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The True Location of Mt. Sinai?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2019 7:41 pm

The True Location of Mt. Sinai?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 26, 2019 7:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/24/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Is it possible that Mount Sinai is located in entirely different place than where people have always thought it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (the line of fire. I just tweeted out the wrong info. I said, my guess was coming on it.

303 Eastern standard house and open up the phone lines at 333 it's the reverse. My bed I misread my calendar, my guest, Joel Richardson will be coming on with me 30 minutes from now we are going to talk about Mount Sinai. It is it located in Saudi Arabia have historians and archaeologists followed wrong traditions are. Others pointed to Mount Sinai find the right tradition. Does it matter to talk to Joel and it also check this out. Redoing of the live YouTube chat about 90 minutes from now that we've done and I think three so far having a blast doing them a minute share some interesting updates.

I think you be fascinated to hear and just respond to questions and comments you post on YouTube can be doing that starting at 4:30 PM Eastern standard Time. So what, 86 minutes from now.

This can be our YouTube channel.

Esther Gibran SK dear Brown, those watching on YouTube or Facebook now nice to have you with us all those listing on our great stations on the Truth Network around the country and elsewhere great to have you with those listing a day or two later, maybe a month later year later on podcast jogging down your road with a sneer year.

Glad to be with you here some to call any question of any kind on any subject suitable for Christian radio and somehow relevant to the line of fire. I'll take your questions like we do on Fridays, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 yeah just looking at this article been sent this and and now a colleague medical doctors sent this to me representative Phil Han Omar Rabbi hears it head on Fox News rabbis, Rabbi Abraham Cooper blast ill Han Omar New York Times for pushing claim. Jesus was Palestinian not Jewish. How how often we hear this year.

He was Palestinian. I'm in reported from from Palestinian activists and even terrorists year Jesus was a Palestinian was a first century Jew does Jesus care about today's postings.

Of course Jesus care if they're oppressed or or not cared for.

Probably yes if you stand with Israel doesn't mean you stand against the Palestinians know you want the best for everybody absolutely, but enough with this nonsense. Jesus was a Palestinians not he was a Jew is a first century Jew today in worship of Yahweh. The temple and Israel go to the feast, and Israel celebrated Passover, not Ramadan. In point of fact was no such place as Palestine. Then there is today a that there were the people of Israel.

The Jewish people that they Palestine didn't come until over hundred years after his death, and that was in a derogatory way under Emperor Hadrian to further distance the Jewish people from their ancient homeland in the land of the Philistines and New York Times repeats this stuff as well as if there's truth to it.

It should be called out. Also, also, before I go to the phones. Tragic news. I love you heard of, get a brand-new article about it about the scandal with the Boy Scouts. Shocking but not surprising.

There are as many as 12,000 people join together in a lawsuit, as many as 12,000 and and taking the Boy Scouts. The court, there has been something internally known as the perversion file going back to 1944 where there were cases of abuse were male scout leader abuse.

The scout right and and now now the Boy Scouts are acknowledging thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands case. Double member there admitted to before and there been this push different times to get them to come forward with this in private settlements made the sweep this under the rug right that's bad enough that this was going on. The kids were getting abused that sexual predators found their way in and found this to be a good place for them to get away with their horrific deeds and and only God knows. Ultimately, how many of these cases will also know about their minnows will come forward because of guilt is a shame. Many others strolls too long back some committed suicide. I wouldn't doubt that for second that that's happened over the years someone abused and felt miserable over that led to the generation allies etc. etc. okay all that to say this, here's what's more outrageous knowing all this, knowing all this. The Boy Scouts of America vote some years back to allow openly gay Boy Scouts that the here's what happens in this region of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts is there not because boys are attracted to girls. Girls protected the boys their activities want to do but buy yourselves this character building stuff you are doing certain things girls might like to do more boys know to do something else. Okay that's that's what but also you don't have for general boy sleeping together in a tent with a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl. You don't do that because it the very real possibility of sin and temptation right so the same way you don't have a 16-year-old gay boy with 13 1415-year-old straight boys is not wise to do this can open up the door for trouble, just like it. What if you mixed heterosexually. I'm not saying that a homosexual boys more evil than a heterosexual. What I'm saying that you you have rule so that you don't have boys with girls and girls with boys but we always hear about the scandal you know some female schoolteacher having an affair with her 15-year-old boy in her class and stuff and run together can be male-female attraction. These things can happen to you to do your best of walls and barriers and things and still you have some abuse, but you don't add situations to make the abuse more possible, more feasible God for bid, but that's what they did that you have a seven funeral boys 30 with a six-year-old boy making him uncomfortable. That doesn't matter because you Be tolerant know this is not the place that export sexuality with the Boy Scouts or to to put them in situations that are compromising the concern is the good of all. Every kid wants to be part of things attracted to the same sex. He keeps it to himself and he asked in a respectable way and end whatever happiness is private life between him and God particularly open out and proud no stucco work stucco work just like it wouldn't work for girl to be with the boys.

Report abuse girls are only asking for trouble. Not only the Boy Scouts approved but then they approve openly gay scout leaders that would be like approving heterosexual women to be Boy Scout leaders and how about this heterosexual man to be Girl Scout leaders and to be alone with your daughters how'd you like that parents so this is utter outrage who can imagine what's happened to the individuals, families, some of the consequences sexual abuse of children has horrific consequences. One of the ugliest crimes can be committed and as I close my article. I don't say Boy Scouts rest in peace Isaac lived with the agony. Knowing what you did. Face your accusers and yet may Boy Scouts completely collapse and trail life and other groups, the good things in the two things and wholesome rights. We may they be raised up. Instead, 866-34-TRUTH of Mr. Robert in California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing Dr. Michael Brown very well, thank you, Dr. Mariana, I just wanted to thank you so much for your ministry.

It impacted me and emulate. I don't think delivered an understanding. Thank you for that other current government Talking with you in trouble with well developed. But my question is the Apocrypha.

I believe it referred what's your take on that another couple people will be good. It is technically 82 books in the Bible and think up and left out the study that I've done to get the thing that there was enough evidence bring up copy that worked out, and not and I get yeah basically try to get your take on that is so if you're Catholic Roman Catholic. You'll have extra books of the Bible called the Apocrypha books like Ecclesiasticus also knows Ben cera, or you'll have first Maccabees. For example, you have other books. COBIT things like that and the question is, should they be part of the Bible if if you're having other kind of Scripture eat the optic Description of the books books Enoch is well several books of the book of Enoch, but bottom line.

There is no good reason to call the Apocrypha Scripture.

Now we know when the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible was done, that they also included the apocryphal books and therefore this would've been part of it. If you're reading the Bible and Greek you would've had these books there as well and at the time of the Reformation.

They didn't get rid of these books, they would just print them here because Old Testament and New Testament they be printed in the middle right so so they were they were available but they when I consider the same level of Scripture. But here's why we don't accept them as Scripture reviews the New Testament is her first and foremost guideline. Nowhere, or any of the apocryphal books quoted in the New Testament as Scripture never quoted as as Scripture says, is the word of God says, as it is written ever. Not once, not once.

That means that Jesus and the apostles did not consider them as Scripture.

That's the first thing the second thing is that the ancient Jewish community ultimately did not regard them as Scripture, so that Judaism to the state is not regard them as Scripture. I would suggest that you can read them as in between the Bible and a good book. In other words, they are not inspired and authoritative. The way the Bible is you cannot derive doctrine from them, you cannot base your life on them were saved. Here's a promise from God for me, but there is much wisdom in them this much spiritual insight. There is important history of things between the old and new Testaments of their valuable they can be enjoyed but they shouldn't be read as Scripture.

They shouldn't be read with the authority of Scripture, nor can you say will. God said it and and honorably because it's it's written there. It's not written there the same way and by the way, this is not a matter of some of trying to suppress any and I get the Apocrypha and MMA hundreds of billions of Catholics other in the world. They have the Apocrypha. Okay, that's not the issue is readily available. It's just never been recognized as Scripture by the Jewish community and by those that follow New Testament authority and would be considered Protestant today hey Robert, thank you so much for the kind words Sir joy and privilege to be a blessing and helped to me. The smile of the Lord be yours in ever increasing measure 866-34-TRUTH would get another 15 minutes to take your calls and then on the transition over to interview with Joel Richardson about the location of mouth side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us fire a very important early Jewish Thursday broadcast for you tomorrow, Friday. Would you be answering your twitter questions and in all less than an hour. Well, an hour and 12 minutes from now will be doing an exclusive YouTube chat at the Esther to Brown YouTube channel 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Vicki in Charlotte walking to the line of fire. Hello how really appreciate your program thank you and I have learned so much out, but my question is if you think you open it with the information about the amount banner was so possibly being in Saudi Arabia and if it that did you do not possess nearly the amount of land that God actually gave them and just a little section that they have you knowing it is here that you know very prosperous and booming, and nobody wanted it until you know they got it in 1948, but how study and exit Hoffman any day on more than what they have now right well I'm I'm to raise the question I guess is good to be coming on in just about 1012 minutes I'm going to ask him if if so, this impacts anything at all out with the borders, but limit Louisiana's the Jewish people today in Israel do not possess all that God promised in an part of it was based on our righteousness and acknowledging the Lord and we were in the land right now by our grace, not by our goodness or righteousness. So at some point in the future will inhabit all of of the land and and it's described in different ways. In the book of Genesis. But, for example, Genesis 15 out your offspring. I give this land for the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates line of the can I scan etc. so the river of Egypt since the Nile Euphrates and that's that's territory that we've not had in full and something that may not happen until Jesus issue returns and sets up his kingdom here and there is but all raise that question two orchestral roots to Vicki. Thanks for the call and for the kind words, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Paul in Washington. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Don well thank you request. Remember, I was wondering all of considered beer cold. You could elaborate on that a bit okay it depends what version you referring to and it depends on how we define occult the pop version of Kabbalah practiced by been Donna and others like that. This is unrelated to it may have little bits and pieces of of the real Jewish traditions call Kabbalah, but it is is really a pop version it's it's a basket eyes version of it and should just be dismissed and forgotten about.

So we start there. Kabbalah itself Jewish mysticism has a lot of beliefs, a lot of strange beliefs about the spiritual realm. Now you you but you don't want to do is see where it's reported online know that the sensationalistic website about all the evil stuff in the Kabbalah.

It's it's so sensationalized, it's often misrepresenting it's often taking things out of context and in an and mystical literature ingenious can be so complex that the concepts can be easily misunderstood. Is it occult in terms of looking to demonic power and opening up the realm of darkness.

It's possible in that I would say it's not a true path to God and in other words, there may be some beautiful truths in it and maybe certain things based on the Bible but then it gets mixed in with these very odd beliefs and traditions so you could say that anything outside of of the truth of the gospel when you dive into the spiritual realm. You can get confused as well with the realm of darkness and therefore occult and you know there are these mystical beliefs. You know which is the evil eye that kind of those types of beliefs and in curses and blessings you find more of that in Kabbalah.

That being said, that the whole center of it is is pure worship of the God of Israel, and pure service of the God of Israel, and in bringing the world into a place of spiritual redemption by serving the God of Israel. That's why it's it's really a mixed answer. In other words, there are definitely things in the occult in in Kabbalah. That to me represent a counterfeit, spiritually, and therefore satanic deception and therefore opening the door to something demonic and not from above that's on the one hand, on the other hand, if you talk to a religious Jew that practices Kabbalah and believes in it and they talk about love for God and serving God and living a holy life and turning away from sin and and and subduing you know the powers of darkness, and Satan of the bill be very much with us in terms of what we believe is right, what we believe is righteous, what we believe is holy, etc. so I would just say my summary would be. It's a mixture of light and darkness, with the doors to deception really open through it, but it's not as bad as you would suppose based on the way is representative of the Internet and if a rabbi was soon explained he could explain it away. That was some beautiful do you have any like book references for Kabbalah books are going over your cold. Yeah well I mean obviously you can just get any book an introduction to Jewish mysticism. You know, there are books like that or or here if if there's a famous it is, is really rabbi audience. Don Schultz, the commentator, etc. and and he has a book called the 13 petaled rose and if so, what's the subtitle I'm just looking at discourse on the essence of Jewish existence and belief, and that that will kind of introduce you to Jewish mysticism, but in a in a different different way and in a way that would know would we give you ideas that there were more of what you say more wholesome, etc. but of you if you dig a little deeper. You do understand. So here it won't one of the things that probably the most famous, a scholar of Cabal of the last generation Gershom Sholom. He's got a bunch of books and maybe yeah major trends in Jewish mysticism. Just look up Gershom Sholom SCHOLEM okay where yet. He was the top scholar of Jewish mysticism in the last generation and the one in this generation is Moshe Ido EID EL Moshe Ido ID EL and they'll give you academic understanding of of mysticism taken behind the scenes some and then from there you can really see where there is as a sale of the mingling with. To me the dark side that that opens up wrong things is will he.

Thank you sir for the call. Obviously be nice if I could write a book kind of a messianic Jewish perspective on it. I need to to be more of a scholar but before I could do that all right.

Let's see we go over to we don't let's go over to Christopher in Missouri. Welcome to modifier a bank back a quick question, and a couple weeks ago talking about how the law will Peter Michael W. Paul, accountable, Jane. We hurt you due to you need to do XYZ though we know that you walk humbly walk on orderly and youthful law and Peter coming to people confusedly. The log will be doing the awful aft of the cross is really and they really push it. Peter had a dream about Cornelia. He had a dream about the animal coming down and eventually he thought it was about unclean people like Lord, Lord, no. No unclean thing ever. If you are under the belief that a meet whatever we want, we can do that when you do that. Why would Peter even be worried about the Lord William of Eaton unclean and even though the dream of the SSO bonbon line of the Jew, the Jewish believers lived as Jews by Wednesday. Jewish believers lived as Jews, but with a understood was that Maasai had given them a new access to God. The Maasai had given them a new righteousness, and with the destruction of the Temple and in the blood sacrifices they realized that God had made a new and better way, but we have documentation for hundreds of years with Jewish believers continue to live his dues and that much of the Gentile churches, the church became increasingly Gentile but didn't didn't understand why they did it at the same time these Jewish followers of Jesus did not accept rabbinic authority and they did not believe in works righteousness, they wholeheartedly resisted the idea that Gentile believers needed to come under the Sinai covenant they wholeheartedly resisted that and oppose that. That's why Paul opposed Titus from being circumcised is is is in Galatians 2 and they wholeheartedly oppose the idea that they were now becoming righteous by Torah observance, but they understood they were Jews but they had a covenant calling commitment that these were things that God had given them as part of their identity so it remains a part of their lives for generations. Just as it is is real and the laws of messianic use today. We don't push the law system of righteousness or justification or lead us to the Messiah as we were ready been led to him and receive forgiveness of sins and new life hate Christopher we could talk about this like 12 hours but I got a break and I got a guest coming on so maybe it will resume the conversation with a I'm sure there's more. You had to say but I want to answer before we ran out of time. God bless you man. It will continue the conversation.

Another that by the way, I got a call yesterday from Sam first time caller but longtime listener and great fan of the ministry and the times that Holly had his new him so I thought you wrote the email upon the most gracious email cause us so I just wanted everyone to know of bad about that of the blessed and honored him in love with America. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown (my guest about to join a New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson is a new book out it's it's about Mount Sinai. It's about the location of Mount Sinai and there are some researchers who argue that we been looking in the wrong place for it or we have identified the wrong mountain with Mount Sinai. So we have an interesting conversation about this is one obvious question is why does it matter that obvious question is, how could people been looking in the wrong place. Mount Sinai in Arabia presents a clear case. In layman's terms, the true location of Mount Sinai. Joel welcome back to the line of fire. Hey Dr. Rebecca McCartney on sure thing will I know you've written a lot about Islam.

Over the years. I know you've written about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah and the future of Israel and the Jewish people.

How did you get involved in this particular subject.

Why is it been so important is really interesting, something the Lord dropped on my lap I had over the years seeing some of the videos that had come out in the 90s, some of the folks that were spinning. This is the relocation. I'm not an archaeology guy is really throughout my purview, but when I started they caught my interest in this.

Just I'll display the strange criminals up and I just the Lord. If you can ever get me in. I would really like to investigate this myself and and so at the end of 2017. I have a friend who works in Saudi Arabia it going up there with his family and actually was investigating it that you know can you get me a letter of invitation into the country and so about a year ago I had the chance to spend a few days hiking around and all investigating all of the these fights of interest around the mountain and I started working through all of the scholarly literature. All of the critical literature and I just came away really. Not only convinced but incredibly inspired in terms of my faith really being listed and you know II think that they think as those in our usual topic.

The Lord is really going to use this in a pretty profound way. In the years ahead. So let's let's start there. What was was this matter. Who cares. We know what happened there no God gave the law Mount Sinai we we we know the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness know about the promised land. What was it matter if we had the right location wrong location who actually cares about the great question and honestly thought in a plate not like it. Ocular the First Church of God are true location of Mount Sinai. Soy is not a member but it is relevant with regard to the testimony of the Scriptures when I was coming back from Saudi Arabia spinning on the plane next to the man clearly could tell by his accident to New York Jewish Jewish guy and he said where you come from Saudi Arabia and no one will be doing their and I figured I'd I really think I was just cut the real Mount Sinai. Interestingly enough and immediately displayed. Oh come on, you know, none of that stuff. True, you know, this is just a Jewish myth. The Exodus never happened.

You know, and little things within the world of scholarship. You know it probably half of them don't even believe it's real happy and if indeed we been looking in the wrong place, then know that that's a big part of the reason so you know the certainly plenty of locations around the mountain, they may or may not be proved to be valid later. Know. Time will tell.

But if this is true, mountain and again you know from a Christian perspective if we just lit with a flick Jewish perspective, break the New Testament off of the Bible you look at the Bible, the Exeter Mount Sinai is the looming mountain of the entire narrative and the ability to validate this as historical that that's profound you know from the perspective of validating the testimony ripped her this would be a pretty significant event in the in the history of biblical archaeology rights also meet the needs try to understand this right.

My field of expertise was not biblical archaeology. I had a class on biblical archaeology in college I got a bunch of books related to that office are disturbing the history of Israel, a be learning things about geography, about archaeology debates about what happened. What didn't happen.

Dating of the Exodus dating of the conquest of Canaan evidence that supports it doesn't support about Osama bin quite familiar with this for decades but I never focused on archaeology in terms of my my greatest interest.

However, I know that there are brilliant scholars. Some of the believer. Some of the nonbelievers who have given their lives to spending decades just and archaeological digs and meticulously taking out little pieces of evidence in deciphering inscriptions and and the people multilingual background and they didn't have an agenda. They were just on the search it, it seems like a stretch to say they were all looking in the wrong place. Obviously this is something that you had to work through. So if there is some international conspiracy where you have this in a cabal of archaeologist wall agreed to relook in the wrong place and deceive the masses so that would be obvious question. I'm sure you have to take up in your book. How could so many brilliant scholars, lifelong archaeologist at this raw actually be looking in the wrong place. How the world could that happen or her salt most of the archaeologist don't agree with each other. You know you have several significant Mount Sinai entity. Really, the vast majority today. Don't believe the traditional site near the river on a directory. At this point kind of a minority position. You got a location near the Negev called Parker, you've got an Israeli archaeologist Menasha RL you believe that the amount of double and Bashar so there several candidate but this is the only one of all of the candidate. The only one that has a very distinct ancient Jewish tradition which you viewed this as real Mount Sinai and it's the only location that has never been able to really be examined but within the next couple years. It could be open to the world so the big part of it. It's been cut off from the world.

They haven't really been able to investigate it. But very soon they will be able interesting. So it's not like everybody say it's over here and now you're saying no no no no.

You're all wrong. It said people haven't been sure it is been debate between them and and what the places are is okay but but again let's and and I want you to take us on a journey as we go forward in the book.

By the way is is beautifully illustrated that was about 50 pictures in the book that illustrate things as well, and you're in the yeah okay so let's let's say that what you and others are saying is actually right. Mount Sinai is located in Saudi Arabia and how are you. In no case you found them out and this would be the one the Bible talked about how will that prove or demonstrate the historicity or the reliability of the Bible.

And it's not like this again. I like fire where the fire or are you have fire you is only the footsteps of Moses going up there to you how how how did okay. We found the mountain having the what happened on that mountain or personal limited in no way we can never go absolutely at work in ontological certainty really at issue is the most likely candidate and you know have to start back with what I referenced earlier, which is the fate there is a very ancient medicine goes back you know a couple hundred years before Jesus really to the time of the Septuagint in the first century both Philo and Josephus both said that the tallest mountain just outside of the district of Midian that that's what you Mount Sinai so it overly of all, the candidate that the only location that ancient Jewish tradition and then later Christian tradition previous garage and roll.

They all said that this is the true Mount Sinai ventilator.

Interestingly, Islamic tradition. This is the only candidate that has nothing to tradition attached to it. There's no others but do and then you get into just all the archaeological points of interest around the Scriptures and the Lord told Moses to build an altar of uncut stone at the base of Mount you have an altar that there to this day the Lord told Moses to set up the pillars after the 12 tribes of Israel back to the altar to the data still pillars that were remains of pillars still fit their descriptor standards that river that runs down the mountain have to be on the eastern side right next to the altar. There is a dry riverbed right next to the altar through the cave right on the eastern face of the mountain. The you go down the line you can farewell that expressing but going and that also went off and on and on arguing up about 1520 and you know I can't make the joke at the this is not the real mountain than God is sort of playing a joke on all of the alternatives that walking around you. You actually go there you you the layout. It it for me was one of the most they stirring experiences in my life. It is also not walked away is that if this is not the real thing, then daughter almost playing a trick on all you know I was going to ask you the experience that she had friends, the book Mount Sinai in Arabia by Joel Richardson, complete with more than 50 full-color photographs and maps. So here the book looks at the biblical evidence for Mount Sinai being lined of Midian, Mount Sinai, in ancient Jewish Christian and Islamic traditions, the evidence that Paul journeyed to Mount Sinai, the discovery of Moses altering the golden calf altar a massive split rock located near Jebel allows Egyptian like petroglyphs depicting cows, paintings of archers guarding the base of the mountain. Jethro's case much more is so if if this the real deal. Joel you laid out and in your book. If this is the real deal.

It's kind of be a wild thing to stand there just like Christians come over to Israel and their shock like wow this is where it all happen that I can't believe it. Walking here.

This must've been an overwhelming experience through Skype a minute before the break would tell us more about what happened in your heart when you were there.

Your euro is good when you go to Israel.

You go to Capernaum synagogue were dear Walker, this is where a miracle happened. Often times 1015 feet underground, but as you stand in front of the split rock and you know it may or may not be the real rock.I believe it probably is not a place where miracle happened. It is the miracle itself. You know the Lord has preserved the thing placed on a pedestal. I'm not a huge Allstate sensitive spiritually sensitive guy, but it was as if Dr. Brown I can just feel the reverberating echoes of everything that happened there. It was it's hard to actually capture the words I left profoundly, profoundly changed my friends will be right back Mount Sinai in Arabia. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I guess author Joel Richardson.

His new book, Mount Sinai in Arabia. Joel, a caller asked earlier today knowing that you can be coming home with me.

Does the discovery, the location of Mount Sinai if if this is correct and is in in Saudi Arabia. Does that affected all God's promise to the patriarchs in terms of the scope of the land he was giving them or it was that unrelated because this is just for the wilderness where they wandered through Parliament, where the order descriptor pretty consistent. When you work through the various passages that delineate the orders of the promised land that the southern border seems to be right rounded lap right below. You know, in the this is important because as the thought is that the Saudis are about to open a stop and so they're dealing with a lot of these Muslim brotherhood as well as Iranian she propagandists were trying to say this is just a big sign it project Israel wants to take over Northwest Carteret to that's nonsense.

Israel has no interest in biblically speaking, is not part of promised land, so it's actually a important point to make right and I'd read from Genesis 15 with the southernmost border edits at its ultimate was to the river of Egypt the Nile so you're still dealing with with different territory here right so the the the folks that claim this was the place. It's been difficult to access dear because of Saudi Arabia and being a strict Muslim country and what they allow and and don't allow how is it that the door has been open now and why are the Saudi's willing to open the store further.

Mrs. another reason why it's important.

So all of a sudden out of nowhere and again I don't believe this is the quintessential within the sovereignty of God. Also, you have this young reformer Mohammed conference Mohammed installment comes along and he recognizes the fact that Saudi Arabia cannot exist.

Also pumping oil out of the ground forever be asked to diversify the economy for one of his big project.

Is this mega city called Milam, and I mean this in the city that would be literally the size of the entire weight of Israel entire Northwest section of Saudi Arabia wants to open it up to be the essentially Dubai on steroids.

This international city of commerce, and technology and biotech and thought he wants to bring the Western world also workers in their well right in the middle of this.

This project is this Jebel alludes arguably the real Mount Sinai and so either one. They ignore the fact that many people believe this is that and they believe it is as well is important or they can turn it into a torch destination and so you know there's financial benefit for them in that way and from my perspective it's a win-win, because you know we can bring Christians over there and as I said, you know, have their fate stirred have their fate renewed and the Saudis can you know.

Enjoy the tourism revenue and so forth. And there's some fantastic exchange.

Personally, I love being exchange between you know the Saudis are often cut off the rest the world and the West, you know, I think there's nothing better than face-to-face interactions. I think that's gonna do a lot for the country.

I think it to do a lot, quite frankly, for the gospel in Saudi Arabia as well.

Yeah that would be amazing to see Don open that door and it's it's gonna be just a side we talk about this a lot, but Saudi Arabia just itself will mostly be in there hi beautiful I get all I'll be honest. In terms of geography reminds me of southern Jordan desert very much that red beautiful desert and Waddy Rahman extra, and so forth. But I know there's a radical element there in Saudi Arabia. Everyone that I encountered the better. When the locals everybody was incredibly friendly. For me it was nothing but a very positive experience. And what about kind of the enforcement of law their sharia did you have the idea that that there is I can be a lot of public filing of the law did did you feel the hand of of strict Islam. There I mean, you know that at the stores close prayer will get you differently. If you have your friends and then when you're in a lack Jordan are the sort of thing, but for the most part we were. We started out in the home run over by a ramp on the boat with a lot of X over there so over there. It didn't feel on the that much different than feel that unusual. When were up into book again more of the kind of book provinces, the wild West of Saudi Arabia that throws a bit more concern, but again the Bedouins and so forth. Didn't feel to be much different than Princeton's being and in northern Iraq done yet this going to be a lot of places that that a lot of us have not gotten to be in what it would've perspective so you wrote the book. It's party your own journey of discovery. It's a fascinating thing. It's one of these all my could this be true stories. What are you hoping it's gonna happen to the readers of Mount Sinai in Arabia and what are you hearing from readers of the book so far and what I tried to do is I try to oil. I try to work through all of the primary again academic argument and then boil them down into the most simple, most important issues just so that people can wrap their heads around it because first colony state. There has been tremendous amount of sensationalism, and so forth that has accrued around this particular mountain, over the years and then there's been a tremendous amount of resistance comes from within the academic community and I think some of that has been a reaction to some of sensationalism, so I was trying to do sort of clear that history out-of-the-way and just say look this does this is God's testimony. This is not about someone who discovered it or who discovered it first. None of that is important.

The Lord himself have the testimony when you think about the accident got the Passover, the essence of Passover, the essence of of the Exodus is God continually says one member remember the mighty things that I did when I let you out of Egypt.

Remember how I delivered you remember how I care for you. Remember how I provided water for you and here we are dark brown the age of just absolute long away unbelief and I really think that the Lord is going to use this you think about the Jesus movement. This is the greatest revival in the least American history. And yes, the Holy Spirit was moving.

That was a critical element but a big part of it was the simple ground reality that Israel was reestablished as a nation and in a similar way, I don't know if it will be as significant, but I really think the Lord can use highlighting this particular event in biblical history and the legality of it. The historicity of the start to really spark awareness and conviction that this book is true and this is my hope and in all of this is that when people take case. Look at it all the controversy aside and think through all of the arguments bill for my goodness, this actually this is this is really no the Exodus. This is the craziest stuff.

If you think about in the Bible you got ocean and have become County fire and smoke on the mountain this day all of that, the outlandish miracles in the whole book.

They're all true. They're all historical and then we look at the sermons of Paul and Peter and Stephen of the book of acts where they do they go. Remember the things that I did when I let you out of Egypt.

Why so that you will believe me that I'm to accomplish all these other things with regard to the return of Jesus in the judgment of mankind. And so you know that's that's from my perspective that's the big picture. I believe you gonna remind us of the mighty things that he did in the past and will bring conviction concerning the things that he's about to do before the whole or in just the thing that's interesting is you had at the time of Jesus. These different Jewish groups, the most prominent ones being Pharisee, Sadducees and Essenes. Yet some of the minor groups and they had endless disputes about different aspects of the law or application of the law and in the minutia of the law, and yet they all agreed on the revelation of Sinai and to this day it's only the most liberal Jews that don't believe in the Revelation at Sinai, and it's interesting that basically other ancient world, other ancient religious traditions would affirm that as well so bottom line is it's worth looking into friends. It's worth wondering about discovery. I was just looking at Amazon and and every review to the book so far was it was five-star and and everyone finding the research to be done in a way that's really readable and accessible to jolt less question.

Overall from the first time this got your interest so you put the book out how long a period of time.

Was this little over year. So you really immerse yourself in this year I buried myself and I buried myself in it for about a year and it on a personal level.

I have never been so excited about the biblical exit in August been parked in the book of Exodus. I just came back from Israel and Jordan.

We eventually did the best we could to trace the Exodus route through Jordan and Israel, and I just my heart is alive with this theme and it it got me excited because look, the God who came down in smoke and fire and trumpet an earthquake on Mount Sinai. He's coming back in the clouds and blazing fire. The founding of trumpet mighty earthquake and you know there's that there's a clear connection between the Exodus and the return of Jesus. And I'm just I'm just my heart is alive with this topic. Friends are sitting alive as you read the book as well of got it on my Kindle ready to go. Joel and all the more excited after interview that was able to get to it before so I used your prompting me as well to the interview to dig into the book and I know the quality of of your other work this for New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson.

His newest book amount Sinai in Arabia, Saudi Arabia, hate maybe one day you are not alone as a Jew little hard to get in there, but maybe you and I can walk by there one day ourselves. God bless you Matt, thanks for your hard work. Okay as is

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