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When 'Christian' Europe Burned Talmuds

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2019 7:46 pm

When 'Christian' Europe Burned Talmuds

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 26, 2019 7:46 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/25/19.

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What is the truth about the Talmud and why did the Catholic Church burn Talmud's in the past stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on this early Jewish Thursday broadcast. Are you ready to have your eyes open and ready to learn a lot regarding wit today on the broadcast. If you have a Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84. If you are listening live in your anywhere near Lakeland Florida and have a wonderful Israel conference.

I'll be there Bob Gladstone, Scott both your colleagues about the tremendous messages posted to Jeremiah Johnson's congregation in Lakeland, Florida can find out about that on my itinerary asked Dr. SK DR Brown.orc all right. What is the truth about the Tolbert is it a collection of evil ugly books that spend much time blaspheming Jesus and condemning Gentiles to hell or painting Gentiles as inferior. What about the contents of the Talmud.

Should this literature be suppressed.

Should people be warned about it is it miss understood how should we as followers of Jesus relate to it, or do my best to address these statements in light of a lot of controversies that are swirling around today. All right, volume 5 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus almost 500 endnotes was 340 pages. This is the fifth volume and five time series I deal with traditional Jewish objections to Jesus and one of them is this, that, as Jews. This is a traditional Jewish objection as Jews, we have a written law that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai and we have an oral law that he gave to explain the commandments wasn't mean work on the Sabbath. What is it mean doing steelhead we define these things. What is work.

What is the penalties etc. and it explains these is expensive, and an oral law and traditional Jews believe that Moses then passed these traditions on these principles and interpretation to Joshua Joshua to the elders of this to the prophets, etc. all the way down to the time of Jesus and then ultimately a couple hundred years after the time of Jesus's traditions develop further report in writing that becomes the mission becomes the Talmud and ongoing Jewish literature since that so the whole purpose of this volume is to explain why I reject the family tradition as being inspired by God or going back in an unbroken chain to Moses or being a valid interpretation of the reliable whole volume, maybe as a follower of Jesus today I can say I've written about this in more depth than anyone else has, especially as a Jewish follower of Jesus, so this means that the authority structure of the rabbinic community that the traditions they revere. Many of them are beautiful. Some of them a neutral similar I think abandon stifling but it means that we are on very different pages and that they see me as an outsider.

All right. And that's why when I was preaching Jesus Yeshua Israel this year in Jerusalem or actually last year, is why end up being surrounded by by an angry crowd of of religious Jews and and as I profess faith in Yeshua the Messiah. Some of them spitting on the ground because what they know about him is evil when they know about him connects Christianity directly to the Holocaust so I want them to know who he really is.

But who they think he is very evil and ugly and that's how they think of me so I been rejected. I've been spat in the face of a been warned that Debbie strangled by an angry Orthodox two years back for preaching the gospel okay so I am and I'm not presenting things as as if were all on the same page. However the Talmud is consistently misrepresented the Thomas Kemp consistently lied about the Talmud is consistently misunderstood and there's a fresh wave of this now, because of which a fresh wave of anti-Semitism is rising among even professing Christians. I got some clips to show you where you look at some Talmudic texts.

So this is going to be an eye-opening time together. Let me take you to an article in the Jewish virtual Library about the burning of the Tolbert and in its talk about Christian Jewish relations and it says despite the massive restrictions imposed on the Jews by the church and the political, social and economic spheres and the attacks on your low by Christian theologians. The campaign to proscribe so outlaw Jewish literature was not lost to the 13th century, so traditional views trying to keep their traditions simply live in their own communities were being harassed by the Catholic Church early Christian leaders. They were being criticized. There was pressure on them to convert, etc. and then finally, finally, what, what happens is as you get into the 13th century in France there is a major campaign. There is a Jewish man converts to Catholicism. They now require a Jewish leader to debate him and then after that they burn thousands of copies of the tome that after instead. This is a massive rinse before the printing press okay this is a a massive massive work of 20 volumes and thousands and thousands and thousands of pages so to burn the Talmud's was. It was a horrific thing to do, and other writings were burned as well use is a bit but this the church is the professing church were they doing burning literature, even if they differ with it.

If they don't like what's in it while he burning what was his hand as if it's one of the reasons that skews me so many Jews have such a problem with Christianity.

The religious Jews. They will give you repressed us because you persecuted us, killed us burned or sacred literature, and in your you're saying that you are following the Messiah that you're following the prince of peace that that we should believe in your Savior always done is is hurt us in and cursed us and persecuted us, that would be a Jewish perspective of history the way the church is often treated the Jews Mimosa while they all deserved that that is the standard anti-Semitic by yet, just like the Blacks deserve to be enslaved exactly the same type of lies and demonizing of other people right now. Now there is an extremist rabbi or friends. Rabbi in Israel, whose views would be categorically denounced by the fast fast fast fast vast majority of rabbis in Israel and by virtually every secular Israeli this would happen, the Talmud's were burned in front of the Cathedral in Notre Dame. Now that Cathedral is on fire and this radical rabbi suggests that the fire may have been retribution for the service 13th century Talmud, burning social mobbing their booth Israel from France in the 60s suggest that the fire that gutted the iconic church may have been divine retribution for the burning of Jewish manuscripts 1240 at any says this he says this. It's wrong to go burned a synagogue, but we don't have it to bring the church down, but we don't have to feel sad about not feel set in. This might be divine retribution.

These radical friends and listen to me as clear as I can be there are radical fringe Jewish fundamentalist or dangerous. Just like their radical fringe Christian fundamentalists who are dangerous and a whole lot of radical fundamentalist Islamists who are dangerous. They exist in every religion. They exist in the Hindu religion as well. So this rabbis views are ugly and to be renounced may have been by other Israelis and Jews who react with horror the hearing something like that.

However, if you get into the Jews. If you are believing anti-Semitic lies in think that you are not crusading for Christian truth through thereby right into this, use this as a provocation for the point that the Jews dismounts one fringe guy that represented the people known on the Jews. So we go back to truth. Remember, they have refused to further interact with me after I call them out on putting out some anti-Semitic lies basic great come on our TV show. I sit in a heartbeat.

As long as you come on the radio show. Also, let's make it 50-50. Even no problem with have a full debate know when I'm just debating you have to rebuke Ben Shapiro this is is not Christian orthodoxy, rebuke everyone doesn't believe in Jesus about how respectful they are with your beliefs around rebuke in his answer, Chris right so let's take you into true news talking about, click number one we know that the majority of evangelical Christians, and never even heard of the Lord, when even know what it means to become a little a lot of their pastors. There were pastors to and is being taught.

Like you said on Christian television Christian radio. No Christian rabbis of Ohio high can be a Christian rabbi. Okay, last point Christian rabbi.

I use the term messianic rabbi said this is nontraditional revenue and understand some solution because Rabbi don't want no big argument for me about that.

However however, I guarantee I can guarantee that 99.9999% of pastors in America have virtually no clue what's in the tome all and I guarantee you that the gentleman that that are on that stage there on the TV platform I can.

I can almost assure the guaranty. They have never worked their way through a single Doff a single page of the Talmud and understood the dialectical argument and can. Tell me please those who claim to speak about the Talmud as Christians tell me please the progression from the Sioux go to the Tana into the Omron.

Tell me please. The difference between Mishnah and Gemara tell me about the stuff that extraneous brighter. Please tell about the development of the studio to about some of the principles of interpretation.

Please break down for me.

The six orders of the Mishnah and the Talmud. Tell me which then tractate of the 63 tractate's are from the Jerusalem Taliban and the Babylonian Talmud. Tell me which one of them is more authoritative between them and NY want to study more than the other but let's just get started to see if you know what you're talking about or have you read a select quote pulled out of context and butchered right back to true news click number two when the king had all the tile molds and mama on the these books been Shapiro your body, your hero commodities as he too was convicted of blasphemy like your blasphemer and his books were brought in and the wagons and they were brought in the Paris and where were they burned from the Notre Dame Cathedral. That's a shameful thing that happened that is a blight on Christian history that is one of the ugly moments.

One of the co-hostesses yeah that's when the church pushed back against the tome. This is this is putting forth ignorantly listen.

A few years ago a missionary group handed out new Testaments. The Ethiopian Jews in the Jewish community and some rabbis, some are some militants in the community grab those new Testaments and burn that there was an outcry over Israel. We don't burn books. The Nazis burned our books. The Catholic Church burned our book, we don't burn books. There was an outcry over this request is no were not. We are not advocating a burning books but exposing them, how about understanding what's actually in them. And how about renouncing and denouncing those who burned books and of ignorance and fear and superstition about that and how about owning up to some of the horrible history of anti-Semitism is been carried out in the name of Jesus movement for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that about Jesus. Is he in hell according to become what's actually written there.

One more click this a different broadcast Rick Wilde's true news talking to his cohost about the Talmud about Judaism and slavery to the Jews. This is this is what they're putting forth the Talmud you know what we going get to do we get to be slaves to serve the really already are well. We get to be extra slaves to the nurses that are already in the end of Jewish slavery by serving an aromatic photo is the money in your wallet. Federal Reserve notes generally is way things were about everything.

Today's Americans are new in the world, the media, and narratives the talking points, focusing on Jesse Smallwood right now is even a party to this hoax because it's it's completely irrelevant compared to what you just presented that that hosts no is part of the propaganda campaign to exhilarate down the society. Now here's the deal.

If you come to faith in you have satanic material in your home but see your Satanist Satan worshiper and and you bring your books. I destroyed rock albums I have and I get saved but I'm go to my neighbors house and take their rock albums and destroy them or my neighbors, a Muslim take their Koran burning no you don't do that and that's with the church that it seized books from the Jewish community and burned all but those books say that that that the Gentiles just be slaves to the Jews and were all slaves to the Jews that that's the kind of nonsense that's being put forward so was a tonic, she said, and again it's a massive series of books and it's massively complex and there are all kinds of of things quoted near they get misunderstood and taken out of context so there's an Israeli he's an atheist himself because Ron interviewing others raise asking questions. So he's asking them questions about is the Talmud teach certain things here is talking to a religious Jewish woman is all religious news is talking to restocking for religious Jewish woman. Let's watch what happened if you eat with it. Gloriously Gentile.

It is a visiting of the dog not is permitted to take the body of life of 70s non-Jewish and you can sheets Gentiles or idol worshipers might cease asking is this taught in the Talmud now know so now he sits down with a ultra-Orthodox rabbi in the midst of the study and always books and is going to ask him these questions let let's listen to with the rabbi has to say.

The phrase in the town is not the word non-Jews. The phrase in the time it is those who worship stars. Now that's a technical term that is not necessarily synonymous with non-Jews. It refers primarily to pagans and idol worshipers. So one idea that we need to understand is that non-Jews that are monotheistic non-Jews that are committed to the idea of one God and ethical morality are not subsumed under that negative connotation is not interested. The Talmud does not make a certain statement about Gentiles in general, but about idol worshipers. That's the difference.

So what what about how how far does this go what what is Jewish literature actually say about this lesson for another clip from the same rabbi to come is an abbreviation: she's overhead cocoa vegan mouse over a worshiper of stars so really he does not refer to an engine as much as it taken. Keep in mind to have to remember that in ancient cultures. Pagans often murdered with impunity.

They would leave children out to die. Their morality was very very lax in ancient Greece and Rome. Religion was not perceived as having a connection to morality that the Greek gods themselves were highly immoral and characters. So again I think it's much more of a reflection of a cultural degradation of that society is more of a condemnation of the culture and belief system. More than a person that is personal.

He even goes on to say that even if a Jewish soul starts on a higher plane than a Gentile soul because of divine calling ducklings with it, even if that was the case, the city could well be that a Mother Teresa is far more holy than a Jew.

In other words, a Jew has been given more by God, greater accountability, Paul says judgment starts with the Jew and the gospel goes to the Jew first right Romans one Romans two he says those things, but here this rabbi thing, but this is what started Judaism, the righteous of of all the nations have a place in the world to come, and that there can be a Gentile God fear who set a higher place spiritually that a high priest of Israel. This time Jewish liturgy said but doesn't the Talmud teach that Jesus is burning in excellent health possibly possibly there's a debate you can you study this with religious Jews is to talk about Jesus was a talk about someone else of the same name because the time periods don't work. Often there's a Jesus being attacked, but he lives at a different time and that was actually a common name back then issue a horse becomes issue gets shortened right and becomes a derogatory name. It's possible that the Talmud there is a statement in the midst of millions of words excessive look.

I'd I jot it so it's as ugly as extreme right. I want you to understand that I've had rabbis tell me, from the day I got saved, that when Jesus says about the Pharisees is a great insult to them. They said those were some of the holiest men who ever lived. Those were godly men. Those are our teachers and he's damning them all to hell. He send the children of hell. That's very offensive to us. That's what we can believe in your book because we know these leaders and how God the holy they were.

That's what they say. I just posted this on Twitter moments ago as a Christian. If you believe Mohammed is a pulse profit. Does that mean he's in hell 77% of the Christians responding so forth that yes and now so as a Christian, do you believe Mohammed is in hell right now.

Do you believe the rabbis who didn't believe in Jesus are in hell right now was very offensive to a Muslim.

It's very offensive to the rabbinic community. So when I get to go out and burn the Koran and America about and and and burn the other literature because of that, so even if the Talmud says it. If so, it's ugly and it's also a pushback against Christian persecution and things like that, even if it says in verse there's a debate whether it does not. But even if it says it is not with the Thomas about that that is not 1000th of a percent of what the Talmud's about.

I reject public authority. I reject inspiration of the Tom and I'm not a Talmudic Jew I'm a Jewish follower of Jesus on a messianic Jew I'm I'm in constant battle with the rabbinic community over the faith have been called public enemy number one.

Are rabbis because by sharing the gospel. All right, those those are realities, but here what one, one more thing just just quickly let let's go Talmudic passage right.

Let's go tics to boat right 11 B too good to boat 11 B you see on top.

That's the text in Aramaic and Hebrew and then beneath it is a translation by Rabbi Oddi against Don Schultz, the bold words or the literal text, but because it's so concise and full of meaning he has to give a full-length explanation here right and and that the issue is that the issue is it it's it's going down going down and discussing the question about whether whether a woman should be considered a virgin and out when she gets married right not to leave the text of their right to go through old Hebron Aramaic right which we don't need that on the screen but his interest was dealing with its it's dealing with the question of when the wind is a marriage contract being made. If a woman is a virgin or not right. What happens to a woman who before choosing three years old was sexually abused by another man. What happens to that and it says it's nothing. All this is that wasn't me it means she still considered a virgin that that the the rabbinic view is a merciful view that rather than saying this girl who was abused before she was three years old should should no longer be considered a virgin. She didn't commit a crime she didn't send getting go sleep with somebody so it's considered nothing. It's just like it says this is if she was broken by a piece of wood. Okay that's all that says this is that it doesn't say the thing is not known throughout the Talmud. There's all law after law thought about such relation.

Go meet ultra-Orthodox rabbis, a woman and go shake his hand.

He pulls his hand back is not allowed to touch another woman a go go walking through an ultra-Orthodox area in Israel as as a woman, they may be wearing shorts and and and assured you will be allowed in their know you gotta be totally covered up. Why because it's principles of modesty and things like that are actively taught here brittle.

Now, according to Talmud guy could marry overgrowth three and then start having sex with her. Okay conditioning the Duchenne 80 1B in the Tom okay and here I'll just reach you for some of the relevant English reveler LSR is permit.

It is prohibited for a man to betroth his daughter when she is a minor until she grows up and says I want to marry so-and-so. Otherwise she might reject the designated husband and ultimately sin by committing adultery so severe that the Talmud is saying look if you force somebody into marriage without consent to, they may end up revolting against that rejecting the person committing adultery so you do not. This is this is what the Talmud teaches is Pirates of the that's what you need to sit and look at the rabbinic commentaries. That's what you need to sit and look at the for the background.

That's what you need to sit understand once again I am not a Talmudic Jew. II a thousand to one preferred that the writings of the New Testament took to the writings of the Talmud of the Mishnah there beautiful traditions of their their fashion interpretations and their their things with some some wonderful background that give us insight into Jewish beliefs and customs that it would would be prevalent in Jesus day, but for the most part it's legalese the most part it's it's it's brilliant. It takes a lifetime to learn if anything hade God gave us these laws and we got understand every little last detail I respect the spirit behind it, but I differ I say God's given us a new and better covenant in Yeshua. But let's not misrepresented I get worked up into her college again today. Your call. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks to our playing that Jewish music, reminding us, it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday thanks to our devoted call screener. How are doing a great job as always, thanks for tuning in 866-3487 84. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday that major Jewish -related calls are welcome. 866-34-TRUTH would start off with Michael in Puerto Rico. Welcome to the broadcast and well thanks you have me on speakerphone data Wi-Fi. All right, go for your con from Puerto Rico all clear.

Yes or yes or Michael Jones interview last Thursday. Would you agree that the second Temple Pharisees that they were basing their response to the low God on a rational interpretation of the scriptural tradition that you don't their their response.

Sure what it was a rational interpretation of Scripture first for those who didn't catch the interview I interviewed Kathy Scully Michael Jones last week. I believe his writings and positions are blatantly anti-Semitic.

He believes they are not.

But as we both committed to. We had a civil airing of our differences as clearly as we possibly could not appreciate them for being willing to come on the show with me. There were different reasons room it was in all the Pharisees that rejected and Sadducees were large part of it. A lot of that had to do with power, a corrupt chief priest and things like that and in the temple control so you have these battles already between Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and others that were pretty heated and I believe ultimately Jesus coming was a threat to their authority and the threat to their system now.

Certainly some rejected him as Messiah because in their view, the Messiah had to rule and reign and set up a kingdom and not die a criminal's death.

A but I I don't believe they were consciously rejecting God in the Scriptures, but many rejected for one reason it did.

We know that Pilate saw that the Jewish leaders were envious and it says, and in again in the book of acts that the Sanhedrin and noted that Sadducees there were envious. They were jealous of the progress that was being made by the Jewish followers of Jesus, so I categorically reject Dr. Cohen's thesis that Jews through history have rejected God's wisdom and therefore subversive strength, overthrow society, trying to change the world. Their their way and in that's their conscious way of fighting back against Catholicism or fighting against Jesus.

I categorically reject that thesis, but I believe those who rejected reject it with their eyes wide open and that he was a challenge to them that that he expose their hypocrisy that he challenge their traditions and that to acknowledge him as Messiah, Lord would have been to to submit to the apostles.

So I believe there are other factors involved now.

Since then Jews have not seen Jesus in his glory did not see this miracle working power they they they just seen him is passed down through church tradition and often through anti-Semitic church tradition. Many have rejected Jesus based on intellectual grounds. They study the Scripture and they don't see the messianic prophecies is pointing to him. They they look at Christians, having departed from the law when I'm interacted with very sincere rabbis for decades. I guarantee you some of them would make mincemeat of of Christian pastors trying to argue their points and they make mincemeat just using the Hebrew Bible. Also, I believe a lot of the rejection, since is been noticed in hardness people raised reject Jesus.

The church is been part of hardening the Jewish people pushing them away so that there Jews today who reject Jesus because in their mind they want to follow God.

They want to follow the Torah they want to follow the Scriptures want to be loyal to God.

So there yes to God is a note to Jesus, as will my hearts break my heart breaks for them all the more because I see them as is missing. Missing the truth in the midst of their sincerity, diets, young answer. A short question. The long answer. I want to make the notary spot that if Michael Jones and all the right wing Christian wanderer anti-American support interview and didn't have expectations of society that is not congruent with the analogy of the New Testament, you don't. If the if they have their millennial of their predators and they don't have a different view of a rational view of technology just like the second Temple Pharisees and that that yes and I concur.

I concur with that. I concur with the absolutely yet so I want to comment on traditional I got back I like to be challenged great thank you all right, Douglas appreciated 866-34-TRUTH off the trees want why you sending comments. Challenge me on YouTube and now engaging in chat when I've said you, my show and I go on your show. Let's have a public debate.

True news. This post is my team knows that Rick introduced, he will show shocking photos and video of idea of shooting a blindfolded Hank of Palestinian boy accused of throwing rocks. The number one number one that's what they're claiming number two we we have to see context actually know what's happening in number three. If something like that happened that would be considered an atrocity in Israel if something like that happen there be an outcry in Israel if something like that happen there would be protests on the street by Jews, and that person in the IDF would be punished under criminal law because of it, because that would be an outrage. Yet, when Islamic terrorists blow up Israeli children. There is dancing in the streets and celebrating at an end. By the way, if an individual Israeli soldier commits an atrocity; Jews guilty what one is that there's an American mass murder American white male mass murders that make all American white males guilty is is that is that the way it works hikes so true news. I keep opening the door to you.

Let's put this on the tape. Why not have a big debate, with a lot of people watch it live stream at your platform.

My platform we can reach millions of people will put the evidence on the table you come up with your charges that the Jews own the White House and the Jews only evangelicals in the in the Talmud says that all that all gentiles can be slaves. Let's go ahead.

Let's do it. This is childish stuff to repost this the come on let's let's put this stuff out for the world to see.

Let's educate I have no fear really truth, intellect, and when Israel does something wrong, I'll be at the front Las Cruces absolutely and when there's something erroneous that a rabbi says you better believe I'll denounce absolutely and I have more track record friends than anybody in true news sharing the gospel. Jewish people on the front lines 47 years be rejected for, so be it. That's a joy and honor and privilege must make some progress here about sunlight, rather than just silly. 866342F you quote me quote me in contact as that we go to Joshua in Spokane, Washington walking to the line of fire or thank you so much darker dart around real honor by joining our yeah I just I heard you vertical. The debate really thought your very very pointing out intellectual. I've always been looking for item only wanted to know I'm great charismatic I am charismatic and, quite Pentecostal, but all my my pastor actually got to Toronto on revival refute the water words of his life, and all records and wondering what and why are there more charismatic intellectual (lo and behold, there you are together their whole bunch of us the whole bunch. But the early days and look about Paul like that has injected on Georgia but the it in point of fact, the early Pentecostal movement really reacted a lot. The modern Pentecostal movement, the turn of the 20 century really reacted a lot against scholasticism and in theology and an actual pride and swung the other way that acts 413 is quoting the conveyance of the that the Sanhedrin so the apostles over just ignorant unlimited man that became the goal if they were ignorant and learned Goodman Adams get the frost which is of is that even if the right way that understand those words. This may then have formal clinic training but yeah there there bunch of us out there by God's grace, but we rely the spirit more than our brains are better artist. "My my question but I have you, Dr. Brown on time like like Michael Rickard reported on in regard to your… Going on, I actually like to really thank you. I know her about a month or so ago I started listening and and hearing considering reading on. The little revolutionary. And all the when one according to my my being raised in my church. Actually my my whole point Likert, like you actually celebrate out of the celebrating the tabernacle. And yet, and if trumpets weren't were not in it were not annexed yet or not. None of the duties that we have many messianic Jewish friendly almond members of our current edition. I believe celebrate this tabernacle might long before I was born on 24 and so be Jewish context of the Old Testament is something very core to my aunt my life the growth of my faith.

I've only, and avoid very appreciative to my family and to my pastor for that meeting that you should delegate a vital don't be rude to interrupt you never break, so if you can ask the question.

Yeah that would really help me respond or Priscilla, how have you that's okay so my bid agreement? When you are making statement about how you were responding to Dr. John in reference to part of Scripture where the Jews were rated using the Jewish leaders are saying that the majors that the owner had any you were making a response that they are. But the Jews were on the simply because certain members of the Jewish belief of the Jewish religion you may need to get essence that gets out of the unlimited message for you adjustments on six of Matthew 27 with this Jewish crowd and pauses.

What about this Jesus was crucified all right, but his blood be on us and I feel those we take responsibility at this judgment with fossa fallen us, our children, number one, they were not speaking to the entire Jewish world. They were not speaking for all the Jews in Jerusalem.

There was a Jewish crowd largely stirred up by Jewish religious leaders, especially the corrupt high priest right so they cried out. It's an ugly thing. It's a terrible thing that a Jewish crowd did it, but they do not speak for all the Jewish people did not speak for all the Jewish people alive at that time was a Jewish crowd and and ultimately what they said did happen that there was judgment on them and their children does not bring a curse on all Jewish people all ages that a Jew living today is responsible for the death of Jesus 2000 years ago, on literary fact. Thanks, Joshua. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown neon neon green, my joy, to exalt Jesus as the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world will bit more about Matthew 27 of the question or the Jewish people under a curse to slick in our digital library. We have a short video we address that question are all Jews of all time under a curse for rejecting Jesus that again is our digital library. That's it. Asked Dr. ask ADR explore the library there yeah triggers dear Dr. Brown, have you called out venture.

For is blasphemy of Jesus Christ. I wrote an article about that and reference the interaction. There with with treaties in your email.

Here's the deal.

It would be one thing if there was somebody going around mocking the name of Jesus mocking Christian beliefs blaspheming God back and forth an end they needed to be publicly rebuked. All right then needed for public review is something we have a traditional Jew who doesn't believe in Jesus and and and and even events at a specialist in this destruction of guy that that he be able to provide enough Reese's. He doesn't believe in Jesus to get rabbits Christian minister, shaking his head wondering how do I answer this and tell me by five items on his reduced objections to Jesus but bottom line then is respectful of Christians is respectful of the Christian faith. He works for evangelicals. All right, here he is employed by evangelicals and and and the daily wire as is led by evangelicals okay's and was evangelical funding that help launch that website.

He's friends with eight Andrew claimant is a Jewish believer in Jesus. They had friendly dollars about it. These sat with John MacArthur past MacArthur and past MacArthur beautifully open up the meaning of Isaiah 53 and pointing to Jesus, etc. around Easter resurrection Sunday was sent the link to an article about the crucifixion that that was posted on daily wire that Ben himself shared so I will event to Jesus a cinema book, the real culture. Jesus, I both have a debater dialogue with them. One Tom if he was ever going to do it but I'm restaurant rebuking him for blaspheming Jesus because he doesn't believe in Jesus is that the New Testament method of evangelism that that any person you meet this letter. Believer and and a sonata believe in Jesus, probably Jesus is God probably was the Messiah that you then rebuke them for being blasphemers is serious. Wow wow this this and look out exposing this not because of one organization that reaches X number of people but because of a steady stream of anti-Semitism in church history that continues to drive Jews around away from Jesus continues to give the New Testament a bad name thing is to give Jesus a bad name.

That's all jealous for that's what I'm concerned about. I want Jesus issue exalted in the eyes of the Jewish people want them to recognize who he really is is Messiah, Lord, and bowel than the him if they reject him will suffer the consequences. Everyone else that's reality. 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Debbie in Texas. Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire and conduct Brown and my questionnaire.

What is important or relevant at the ears picked out on the Hebrew calendar might have prompted a millennium are either thinking coming yes so it Jewish tradition wearing calendar year 5779 5779, which would mean that there 221 years before we hit the year 6000 now there is not a fixed Jewish belief that the Messiah comes at at at at the end of this there is that this 221 years before the Messiah comes traditional Judaism believes that there is a potential Messiah in every generation or the potential of a Messiah being born or being revealed in every generation in Jewish tradition would actually suggest suggest that the Messiah should've come about 2000 years ago but didn't. So it's gonna be some time before the year 6000. So the idea would be that you have six days of work. So 6000 years of human history and then the day of rest, the Sabbath, so the millennial kingdom. A thousand year messianic reign would be like the equivalent to the Sabbath, but there's not a date setting going on in Judaism that over 221 years away, but rather that any time since around the time of Jesus until today that the Messiah could have been revealed recently.

Once the second Temple was destroyed that the Messiah could be revealed, and traditional Jews believe that there's a potential Messiah in every generation, so that if if there will be sufficient Jewish repentance and turning to God that may be discrete Jewish leader would be revealed as the Messiah and end with with lead Israel obedience to God and rebuild the temple and regather the exiles and things like that but there's not there's not a date setting mentality in Judaism based on the calendar that permit a millennium that yeah that that that will that would Debbie but it's not taught in a dogmatic way in. In other words, your pre-millennial Christians who say there will be a 1000 year messianic reign, but in Judaism it's not fixed what was fixed in Judaism's laws how we observe the Sabbath how we we keep kosher, how we interact with our wives or family the of these laws with prayers we pray that's wicked fixed gets fixed in Judaism the end times is not fixed. That's a matter of speculation. That's not a matter of law. There are certain laws related to it. But for the most part it's not a matter of law. So what that ultimately means is that there is a wide variety of opinions within Talmudic literature and then later literature. There is not a fixed view that there will be a thousand year messianic reign. Some would see that others would not. There's a lot of variety in those and time views the greater emphasis is on praying for the coming of the Messiah and then living lives worthy of the coming of the Messiah and in helping the Jewish community as a whole, live more obedient Jewish lives to hasten the coming of the Messiah. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH bench appears a Christ hating to bench appears worship by evangelicals. I honestly feel your folks posting these things Ben Shapiro does not believe Jesus is the Messiah and Shapiro is respected by a lot of evangelical is not a Christ hating shoe ends up worshiped evangelicals, but would see its is this type of rhetoric easy to some comments on YouTube. Civil War apply the sewer.

These people everybody's important everybody's views important is this not just if you're Anderson Cooper on CNN or Sean Hannity on Fox News orders is not just if you're Ben Carson in the in the cabinet or or Mike pence. The vice president speaking and then everybody has a view. Everybody's work worthy of getting an opinion out, but some just need to be exposed with AR and and and the problem is that many times people are not willing to listen and understand his opinions does not what you say they've opinions, their biases, I love my opinions and biases to be challenged on a regular basis. I love my beliefs to be challenged.

II love when a belief I have in Scripture, something I've held to an understanding of the Hebrew or the Greek appointed.

I've I've preached or stated. I love fruit to be challenged in a in a way that is solid, not just through emotional means and and and little soundbites that are filled with with no truth at all. Though I I love when someone comes with good solid questions based on evidence. Nigel Richardson on the show yesterday as they did to him talk about possible Saudi Arabian location for Mount Sinai never looked into it never studied it have read his book yet sit on. Mr. had read it. But even look at it so I posted a note senior Michael Heiser to topple testaments of a scholar and we contracted a number of times now super colleagues and Old Testament semantics and sensible Michael Heiser's got a podcast where he debunks that that was a look at immediately start look up other articles settling to Joe, have you seen this and so on grade. Let's put out the evidence that some say this other say this. Let's look at it, let's examine this but let let's get past the standard tropes and in the the empty soundbites in the meaningless names but still truth. Just being slippery. No, here. If someone falsely accused you of some you said something that was taken out of context. And next thing you're getting death threats at your house, would you consider slippery of me to get on the air and say hey so-and-so's accused of saying that that's not really what they said let's look at the larger context which you have set with me.

If your kids would get beat up at school because lies were being circulated about them based on a misunderstanding of something they posted on social media.

Would you call me slippery if I say let's look at those post on social media. Let's look at that on config. Let's see how these kids are being demonized for something they never said and they never did. You and call me slippery you say thank God for some of you actually cares and is taking the time to look. That's what we do look at the evidence Wheatley sifted carefully examine the different views we separate fact from fiction. Truth from error light from darkness. That's real reason some people get upset with is because we challenge their views based on a careful examination of the truth. Everybody listen if you're watching look me in the eyes were getting T0 areas. Second Corinthians 13 a is nothing against the truth only for the get on the side of truth

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