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Dr. Brown Answers Your Most Challenging Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 12, 2019 6:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Most Challenging Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends broadcast Friday, which means you've got students leave got answers number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as long as your questions are appropriate for Christian radio and as long as it ties it on some level with what we talk about on the show, you know, if you want to talk about sports or something like that. That's not can be. The issue was.

It intersects with moral, cultural or spiritual issues with all the questions on the table with your degree with me or disagree with me, 866-34-TRUTH and we are going instantly to the phones will start with Chris in Texas. Welcome to the line of fire will dark brown grantors. Michael sure that I have a question about Galatians 421.

My question is in regards to the law and help all reference of the story of Hagar and Sarah and Abraham, and in Galatians 421 says tell me you want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says and any reference to the story of Abraham and Hagar and Sarah. My question is, being that PMP reference a story from the book of Genesis is that technically the law and if so, I know the Torah but is technically the law pertaining to the lot molders, could you please clarify whether or not it is that that's a wonderful question and one that very few people actually think of asking so the word Cheraw containing teaching instruction law and it can refer to the five books of Moses, or can refer to a specific law. Is this the terrace of this or that and then for traditional Duccio raw is all of traditional Jewish literature five books of Moses Talmadge, rabbinic literature, etc. so it went. When Paul though says the law he speaking of the five books of Moses, because that is known as the Torah right so here the tree of life version. Tell me, you who want to be under Torah. Don't you understand the Torah so the five books of Moses are not all law, they are not all legal material. They are not all part of the Sinai covenant write the book of Genesis is before the Sinai covenant of part of Exodus is before the Sinai covenant.

So it is now a part of the Sinai covenant and in that sense God's legal contract with Israel.

So it's not law. In that sense, but it's because it's the tour raw, which for Paul would be anomalous law. It's called the law so with in general, God's Cheraw is teaching his instruction law, but specifically it's not part of the Sinai covenant itself out. Okay so I guess my follow-up question will be biblical interpretation or translation when they use the original languages would be better to consider automated and I don't know what it says in the original Hebrew. But wouldn't know the original Heberling referred to them being called the law that you know or the original Greek literature yellow being the law, so also is the translation you read in English is an exact translation of the Greek is exactly with the Greek says the word now must means law so we can refer to the five books of Moses as a whole, or the laws within it. If she's repose writing in Hebrew, and he referred to the hot Cheraw the Cheraw the Cheraw would mean the five books of Moses at the Cheraw is God's teaching/law, but it doesn't quite have the same nuance of law that we say in English, but that which you have there. In Galatians 4. Chris is the exact translation of the Greek just the way Paul wrote it and that's rightly translated with if you want to be under the law that you know what the law says so yeah they're two different aspects to the law there meeting. The Sinai covenant and the five books of Moses, but let's just say that there like hand in a glove in the larger context with thanks for your questions and one last thing, there is massive discussion. When Paul talks about law. Does he mean five books of Moses specifically does he mean law in general.

Does he mean the Sinai covenant, specifically this massive scholarly debate about that subject. So you have actually asked a question with a massive answer, but thank you sir for asking. It 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Eugene somehow don't know where you are just that, we got flooded with calls as we do the beginning of the show so were you calling from sir, I'm calling from Oakville, Oklahoma. Dr. Brown how are you okay great. I'm doing very well, thanks all right your question, amen. There my question regarding you know that the patient is Scripture I get.

I do believe in absolute truth that had wonderful experiences of the Lord, but I find myself I after watching filmy debate on no you and Dr. lying and how many people really don't believe in anything MP3 thinking that I believe that all of the word of God is expired in my question is on you know in the Bible, not a perfect book like other any flaws and if it is not what you think I can answer it epic question on there so much debate on manuscript likely in the ending of Mark. For example Jan I wanted read my Bible of competent pain like yet every single word was brought up. I got everything awarded true, I'm just wondering from your perspective, is that really the way to read the Bible and expel how you explain all the controversy between disputed manuscript.

There yeah thank you for the question. Eugene so the first thing is, if the Bible is not truly God's word. If it is truly not his infallible communication to us then how do we know what's accurate, was not accurate.

Did Jesus really done across to really rise from the dead. The children are zero really come out of Egypt.

How do we know what's reliable and what's not. As Proverbs just giving opinions and some are better than others. How do we know it is Paul writing a letter this good letter and maybe there's some divine inspiration, and it with the prophets of Kolmar than I this is the Lord a new mother and I utterance of the Lord are PR than I do, bear the mouth the Lord spoke when the prophet said those things where they making them up or exaggerating so once you say it's not the word of God and cannot be taken as the word of God than anything's possible. And we have no more reason to believe was written there than in another book purporting to be a holy book. Now that doesn't mean that the Bible does not record things that are that are untrue. In other words, in the in the book of Job, you have a debate between the friends and when you get to Job 42 seven friends and Job, God says that the friends didn't speak rightly about him as Joe did. Even the Lord rebuke Joe for much of what he said so Steph recorded that you have to interpret rightly right and the historical situations that are just recounted and now based on the rest of Scripture. We are to draw moral conclusions about those things but that being said, if the Bible is not God's infallible word is authoritative communication.

Then the skies the limit so what we do with manuscript disputes and things like that.

I would treat this Eugene the same way I would treat a discussion about abortion. If someone says will, what about rape and incest or the health of the mother say okay if we look at those categories, they amount to less than 1% of abortions nationally. So can we agree on the other 99% than most people say no we differ. There, that's gonna be the biggest issue which needs right is the Bible is far and away the best preserved book in the ancient world when you compare it with other ancient books. It's staggering. We have a short video that that lays that question out.

Yeah so it is preserved far better than any other book in the ancient world and where there are manuscript differences. They do not affect any major doctrine. In other words, the 99% is full agreement in terms of all major documents. The distributor agreement about the long-running of Mark. Nothing stands or falls on that because everything that's taught there you can find taught elsewhere in the New Testament terms of anything of importance.

So that's what I would say when you look at it you're staggered by how well it has been preserved, which should be key in keeping with the fact that God wanted preserved for us in the manuscript errors or are such that no major doctrine depends on an God wants us to use our brains at this a science called textual criticism, lower criticism is post a higher criticism which is more philosophical and authorship issues and things like that and this is there is scientific study by which you can determine the best reading so that even there there very few areas is me of serious dispute among scholars as to what the text actually says that's how I respond but so let's let's major in what we we agree on because there's no disagreement on manuscript and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and and and put back in their court.

That way I get the 1%, you know, hey, it might not be a part of the word of God.

You don't think that will contradict the point that you know every word.

It is reliable anyway no-no because every word he spoke his true and his word to spirit life and his words will outdoor the heavens and the earth. The question do we know 100% without any possible question that Jesus said this this this, we are in agreement on all of this and then say longer any of Mark. You have a few sayings of Jesus. There write the Sosa about the only words that are in dispute because of manuscript we don't okay so believe those out what we are sure of is 100% sure and if in fact he said those words, those are hundred percent sure as well, so whatever he said is 100% sure that's what I want to emphasize and we are almost 100% sure about everywhere.

This recorded attribute to him yesterday.

Thank you. I'm not around a lot. You got thanks man appreciate the questions 866-34-TRUTH okay listen today. Saw my clock Eastern standard Time, it's 314 and taking Eastern standard Time, IPM a little over what an hour 25 minutes from now. So our show ends in 45 minutes and then 50 minutes after that subs are our 35 minutes and come back on you to if you watching on YouTube right now. All right if you watch on Facebook had over YouTube for 50 p.m. Eastern standard Time so that's an hour 35 minutes from now 55 zero minutes after the show was over. I'm coming back on on YouTube and doing exclusive chat for a YouTube audience where the entire focus on the share a few things and then the entire focus and we look at my screens and just answering questions you pose an issue so I can come back and go straight to the phones as many calls as I can, but if you'd like to post a question for me.

Don't do it now. You see come back for a chat to her, cleansing, and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown rice friends 34 truth with Jen in Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. I think you are not inclined, I love you like my brother went to school out on a lot. I'm thinking question regarding Q 20 oh I hear. I've only ever not talking about beating in time to come and reset me and it's not and I get now, I don't believe it back on after painting or not it is and if it not for it is so choose. The speaks of building ourselves up in the most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. I certainly believe it includes speaking in tongues is a question to me that praying in the Holy Spirit is when you speak in tongues you are praying in the spirit is zero question about that. However, I don't believe that it only means speaking in tongues. For example, if you go to Ephesians the sixth chapter beginning in verse 19, Paul talks about praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and intercessions. So he's obviously telling a praying with your understanding as well. You praying tongues you praying with your spirit.

Now with your understanding so you can pray in the spirit in English as the Holy Spirit's leading you and anointing you and you pray for different requests and certainly you can pray in the spirit as you pray in tongues.

This is the Holy Spirit praying through you. So I don't believe it's limited to tongues, but it certainly includes tongues wet at which would be all kind of panic really never thought you all a quick tour I've never heard of that term, but I only discovered it from you, but I know you talked about a book I don't know.

I look not on your channel. I think it would Jewish book that if you're trying out learn about why we believe that People that tell you it's not real. I think that buying five or something acquired, and also if you could give Micah and I was five years older, maybe 10, and how to explain my academic delight. Don't know why that great so so the Scripture means Scripture alone that that is our basis of faith and authority.

If you're a traditional Jew. You believe that God gave a written law and then an oral law and then the oral laws been passed on to develop through the generations.

So you have Jewish tradition.

So if you are a traditional Jew you follow the Bible in the light of Jewish tradition. If you are a traditional Catholic you follow the Bible old and New Testament. In light of Catholic tradition and Catholic leaders could make a decision today and the Pope could verify and that could become Catholic tradition, even if it's not taught in the Bible we say with all respect to the tradition, some of which are good and some of which are bad.

We base our faith on Scripture alone solo scriptorium so only Scripture, meaning you may have a really interesting teaching in your church great, but what is the Bible say well the church historically may have gone in this direction. Fine. But what is the Bible say and we use Scripture to interpret Scripture that solo scriptorium if I was referring to volume 5, it would be my five volume series answering Jewish objections to Jesus and that volume I explained why we don't follow rabbinic tradition and why we base our faith on Scripture alone is supposed to Scripture plus Jewish tradition and same arguments withhold for Scripture plus later church tradition. All right okay I read that book it will help me understand like I think basically like why we believe the Bible over tradition like a Catholic Christian or clever. I will help a lot help you at all unless you dealing with Algeria's does the wrong book for that. What I would do is is just go online and type in solo Scripture and you'll find a number of books written by evangelicals or articles that will explain our position so that book is very specialized and only if you're dealing with traditional Jews.

All right say right now it is all right hey Jen, thanks so much and I don't know which student you're referring to is your brother but say hi for me. Okay you remember I'm okay well awesome thank you Jan God bless you, yet you all right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Craig in Baton Rouge looking to modify a clerk got back to goblet much question on the 11. I'm hearing of variance translation booklet from the Hebrew that not in the beginning that there's no definite article, no hey before the Battersea and that means but could be a beginning of the could of been multiple beginning that the that accurate know that our know it's it's that's a misnomer is in fact written Barre sheet which is literally in in the beginning of by way of beginning as opposed to bar a sheet in the beginning, but it that you cannot infer from that multiple beginnings the other way to translate is that the Hebrew would be what's called a construct phrase that that the first word ties in with the word or words that follows.

So the weight many traditional hundred interpreters understand his Barre sheet for Elohim when God began to create, or in the beginning of God's creating. So there I now having said that, the Greek translation understands that the Septuagint suit to be in the beginning, as we have in John 11. Reflecting that the Targum which is in an early Aramaic Jewish tradition understands it to be playing in the beginning so this is a strong traditional understanding going back to early to resources that it means in the beginning if if that's not the right way to translate it. It's saying when God began in the beginning of God's creating the heaven in your success among multiple beginnings, it still is the starting point. But the question is should I translate it in the beginning are not or should be translated when God began to create the heavens and the earth that the earth being forms for December and God said, let there be light, so that's where the skull the debaters right time, followed after her word of the earth was without form and void logo are temporarily very close yet to have edited our fellow grandma cited became or it was without form right so anyhow, the argument there. Of course, so, so the hearts high touch of the social company counsel doesn't say, and the earth was formless and void, where the earth had become.

There is something called pluperfect, which would be referring to it. It had become, and the grammar does allow for that mother was when you have the noun first does not have the verb first we have the noun first followed by the verb in this form. It is possible to translate the earth had become formless and void. It's also possible to read that the earth was formless and void this with an emphasis being put on the state of the earth, and the vast majority of scholars read as was the idea that it's saying here for the gap theory Genesis 11 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Okay, so there is a first heaven there is the heavens and the earth, and there is an Adamic race and and they send and God destroy the whole world and everything got totally messed up. That's why the earth was formless and void, etc. and and and the spirits of those human beings are now demons inhabiting the earth and then God started the second time there's there's not a hint of that anywhere in Scripture and everything refers back to that beginning creation. When God created the universe and in in in six days and six nights so yeah it's it is possible grammatically, sir, but it is highly highly unlikely and against the larger context of the text. There and how its revenues elsewhere. Now it answers questions about pseudoscience in the Bible and answers questions about how how the will why God starts with forms and void and darkness and things like that. But if you understand that a great purpose of Genesis 1 is to show God as Redeemer that right from creation.

He brings light out of darkness. He brings order out of chaos. He subdues the chaos powers of water in the demonic forces behind it brings everything out and orderly way that reproduces after its kind, then you can read Genesis 1 Very Redemptive Way without trying to make some of these other things work, but it's not invalid it's just highly unlikely. Thank you sir for the questions 866-34-TRUTH all right since we get back. We'll get right to the phones. Let me see if my article is up on the stream. Let's see, is it up. See the probably about are on on S. Dr. Brown I got article if you missed it yesterday, or Jews who believe in Jesus still choose and that I wrote an article last night when Twitter blocked mother Theresa. She want to read that and we've also got a video commentary on that's that's all it ask Dr. you can read you can watch if you appreciate what were doing.

If you appreciate this radio broadcast is maker available resources available to us much as possible.

Answer questions. We do this with your help we are listed sponsored and viewer sponsored. We are not underwritten in any other way than your help and God's gracious supply through you. So go to website Esther to just click on donate if you watching on YouTube.

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Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your support will be right in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown working friends to the line far, you've got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Tim in Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire called everyone question is I'm looking here talking about post-trip trip and I would have been ambivalent on that, but I feel you're saying about the day. I have one question though want them struggling over and that is the imminent Christ return.

I get that your post trip you know that they believe that which I'm still correct in my mind around that thought, but the one Scripture that I'm struggling with though is second only in chapter 2 where Paul talks about the Antichrist or whoever that person is setting himself up in the temple of God at the post trip. What would you say that the posters have to believe that Jesus can't come back until there is a temple for that to happen, and therefore it's going to be a while before he comes back, or is there another alternative interpretation of what that passage could mean senseless.

Yeah so certainly this is another interpretation with the passage could mean sitting stuff in the temple of God, since the church is elsewhere called the temple of God people of God called the temple of God in the New Testament we are we are corporately called the temple of God first Corinthians 6. We are individually call the temple of God first Corinthians seasoning perspectives three corporately recall the temple of God. Prescription six individual bodies, the temple of God. Ephesians 2 first Peter two tell us that we are the temple of God, so it could simply be a false messiah false Christ within the church who then proclaims himself to be God. Those kinds of things that happen many times on the way you know a false leader another claim to be divinity, deity, so it could easily have that spiritual interpretation that's one thing. The other thing is to believe in eminence does not necessarily mean any second. It means at the door. It means that suddenly you could come and break in in history so because we don't have an infallible interpretation of of everything that's there.

For example, the question of what he means by the temple of God is emitted spiritually with this. You mean it literally and physically. You can make an argument both ways.

So because of that you can't be the same well you can't be coming for 50 years or hundred years or you know it's not can happen in our lifetimes know things could turn overnight society in 24 hours, another world looks completely different than that look things that we would think going to take years, decades can happen in the matter of minutes. So we don't know how quickly things could shift, but we do know that Jesus did give us signs and that he did say when these things begin to happen. Then lift your heads, your redemption draws near.

He also remember this. Matthew 24. Right.

He also said this can happen. This could happen, but the end is not yet, so don't think with every last thing that happens with the MSB earth door now. Where has there been a greater error. Has there been a greater error with Christians in our generation.

St. is not coming for 50 or hundred or thousand years or think this is it.

He's coming out it's gotta be within this time. These are the size it has to be. I think we made more of an error with setting dates with putting his coming off and I'd be more concerned with wrong dates setting them with a silver waiting and again the emphasis is of the New Testament is to live in. Certainly the light of his appearing. Everyone that's live so far and died. They have not seen that appearing but we were called to live a certain way because of what will take place. Dr. Keener.

In fact, in our book. Not afraid of the Antichrist has a great section re-gives all the verses about how were supposed to live in light of the second coming and none of them have to do with timing. All of them have to do with the reality of what's going to take place, but certainly what Paul says these things must happen first, but they could happen suddenly, and I agree with all that I think a lot about a lot of the focus is on the timing and better coverage will be living our lives and being prepared. His return do you personally have an opinion on how to interpret that passage in the zone instructor to do you think you referring to the temple as the Jewish Temple or do you not have a position yourself.

I believe he is referring to a physical third temple in Jerusalem, not primarily based on that passage, but primarily based on the all of the discourse in Matthew 24, Mark 1321 where where I say there is a recapitulation that just like you had Jewish people scattered and regathered in times past. And then there's the final scattering of final regathering of that that I do believe that much of what happened in 70 and much of the attack against Jerusalem and that that there will be a Jewish streusel icons in the world to Tackett during which time God delivers a cigarette 12 Zechariah 14 and based in Matthew 24 and the abomination of desolation.

The reset that happened in 70 of the divisiveness can happen at the end of the age and and I don't think it's a coincidence that you have a tiny remnant of Jews working eagerly to rebuild the temple against the tiny remnant that are focused on it, but I'm not.

I'm not saying nothing can happen because the temples that those are not that dogmatic about it but in my opinion, less I expect that Booker could you take a more general interpretation is very whatever is on the temple mount such as the mosque or somebody you know Danny on the Mount declaring I II don't I don't think so, but it's possible I yet again I'm that's my whole thing about not being dogmatic on that date. Tim, thanks for the call and a discussion and just keep doing to do anonymously studying the Scripture, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Zach in Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, Dr. Brown, longtime listener first phone call or something or get to my question was awesome welcome to show Zach thank you so much. So my question actually had to do thank you languages as well. I know that you kinda get in that area. I ran into a lady at the grocery store couple weeks ago he was pretty adamant on proclaiming to me that the word God was a pagan word demon or deceiver. But hijack that and all that and I had really no way to respond to her I noticed Gallagher. He said she said tightly. Okay, she didn't have any sources.

Obviously, that is when your thoughts on which you churchgoing person, though she had been but put it that way. She is very very low very confused, but she she had been church. A pillar yet. I'm in first thing you could just talk about the days of the week you know it Sunday. Did we worship the sun God you know or Monday. Did we worship the moon God or these just names of days that we just uses names of days and is there any issue with whatever it originally meant you want to expose the folly of the argument that's classes. He was churchgoing he said would baby go to church you go to church of the day the people worship the sun is out, see what expose the folly things but and also if you Hebrew, she would know that one of the names for for God or the word God in Hebrew, AL was the name of the chief Canaanite deity, so you have text you know, dating from the days of of Moses roughly and in little bit north of Israel place called Russia, which we should be in in in Syria today and they document that that the head of the Canaanite pantheon was a deity named AL and and and that is in the Hebrew name for God so you know what is that proof proves nothing disproves the word meant. God and so so the word for God's of the means God and and look if I call you nice guy.

If you trace the etymology of nice goes back to friendship means idiot; you or Emma so the word means God simple or word for Lord means Florida word for God means God and here let's just get what we do this okay so will will type out etymology of God in English right and okay origin and meaning of God by online old English God what it originally means supreme being deity.

Chris got image of God go I person from proto-economic growth on the old Saxon balloon which is of uncertain origin arrests, even here in an etymological dictionary it's uncertain what the word came from. If you go back language of the language of the language, but what is understood is, it means the supreme being supreme.

And that's why you have the same know the same word in German euros.this is that the same words used as means God so people get hung up on these crazy things and it's no but you do what you do to try to bring them into reality. You can always do it but you do your best. Yes, thank you so much, actually looked at another one of your videos on your website about metric as she learned about you so I was only there was only left a report that I hadn't had answered honestly is not an argument yeah and you know the Mr. stuff like you have all these exact how is it because that's the stuff on Internet comes after Christie has right of free trade all that hey thank you for the call and being faithful us and appreciated. Thank you all right 86634.

Truth is McCarran in Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. All Dr. Brown can Arnie Nella. I and a couple minute. I think there may couple are talking about the dangers of the Nella hide and that didn't indoors on the Nella hide my closely what it could mean that Christian could possibly them there. I fight right now that are really talking. I really wanted went yeah hanging on what when I was when I was young guy really sick at a hair is a good inducement here, but you know it's then if my hair wasn't important to be pulling it all out over this question here okay I have recently disliked the big thing that it's up to seven no hard laws and third floors.

Christians could be headed. Okay there is more truth there is more truth to the idea that Santa Claus personally delivered presence to every child in America last Christmas. There's more truth to that, or that Elvis Presley is alive and well and producing a new album along with Michael Jackson okay there's more truth that then this myth which is complete and utter nonsense. So where in the world are people getting this idea from my I will explain on the inside of the break, but I am so glad that you asked the question, the host close to watching you saw my expression when the questions being asked are. It's one of the seven no hard laws, and is there a chance please please please leave .7. Everyone let out a loud sigh with me thing. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on a lot of parties.

We work truth.

Okay, back to Karen in Florida. First, what are the seven laws of Noah. These are seven laws deduced by rabbinic tradition from Genesis the ninth chapter is introduced by rabbinic tradition because you don't find them all explicitly there with. These are laws against against idolatry against cursing God against murder against adultery and sexual immorality against theft against eating flesh torn from living animal, and the mandate to establish courts of justice. Okay. Were these enforced by Jews on the world. No, that was never the purpose. The purpose was to say this that Judaism has the Torah, Judaism is the 613 commandments is expanded rabbinic tradition into thousands of subdivisions better.

Jews are called to live by.

But Gentiles and I called to live by. So how does a Gentile live a righteous life will according to traditional due by keeping these laws they don't need to follow the tour they don't need to follow the dietary laws that will need to file these other things. But if they do those things that the will be considered righteous in God's sight. According to Judaism the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come. And some of those laws are reflected in acts.

The 15th chapter when the apostles agree not to put the entire law of Moses on Gentile believers, but to give them some basic guidelines to start with those come from the same material. So that's all it is the civil word people getting this idea from.

There is a passage in the law code of Moses Maimonides by Monday slip from 1135 to 12 before we talked about enforcing the no hard laws and that there is capital punishment for those who refuse to obey them.

So what is a time with Christians.

While some would claim.

Although Judaism does not claim this so would claim that if Christians are worshiping the Trinity or Jesus is God and that's idolatry and under the no hard laws you put to death for idolatry.

Okay so first Judaism does not believe this idolatry for Christians to worship God is Trinity the call that she truth that it is, but the cooperation of different beings, but they do not believe that it is idolatry for Gentile, they would say it's wrong for a Jew, but it's not idolatry for Gentile so Judaism has no problem saying that there are righteous Christians, righteous Muslims because they're not idol worshipers, and they would all affirm these basic laws, but in this one passage in Maimonides, it talks about enforcing the laws what to talk about what many rabbinic commentators understand that that was just when the children of Israel conquered Canaan.

All right, so when they conquered Canaan over 3000 years ago that they would offer to the people rather than be executed. You can just follow these basic laws rather than us exterminating you is as the command is, if you will just acknowledge the one true God, and follow these laws then you can live otherwise.

Judaism has never tried to enforce these that the land of Israel does not enforce these today.

This is never been a notion that these are to be enforced.

Tromp affirming them is affirming basic principles of righteousness role human beings which every Christian should same every Christmas I have course, we agree with this. There's no argument. So this is a another anti-Semitic myth. This is another myth.

Jews impose these laws and behead people dull at it. It is, it is so out there. It is so bizarre that's why use the hyperbole I did to say that that it's more truth to sink Santa Claus personally delivered presence. Everybody in America last year because America is its utter and complete nonsense.

But it's the big lie spread around these days and oh Ben Shapiro Siddhartha fusil and Shapiro must believe this and all these other Jews.

They almost believe this is another anti-Semitic libel that spreading and the fact you're asking about it. I'm hearing it left and right and we got to dispel this nonsense. Nonetheless, this will be used, to produce more hatred against Jews. That's of the divorce. He spreads these lies and it undermines truth the same, but it happens now that Limited is less than Karen is a movement called and they know, and there are Christians who fallen away from the faith that follow this and others that follow it. Which is to say, hey, this is what God requires of Gentiles that we follow these basic laws and we do and we worship the God of Israel, the one true God and honesty from Muslim. They worship a laws but tradition if you would say find you can be a right just a righteous Muslim by following these laws and principles so there is a movement as well but has nothing to do with enforcing anything more penalties for those who don't live by it. Hey Karen, thank you very much for asking your question 86634. Let's go back to Michigan. Kareem, thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hello hello hi I just had a flight because I was in your comments section. Another damn one of your video and Jewish guy with having an argument with Christian and he said quote that was in the Bible used it again.

Jesus, I got the thing that Jesus wasn't the Messiah and I was hoping you could clear it up for me that I quickly yeah okay so the quote was arrived.

Chapter 13 extent that the and one shell saying to him what are these would think I can, then he shall enter those which would those with which I was wounded in the house of my friend right so the point was that Christians will close that is a messianic prophecy where it is in fact this is an idol worshiper who is being exposed so that it was actually Jesus being exposed as being idolatrous us about that that was the argument I don't think what you're trying to say is that he was explaining that the wound of the Messiah. Like in Isaiah 53 weren't actually from Ron that he that the wounds that I would've received in Isaiah 53 was actually received in his friend how and I was just wondering like what that meant. This first I. 13. That verse is not a messianic prophecy is not a prophecy about Jesus being the Messiah. It's a prophecy about someone being exposed for either worship this number one number two okay right number two. Christians often misquoted as if it's a messianic prophecy but it's not number to the Hebrew paying a dime there.

This does not mean in the hands it means between arm. So in the back. That's why some Jewish translations and others will translate it. What were these wounds on your back so it's it's it doesn't mean in the hands okay. It means you dime. There can be hand or arm.

It's between. So what's between your arms its shoulders back so that's that's what so that's it's it's unrelated to that is so very easy to refute that. Now the the prophecy or the song taken by the Messiah, some 22 that description there really fits well for crucifixion and everything spoken of in Isaiah 53 really speaks well of crucifixion doesn't have to mean crucifixion really speaks well of that and then lastly the argument the house, your friends, the Messiah is his rejected house with friends on people you know and and and does software at the hands of his friends give him over, but Zechariah 13 sometimes quote is a messianic prophecy. When you look at the context of really doesn't work and and then as I said, in effect, let me just let me just look here, in Zechariah 13, six, and look at let's see the new Jewish publication Society version of yet translates what are those sores on your back so it in another trend and new are sweet to these wounds on your chest. Okay, what is between the arms so chest or back, shoulders, that's all spoken of their but thank you for the questions are much appreciated. Thank you all right drivetime political.

Okay, listen, listen, listen hour from now less than an hour from now join me on YouTube you said never that some you're watching right now, what your Facebook switchover YouTube right starting at 450 Eastern standard Time, so that is a little under an hour from now will be continuing the discussion and I'll just be answering questions on YouTube only all right so how do you find it if you nicely for listening on radio or go to Esther to run a SKDR Brown ask Dr. Brown that's her YouTube channel and you'll see will come alive, and I'm only going to be answering questions there posted on YouTube.

All right, I'll tell you what they want.

Jonathan's question was Jesus impeccable meaning. Was it possible for him to sin. Some would say it had to be possible for him to sin. Otherwise he could been tempted as we work. Others say if it was possible for him to sin.

He could not have been truly God at the same time that he was truly mad.

A memory was that a fallen man because he did not come direct from Adam, but through his mother Miriam Mary and by the Holy Spirit. So it is a theoretical argument, but ultimately I see no possibility that Jesus could have sin, because his entire destiny was laid out from beginning to end before the foundation of the world and he was to be the lamb without spot or blemish. However, I believe he experienced temptation in a real way.

I believe he experienced in the way that he can fully relate to us being tempted and tried and tested yet without sin. So it is absolutely real as our great high priest that we can relate to him and he to us in the midst of our struggles, even though as a son of God in this earth. I don't see the possibility that he actually could have sin doesn't mean the temptation was any less intense the battle any less intense.

All right, join me to 15 minutes from now will continue with your questions.

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