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The Synagogue Shooting in California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 30, 2019 11:54 am

The Synagogue Shooting in California

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 30, 2019 11:54 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/29/19.


Tragic synagogue shooting in California friends, good morning.

Things like this would happen. Stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire Michael Brown. What an intense weekend. We had so much to share so much to talk about friends. We have been raising our voices for weeks over years. For decades, but in recent weeks we have been issuing warnings we have been talking about the rising tide of co-Christian anti-Semitism.

We have been talking about the dangers we have been talking about the potential violence, then we see these horrors take place this weekend. This is something we must address. I believe you can find today's broadcast very very important very very eye-opening. If you'd like to weigh in on today's subject, not just general questions or comments. But today's subject synagogue shooting anti-Semitism in the New York Times rising tide of co-Christian anti-Semitism. Phone lines are open 866348663487884 is the number to call and and I want to start off by going immediately to my friend and colleague Rabbi shrewdly motel known as America's most famous Rabbi, we become close friends over the years. In the midst of our many many debates and he is a leading voice constantly calling America to wake up to the rising tide of anti-Semitism. Also, because I am unable to get on my normal screen so I just need you to bring Rabbi shrewdly on for me to bring them on the line. I want to get to my guest immediately along the way in. After he has time to express himself us really are you with us and Michael, are you doing doing well doing well good to talk with you and that looking forward to seeing you again gobbling the summer in New York right we have our event coming up. We haven't done a lot of discussion the baby but a few years back.

Draco married I look forward greatly.

Yeah, absolutely. So actually you you have links to go back to kebab this the same group with the tragic shooting took place of the Saturday pasture bought the last day of Passover you been steadily raising her voice about concerns about the rising tide of anti-Semitism in America, Democratic Party, New York Times, just speak from your heart to her audience how urgent the time. Is this how much does America need to wake up to what's happening like I want to thank all your listeners just bring the bill predominately Christian friend like itself all their ship your scribbler stalwart support for Israel so appreciating our community and by the individual and by people of conscience, though I never would've predicted not on the scale, not about 70 years after all we we really thought that the Holocaust was of such a terrible magnitude that the world would almost scare itself with how much he despised the truth, but wanting to harbor bigotry and prejudice. It's quite another to engage in genocide and mass murder on Bill we would be in the band, the people would understand how. The event is all a terrible shock that we now see Jeremy Corbin on the verge of becoming the prime minister of Britain where I lived for 11 years with an out and out generator that he admires Thomas a cabal of the blood the bloodthirsty terror deal on Omar. We never thought that in the halls of Congress. We have people roaming actually are a mouthpiece for things like potable building of my neck while control the world for money bile politicians with her and her mentor cash rented whatever she looked like he'd would be accusing Jews of dual loyalty. Although Congress did not bring is not large and this is the highest. Also, it's quite shocking and what all this culture of demonization of the Jewish people. Deformation of the Jewish people, let alone white nationalist premises, who are just filed applicable human beings.

They may violate every principle of the Bible and their hatred, like many of them claim to be Christian but maudlin person, but not religious and all what this all leads to his attacks on Jews believed that you you demonize a subgroup given as minority, especially with the oldest hatred of the world, anti-Semitism, and leads to real attack and attack. This test Saturday.

The last of Passover was an abomination. What happened in Pittsburgh who was to be the worst abomination and it's quite frightening. Micros don't you know that I lived in England for 11 years in Western Europe where the synagogues are like fortresses to a police outside you have metal detectors get inside. America was never like that but work work work work were nearly there. Yeah it's it's remarkable eventually. You know my poker hands are staying with what I chart the history of anti-Semitism among professing Christians and and how deplorable and hateful. It is, but in in 47 years for me as a follower of Jesus. I've run into great love for the Jewish people around the world. Great respect for Israel solidarity with Israel. I run into in Asia and Africa running through it all over America other countries and what I'm seeing now is stuff I've never seen before in some of its coming from professing Christians like this guy, this 19-year-old Rita's manifesto is eloquent articulate for 19-year-old but it's every standard anti-Semitic trope including the blood libel enemies quoting the Bible any speak about being a Christian I I've been raising my voice about these very things. In recent weeks is up and running into assault like you. It's shocking to see is what happened with the New York Times that is this this ups things to yet another level of your time.

According to appeared in its international edition was that was shocking. It was really straight out of the pages of their Sturmer from 1930 or 30s Germany every gusting vial anti-Semitic trope seems to been included with the sole exception of say you know of a bar of gold you have the prime minister of Israel depicted as a dog I mean literally that the most famous Jew in the world. A man was struck with the best electrical script term as prime minister. The only democracy in the Middle East is depicted in the canine and exaggerated Jewish specialty insurance.

The big giant known being the dark by the menacing eyebrow and he has the dog collar with the thought of David and we all know know yellow armband in the United Kingdom and Germany as a dog wearing his dog collar, which is the Star of David, that you have plump prompt now unified now made into energy wearing a alga and is blind anything to be manipulated by the wildly controlling you through the Jews bidding.

Evidence of this is the most dangerous of canard that Jews are out for domination in Palestine.

They only ever think to control and manipulate the powerful people for their own advantage.

They are always guilty of dual loyalty. They can never be loyal to anything but but but each other and are involved in a worldwide conspiracy and when is this gusting cartoon first appeared the time they did apologize at all. They said that they're going to think about. If an error of judgment, then faced with worldwide condemnation.

They didn't decide to finally apologize but in typical times fashion. Instead of thinking real responsibility.

They said that the decision to publish the cartoon taken by one editor without sufficient oversight and they would now looking to have one thing about that. Most famous newspaper in the world about their defense or incompetent folks know but no real apology. No real and an effective if not true vision of a single editor.

This cartoon got into the New York Times because of years and years of demonization of Israel, years and years of demonization of the time yahoo part of their editorial why this is Stephen's editorial races.

This goes back to the. The days of the Holocaust for the New York Times didn't publish things accurately needed to give a full picture this man who knows how far things go back with.

It is shocking.

It does reflect the sentiments that are out there.

There was an editorial the other day that reference Jesus being a Palestinian I wrote an article rebutting others wrote an article rebutting entity put out they they put out last day or two just quietly a correction all due to an editing error.

Jesus was referred to here because of an editing error. An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly. Jesus's background while he lived in an area that later came to be known as Palestine. Jesus was a Jew who is Beth Webb. Initially they had him as a Palestinian, summing the standard Palestinian Authority was the first barley was a Shahid was a Palestinian New York Times buying into that suit so smoothly.

We got three minutes before the break. What what can we do to make a difference and to push back against this horrific stuff that's going on. While Mike already made for Israel supporters will agitate for Israel present, I believe is even on record as saying that one of the many reasons the movie on the fear factor is unconscious. Of course it is his love of Israel and the Jewish people is because he knows that his supporters will most evangelical Christian.

They want to move. They want to the schedules and recognize additional capital because people what what out what what more can be done to the time need to be lambasted. People should be writing a letter know were I do know your your listeners know we fund giant ad in the New York Times that is obligatory to be taking out an ad to go to my Facebook is relatively or twitter like me to put a rubbish bully were raising money to take out an ad in the New York Times calling for a boycott of advertising the New York.I'm a calculation of subscription familiar, until they engage in serious reflection shown to us. It would tangible results and how they editorialize about Israel and how they report about is the wake-up call we can get away with, and we should not be supporting an institution. I know it's a little contradictory to got an unconquerable week. We do a lot of advertising on your left. I about one cartoon about editorialize of people out of people want to help us raise our voice vehicle directly at him. Fortunately, INF oh, except you only will give more ideas, but in the meantime, keep the pressure up on the New York Times Austin friends revolution with its SHMULEY let's stand with him. This reserve forces let's push back good is gonna overcome evil will do it together. This really can't wait to see you soon in your family. That's the highlight the debates from both the highlights hang out, can we see another RSA number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown downright dangerous. I have been raising my voice for decades, but in recent weeks I have been raising my voice very clearly saying there is a rising tide of anti-Semitism that is wearing Christian garb that is dangerous, that the speak of the Jews certainly demonized the Jews, it will lead to violence under care how much were you repudiated how much you Sam, against violence when you keep demonizing people keep spreading lies, spreading mischaracterizations and exaggerated negative destructive stereotypes and honor when you keep doing that. There will be violence. That's why I have been warning.

That's why have been raising my voice. I saw a question from someone watching on Facebook or what about the slaughter of Christian I've been time at the sort of Kristin's day and night for years. We constantly draw attention to the persecution of Christians around the world constantly and I will raise my voice against the rising tide of anti-Semitism.

We have seen when it is done. We have seen the reality of Jew hatred thrust it with her fake Jews and true Jews in the big Jews hide behind anti-Semitism that is an anti-Semitic comment bursting fake Jews to just go through the New Testament look at every time the word Jew Jewish occurs right, it's talking about definable people it's talking about groups of people with other believers in Jesus or not. Maybe China leaders among the people or specific groups within them. But even among unbelievers. Nicole Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews over and over that fake Jews synagogue of Satan.

These are the standard anti-Semitic interpretation and when you draw attention to them your derailleur just hiding behind anti-Semitism I'm telling you the truth that I look I had on my show a couple weeks ago Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones be absolutely speaks against violence to the Jewish people harming the Jewish people, and I told him plainly on the show on our candid conversation that his positions are anti-Semitic that they are dangerous, but they have led to bloodshed will I saw someone on my twitter feed had made a comment and let's just take a look at this tweet. It's no longer available so obviously got deleted by Dr. Jones but let's just take a look at this tweet. All right from Dr. Jones, Dr. Michael Brown's is my twitter handle is now blaming the power way synagogue shooting uncle Christian anti-Semitism. This is a shameful misrepresentation of the situation, the shooter wrote a manifest which nowhere mentions Christianity so obviously he posted that before he himself would read the manifesto all right or whatever he read was only part of it. I replied in but they were fighting go through so I just a screenshot.

That's when I found I confronted with the tweet still there I can find are by Dr. Joe's. Did you not read his manifesto. He claims to be Christian, synagogue, shooter cites the New Testament the very versus use either on my show sir and repeats the standard Christian anti-Semitic tropes and and I give a link I gave a link to his to his manifesto.

Let's just listen to some of the warnings I have issued this first one is to comedian Owen Benjamin now in the very video right II took him to task. He speaks out against violence speaks out and we don't want to harm you know I'm saying the rhetoric you're using what you're saying.

The way you say it will leave the violence. Here is what I said I want to encourage Craig, are you Dave Rubin Stephen Crowder elusive work with Owen Benjamin in the past. Maybe try to reach out to him privately. You may be concerned about his mental or emotional state, but only encourage you to publicly separate yourselves from his comments and to denounce what he saying in the clearest possible terms, because this stuff gets very dangerous.

This type of rhetoric, especially with them, say, will Jesus put the money table so you in other words, you get violent. Get violent against people get violent seizures. That's what he is espousing and that's what we must warn people against yeah I understand that he says no amount time of violence. But when you demonize people a certain way when you say Jesus was not a pacifist.

Go ahead and flip the tables using every listener.

Every viewer is perfect to be stable.

The rational work through everything in her reasonable dispassionate way you provoke to provoke them, provoke them, provoke.

This is only violent that there is a factor.

All that that we must be careful in what we say and how we say book. There's a reason that the pro-life movement has been overwhelmingly pro-life, and not killing people. Yes, there have been these horrific aberrations were at a dead abortion Dr. worker in the clinic was shot shot and killed right but those have been the exception to the exception to the exception to the mass rule of decades of peaceful protest well because we are pro-life and we couch things in certain terms that is much as we deplore the harbor abortion.

We make it clear that we are pro light. You must speak careful and responsible with the words you use. There's a reason I keep drawing attention to what true news is saying Rick Wiles and trimmings and the errors they're propagating in the exaggerations and stereotypes in the mischaracterizations and the anti-Semitic truth. There is a reason, I'm drawing attention to it, it's wrong. It's simple, it's misinformation, but it leads to about no, I'm not saying Owen Benjamin is directly connected to the synagogue shooting or E.

Michael Jones, or truth. No I am not saying that shout that out the door. But I'm saying this type of rhetoric inevitably will lead to violence. That's why we get this manifest. A little later in the show, you will see all the standard junk you're hearing from these different outlets from these different individuals from the scholars from these news outlets. It's all the stuff that's in the manifesto. They're all drinking the same Kool-Aid art. So here's some of my warning to true news. Let's listen don't remember for many years now, the Jews have been blamed for all the world the whatever is during the Middle Ages in Black Lake because less Jews died. Then Gentiles why hygiene because the Torah this all die plenty died, but not at the same percentage with which these others died.

Obviously, Jews place in the Wiles themselves if this was widely believed Jews were slaughtered for this. When an economy fails in country. It's the fault of the Jews yet. So you start scapegoating the Jews blaming the Jews demonizes all the Jews evil Jews evil Jews evil Jews evil views evil to some, I do some somebody's gotta do something about it and was most painful things to read with this 19-year-old this this murderer is. He's eloquent is articulate and think about values and what matters most is willing to sacrifice his life for this noble cause. Yeah, that's sick. That's evil that's where these lies. The they always have the always stupid lead to violence as I took issue with with a Michael Jones and you see a very versus same verse that the shooter quotes from you. Michael Jones quoted Prevacid based on this, the Jews killed Christ and the Jews are hostile to all men, I'd suggest let's read it in a different translation.

Go ahead if you read first Thessalonians chapter 2 in verse 14, and in Greek hero recruit new King James which is hardly meant to be avant-garde or or creative for you brother, became imitators of the churches of God which are in Judea in Christ Jesus for you also suffered the same things from your own countrymen, just as they did from the Jew day ends killed both the Lord Jesus, and all profits of speaking about a certain group of people in Judah, Jewish leaders who historically had a post profit supposed Jesus and they were the ones hostile all mankind, as opposed to the Jews killed Jesus and the Jews are hostile to all mankind. Because certainly don't historically that's been used to persecute Jews and discriminated against due to the centuries many friends of mine growing up. They came home from school crying mommy who is Christ that the other boy say that I killed Christ to surely know how that phrase is been used for to perpetuate Jewish bloodshed through the centuries the Jews are Christ killers you seem to be affirming that statement and he did affirm that statement very clearly and then one last suggestion I urged on him in the politely replied with each other. Of absolutely civil with each other. Mr. deep disagreements, but I urged him one last thing at the end of the broadcast… Listen to this before the break, I would just make this last appeal to regard under two minutes and I appreciate you willing to come on and I'm happy to dialogue off the air on the air. Whatever the setting is all I'm saying is the broad brush with which you paint in the broad statement you make are such that they encourage Jew hatred. They encourage humanization of Jews. I've seen the way things played out with comedian Owen Benjamin and then when I took issue with something she said the amount of stuff that came my way about these evil Jews.

It was such read it disable comments for YouTube video which we we virtually never do only twice redone 1600 videos understand the effect of it through. Got a minute you get the last word. But that's my appeal to you to reconsider use of terms and rhetoric right so he appreciated my advice, but said thanks but no thanks I'm saying it once again I'm raising the voice of warning once again the type of rhetoric that is being used.

The Jews are guilty of this, the Jews of subverts verse of the Jews on the White House the Jews own this, the Jews were slave. The Jews want to take over the world decapitate Chris all this nonsense, it must stop worth you leave the more violence and we as followers of Jesus need to distance ourselves from this because this is what Jews have thought through the centuries Christians hate the Jews criticism was the assigned government that lie is raised up on this and I want to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown focusing on the synagogue shooting away. So this is Michael right 63 or truth, I have a new edition of my book.

Her hands were stained with blood coming out in September and just yesterday is redoing the final edit on it. I added in some things with reference to what happens we can and the warnings we have been sounding for weeks.

If you watch this broadcast list. This broadcast read my articles you know there has been a steady stream of warning when you've heard from me in all the years we been on the air about a rising tide of co-Christian anti-Semitism may be plain, you can criticize Jewish people without being an anti-Semite that have differences with Jewish people about being an anti-Semite can criticize the state of Israel without being an anti-Semite and there is such a thing as antitheft Semitism which is demonizing other people which is mischaracterizing over people, which is speaking of a people as a whole and ugly and untrue things that is anti-Semitism.

It is there. You just playing anti-Semitism cards. That's anti-Semitism there you go. 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones.

I just want to take a minute to repudiate some of the junk that's in the shooter is manifested, so why even give it the time of that, there's a reason you'll see what there's a reason.

Listen first to what the shooter says I would die a thousand times over. To prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race so I'm willing to sacrifice everything job looking like amazing kids sacrifice at all protect the other European Caucasians.

I would die a thousand times over the prevent the doomed faith that the Jews have five fire as well as the Gaza trump hater. I think that Trump is a Jew lover all those restaurants anti-Semitic. And yet, right this Gaza trump hater see another so that this idea the Jews want to take over the role of government. It's it's I live. It is a lie is a lie. It's false. It's all I read more than you read it wrong then you misunderstood why this is a source that says that the Jew that just a little message could have. Maybe you look at something about when the Messiah comes and establishes his kingdom on the size into the wicket, debuted within rabbinic exit. Either way, I'm telling you this is not this is a lie, but the guy believes it, and is willing to shoot up, kill innocent people like… A bit long but I want you here.

Go to phones every Jew the right. This is part of the anti-Semitic libel.

Every Jew is responsible for meticulously planned genocide of the year.

Every liner that is false. Everyone everywhere they act as a unit.

Also like every Jew plays his part to enslave the other races around the ocelot, whether consciously or subconsciously owes Earl doing you know their crimes are endless rights for lying and deceiving the public through their exorbitant role in news media interesting is that Jews often get blasted in the news media were using Usery and thanks to enslave nations in debt and control finances for the purposes of funding, even there you have it is control of money on the banks of the do with the funding for the role of starting wars and a foundation of laws which accosted millions of laws throughout history.

Obviously started the Civil War was the start of World War I opposite start of World War II would be on the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, and all that soon started the Vietnam War. It further. Owen cultural Marxism and communism have a role that have a role in everything live in societies that are often influential people get a bit you want a little soundbite Jews are like everybody else, except more so, I like that Jews like everybody else, except more so, good qualities, bad qualities, positives and negatives. It's just that they tend to do things with more influence. So when I have good influences greater bad influence greater simple simple scapegoat for pushing degenerate propaganda in the form of entertainment. That's all Jews thought is for their own feminism, which is the slave women in sin.

Of course there's no more antifeminist movement that than tradition

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