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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 31, 2019 5:10 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 31, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/31/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Lines are open you got questions.

We got answers for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown already home line 0 open 866-34-TRUTH 8784866-34-TRUTH any question of any kind anything relevant to any subjects we discuss it on anything other than for Christian radio. Give me a call 86634. Truth is never called. By the way, about 90 minutes from now slightly less than that we are going to be doing a live YouTube check. So if you're unable to get through the phone lines are jammed or start possible. Call me were you live in the world then will be good will be doing another special session answering your YouTube questions interacting with you about 90 minutes from now.

866-3423 all right the phone as I for quick restart in Stevenson Oregon Lewis. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. hello, thank you. Welcome I have. I'm a personal question.

To be honest in its fifth my wife belongs to a church where the pastor believes it consider confession by by parties involved three from having to dissolve unscriptural marriages. I like to take the most conservative viewpoint on this but the thing is, my wife is being very compassionate person I've been concerned about her continuing with that church and but she does and she prays for the people and she's also on the pastor's prayer team to meet with with the people of the past once a week. My question is does this have any effect on my marriage with my wife. I'm yet is very confusing issue.

Yet Lewis II just need to understand what you talking about when you say unscriptural marriages and then confession contains dissolve them.

What we mean by that.

Okay, I'll give you an example.

Currently another church. A woman left her husband for another man they got married and they eventually had to leave the church. She was married and she divorced her husband and married this other man so they went to the church. My wife was at.

They went apparently to talk to the pastor and you know where at least one for circuitry outlet.

One day in and spoke about it.

Apparently he judge they had real sorrow for what they done, but he allowed them to continue in the marriage, and because my wife church and understand the yet since so look first, God is the judge of each individual knows each situation, but in the surface of it. A man leaves his wife lessee's having an affair with a gal he works with.

He leaves his wife.

There are Christians.

He leaves his wife. He divorces her marriage. This woman so biblically they would be in adultery degree on right so now the couple may be two years later) to adultery. Continuous vibrational opinion on right so yes, I would understand that it is that is continuous now let's say two years later they come under conviction of sin and realize there and sent in the they go to the pastor say we need to tell your whole story.

This is what happened. We want to confess our sin.

So the right thing to do was say okay you confess it now, you need to separate okay because otherwise it's continuing in adultery now.

Is it possible that there could be true repentance that their ex-spouses will not reconcile with them that they married and moved on and that God could one day bless that relationship that's between them and God. But if I stole your car right in. A year later came consider. I've got a confess to. I stole your car. I've sinned against you while you expect me to return the car wouldn't shoot so I would. I appreciate the compassion and I understand you can say look, David, committed adultery, and he murdered and then the baby that was conceived died within. After that, he married Bessie Britain was blessed with her as a wife. The next child born was Solomon who was also given the name of love by the Lord. So II would say in terms of your marriage.

Though I don't see it as a threat or an issue and I understand the compassion behind it. But as I understand it, if the relation relationship is adulterous.

Let's get let's just say the scenario that I just gave you okay will: brother Smith brother Smith leaves Sr. Smith this is having an affair with sister Jones even divorces Sr. Smith married sister Jones sister Smith is in prayer, believing God that her husband's gonna come back and that there's going to be repentance, right. So if he truly repents what what is he have to do say I'm not rightly married to this one. I need to divorce her and go back to my wife otherwise were just what's to stop people from just say I robbed the bank say I'm so sorry about robbing the bank with that I keep the money, I would not be concerned in terms of I insist she leaves the church there with this is to threaten our marriage but it is that it is an issue of difference which can creep in and in other areas of while there that raise concern, I would just say keep an eye open, have candid discussions.

Make sure there is agreement about the sanctity of marriage and in the horror of sin and the cost of sin and things like that and and make sure you are in harmony on those things.

Okay if she's accepting this so does that make her going to heresy or get I love my wife I buy a lot.

I don't believe gonna believe this is a heaven or hell issue. In other words, that that because she believes that someone is truly repentant and gauze, meeting them where they are and say okay you send but I'm gonna bless you.

From here on. I don't think that's heretical. I just believe it's erroneous and there potentially giving people false assurance but no III wouldn't stretch it in that way right so it should not affect my ability to remain married to my wife and I would owe hundred notice no reason for perfected whatsoever. That marriage is for life and is set apart by God for that purpose right okay yeah that was my main concern is how does that affect my and my wife's relationship.

It doesn't it shouldn't.

It's just the difference that you have but major on the majors together and let her affirm that your marriage together is for life death do you part I thank you very much for your time. Dr. yeah sure thing.

And thanks for the personal difficult question 8663 or truth is Carmichael in Puerto Rico. Welcome to the line of fire. How would you like someone seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And I know that the Bible talk about repentance and repent, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in act 238 but how would you advise someone and if I could follow that up please yeah certainly I would first say that we want to affirm that the moment someone saved they receive this. They are indwelt by the Spirit is sanctified by the spirit.

The moment they are born again we we absolutely want to emphasize that and affirm that that that there is an empowering by the spirit that Jesus tells us in Luke 1113, that the father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask that we see a pattern in the book of acts where people are generally saved in yet see this empowering this gifting by the spirit. Subsequent to salvation. So what what I would say is number one believe that God has it for us.

Read through the book of acts and see how the Holy Spirit moved upon people that receive the spirit and manifestation of tongues or prophecy and I would see God earnestly recognizing that this is not by our works, but by his goodness as a father fill me to the full, so I can most effectively serve you bill me to the full, so I can be used by you as a more effective witness and glorify Jesus and I would expect the Holy Spirit to move upon the I would welcome him.

I would say Lord I receive your spirit by faith.

And as I begin to worship God and interact with God. If I if I felt those removed got me to begin to worship him in a new language in speak in tongues that I would let that happen in a in a natural way, but I would ask God according to his promise and said I believe that that I receive what you give me in this is to be empowered for the glorification of the Lord. I'm just looking online of or for a title here in terms of something that might might help you as well yeah Ruben Tori save a couple things. He was a tongue speaker.

These one believe that there was a baptism in the spirit of link except Susie, to my knowledge, he was in a tongue speaker baptism of the Holy Spirit how to receive this promised gift by Ruben Tori T OR E while you might find that helpful as well, but meditate on.

Luke the 11th chapter, the promises they are leading up to verse 13. Meditate on those to build your faith thank you sir, 86634. Truth is never to call. We rarely have an open line on Friday. We've got a couple of lines right now. I was like to mention that at the outset is nearly call the better chance we have of getting to your calls out, let's go to Todd and see growth are buddy in North Carolina how you doing man, not well good. Hey, it's hot. How long did you lose your sight. It was sometime in the 2012 2013 copyright don't remember that they want about what happened the day at the top. It did happen really so so roughly how old were you when I happen everywhere with a band between 50 and 51 God, and in July, my asking how it happened.

It written out of treatment.

I inherited problem for my father. I'm sorry to hear that, but obviously you've you've gone on functioning following the Lord, even without your sight. And again I only I only know that you you don't see because you mentioned recently but bless you man for your perseverance in the Lord cooperated out by giving them all the daughter of the glory for what he got anything from it for a while. It doesn't fit the thought was saved back in the November 1993.

Not sure he has yet to your question today sir okay. It has to do with Revelation chapter 10 verse 11 which is the laughter of the chapter they comparison question between the keychains of the due King James version of the keychain. John is told that he would probably father for many people they should. The cane, but in the DPJ for a buyout. And if I performed about her family. Two different words obscures the bonnet which is the correct translation got it right so King James before many peoples you can James about CSB about ESV about NIV about remember, you can James and King James are relying on the identical tasks so they will because he's afraid that these times out will be right back at LSU on his face and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, 8663 or truth is the recall, you got questions, we've got answers so Todd in Cedar Grove yet about his is the right translation. The Greek is epi, which can mean over on it.

It can mean various usages on the basis of etc. dependent how it occurs grammatically, but certainly it does not mean before the residue can be appearing before then that would not be the most natural way to really hear so concerning concerning is what it means in this context concerning about. Hence I'm looking at that the Tyndale translation that's is among right so that that's prior to the King James but basically every every modern translation does say about and that's the right way to understand it. So the King James saying before I would give a misleading impression there about his is correct. 866-34-TRUTH ain't just a reminder to join our growing patriot on team let's see here. Rep. 284 patriotic supporters in our first month so you team with us to help us get this broadcast out every day you team with us to produce new cutting edge videos and other key media that is so critical and so important. We are willing to do it.

It's our joy to tackle the controversies is our joy to run into the battle and take the flak with joy, but we do with your help. It's a partnership.

So go to Dr. Brown just pennies a day become a patriot on patron write $0.30 or more per day so $10 more per month and you help us do all the redoing. Plus, we bless you with a bonus video special teaching every week with the YouTube exclusive chat you get to watch those as well. Was there archived and you share in the reward of all that we do so. Thanks. Thanks for joining our support team 866-34-TRUTH by the way, in the second half of the show today on to give you a fun important announcement about brother Nathaniel. The Internet celebrity brother, Nathaniel, Russian Orthodox monk Jewish believer in Jesus that I differed with on some issues of of God in the announcement for you.

8663 or truth out. Let's go to Kenneth in Beaumont, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown in August of two weeks ago to reconnect with your ministry, and I realize that you and I actually have lunch together up in Calgary about 20 years ago.

Serious brought to Calgary with a friend of mine and we start down the department residing in Edmonton. This he was at Edmonton Cal Upshaw looking for someone else knows and Calgary think you're speaking at a conference fee, Jubilee Auditorium, okay, ma'am, I think Edmund County of Burlington or landlord, so I think my friend's name was Jim Martin, they can get it either way with Sean Edmonton that would have been over 30 years ago so I count Calgary, Alberta.

Okay anyway, well, nice to hear from you and your onlookers ministry so you know Mr. long time but I have this question on the answer. My answer to the site. Five. More conservatively, so I'm thinking like I typically charismatic will lick you clearing this description of Christ encounter with Satan after he dies like summer and how it's happening and you know it's almost like a Carmen ask song worker where you know they've been wrestling in Jesus takes which you you know you or or reflective of Paul Bettelheim are destined for the throne. The kind of approach right in front, wondering what your take is no part of my problem with that idea is that it seems to me that Scripture is a little bit vague as to what happened. You certainly peg you know and differs in many ideas as to what it actually means in Christ preached spiritual chrism. I put I put the following verses together. I put first Peter three Ephesians 4 and Colossians 2 together I see in first Peter three that Jesus is not preaching this verse in prison with with the Greek word for evangelize and preach the good news right but he's not Claire!

Lightweight proclamation, so I understand he is proclaiming I am he that he is proclaiming their defeat their judgment.

That's part of it I see in and Colossians the second chapter that that Paul says that Jesus triumphed over principalities and powers and made an open display of them and the best understanding is through the cross so verse 15 of Colossians 2 he disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame by triumphing over them in him. Either God trucking over them in Jesus or triumphing over them in it, namely the cross so I see that and I see Ephesians 4 which is quoted from Psalm 68, which is he gave gifts to men. So in in Ephesians a in in Psalm receiving the spoils from the enemy and what happens is is that he descends to earth to fight.

This is the image from Psalm 68, so the king would go out in battle with his troops. They would sack a city and then the king would leave them out in triumphal procession he'd have the that the captured people with with a hook in their jaw or with a rope around their waist and heat and he would receive the spoil from the city and that's the image that is Messiah sends up into heaven. He leads captives in his train.

So there is a public display.

Somehow of Satan's demons being defeated and humiliated by Jesus and now that he has set us free. This is some of the plunder.

He turns around and gives those that he said free as gifts back to the church so something momentous happened, whereby the Lord made a public display of his victory over Satan and demonic powers through the cross and through the ascension. Whether it's his bodily resurrection or simply a spiritual ascension that takes place so I believe that happens, and I believe that we should preach that in terms of Satan's defeat in the victory of Jesus. Beyond that, how the exact scenario, etc. that's a matter of speculation that I don't get into right and what about like the idea of Jesus, take the keys of hell and up toward the always have and it was just a decorative moment in Revelation.

I was certainly at the at the least, Kenneth the decorative moment. It is the least did Satan wrongly have them. Hebrews 2 that he held people in power held people in theater. Beth Wright said that he had the wonders powers that was talking about and now having set them free and broken Satan's power.

I have them taken aback because Satan wrongly had them as possible or could be declarative thought I'd be careful either way preaching that, but I would absolutely declare the victory and the triumph in the public display to say that's the spiritual reality and we need to take hold of it and understand the degree.

In reality, Satan's defeat.

We need to take hold of that and then from there we can better live in divine authority. They hate to run to another call but great hearing from you and thanks for the questions 866-34-TRUTH and I agree that that we need to be careful to not paint a picture beyond the Scripture says what Scripture paints is dramatic enough already.

866-34-TRUTH I just told you that a let's go to James in Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire hello hello about hello, sir. Hello yeah. My thank you call you and you can about the definition of marriage, and I believe God.

We could look at it today are one man one woman is a little bit overboard because all correct them and got them completely peaked that night you beat on the fact that we see old patriotic and decrepit you complete any and what kind swing even when it meant practically doing what we feed out of the book of Luke indicates Matt was supposed to pick up Luke, you will typically that he will do my very because he was already my okay equal not an indoor leaping in the culture. Today we want to define the week. I eventually got ugly all the time to conduct "thank you. Yes, thank you for sharing excerpts of James on that sure your accent if you're African but there are African countries. Of course many that practice polygamy and some of them like Uganda would have a sizable Christian population and obviously if you went there and brought the gospel to the polygamist families first goal is not to break up the families. However that being said in the garden of Eden. Did God create Adam and Eve and Yvette and Yvonne know was one man one woman in the New Testament.

What is Jesus say is God's pattern in Matthew 19, four through six. It is one man one woman joined together for life and the 234501 right to have the pattern in Genesis 2 we have Jesus reaffirming it. Matthew 19 we have constant examples of polygamy being bad and destructive constant problems with her at Sarah taking hug our whether it's take up with Rachel and Leah.

Whether it's David with his many wives of Solomon with his 300 wives and 700 concubines every example it's fleshed out the Old Testament of polygamy is bad, then you have Paul given requirements for leaders in first Timothy three saying that a leader must be the husband of but one wife, and then the constant exhortation in the New Testament to follow the example of the leaders. Polygamy was never God's best, and shouldn't be put forward as God. Polygamist exhaust may take several generations to bring about full can never God's best man life. Thank you sir plus will be like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 34. Truth is the number to call. Okay I got a neat announcement for you. Many of you have seen brother Nathaniel on the Internet.

He is a Russian orthodox monk and he is a Jewish believer in Jesus as I am, and we obviously appoints in common with some years back I differed with him but comments you made about Jewish people. Jesus being a Jew and anyway he will reach out to him. Back then he wasn't eager to have dialogue back then he reached out to us recently and we talk by phone. We had a great talk by phone today.

He just sent me a note saying great talk and said, feel free to announce the sum going to be some weeks okay so I am happening next few weeks so maybe six weeks to months of the like that within that time, we are going to do gobbling were planning on doing to full broadcast and will record them on Skype to get yeah watch to see brother Nathaniel to write his whole that the outfit that he wears this part of his being a Russian Orthodox monk so all we are planning to do to broadcast to get to hell shows one on our areas of agreement and the other on our areas of disagreement just want to let you know that we we legitimately had a great conversation today and were both looking forward to doing shows how that all right 866-34-TRUTH mark in Rochester New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire. I know your thoughts are on Freemasonry, and if there is a person on the leadership team at church that been participating in this for four years and after the thing that you have any issue with it or manage at this a lot of tragedy sarong at lifestyle.yet will that it was a lot of tragedy in their lives, jobs.

The one with them compassionately and not add to their pain and rejection. Obviously, in sure you mention that you give us context.

But I am not an expert in any way on Freemasons, but everything I understand very simply know you cannot be a leader in the church be an active Freemason at the same time that it is a religion in itself, and that there are elements of it that would be contrary to the gospel.

I know in some parts of America being Masons is just like breathing and plenty of people in churches are Masons and that they just kinda put in another category and maybe that's been the experience with with your pastor and I do not believe the Freemasons are responsible for all the problems in the world did you hear exaggerated things but I believe it's wrong. I do not see how you can be a leader in the church and practice Freemasonry at the same time and if you're truly following Jesus. I would assume that you would leave your your local chapter. Whatever it is that you're participating in sure the gospel with those people and make an exit.

So what I would I would be concerned with. I would do is is not to be device or renter or an angry spirit. I get online and find out whatever accurate sources I could go to Beaufort for example, a source like is is a good reliable source so I would go to and and then look at Freemasons and see what it tells you look at some of the discussions there separate fact from fiction and then go with that your pastor say look on the tribute troublemaker.

I don't want to hurt this brother, this is what Freemasons believe and hold to and and on understand how he can be held in the church and doing that at the same time. All right.

Okay you sure thing I do like 866-34-TRUTH high on is my liquor working here is given one second to get reoriented somehow was was looking to try to change things here and not able to do it. Let's try again. There we go. All right, Mark, and Australia talk up we feel welcome back to the line of fire the ground in front of the Army's elegant, good to talk with the man they have a question yeah but I have a question on I ship to questions on the topic of fire that's okay. I've got you the first question is what is the baptism of fire that is spoken about in Matthew 311 on the beam of the state specific. I've heard people say that it's referring to the help file and that those who are baptized via it's referring to. Am going to hell. How would you what what are your response on that. That's certainly not true. Matthew 310 through 12. John the Mercer John the Baptist speaking and verses 10 and 12.

He speaks of the fire of judgment for those who don't repent verse 11. Speaking of Jesus, he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

And we know that Jesus gives reference back to this elsewhere in the Gospels and we we we know and ask one it's referred back to what John said so know this is for believers and their two-way street.

The way I read it and understand it.

Many of the scholars is that the baptism in the Spirit is a baptism of fire that we are baptized in spirit. Remember asked to the Holy Spirit comes with tongues of fire throughout the Bible God is associated with fire. Deuteronomy 424: Hebrews 1229.

Our God is a consuming fire. Malachi 3 the Messiah comes as a refiner's fire I preached whole messages this going through all of the biblical references about fire, so God is often associated with fire.

The glory of God is often associated with fire. The pillar of cloud in the polar fire over the tabernacle, etc. so I understand this is God's purity. God's fire gods passionately receive his spirit we receive his fire.

Others read it as a baptism of the Spirit. That's the empowering a baptism of fire.

That's a separate cleansing judging that that the Messiah brought about, but I understand spirit and fire timeout one and the same thing, it's that the Holy Spirit's fire that we received. We receive the spirit we receive part. It's certainly absolutely not talking about hell it's in contrast with Helen verses 10 and 12 and this is something that were blessed with by the Messiah was there. I have another question five okay yeah I seen a video of you on the ground through the Bible I believe and I wanted what your purpose and intention is when you go down fire on people from the notice must be that childless couple records of five. I'm not really sure what you mean in some other account I can Pentecostals mean when they call Delphi on people.

I'm smiling because I seen critics play that my fellow Pentecostals and charismatics to say wow that's glorious the Lord is really moving. That's powerful and critics for love like you can trust this brownies crazy. So this is kind of interesting stuff that we say while the Lord was moving. Others say you're crazy. So I pray for fire that I'm pray for the Holy Spirit to touch them and pray for fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. I've preached for so many decades on God being a consuming fire, and in the Holy Spirit moving that the fire of the spirit. Often people speak of the fire of revival.

So what I'm praying and his were praying for thousands and thousands of people. Many times they be instantly touched by the Lord so there wouldn't be a long time to pray.

That was just my way of boiling it down. That's what came out of my heart. God touch them afresh with your spirit filled them afresh with your spirit afresh moving of your spirit in their lives.

God touch them with your real presence in your real essence and visit them in your power in one word fire. That's what I'm praying not praying down judgment when not calling down physical fire were were not praying for fiery trials, but you'd be amazed if you and and I preached literally from Genesis to Revelation. On the fire of God.

All of the times that God's presence is associated with fire that his glory is associated with fire that is power is associated with fire. And as I mentioned earlier, God himself is a consuming fire in the Holy Spirit's baptism as a baptism in spirit force. That's what I'm praying is just in one word.

Sometimes I just pray Phil. Phil know someone said who's fails or not.

Who's Phil Ward will them afresh and then it just became a very natural way to pray get a summary or touch them with your power touch them with depressions touch them with you. Touch them with your passion, fire.

That's what I'm praying and I pray for people to this day, but that's what I mean by it and good thing is the Lord understands and 99.9% of the people. I pray for understand what I mean is well. Hopefully that helps. All right God bless you man. Thanks.

You know one thing about Mark. I remember him calling a couple weeks ago what it what a gentle spirit what what a genuine desire to understand truth and and understand things he may differ with and then sorted out take it. Meditate on it sort out the answers we get, but I appreciate that. 866 report truth we go to New Hampshire Chris, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown thank you for your ministry. I do type II quick questions for you. The first one is one exactly because the rapture takes place visited in Revelation 1115 at seven final trumpet so all of a sudden shielding the seven trumpets, but it would be before the seven of our draft.

My second question had to do with Jimmy bureaucratically not stable, just like Jesus on Christians and am thinking of first Peter 221 to 22 when Jesus is the follow his example just so I don't get that perfect, but I'm truly directly not, therefore, believing that helps them left yet so with regard to second question, of course seek to emulate the character Jesus and ourselves we can't do it when I doing in power were indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

Every Christian, every follower Jesus is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and we are empowered by God's grace which teaches us to say no to ungodliness, and will be living. So we are empowered by the Spirit and by God's grace to be overcome as we consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. We do that every day of our lives until we see Jesus face to face.

So certainly before I was saved I I sin willfully. I. Sin by intent I sin without repentance. Now that I'm saved my desire is to please God to do the right thing. Sin is now the exception to the rule of my life. I'm a saint not a sinner in terms of lifestyle, even though I've never lived a perfect day as a believer. I've never perfectly love God 24 seven and perfectly love my neighbor as myself 24 seven. But that's what I seek to do every day and absolutely should be growing. We should be sending lasts or seems to be less egregious as far as the rapture.

If Revelation 11 describes it, then beginning in Revelation 12 we have kind of a recapitulation or it's a Revelation 11 gets us to the end of the literal return of Jesus in establishing the skin on the earth that the final trumpet in the second coming referred to in Matthew 24 in Ellsworth with the sound of Zechariah 9 again go back and recap this from another angle that helps. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66 report through here again is Dr. Michael Brown note that sent Barry, thank you Dr. Brown for your message of truth believe that God puts the love of Jesus Christ and every truly born again Christian's heart for the Jewish people. I have yet to meet a Jewish person so were we. Very lives.

I've yet to meet a Jewish person ever ready zealously defend them against verbal assaults similar to the ones mentioned in your article. Thank you Dr. Brown I enjoy reading articles on WorldNetDaily keep preaching the truth. Hey friends, we are going for. We are preaching the truth, heart, soul, mind and strength. Thank you for your prayer support your financial support for partnering with us again real easy way to do it patriot Dr. Brown watch a short video there and and I think you want to join with us. All right, listen final Onset phone lines been jam the entire show support. Second moment there with 1 foot jam the entire show. I won't really get to all your calls. Many of you unable to get through. But here's the good news about 40 minutes from that's 430 Eastern standard Time on and come back on YouTube. That's the Esther to Brown channel on YouTube for Skoda SK Dearborn on YouTube and just answer your YouTube questions were about one solid hour it's only do is answer you two questions so I can get you now and you're able to join us on YouTube will take up your questions there right we go to Tampa Florida.

Stephen, thanks for holding walking to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown for taking my call again and I appreciate. I called yesterday and look on your website and I did that. It was very useful. But today I have a question and let me in a kind of been pondering about not understanding what Paul is saying about Paul's feeling in the moment. In Philippians 310, 11 you because I want to know Christ yet know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like a minute that and so, somehow, attaining the resurrection from the dead and a few verses up in verses eight youth as I consider everything the garbage. You know, I press on towards Jesus would seem it's funny how you loving everything about the garbage. But here's what I want you know and I just write it your opinion on back almost like he had a personal moment when writing this about. This is what I'm trying to strive for your take on that yet you bet. Thanks thanks for the question. Steve, by the way folks aren't allowed to call them within a few weeks of her previous call, the couple recently. Just be fair to others. So sometimes call me: we just may refer them to a website or sub if you want to have houses some is calling every day so don't worry about that. We try to be fair, it's as many as we can to Stephen we know that Paul is elsewhere expressed as absolute assurance that to be absent from the body is to be present for the Lord in second Corinthians 5 and then earlier in Philippians in the first chapter he talks about his desire to depart and be with Jesus. So there is clarity that is aptly sure about the salvation that he writes to Timothy, I know whom I believe, I'm confident that he can keep that which have committed to him and in second Timothy was coming the end of his life. He knows that he's gonna receive a crown of righteousness.

He knows that to the one he has that assurance with the language here seems to be saying that every every the thing that I want most is the resurrection of the dead and to be glorified with Jesus forever and that I'm striving with all my might to attain now.

Some claim that there will be a special rapture of a certain class of people. And that's what he was longing for that he wanted to be among that people who would be part of this this out calling of the saints, and that's the resurrection of which he spoke, but I see no evidence for that anywhere in Scripture and to me, what would Paul is saying is this someone who's a ready accepted by the Lord and a ready forgiven is saying. From another perspective I'm striving with every ounce of my might to live in such a way that I can be among those raised from the dead Jesus return.

So is it a given.

On the one hand, yes I did have Paul lives in a way that that's not like it was that given Jesus in first with his 927 I II beat my body. I subdue my body so that after I preach to others I myself would not be cast away. I look at a similar language you but it's a fascinating question.

Thanks for asking. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Linda and Gastonia. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown on. I think all the time and I decided to become a torchbearer and a patriotic supporter and I week later I got deprived in the mail you sent me a beautiful plate cover tree of life at Bible what you get is that I want to thank you for that so much, I got I think you called and said you were about to do that, so good. I'm so glad were working and that is a beautiful and finally send out as a gift good. I'm glad let's say your class.

I would buy about our already out available now. Yes it is but tell you what Linda Jude do prefer e-books. Are you happy with the physical book book case it might stay right stay right there. Linda and II want to have LaShawn get your address.

LaShawn were going to send Linda as a gift, not afraid of the antichrist.

I just want to send it you and sign it as you became a torchbearer and a patriotic supporter distant extra. Thank you. So that's our gift to you, Linda. Okay, so Sean get Linda's address and just when you write to us signed copy of not afraid of the antichrist and will will send that out to you Linda, this one would be a blessing it and thank you and we just we pick up some patron supporters during the show. Thanks for partnering with us and joining with us.

All right, Sean in Lansing, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire.

LaShawn you there hello is not right.

Let's go to Jacob in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

You are on the line of fire.

I don't know him well. Thanks a question about the aquatic seems to me Pentateuch were starting on the class to man up. I found it very interesting and documenting based on the job that members look clinically. So I be few instances giving glad I'm here for two instances of Moses his speech at the end of Deuteronomy you and bill of speech, and his number is a lot of parallels there between location and tort of the time in their life and to give the speech thing you carte blanche and stick to it every want to document additional insider advice things and learning about the art of government. Yeah, okay, got it. Thanks Jacob okay so here's the short version. John sale hammer was one of the top evangelical scholars of her generation. Old Testament scholars he had strong background in Jewish studies, so he was met with Jewish commentaries and things like that and he literally believed with the New Testament set that if it said. David prophesied about Jesus.

He literally believed it and sale hammer was brilliant at finding messianic insights not in a forced way.

But in a real way opening of the text. He was brilliant in finding intra-textual connections, meaning that that this writer and in the Old Testament was clearly leaning on with this earlier writer had said or Moses was making something clear about the Messiah here so sale hammer is brilliant in that regard, and a very very reliable guide and I would say the big point that he would make is look at other Taurus a whole ultimately showing Israel's failings. Look at how it ends now and ends with an anticipation are supposed to be a prophet like Moses, but we haven't seen a prophet like Moses look at look at where it's going with the testimony about Israel's failure and no pointing to the one that will come and then with that. The goal of the tour also to be pointing towards atonement and salvation etc. so I believe sale hammer does a brilliant job, and in doing this I interact with some of his students who kind of taken up his mantle like everything else you have to read it comes your conclusions but you have shown the Psalms in the editing of the Psalms there is a clear messianic message and intent in its I think there's a lot we can learn from him. So thank you's are for the question, is my short answer right.

Let's go to Phoenix, Arizona.

Time is short.

How you pronounce your name please mining the elect Leo Alexia. Okay, we got some totally else on the board your elixir your question real quick. I question is I get 25 per my last year in my undergrad betting at me and a lot of my professors were highlighted they were pretty rude on the Old Testament, they didn't like it and something that they mentioned that I actually had a question like you have a great impact on it. They mentioned that the Old Testament law had no no care potential though like after four or 13 accommodation. Yes, it's a two and a jump insert just because I'm then a show coming up right.

Leviticus 5 and 60 with a guilt offering, which are for some intentional sins.

But look at Leviticus 16, Leviticus 16 rights on the day of atonement. They offer forgiveness of transgressions which is willful, intentional rebellion and sin. Leviticus 16 explicitly deals with thousand of intentional sin in his home and friends 30 minutes from now back on you to Tell your friends get a big turnout have a blast together. Critics looking for you to join me there

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