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Abusive Leadership

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 16, 2019 5:30 pm

Abusive Leadership

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 16, 2019 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/16/19.


I'm speak with Dr. Joe Matera today about abusive leadership in the church. He calls it poisonous power stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown what her friends to the line of fire broadcasters number to call each 63423663487884 before I get anywhere in the show. It was just all my heart to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and that Satan is a liar that Jesus is Lord and his ultimate purposes will come to pass. There is no better safe replacement. His hands with the devil who does go about as roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He has been defeated and in Jesus we have authority over him. We don't need to be terrorized by his lies. We don't need to be taken captive by his lies. We don't need to be destroyed by his lies. If we continuing the truth. We know the truth that sets us free, and we are disciples indeed unloaded. That's for, but it's perpetual truth and certainly for someone today again 866-34-TRUTH the bottom of the hour.

I'm going to speak with my friend Dr. Joe Matera, Bishop Matera to talk about his brand-new book poisonous power about abusive leadership in the church. You don't want to miss that.

And want to share some updates after yesterday's radio broadcast where I laid out some facts about the no HUD laws and dispel some myths and rumors about them open up the door for further dialogue with those who disagree with me if you have a question about anything we been talking about the Talmud which really ended. No HUD laws as they can be a move the world moved to Tacoma Christians based on no HUD laws or anything else you want to ask me about a Bible related question I been taking calls little while phone lines open skews me 866-34-TRUTH for any question you would like to ask okay the burning of the Cathedral in Notre Dame Notre Dame in Paris, France iconic building with alleged relics. I say alleged or these is this actually the crown of thorns that Seth on the Savior's head that just a myth.

If it did, it's nothing that we would we would worship being at an earthly thing and in any case. Items are works of art that are considered priceless. So national, even international tragedy to see the building going up in flames. Is there a spiritual message here it and I've I've not received something in my heart that I could turn around and say to you. Hey, I really believe the Lord gave me an insight or shearers inspired thought that came to mind based on what's happened no I'm looking I'm reflecting I'm thinking Dennis Prager wrote an excellent article I spotted last night and had it sent again today in terms of the burning of Western civilization that was simple symbolized skews me by the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral, but I it is just something that happened natural. That's it is simple as workmen error as it is simple as it looks old building model would these things happen doesn't symbolize something. Is there a lesson to learn is a natural thing with the spirit, supplication. I don't know.

I don't know but it was headlines everywhere in the river he went. It was the headline still headline today and with Tom at the cross, the church, the crown of thorns in France even though it may have a majority Catholic population. It is absolutely nominal, evangelical believers in France are less than one half of 1% of the population or thereabouts growing considerably but tiny overall and I read back in the 80s when I was looking at some stats from world vision that your average Parisian there picked up the Bible and their entire lives. You know it's just very very nominally Catholic and many ways strongly atheistic and an utterly worldly in that respect them to the many wonderful qualities about France as well, but I'm highlighting some of the -ones from a spiritual perspective. So is there more to this.

Is there something God is saying through this. If so, it hasn't told me right and I and I haven't heard from someone else. Something that strengthens with a definitive, although the Prager observations are made.

Observations in terms of while it is almost a picture of of a larger burning of Western civilization, especially Christian based understands Catholic Cathedral understand all that okay so in response to yesterday's broadcast right explain why. Based on my study, my understanding, my interaction with those involved why I do not believe that the seven no HUD laws based on rabbinic interpretation of Scripture will be enforced worldwide, that there will be some type of all Israel power with the Sanhedrin ruling over the world and some respect or that Christians will be beheaded because though coming to the class of idolaters under the no HUD laws no III explain why I don't see any of that happening and why I see some hysteria surrounding it that has no merit to I found stuff going back years when Congress said yeah we we we officially recognize the importance of the no HUD laws in 1991 and in the universal ethical principles involved with them in the trunk doing the same thing I saw intranet articles going back years, citing the 1991 ruling announcing a look look looking Georgian state of Georgia that that they will bring in guillotines. They want to bring them in text the prisoners on death row. Why, because this way if they want to donate organs know if if there put to death by electric chair. The date the organs are no longer usable. So this would be a way where they could donate their organs. But this is act what's really behind it is bring in the guillotines to be had. Chris met a red stuff like that and and and that type of conspiracy theory.

Fear mongering is the very type of stuff that we debunk now repeat what I said yesterday as possible will be killed for our faith sure happening to our brothers and sisters around the world every single day believers are dying every single day for the faith being killed because their believers radical Muslim countries radical Hindu countries and other settings is happening all the time and has been happening for 2000 years people very close to me a been killed for preaching the gospel over the years I've got to know people been stone for preaching the gospel, close friends of the world and spend time with people who were tortured for years in prison for their faith sought yet.

This could well happen here, there could be a one world order under an antichrist expect that we are where we could lose our heads for the faith that is not no HUD laws under Sanhedrin. In any case here. Some of the response I just want you to see some of the crazy stuff that's out there and how much of it is joined together to Jew hatred blatant anti-Semitic lies right this is one, it's refreshing to see an honorable Jew but does he dare speak about the Jewish agenda. The dark demonic vision of the world is pushed by the scientists to see dear talk about the filth and Talmud. Yes, I know not all Jews are the same but Israel supposedly democracy people have the power to move the psychotic murderous lying thug Netanyahu and they don't. So the complicit in crimes against humanity, and will be held accountable simulator as they have been held accountable before history, but then we were merciful naÔvely believe they can change. In other words we kill all the Jews before we thought they could change, but no, no, no, they that's who they are and scientists have a dark agenda talk to take over the entire world. It's almost home and other common some people seem to believe that likening the Jews to infection somehow not entirely accurate affair but it's actually an analogy of remarkable explanatory power. Everyone can see with the Jews have done to the media at the financial sector knows the Jews, the pharmaceutical industry the political process to women's rights anything touched by this dark, demonic powers corrupted and the lies and deceptions always cause pain and death and suffering to innocent people. Pathogens have to be removed.

No two ways about it.

The only question is how do we shave and shower them again or do we go for more permanent solution. This is the second everyone say with me sick demented depraved evil ugly type of stuff that we get hit with the moment we address these issues and knows what this person is saying is he is the Holocaust again or something more effective exactly what they're saying and and yes we remove these comments. And yes, we block that this person from posting again. We will not allow this type of garbage on our other channels are here. Here's more ready.

The Zionist Dr. Brown obviously doesn't believe the Bible is officially denied Scripture in the book of Revelation, which is they'll be killed for being a Christian. In the end times not take the mark of the beast. Whoever you are posting this and by the way, I might get drunk posted worse than this. 24 seven. It's a badge of honor from encouragement. My team sends this to me to encourage me that were doing the right thing. Okay, I personally offended him expose the nonsense of the error and call people like this to account rebuke the plane right for their sake, for the sake of truth, but I'm good I'm fine I'm blessed I'm rejoicing in the Lord. I'm enjoying the favor of heaven. I'm intimate with God. Jesus is his mother. My best friend Holy Spirit lives within me and thriving in God.

It is my joy to serve him in the course of them get attacked and stuff. And if I did something wrong or made a mistake, you better believe I humble myself get Lois I'm so sorry, but when it's when it's being attacked them along for the gospel is nothing. This is 24 seven I'm just bringing this to the light to show you some of what were dealing with it like it's a passionate about exposing the truth and and by the way, putting the truth out exposing a lot.

But, but, by the way you guys. I deny Scripture. How many times if I should read our book.

Not afraid of the antichrist. We say these things may happen.

Believers can be put to death during times of intense tribulation. As I have before. As they will. Dr. Brown worships this world Donald Trump so because I expose the truth about no HUD laws and the worship Donald Trump political status without the real scientists and schemes of this world does not worship Jesus because all he cares about is this world.

He denies what is written. At home, and I wonder if he secretly a Kabbalist to keep a copy of the Saunders bed restricting the Cooley one of the entire false prophets. Jesus warned us about the friends. This is the crazed maniacal out in left field. Bassar deceived stuff that were dealing and that's where you keep exposing me to say this but me to say this be be careful what kind of fruit you produce. By God's grace I can introduce you to people around the world with touched administered to and they run into this crazy stuff nor nor they they looking for semen under every rock, exposing Zionist conspiracy.

If stuff your teaching and preaching uses garbage nonsense like this for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for us on the water for here just a couple more quotes I read this so you understand why we confront certain error why we address things the way that we do, why am so passionate because a lot of people believe what we are things by the way, I will be speaking this Thursday. This Thursdays broadcast with Dr. E. Michael Jones, he is a Catholic scholar and author and he believes that the Jewish people are responsible for much of the evil in the world today. We had a very candid conversation. You'll get to hear it this Thursday. I believe positions he espouses are anti-Semitic.

We had a fair conversation. He felt great about the conversation we had, meaning that he felt was fair.

We got salacious on the table so you get to hear that you get to hear that he's a scholar but we have some very profound differences to heroes address those on Thursdays broadcast, "I'm going to the phone here you're someone I have Juno worshiping Dr. Brown that's me. So even though I spend my time reaching Jewish people with the good news of Jesus, among other things, because I tell the truth about Israel. Jewish people and you worshiping this is without initial sampling is a sampling of what comes when you dresses, this Brown delineates good that the dots let you know how you think Christian persecution will come about. You must realize that when the end times this today the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed.

This is a direct communication from the elite that Christianity would be in the crosshairs of Sica's elite people that the fire also makes perfect sense.

The Christian persecution, the Sanhedrin, after all, Jesus said that what they did to me.

There will be new also is a son had republics that are pushing no HUD laws first thing with the show yesterday. I'm fully expecting an increase in persecution. It's cut will need to figure out where it's coming from is here is here. Chris is being slaughtered Muslim radicals and others him to radicals and their slaughtering Christians. The butchering Christians. The persecuted Christians, but by the hundreds of thousands by the millions. This been happening for years. There is this is ongoing only to figure out where to get the comfort there is resistance in America to the Gospels, got them to Newton with no HUD laws affect a disk problem over there is got a book against homosexual quote marriage from one of the most prominent no HUD law leaders in the world. Okay Jewish Jew, I expected Israel that religious Jews were pursued mis-unit miss indicates it's it's happening already. It's it's happening ready this and and if there is ruling Sanhedrin gets more power will they persecute messianic using Landoll yes of course said that believe that salsa rather than not hearing and responding folks untrue. I'm trying to help you see and understand truth. That's the goal that's the goal right one more.

Dr. Brown known as attacking you direct your defense of Noah card is the key. You are either sincere and did wrong or drooping. If someone believes I might be a plant. Yeah me. We address this when someone uncovered that I'm actually a Mossad agent and explain it's it's true.

My mother didn't even though this is a plant from the house to deal with nonsense like that, but to expose and I'm not defending no HUD laws am a supporter of the gospel of Jesus, not the no HUD laws are. I'm just telling you the truth about that some. And according to some interpreters of Loki lost or Christians idolaters yes the new HUD laws speak of death to idolaters.

Yes. Is there a scenario in which Sanhedrin is going of world power to enforce his no, nor is it entertained the possibility of doing so, conservative Jews were those living in lender all right with that. Let's go in Charlotte to Antoinette. Welcome to light a fire hello hello there, you're on the air intake and make an agreement, but human. I am not sure what didn't know how to live our okay so I guess you missed yesterday's broadcast happy to fill you in. Because I'm sure it like many of you from it was long talk about.

According to rabbinic tradition, God gave Adam a certain number of Commandments and then supplemented those commitments to Noah and they are known as the no hide laws and rabbinic interpretation tries to derive them from Genesis 2 and Genesis 9 directs the you can't really derive them from there.

Let's just a rabbinic interpretation tries to understand and and what it says is that there were seven principal malt was that Noah had that were for the entire world don't commit idolatry. Don't curse God. Don't murder. Don't steal. Don't commit adultery, establish courts of justice. Don't eat the limb of a living animal, and that these were supposedly given to the whole world is universal moral laws. Okay universal moral laws for the whole world now the question is how early do people believe this was the Jewish people were given the Torah 613 Commandments, etc. the rest of the world to be righteous would have to keep these seven commandments.

So based on that for example religious Muslim would be a no hide, even though ideally they they would say yes we we recognize the rabbis have given us this insight. Bottom line is that they would be considered together, they they follow these things that would be considered righteous Christian. There is debate with would they be considered worshiping an idol or not, because of their belief in Trinity in Jesus is divine and there's this debate about that but there have been cooperative efforts with Jewish leaders. Christian leaders and Muslim leaders to see you. We affirm these values it's it's tiny in terms of its overall scope and movement. We affirm these values and we think that everyone should live by them and this could improve the ethics of of the whole world Somerset. It's parallel to natural law that is is often emphasized in Catholic teaching and other teaching as well of the Christian future then there are those of Antoinette who have backslidden they were once gentile followers of Jesus and they got convinced that they were worshiping idols and and that instead they they should turn away from Jesus and live by these laws and follow the Jewish teaching. That's what they're doing. The reason I redressed it is because there folks on the Internet claiming that these are to be your University enforced between the Vatican United States and UN and all this in Israel to be universally enforced and Christians are then to be singled out as either worshipers and beheaded and that's the hysteria that I've been debunking in recent days. You are very likely to go have one I would not be included in that all will be because they are considered to be more pure monotheists, and in other words, because they just say all alone is God and he has no bodily form or anything like that they would be considered to be more legitimate monotheists and Christians kind of straddling the fence. The majority of Jewish opinion over the years is ended up saying you for a Jew like they were a traditional Jewish is one remind me an email today they would consider me an idol worshiper. Okay they would consider me guilty of idolatry and that all have some punishment in obit because of that that's their position, but they wouldn't say that about a Muslim or or and and they would say that about a Gentile who is a follower of Jesus, they would say okay it's it's not it's not a real pure monotheism, but you're still considered monotheistic. So if that's the difference between Christian is on but again, in all candor, and treatment of a very small movement, yet it could the Congress and 91 made a statement you were affirming these values and and and you know there other statements at affirm that there there is no world movement to enforce this use.

The idea that I'm perceived or duped or or a secret plant friends if that's what you end up having to believe the hold onto this bizarre theory. That's that is trouble hate. Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH astray grab another call Nick in Texas walking to the line of fire, morning or afternoon. Here are you doing good, good afternoon here also. I just want to say thank you for everything you do. God bless and I really appreciate it just kind of curious what what your perspective is on August are so damned that had never had the opportunity to come into contact with Christ like. If people had you met their end or people you know on certain I guess like you know Pacific islands were.

Maybe they had not come into contact with like the cryonics or surety) that existed. You know I mean I guess I'm just curious about what you think about that. Yes sir, a perennial question and one that believers can ask it one time or another.

On the one hand, we understand that all human beings us of God's grace are fallen right so even even if we don't have full revelation and full light. We recognize that that we are fallen and in need of the gospel right so that's that's default. We understand this other Romans one says that God is revealed through creation so that people are without excuse. We also moments to pulse about Paul talks about those you don't have the law, and yet, by nature do with the law requires notes written in their hearts. So I would say this Nick some broad statements number one. The assumption is the whole world is lost without Jesus. That's why we send missionaries that's what we share the faith assumption number one assumption number two. No human being on their own could say look I was righteous enough, good enough person with them at once someone comes to an age with her accountable for their actions.

They could not say that number three. It is possible that people have responded to the light they receive and in that respondent and turn to God even if they don't fully understand the gospel message. They've turned and and responded to the light, they received, in which case, God is there judge and missionaries have reported going to places to preach the gospel and it was immediately received because people have been waiting for the message, the heart, hair and other cases meeting people that simply believers and when they heard the message SPSS. It is possible. There are some say that specifically hearing the gospel must yes the assumption that it's a fraction of a fraction seven yes, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown happens it's one thing to hear about the latest scandal Catholic priest abusing young male parishioners within you hear about some famous televangelist and some financial fraud but the fact is, leaders wield tremendous power.

Leaders can bless lives or Chris lives and we who are in leadership have extra responsibility. That's what's so important to address abuses to set patterns for godly leaders. Thank God for that many godly shepherds leaders serving, sacrificing around the world or hats are off to them often what they do is thankless often overpay a underpaid, overworked, but there are very real abuses and issues and we need to address them. I'm joined out by my friend Dr. Joel Matera. He is the author of a brand-new book poisonous power dealing with abuses leadership.

I can't think of a better person to write the book is pastor in Brooklyn for many many years.

He is recognized as a leader's leader in America and around the world of father in the faith to many a lover of the word and sober minded. So Joe, thanks so much for writing the book and joining us on the air today with Dr. Brown forever. A really good great great work of the body of Christ both appreciated member were in this together. You been in ministry so many years, decades, you know so many thousands of leaders. What prompted you to write this book now cumulative writings I've done over the last several years.

I really look prompted me to go to together to deal with neither functional leadership or leadership role with the title the deal with both. And then I just landed on power is entitled, and it accomplishes a lot of different elements regarding the abuse of power as well as dysfunctional leadership is yet glad, though, so it's just something I've been writing about years it's not like anything circular recently prompted me to write this thing that I've been doing for a while and what is it about power that can be corrupted or manipulated or why so many are seduced by enemy natural people in ministry, for the most part they going to ministry not not looking for financial gambling.

Some of you semester to get rich. That's not only assumes motivation. Often they feel called the bird how is it that that many don't turn out well even though they start with good motivation.

Well, it's a real conundrum and I believe a lot about motivation to not surrender to the Lord emanates from our so and for example we been rejected as a kid or you know we had a real rough go and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles and were not a Christian at that point. A lot of what we are motivated by digital preservation, perhaps not. Susan perhaps wanted to have money and power.

Just like others and you know that could be motivated by self or ambition that oftentimes we get saved the very things that enabled us to persevere. Furthermore, Christian Runco with and that it goes over to the ministry because we have gifts we have ability, we have leadership and next thing you know where leading churches at about so even though we born again we love the Lord did a lot of subconscious inner motivations that have not yet been surrendered to God. Do you think that those of us who are in the Pentecostal charismatic movement are more prone to leadership abuses or perhaps it was just noisier and bigger and this is a problem for all leaders were likely greatly we been on current American McDonald and others who have been accused of abusive leadership is decrypted or popular view. There was only charismatic but I think it's just a general issue in the body of Christ that it percolating even more now because social media because of the need to move it because of so many different things, and of course victims are also mostly heroes of today so people are coming for without shame.

In the past they would've come forth. So there's a lot of different reasons and currently better contributed to a lot of the brought out a certain point and since I just encourage you to get this book if you call to leadership to call to serve in the body currently in ministry, poisonous power is divided into three parts nine chapters in each part. The first prepared for pastoral leadership. So this is this is practical.

This help you do the right thing. Avoid the wrong thing and then secondly problems in leadership. Starting with biblical standards for leadership in an age of scandal and then finally guidelines for the longest 27 chapters total divided over the three guidelines for the long haul which which includes chapters like what we can learn from Michael Jackson's tragedy so Joe let's let's start right at the beginning then prepared for pastoral leadership what it is you porn cheerleaders all the time.

What are some of the first things that you tell them in preparation for the ministry will first have a healthy identity in Christ Jesus went into the ministry told Luke chapter 3 even America chapter 3 that he was affirmed by his father's father said you are my beloved son will believed that was said to him already reached field test of devils and going to the cross he went into the wilderness was able to basically and then was able to going to the ministry because he was already affirmed his identity was in for one that was affirmed on you wasn't going into the ministry to prove himself he wasn't going to dinner ministry because he was insecure because he needed to grasp onto an identity already secure in the love of the father as his son and I would say the first of normal thing to make sure what you are going to any form of leadership that you have been rooted and grounded in the reality of the redemption of Christ and know you are son of God, and the more information you have formed the father's relational equipment delay prone guilty to using people in the pursuit of power on one thing that I would say that's that's obviously a massive massive importance of let's say someone is slacking in these areas. They are personally insecure that they made, they may look like you're super confident but there personally insecure. They are looking for affirmation from people. Their identity is tied in with how much power they have, or how successful the ministry is how this manifests of what are some of the things you've seen from people who are lacking in these areas well, they begin to objectify people they begin to use people and other people they want their gendered world and so will do anything it takes to fulfill that vision. He would've been hurting other people. The love letter you with people. People as long as they think those people can aid their mission and vision.

But as soon as they think that that person either is not committed to them anymore, or can help their vision. They kind of cast them aside and select one very common thing. The other thing is that of ambition. They walked into the center presumption that God told me to do this got me to do that, meanwhile, was really their own inner motivation to succeed to legislative bodybuilding by faith, even those can be a real burden on the congregation. They want the biggest building. They want the most people want the most crowd. They hide behind God saying we want to win so we wanted you know during the whole city to Christ. Meanwhile, basically shadowing practically really try to do much that he could have the biggest church the most accolades and make a name for himself. So a lot of it is done with religious language even saying the city of the Lord. When the Lord never said anything and it takes a lot of discernment to take observation of human nature, and it takes understanding to know when a person is really be motivated by God or not. One of the things I would ask any pastor is I want to know other accountable to. I want to know to have a strong eldership team or some other form of leadership that they submit to their own local church or are they running amok on the wrong or is there anybody that a congregant can go to their concerned. They have personal accountability for their own personal life.

Their marriage to a local God do have a community of leaders that you have working with you doing life with.

So the Lone Ranger is already on the road to construction there an accident waiting to happen. So a lot of different things I would look at all the if somebody's really walking the walk in a way that I would say would be biblical in all also important wise and will start this got two minutes.

How is it you see that I've seen it. People seem to be so powerful, so anointed, moving the spirit being incredible leaders motivate souls and then you find out afterwards that they been living in sin for years. I mean it in an adulterous affair or something else or stealing money. How can this happen. What's the exclamation automated dating deal to try to investigate the casting demons out of profit minded. I never knew you depart for me. The prophets were not people who didn't have the gift of prophecy that would want to have the wrong motivation they were not doing it for the Lordship of Christ, but felt to gather disciples felt so you're searching many many gifted people were very carnal or what.

I walked with the Lord even at first Corinthians chapter 1, we see that their church came behind no gift yet for which sexual immorality, idolatry, all sorts of divisions to the point at which Paul had a total of 411 that some sick and some of even die because they did rightly divide the body of Christ yet. They moved at all the gift but right in between first printing to 12 application of the gifts in first printing 14 with that incredible poetic chapter on love and I don't think that was done by accident, saying that's the real center of everything that operates through love that friends speaking with Dr. Joseph Matera his brand-new book, poisonous power.

It doesn't just tell you what's wrong with leaders structure helps you understand right way, cultivating healthy influence in Asia toxic. As soon as percent delegates on the air.

Discuss it. Get online get a copy today poisonous power.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends joining us on fire. This is Michael Brown speaking with my friend and esteemed colleague Joe Matera's newest book poisonous power cultivating healthy influence in a an age of toxic leadership. 27 great chapters in this book.

Good Amazon right now. Download the Kindle. The 799.

No, I don't get a commission for that.

I want you to get the book because it's it's healthy for those in all aspects of leadership and healthy for those going into leadership is one of the chapters young leaders look before you leap. Another leading reasons pastors fall and and solutions up again Joe. All we can do is touch the surface here but let's talk about some major reasons pastors fall because you would think by default some in pastoral ministry affirms the Bible affirms reports of living a godly life affirms the importance of not abusing the flock I that's that's why they went into ministry and yet so many do, for we don't throw stones will be constructive. We all live by the grace of God. We know we hear the latest report about another leader there I go, but by the grace of God's we always reach out with humility to restore and help, but God's grace is enough. We have enough guidelines. There's no reason for us to destroy the ministry bring reproach to the name of Jesus that hurt the flock sold what are some of the most common reasons the things you've seen all these decades were people anointed called by God really really take a serious fall. Well I would say the number one reason is because I'm going to delight toxic and got first Peter is not right for us to neglect the word of God in prayer to wait on tables and sometimes pastors glorified administrators and deacons more than they are scholars and people who are seeking God. As Jethro said to Moses, you need to go upward, numbers 18 so that you can bring the vision to the elders who are going to venture people and so we have to be God would first and I find that a lot of times people are operating on fumes and burning out because they're not operating in the power of the Spirit and not putting God first fallen from the first log. Second reason is because of pastoring a church or church is now getting exceedingly more complex have to be an expert in real estate have to deal with issues, leadership development, you have to understand how to disciple new believers how to assimilate them. It's not you get up preaching its location. It money at fundraising. It did so many different things going on and now you have a media voice and everyone's listening to YouTube Bible after everyone thinks you're theologian now people challenging you while you're no preaching or an old work questioning you 20 years ago there was only a few major voices in Christianity because it was only on radio and television. Now somebody different voice so pastors really have to know the word and on top of the exploitative schedule. Conducted to keep the have to have a fresh word every week, 52 weeks out of the year or whatever 50 year low. Did a lot of pressure and if they feel lonely at the top of it are people they can trust it exacerbates it isolates them even more.

And a lot of times the pressure of the crack in the either resigned or they try to medicate themselves with excessive entertainment, social media, sexual immorality or even drug quality. They leave the ministry.

There's a lot of reasons we could point to very complex issue.

At that point. But even as you speak to me.

I'm reminded of what I often tell my students that the greatest challenge they can have the rest of the lies ministry is not all the external things. But putting God first seeking him first. I was talking to some visiting students from another Bible school in ministry last week and I said it's much easier for me to do than to be much easier for me to write a new article or travel around the travel around the world and preach the into diskette alone focus on intimacy with God and yet everything flows out of that so these are these are weighty words friends. The second part of the book problems leadership just the system is chapters biblical standards for leadership in an age of scandal warning signs before leadership failure signs of power-hungry leaders signs of abusive leaders. Lessons learned from highly publicized falls which churches can learn from others imploding size of leadership burn. I mean really, really practical and then that the last section of the book guidelines for the long haul is is really again helping people make it long-term so let's begin. Newest touch the surface here. Warning signs before leadership failure.

What are some of the most common signs that maybe maybe elders in the church they can recognize this people love their pastor.

They can recognize things before the collapse comes yeah well I might hereafter deal with the issue being too busy leaders trying to cram too much into the schedule along the amount of time they don't get enough time personal renewal and rest, so it's not just praying and seeking God doing things that give light to you, whether it's working out with her to reading a book with her to take a walk and enjoy nature.

Whatever it is. Often times they don't have time for renewal and resident dear operating with depleted soul. Another thing that will show that somebody about to be in big trouble is they are isolated they avoid intimate conversations in contact with their peers overseas. They often themselves out a minister. They just get off the pulpit and they don't have any social interaction with their leaders or would anybody else is no real community in their life. Another sign would be neglecting their family you know someone setting for reforming and outspending adequate time to dispel some of the children God said it's not good for man to be alone to get specially leaders who travel a lot and not a regular touch with their spouses or the kids, but sometimes I feel like we were all guilty of the times where we sacrifice our children on the altar of ministry. Then you have a lack of self-control. You have some leaders who again I don't like to cast aspersions, but there's a lack of self-control.

They don't control their eating their eating late at night. There 0D. Socially overweight. The physically overweight, which showed a malady of the soul in which there self-control in point which can spill over into other areas as well. That's how people could fall photography that people can fall into other things that show for self-control and that doesn't mean everyone is overweight is involved in pornography or that Christian thought it could be a warning sign for self-care and then you have spiritual dryness when you have pastors are only studying the Bible when I have to preach or getting sermon material from other places or some like that. This is urgent dryness.

They don't have a fiber walk with the Lord and not ministering out of an "there ministering based on other people's revelation or illumination.

God never called us to be an echo. I called your voice. Then of course you have to buckle things like pride, leaders in love and great titles positions recognition constantly joining the board and networking simply to get involved in larger bench to sit on the platform, or every time you talk to them.

Reminding you that they have a degree in certain high level universities that have a PhD to admit some people I know I've talked to him 5◊5 times. They told me that a PhD thinking what I have to tell me every time. It's like wow it shows that there is the love of title self promotion and then people use language where it's us versus them. They look at other pastors and other leaders of the competition. They talk about their church being the church.

Whenever a group has to say we are the church that they can bring revival where the church to God as his hand on city. I know that it's not long before this could be a great crumpling come from the father.

There's no one church to reach a whole city or nation and we have to work together with the broken walk with each other as part of the body of Christ. One church, many congregations in the city. Only one church per city so that a lot of warning signs that I've seen in my 41 years of ministry 35 years of pastoring churches and leadership is a lonely road and we really need to have others honestly speaking alike besides espoused by Davis were married Spouses that can see through it. But even beside your spouse, you need to have others speaking into our lives and the lives of those around us.

For that matter, not just us but are the leaders of outside voices is also very helpful Regular leaders coming into our local churches that are from the outside and could have an objective prophetic sermon into the condition of leadership that's important. I wish I could press a button and have Dr. Jill Matera said with pastors, leaders all around the world by the millions and with everyone going into leadership and ministry by the millions and download what God's put within him. That's not possible, but I can recommend that all of you get the book poisonous power Joseph Matera it's M ATT ERA cultivating healthy influence in an age of toxic leadership as soon as I get the manuscript schedule. This is Phil. As always, thanks for your wisdom thanks really should my God use this book appreciation and concern about why don't you cochlear

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