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Answers to Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 3, 2019 6:20 pm

Answers to Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 3, 2019 6:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/03/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it, come on the questions we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our Friday edition of the line of fire.

It feels to me like the quickest hour in radio or those watching quickest hour on YouTube or Facebook with an hours and hours to sit and answer your questions, but we do have an hour to take your call so 866-348-7884 is number to call these be patient as your calling and we often get flooded with calls right at the beginning and then the moment we have a call line open. I could still so will do our best to get to as many of you as possible, and it looked all right. It looks to me like you're having an issue with our call screener right now so keep calling in.

We will get your calls immediately, but I will do something I haven't done all right here we go. Welcome to the line of fire.

However, my call screener has not given me your information so who am I talking to the group. Farouq Greenstein I were you calling from birth calling mom or yell at subs or electric.

So molecular brother requesting for you sometime ago I listed. It will segment the Groton branch and show on it at my name and racially instantly replied that it came from the name of the angel call caching that happened with English and could you please comment on.

Yeah, I know of no such angel I've never heard of an angel with that name.

Could God have revealed to Brian that there is an angel by that name's possible visit massive amounts of angels out there so they do exists.

I was assume that it got the name for stresses which really paraphrase because he was try to convey a certain passion through it, but that's for Brian to answer. I I've never heard of such an angel. I don't know the God discloses names of angels, but is not the city can't or wouldn't, so I would leave that is a question to ask Brian Ike I can't comment on it. Beyond that, I'm not him.

I don't know what God did or didn't show him so that would middle like yeah what I could do is is evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the translation/paraphrase so beyond that can't comment on the NJ are no longer on the show and it was a little quiet about segment that word… Question was honest. So that was a big mistake was made, but now I look for it is no longer on the I don't understand why that's not there. But it's no longer on on the show or the interview that was done with the vines in the market no longer appears both words and language. Got less likely. So my question is the first thing you really you Brown, everything we do. I heard that the first thing they reminded me was using mono and Joseph Smith angel mnemonic that helped him translate the goal tablet and the new translation, direct, begging the red flag that is the I don't believe though I just make this last comment, if he said that he was given angelic revelation as to how to translate and based on that angelic revelation. He came up with certain meanings that others had seen that would beyond the beyond red flag to me immediately warned something's wrong here, but if he said that the names of Lord appeared to him or commissioned him to do something angels do that, God, angels are sent this is to minister God's servants, according to Hebrews the first chapter of suit to me again what I'll do now is is evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the translation/paraphrase and could be that someone is a producer and editor at SID saw that Saturday we don't want to be send that message out and ended up but I don't know I'm I'm not familiar with the with the episodes myself. I thank you for calling and very fair questions in certain important question 866-34-TRUTH of his go to Linda in Arizona.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown.

My one and hello can you hear me loud and clear. Glad okay I just recently visited a church of a different nomination than what I'm familiar with. They moved into my area and not just decided to go check out and the pastor said that he was talking about the instruction that God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden and he referred to them as a covenant of works, and said that the Jewish town led also just understood this to be a covenant of works and I had never heard of this as being referred to as a covenant before yeah it's true that yeah okay number one I don't look at is a covenant either was a command that God gave now if he said if you do this, then this if you do this than this. That's more covenant, the line if you do this all blessed if you do this accursed here. He was just giving instructions for living in the garden.

As for speaking something is a covenant of works is not really a Jewish type terminology. That's more of Christian terminology and therefore look Judaism looks that Adam was the first man was given laws because laws are good and and we live by God's instruction and and he was the first one to receive this instruction. They don't look at it so much as a covenant of works is much as of the recall.

To do this in obedience to God and this pleases him, and this displeases him they would still say it's it's by God's gracious help children to that's up that it is not heretical or Celica evil doctrine or anything. Number one. I would not describe it as a covenant of works.

That's the first thing I would not contrasted with grace and mercy. It was simply instructions don't touch this. He died do this know here's here's what I've given you just don't touch this. It was the test and it was for obedience so I could see why the pastor sang in some language I would use the reset language that I would see Jewish literature using that's it doesn't exist but off the top of my head. It's something I'm not familiar with in terms of Jewish literature. Speaking of it in those terms. A thank you for the call Linda it either way. Nothing to get deeply concerned over. I would say 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Diego in Washington.

Welcome to the line of fire. The pleasure to speak with you Dr. Brown are you today very well.

Thanks Craig I have a key questions surrounding once saved always saved.

I know you don't describe that you are neither do I like you.

I also grew up in the coffin circled and I know they are doing around news view.

For instance, I've met people who suggested that the lack of church attendance in itself would jeopardize your salvation, though, questions are okay, let's consider when Peter denied Jesus three times and he died during one of the instances when he denied Jesus in the absence of repentance would he have been eternally lost my next question is okay just just to add to that, as I understand Scripture committing a sin falling short disappointing. The Lord and of itself. This is not the basis for forfeiting our salvation. Going to hell, we forfeit our salvation by refusing God's grace, we forfeit our salvation by being unrepentant, we forfeit our salvation by walking in persistent disobedience essay, I refuse to stay under your Lordship but to fall short even in an ugly way like that and repent know and I don't believe it at any moment if you will look his Peter as Savior minutes before the cross.

And all this with one look at Peter essay Donna think away from saved unsay back to save in a moment of time and the fact is every one of us since. On some level everyday, consciously or unconsciously, that we don't lose our salvation get back lose get it back was a good thought we repent of this it back though that's that's a very insecure and unstable way of living. Okay yeah my other two quick questions if you comment on those young what about Judas. Judas die in the state of eternal damnation, and the second part of that is what about in Eisen's the fire on the latitude of the stereo struck at right so Jesus is referred to as a son of perdition. Jesus says in John 17 that I've only lost one of the one doing for destructiveness with some perdition means so yet. Seems that he went to a place of judgment, ask one would seem to reaffirm that as well. As asked for, analyze, since if Ira of you can die judged by God without going to hell breaks it it knows the judgment is your life gets a cut short your life gets, gets cut short and of that's the judgment in their once saved always say people so yeah that's the point. Lose your salvation but you can be judged and and and have you like a church. We agree that sometimes that is God.

This judgment I get that from first Corinthians the 11th chapter where Paul speaks of some of the believers because of their partake of the Lord's supper unworthily that some are sick and some of have fallen asleep many are sick and some are fallen asleep and fallen asleep is the idiom for a Christian dying in the New Testament for a believer dying that the quote fall asleep so yes, it's possible that they were true believers that they acted in an ungodly way that God struck them down as a public judgment tells us the great fear came upon the believers after this happened in the fifth chapter of acts, but that they were still saved to the lives were cut short the coming judgment was possible they were still saved, just like those that particular board supper unworthily and we judge for an died prematurely. That was the judgment, not the judgment of hell, which again would be rejecting the Lordship of Jesus, refusing his grace walking in unrepentant deliberate disobedience in denying him not repenting of that, Jesus says in Matthew 721 that everyone assist me, Lord, warble into the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of my father by the way, for those that would like a concise teaching for me about once a dose of about those great questions Diego, I'm so glad you asked them for those that would like assisting teaching our digital library so asked Dr. Brown. Ask if your brown dog org just search for once saved always saved, and you'll see it several minutes long, and I give assisting teaching on what I believe what I understand Scripture with hay friends, we come back. I just want to mention an exciting opportunity you have that we can produce new videos together, you can benefit with two Bouma shows every single they had to do the back straight line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends enough Brown delighted to be with you. 8663 or truth Jeremy in Canada.

I know what you calls about and I want to get to you very shortly so please stay with us. We are scholars of different Dr. yesterday I promised if they call them today. We prefer soy see some the back.

I want to do that but Jeremy will make sure I speak with you in Canada okay listen if you appreciate the videos were putting out and would love to put us major see reason and and key videos that demolish some dangerous lies that are out there is a great way were everybody can partner with us to do it. The central funds are limited and and you get lots for the ministries import works to suit support the local church and things like that that usually everybody get involved when working with patriarch to go to patriot your brown patron Dr. Brown and if you partner with us for $10 or more per month is just pennies a day right 30 some sense that if you partner with us for $10 or more per month, you get to bonus videos every week.

Alright, so videos that you will be allowed to watch the exclusive and pointless running out to them two dollars, five dollars, whatever, just with everything you helps us in this way God will bless you and swallow you for doing it and will get to really put out even more material we have so much vision so much and as your financial support to make it possible.

So thank you want to say we get our first 14.

We just lost it. What yesterday we had our first 14 supporter so want us over on patriarch okay let's go over to Michael in New York.

Welcome to light a fire Brown finger take my call you very well, I was on YouTube, watching you. I was made a video about the Messiah, son of Joseph and Don came the second Kings 18 fine when it talked about all there'll never be another king in Judah like Hezekiah and he said that really shuts the studio on the New Testament to know how you interpret the others was the rabbi second person test this week.

Actually it was the rabbi that was was rabbi out of your finger. Yeah, I mean even even for told you despaired. There's a reason Toby is refused to debate me or over 25 years.

There's a reason is refused interact with me in public and private. All this time and friends. I've I was so eagerly expose his errors and his lies there, missionaries I work with and back and forth we go we had dialogue and traction for years and years and years and years and I respect them, but of Cassidy say about Rabbi Singer. Unfortunately, but even for him.

This is this is a really bad argument know for. For example, what it was a say about your size I Hezekiah sons, Manasseh, Manassas, and is a moment among son is Josiah Nasser is 55 years among three months and then to size 31 years so Josiah, what is was it say about Josiah verse 25 of chapter 23 of second Kings so this is after Hezekiah Hezekiah is great, great grandson, Josiah before him. There was no king like him return to the Lord with all his heart those solos by the court and the law of Moses nor the any like him arise after.

So Hezekiah was special in his own unique way and I Josiah comes up if you want to follow the Toby Singer argument, then this would disqualify Josiah Rabbi Singer famous for weak arguments. We we destroyed many of them on on the show here and get a hold 22 hour series. Having the counter missionaries will be demolished. A lot of his material along with with that of others. But even for him is a self-defeating like this with the squad. This would disqualify Josiah Wright did can even have him so don't Hezekiah was unique. It is only nobody form after him like him Josiah unique. It is only nobody form after like that and in Jesus issue is, is not a physical earthly king of Israel doing with the heat they did is light of the nation sees the Redeemer didn't die for our sins, they can fulfill messianic prophecies so I mean info Toby Singer. It's is a bad argument a weak argument but easily answered and again if use design was right then rule out Josiah Evan rule out future real future Messiah of one of David entirely because of never be any better than Hezekiah. Yikes. What a self-defeating argument here for Rabbi Singer is a bad one. And that's saying a lot because he's notorious for some really bad arguments. Many of the counter. Missionaries have much more solid material course we rebutted carefully, their answers to it, but while while while I thank you, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Jeremy in Canada. Thanks so much for calling the line of fire.

Your heavenly yes.

So what's on your mind sir well. Bill going through that was tabled last month in the Canadian Senate to ban conversion therapy and it bands everything except for sex change therapy on children and I I'm an intersex person myself and I may have the opportunity to testify to the Senate regarding his bill about my own personal experiences and how this would affect me had been around one when I was a child and hundred we lost you. I listen Howard, if we get Jeremy back. So I'll try to get right to I want Jeremy to define intersex force difference between intersex and transgender. So hopefully we can write back to Jeremy but let's go over to Stuart and Raleigh. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello yes you're on the air around the repentant, really quick question.

I know that your previous videos this week get that if you do not agree about what they teach all type totally agree with you. However, I had heard previously, work order from present to verify that it's true or not, that you support noahide laws to open the fight Smith heading in like that. But you have to understand this whole no high law thing is that I first did many things about teachers that every Christian would agree with his. They are from certain Jews about God in the Bible and in holiness and sanctity in family and morality and all that sweet of conservators in common. And then we're at complete loggerheads when we are one I sent you know that I look at them as enemies of the gospel and they look at me is a dangerous missionary okay has the seven like Noah, I agree that we shouldn't blaspheme God. I agree that we shouldn't commit idolatry. I agree that we shouldn't commit adultery or steel. I agree with setting up courts of justice agree that we should meet that limb of a living animal, so I argument with that. But there is that a myth and I'm telling you, categorically, it's a myth and I'm trying interact with others that she still reaching out to them. So let's interact, but it is a myth that Jews are working with nations around the world to try to get them to enforce the seven laws of no and under the seven laws of Noah so-called youth you can't derive from biblical exegesis from from Genesis tonight and that's not as the rabbis with but interpret the principles of the yeah really good principles. No argument there. So that there are there are at the majority Jewish view is that for a Gentile is not idolatrous to be a Christian. But for Jewett, is they would look at me as an idol worshiper is my faith in Jesus. If you're a Gentile, that the majority of of the Jewish world would not with the Jews as an idol worshiper and including many religious Jews there other religious Jews that say no you are not are not a worshiper but is a complete myth, a 100% myth that Jews are trying to work with governments around the world to get the seven Ohio laws enforced which would then make it mandatory for Christians to renounce Christianity because as idolatry. Otherwise they would be beheaded.

That is nonsense and submit to the iso video or rabbis talking about if you did is talk about in theory and the messianic era. So when the Messiah is ruling and rain on the earth with Christian speak of is the millennial kingdom right were God sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem is ruling and reigning over the entire earth with the rod of iron. That's the period that they be talking about that God offers the nation's turfing rivals and live otherwise die etc. is there is no and even then a debate as to how that was for Christians, etc. but there is nobody nobody it of any stature of of any authority in the religious Jewish world that is trying to set something up.

Now, where Jews go around the world heading Christians idolatry under the seven Ohio laws so do I support the seven Ohio was the laws themselves are five course I agree with them. Do I support that. This is for the Gentile will know for the Gentile world you believe the gospel in your saved the Gentile world turned to Jesus and be safe.

Pets and for the Jewish world turned to Jesus and be saved.

That's what I support. That's what advocate that there are people at and what concerns me is the madness that's out there. It's like people drank something and suddenly the building a crazy stuff. So when I tell the truth about the know I lost just yet. Don't go to war a website asked Dr. and just type in the truth about the no hide laws a whole show on that.

The truth about the no hide laws. I am getting Stuart the craziest comments to that many of them get deleted because they're so vulgar and ugly, but you're not a creator you're denying Jesus your DB is like you for exposing this nonsense in these myths about no hide laws just on the truth about it so so sums wrong out there is like understand why they think that because my thing was when Reagan was around they had him sign a bill that doesn't contain identity hide it at the the education day this I have interest is not a good start is not hidden.

Congress affronted 91 comps confirm yeah and and and the rabbis in them and the leaders working with it.

They say that Christians keep the no hide laws as was after this, no stealth thing going on. It's it's a myth something stealth. Those that are working with with with properly governments to a from the no hide laws. They say that Christians ready keep them and they don't view Christians as idolatry. Those that do not. Working with the government of America to try to get them to affirm the 60 collision start heading Christians. It's a myth nonsense and nonsense. Thank you. I hear on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and my friends for some life are truth this Friday. That means you've got questions. We got answers jointly Fairfield, California would be church this weekend, Saturday night, three services in the morning service Sunday night talk about LGBT issues. LGBT people and the church important meetings. The because for Q&A as well. Bring your friends who differ bring your friends, who identifies as gay and trans. Let's have some public open dialogue and let's put the truth on the table filled with grace, 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Christopher in St. Louis walking to the line of fire. I think that I've got ongoing conversation with my father in your life. Early Bennett to be what Jacob Eckhart hyperbaric and out to explain to him something to my one question that came up and I talked about the but people who don't have anything in particularly Christian these days and it could be any day or whatever you want to talk.

Why is an important part got a bit it all before the call that applicant talk about that, but during the millennial reign come back at back of the why why the highball day observing a day like that yeah well the Sabbath established the creation but not not given to the whole world in a mandated way, but established the creation of God sets it apart is holding Genesis the second chapter that introduces it to Israel. In Exodus the sixth chapter in makes the sign between him and Israel. And then of course it points to Jesus the Messiah the rest that we enter in him as the gospel goes to all the nations. God did not mandate seventh day Sabbath or them. However, in the millennial kingdom. If we understand things rightly and based on the end of the book of Isaiah.

It seems that there will be Sabbath observance in the millennial kingdom, but that would make sense in that God is now ruling and reigning over the world and in a theocracy as he is okay everybody, yet he is he is the king. Believers have already been glorified right so we are ruling and reigning together with him and God knows whatever else he has us doing during the millennial kingdom, but those living on the earth.

The peoples of the earth with Israel as the lead nation. Yes, that that would that would indicate that there is a this can be structure is going to be order so why wouldn't it be that day will what what would be another day. That was with God's doubt established the creation gate Israel. Now Israel is the lead nation and the nations are coming to learn from the God of Israel, so Sabbath makes perfect sense what. Why wouldn't it be it's important thing is holy. It's a blessing it's it's it's a gift that God's given us so now the whole human race will be required to observe it during the millennial kingdom at the end. Some will rebel. Many will rebel. Actually, but is the Lord operating with with a rod of iron yet so in what why wouldn't I talk about human pumping that we are currently after returning more. Yes yes 02 sides to it 03 first having Sabbath rest physically is important in our own lives right in working that out as we do between us and God. Secondly, on a spiritual level, we have entered into spiritual rest.

We have entered into rest already. So that's something we ventured into but the. The millennial reign.

If you look at 6000 years of of human history on the how long you been here, but 6000 years of human history and the Sabbath in the millennial kingdom be like 1/7 year there are some with point in that direction.

So the thousand year reign is a time of no war. It's a time of peace.

In that sense, it represents an entire kingdom of Sabbath or entire millennium of Sabbath so exists on that level as well. He thank you for your call. May you be a positive influence on your dad as well 866-34-TRUTH, let's go.

There is no we won't go to Chris in LA that's good Isaac in Florida. Thanks for calling Dr. Brown talk again.

Thanks are yeah so I was walking one of your under and detailed the remarkable parallels between the biblical piece in Leviticus 23 and the new covenant happening across the path of her resurrection on first birth and outpouring of spiritual hello my question or regard that baby was coming with the feast of trumpets in which you detail that would make Dan that that is associated with the coming coming in first Thessalonians, and prescribed talk about him coming with the sound of the trumpet, considering at the first stage happen exactly on the day of that name.

We looked at on Passover is resurrection on first birth and outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost when it makes sense then to think that his coming would happen on repetition and if so how does that deal with Jesus saying that no one knows that they are our right so it obviously makes sense.

Those who believe in a pretrip rapture appointed same passage believing that that refers to the rapture. II said simply refers to the second coming of Matthew 24 and Revelation 11 as well in terms of second coming kingdom of God coming passages associate with the blast of the trumpet and the gentleman who wrote the now infamous book 88 reasons why Jesus is coming in 1988 that he was looking for Jesus to come on Russia for the 1988 when folks asked me like you read the book. I told him the day after that I was molesting to happen. That being said, we don't know those it does make sense, but we don't know we don't know if it is just symbolically referring to the events that happen that the Lord's return in the clouds with the sound of the trumpet. The cleansing that comes to Israel is a literal 10 days because everything else was little time to literally crucify the impassive little. He raised the firstfruits spirit literally poured out of trouble Pentecost would be literally 10 days after his return of the repentance that spoken of in the end of Zechariah 12, leading to cleansing and Zechariah 13 and five days after that, the survivors of the nation's attackers them coming up is good happen that quickly, or those of those numbers symbolic. We don't know so that's that's the real thing. It makes sense that that would be the time of his coming with your pretrip and post-trip. Looking forward to it makes sense that that would be the time. Here he comes, but obviously we don't know and that's why we don't know the day of the hour. Now Isaac.

I've heard that teaching no one knows the day or the hour that was rabbinic terminology or for the feast of trumpets because of the new moons and listed. I found no corroboration of that seems to be an Internet myth as best as I can determine, so yeah, it looks probable.

Possible, but we don't know Jesus tells us we don't know therefore I look at it is deftly symbolic about possibly literal and will only know when it happens one more question for you real quick sure you don't have a friend who has a lot more of an idea and underlie more a lot more about that anyway you went out showing on campus and methodology was very concerned that the cable and what that basically had people come up and Andy practice hearing God's voice and with that look like what and giving them revelation about their life. Particular circumstances or something remarkable that God was revealing.

And I just don't find a principal for that in Scripture is basically acting like the fact that nothing that God couldn't reveal much knowledge to a believer but I don't get as normative in Scripture. What are your thoughts yeah well you don't want to try it out. You know practice and give it a shot. Things like that but not in first Corinthians 14, Paul says that if everybody prophesies an unbeliever or or someone ignorant of these things comes in that the Secret Service heartily bear right and and and that is he recognizes goingto worship God to clear the cause is really among these convicted by always called to account by all. We know Jesus talking to the of the Samaritan woman. Go get your husband I will have a husband you're right, he reveals her life and then this our procedure profit. So I I have friends that God will use us like this in street evangelism that they they go over the folks in you. They wait they praying with every word they go over with her at a restaurant Lord gives us something they ministered to the server of what I would say is if the person says hey I'm here that you know if you want prayer something like that.

I have friends consider prayer brings and they pray and they just they offered a prayer and if the Lord gives them something wonderful was if you say guaranteed to get a word or guarantee that you know that that's acting like a psychic.

But if you say the Lord really uses me in this way all you know what I like the look I know some folks that that set of tense you know and like at a gay pride event. Dream interpretation, share your dreams and they pray Lord give me insight.

Are you know is there something about their lives. You can reveal. Maybe they're hurting. Maybe there you go in and if they'll get anything. They just pray for the person so it it all depends if it's an approach to to say Lord let your gifts flow through me but I'm I can put anything on and if I don't get anything on disk and say can I pray for your fair share of the gospel with you.

You know I supposed him to come up with words of if you try to come up with a word for everybody and make it happen guarantee it. That's dangerous. If you say that this gift really operates through me with the Lord reveals things about people's laws and unable to use that to share the gospel with them was the one my friends as soon as he ministers to someone. The first question they have is how do you know me how you know me, but it says the Lord leads us as the Lord gifts we cannot turn on and turn off of trust we can make ourselves available so II want to find out more.

What your friends doing it could be very healthy and life-giving, or could be something that mixes the flesh with the spirit they Isaac thanks for calling 866-34-TRUTH I tell you it Russell in Georgia want to ask your question and then I'll I'll try to answer it. On the other side of the break, but you know what tell you it sounds like you are out on the boat with a windstorm so we have Howard check our connection there during the break. If you get a clear connection will get to your question and Kevin in West Virginia want to get you right after the break as well.

Oliver, David, your best to get you so Howard check out Russell's connection will have a hard time hearing him and then will get back with your calls and remember standing with us, you help us reach a whole lot more people together were making a difference. We get testimonies on a regular basis of lies change people help people encourage people in the face coming back to the faces, pray for us from the front lines for different it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (though I I fortress you got questions, we've got answers try to go back to Russell in Georgia how you doing a quick question. Quick background I was raised on Umberger 100 of the mayor and them.

I ended up bumping onto a board trap one dollar think about your trip dominant during our July. I realize what Calvinism is actually a spelling agree with it storming between churches. Now, but I come across acts chapter 13 verse 48,000 Chevy light on the translation of the word appointed you the NIV and/or between delivered as of knowing of ordained James ordained yet so as so let's let's back up and it's a great question to be one of the Scriptures speak for itself.

So understand what Calvinists often use this verse. So let's let's back off the reef and the ESV enacts the 13th chapter that Paul's preaching in the synagogue. These instances starts with Jewish people than from there goes the Gentiles is preaching to the Jewish people and says in verse 45 but when the Jewish people. So the crowds, they were filled with jealousy began to contradict what was spoken by Paul, reviling him and Paul and Barnabas spoke out today saying it was necessary that the word of God be spoken first to you since you thrust it aside and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, behold, we are turning to the gentle some notice in and leave it on the screen there, I noticed that he saying first that you Jewish listeners you rejecting this will bring the message to be you are rejecting this, it is the Savior preordained to reject this is because you are rejecting this use, you don't yourselves worthy of eternal life. Going to the Gentiles the so the Lord is commanded to sing a major life of the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth when the Gentiles heard this, he began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord as many as were appointed to eternal life believed. The vast majority of translations will either say almost all of them say appointed King James's dimension said ordained the word itself really doesn't doesn't mean it doesn't mean ordained.

The TLV translates with inscribe as many as were inscribed for eternal life. NET appointed NLT chosen with the word that is not a chosen word so in short, Russell, the verse does not tell us that God preordained his certain people to salvation and those are the ones who believe the Greek word itself has to do with ordering a certain way, hence the different translations that you get it could well be that God has appointed that those who are humble those who cry out for help. Those who look to him for mercy, blessed are the meek. They'll have the earth listen to the point spirit. Theirs is the kingdom of God. It could well be that those are the ones that Jesus speaks of elsewhere and that act speaks of here so as many as were appointed to eternal life. If you want to go with the translation meaning God appoints those who humble themselves. God appoints those who look to him those God appoints those who recognize their weakness and their helplessness the appoints them to eternal life and they believe but and there are other ways to translated one of my colleagues is written about this in great depth and laid out that it's very wrong to look at this is as preordained divine activity as much is the way God orders and structures things but with the passage does tell us is that he went to the Jewish people and they willfully rejected right so there's human responsibility anyone to others. In this certain class of people. Among the Gentiles, believed so it's not saying he's the preselected sum is on a pre-selecting preordained and in the verse whatsoever and is not telling us of the method of salvation, except that certain people in certain class believed and for me it's very easy to read many many other ways other than a Calvinistic way. So I fully understand what Calvinists really the way they do. But there's nothing explicit in the text arguing for and elsewhere. The text emphasizes human responsibility. So thank you question Russell, hopefully to find a church we feel at home drinking very much after Holcombe married it hard to get out of it what you were taught back that way of thinking that would be some work like field deal is sealed again to set mean sealed, but something is sealed and can't be opened or sealed with gauze approval God stamp you know this give you anything exactly like writing in the moment. Okay right right and here's the other thing Russell with all respects my Calvinist friends. Of course have answers for these things when you read the whole Bible from beginning and choose choose choose choose choose choose you chose Raleigh to be punished because right you will be blessed. Choose choose choose choose and then get to the end of the book of Revelation of the spirit of the rights they come in and let whoever is thirsty, whoever will let them come drink the water of life freely. The whole Bible is saying you have to make the choice because grace is there.

You can't do it on your own yes or no and responsibly comes to say thank you sir for calling 8663 or truth of the go to Kevin in West Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Thank you, thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call. I have a question and also some I would like some advice on a real life issue and the topic of homosexuality. I have a family member who just came wealth a little while back a model, one that he was a homosexual.

Now during our family how holidays he brings his partner to the holidays and they show affection. Well I'll say affection that even the heterosexuals don't display and I will told a member but a leader of our church about the issue and he told me that he did not see any real harm with it and that until like even my children that sometimes boys sometimes boys just like boys and what is your take an issue on that it is the right know why I strongly with all respect strongly different with what he saying it brings unnecessary confusion in them to say this. If this family member was heterosexual and was showing affection in a way that made people uncomfortable to his girlfriend.

I would ask him to respect the family respect the children to not do that. So if if you've got some with his partner doing it either just being free or flaunting it. I would absolutely ask him please don't do that if you're heterosexual ISP. The same thing we it's it's not respectful, for others it makes people uncomfortable. What you do in private is what you do in private, but you will have to read out in public, especially around the children. If other family members are fine with your family member being there with his partner in your kids ask about it. Say he's really confused. God made him like girls, not boys and and he's really confused. We need to pray for him.

This really pray for, so I would use it as a call to prayer. I would use it as a call to explain the differences between men, men, women, women say. You know how you got here. You got here because God brought mommy and daddy to give out old district is a tenet have to explain it over there six and oh God brought mommy and daddy together and and through mommy daddy.

We had a baby and two men can't do that to women candy I would use it to teach.

I would use it to instruct I would use it to reinforce and then to really pray from so they don't hate him and angry with them. They don't they don't know go around cursing hammer saying ugly things to have, but they really pray for him and and I would make it a better prayer is public is he's going to be, then you have to be just as aggressive and forthright in private with your family and the things make the rest of the family uncomfortable to have say look at family gatherings. This makes us uncomfortable, were sorry no and and of we don't hurt you and you see it what you want to women you want to win them you want to win them but the way the women is not by saying hey just come in affirming, flaunting, and do your thing that's pieces can be quite at home doing that. Feel affirmed and that only we go more in that direction of, did you have my book can you be gay and Christian just a new agreement. Dr. White is the best doctor well thank you thank you sir and how will this is family member. He's about 26 now he came out Wendy when you would.

With that in college you even as a professing Christian up until then. Yeah this summing the biggest thing I would do is really pray for him to truly get right with God and to really have an encounter with Jesus. I wouldn't I wouldn't focus on credit changes, homosexuality, your you know what I would is the change that has to happen is a new heart, new life and everything else can happen after that. So that's what I focus on necklace.

This is pray for him right now. Okay thank you all right, father in the name of Jesus we pray for this young man to him. He's doing what he thinks is natural and maybe even be thinks is right for you to apprehend him a pre-bring them under deep conviction of sin, just like you convicted me before I knew you that you give them repentance that you give them hope you give him courage that you change his life and save him bring up yourself. Save his partner as well as they then go on their separate ways to serve you. Your best and keep the families Lord, with the right heart with her right mind in the midst of this Jesus name, amen, amen. Hate listen friends were out of it all over Los Angeles. For me the best way to memorize Scripture for me the best way was I was reading the Bible, constantly costly, constantly then I would write the verses I want to memorize. I keep looking at it so I could write it out once perfectly that I write that I say it seven times out loud that I write it again.

So saying, writing, saying, writing, and then reviewing quoting the verses they keep reading. That's very helpful in Brewster Montana. Look this is your question, but I don't believe the prince in the Ezekiel 45 is is the Messiah I believe is the Davidic leader is not the Messiah. Join us unpatriotic over there right now he has in any monthly contribution of any kind, patriotic part Dr. Brown. Let's do this

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