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Challenging an Anti-Zionist Christian Leader

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 13, 2019 6:20 pm

Challenging an Anti-Zionist Christian Leader

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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We continue to explore the subject of Christian anti-Semitism and more stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire broadcast.

Hope you had a great weekend. Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 8663423663.784 we are going to have a really interesting show today and there could be some very constructive fireworks in the midst of it. Rev. Ted Pike leads the national prayer network of Christian conservative watch story watchdog organization. He's appeared frequently before the media dealing with lots of social and cultural issues. Can I definitely share a lot of concerns about where the cultures going concerns about morality concerns about homosexual activism, etc. we would be step for step in many of those concerns. At the same time. He specifically feels that Jewish people, Jewish leaders, in particular, are driving the gay agenda, and other negative activist agendas that are hurting our country and as stated in his bio here in the tradition of Christ in the Hebrew prophets Rev. Pike is an outspoken critic of ADL. That's us antidefamation league evil Jewish leadership and it goes on so we're start with our areas of commonality and then we're going to highlight are very very different starkly different views of the Jewish people, and Israel.

But we must start with our areas of commonality before we highlight our differences so reverent Pike.

Thanks for joining us on the line of fire my pleasure.

Thank you Dr. will glad to have you write so our areas of commonality.

The concerns we have about the directions of the culture at tell us about the equality bill and why you are so concerned about an issue for all of North America. Thank you.

I'm basically a calling today to alert your listeners to ADL two monster hate crimes built which are now rapidly moving forward in Congress being filled with forced churches to hire homosexuals and colleges, including secular and Christian colleges to allow male homosexual transvestite to shower with girls and PE classes of these bills will and free speech for Christian and the time I noticed if I could just read several sentences of the beginning of an article which I've been sending out all over the country and would talk radio around my website. Truth and the title of it is equality bill Easton, Babylon the great, and this is a very important. The statement here do to show just where he crimes laws come from and how terribly restrictive they can be upon Christian and free speech priest speech thinkers, even if there secular just before Christmas in 1971 as Canadian federal legislatures were leaving parliament for home. The Canadian branch of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. The ADL swiftly mustered passage of its national hate crimes law. Since then, the Canadian human rights act and its section 319 have proven to be an unstoppable fountain of persecution and intimidation of Canadian Christians and freethinkers section 319 make civic "crime for any Canadian to publicly criticize homosexuality, no pastor is allowed to read publicly any Bible passage critical of sodomy express public agreement with it. If he dies he can save thousands of dollars in the fine thing years in prison. The Christian is arrested for such intimidation against gays. He now faces a virtually unwinnable case in hostile provincial and federal courts and point out that this is this is a he crimes bureaucracy, which is basically a speech crimes bureaucracy here in America we have First Amendment protections which allow core speech should unflattering speech. I even even hurtful and hateful speech. Just as long as it doesn't inflict some kind of mass hysteria like a riot or trying fire in the crowded theater.

We have these rights under the Constitution.

They don't have that in Canada in community if you're speech is is claimed by a homosexual to intimidate him, which is lifted, which is a very subjective claim. A claimant cannot be objectively verified it. Existent is a mind he claims he's been intimidated by and IRAs of the homophobic Street speech, harassment, whether on on the broadcast media or even in the public square, or from the pulpit and he can bring down federal prosecution on that speaker as a great criminal here in America we we generally speaking, have the protections of the First Amendment is so we can speak our mind, but what ADL is wanting to do is to create in America a speech crimes bureaucracy know that many Christians probably know we do have a federal hate crimes law the Matthew Shepard crime prevention act which was passed in 2009 and II played an important role in a leading basically the Christian right to oppose that bill we defeated for almost 10 years when it passed in 2009 and the federal law, even though it was, it is draconian. It is very punitive with triple penalties and so on. Nevertheless, it does not go so far as to say you can be indicted for your speech even if it does intimidate somebody but think that there are two laws now here that I just got to bring to your attention that you just jump in the yeah and in Canada, for example, national law, in terms of quote Miss Jen during someone who identifies as transgender and that being a punishable crime of Prof. Jordan Peterson, of course, has been addressing that plainly you have the case of Christian activist Bill Wolcott who was passing on information about a candidate saying I want you to know that this is actually a male who identifies as female ultimately was fined $55,000 for that.

There's another case now where father has a daughter, 14-year-old Maxine and she identifies as male and wants to get hormone treatments, etc. her father posted.

The court did not allow him to oppose it, and the court said if you referred to your daughter as she caressed her daughter called her Maxine. Even in the privacy of your home, you will be arrested for believable right so we understand how far things are going to Canada and then it it's been the law in New York City for a few years now that if Joe comes in to work and says I'm now Jane not allowed to question it.

If you miss gender. Joe and referred to him still as Joe where he endured intentionally to be fun of between $50,000.

Joe must hereafter be allowed to use the ladies bathroom, etc. again, you're not even allowed to request proof the meeting with psychiatrist psychologist so I'm a mall with you in terms of the concern and I do understand how hate crimes bills and their various groups behind them. How those can then be I'm just in the spirit behind them and why they're in place, but understand how damaging they can be.

And obviously if you kill somebody is on the love crime. It's a hate crime. But I want to specifically discuss why your costly time. The kinds and with with Jewish leadership, etc. but go ahead you come back to the two things you want to draw attention to, and will make sure we we cover this subject and then will shift over to the Jewish also back to you, sir, to the point you want to make okay equality act and the bill number on HR five is been moving forward rapidly and the house is now on the floor of the house and will undoubtedly be voted on the day sometime this week is basically a speech crime law that says that if you're words in a day or caused terror, disorientation, or extreme stress to a homosexual that that that in itself is an exemption to our concept of free speech and in America. What what it basically says is that is present his or her testimony that they have been shattered. Let's look straight. Let's see a Christian minister or already landlord or a condominium owner whatever it even says to a couple homosexuals who want to rent that I got around under this law, but I want should know that what you're doing is ungodly and in fact my Bible. So the abomination if they are terrorized by that and ended state.

We were we were shattered. We were alone will you we can't live here with his hostility but we have a right to, and so on and then they did and they report him to the federal government plan the government. Under this bill will be obligated to make an investigation and if they tearfully make the case that they have been shattered and emotionally damaged by this. There's a very good chance that the government will decide under the equality act, and his speech crime of basic doing nothing more than making a Christian testimony to what he regards the third version, you will become a beach criminal a hate criminal in America.

Just as in Canada. This is happened to break coming up. This is happened in England with Street preachers. For example, and I have to analyze the language of the bill more in terms of speech, but the bill of just quoting from it now. The bill prohibits an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including the restroom, a locker room and addressing room that is in accordance with the individual's gender identity. Of course, the trump administration has been pushing back against this to undo with the Obama administration did in their cases that we've come to the Supreme Court that this is sex biological sex or ketamine gender identity. So again, this is an area where with Rev. Paik, I have grave concerns about where this could go so one more point on the bill. We come back and listen about the role of Jewish people. I take deep deep difference. I have businesses take offense to verify sale of people you have a dialogue about it momentarily right here 15 and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown particular, or to blame for one of the social ills. He does not them all Jews, but again will interact with that. So Rev. Paik, we know that there many different groups who want to see this bill go forward that that some hate crimes legislation over the years has has been focused on race issues attacks on black Americans, things like that and then concerns unit with attacks on Moses to be Muslims and and and things like that and anti-Semitism, and so on. But you seem to in in your articles fiercer put the great onus on Jewish activists.

I fully recognize there there were Jewish liberals who are at the forefront of SPLC and ADL groups that the reason his ideology would strongly oppose and there are the Jewish philanthropists like George Soros underwriting a lot of the wrong moral causes of the rotor side of no argument saying that they were influential Jewish leaders, even on the Supreme Court, but you seem to to put special emphasis on them and I want interact with some quotes verbatim from you from the past but why is it that you focus so much here on Jewish activism and in the ADL, why said such a manger scene for you but we could create ATL and grandpa. The whole concept of hate crimes are bars crimes legislation, especially after the passage of the federal a bill in 2009 the ADL strongly crowed posted that it had been the originator of the whole idea and that's well-documented and an article I wrote at that time and I strongly object to your door startled, perhaps, put your your portraying me as being anti-Jewish shirt and and against the Jewish people. That is not the case.

I am not against the Jewish people, but like Jesus Christ. I am against evil Jewish leaders lead their people astray and I have a moral obligation.

Just like my Savior, to not have respect to persons, as James warns that the reproving rebuke with all long-suffering and doctrine. Regardless of who is in error or who is in San know I have to I have to say that I a lot of you allow me then distant and try to kiss.

We both have time to speak here. By all means take offense. Then, because yes I do find your views. Many of them to be quite anti-Semitic and a working definition of anti-Semitism hostility to or prejudice against Jews, contrary to Jesus you make false statements. He was the truth himself, he said on the way the truth and the life.

Contrary to Jesus you make all statements. Here's a statement that's full of slide number 902,006 article, Judaism and homosexuality. America made in hell you say the ancient rabbis, sexual perverts make careful permission for their deviant sexual indulgences repeatedly made the Thomas text crystal-clear boys of eight as Mars can't throw guilt on the Jewish adult was the active offender against the I know the literature search of study, Tolbert and Rabinovich I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus on the constant war with the Jewish community and call public enemy number one. Because of our effective outreach to the Jewish community. I reject Talmudic authority but your treatment of the tumbling attacks and making Talmudic rabbis into perverts and pedophiles is absently false.

You downplay what you call the Jewish apologist about the readings I am tell you what those text me with a mean context and when certain things and saying as a child who has sex with an adult couple for the death penalty and say no no death penalty and things like that. This is the type of stuff that creates all types of hostility and hatred towards Jewish people and and has led to acts of violence against Jewish people through the ages. It's almost all the client classic anti-Semitic tropes. I find it in your your book is on is really can on 84 that I quoted extensively back in one of my 1992 books. I find this terribly troubling and I'm I'm all for rebuking corrupt Jewish leadership. Sir, I am all for rebuking Jewish liberals that are hurting our society.

I am with you. Let's do it without fear, but I wholeheartedly reject some false statements about Israel.

All statements about the Jewish people miss reading of Tallman rabbinic literature that demonizes people. That's where we have our differences okay say that I many articles complete with photostatic copies of all outages from the talented students that the rabbis of the Pharisees were full of all uncleanness and pedal steel yet is an integral part part of what is used in a sexual morality, never, never once in Matthew 23 with the seven lows against the Pharisees, why doesn't continue.

Can I just ask you kindly can you read Hebrew and Aramaic know I re-create cannot not keep your air okay. Can you understand the fact you can put up photos to put up the full commentary in the full explanation. All right, these passages are easily misunderstood. For example, in the Talmud says if a girl is violated by a man she's not three years old. It's nothing it doesn't mean that it's not a sin or crime means that she should still be considered a virgin when she gets married because your days when virgins were married in days will married, say who were previously married in one virgin and the question is what days you get married on. So she's not penalized for that is all know Thomas is you have sex with me is of course not that there's look again, I'm not a tumbler Jew. I reject Talmudic authority. I am and I have a whole volume as to why I reject the Tallman hard-fought 300 pages on that the these are misconceptions, and to make the around the ancient rabbis, sexual perverts, that is a statement Jesus would may not make my Michael evidence is overwhelming and what you're basically telling me. The standard Orthodox Jewish subterfuge to try to whitewash these people whom Christ called step occurs full of dead men." Now what I would do.

Sir Holland that's false is not seat you have such evil in your heart towards Jewish people see sound Jewish scholarship that all traditional Jews on the planet will explain and understand the same way you are as a appalled by sexual crimes and sexual sins as you are. People I know well we interact constantly.

You're claiming it's a subterfuge I'm telling you, or you can even read about what we have is extremely an city of legislation that I don't want to do right now is the opportunity to alert your listeners to the danger of these two ADL inspired bills which are moving forward rapidly in Congress know I have an article as I hope you agree to. You contacted us about coming on the I know I didn't.

I got Debbie Matthew comes on the air.

I wanted to alert you concerning the you contacted my producer and now you don't be presumed that I wanted to write. Would you confirm that you contacted us we didn't contact you yes III does Sir little integrity. Did you contact us or do we contact will know you can contact me. I want to go to warn your people I find fun fun. Okay when you were coming on when art so I producer assumed when you contacted him okay that you want to come on.

Either way, when we gave the invitation. Did he explicitly tell you that I differ deeply with you all. Yeah, you were all for us. Discuss them.

So, Sir, for years I have been warning about issues like that. I have written more books on this. Probably than any evangelical leader in the in the last 10 years, my listeners and viewers are constantly aware of the dangers of gay activism I have said, those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet so that's why just let you speak right I let you speak freely to address the bills. We covered the area all right. We talked about the awareness that credit networking and in glove acting and free speech in America. You're not alone. But I'm telling you your views themselves spread anti-Semitism on to quote after quote from you that is currently inaccurate that are dangerous that are ugly and you won't even you said before coming on the air might produce explicitly called task can we go there. Do not let me go there, you're making a libelous statement about ancient rabbis being sexual perverts and it's it it's it Orthodox subcu views. Current thing, you misunderstand the text. Misunderstand the teletext and I'm not a defender of the Tallman because I'm not a Talmudic Jew you can throw out these massive charges against Jewish people and then say when Jesus spoke against the corrupt leaders he was speaking as all Pharisees. There were thousands of Pharisees were believers. Paul identifies himself as a Pharisee in the book of acts make these broadbrush statements and say they're not anti-Semitic, terribly damaging, Sir. It is vital always wrapped accusation density people just come to true I got article after article, thousands of footnotes for all of this other child went out of the Zohar the Kabbalah ballot. I said that you don't even understand what you're quoting. I'm just being candid with you that a PhD in Semitic languages of studded with rabbis for decades. You don't I differ with them on point Evan Taylor toilet, let me host my show is oriented I'm gonna let you you you just referred to Rev. Ted Pike's I'm thoroughly disappointed. Sir, as you may clear my producer that you are 100% fine with us going in this direction and they won't let me get a point out were done. Okay, you've made the point, I stand with you on the dangers of the bill, but let's let's find out what Rev. had Pike actually believes all read quotes without being interrupted Sir, you are wrong.

You are in error, you are spreading dangerous misinformation about Jewish people. I stand with you and rebuking corrupt leaders, Jewish leaders. I stand with you and speaking against Jewish police when they are wrong. It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Jewish people is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel firstborn many times over thoroughly disappointed in terms of agreement on the shelf and now pushing back on the very subject. I told told the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. We have this in recent months by confronting contemporary anti-Semitism, especially especially when it comes from Christians, be it Rick Wiles untrue news BAP Stan E. Michael Jones, Catholic author, be it from conservative comedian but now professing Christian on Benjamin or when it comes from. Rev. had Pike in the national prayer network. My intent with their brethren. Pike on for an entire hour verse discussing the equality bill which we are both greatly concerned about in terms of those well it basically say those who came out of the closet pushing LGBT activism will effectively put us in the closet in different ways. Grave concerns over that we share those concerns over. I categorically differ with this characterization of the Jews and producer Matt spoke with him immediately before the show to make clear to him that I would be challenging his views on the Jewish people he knew it he understood it, he came on. When the show started to get ugly just a few minutes ago. I mean with interrupting and with ugly false accusations made against Jewish leaders. At that point I thought you know I wanted to give him the opportunity response was quotes but since he may clear he's right I'm wrong, you can't read Hebrew, Aramaic, yet all the rabbis who explained or wrong. It's all subterfuge. It's all lies. I thought no is not going to have the dignity more time on the radio to put forth lies when on my own show. I can't even get a word in the speak the truth clearly bites. If you miss the first half-hour, by all means go to YouTube channel.*You run ASCII DR Brown right after the shows over. It will be on line ready to view also to stand with us to partner with us, go to patriot patriot*Brent ASCII DR Brown help us push back against the lies of anti-Semitism I'm looking at some notes in the chat on YouTube and some of them are crazy.

Is Brown a Christian who falls Kabbalah and Talmud why my defendant, I'm defending lies explaining when lies about the Tallman are being given I am not atomic you know how many thousands of times have to say am I wearing a yarmulke as a Talmudic Jew would am I keeping all the traditions of the Tallman no MI rabbinic you know that I read the whole book explaining why not know but when I explained when there lies about the Talmud. Suddenly, I like what you would not believe all the people say you're a follower of Jesus. Follow Jesus you just Talmudic Jew. That's how deep lies are in people's minds.

If you listen those said brethren Pike to get a word in.

Listen to the first half-hour, the broadcast and see how much he spoke versus how much I spoke the moment I challenged his views the pushback out of your want to read this again this is from an article of 2006, the ancient rabbis like them or not.

The ancient rabbis, sexual perverts make careful provision for their deviant sexual indulgences repeatedly made the Tallman's text crystal-clear boys Aratus minors can't throw guilt on the Jewish adult is the active offender against that is patently false. That is from a man who cannot read a word of the Talmud in the original language and does not understand Talmudic logic or dialectics and if you want to say that I'm not a follower of Jesus because I defend the truth and I question if you even know who he is here I I emailed an ultra Orthodox rabbi was a counter missionary here I go at it back and forth sometimes on a daily basis about who Jesus is. Okay, we are constantly opposing each other's work. I said I sent him Ted Pike's article written Pike's article about Judy's and homosexuality with all the time of the quotes.

Here's how we respond. At no point in the discussion about young boys is the Talmud discussing right or wrong. The Tallman is discussing the death penalty or permanent disqualification on the basis of forbidden relations as in Leviticus 24 2015 in these two situations.

If the mail is in relationship. If the mailing relationship is a boy less than line the death penalty will not apply and the woman. The woman is involved will not become disqualified with the act is certainly forbidden. Furthermore, the Tallman is not saying that a boy of less than line is not included in the prohibition against homosexual relations in such a situation if the boys with the female in the homosexual act.

The death penalty one apply so reverent Pike who does not understand this when when rabbis explain it he count calls it a subterfuge to cover up their perversion. That's ugly. Let me read to you a quote from his book Israel are duty our dilemma and absolute non-scholarly book by the way, fill with inaccuracies that I exposed back in 1992 in our hands are stained with blood dear. Here's what he says we have unearthed irrefutable evidence that Israel is a dominant and moving force behind the present and coming evils of our day. To our amazement, we find that Israel is not the trustee familiar from we thought we done. Rather, she is a misshapen facsimile of everything we had fondly big Godspeed to we are at last confronted with a monstrous system of evil which if I resisted destroy us and our children bring the entire world into such darkness. Oppression is a time satanic the menu that only the coming of Jesus Christ can make it right again that he saying that the nation of Israel is going to bring the whole world into total satanic dominion tell you what join us in Israel next May our next tour tour the land with us.

Get to know the people. Yes, all kinds of problems in Israel there is a lot of good and there's a lot of bad but this idea of the Jewish people going to dominate the world and destroy that's classic anti-Semitism.

I hear slide number three.

Listen, listen again this is Rev. Ted Pike from his book Israel are duty our dilemma.

My plan was to allow them to respond to these, but based on the the waiver spy being offended that I bring up stuff that we told him I was going to bring up and that's what I wanted to major on succulent turn this into an ugly argument that being said, reverent Pike if you happen to listen to the rest let's have a public debate, a public, moderated debate, you and me on your charges against Israel and your charges about the Tallman. Let's do it, but it's a three hour debate will do a live stream will get out to all of our different networks will get a neutral moderator will agree on the format presentations cross-examination rebuttals the whole bit. All right does the Tallman sanction pedophilia were the ancient rabbis, sexual perverts, as you claim reverent Pike. Let's debate it right in a format that will be fair and fitting for all. Listen to this evil if we accept the Jewish figures of 6 million Jewish martyrs and the Holocaust, a figure.

Many scholars believe to be the wildest exaggeration. So he's he's suggesting that many Scott that he is he is giving space to Holocaust denial okay but is not an anti-Semite. Remember, the rabbis are ancient rabbis are all perverts but is not an anti-Semite is remember that and and on and on top of that, when the rabbis explain what the text really mean is just lying subterfuge is that's what they do right and maybe the Holocaust related him because even if it did so, that figure shrivels before the estimated 144 million victims of Jewish inspired communism since 1970 will go back to that slide in a moment, but yes, there were Jewish leaders like Karl Marx were influential in the formation development of communism, and there were plenty of leaders Friedrich Engels and others in Vladimir Lenin and others who were not Jews and the butchers they carried out the atrocities slaughtered Jews as well. Many Jews were persecuted under communism slaughter them to communism and oppressed under communism and told he couldn't practice their religion under communism, traditional Jews suffered by traditional Christians under communism was Joseph Stalin. Did you know it was about 600 J Pol Pot and you know the Connie's murderers.

They were Jews but no Jewish inspired communism. Another anti-Semitic trope here. His video the other Israel courted Ted Pike back to slide three a widely distributed video says that the medieval church persecuted religious Jews because these highly moral Christians. Oh yeah persecuted using Killian were offended by the sexual perversions of the degenerate Jews. Why because the Tallman sanctions, pedophilia, and they're all practicing this in the Christians were mortified bites of the slaughter the Jews, rewriting history and turning it upside down in a perverse and dangerous way of slide number five again from the same book Israel are duty our dilemma. Both the Tallman and Kabbalah predestined the church in America to the same fate as was meted out during the last 67 years to over hundred million going Gentiles in nearly 1/3 of the world.

Death by so so a court he's claiming this is but 100% bold. Yes, he's claiming that religious Jewish literature is calling for look at this, the church in America. This is gonna happen. Few according to Jewish literature, death by starvation, slaughter, torture, imprisonment, exhaustion. Do not think that there is the tiniest particle of gratitude within the Zionist, but a charity and money and munitions which Christians have invested in the Israel experiment. Another lie.

Another demonstrable lie all the church will receive from Zionism for kindness is what Gus Hall promised Christianity in America. A bullet in the belly said being blessed in return for a blessing to Jews. We can only anticipate inside. Generations of slavery in the worldwide blog prison system. That's why that's why say demonstrable like the Knesset has a specific arm. This is the liaison to evangelical Christians. Why to express appreciation for solidarity with Israel. That's why prime is Minister Netanyahu is a friend of Donald Trump and a great appreciator of the solidarity of evangelical Christians in America towards Israel and America's support of Israel. That's why when you go there as a tourist you are greeted with appreciation from Israelis who recognize America's role in standing with Israel.

Even with Pres. Trump when we were interviewing for it and met my producer was there when we were interviewing religious Jews about their beliefs so we can compare and contrast and use it as an outreach tool. Some said no, first we talk about Trump make America great. Make Israel great. We like Trump recognizing the support and and an overwhelming appreciation for that, historically, and throughout Israel there is great appreciation for Christian love. Now the ultra-Orthodox where they stand.

They do not want the Christian love and they do not want people like me preaching the gospel in the land and if it was up to them will be allowed to but it's not up to them, at least at the moment is not up to them. Yes, they oppose the gospel. That's true, but they are not honest if you follow everyone and were getting hold everything under the sun.

I wear a badge of honor to master the house tells about.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is common ancestral saying talk about synagogue of Satan. It will. He said they claim to be Jews and are not relation to Revelation 3. Remember, he said that church in Ephesus. You tested those who claim to be apostles and were not minimum Jews at all this people going to be using more but to the extent that Jewish people oppose the gospel going to the nation get though those people could be characterized as synagogue of Satan like like anyone opposing the gospel could be characterized as that. That's a that's both Talmudic Jews again know he was not saying that things were actively opposing the spreading the gospel. But some of you study thinking about that of Finn freak. Most Israelis are classic supremacists and you know that you know most Israelis know most Israelis I could just as well say most Americans are classic supremacists. Most whites are classic supremacists over statements like that, but it fits in perfectly with anti-Semitic narratives that demonize a people. How do I define anti-Semitism. Well here, let's let's look at Rev. Pike. I figure every Pike slide number 11 flight number 11. He says actual historic anti-Semitism is easy, defines the racist belief that Jews are because of genetics degenerate and subversive. It is not however anti-Semitic to criticize the bad behavior. People choose Jewish leaders of the state of Israel is the Jesus I agree it is not anti-Semitic criticize the bad behavior of evil Jews, Jewish leaders of the state of Israel, as did Jesus were sitting criticize the state of Israel without that's not anti-Semitic.

But anti-Semitism is not simply racist that simply racist. It's not simply saying it's based on genetics, anti-Semitism is to demonize a people to speak of the Jews as a whole, or the Jews by spiritual nature or whatever right, and then to spread lies about them to libel them to demonize them to paint with a broad brush right so that's that's what's anti-Semitic and statement after statement in and Rev. Pike's writings about the Jews are classic anti-Semitic statements is so you talk about now I'm just confronting how many shows that this agreement on the air 11 years hundred thousands of shows the last subject, I've written several thousand articles. We got over 1600 videos how often I did was undoing discuses raising its ugly head. I'm dealing with this because it's coming up date night and day and night and day and night and we are confronting it riven. Pike contacted us. We said or if you come on the show were gonna push five thinking what indicating does he not know how strenuously I reject this position about Jewish people and the weights that you, the Jews, the Jews, the Jews, the Jews, the if he was just dealing with influential Jews today.

I Think Catholic scholar Michael Jones. This I believe is Beazer anti-Semitic which I said when he was on the air with me. I'm surprised that he was surprised afterwards when I reference that is on the air.

My very first comments to him after he spoke with this just to me what I characterizes anti-Semitic when you demonize a people as a whole and broadbrush them as a whole that that is anti-Semitic said it right there so I guess you didn't hear I was saying that about his position, but that's why I started there and then warned that words like this have led to violence starkly is much as you say, no one should harm the Jews words like this need to violence was as clear as I could be. That's what we went through. Make sure every Pike in advance. You understand what one address and deal with when you characterize Jewish literature.

Certainly when you rewrite history. Here's the way I described his book slide number eight. This book is really do your dilemma. This is the way I described it in our hands were stained with blood, and I stand behind this description from a historical standpoint it is filled with gross errors and inaccuracies.

Even the spelling of cited your resources is often totally confused in terms of Pike's evaluation of your history beauty is in the modern state of Israel called the mother of harlots page 279 and 1984 different book is devoid of scholarly value and what bothers me is Dr. Jones makes a lot of excellent statements.

A lot of true statements about Jewish activism, especially when it breaks away from Jewish tradition and and and his view is because you're rejecting God's revelation of wisdom and truth, and therefore you become a revolutionary my explanation is that God is specifically called and gifted to Jewish people do to make world impact to be world changers was when we get it right. It's awesome. So look at Moses look at Jesus look at Paul, look at all the influence that comes from Israel, from the Jewish people as Jesus says in John 422 salvation is from the Jews, we get it wrong Peter Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud or George Starr, a sort or or on the Supreme Court. Now the liberal Jewish justices we get terribly wrong. So we have a lot of influence for good or for bad. I would agree with much of the cultural critique of Dr. Jones. I would agree with much of the cultural critique of Rev. Pike. If only they did not demonize Jewish people as they do and paint them as moral subversives.

Almost by both by spiritual nature. If not by blood. Those are the things that concern me and therefore I will push back 8664 truth of let's go to Mike and Sylvia North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Run the answer.

Hello, you're on the air might learn in Matthew 21.

The kingdom of God can be taken from the G and given to a nation during the doesn't say that it doesn't say that the assessment is so who's the parable spoken against right. It's about the religious leadership diversity certain of the Pharisees and the leaders okay so here's what it says Matthew 2143 therefore I tell you the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruit in one of falls on the stone broken pieces and windfalls they will crush and verse 45 when the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived that he was speaking about them, and although they were seeking to arrest him, they feared the crowds) crowds, the Jewish crowds because they the crowds help him to be a prophet to the transition happened. It was taken from them and given to the apostles and the other believers. So the leadership was taken from the corrupt leaders given to the apostles are all Jewish and the leaders of the early church were all Jewish and the Jewish crowds. They held Jesus to be a prophet wasn't taken from the Jewish people given to someone else. It was taken from the bad leadership given to other Jewish leaders and then from there. Spiritual leadership is doing Gentile through the centuries but wasn't taken from the Jews. Everything from abuse was taken for the corrupt leaders tells us explicitly. The chief priests and parent Pharisees or his parables, they perceived speaking about them.

They fear the crowds, the Jewish crowds is the Jewish crowds thought that issue was a prophet. While the church constantly described as the Israel of God, new Jerusalem, coming every it's not girls, never, never, never once given the number 13. Mike never once, never once solicited six so when you say constantly. Galatians 616 one verse one verse and it doesn't refer to the church as the Israel of God is the vast majority of translations recognize use the word congregant and in Greek it's not what it says but Mike here.

I refuted your statement about Matthew 21 now. Galatians 616 piece meet all who follow this rule, speaking to the Gentiles. In English it and separate entity to the Israel of God.

Okay, it's two separate entities.

Now, as many as lived by this rule shall immerse on them and on Israel of God, which is Jewish believers in Jesus like me, like Paul, that's Israel.does not call the church Israel. God is the vast majority of translations recognize so there's not a Jew or Gentile. In Jesus, but I imagine Sir you go to the bathroom you go to the men's room at the ladies room. It says there is neither male nor female but male-female distinction still exist just like you Gentile stitches still exist, but in Jesus were one. There's no cast system. There's no class system. We are equally children of God equally branches of the vine equally priest. He got equally loved by God and equal relationship with God. Jew and Gentile distinctions resist. That's why Paul writes in first Corinthians 7 verse 17 following that if you called circumcised become uncircumcised if you called uncircumcised.

Don't become circumcised so side-by-side in the body we have Jewish believers and Gentile believers.

One of the Messiah, but not with identical calling in every respect, not necessarily living the exact same way. There is unity or diversity. So the church is not the new Israel.

It's not a biblical teaching the churches same genes and save Gentiles.

We make up the eternal people of God save Jews and save the Gentiles.

We are the clay see the church is not the new Israel as the church replaced Israel all writes in Romans 1120 and 29 the even the Jewish people are enemies of the gospel for your sake. There still loved by God because the patriarchs, the gifts and calling of God are revocable. That's why God will keep his word to Israel is Romans 1126. As in Jeremiah 31 one another verses in the will be a national turning of the Jewish people to Jesus at the end of the AIDS so vast harvest of the nations and asked turning of the Jewish people making up the glorious sickly see the glorious church doing Gentile gathering Jesus so brother we are one.

There is nothing that separates us on that better than you, you're not better than me but I'm not Gentile you're not a Jew just like my wife that a man and another woman is still distinctions within the body. Thought I'd encourage you. Where were at a time here and so I can get to any other calls but I encourage all of you get my book, her hands are stained with blood.

We got a new edition coming out September, you can wait for that, or if you're really eager to read now. You can read the edition that's been Princess 1992. Let's let's look at the facts.

Let's go through the relevant Scriptures.

Let's review church history.

Let's find out what really happened. It is horrible, false, ugly statement when River Pike says that medieval Christians killed Jews because they were so moral Christians were so moral and they were so shocked that the sexual perverts of the Jews they killed him. What a horrific reinterpretation of the writing of this filth off the audience is awesome. Got help and got help with-

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