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Dr. Brown Answers Your Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2019 7:51 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Twitter Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 26, 2019 7:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/26/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The questions we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend welcome to the special body broadcast here on the line of fire. I won't be taking your calls today. Every so often we answer questions that are posted on Twitter on Facebook today is our twitter date but don't post now.

All questions have already been posted. I solicited them some days ago song to be answering the first ones that came in so don't post now we have more than enough but sit back and enjoy the broadcast start with question from Joseph hi your opinion on Aramaic, Syriac right of the universal church, apostolic Catholic Orthodox Oriental branches with liturgical Aramaic and massive St. James.

The just messianic Judaism seeks ethnic tradition, and identity. After believing Messiah Aramaic Christians or Jewish descendents. Okay Joseph, there's a lot your question there.

And I'm not 100% sure understand each point you're making. We try to break things down as I can and I cannot speak with expertise to every part of your question is Russ messianic Jews Pacific to say well were Jews who believe in Jesus, like Paul and John and Peter and the other apostles in the first wave of believers in the book of acts, and, as Jews, just like in the first century, our identity is important to us as part of our calling in God. Just like if I was someone from the nation sees me song from the nations can be called a Gentile, but some from the nations there be a specific calling and purpose on me from stagnation.

I was well there's a heritage the Jewish people have and rather than throwing it away or casting it off.

We find it enhanced and deepened by being in Jesus, we find salvation alone and him we find forgiveness of sins along with him. We find no superiority in saying we're Jewish. We are all one in the Messiah doing Gentile male-female sleep, sleep, and free. However, this does there still distinct and speaks distinctions between men and women.

There are still distinctions between Jew and Gentile, and for many identify as Jews or so been the Passover, the Jewish way with Jesus at the center of it. These things are important with me on the seventh day Sabbath is important for many messages is not a separatist thing is that a superiority thing simply continuing our calling as Jews which Paul encourages of risk within seven if you're called to the Lord, he says, circumcised and uncircumcised if you called circumcised uncircumcised circumcised now Aramaic Christians.

My knowledge do not have Jewish blood, say for example be the Christians in Iraq who identify as a Syrian and Hughes Aramaic in their liturgy. They have early roots. They go way back, many ways to the early church or they sees me descendents of the original Jewish believers and then ultimately lost her Jewish identity could be.

We can also be severely Gentile converts, and over the centuries preserve some of that the language and a liturgy that had been used now as for the practices of the Syrian church itself. I cannot speak with expertise I can say that the Aramaic use is not the same as the Aramaic in Jesus day, but it is Aramaic, and therefore to pray the Lord's prayer, Aramaic. The accent may not be the same. That's a beautiful thing to preserve liturgy and Aramaic which would've been the mother language of Jesus and the apostles that he perhaps spoken in more religious settings. That's certainly a beautiful, wonderful thing.

However, like many of the churches they develop traditions that add things to Scripture, and some are fine, some are neutral, some are bad and have to be evaluated in that way as to the very specific issue you you you mention here.

I'm not familiar with that in detail right Philistine wants to know what's my credit card number on the three digits on the back. That's because we said hey. All questions are welcome. So just the goal for all questions welcome love you work a good question from Philistine right friendly man as this. I've asked God what so I asked this man. He said silence as this mass silence fits into his life and how does he confirm I'm talking his heart so friendly man field feels that the Lord gave him a question for me either from the Lord or from from the man himself, I'm happy to answer it silence plays a role at some times in my life when I am trying to get away from the clutter things for the business of life in the business of ministry from the constant writing constant speaking constant giving out and trying to stop and slow down and reflect God's mind that God's heart and in weight before him that I don't do this for extended periods of time. It is going to Rome for four hours and just sit silently with your times of silent meditation, sometimes meditating on the truth of Scripture and just mulling it over.

Mulling over is different ways to understand it, trying to quiet trying to get insight many times from just feel just wait wait equate stop praying.

Stop talking his weight and then how will I know that God is speaking to my heart all the times are really have there's been that deep witness of the Spirit. There is the same witness in my spirit that I know that I know that I'm a child of God as per example. Romans 816 the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. There is a deep sense of witness in the word that rises within my heart rises with a sense of real affirmation and assurance stays there. That's why sense that God is speaking to me. Of course it has to beautiful harmony with Scripture, etc. that's a given. John what is repentance. How do you know when someone is repented.

Salvation based on faith alone was repentance involved faith and repentance are certainly two sides of the same coin. There can be no real faith without repentance there can be no real repentance without faith. You'll notice that there three times in the New Testament that the word repent or repentance the word faith occur in the same verse, Mark 115, where Jesus calls on people to repent and believe the good news asked 2021 Ripoll explains that his custom and preaching was to preach repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus in Hebrews 61 that speaks of repentance towards God and faith, repentance from dead works and faith in God so significantly. Each time those two words occur. Repent/repentance and faith in the same verse repent comes first.

Repentance is a turnabout. Repentance is not just change your mind. Repentance is a change of mind and heart and direction and action.

It's an about-face I'm going in this direction. I turned back to God. It is not becoming a better person at the fruit of repentance that it is not a growing in holiness as a fruit of repentance is a turning away from sin itself and rebellions in God have mercy on me a sinner and and we know asked 2620 Paul says that people should repent and prove their repentance by their deeds, so the fruit of the repentance is seen by change life so how I see repentance and faith go hand in hand. I cannot truly turn to God without believing and I cannot truly believe in him the turning away from idols and self sent and what I'm asking him to do is save me from my sent. Forgive me, give me a new heart given a new life so I can serve right in other words, repentance is not merely change my mind about, thinking deeply about. And faith is not merely on go to heaven. God we can get to heaven. Note we are seeing God save me from my sense, forgive me, cleanse me wash. That's repentance and faith working hand in it. Salvation is salvation from sin so they can be no true salvation without repentance.

Repentance is not penance on a fast one day a week for the next five years I'm gonna kneel over three hours a day to my knees start to get calloused know that that's that's try to do good works in favor or sacrificial rights and faith. Repentance is a matter of turning to God and asking for mercy. It is not a work is part of our faith in God save me from my sin, Chad with three minutes left on train ride. We should go to gospel presentation to both Jew and Gentile. Well, if finally, three minutes. I would I would want to make that person aware of their need for God. I would ask that if they believe God existed. If they said yes I would. I would ask them if they thought that he cared about how we live. They said yes. I would ask them how their living compared to God's standards and I would say you know Jesus taught this and this and this about holiness about. About our thought life about her words about her actions. I just give a few verses from the sermon on the Mount. Based on that you think that you're good enough to get into heaven said no that I will explain the meaning of the gospel of explain Jesus dying on the cross. I do that for Jew or Gentile alike. Now if there was a Jewish person that's that was open to me reading the Scriptures, then the one passage I would read to a Jewish person no other time I would read Isaiah the 53rd chapter and ask foods that speak they can you see how we rejected him. We misunderstood his sacrifice on the cross with a new start for his sins was actually dying for hours if I'm speaking to a Gentile, and there was openness if not I might just read from John 316 or quote that a few verses there to get them to understand God's love and the need to turn from the darkness and come to the light. The key thing I would want them to know they need a Savior I would want them to understand that there is a coming judgment that will have to give account to God that we all fall short on her own and we all need mercy right. Let's see of radical monotheist.

What are your thoughts on historic premillennialism that holds to the belief that a Christian's ultimate inheritances restore Jerusalem here on earth. This view was held by Abraham at Faith ministries if you mean by that Sir that the ultimate inheritance is during the millennial kingdom know that's certainly not the goal but certainly not long term ultimate hope that something will be here for a thousand years after after which there will be of further purging judgment and then eternal age.

If you said or eternal inheritance will be a new Jerusalem, coming down onto this earth and this earth, heaven on earth with us forever and ever and ever. Rather than have heaven on earth. Yeah, I see that revelation. One had to write back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown working friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown] as you requested that answer not taking calls today.

I'm answering questions that have already been posted on traditional post them now but sit back, enjoy the broadcast. If you have questions where you really have a need to struggle something you're trying to get insight you your you're in a difficult situation in you need some wisdom from the word or are your Jewish person seeking the truth about the Messiah, by all means write to us and asked Dr. just click on contact in the team that's happy to answer and help things that need my involvement, input were happy to do her best to help. But today were answering your Twitter questions. Tom, what is the Jewish Christian view of hug are in Ishmael.

Okay, I I am sorry to say that I don't know which member the Jewish Christian view do you mean the Jewish view as a post to the Christian view remain the view held by messianic Jews if that's what you mean.

I don't know that there is a particular view that is the view but there would be a belief based on Scripture that there is a calling on Ishmael as well that even though Ishmael was not the chosen seed to whom the Messiah comes that Ishmael's people are not like the people of Israel, the nation, through whom God sent the Messiah and to whom God gave his laws and commandments that they're still calling on the Israelite people and that you have promises of of God's light shining in these nations in the future so if that's what you mean.

I would say that we absolutely affirm the promises and recognizing important calling on the Ishmaelite people in the Messiah, one that has by Lloyds not been realized yet. Just because the children of Ishmael were not called with the children of Isaac recall does not mean there curse you believe is calling on them as children of Abraham, but it will only be fulfilled in the Messiah like Gary don't those who preach that baptism or any other work is essential for salvation preach a false gospel only to associate with these people.

I oppose war in Galatians 1628. Thank you for your ministry. My brother number one baptism is absolutely required for obedience and and it is explicit and foundational in the New Testament right so when Jesus gives the great commission in Matthew 28 gullet were going to all the world make disciples of the nations teaching them to observe everything he commanded and baptizing in the neck of the father-son spirit right and in Mark 16 the long run your Mark whoever believes and is baptized will be saved and beginning in the preach and asked to 38, when the people Jewish crackers out when we do repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus, you'll receive the gives a sense so do it for the forgiveness of sins you receive the gift of the spirit so it's it's it's throughout the New Testament as an imperative. And it's not a war.

A work would be something that I do to make myself righteous work would be self-improvement in my own life to be accepted by God is estimation. The first segment today.

Work would be on the fast once a week for year. That would be a work baptism is something were commanded to do as part of our profession of faith was baptism itself does not save us. Jesus who saves us, but this is part of our profession of faith. So generally speaking, those who preach baptismal jet regeneration. So either you're for an infant being baptized or you're not saved into your baptized. Obviously, we would have differences with them, but if they said that baptism is an essential part of your salvation, calling would say amen we we affirm that were believes and is baptized shall be saved.

Whether those words go back Jesus originally are not longer any of Mark. I believe they do what they do or not that's reflected through the New Testament its command and it symbolizes the washing away of our sins we are not to trivialize it or or delay it not have been baptized in that's that's not an option for a believer. So we do, but the doing of it is not a work that saves us is part of our profession of faith.

It symbolizes are dying to sin and and rising in new life. Something done before witnesses which is important. Alright so all ultimately ultimately I'm I'm saying that if someone understood the way I'm saying not separate fellowship from them or say their preaching another gospel. No, I'm just going to try to help them to understand that baptism doesn't save us baptism as part of our profession of faith in Jesus who saves us. Edgar God has blessed me with many many dreams.

Dreams that I've asked all my heart would dream his God given to you that you can share God bless you. Well I have many burdens, visions, dreams in my heart from the Lord for my reading of the word things he spoken to me just like so many of you do and you can summarize our ministry with 3Rs revival in the church revolution in society. Redemption is let's focus on the last one I dream of a mass turning religious Jews to Jesus the Messiah. I dream of the discovery of religious Jews including red rabbis wear to the Scriptures, God working through tradition, dreams, visions were powerful encounter with the Lord. The issue of the Messiah, not not a Gentile foreign savior figure that is no resemblance the Jewish Messiah but the Messiah that Israel can recognize that there will be a mass turning of our people to the Messiah. My great dream is to live to see it happen that burns in the that is a very large part of the dream that's in my heart, Jeffrey from your latest book. Can you explain Revelation 12 is 1260 days equal time, times and half a time was the woman yes I enjoyed the book will write a review soon so that speaking of the book, co-authored with Prof. Craig Keener not afraid of the antichrist. The really Craig is the one to ask about Revelation he wrote an application commentary the book of Revelation of some of the wood really laid on his heart to do and he is tons tons tons thus tons more expert in understanding Revelation, but in short, yes, normally understood the time times and half a time of wood referred to 1260 days. Normally the way it's interpreted and the woman Revelation does it symbolize the mother of the Messiah does symbolize Israel symbolize the church, there are all kinds of debates about that and again it in Revelation in the book that for the antichrist. Craig Kimberly tackles that much more so I'd encourage you to check out what he wrote in the book. All right, I'm see read it but look back at Revelation overall and then you can look at his application commentary, but I just want to look at the passage itself. In Revelation the 12th chapter and there is a question.

Is this a capitulation out of past history or is is this. Looking ahead, a great stop sign appear to have a woman clothed with the sum of the moon under her feet on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant was cry out in birth pains the agony of giving birth than another side appear to have a great, fiery red Dragon at seven hasn't 10 horns of several crowns and says his tail sweeps with her. The stores in heaven and hurl them to the earth. Was this time of Satan's warfare in the past when he is cast out of heaven which happens later in the chapter, is it something in the future. Spoken of symbolically, the dragon stood before the woman was about to give birth, so whenever she gave birth he might devour her child. She birth to a son, a male child was to rule the nations with an iron rod their child especially to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, which is a place prepared by God, so they might take care of her, recall, and 60 days so again is it saying that the mother is Israel.

Israel giving birth to the Messiah. I was a male child that rules and reigns. That's Messiah and then Israel protected from being destroyed is is Israel here overlapping them with all of God's people were protected during the tribulation. This is 1260 days symbolize somehow entire church age. There lots of debates about that and when I read. I'm not entirely sure myself this much I know that there's a lot in Revelation.

That's overwhelming, awesome and glorious and brings us to our knees and other things where there are different lines of interpretation under my best to read it to be sobered by understand how to live by and into fitted together with all the other scriptures that may be less symbolic, less visionary and try to draw doctrine from that together. Jeff, I was saved many years ago in following Christ wise is that oftentimes an altar call was given a few beers before I normally say that on the walking this essay. Oftentimes attributes to go forward an invitation is given Jeff out with new people that we do that feel the need to get saved every time an altar call was given said it and and part of it. I would just say is it's kind of a learned religious habit in certain circles is your certain music appeals given a certain way triggers a certain response. You just have to ignore the second thing is, it may be that the Lord is convicting you particular sin in your life and and convicting you to turn from that sin and you now mistake that was why I need to go back up and pray the sinners prayer get saved again.

So you need to deal with that sin, but not responsibly to be saved. If there's an altar call to draw closer to the Lord or turn away from sin or to honor the Lord with the deeper consecration of our less unresponsive than you otherwise is saying I would say you have a response that is response ignoring honor gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got twitter question we got answers so today on this Friday Q&A show we are specifically answering your questions posted on Twitter don't post them now. I'm answering questions that I solicited some days ago and we already have more than enough questions I get to as many as I can't sit back and enjoy the broadcast. Be sure to visit my website Esther check out our latest videos, and our latest articles. George Dr. Brown what would be response to someone who was apathetic about the existence of God and Christianity. That is, instead of making atheistic or agnostic man is unclear because it is in affecting my life.

Thank you for your answer and your ministry. Yet there are a lot of folks like that you can understand my life is fine and well my job that was good drawing life new book. What do I care about a dog or religious faith or fine. Good for you, great. But noncrisis and needy are not was not messed up everything everything is all right and got here this thus far, but a problem so one we need your God, yeah, understandable thoughts and feelings and emotion. Sure so the first thing I would do is begin to pray for that person that they would have an awareness of of God that they would begin to recognize that there must be more, and then I did I begin to engage them in conversation.

Like I think we got here we have the universe come to be where you come from, how you ever looked at the human being the way were designed to notice the doubt Titus of sallow things get out millionth of a billionth of it it it whatever it is that's like I always complex mechanisms and never wondered. Try to get them to realize that we just get here by accident. I've asked them 611 another line of thought would be Jim since my purpose in your destiny with a company. What if not so used, even drinking surviving.

Is there more to life than a booth to have a sense of purpose.

If they have a sense of destiny then then you begin to depress a little from where they come from gave that to you.

It would differ. Just the the random processes of of a freak evolutionary sequence of events, then in our brains are just neurons firing is no purpose. There is another this that speaks of some beyond natural evolution. I governing another angle about justice and injustice in this world will know this latest news and this one got killed select is not fair to wonder about that. Like life is so unfair you think you could be more like after Lyman because otherwise has ever get fixed wicked people commit all concert crimes and that they would rich prosperous lies in the die binder to the great-grandchildren of good people get killed by these very people in every wonder about that. Try to get them to understand is got to be more and that less is it. Pray that the Holy Spirit would make them aware of their fragility of fragile.

They are, and of their need for God and and of their own sinfulness inside of a holy God. Those are ways that I might approach thing that I check out at AIG or creation news. No, just seeing this now creation ministries International creation.calm. We'll create sure I'm quite familiar with with their work and when when you're looking at folks that are supporting divine creation and young earth creation that's that's certainly a good place to go right. Let's scroll down a little bit further and on hang on hang on strike effect where I was Morgan. What are some resources, videos or books on the happenings of Noah's Ark unbelievable whenever I asked with good questions on the house most of the top people push my questions aside and say that stuff doesn't really matter.

A few years ago one of my colleagues was involved with explorations in Turkey and went up on a mountain with other workers explores and came back with quite extraordinary footage encased in ice with they believe was Noah's Ark.

There seem to be no explanation of how structure of that size made up a mountain. No way that people who brought what up and built it and there was question about getting it dated and things like that. Philip Williams was a key man involved with that. I've not heard updates on the project and I've no expertise to a cyst was authentic and out of another colic that really rejected it and abuse another something to it one night when I saw private video footage about it.

I was awestruck. I said I don't know if this is it or not, but it really strikes home to be the reality that this happened into seeing what could have been that the ark there on that mountaintop just even though I believe is universal flood. It just it really hit me but beyond that I cannot follow things Philip Williams has a book where when he's looking at various factors led people look at geology. He's looking. I believe in archaeology and income back in ancient times the ticket his name and Noah's Ark and see what you come up with and if it's just a matter of hey this is fascinating. Wouldn't it be amazing if God allow this to be discovered. After all this time with that bring the fear of God on the human race many cases it it would a Kyle Dr. Brown will your book agree thing happened to America be available get on Kindle in the future. I downloaded a few years ago but was hoping to promote to suppress the out we worked through a distributor we had to self publish the book agree thing happened to America.

700 pages 1500 endnotes of we sold out of our orbit first printing. No major publisher would touch it. Three publisher subsequently apologized to me also have a self publish it as equal time books and we worked with the company that been put out the e-book. Once we sold out of all of our stock. They then ceased to produce the e-book as we have gone to do it now. It is a massive project to do the right way and hyperlinked all the notes because we don't have the document saved in the right form the final documents are all in PDF when they're converted back to Microsoft where you try to hyperlinked it in notes to be project. In the meantime because some of the sources we cited were Internet sources met Tuesday. Many of the 1500 endnotes familiar based on books, but many have to be coordinated with new sites and those that are no longer available.

We have to try to find alternative sources.

So it's can be a bit of a project, but it's on our list of priorities to get it back out both in E form as well as in print.

We know it's important work that God is used, it sold massively better than any of the publishers would've ever expected with a self published book so were grateful to God for the impact it's had in the people of ready where it's gone. So we do want to get back out very quickly. Your email your question is a reminder Russell, what are your thoughts on the teacher they call Israel only full predator is this view seems to be gaining a following, especially with the younger you to present seems to me at least, pretty dangerous right so a full predator is him. I absolutely consider very very dangerous full predator is them that says all biblical prophecies have already been fulfill.

That's right. And we are currently living in the new heaven and the newer yeah exact and that death and mourning have passed away. I found it to be very, very dangerous for many reasons and you can watch my debate with Michael Sullivan about that very topic on YouTube or other websites.

Could Esther to type in Sullivan or on RS Dr. Brown YouTube channel that's asking your Brown on YouTube type it in the specific title of Israel only doctrine predator is. Here's a website on credit risk unprejudiced blogspot and there on the websites want to read to you.

Examination of the Israel only doctrine predator is him initially I was asked to write a reputation of the Israel only doctrine, but I wanted to expand the scope to include a more comprehensive examination of the newest manifestation of criticism of assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of person, but for sake of clarity, predator is most those full predator is in hyper predator is him as distinct from the lesser developed partial prayer is him is the belief that Jesus already returned and that the attending eschatological end time events such as the collective resurrection and the judgment of wicked and righteous and the Indocin is ready happened in the first century okay so in full predator is and says there is no physical second coming. There is no physical resurrection. All prophecies have really been fulfill the Israel only doctrine within predator is him attempts to remain consistent with the premises of predator is him and that the Israel only doctrine insists the audience the physical distance of Abraham and has the eschatological events all fulfilled up with two with and for them. Okay, something funny in that sentence or I read it wrong risk predator is him as is been ex-spouse from the 1800s to the early 2000, with illogically attempt to inject people outside the supposed audience it outside the supposed fulfillment back in Tuesday classes, etc., etc. okay here's the deal.

I have not seen the Israel only form of full predator is him a lot.

I need to look at it in more detail. There are reputations of it online, but any manifestation of full predator is him.

I look at is dangerous. Why would some young people be attracted to all Bible complete oh this idea no future for Israel in all number you now you been reading it wrong that often appeals to people this idea that the good old church and tell him in recent decades got this wrong that has an esoteric appeal that only adds to the danger of it Russell I'm sorry could give a more literate, up-to-date answer to that question because I have not seen it as much. Nathaniel if you claim Christ, but deny little Adam where does that put you with respect to Christ and the apostles teaching is so there are evangelical scholars who are questioning whether there's a little Adam and Eve or do they descend symbolically for the human race, but there was not an original couple, Adam and Eve and and often the they raise these questions based on what they understand the scientific evidence that they would feel contradicts Scripture okay you are not required to believe in a literal Adam and Eve noted be saved is the were that's taught in the Bible or historic church confessions or anything like that. However, in my mind when you now say that Adam and Eve were not literal human beings literally send as described in Scripture and were the first couple you're now on dangerous ground easily slide other error is one I can say evangelical must little saying saying there on very low already ground shaking beneath their feet in terms of what they might have on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Your again is Dr. Michael Brown, the friends were answering your twitter questions today. If you're not connected with me on twitter my twitter handle is DR Michael L. Brown's and Dr. Sood, DR Michael L. Brown, make sure you get the two ells in the middle ear and you can follow me on Twitter cannot connect with us on Facebook interactive there, we are asked her to run asking your Brown on Facebook the same on YouTube Esther to run asking your Brown on YouTube and even if you connect with me on Facebook or twitter still subscribe on YouTube. It's a good thing to do. This way, and then turn on your notification so soon as the new video you'll know about it only go live, you'll know about if your current YouTube subscriber you see a banana. I don't always know you're going live rocket notified trunnion notifications and tell YouTube how you'd like to be notified with your subscription right so be good.

Fix asks is Matthew 1619 allusion to Isaiah 2222 if so.

If not, what is it mean the language is certainly being borrowed. So if you go back to the Oracle and Isaiah the 22nd chapter in this is to a faithful steward and in the king's house. Isaiah 2222 a place with the iliac team a place on his shoulder. The key of the house of David. He shall open the truck, should he feel shut and none shall open all right so you will have the key of the house of David. Please give me a faithful steward and basically what he says goes and is going to have authority within the palace. Now we go to you she was words in Matthew 16 as he's speaking to Peter and he says I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. So, yet there there is a borrowing of language as often happens, and after all, Jesus is the Davidic Messiah and his apostles here or or stewards right so is he speaking this to Peter.

He's giving Peter astute Richard no peers at the first Pope is giving Peter stewardship is giving him authority and it in the context of the early believers. The rulings that had to be established. What was acceptable was unacceptable and and this would be for Peter and the apostles to establish and what they would establish would be would reflect what God had established in heaven, so that those would be the parallels so it is using similar language in here Peter would be like into an Ellie came as a faithful steward in in in the house of the Davidic Messiah. If there's more to it.

I'm sure there is more to it, others can illuminate you in their Matthew commentaries. Chris should Christians be more proactive about teaching biblical sex ed specifically in churches to push back against the liberal human sexuality, gender confusion is being pushed in public education virtually everywhere else. Yeah, absolutely. In our homes. We have to be super aware early on in our homes from early ages. We want to reinforce certain clues about male and female in mommies and daddies and girls and boys wanted reinforce those things not stereo typical therapy bills tomboyish that one must be a man and a girl's body or born a girl's body know, we recognize that there are all kinds of expressions that are that are not exactly gender typical, but we know that there is a distinct difference between boys and girls we know. Biologically, we know in other ways emotionally. We want distinct roles from mommies and distinct roles for daddies that even our little children and understand and and then as they start to become aware of things you need to know what's happening in their schools.

Christian school so you know, sometimes they're getting influence, but especially in public schools, what's being taught, what's going on will see the curriculum would be notified of certain things if you are not happy with with schools teaching you take it out while you have the right, sorry you don't have the right to abuse my kid. I don't want to hear from you have to take it up legally with with the state that's that's you happening California right now, without the mother's intent, but she son. I want to see what's being taught it get involved. I've gotten calls from parents and tears on the radio show is very upset. Number one mother calling from Boston I believe and she said look you always taught her son to be loving and kind to everyone he came home from school very upset.

There is a an auditory meeting that almost all the school brought together without parents being told were a pro-LGBT presentation and with your kids getting up saying I'm gay. I'm Christian and it's fine for you and your parents may not agree any so there undermine the parents) for decades has been the strategy we haven't well known videos repeat teachers through SEL which which undermine we should unmount the parents.

The parents wrong and dislike parents racist young undermine what they're saying. It is arose from Colliers teachers need to know what's happening. And yet as soon as your kids are old enough to understand certain things begin to explain begin to teach begin to show them the failings of the way the world sacredness of sex and how the law exclusively within the context of marriage and and why homosexual practice is contrary to God's will and desire and why promiscuity and adultery are contrary and have them have a beautiful appreciation for what God has given how sacred and special. It is let's see Lembo what you think of the Israel follow as I may have pronounced as Mr. Vanessa's name Australia Rugby started his employees rugby employees registry on his faith and castings contract. Okay, so he is one of the top rugby players in Australia and spreading rugby is like football Americans. Big big sport. There is a big sport international and is one of the top players in the nation and committed Christian and outspoken Christian so he had shared some of his viewpoints year ago and was told this until you can hold to what you hold you but when you are in our employee. We play for the whole nation. We don't discriminate against one group or another group so you just need to not post these things if one key point so the other day he post something you taste is based on first Corinthians 6 1910 he says hello awaits and has a list of sectionals, drunkards, adulterers, etc. and you like Paul gives a listen for scripting six and elsewhere in the New Testament and says in repent and believe not run Euston well-known leader Phil song robot is based in Australia, so they listen.

Is this not the way to win the lost and I've I've I've seen for decades now preaching love of God and and calling people in that way, as is the better way to reach them and help our second returning. So now you have that debate. Let's put that aside for the moment. What about what he did. The issue is that no one said you can't call out the adultery should cackle out drunkards there only upset that he called out those who practice them, etc. section right and and and how can you say that.

So there is the political correctness of the day. I have no problem if a sports team says listen. We know this and got Muslim players Christian players and others right. We know you're very devout but because we play for the whole nation don't while you're in our employee. We don't want you to be preaching your faith in conjunction with that. Now some could say that's oppressive.

I differ with that. Okay you can have that discussion right you know it's a had a Muslim that was really aggressively is Islamic in many Christian professing Christian country in this fellow unit was is saying you got to believe and allow you to be damned to hell in the Quran is God's word exilic that's really offensive to folks with Roger play and your own time in their own setting when you're not playing for us under contract which was I could understand a debate about that right. The bottom line here though is that he's being persecuted in their he's being punished because he singled out homosexual right. That's the big issue here and and and he's fighting it, but he also said look of God is a better plan for me miss playing rugby in all of them missed that just 30 years old. I think thereabouts, so I I am very sympathetic to his position. Because of the fact that he's being single out because of one group so the question is, is he not allowed to quote the Bible publicly while in the employ of this team. Now if you sign something saying I won't express my faith, etc. and he broke that.

That's another issue right but if he simply quoted for scripting 69 311 and posted that on Instagram and said I believe the word of God repulsive. But there's merciful because that mentions mental practice on six would be. Would he be allowed to do that is not there's a big problem and I do believe this should get the attention of the world. Now, as for the issue between Brian Euston and and and Israel. Follow begin. Forgive me if I'm pronouncing his name incorrectly of I understand Brian Euston's point that you don't just pay people to have the Bible is a turning burn turn or burn. At the same time I've seen a massively watered-down gospel over the years with people never called repent been never called to turn from sin. They never understand it's their sins that nailed Jesus to the cross and because of that they become very superficial, shallow Christians, if there truly Christians at all. So I I will let those gentlemen have that debate. There what I would say is the true gospel is full of love and full of the call to repentance and will ultimately mention Helen judgment's of the Jesus is saving us from something for which we flee to the cross. All right, this American more questions of him at a time and there is I'm looking, there's nothing I can just answer in in the will. Here, then you can church tradition be looked to as a source of truth. Secondarily secondarily it can confirm testimony of Scripture and tell us what was taught by early believers. It can show us how they understood Scripture, it could show us what the disciples of the apostles fondly, but secondary because we know much tradition goes straight is the word of God alone that is divinely inspired friends pay us a visit asked Dr. If you appreciate what you're doing is only here the sinner viewers were held legally doing and with us today as well

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