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When Your Father Is a Sexual Predator

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 11, 2019 4:40 pm

When Your Father Is a Sexual Predator

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 11, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/11/19.

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We really are living in serious times times of urgency. Explain why stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown) for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown great be with you. 86634 number to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is the number to call. At the bottom of the hour we will be speaking with a very special guest with a very intense story. Her father turns out with a sexual predator. Mother loses her mind hat.

How do you survive the shipwreck of a family like that. How do you become a productive person in your own right. I do have a whole life and produce a whole as H excuse me WHO LE with a whole life and produce a whole family. How does that happen.

So we will be speaking with our guests at the bottom of the our phone lines are open now you got a question for me. And as always I'll just keep doing this.

I'll just keep doing this.

Critics are welcome to call in raise your charges put out your issues so that we can discuss these things in a civil and productive way.

Let's do it right.

It is June and that means it is Gay pride now expanded to LGBT pride and I do not celebrate Gay pride LGBT pride.

I care about all human beings. I preach that Jesus died for all human beings. I believe we should show love to every human being on the planet.

I believe we should work against people being mistreated because of their behavior or because of how they identify etc. however, I do not celebrate Gay pride LGBT pride for quite a few reasons so all right. Hang on hang on. You may have heard a different lie didn't even notice which are but if you heard something different at the beginning of this hour of just an error on the side of our crew here at leading into the show.

This is the right show.

We will be interviewing a special guest at the bottom of the hour about her story, but I first want to talk about why I don't celebrate Gay pride in what nothing hateful about a nothing bigoted about nothing homophobic about no not in the least. I have an article on this, but listen you little background for two years, Pres. Trump did not celebrate acknowledge gay pride rights of Pres. Obama was the first president did it did it for eight straight years and and then Pres. Trump conspicuously did not do it for two years.

The story pocketed, but he did not filing this year.

He did get a lot of negative backlash from the game is becoming invasive.

What really impressed with this you work against us to push back against us to take numerical rights and and were not impressed with this and to me, there was no good reason for him doing this. Here's a statement June 1 as we celebrate LGBT pride both recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBT people have made our great nation. The social stand in solidarity with many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries were by the punishing prisoner even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation by demonstrations lost a gold campaign to decriminalize homosexuality invites all nations to join us in this effort. There are so many problems I have with that statement made by the president.

I appreciate things he's done to stand for religious liberty. Of course I appreciate many court appointees were standing for conservative moral values and or an art constitutionalist in the best sense of the word. I appreciate many of the things Pres. Trump is done on behalf of Israel and differ with him issuing the statement. First, to refer to sexual orientation is a fixed category that that is this particular concept you have to buy into and then to say how other nation should conduct themselves. It's one thing if they're executing people simply for identify as homosexual, but if they have a law that if you commit adultery you go to jail for five years then they can have a law that if you have homosexual sexual detail five years knows that's the larger culture their country.

Either way, suffer us to dictate what they do and don't of course I sent against the death penalty. If a country albums this if a country had a death penalty for pedophilia for sexual abuse of a of a child than heterosexual homosexual that's that's their policy by that's that's the way they feel that the deal was something that heinous that ugly that wrong but but I was disappointed that Pres. Trump did this, I was not surprised by the response from the LGBT identify community like thanks but no thanks were voting against you. And naturally that's going to be offputting for conservative evangelical.

Maybe so be the one only time he doesn't we shall see. At the same time, various embassies is real. Germany other countries they requested from our government that they raise the gay pride flag so that the rainbow flag that they raise that flag and put that up it in our embassies in different countries and the Trump administration said no and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has has a defendant that VP Pentz's defendants and we fly one flag and or embassy. That's the American flag, so it is a stable or pending banners on the wall and so on so forth.

But the administration said we fly one flag only okay that's positive so even the LGBT and there is like mixed signals were they to make of this. Obviously they're not impressed by that the celebration of Gay pride gesture by the president. You say, but the sum of people for it.

Forget all the other issues resistant to people. Why can't you celebrate the people. Why can't you celebrate the accomplishments. I'm happy to celebrate the accomplishments. I'm happy to celebrate the people just distinct sexual issues. In other words, if someone is a courageous fireman. I will say these are heterosexual firemen, we want to commend him not to commend some of Urbana homosexual firemen. Ursula is a great educator by saying she's a great lesbian educators.

She's great educator so appreciate people in all celebrate accomplishments, but I won't do the rest. I won't do the other. There is no the purpose in that so but explain my basic reasons, 86634.

Truth is the number to call this articles a lot of attention just on the stream website. It's been shared with 20,000 times.

That's a lot for an article. There so here are the three main reasons that I don't celebrate gay pride as I lay out in my article right one. I do not accept the categories of LGBT as fixed and definite categories worthy of special recognition. Put another way, I should be a special month to celebrate people based on their sexual desires romantic attraction are based on their gender identity perceptions very fact we've gone from GS and gay the LG lesbian, gay, LGBT asthma, gay, bisexual LG LGBT lesbian Gay bisexual transgender to LGBT Q lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning the LGBT QI so the I stay for intersex or interested to LGBT QI PVP standing normally for pansexual or poly sexual, anything goes to syndicates were not dealing with fixed categories or or let's live zero in on the be right bisexual.

Okay which means someone is attracted to men or women either at the same time or alternately write what I want to celebrate that what what's there to celebrate. I'm celebrating your attracted to both sexes, or I'm celebrating that you're a nice person who is attracted to both sexes. What why am I celebrate it. Why why putting them in a special category like Hispanic or Asian black eye. So, fellow human beings. They deserve honor commendation. The they get it, but a Monica celebrate their bisexuality. Why should I do that this first reason.

Second, secondary. If I'm convinced that homosexual practice is contrary to God's design. Why should I go celebrate if I personally know people who same-sex attractions were the result of childhood sexual abuse and rape Weiser celebrate those attractions if I'm convinced that ideally a child should have a mommy and a daddy rather to monitor today's why should I celebrate a family setting that willfully deprives that child of either their father or mother to celebrate single-parent pride that we say listen to parents, it must be hard to raise a child under oath, but where standing with you to help this way differences were were not celebrating the fact you single-parent were celebrating Hager doing amazing job as a single parent. What about transgender. What about someone who struggles with their gender identity why my celebrating that while they've overcome a lot. Okay, then let's celebrate what they overcame. Not not the fact why my celebrating that sexual Johnny is tormented by his male organs and really believes he's Jane why my celebrating, or conversely why my celebrating.

Now that that Johnny is 10 years old.

He's put on hormone blockers.

The onset of puberty at end and then when is 18 E. Kennett radical sex change surgery. This can be on hormone blockers. Rest is light and is never going to be a female is never to be a biological genetic female why my celebrating that I'm sad for that. I'm concerned for that. I want to help, but why my celebrating that. That's the second reason, third third reason is this, I third reason I don't celebrate LGBT pry because there is an agenda attached to. In other words, this is not a matter of me appreciating LGBT people as people recognize their accomplishments for the sake of your accomplishments instead to celebrate LGBT pride is to recognize and embrace a larger cultural agenda to this is what I wrote in 2011 my book a queer thing happened to America legitimizing of homosexuality as a perfectly normal alternative to heterosexuality also requires that all opposition to homosexual behavior must be delegitimized very least, the gay agenda requires these three platforms and let gay recognize recognize gay leaders renounce this. If this is not so. First, worse, homosexuality was once considered a pathological disorder here on those who do not affirm homosexuality will be during the entire homophobic perhaps themselves suffering from pathological disorder. Second, where is gay sexual behavior was once considered morally well from here on public condemnation Reaven public criticism of that behavior will be considered morally wrong.

Third, where's identifying as transgender was once considered abnormal by society because you want to be marginalized from here on those who do not accept transgender is him will be considered abnormal and will be marginalized for as I wrote this back in 2011. It's eight years ago and really a lot of it was formulated in years before that. So good and with hatred and bigotry homophobia trance phobia by phobia got to do with good moral reasons as to why I do not celebrate LGBG pry should be music playing at this time in the be some music fading is now here is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Here's the challenge that hurts people in the process you listening to me and you or gay couple lesbian couple made raising kids together, and I say that I don't believe two men or two women can quote marry you take that as a slap in the face. I understand that I'm truly sorry for that doesn't change what understands right or wrong or true or false, but it bothers me that it hurts you because I care about people and I am a follower of Jesus, and in my life. This is the life of ministry.

So I will reach people on interact with people that are outside of my circle.

I want to share the love of God with others. You might say to me, well, all I feel this hate from you. You might say that if if I say, you may be both you very devoted mom's a devoted dads, but ideally a child should have a mother and father, and that your relationship precludes that from happening movers on the thing you chose to be same-sex attracted non-not suggesting that it all but I am saying that acting out your attractions, desires, etc. so it's is natural for you to be with the same-sex person is for me to be with my wife and opposite six person. I'm not disputing that you make choices now based on that, because of which you raising children who by your choices are deprived of either mother or father think that's wrong. You might feel that that's hateful, but can we dig a little deeper here.

Let's talk about transgender issues right, let's think out loud together right in. This is on my mind that justice LGBT pride month and the president's been involved in controversy over this the last few days and get him from both sides. Not surprising, but but I am teaching a class all this week. Every night for 1/2 hours and then eight hours on Saturday on Christian sexual ethics.

The intersection of the church with culture and LGBT issues, etc. teach us of Evangelical seminary in Charlotte birth, so after the show spent a 45 minute drive there.

The 45 minute drive back to my house itself is a full might be full day Saturday Celeste that was the first night the thinness and referencing some things my book with the America etc. at end of the more I taught, the more I was reminded of how dramatically are societies changed since God laid them a heart 2000 or 15 years ago to begin to address these issues and since the Lord spoke to me in early 2005. Reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage but allow me to reason with you for a moment let's focus on the transgender issue. I don't don't get worked up on either side right this will listen to me for one we are working hard when I say we, the medical profession. We are society week on the medical doctor. We are working harder society to find a cure for cancer, why because we know there's got to be something better than chemotherapy and radiation right we don't stop here. We use it we we look for natural solutions, holistic solutions, other things some cases there is radical surgery necessary some cases a woman has to have a vasectomy. Some cases other organs have to be removed to try to save the body and all you do is add a few months of life on and chemotherapy itself is destroying good cells with bad cells and radiation is is harmful as well as helpful. So we keep looking for a better cure for cancer because we recognize that the current jurors are not the best and are not ideal, and some of them are not cures at all. That's compassion is it not that that's care that is saying there must be something better and there's too much pain and suffering will agree on our the whole issue of transgender medical science. The psychiatric profession. Everyone looking at this is in their infancy in terms of analyst, there have been no studies of babies right pretty much out of the womb brain analysis and five years later, 10 years later, 20 years later. 30 years later 50 years later and you've got thousands and thousands of subjects, and I can isolate okay this one with age of five began to identifies transgender had these tendencies out of the womb actually pretty normal out of the womb. This would be normal male brain female brains are certain contrast.

If there are those contrast and it's only a certain point to develop man's that this trial begins with an vice president of what happened was the something in the environment was a something in their development biologically comes only a began to change what happened. That's not been done okay. A lot of this is shooting in the dark. I I went to a website where there was a conference where it was a strongly pro-transgender conference where the doctors were the participants were all believing in transitioning and helping people transition, etc. and one of them is a brain specialist said we really know very little.

Right now this is all very primitive, but this is what we believe is the right direction to go on paraphrase.

I've had done research and read what other brain specialist who said this is Craig this is a complete witchhunt.

This is crazy.

This is going in the wrong direction when not helping people where they need to be helped as as one famous psychologist said that the problem is in the mind that the member but without the body part with the, the insides of the person emotionally and mentally and and and and psychologically so when I say that there's gotta be a better way. When I say that we were not celebrating transgender's that were not celebrating Bruce Jenner who is now Caitlin Jenner were not celebrating the teenager jazz is transitioning in a reality TV show because we know there's gotta be a better way and we also know people who were asked transgender.

Yes, they exist they went through all the torments of them had full-blown 16 surgery they experience that they did all that only to realize there were deeper issues and when those deeper issues were addressed.

They found homeless another home in their body. Some of them couldn't reverse everything they had done was 16 surgery so in certain ways they mutilated their bodies, but their whole people on the inside and their enjoying life in the body in which they were born regiments on intersex runtime of someone intersex on intersex.

It is biologically or chrome is only abnormal. That's a totally separate issue. Were talking about someone who is biologically comes only male and identifies its female biologically, clumsily female, and identifies as male. I am not going to celebrate that, and I'm not going to celebrate the the trauma that they're going to live with. Unlike you celebrate the pain that they experience unlike in the celebrate putting a child on on hormone blockers when there 10 years old.

Without clear studies done in terms of what's going to happen to their health and is an increase risk of cancer is good.

Have other negative effects, 20, 30 years down the line to experiment on the child like this that's just the way we do it now, but how long ago was that we did lobotomies were people with with with mental illness and that was the solution and we destroyed their lives right so the idea that this is the best we can offer. I'm sure there's gotta be better in with you. So what you do in the meantime while that's where we look at this holistically and that's where we bring in those who have been helped and have been change in other ways and that's were we say okay what can be done to relieve the pain or suffering. What can be done to change the way you think. What can be done to find out what other issues may be going on that are triggering music. I'm not saying what the person is feeling isn't real book we we got stuck in Tampa mentioned it yesterday Sunday leaving got on the plane on about 445 were supposed to leave it 520 or something like that. We ended up leaving four hours later, there were various weather issues, etc. one point we we thought we can be able pull out there have these little slots were people he reports Mr. to pull away from the gate. We pull back and and the public that the those walkway up to the gate, etc. and someone has to get out and she's running pretty quickly. She smiles as she is getting out but what happens is having a panic attack. Getting off the plane I'm sure was very real to her. I'm supportive just abruptly. Obviously she can get a grip. Whatever was going on was very real but the fact is reality there is no problem was she didn't need to get off that plane if we had been able to see what was causing the panic attack. What triggered it. What the emotional thing was what what pain or trauma from years back at whatever was. We can help her so that she wouldn't now experience that right so what I'm saying is compassion does not say okay we put the kid on hormone block compassion does not say we put the 15-year-old boy who identifies as a girl on the girls softball team because that's no compassion be expressed for the girls team and for those that assure locker room or shower stall.

The Charlotte Observer infamously a few years ago, civil girls just have to get used to the presence of male genitalia in their in their bathrooms locker is one obscene ridiculous statement course the header apologize for the but that this compassion. This can be better way is gotta be a better solution.

At the very least, if it is a will for now this is the way we do it in the report we we give 16 surgery put them on hormone for the rest of us.

That's just the way we do it even if you say that's the best. How way we can do without the slick chemotherapy and radiation, etc. the best women are to treat cancer knows that ideal. Even if that's your position, which is not mine right is I still believe that's the right thing to do for some, but even in that case, can you agree with me that we should be looking for a better way.

Can you agree with me that the better thing is for the person to be at home in their own body that the better thing is not to subject them the hormones for life and not to subject them to radical 16 surgery and not to subject them to the to the humiliation. They may experience BP does that look like others look etc. etc. can you at least agree that there's gotta be a better way. Compassion calls for it and that's why I don't celebrate press then I will be back for an interview and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown had sounding the alarm about a dark agenda is really out to destroy our country. Not long after the interview got an email from David Horwitz himself telling me that his wife Christine was written an amazing book about her life story climbing out of the wreck that I be interested in having her on and when I began to look at the story. I thought all my you kidding me this is a story that needs to be told in and one where words can barely convey the intense reality of the story. The rack out of which Christine climbed and and the life of wholeness that she has been able to live a Christine, thanks so much for writing the book and for joining us on the line of fire. Thank you for having me.

I really appreciate it and are living word all sure. Let me just ask the big question how difficult was it for you to have to revisit everything you had to revisit to write a book about the wreck out of which you climb very hard.

It took about a year and every time that I had to walk away from it because it was like having flashbacks and I think people that have had levels of trauma would understand that. And then I knew that it was important to do so now I have completed it and I feel like it can help people understand and I'm see that they can get out of the disaster are rack in their life to live a good decent like Pharaoh yet there's something remarkable. Christine is on reading reviews from New York Times editors and others that they use the word beautiful about the book to an end yet and yet your father was a sexual predator will tuck tell us about your upbringing you're in your late 50s now so you you have a life to look back reflect raise your own family. Tell us what it was like growing up paint the picture for us. Well, my father was a sexual predator and my mother was an alcoholic, drug addict, there were 10 kids in the family and you can just imagine the chaos that you know a little long children would have to enter an adult.

It was a lot to take in and you had to figure out survival guilt without even realize you're doing things like that so it was a lot of hardship by some way. I found through my addictive dreams and watching my parent that I knew I didn't want to live that lifestyle. Now in my home. We never pray we never, my father saw you godly people or church is something weird week and I really I never knew how to pray. But at time little you know I would just start talking to God in my head and I did the email because I would make friends outside of the family and I made this friend that her family would go to church and I start seeing email that family and how they love each other and have respect for each other and I was there a few times when they would pray together. I started doing that alone as a child and I fully understand the whole thing and as I got older and started to Skynet guiding me more and that's in the book that I can explain to you is that the right to trial on it to come out against my father sexually abusing his children and my mother protected him and that so I had to take in all that anger and I hate to use evil by me.

At times it felt very evil to find forgiveness and go on I don't forget I sometimes you know you have to protect yourself, or reach out to God in which that we know in my case I end up getting pregnant at a young age and I waited in in a position really to be having a child and I remember I went to the doctor.

I thought I had the flu or something going on so you think you me know Christine you're pregnant and my first reaction to that was no hat. I have to have an abortion because it was still normal in my family know and even to some of my sisters. I had driven to their portion and never felt right to me but it was in my environment on I went out to my car and I just started to cry and I said if there's a guy. Could you please help me with this because I don't know what to do. You know I was in a very low point in my life. Anything you may be close to an hour in the car and feeling came over me and it wasn't like I was hearing from FAO.

Can't Christine keep the baby. Christine it was a feeling that took over me and I knew that I could have my baby and that everything that horrible was done for me that I had the opportunity to change that and do wonderful things and show the power in me that I was worth it to create a life for my my child and so I went on to have my fan and I'm bulimia with their part-time, but I got through it and my son. Now if you think Dr. and I find test and when he died in how he deals with trauma victim that we help stabilize and improve the life of mankind. So I'm very proud of that and I I think sometimes my guy. If God did answer me inside that car I would've never known my son and went on to have grandchildren and there's times that I go to visit my fun with the grandchildren and he's such a loving father and a wonderful husband that I would like. I broke that chain not that circle of abuse and evil so I feel really proud about that and I really feel that at that time that God was leading me. I just didn't understand it that I went with that feeling and out and I want people to understand that you now what I'm saying to them I don't have literally God being able to give Christine do that. It's a feeling that comes over and it kinda guides you and then it gave me a feeling that you can do that.

I grew up with my father exposing himself and play.

I don't want to be so graphic that playing with himself, and my mother that failed to go on play and it became more of our problem if we questioned it. You now so I you know ourselves steam Merlot. I have siblings that are still alcoholics and drug addict that I have no communication with them because they choose to stay victim.

They haven't found me. In my opinion found anything to improve your life. There reach out to God to help but it's important that people understand what I was going through that.

I really feel that it cleared everything up in my mind as well.

I've been victimized that I don't have to stay victim I have something to give back and that moment when it really came over me that I can keep my child I felt that God gave me this feeling and the motivation that I was good enough. You may be that I was being hurt, but I was good enough to go outside myself.

Give back and I cried a little horse rescue and will comes that the moment all right and I want people to continue to hear the good that's come out in the redemptive side as you said you were victimized, but you have to stay victim so people can better relate and obviously would be recounted in the book, sometimes for us to appreciate God's done as a Redeemer.

We need to paint the picture of how dark things were you when someone is recklessly healed.

We need to know how sick they actually were. So when I mentioned monitor try to kill her off Aaron and me and my other sibling. She lost her mind when I'm 14 and quicker way and I didn't hear again denied go back and forth here, but she changed it would be like my mother and she come back for several years to live inside the house filling out being 14 and really being laughed with the father that with prefectural creditor inside the house. You know what a world that you know.

It gets pretty deep. You now. It gets pretty dark. My fittings like I said went to drugs and alcohol when I was younger about 1313 or 14, I started dabbling in marijuana now, but it first time.

Reason I can't. Having that feeling coming over me. At they know this is it the right thing to do.

So I was able to keep following the feeling that I was happy you now and then it finally in out like I told you with coming at you out of my car and the feelings I feel like God connected with me and I started realizing what was happening to me but he get very dark. I had another sibling try to kill himself three times when my brother get very dark. I'm I just don't want to be graphic. Although I fully understand and obviously there's only so here I want your audience understand my father doesn't stop and help of my father went on to take other families on with small children. He raped those children he would go in you over to your and with some of the effects that trade with small children. You know it was in Pompano here to go over there and do that and I can let people like that you can take this and my father always told me and my sisters don't get near my car don't go into the try keep your hands off my car. While there was one time my dad took off and he let his left aesthetic eve and my younger sisters. Let's go look in the car you know how kids will be and we open up the trunk and we found a few boxes with pictures of young children and prostitutes with their clothes off.

My mother used to like to take pictures of note, the poor children his victims that the way that I see it, though you know you can. It was, you know, like a trophy for him, if the idea. I don't how to explain it, but you have to be a child and take that in its pretty horrific. Can my father would come and ask us how we like that how you know this or that and I just knew how to run out of the house and scream about it. You know to get away from him that you now where my old my old Beckett to the oldest.

She's the one he really focused in on an she ended up know he didn't a lot of more of the use of raping to her and she ended up in high school she found and nine at the school that with the teacher and she started telling this not what was going on five helpful because when you're in that environment.

Your date, the older your elders your parent are telling you stay quiet, you don't let that out so you can have understanding that you keep that thickness with inside the family. She went out and did that to get a break right here some mass. I now have your sister is not really concentrate good as the sizes no you may be in a similar painful situation. There is hope. Christine Stein is shouting is hoping to find out of the red.

It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Christine Stein Booker life story climbing out of Rick. There's a quote about the book by Marilyn Vander Bures choose Miss America for 1958, but she herself was an abuse survivor. This is what she wrote you will touch lives. Your book gives hope to millions of adults who were traumatized children, your very survival gives hope to those who wonder if healing is possible. Thank you for sharing the courageous story of victory. So Christine, you were telling us that your sister who had been abused sexually abused by your father, one of many of his victims and in the house to tell you still say things just keep this year. She goes to school and finds a non-begins to tell her what was happening like one of the men say nine. Beside her and told her that I will stay beside you and help you and there was a trial and my father was called out on all of it that I want to leave it the readers because I want them to understand the system that children go through and so that because if I give you little bit of it. You have to give you little more in depth with Donna got it.

Get the book from real realize something now like you know I said earlier, my father did not stop just as children, you know, there were dozens in Devon. You know when the sex offender you know that I like my father, you know it doesn't go away unless they're arrested. Are they a path on target to set so you know if you someone doing that here and fed your household are if your parent did it and then you're leaving your children around that you know you got a really pray to God help you not to do things like that seek out counseling know that circle of an healthiness goes away and I want people to relate to my father came from a really good home. They were well off people. My father's brother was a great man he had with his children. His wife, my grandmother, my grandfather wonderful wonderful people.

They didn't understand where this came from later on.

When they found the stuff out.

They just like where is this coming from my mother came from my grandfather sexually abused my mother and all her sisters and I going to book about just he would abused animals and there's a story about my mom with her were spent by my grandfather did to that, but she came out of a horrible situation so you can say only offenders not for the that she was kind that taught the cycle of acute my father now came out of the situation where you with the dream now to be raised in something like that and now I hate to sound say it like this, but some people in my opinion, just take the path of evilness, then that's what my father taught and some people learn it and then they have to be reeducated, but there is some people there that is here on earth and you know like I said it just doesn't stop. You know, so it has been a like a fed have to be arrested or caught her email Email for My Father Which He Ended up Getting to Some Trouble by You Know It. It Continued Way into His Mid 80s until He Passed. So People Could Write Him and Take My God, He Still Happened. He Was a Wealthy Man and You You Could Have a Conversation and Thinking the Most Wonderful of Person Your Enemy and They Want Went on Site at His Household and like I Said, He'd Go to Other Things to Be Able to Sexually Abuse Children and Young People You Know You Can Never Connect the Dock.


So Christine Let Lenny Assistance As Is Week Come to Close Here. The Hope That's in Your Life. The Wholeness That's Come Out Of It. What's Happening with You with Your Son with with Grandchildren. What Would You Say to Someone Else. That's the Victim of Abuse Their God Knows How Many Victims of Sexual Abuse and Other Types of Abuse in the Home from Parents from In-Laws from from Others What What Would You Say Because of the Hope You've Experienced the Life You've Experienced What Would You Say to Them. I Tell Them to Reach out and Start to Pray to God. I Know You Back an Answer like He Was an Answer like Okay Christine, You Just Keep Focusing Email and Keep Take That Your Mindset Out Of Being the Victim. You Gotta Figure out What You Can Do for Yourself and Be Positive and That Could Be Going to Please Stop Her Going to the Trees Talking That Way You Know Doing Things like That but Then after You Get That Next Point You Start Thinking What Can I Do outside of Being a Victim and Don't Stay That inside Because All He Does Is Eat You up Alive, but If You Start for Me It Was Figuring out How I Could Say Things so I Started Charity, Which I Started, I Went Twice the Kentucky Derby Work Correctly out Abused Horses like I'm Not People to Go to That Level but Yeah I Was Going to Go outside Ended My Opinion, When It Gets so Dark. I Believe That There Is a God and He Will Always Click File You Are Using Therapy As Well. But You Know That's What Saved Me Yeah and and Christine Scripture Says That God Is near to the Broken Hearted. So Rather Again People. Christine Said You Might Be a Victim. You Might've Been Victimized, but You Don't Have To Stay a Victim. There Is Hope, There Can Be Changed. The Book Climbing Out Of the Rec Survivor's Tale by Christine Stein.

Thanks for Sharing This.

Thanks for Going through the Pain of Having to Revisit These Things to Rights Discusses Giving of Hope and Healing to A Lot Of People.

I've Created IRA.

God Bless You. All Right Friends, Listen, I I Have Not Experience with Christine Experienced. I Was Raised in a Loving Home Devoted Mom and Dad Loving Mom and Dad, but a Great Marriage and Nancy Was Raised in a Home Where There Were Different Stepfathers. Her Mom Was Married Four Different Times. The Biological Father Was Not Someone That She Could Really Relate to As the Father.

The Stepfathers since Even Less. We Have a Wonderful Marriage or Kids, or Hold Their Kids, Our Whole Everyone Experience. Everyone's Experience Is Different, but I Cannot Relate to a Christine Went through Can't Excite If I Try to Imagine a My Mind Doesn't Go There.

I Can Imagine but Some of You Your Your in a Living Hell like That Right Now Some of You Are.

You Carry the Scars Very Deeply and You Say to Me, My Friend, You Can Understand Correct Your Right I Don't Understand but It's Not Trite to Say That Jesus Understand It's Not Trite to Say That He Lived in Our World and He Can 100% Empathize with Anything We Go through and He Went down to the Depths Died a Criminal's Death on Our Behalf, so That We Would Not Have To Carry the Pain That We Would Not Have To Carry the Weight of Our Sin of Our Guilt or the Weight of What Others Did to Us. So I Want to Encourage Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are If You Cry out to God.

The Depth of Your Heart Say God I Need Help and I Can Understand Where You What, Why Did You Let This Happen to Me. Be Honest with Them.

Where Were You When This Was Happening. Why Didn't You Stop Him from Doing That Wanting You Stop Her from the What, Where Were You, I Cried Myself to Sleep and You Can Help. You May Feel like That God's Heart Breaks for You.

God's Love Is There for You and You Will Find out That There's Been Intervention in Your Life Far beyond Anything You Can Imagine, Otherwise You Wouldn't Even Be Here Today If You Cry out. Gotta Bring Healing.

This Is What Jesus Said. He Said He Came to Heal the Brokenhearted, Not Just Forgive Arson Not Just Restore Our Relationships to God Not Just Heal Those Who Are Physically Sick Became to Heal the Broken Hearted Review Situation Is Even More Extreme Than Christine Is Maybe Less Extreme, but Either Way It Brings Healing to Those Whose Hearts Are Broken, and He Understands and It's a Mystery Why He Doesn't Intervene Here but Then He Brings Healing and Help Love and Grace. There, but You'll Find That He's Consistent.

You'll Find That He Is Love You'll Find That You Can Take Refuge in Him. One of My Friends Is Been a Target for the Leader for Decades. When He First Became a Pastor He Experienced the First Loss in the Car Geisha Where Charissa Member Died and He Was on His Way over to See the Family Told Us the Story Was As We Oversee the Family and He's Praying and Praying Think You Got the Right Words for the Right Words Will I Say Would Say with Sable, but I Think the Right Words Walked in the Door and They Just Grabbed Him and Hug Him, but He Never Got to Say Anything. They Just Hugged Each Other and He Said That's What They Needed They Needed a Hug from the Pastor. The Thing It Any Said Somehow There Was a Comfort of God's Presence with It and of Course There Words That We Speak As Well but Sometimes People Just Need Those Arms of Love Wrapped around Them with a Sense of Hope and That Unclean Feeling Being Removed. God Can Do That Right Where You Are. Yes, Getting People Involved in the Officer Importance. Christine Said, and If There Is Actual Abuse Going on.

Do Your Best Reported Because It May Not Be You. You May Not Be the Only Abuse Victim and Maybe Others That This Person Abuse in Either Way. Gotta Be Protected but along with That If You Cry out to God with All Your Pain, Bring It to Them. He Will Put His Loving Arms around She Does That Kind of Thing but Put His Loving Arms around You Will Reach out to You with His Grace and Mercy and He Will Begin to Heal Wounds That Are in Your Life. I've Heard from People Who Have Suffered the Most Un-Imaginable.

Things in Their Lives. And Amazingly Incredibly Thought His Head. Grace Poured out on the Scores That They Are Some of the Strongest Whole People I Know Friends Stein Example

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