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The Truth about the Noahide Laws

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 15, 2019 6:30 pm

The Truth about the Noahide Laws

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 15, 2019 6:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/15/19.

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The seven no hard laws, which would make of them started for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown walking friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

I will let you know I don't go looking for controversy. I don't go looking for the latest thing to stir up. I don't go looking for difficult, challenging waters to wade into said things come to me and when I constantly get hit with something or see it happening more or read about it or in confronted with it.

It gets my attention that I begin to look at it more carefully than sometimes receive a burden from the Lord to address it more deeply. Today's topic is based on a controversy that to me.

Having followed this for decades is a fairly new controversy. Or at least it has sprung to light through the Internet and other means of to talk about it today. The so-called seven laws of know the no high laws or are they good, the bad, they pose a threat for Christians. Were we to make of this year's number to call contract 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. All right, let me take you back to last Friday's broadcasting friends you have no idea what I'm talking about your gonna find today's broadcast really fascinating. If you're aware of the subject than all the more we find it fascinating. And for those who believe that I'm completely wrong and deceived on this please listen with an open heart and mind. All we want is truth. I've got zero dog in this fight. I've got zero agenda here. Another supporter of the no hard laws. I'm supportive of the gospel of Jesus. But let's take a look at this. Let's go back to a call from last Friday's broadcasting. Here's what happened to Karen in Florida. Welcome to the line of fire.

All background and Arnie Evan Nella. I and in a couple I need to couple are talking about the danger of the Nella Hyde on that I couldn't endorse the Nella Hyde not closely what it could mean that Christian could possibly hand them are actual Apple site right now that are really talking. I really want your opinion on it so I answered by saying there's more truth to the idea that Santa Claus delivered presents to every child in America and that Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson teaming up your concert than the Christians can be beheaded under this I'm looking at are you to chat. According to one gentleman the guillotines or details are ready, set, this really can happen right now.

First thing I I began as soon as this broadcast was posted on YouTube. I began to get comments from people extremely ugly extremely offensive and then a number of them linking me to a site that was talking about this further.

We'll talk about that in a minute but let me share with you some of what started coming in. In response to me answering that question. In that way and then I'll explain with no hard laws are an who the couple is that the folks are referring to. I'm not blaming the couple on these comments here. Okay, these are independent people post, putting your names of chrism just like a embarrass them further. But how is this one wow Dr. Brown you are an absolute liar. You claim the no hard laws related to Scripture X50 always knew something was wrong about you. You always seem proud of your intellectual knowledge. Corners of document you'll always also like zeal, passion, worship God through Lord Jesus Christ merging up by God's Spirit, not by knowledge is God's spirit we keep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through faith and walk with Jesus through his Holy Spirit why deceiving Christians. What is your truth. Check this crazy crazy post, first as a lover of Jesus and is one whose whole life is indebted to Jesus the Messiah who believes in worshiping God of the Sperry car is a tongue talking charismatic okay but is what's my allotment must be part of this conspiracy I here's there's an excellent according to Rabbi Tobia Singer Christianity is idolatry by the what is if he had clout it in in the Jewish world was as if he had clout in terms of Jewish law being established. According to Rabbi Tobia Singer Christian is idolatry. Tobia Singer supports no hard laws again so continues no hard laws require death all those who practice idolatry supported by the Talmud, the Vatican supports no hard laws and United Nations report no hard laws present. Donald Trump supports no colors were to stand our corrupt Jesus Christ almost lost it will allow me to mock that, I got 47+ your track record of preaching Jesus being rejected by my Jewish community for preaching Jesus and taking the gospel of Jesus to the nations, and have never said or written a syllable in support of the low high laws Singer. These should be enforced or we should look through them.

Tip to spread these around the world and yet the moment I take issue with this latest this this latest claim that Christians are going to be beheaded under no hard laws like this the type of irrational response were getting in this is that this is a sample.

This sample okay next if you were such a Christian, why do you support the no huddle. If you are not a Christian you are. Tom wanted Talmud you just like it refers to the Jesus rebuked wolf in sheep's Coke so that should tell you right off the bat that something is wrong when people respond with such utter irrationality there drinking some kind of coolie when they can suddenly judge you and your walk with Jesus based on separating myth from fact about the no hard laws all right you know something is wrong somewhere art so who is the messianic couple in question. It's a couple I only heard about literally within the last few weeks that they may been around doing great work for many many years but I only found out about them.

Stephen, Ben Newman in the last couple weeks I so Steve had a book about Israel. I ordered haven't read it yet and and when I was answering the question.

The last nail strategy was attack them and I didn't even know exactly who was being spoken of at at that point, just as they have suddenly heard about Christians can be beheaded under no hug was on the road. I've interacted with people or supporters of no hard laws for decades, and we we talked about these things and in their perspective versus my perspective, etc. but scholars say in the history of them. So this was was is coming from. Traffic is not set so they started hearing it was a coming so folks sent me a link Stephen Connor immediately interacted, so apologies deceiving, I have not watched all of it yet. I just saw 2XIS a sped ahead to try to see Rose can be interacted with, but didn't have time to watch for the so there were there were two spots one was, saying that my response was uneducated and immature and then one from Steve holding up a book, the divine cones and dark brown units.

He was in this book so so hard with us. I'm sure you guys really seriously, that's New York's country folks are really serious about this and not the meaning your zeal or seriousness about, but perhaps the issue is nothing uneducated and mature my response. Perhaps the issues being educated in this and having very different conclusions. Then you as a possible and perhaps perhaps the being immature. I was passionate to conference of that I believe is very raw, just like you're passionate about what you believe is right right so first question and by the way, if you want to have me on your shoulder talk on, Marshall.

Let's do let's have a conversation road usually was an issue of them are family.

We have more that unites us and divides us.

Let's find out if I think you're really wrong. If you think I'm really wrong to think I'm liking knowledge of I think you're misinformed.

We have an honest conversation about Chris after all these are serious issues not certain. So let's do it a very accessible through the website. Folks get an invitation to me record that some so there you have it right. No hostility, no animosity, no insult, and I don't hold you responsible for these crazy comments I am saying that some things out there that's inspiring people.

That is crazy. Come here. But let's look at a couple of websites right here.

I found a YouTube video oh with this title about the nullified laws and the YouTube video says this why you should be terrified of the no hard laws all right.

No hard laws and why they should terrify you all and in the midst of it. It's got these false allegations about the tome.

By the way, murdering children is okay raping newborn babies is okay this is part of this libelous video notices the no hard laws and why they should terrify you a pleasing sense where the Talmud is misrepresented all defendant because it is often led to attacks on Jews and even killing of Jews, but I am not a Talmud acute. I reject the authority of the Talmud. I reject the authority of the rabbinic community okay to make that perfectly and totally clear, the Jews have can call be public enemy number one. Because of our effective work reaching Jewish people with the gospel of Jesus.

A guy find relations with very Orthodox Jews, religious Jews we've interacted privately and publicly for many years in the midst of our debate and dialogue, but our differences are deep and profound in the eyes of a traditional due as a Jewish believer in Jesus.

I am an idol worshiper. Okay, in the eyes of a traditional due.

I am an idol worshiper and I'm guilty of deceiving and misleading the Jews. Let's be playing about the depth of differences are.

But when the tome is misrepresented up. I'm going to speak up and speak out to be clear, here's another website I found a small Torah website so website apparently advocating for observance of of the Torah by by believers and it has the same headline of the no hard laws seven laws of though, they should terrify you.

Okay so what are the seven laws of no that they are not derived directly from Scripture, they are derived from rabbinic exegesis of Genesis to God's command to Adam in Genesis 9 God's commands and no they cannot be deduced directly from Scripture or let's just say the Scriptures that are used do not directly supported. This is rabbinic exegesis reading things into the text that another or finding a text to support a tradition at end there laws against idolatry cursing God.

Theft, adultery there laws against eating the flesh of of a living animal, laws against murder and laws to establish courts of justice.

Some of that yet is the Genesis 96 for bids murder.

Some of that's there. Others are derived by rabbinic exegesis to read into the text now how ancient are they they go back at least to the book of jubilees. The written about which is at least 100 years before the time of Jesus. Some scholars think even earlier than that. So this idea that there were seven laws for the Gentile world, Jews had 613 commandments and the conditions the Jews believe that all the world to be considered righteous if they kept these seven laws recognize them as having divine origin. I will break that this could start the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Here's the point. 648-7884 so I began intersecting with the teaching about no hard laws. Sometime after I was a believer, I never heard it. It growing up in my Jewish home you are that religious but never heard that and then I began to interact with traditional Jews and they said look Gentile's don't have to keep the law of Moses. They just need to keep the seven laws and they are considered righteous if they do.

Now here's the big controversy today. All right. Big controversy that's come up in some circles today is this is Christianity idolatry. According to the seven laws of most of Friday's broadcast I said no, excuse me the seven laws of no I am on Friday's broadcast I said no it's not considered idolatry for a Gentile, is considered idolatry for a Jew now in point of fact, through Jewish history. There's been a lot of debate about that Islam has been considered to be non-idolatrous.

Although obviously a traditional due would not accept the inspiration of the Koran, but would say if a Muslim lives by these seven basic principles they could be considered righteous in God's sight, but they're not guilty of idolatry as we Christianity, there was a debate, is that idolatrous or not.

Then you add in through much of church history there have been statutes. For example, a Catholic setting or Greek Orthodox in their statues or icons or things like that which many Protestants view was idolatrous. Let's just put the statues away and say worship of Jesus as God or saying that there is a mediator between God and man. Without the idolatry, and in many Jewish circles.

The answer is absolutely yes it would be idolatry that some ultra-Orthodox circles to this day, that would be claim, but overall the general consensus has shifted over the centuries, and most of the proponents of the seven, though hard laws that I've interacted with and read over the over the years have said though the Christianity is not considered idolatry and what's interesting is that some of the very people on the front lines of advocating for the so-called seven laws of Noah working together with some Jewish leaders working with Muslim and Christian leader saying hey we can agree on these universal moral principles because we all worship one God, we all speak against idolatry. And we all stand against murder and theft and adultery and and and things like that so those are the circles that I've interacted with for many, many, many years including people who passionately differ with me who would tell me as a Jew. I'm guilty of idolatry essays knotted out of the project. Yeah, I'm fully aware of of the debate through the centuries you want to give all the sources you want me to quote you know that the main area of the Tosa fall through the different if you want me to go through the different sources in the debate. I'm quite aware of it debate over nature should tooth etc. so, is there mediator is there is there is the participation of the deity and that makes one idolatry. Okay, I am fully aware of all that, but I'm fully aware of the general conclusions that folks have come to expect, especially most advocating for the symbols of not now why did I say that acts 15. The Council of James Jacob and in the elders. The apostles in acts 15 to the Gentiles to abstain from a few things that that bills may relate to the symbols noticed as many New Testament scholars believe any any standard, commentary, and ask that you read a major commenter is going to consider that as one of the possibilities that these were well-known and there just saying it we were affirming some of these okay that's that's why mentioned at some believe that others say no. It's just derived from passages Leviticus of the notes drive mother think there is a major scholarly debate about simply referencing it on the air. All right, but here is why I am deeply skeptical at add to the point of mocking the idea that the seven though hard laws are to be enforced worldwide, and the people will be beheaded for not following them at their being beheaded under Islam right now Christians are being beheaded under sharia right now some some colleagues on the on the Internet just met recently have done some exhaustive study about Islam exhaust statement know if I was in there a state of shock. This is no hard laws Leticia sharia laws the issue.

Islam is the issue and was beheading Christians and followers of Jesus we may be beheaded for our faith. That may well happen. People been martyred through the centuries.

Paul was at his head chopped off. According to tradition happen to some of us, so be it. Let the Lord be glorified or laws belong to him but but here's here's the point.

Here's the point. The idea that somehow these will become universal. Some unbelieving subtype of New World order that I don't honestly believe and that let me take a step further and that the Sanhedrin Jewish authorities would now be able to carry these things out, whereas the only authority Sanhedrin have would be within the land of Israel, particularly over Jews believe extended beyond that to Gentiles in the land of Israel.

That said, the idea that there somehow be something that begins with rabbinic tradition that the whole moral excepts with all the anti-Semitism in the world all the rejection of Judaism in the world because whatever the sense that that the no hard laws, a drive-by rabbinic exegesis and to follow them rightly are supposed to affirm your supposed to affirm that that that the rabbis have given you the that the right information here. You can just come up with this intellectually rather through them. I don't see any scenario where this can happen. I will see any scenario with the whole world will accept these Jewish rulings or give us authority to usually what I see no Sarah if you differ with me, give me some credible information, some credible reasons why and let's talk about it in the same civilized way, but that's why answered with such passion on Friday like the Congress recognizes back in 1991 is immunity. No, that the tons of things Congress recognizes the president recognize that this group affirms that physical.

Beyond that doesn't go beyond so to this moment.

II say I'm 100% incredulous of the idea that the seven though hard laws which are derived by rabbinic exegesis and time with rabbinic authority are going to be universally enforced around the world and the Christians under those laws would be considered idolatrous and will be beheaded now. Is there a discussion among proponents of glorified laws as to whether Christianity is idolatrous. Yes, that discussion continues to this day, and some CS and something up with the overwhelming consensus that I've seen over the years. Until now, and what I shared with the caller on Friday is that no Christian is not considered idolatrous of the notables, but either way I see no scenario where they leave the whole world with a take over the whole world and with the whole world is enforcing these under Jewish authority. No, I see no such possibility of that again. If you have evidence to the contrary, not not based on an Internet myth. I'm not accusing him to send some of the folks posting that's that's all that have rights of the crazy posts that I read that so perhaps Internet myth complete misunderstanding of Talmud and Jewish law, etc. measures with interest is as soon as I saw the book held up the divine code that's a book I didn't have the heart muscle. I instantly downloaded. I got on Kindle instantly downloaded when I found fascinating was.

I know one of the contributors to the book so it's written by a Jewish scholar legal scholar in Israel and he's put things together and in what's called the order like a shoe, roof, which is a Jewish law: breaks down to this point. This point this point like that. Were the laws for this were the laws for that with the translation authorized translation of the Hebrew into English.

What I find interesting is is there different introductions and sections of the book, and I know one of the gentleman involved Arthur Goldberg because we work together on issues have to do with LGBT activists. So I texted him I say use MR three Goldberg that contribute.

This book is yeah is an effective written non-affiliates of importantly we can reduce Christians and Muslims together from all causes like snow standing against redefining of marriage, or things like that and I said you know that it's being taught now that under the no hard laws and I met Rita the text that got right here. My phone that that according to the no hard laws. Christians will be beheaded.

He he he wrote back Millie that he said that sounds crazy that there's another another Jan, another site's article a while. There's another gentleman Rabbi Dr. Shimon Colin Cohen in Australia and he is one of the leading scholars of the no hard laws and he also contributed to this book that I was encouraged to look at. He also contributed to it and and he has whole movement and a look at some of the stuff with you later.

He has a whole movement working with Jewish leaders and Christian leaders and Muslim leaders to say we all affirm belief in one God only. We all denounce idolatry. We all denounce murder. We all denounce theft all denounce blasphemy. We all call for establishing courts of justice, etc. so let us unite together for moral causes and and and and and work in a common way for ethics that Nellis II don't have much hope the Jews, Christians and Muslims are to work together effectively.

I want to reach Jews and Muslims with the gospel of Jesus. Yet if if if there was a famine in an area and we could work together to get food to the suffering I do it if we had to vote to stand for a righteous definition of marriage and have a coalition of atheist Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist at all agree with. I'd vote together for that if if we could stand against that the killing of the unborn.

By working together I would do that but in no way am I thinking that the change we want to see in society is going to come through religious coalition is going to come to the gospel of Jesus is given, the power of the spirits can become the word of God is going to come by Tommy Dean disciples living his disciples and shine the light and dark places and serving hurting and the poor and making Yeshua known by life or by death. That's a real change is going to come but all that to say that two of the contributors to this very book that I was encouraged to get our are saying that number one Christianity is not idolatry.

According to the bylaws number two, Christians, Muslims, and you should all work together for these laws because therefore the common good thing I'm not part of any such coalition is a set on the support of the gospel month is no hard laws. However however I'm just telling you that there's a whole lot more to the story than you are being told we come back looking at again to give you some actual quotes from major proponents of no hard laws respected rabbinic authority. I hear on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friend if I were talking about seven no hard laws there is a charge of claim that has been circulating much more than I've ever heard in recent months and years so the recent months is what I've been hearing it a lot that these laws which are meant to be universal moral principles for the Gentile world war the Jews of the Torah of Moses, the Gentile world. Just as the seven principles to live by, which were allegedly commanded to Adam and then expanded to Noah and said that seven laws and by the way, these were think these are things we would all affirm that idolatry is wrong. The cursing God is wrong. That murder is wrong. The theft is wrong.

That adultery is wrong, the courts of justice should be established that a link should not be eaten of the living animal. These are all things that that we would affirm. However, our message to the world is that we bring the gospel and Jesus transforms and brings forgiveness and yeah we would expect people to live by these but we don't push this we push the gospel the charges though that under these laws that Christianity will be viewed as idolatry that these laws will become universal and the Christians will be put to death. Based on these. That is a charge that I absolutely categorically reject now. I contacted a rabbi friend. We spar all the time because he is he is a counter missionary. He is working full time to pull Jews away from Jesus. A major part of my calling is to introduce Jews lead Jews to Jesus. So we've met many times in and was several times I should say and interacted many times and were friendly but we have our deep differences. So I said to him, because you are part of Shabbat.

This is an ultra Orthodox Jewish sect that is the most active in spreading Jewish teachings around the world and their leader, who died in 1994. Their leader made it a mandate that as Jews going to the world. They should teach the world. The seven laws of Noah. I said to him, so what you are takes interactive and this yourself what your understanding your part of a group that's maybe one of the major proponents of this what your understanding is Christianity considered idolatry. Because of this would Christians be subject to the death penalty. If this was before so he said here. Why work on writing something together for you. POI actually to it before I get to that before get to that. I'm only give you source. He recommended let me go to an article by Rabbi Lewis Jacobs was a conservative rabbi, one of the most respected Jewish scholars of the last generation and the article is idolatry. The ultimate betrayal of God by Rabbi Lewis Jacobs and he answers the question or Christianity and Islam. Idolatrous religions he says in the post Talmudic.

So after 56 seven centuries.

There was no longer any threat to Judaism for the pagan religions and a certain relaxation was granted to some of the stricter rules against relations with our dollars discussion among the Jewish teachers then centered on whether Islam and Christianity that you daughter religions of Judaism of the recall.

The recall and the new arrivals to the Jewish religion were to be treated as idolatrous religion. He says according to most authorities. Islam was seen as a purely monotheistic religion but opinions different with regard to Christianity.

Eventually consensus emerge that will Christianity did not constitute idolatry for them. That is a Gentile Christian did not offend against no hard laws.

It did constitute idolatry for us. Many Jews suffered martyrdom rather than embrace the Christian faith, to worship the gods of the four Eastern religions is of course how to be idolatrous by all Jewish authority so he says the consensus ultimately and he's as this is one of the most respected Jewish scholars of the last generation. Check out Rabbi Lewis Jacobs. He said the ultimate consensus was that for Gentiles. It was not idolatrous to worship God as Trinity right now I'm really not concerned with the Jewish view on this.

I worship one God, one dollar only. At the subject. The whole world and calling idolatry on the love and praise Jesus and worship God nothing stopping. I'm not looking for the approval of rabbinic community of mostly community or any community I'm looking for the approval of God and if and if Jan is my life in it. If I'm God-fearing referencing worshiping him. That's the approval I want and that's the blessing that I want but just one point this out. This is been my understanding for many many years interacting with the Jewish community about many of these issues over the course of decades, and studying some of the relevant literature right now. Here is the source. It's a wiki Noah so this is a no hide site that is been put together, like Wikipedia, to answer common questions about the no hard laws and and here's what it says. So this is from wiki. Noah Christianity and the no hide laws within Judaism is a matter of debate whether all Christians should be considered. Noah that was automatically by being a true Christian, you would be considered a no hard will Christianity appears to conform to six of the seven no hard laws and informal comparison of the Nicene Creed and no hard laws reveals that three major theological teachings may involve a violation of the no hide prohibition against idolatry, equating thesis with God acquitting the Holy Spirit with God Jesus the Savior, and the proposed capacity is God.

However, these theological issues do not fit the classic Jewish definition of idolatry.

This is because disagreement among rabbinic authorities on the question of the permissibility of Christianity for non-Jews authority authorities for big Christianity forges. Another consideration would be that even if Christians are considered at least partially observe in our hearts. Are they fussy Dave most how long Huff made most solemn meaning or they the righteous of the nations of the earth or the whites of the nations of your the former consider temperature in the world to come because they recognize no hard laws being revealed throughout Mosaic rabbinic tradition the letter and not consider temperature in the world to come, because they follow no hard law based on intellectual expediency. In summary, classic idolatry is been clearly defined by Jewish law.

Christianity, however, is been defied to something less. The problem is defining how much less and for what purposes so now goes on to a discussion about Christian views of no hide laws and and it says this the major Christian bodies resemble the Catholic Church East earth. The Orthodox churches in the Protestant churches believe the 10 Commandments to be binding on them and would regard the no hard laws is essentially a subset of these the requirements set of courts and the dietary regulation is not explicit in the 10 Commandments.

Some critics of the no hard laws contend that insisting upon a basic set of moral laws is contrary to religious pluralism some believers. Some Christians believe that their existence implies the Jews may set up a legal system that would effectively outlaw Christianity. This is a Noah recognized no hide website tackling that issue based on the out of context claims that all Christians are idolaters, and the punishment for idolatry is the death penalty and that the rabbis have absolute control authority. Of note cards. Some Christian groups have generated a lot of noise against the north IQs that some of the this stuff I'm dealing with that. Some of the quote noise fuses were there that I'm dealing with the Christians would be put to death in the no hide laws.

Again, I categorically reject the notion that Jewish authorities will rule the world and carry these out and put Christians to death right. Is it possible that within the land of Israel, Jewish believers that that there could be a restored Sanhedrin that would restore the death penalty within will have now that there'd be restored Sanhedrin and that Jewish believers in Jesus could be put to death in Israel in the future as they were put to death in the first such could be. I could be weak.

We understand the consequences of following Jesus certainly is happening again, and Islam. It's happening in other settings. Christians are being killed and slaughtered for the gospel. Could it happen in a Jewish setting. Get could be could be. Wouldn't surprise me, but right now there is no law precedent for but that is nothing to do with the Christian world is all those that do things outside of Israel right so the Jewish community responds by noting that no hard law with its minimal threshold for morality one may be. This law may be compared to Catholic social teachings, especially natural law theory so it is nothing to get worked up about second Judaism makes laws and customs for its own members like office and is not set up governments to force Jewish beliefs on non-Jews.

In contrast, some non-Jewish rates have carried out such excess practice those Judaism is not set up a worldwide government and now enforce its rules on non-Jews next. This is not the rule.

According to the code of Jewish law. If Christians were idolaters in the full sense it would be forbidden to do business with them on the days before and after Sunday, as well as any Christian holidays as well as several other legal rulings become a perfect this is not the case.

However, Jewish law holds that Christianity is similar to idolatry but not full idolatry, and they even be completely permitted for non-Jews next Jewish scholars also note that Jews today no longer carry out the death penalty even within the Jewish community Jewish law in temporary practices. The death penalty is an indicator of the seriousness of an offense, Violet is not actually put the death most Jewish authorities believe that the penalties are a detail of the no hard laws and the no hard laws themselves must determine the details of their own laws for themselves. According to this school of thought.

The no hard laws offer mankind a set of absolute values in a framework for righteousness and justice will the detailed laws that are currently on the books of the world states and nations are presumptively valid Melrose.

The goal is no hard laws to set an overall moral agenda that we can all agree on, and then each individual state and country has their own laws and customs within force and lastly the rabbis have no control over. Noah cuts only the ability the ability to interpret the Bible to give rulings in Jewish law theory. The rabbis cannot enforce their decisions on non-Jews anywhere outside the land of Israel. So once again, for all these reasons, and I think I have interacted in many different settings and often in hostile settings with the rabbinic community Orthodox through the ultra-Orthodox canoe for 47 years and based on the interaction based on my understanding of the literature. Based on my understanding of the intent of those who support the no hard laws and based on my understanding of common Jewish law. This notion Christians headed under no hard laws is one of the books of some of set it repeatedly person for the benefit of those just tuning in and missing some of the discussion so once more patient one here at the beginning there were those online who have their own ministries and their own research who work hard on this, who were from what I know, serious believers, their websites and YouTube channels and things like that and they passionately differ with what I'm saying.

So I am 100% open. If you can represent your position. Well, I know some of you can, I'm sure. In summary, I don't know right if you can represent your position well if you feel you've got the citations. The documentation, etc. then you're absolutely welcome to join me on the air and discuss this and he will set up a shell Mets and try to call and get through. Contact me through a website, instructor asking your brother with his contact. My team will be on the alert to look for that or if you'd like me USA progressive time to do if you get a bona fide setting with a modified following the distinctive.

Let's discuss our differences I is one of us is terribly wrong right dangerously wrong. Discuss it.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us a on the line of fire. Hey, if you're watching on YouTube and you don't subscribe to a channel, do so immediately. You sue before you leave. Get over 1600 videos there, but nearly 5 days a week. There is a live stream sometimes is a live stream at night as well or Jewish outreach show and we just started in the last week doing exclusive YouTube chats right just come on for 45 minutes or an hour and all I do is answer your questions are being posted on YouTube and its exclusive and when it's done that's it.

So make sure you subscribe this way soon as the videos up and got great videos on reaching out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. We got videos defending the authority of Scripture. We got videos of debates on various subjects. We've got our daily radio show gutter Q&A shows so a vast wealth of material there waiting for you. Make sure you subscribe and share with your friends. Okay, so Arthur Goldberg, I met Arthur a few years ago. He contacted me and he is an Orthodox Jew or modern orthodoxy would say, and he has been working on the front lines of helping Jewish people with same-sex attraction and things like that and was just kinda shocked at where the culture was going many years earlier he had been involved in civil rights issues, and just was shocked by the shift so we got to know each other sit hey you want to work with me on gay lesbian issues instead of a messianic Jew you know I have said oh yeah, I know exactly who you are. So here we have strong differences over Jesus, but he's glad to visited a Christian meeting were Christian leaders are discussing LGBT activism, etc. and he'll be a voice and give me a Jewish perspective with that and it's written a book on that, etc. so she had an article on public discourse with this source got comp September 23, 2018 Jewish Christian and Muslim theologians find common moral ground, and he notes three prominent theologians, one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim had published a groundbreaking document that affirms the no hard values as the foundation for all three religions is all know he's part of this cabal is part of this tooth deception to try to try to get people tricked come in and believe this to take over the whole world that does not a north is not who he is, which is what you see is what you you get here and and he explains in the.

The document that the these three religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all share book belief they are monotheistic faiths and hold to certain moral codes okay so what's what's he was he referring to what's what's the document that he's referring to. Well, it was put together by Rabbi Shimon Rabbi Dr. Shimon: or calendar passes less than in Australia, and the document 26 pages in and Dr. count Rabbi count has written at least one major book of the no hard laws is listed as one of the leading scholars in the field when the leading Jewish scholars is called an education in a shared ethnic and energy and education and a shared ethnic and and in this executive summary uses the project undertaken in this report is an outline manual of the value shared by traditionally mammoth faith. Judaism, Christianity, Islam is the product of most research and consultation was finally authorized by committee of three religious and academic scholars in each of these faiths without any doubt, when members of these major faiths see that they share fundamental values deriving from a common monotheistic source. This builds their sense of unity and solidarity. For this reason, help build a resiliently cohesive society. It is intended to disseminate this manual amongst the members of these three faith groups and he goes on from there. So here is a major proponent of the no hard laws recognized new scholar in them saying that Christianity, Islam and Judaism are monotheistic faiths and share in common the values of the notables that let me say again, I am personally not a supporter of the no hard law movement. I was supporter of preaching the gospel and will see moral and cultural transformation through the gospel. However, if a rabbi came to me. If a Muslim. Now that would come to me because as a Jewish follower of Jesus. They consider me an idol worship is let's put me out right. Let let's say a rabbi came to a Protestant pastor five friend of mine and evangelical pastor and said pastor we we believe that that you are part of monotheistic faith is reduce anastomosis. We know that as Christians we want to win Jews mostly to Jesus. We believe that Jesus is our religion. You have your own and Islam wants to proselytize everyone. We understand these fundamental differences, but we we want to make a joint statement on morality we see society going and crazy direction and when were trying to make a certain moral statement, you affirm these moral principles and who would say no to them. It will reaffirm them in that sense we are from as being right if if that same once it now. We believe Christianity is idolatrous. Of course you don't affirm that interpretation but we reject idolatry. I know what I was talking to about Rabbi a few months ago we were in the same city and came to visit me at any said let you know I just don't understand how you could say that you worship Jesus, and you not idolatrous as a this is God made himself known in the flesh, but is God, no. Judaism. If God has flesh then you made him into an idol. I'm thinking you can take on flushing both himself and flesh. You can tabernacle among us. He did it several times in the Old Testament in the wilderness for an hour for minute for day like any do it for a month there for 33 years. Scott father sits enthroned in heaven. The sun makes known the spirit works invisibly among us, why not, why not okay so all that to say all that to say I have yet to see in my research looking at things. I have yet to see any possible path by which the entire world will embrace a the no hard laws. This was to further and be rabbinic authority over those laws. See rabbinic interpretation of those laws. D so that within lead to world governments under Jewish guidance beheading Christians revile in the notables don't see it don't see it now. I know one Rabbi one Rabbi that I do not trust at all that I I would gladly expose in terms of his error in his deception, and I don't question that he uses things like this in a fear mongering way I heat he uses charges like this in the fear mongering way and and that's one thing. And that's it's all that is is hype nothing behind. No teeth to and I know misinterpretations of Jewish law and political savvy. Other misinterpretations number one I can study the text. Myself, I consider them in Hebrew and Aramaic and stated that the related commentaries I mean need to do some of it slowly because it it's tough sledding yeah I can do that I consider the source muscle and secondly I've studied some of these things with traditional Jews and not in a setting where there there pull any punches. For example, for example, a traditional Jew. In fact, more than one. His said to me in the messianic kingdom. The Jews will be serving God and the Gentiles will be serving Jews.

That's what they believe that the Jews will be the highly exalted nation and the other nations will come to honor and serve them and learn of the ways of the God of Israel, that they expect that to happen in the messianic do they believe they have authority over Gentiles no now they believe they can give legal rulings telling Gentiles have no it is. This does the Talmud ever advocate that the Jews are the dominate society and enforce some of the claw on the world now know a thousand times no and I noticed from original sources and I know this from studies Rabbi's absolute you got, you can just read this is the text itself.

One Rabbi says this once is really the commentaries and you can't just up the commentaries need look at the law codes they need. Look at the commentaries and law codes they need to look at the responsive literature were rabbis interact with the law codes and explain things further right so it's it's often very complex and in their things. I've looked at us like is the Talmud axis and sometimes it is that I totally reject that I totally differ with that volume 5 of my series answering Jewish objections, Jesus the whole volume is devoted to differing with traditional Jews in different with rabbinic authority in different with rabbinic interpretation when people are not a follower of Jesus or Verizon or Dominic Jew okay for Talbot to that's not an insult to be a pharisaic help some of you that's a compliment right to me it's it's it's the most opposite possible thing that you could say that I'm not a follower of Jesus run on the public Jew that that would be like saying the Billy Graham Center follow Jesus is actually a zealous Muslim. It would be that bizarre that off, but I get that from people that are not basing themselves on truth that are based themselves on hysteria that are based themselves in Internet myths that are based themselves in the latest anti-Semitic conspiracies.

Now there may be some folks out there that have seriously researched issues that don't believe all the crazy anti-Semitic lies that are trying to read rabbinic literature in a fair and righteous light and that feel that the no hard laws can be some kind of a worldwide net stick to trap people under Antichrist regime or New World order something in and they feel they have evidence for woman. Let's discuss the evidence. Everything I know everything off study of the I've learned all of all those I've interact with interact with within the no hard movement say something very different now is a great tragedy there.

People of abandon Jesus and now say there been a know that there there are no hides and I think what a terrible loss when an absolute loss, you forfeit your soul, you forfeit eternal life before for forgiveness of sins as you thought the know how long that's why I'm pushing the gospel back

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