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God's Promises to Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 13, 2019 4:40 pm

God's Promises to Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 13, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/13/19.

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So what promises remaining for the Jewish people God made many promises in the Old Testament, but to whom today apply today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you any Jewish related question of any kind.

866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 and is always will reverse the never get takers is always the critics are welcomed. Call in those that want to bash Israel and the Jewish people tell us why I'm a civil conversation. 866-34-TRUTH I do a look at the Scriptures with you some fascinating insights we want to give you from the word of God. When I catch up on what's happening in the world of Israel today. Major news potentially with the tanker that was torpedoed in the Middle East was around behind it. What is it mean if so, what is wrong have to gain from doing it. How does this tie in with Israel security, etc. all questions to address. But first I want to introduce you to a special guest Dr. Anthony Harper is the principal White House journalist regarding Israel and UN issues. You may remember when Pres. Trump decided to defund the UN RW a and raw, which really in so many ways supports terrorism and works against Israel. It was Dr. Harper's question that led to Pres. prompts defunding this UN organization so want to get to know Dr. Harper to find out what he's doing. Get some insights from them and then is there are newsworthy items that come up will get him back on to discuss things. Dr. Harper thanks for joining us today on the line of fire illuminated jointed Dr. Brown but the God of Israel, that the upper range from UNESCO important questions about Laura and a city in someone else's journalist feet. I had courage to Gothenburg journalist feet and that with the empty and the this happened in a getting attentiveness sooner if you went viral and amazing so explain to us what exactly is the principal White House journalist regarding Israel and UN who are you work for how to get the White House. What is this all yeah well that that need to be the main things that been happening for me and that I actually work with the on the Internet about a parental article paper Association about the estimated 10 million readers of Christian newspapers and on the recording you're representing the Christian newspapers Association and in that that in the role of regarding Israel and UN matters abuse service principal investigative journalist on this issue here and I've met with Israel leaders. I met with Israel Prime Minister actually about these questions about owner and so it is unique experiences here.

I had a follow-up question with Gen. Kelly about Linda that happened in October of last year and and just shortly after that that one presence of talking about defunding it. Chris Killian and Ilya but that ambassador elite start talking about that one issue and it got a lot of momentum since that first question that we could supplement so why is it in your view that the UN after voting to recognize the state of Israel. 1947. Why is it that the UN has been so consistently anti-Israel be at the Gen. assembly. If the Security Council be at a sub organization like unwrought what you think is causing it is just something spiritual or their political reasons for this as well that the bias can't be denied their whole websites that you like UN watchdog or the document.

This documented years ago and then again in the new edition by Booker Hansen stained with blood, but as a Washington insider. Why would you say that the UN is been consistently so biased and in a very unevenly handed way against Israel. But the growing narrative that you know that the eight toward what would be very apparent tonight. I do believe that the spiritual is you extreme eight maybe a Univac in 1948.

You know that Arab nations are hoping that this low current that there that they would be able to return, but over time that wasn't realized is that each of the growing hatred because this is the Israel of the nation that have absent that, given away the land that they were hoping they would give away. Although Israel has compromised and retreating from Gaza and West Bank and in Jericho and Bethel and you know if not good enough for Iran. You just that irritate the Israel that they want is relatively and I just think it is all relative. Spiritually ship it onto the bus in Bible prophecy fear, but interesting to be here in the middle of all this that the White House, you know, we don't have too many Christian media here in the first place.

Interesting. So what when you hear accusations from certain congressmen now and the age-old accusation. For decades now that Israel somehow controlling America that American interests are subservient to AIPAC and other Israeli interests that scientists or Jews are really controlling the White House when you have those types of accusations what what you make of them.

How much of this is just the typical anti-Semitic rhetoric. Is it a small truth being exaggerated is it just the spirit of deception. What you make of this.

Although Dr. Brown there is. Deception and this is not a new you know you thinking about the Hitler you know my people, what were thinking venue that the Jews were in control of everything that's totally illogical. You know, the Jews were in control of everything then they would be happy with the Iran would be having a problem with a lot, you know, this is the real spiritual problem.

This hatred is extended to go to the prophecies here, but want to make everyone aware they have heard that that warning into the general Rebirth to which is God enters into judgment the nation's plan and in the end of the valley of Jehoshaphat not hear the White House. The bring up the Scripture jolt 32 are also thick and chronicles the 14 where and why the solution to terrorism not know what if what if someone would say that I know the Bible says Joel three and other places that Israel's God's land, but when we elect a president when we elect people to Congress. They are simply serving in terms of the best interest of the American people. Some of us believe the Bible. Some of us don't and they can't be making decisions based on Bible prophecy. They have to be making decisions pragmatically. What's the best solution for America in terms of the Middle East as this workout best in our interest in the world. So obviously I agree with you in terms of God's purposes for Israel. But if if someone says can you make a political case.

Can you make a pragmatic case for supporting Israel or is it just prophecy to you, what would you say other than pragmatic and that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. We are we're there we have a vested interest in Israel as a partner with that and that regarding our common enemy Iran and interesting that Saudi Arabia I looked Israel for help as well because of the economy enemy of Iran. As of this are clearly a political interest in this and I understand that we also have a shared Air Force Base in Israel right so to you.

It's not just this is prophetic.

It's also pragmatic and then last last question and I just wanted to introduce you to our listeners and viewers today and will call on you in the key times when things are going on. But what do you know of the so-called deal of the century. Do you have any information in terms of where the trump administration wants to go in terms of the proposed peace plan for the Middle East. Are you aware what when the dealer spent the first part and it been a mini music and news reports about that this economic and economic issue in Bahrain to be released that and you know what's makes a very, very interesting.

I've been to the temple and the spent uterine and that they they want this economic plan to incorporate Inc. increased pilgrimage to Jerusalem like infrastructure in Israel with railway, airport restructuring of Jerusalem, and to have a more prominent a pilgrimage easy access into Jerusalem a very interesting being there in April with the template to the Sanhedrin. I was on the board of got guys that an indigo on high and there is been so much emotion surrounding the issues that that were living a very challenging time. Dr. Brown and the people are really eager to hear more about this plan and I'm I unconcerned and I think the other two. Any attempted to have peace plan. Whatever without the Messiah right right yet to go.

Only only thinking of eating and drinking beer right and so if a Pres. Trump and VP. The their consulting cries. Yes, you are on this matter of peace. That's one issue, but I don't know if that if Yeshua is really part of the whole planet didn't sound like it because it economic thing in and how in the natural and we arrived Iran with enough money to be on his best behavior on my and Nancy fail, lots to lots of questions prophetically.

You might point to a first Thessalonians 5 that says when influencing peace and safety in sudden destruction comes meaning that there will be a time of pseudo-peace at some point and then obviously right if you're Christian you care about the best interest of the Palestinians you you want people to be helped. You don't want people to be oppressed and Down but with radical Islamic leadership. What can really happen. So we do our best with this much we know on the ground, though, that to the extent people follow Jesus been to that extent, there can be peace and reconciliation between them hate we got a break, but thanks for weighing and enjoying us to look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

Thank you.

All right God bless you.

Very interesting. I did not know that this role existed. White House journalist real US media. All right, thank you for joining us will be right back because is not plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I guys remember the Rangers there is 866-348-7884 is the number to call before we go to your calls before we get into the Scriptures let me draw your attention to a headline and Nikki Haley has met with Israeli leaders to encourage them. Israel should not be worried.

This is world is real news. Israel should not be worried about what about the proposed deal of the century, the trump plan for the Middle East.

Really, no part of it.

What would it mean exactly what the Nikki Haley one Israeli leaders to know is, it will not compromise Israeli security in any way.

Now there is increasing pessimism among both Israelis and Palestinians about a two state solution that's been the Palestinian hope for decades that's been the expectation it's been talked about. It was advocated say go back to the days of Pres. Bush advocating for as a friend of Israel. It seemed to be at.

So if that's gonna work increasingly focuses now that that's really impossible, especially once we've seen what happened with Israel giving gauze over to the Palestinians, only to be ruled by Hamas a terrorist group so we see what happened there, and they're even less Palestinians now advocating for that and more, saying, okay, maybe a one state solution is the thing Carolyn Glick has an excellent book that lays out the case for this. Others have laid that out so the idea would be if just one state. It's just one nation, but it would create more liberties and freedoms we quality for the Palestinian citizens and there would be less restrictions put on them, the Arabs living within Israel proper that everyone recognizes as Israel but the, the Arabs living in what would be called the West Bank today is Samaria so what about them what would happen to them will just be one state. Well the potential problem with that is if it's one state, and everyone has equal rights to vote and things like that. Then what happens if the Arab population grows and grows and ends up being greater than the Jewish population and it ends up voting out Jewish leadership and saying will no longer have a Jewish state was the fundamental issue is Israel having an independent state that is a Jewish state in the Middle East, a Jewish homeland in the Middle East.

A homeland for the Jewish people.

Specifically, yes, others can live there as well.

As long as it maintains its identity. It would be for example say in America every mild level as a Christian nation. Christmas is celebrated Thanksgiving is celebrated remembering thanks to God and and the majority of the leaders of Christian etc. but what would happen if it became an Islamic nation. All right. And and Christmas was no longer celebrated but Ramadan was a national month for fasting and even if you want a Muslim it whatever is pressure okay obviously would want that shift even though America is not deeply Christian. In many ways. Okay, but Israel needs to have the Jewish majority. That was the goal from day one the others living here, but we need to maintain a Jewish majority so said well demographically because of religious Jews and settlers. They have a higher birthrate that we keep up with Palestinians and we maintain a majority others to miss any Jewish leaders propose something where the the Arab citizens have absolute liberty rights, freedom, etc. but would not be able to vote this way the matter with their numbers, they would not be able to vote now. I was asked to sign up in support of that my survival problem with the nonvoting issue that was still with you support the sum of the larger goals understand the thing still being processed. I said well I'll back that I can't back that specific thing of not having the right to vote, but then how you maintain Jewish majority so I have answers to this absolute do not have the answers to it. Yes, I understand was just mentioned that a lot of this is economic, and many of the Palestinians, the great majority just wanted give the make a good living. Get a good education to be autonomous and be able to make choices about their future and their families future that have the same liberties and freedoms that Israeli citizens have that would be the great goal of most but as long as you have the radical elements as long as you have the structure within the society that does not want to recognize Israel and an even the cultivating of terrorism in certain parts of the society can have that. So the other question is been will the national anthem still be hot Tikva biopsy for the Jewish people yes but will the Arabs be singing that not as at work to get. I don't know but it seems that the two state solution us of the nonviable for many reasons. So what's the plan how it work out three words I don't know. I'm hopeful that there can be improvement in positive steps forward, but I'm doubtful that there will be something permanent long-lasting comprehensive 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Carl in Orlando. Thanks for calling on a fire.

You're welcome. All right, big picture question.

I love your perspective on your many perspectives, but to go back to the foundation and understands another take on the lead on why we stand with Israel and getting in and to some of the other details surrounding a bite, but I just want to hear your perspective on on the big picture the Scriptures in light of biblical prophecy.

Things like Jeremiah talked about it the time of Jacob's trouble. We see, future prophetic keno invasion of Jerusalem on a individual and corporate level for the body of believers. Why do we stand with Israel. Why do we pray, intercede for Israel, in light of the biblical story the biblical narrative right so very very simple. Number one God has called the Jewish people for certain purpose. Satan wants to destroy the Jewish people.

We recognize Satan's ongoing attempts to wipe Israel out. Therefore, we stand against Satan and with God who is promised to preserve and keep his people and bring them back to the land. That's one thing. Second thing is that this demonstrates the work of God in the earth regathering the Jewish people in accordance with prophecy, reestablishing, and reestablishing them in the land and the Messiah will not return to the Jewish Jerusalem welcomes him back.

Therefore, we stand with God's purposes for Jerusalem and the Jewish people in that regard. 1/3 reason would be that through church history, the church is often persecuted Jewish people demonized Jewish people driven Jewish people away from Jesus and a large percentage of Jews around the world, especially more traditional views think of Jesus in the most negative terms.

Think of him as as a destroyer of Christianity is a destructive religion. It's imperative that we undo that by showing genuine love and concern of fourth reason would be that Gentile Christians have been grafted into Israel's tree have been grafted into the nourishing root and the nourishing sap so the life of Israel, the prophets, the apostles Jesus himself the Messiah.

Therefore, there is a connection to the Jewish people and returns to arrogance.

When Krista say we are the new Israel. We have replace the old pulses that you run in danger of cutting yourself off as well. 1/5 reason would be that in terms of justice in the world.

Israel is surrounded by hostile enemies and Israel works harder than any other nation in the region to extend inequality to others. Therefore, for just the sake we should stand with the now it doesn't mean that we sanction everything that Israel does, doesn't mean that we can criticize Israel. True friends will rebuke in true friends will correct and true friends will call for change that's understandable, but it does mean in the broad scheme of things we recognize it's God who brought the Jewish people back to the land. Satan wants to destroy them.

Therefore, we stand with God against Satan, plus the other things that I mentioned that was first Jacob's trouble. The first application is to the destructive events that took place in Jeremiah's day in Jeremiah 30 a, specifically with regard to the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and exile the Jewish people, but the text indicates if you study carefully, that this is not something that we just happen once, but there have been times of Jacob's trouble through history. We do see, for example, in Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 or the goal of my gold passages in the Ezekiel 38, 39, that there will be a future attack on Israel on Jerusalem. I believe it will be in the midst of great world upheavals, not just Israel but around the world. But even there, God's promise to deliver his people. During that time, but another reason Christians to be standing with Israel. A Christian should have been standing with the Jewish people much more frequently much more outwardly during the Holocaust.

In times of of other great pain and suffering. So at the end of the age will be yet another opportunity for Christians to stand together with the Jewish people when they come under attack. I buy that health icon God bless thank you for the question, 86634. Truth is, the vertical by the way, Thursday's often slam with calls Friday always wall-to-wall calls today. We got some room to take your calls. We come back we can dive into Scripture together, but if you want to help us push back against the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the church. Some of the ugliest of some of the craziest stuff, some of the most sweeping accusations coming from professing Christians help us push back on the one hand were pushing back against the anti-Semitism on the other hand reaching out to the Jewish people with the gospel were called to go places and do things that many others in our call to, but we do it with your partnership and help together so become a patriotic partner hate around you that you will bless others less loss of faith, bonus videos every single week.

All right the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that there is 866-34-TRUTH you got Jewish related questions we've got answers. What about the promises that God gave to Israel in the Old Testament. What are they most fundamentally the list of applied today has the nation of Israel. Jewish people as a whole have we in ice because if you have we forfeited those promises so if I was not a believer in Jesus. This part of the nation as a whole that we forever forfeited those promises, or did they still apply. If we repent or absent God's sovereign will or do they now all applied to Christians, we sort this out.

Let's take a look in Romans chapter 9 Romans chapter 9 beginning in verse one where Paul speaks of the great sorrow in his heart. I tell the truth, the Messiah, do not lie.

My conscience assuring me in the rococo – the Holy Spirit that my sorrow was great. The anguish in my heart on ending. I would pray that I myself were cursed banished from Messiah for the sake of my people, my own flesh and blood of those pulses those flesh and blood, who are Israelites now look at this to them belong the adoption and the sons and the glory and the covenant of the giving of the Torah and the temple service and the promises to limp along the patriarchs and for them according to the flesh, the Messiah, whose overall God blessed forever. Amen. So he says, present tense to them. The people of Israel.

Even those you see speak of the nations, all who do not believe to them, belong the promises promises are still there that we spies are the verses that follow the ones who have received the benefits of those promises now in the Messiah. That's the Israel within Israel is people like Paul or me were Jay Sekulow over John Burness sort hundreds of thousands of other Jewish believers in Jesus, but the promises still belong to the nation as a whole. Just like the patriarchs belong to the nation as a whole. So Paul gets to then there was discussion Romans 910 11 so three chapters in our Bibles as we have them today as my colleague Bob Gladstone says if you don't understand Israel you don't understand Paul's gospel.

This is foundational importance for him after explaining there's an Israel within Israel even speaks of Israel, 10 times after Romans 96 every time. Speaking of the nation as a whole the nation as a whole the nation as a whole, the nation that doesn't believe that we get to Romans 11 beginning in verse 25 minutes. It was written the Romans 1125 a writing to Gentile believers right do not want you brothers and sisters to be ignorant of this minced best mystery this to be wise and realize that a partial hardening has come upon Israel, to the fullness of the Gentiles has come in so partial hard this compound Israel. What is really Israel that does not believe that's the Israel.

It is hard in this way, all Israel will be saved, so was the fullness of the Gentiles comes then this will provoke Israel to envy the prayers of the Gentiles will work on Israel's behalf, the fulfillment of prophecy will be spent, along in this way or as a result of this all Israel will be saved as it is written, the deliver shall come out of Zion shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob notices of the church as Jacob.

The nonbelieving Jewish people. This is my covenant with them and I take away their sense to look at this, consider the good news the gospel their hostile who they the nonbelieving Jews. The Israel that is hard in part, the Israel, that one day return and be safe. Consider the good news they are hostile for your sake concerning chosen this concerning the election.

They are loved on account of the fathers of the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Paul wrote that, about whom the Jewish people who do not believe the gifts and calling her still irrevocable. What happens to a Jewish person who dies without Jesus today there lost anyone else's loss.

What happened to a Jewish person who died 100 years ago without Jesus, they rejected the Messiah there lost anyone else's losses. I can be retroactive salvation proposed telling is that the end of the age is the fullness of the Gentiles comes in on the heels of the fullness of the Gentiles coming in all Israel will be saved Israel that has been hardened, which is the majority of the nation will no longer be hard. That's what Jeremiah speaks of the semi 31 one goddesses at that time, God will be the God of all the families of Israel.

Now some point to Joshua chapter 21 St. on this whole idea that God promised the land. Israel is going to give the land back, or the Jewish people living in Israel today. That's with them and the prophets no get that those promises were ready for Phil and they point to Joshua chapter 41. Take a look. It was written there. Joshua 41. It speaks of how God gave the land to the people of Israel and how he fulfilled his promises so verse 41 on the toll the towns of the Levites, with the holders have been a Israel. The children of Israel was 40 towns with their past uses these towns and some pastors soul was released as it gives all the numbering and all the land that was inherited so other than I the Lord gave to Israel entire land that he had sworn to give to their fathers. They took possession and settled in.

It is not. I gave them rest on all sides just to see it's want to the fathers, that one may have all their enemies withstood the fraud on my Lord gave all their enemies into their hand. That one good thing that Anna and I promise to the house of Israel fail all came to pass people so you say it's it's really past, God gave them land and is ready happen that can happen in the future God gave them the land. As promised, and that's done that's passed, you can't say there's anything future about actually course, we can is God and promised to give it to them and then take it away and promise to give it to them and that if they send take away forever know what's written. Psalm 10575.

This is made as clear as possible. Remember Romans nine says that the promises still belong the people of Israel. Even the nonbelieving people who are not experienced the blessing of those covenant promises is still belong to that Paul reiterated Romans 11 that the gifts and calling of God are revocable right so Psalm 105. Let's take a look at what's written there is Adonai our God's judgments on all the earth. He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded for a thousand generations, which he made with Abraham, and sworn Isaac confirmed to Jacob is a decree Israel's everlasting covenant saying to you to give the land of Canaan portion of your inheritance to notice it's an everlasting covenant. It's for a thousand generations its covenant forever and confirmed it's a decree it's an oath that sworn God could not of made himself anything and to be clear so number one promise that he would keep his Jewish people no matter what you would discipline us in judgment, but he would preserve us and keep us. That's number one number two.

He said that the land of Israel was a lasting inheritance under the Sinai covenant if we send we be exiled from the land.

If we repented we be brought back to the land, but God had given these promises. These unconditional promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before that Paul reiterates in Galatians 4 that the law which came 430 years after the promise which is the third chapter of the law, which came 430 years after the promise cannot annul the promise's of these promises remain. And that's why God can act whenever he chooses, even when Israel is insane even when Israel is on in unbelief. Even when he uses atheists and Communists to help found the modern state of Israel and and a nonreligious Jewish man like theater hurts illegal in the right majority of Orthodox rabbis oppose the restoration to the land God can do what he chooses to do because the sovereign Sinaloa all those promises apply to the church. The post quite emphatic about that. These promises are Israel's promises Gentile Christians share in Israel spiritual benefits so that in Jesus there is neither Jew nor Gentile dislike there is neither male nor female. In Jesus we are exactly equal. Spiritually, Jewish believers, Gentile believers, where one of the Messiah.

We share the same eternal life we share the same son ship. We share the same Holy Spirit. We share the same eternal promises. We share the same standing. There's no higher or lower better with dislike male-female those divisions are obliterated in terms of a caste system or class system. Initial with their specific promises. God gave Israel those promises remain, so I don't get worked up when Christians deny that when Christians say we are the new Israel and the promises are ours and God no longer works with the Jewish people as a nation with the modern state of Israel started on the prophecy I get worked up as if that's going to stop God was if his promises will come to pass, but I get relieved is I've seen what that's done in church history. I've seen pilots open the door to anti-Semitism and even church persecution of Jews and I see today with some ridiculous statements being made by Christian leaders that just bash Israel day and night. How spiritually blind they are. I could you shows on them all the time as this is not worth it. It's so erroneous and and so out in the field, but a lot of people believe it, follow it. That's what concerns me. I was to provoke Israel to jealousy that drive the Jewish people away from Jesus by repeating the standard old lies on the step one of the church to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy that they turn to Jesus and be saved.

And I also want the church to recognize what God is doing in the earth is brought the Jewish people back to the land as he promised. After scattering us his brothers back and just like in Ezekiel 36 we did it, even in our unbelief acted even in our sin. Why, for his namesake does what he does. First and foremost for his glory.

In doing so, it is for the lasting good of his people join with me in praying the salvation of the Jewish people present on the front lines of reaching Jewish people getting our materials out in Hebrew, more and more to reach Israelis, a weekly show on Middle East TV. Specifically for reaching Israelis and bear in mind if if you have a TV with cable which is the vast majority of TVs Israel then you get any TV.

We have an outreach show, specifically reaching Jewish people.

We plan on recording more of those to get that message out even more. By God's grace going forward and were on the front lines working with Israeli believers who are reaching ultra-Orthodox Jews with the good news of Jesus the Messiah right in the front lines, friends, but with that. I urge you to recognize God's ongoing purposes, Israel and the Jewish people when Israel does wrong you speak to it when Jewish people do wrong.

We speak to it when anti-Semitism rises speak to that as well.

Right will come back and go straight to your calls, 866 it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Pompeo confirmed for Ron behind explosive attacks on oil tankers intense golf general Keene suspected attack on oil tankers intended pressure UST quote ease off Iran sanctions. This could blow up and get very ugly very quickly. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Birmingham, Alabama Frank Courtney I guess you can stay on all right.

Let's go to Chicago. Charles, welcome to the line of fire. Yes sir. Okay personal pleasure to meet you very very much of pleasure. I truly enjoyed following your teaching. I specifically enjoy what I viewed with you and Dr. White. Thank you and certainly appreciate that. I just had an overall comment regarding Romans. The letter to the Romans by Paul, which I think that occasionally is very extremely extremely important what you're talking about today and I wanted to what my overview and get your read on that sure I believe that if we look at the history of the church of Rome there's there's a lot of foundational. I think that the church in Rome with report stated that was established by Jewish believers than Gentiles, Rome converted to Christianity and joined the church and then the Jews were kicked out of Rome under Claudius. They were banned in the fourth stage were the Jews were invited back to Rome under under Nero and I think why that's so important and I think that Paul's urgency to write this letter to the church in Rome, but why was because I believe that he had a very very deep concern that there was going to be a split at the gospel spread west is what I believe.

I think that the theme of the letter you would agree with me right relationships between Jew and Gentile, right, righteous, and righteousness of God. The first eight chapters being vertical how to have a right relationship with God in the second eight chapters really horizontal, the right relationship mean Jew and Gentile right so sounding yet to read something I wrote so that I don't go to left field and then get your comments because I think it's extremely important, certainly for us believers were Gentile and followers of Jesus Christ to stand arm in arm with you and with our Jewish brothers and as you suggest, to pray for Israel and in pray for our our Jewish brothers and sisters to comfortably so I think the heart of the letter and what Paul is fighting for the church as part of the empire in Rome that includes you and Gentile.

One new man or woman in Christ Jesus. There's a false ideology that that crept into the church.

The pulp feet are popular to split in the church and two denominations would be for in the false doctrine that I think crept into the church in Rome is replacement theology.

The very foundation of what you were talking about that there is a false doctrine, false belief, the corrected with the Gentiles started to spread the rumor or the false doctrine that the church had replaced Judaism or had what did you and Charles and just jump in.

For the sake of time and and for the sake of the cause. First, I appreciate have you articulated thing wonderfully in the four phases you mentioned, the Roman church are yes crucial to understand that my friend Pastor David Harwood in writing about this is reemphasize this as well, and of the skulls of course have so the deal is when Gentiles got saved. Originally, they were the outsiders being taken in by the Jewish believers and everybody was Jewish saviors, Jewish and apostles to Jewish everybody's Jewish and and here… Look at it like that, let's say everybody in the early church was black and Jesus was black. Paul was black and Tom's blackened Moses and the prophets role black and you come in your white and and you been on the outside. All this time, but now you come in and there's a minority of you.

But hey, we know were all one in Jesus.

What really and and and yeah all okay so that's humbling. That's amazing. But now the black skin expel the dimension. So in this case, the Jews, it is intrusive in my analogy the box get expelled and now the Roman church is all white will written you guys there gone there and in the rejected Jesus, that is a nation so there gone there out here where the rhythm with new Israel with you guys in town, not a come back.

What I was is at work has a fit now. I've always read Romans in terms of one through 12. Being doctrinal foundation season one through 11, doctrinal foundations, and 12 through 16 practical application. But I'm I appreciate your reading the one through eight vertical and that the 839 through 16th horizontal.

There certainly a lot of truth to that, but absolutely Paul warns against the dangers of incipient replacement theology warning Gentile believers not to get arrogant.

You were grafted in, but there were cut off because of unbelief and if you get haughty you coming.

Unbelief is what we are the new Israel.

We have replaced the old Israel.

God is finished with Israel, and you too will be cut off and is the church through the centuries gravitated to actual hostile replacement theology that extent it was cut off from the fullness of blessing and grace oh so Charles there. There's a ton more we could talk about here and I do want to get to some of the callers but amen to what you're saying in terms of historical cultural background, the issue that had to be present. Yeah, and in Rome being the place to make sure and then get kind of a read from you on in terms of the what my belief in the why. Why was it so important for Paul to write this letter church in Rome. Yet he laundered either it couldn't be there as we had to do the next best thing and write a letter to them. I believe it important important teaching points for us there is the first part of Romans is salvation work in right done by God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The second part of Roman which is so very important that you wanted to remind them to unite them is salvation work out what is our life in Christ yet again. I haven't read it.

Like I said one through eight. Vertical 9060 horizontal sums life in Christ.

This is a big submissive 6 to 8 but great observations. Overall, much appreciated. And thanks for the good word. I'm sure we could talk further about this, maybe we will the future. Thank you for the call really appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go quickly Ruben in Lexington, Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire over Dr. Graff hello hello yeah go ahead, speak up.

Please yeah my question is the corrected they that you and Christian worship God they might not know unchristian claim to worship God made for them all cry. They have a different doctrine really not pretty start you and Christian worship and got there worshiping the same God, but not with the same understanding. In other words, when a Jew prays to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When the Jew quotes Scripture from the Psalms and praise to the God of Israel there praying to the same God that were praying to. But they're not understanding who he really is and therefore they're not in right relationship with them. By rejecting the sun. There also rejecting the father so yes there praying to the same God and and a Christian could read much of the Jewish prayer book and see prayers that we would affirm and agree with. So there praying to the same God and worshiping the same God, but not understanding the same God, not understanding his tri-unity, not understanding the deity of Jesus and therefore by rejecting Jesus.

They cut themselves off from true relationship with God. Of course, true Jewish person that's very offensive for me to say but obviously as a follower of Jesus.

That's what I believe and understand. So Muslims are praying to a different God.

The praying to a different God is not the God of the Bible Jews and Christians are praying to the same God not with the same understanding and a Jew rejects Jesus as Messiah is not connected to God, the way a Christian would be connected to God a thank you for the question and Laura Lynn time is really short on games before that if you can jump in really quickly. Maybe I can answer your question quickly and I get it on a Christian author written.

You might be time to meet.

Not fun. Christian believer, I don't family during the year. I did mean to be on.

I get what you got it all right tonight. My thought about it I think you are.

I would say one since were almost at a time usually do the Sean just get a Laura Lynn's email info. All right, Lauren make it really easy shooting note info I and Athol info@* ASKBR and share with us what you wanted to, and just asked that he gets to my attention info and ask Dr. thanks and at least we met quickly on the our friends rather time tomorrow 1:30 PM Eastern standard Time zone out a happy, show special Q&A that tomorrow 130 in the afternoon. Alan 1/2 to questions answered there, and then forcibly taking your call as well

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