see any way that we could fully embrace the spirit of the New Testament and end up giving less than 10% of the work of the Lord and to help those in the sea of Genesis 14 where Abraham tossed markets etiquette. She said in Genesis 28 when Jake Susan suits Abraham in Genesis 14 and Jacob in Genesis 28 when he vows Florida to be with me and take care of me than of everything I get a good test you, so there is deftly a principle that existed and was was found in other cultures and other laws, and is then reinforced as Lord Israel. But it even if it was a principle that was then it's it's not were not mandated to follow that principle so so with all respect with all respect to pastors and leaders that use those passages.

Yes, use it as a principal but now my question is okay now I'm a New Testament believer.

Why is that principal binding on the it's still a principal is not a law so we have to move from the that the spirit behind it to say this is a good principle, so I recommend it as a good principle but it is it is just that a good principle, and everything flows out of God's generosity to us and us not reciprocating so II believe it will teach the New Testament principles and use the oldest examples that, then that's great. If we use the old as some type of law that were under, or because they did it. We have to do it. Then of course we we miss the point.

So you know a lot of those that come from their inner that perspective, but I think it's better to approach it this way better and healthier. All right, I don't think purple in the law and the work no law understand that's that's what I was there. That's what I was saying that if if we say it's a principal and therefore we must do it or should do it. There were missing the point is to say, this is an excellent practice that is a great way of living this out because you're saying we can follow the first rich principal. The first we get we get back to God the father, the systematic principle rights that's first with you and 16 you putting money aside the beginning of every week firstfruits and see God's kingdom first. Matthew 633 those types of things and then of prescriptions nine tells us those who preach the gospel should be delivered from the gospel so support support those in ministry. The call to help the poor, which is throughout the whole Bible. If we have we should help others who don't have in second Corinthians 8, and nine proportional giving right as well in first with his nine ties in with that generous sacrificial giving so we we live that out. I believe will will will tithe and more validity from that spirit appreciate that all right. Do I have time. Okay a little bit more time will in Christian Berg, Christiansburg, Virginia dive right in. Please underscore what you said earlier, I think about real things to us because grandpa finally spirit and use just one person so that we may be getting the same things and I've been saying this exactly the same message what's been happening is, we've been watching the world come under siege by Satan, which is no surprise because it is illegitimate God of the world and we are in a spiritual war into your point. The only way to respond in a spiritual war is spiritually big question are the ones who stand between Satan and his world. We believers in the church is the only line of defense is not a defense. So does the church realizes that that they are the only line of defense. You know, it is incurably awesome versus about standing in the gap. In fact God says the prophets you haven't spent. You didn't stand in the gaps. Isn't this something that the church should be doing.

The believer should be doing isn't it time for the church to turn their focus on the enemy and stop the friendly fire yes certainly will.

And something just because we've got less than a minute to go absent. I believe many know this in part because we are often so caught up with the world rundown burdened ourselves try to get our own head above the water right of debt were struggling with a long-term illness or church splits and so were way down is supposed to say where here for a purpose, no matter what. And Jesus were over comers in our prayers make a difference in our fasting makes a difference in our intercession makes a difference in our stand for righteousness makes a difference in our sharing the gospel with the loss makes a difference are acts of compassion that they make a difference friends. Thank you. Will we are here for a purpose. We are here in this broadcast to help equip you for that purpose. Let us be a resource you stand strong and that we push back the forces of darkness of the power of the gospel came back with you tomorrow. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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