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How I Discovered the Jesus Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 18, 2019 4:20 pm

How I Discovered the Jesus Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 18, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/18/19.

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So what is the Jesus revolution started for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you on this modifier broadcast you hurriedly introduce three years as your voice, moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. What exactly are we speaking of when we refer to a Jesus revolution will be taking calls today so sit back, drink this in. It's been quite a while. If I'm correct quite a few years does have just taken a show to talk this through with you and since all of our videos get immediately flagged for review on YouTube. The YouTube reviewer that happens to watch this I think will see as I speak about this that this is actually suitable for all viewers now. The first thing I want to say is this. We are not talking about violent revolution God for bid. No, we are talking about overcoming hatred with love, we are talking about overcoming evil with good.

Overcoming lies with truth, overcoming the power of the flesh with the power of the Holy Spirit and the weapons with which we fight are not our fists. They're not angry words. They're not crowd screaming in the streets. They are not guns and bombs and knives God for bid Nono that's over document. I'm not come up with the military does a mission overseas.

I'm not talking about that I'm not talking about past revolutions like the American Revolution were talking about a Jesus revolution and why this is a major theme of my life as a gospel preacher. A major theme of my life as a follower of Jesus.

When I am introduced as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution we say we are your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often compromised.

That's because Scripture that's because of the word. That's because what we do flows out of our relationship with God and his commission in the Scriptures so I want to acclimate you to these concepts if you're brand-new listener or viewer. This will help you if you been with us for many years. I think this will bring further clarity and then we can even address the question well where is this Jesus revolution, of which you speak so first question is generic. What we mean by revolution. What we mean by that.

When we talk about what revolution speaks of radical dramatic change right right revolution speaks of of out with the old and in with the new.

It's a revolution in technology. It's a revolution in sports. It's a revolution in the media you're talking about something brand-new or something that radically think is right got choked up.

Talk about that notice got a tickle in my throat. There radically changes what currently was okay.

So when you have a revolution in technology. The printing press revolution so one day it did print out a book every page as to be written out by hand. Now the typeset one page and boom boom boom. You print out a thousand copies of that same page in a few minutes while that's revolutionary. Don't going from all you can do is walk or run the now now you have a wheel night, make a cart name put a card with horses pulling at that was revolutionary change okay so we understand how the concept is used in for years and years. I started tracking about 20 years ago was it revolution was everywhere. Everything was revolutionary mattress revolution golf revolution dog dog food revolution. Everybody is using the word that's been used much constantly since. But what we're talking about is is where talking about is a dramatic change in the society dramatic change in the culture through the gospel. We are talking about out with the old, in with the new through the gospel. Nisei. But where will I find concepts like that in the Bible. Let's start with the great commission.

When Jesus says in Matthew 28 that all authority in heaven and earth is given to him getting verse 18 and then he says going to all the world and make disciples of the nation's right teaching them to observe everything I've commanded you, baptizing them in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit in gone with you always, even to the end of the age that's revolution that that same goal and change the world. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. That's revolutionary change. That's Jesus saying come with me and let's go change the world and and what was the major theme of his preaching what came up over and over and over again kingdom of God in God's kingdom of God kingdom of God kingdom of God. He taught us to pray prayers that are really revolutionary prayers like your kingdom come through will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That's revolutionary if you are one of the earthly kingdoms and rebellion against God. If you are part of Satan's kingdom and rebellion against God, and that's a revolutionary prayer God your kingdom come, your will be done and and. And then Jesus set up these values that were very different than the values of the world really says in Luke 16 that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God and he turns things upside down. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness.

You have the kingdom of heaven and you will inherit the earth. You are meek it so is taking names in the Old Testament and new things is developing the site onto a whole different system here on time at a whole different way of looking at the world, the whole different way of relating to things right and and then he tells us to bless those who persecute curse us.

Bless them, pray for them, go the extra mile when your press roster pressure go the extra mile with very different ways of approaching things and then what type of commitment did Jesus call for.

I just want you to think of him in terms of revolution, promote what time what type of commitment did he call for well a revolutionary mentality says this life as it is, is not worth living. But the cause is worth dying for that.

That's why secular revolutionaries will will give everything will die for a cause it's a communist revolutionaries that were very idealistic and and sacrificial in the early generation so they were atheists didn't believe in God didn't believe in an afterlife world to come, didn't believe in future forgiveness or future damnation and that they're willing to sacrifice everything for a cause. Why is in their mind they were so disgusted by the system and felt there was so much injustice.

So this is their perception that they said I would rather die for this cause. They live for nothing right again. The revolutionary mentality life as it is not worth living.

The cause is worth dying for. That's revolutionary thinking.

What is Jesus say if you want to come after me, you must deny yourself and take up your cross and follow we we find that repeatedly in the Gospels. In Matthew 16 in Mark eight and Luke nine quite explicit. We find it also in Matthew 10 and and and into that were spoken in other ways in other parts of the gospel and and we we find Jesus say, for example, Luke 14, unless you rethink everything you have. You cannot be my disciple.

That's the talk of revolution leave everything. Follow me, and give yourself to this cause and this cause is absolutely worth it in life outside of this cause has no meaning so when we talk about Jesus, the revolutionary know he didn't come with conventional weapons.

He didn't come fighting as many of his Jewish contemporaries were expecting with earthly weapons to overthrow Rome no didn't do that any didn't come with with hatred and anger any type of violence. No became speaking the truth from God became pulling down the system of dead religion became exposing hypocrisy became reaching out to the poor and the oppressed, the untouchables, the outsiders and the marginalized and became bringing the kingdom of God and setting the Free hate Connie's manifesto, what, what's the theme you want to summon up workers of all nations unite, we have nothing to lose but our change or change what we are. We are the oppressed working force of the wealthy. We are working for the system. We are slaves to the system we have nothing to lose but our chains so throw off throw off the chains of your oppressors workers of all nations unite gets a free or my colleagues years back 20 years ago when I began preaching on these themes since me. I know how to start a revolution. Is it how he said convince the people that they are not free. Show them that they're not free and the want to break free will. It it's very very true. That's how this works so you get people to understand get them to understand plain and simple. The reality that they are bound and then when they recognize that many recognize the ready.

You, the message of liberation, that's revolutionary. So how does Jesus start his public preaching Luke the fourth chapter of his home town.

What is he do he quotes from Isaiah 61 the spirit of the Lord is on me. This is anointed me to preach good news.

The poor meek goes on from there to proclaim liberty. The captive that's a revolutionary theme that's a revolutionary message Jesus comes to bring liberation.

Jesus calms turn world system upside down. Jesus calms to challenge the status quo of the religious hypocrites and he does that and the power of the spirit yelled to be, does it not by taking otherwise.

But by laying his life down.

That's the Jesus that we follow. That's the heart be Jesus revolution Jesus radically changes us. We go the power of the spirit and change the world around us.

We come back on the other side of the break of taken a personal journey with me. I think you'll find it fascinating. I think you find it edifying. I think you'll resonate with it as I share some of my personal journey with me. Hate remember a simple way you can be part of the Jesus revolution with us is to pray for us, even on a daily basis to become a patriotic partner to help us to put out revolutionary world changing materials that are going to pay CR Brown Dr. Brown to help us put out more world changing materials for the glory here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown hear your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution explaining to you why that's a theme of this ministry. There are 3Rs that that we live and die for. Here in our ministry revival revolution.

Redemption revival in the church revolution in society redemption in Israel. That's who we are. That's what our hearts beat or it day and night. That's what I and my team give ourselves to day and night with passion with joy so revolution why we talk about that just to them without talk about violent revolution were not talking about this, politics or earthly revolution were talking about the gospel transforming us and we through the gospel, transforming effect to society so from 1996 until 2000. I was a leader in what is known as the Brownsville revival.

According to one church historian. It was the longest local church revival American history drew a cumulative attendance of over 3 million people for more than 130 nations lines would form 12 hours or more before the meeting started day after day for years.

It would stay online for 12 hours for the doors open at six in the evening for the service to start at seven that we can go to midnight or past. This is for five nights a week, or a period of of five years. Basically I was there by God's grace. From 1996 to 2000. We raised up a ministry school which continues today in fact is now moved entirely online. Fire school of ministry, the microphone at about that register and be a part-time or full-time online student go to fire school of ministry.calm okay so you may have heard about Brownsville and you miss it, Dr. Brett how could you be part of that was just weird no you misheard that wrong info about it. We saw a misleading video clip here and there or was presented to you by a critic. But I'm talking about a Jesus exalting, Bible-based Holy Spirit empowered world changing movement that was that the most extraordinary thing I've ever participated in in my life and all of us who were part of it would with SATA shaped us and impacted us to this day. During the Brownsville revival kids at the schools were getting dramatically touched. I met with the superintendent of schools for Escambia County.

That's the county which Pensacola was located.

I met with the superintendent of schools. I believe it was October 1997 to this is now 2 1/2 years almost 2 and half years into the revival and I asked him as the superintendent of schools has the revival had an impact on the schools here in the Congress all absolutely second to you first and I was a principal and one of the schools as well, and he went on to share those things with his critics resemble.

If it's real about this. What about that the Savoy here. No test was weird midweek meat that we get the information from others and in in this environment where you were hearing kids, maybe 50 kids from one high school which show a better service on Saturday night and they want to testify about God. What God was doing in their school and in some would come back and signal my church. We been dad and we just normal and we haven't seen a convert years of came to the revival in God dramatically touched as we went through weeks of repentance and humbling ourselves before God and then returning to her roots of holiness in prayer and now we've seen people getting saved every week in the church doubled in size and you hear these testimonies week in week out and it would build your faith and you start to think anything can happen, anything can happen. How is turn what could happen next with momentum to take us well in the midst of this, it was now 1999 I'm in New Jersey with 13 we did these events called awake America we would go out with our team into into another city people coming from around America around the world to be at the revival services within allow them to be broadcast in a different major TV networks want to do it. We said now people need to comment.

Be there with us. There something about them anymore. We didn't want anyone to take ownership over there. This is the revival of this TV network or that TV network.

It and it were all jealous for for that to guard the integrity of what God was doing and we felt okay, let's go out the differences. Not everyone can travel here, let's let's try to serve the churches of the city so we go out convention center made with seat 15,000 people and sometimes it befall you get will maybe see a 10,000 people, but those are the type of crowds. We have a 10,000 I would say on average we have a couple 3000 would come in the day to day teaching within the bulk of the crowd would come at night to experience the worship. The preaching, the prayer time and and the results were dramatic and I remember in New Jersey because this is New York New Jersey. This lot more unions and control, and no you can't do this you can't do that that a woman who oversaw the flow of of the meeting. This is someone that was going to be in control of the building, she came over and I happen to be there.

I just finished doing some teaching in the day and and she wanted to speak with us of some of the team members a Dr. Brown things come over.

She says now I understand. At the end of the service that that the speaker is going to give a call for people to respond and and we said that that's correct. It's a major part of the services, preach the gospel message and it will be: altar call for people to respond and she said okay. Is there not allowed to come down the center aisle. We have regulations because that not allowed to come down the center of African downers decide I'll recent. I don't know if you understand I meet a lot of people in one of the small mosquito preachers postconviction Holy Spirit burning in them and they literally will come running to the altar and and she said no. We have our regulations, they cannot use this being big center aisle is allowed to go down the smaller house on the side and of Cincinnati give that directive by KB that were just telling it's not going to work and above shall be in charge shall take care. Sure thing we just smile at each other while at night. Steve gives the altar call and here she is, she positions herself right in the middle of the big center aisle and asthma. The articles given for points like this points out that the use the two side aisles conflicts off at this one of several thousand people were literally running towards the altar and Jesus takes off. That was it.

So much for redirecting the traffic.

That's the kind of hunger and thirst that was there and and that's how people were literally running to repent of sin and get right with God and it was a hard-core message that was being preached every night so there I am that very meeting. I just described. With that very altar call I go back to my room.

It's a Monday night. It's 1999 I go back to my room and I decide, okay, I know they would put the TV on his ill care post-rational is this before the days of inward pressure on the Internet but I thought just to see if there's something I can watch a little water, wind down and and I flip on in its public broadcasting and it it's it's a documentary called dog fights back, and it's the rise of religious fundamentalism around the world including America beginning in the late 19 seven I see right from the beginning and I watch with complete fascination and an inference. Here's what's happened is without. It starts with Ayatollah Khomeini was exiled from Iran and now he's in France and he would deliver messages there in in in Iran in Farsi. They would then be smuggled on cassette tape into a Ron and then they would be playing or they would be preach basic those messages within the preach by the Islamic leaders there call meant that such an uprising. It was really the rise of the modern rise of radical Islam are just kind of ignited and spread from there.

Worldwide and and before Khomeini had even arrived in the country. The Shaw had to flee for his like this. The Shaw who ruled with an iron hand. Yet if Lee or his life and and I watched it just done in the. The radical devotion of his followers, and if they died they died.

They didn't care and I'm gripped by that and then I'm watching announces and in America it wasn't trying to be derogatory about America, but it takes us on our Christian TV shows and different things and you think while the contrast between these Iranians willing to die for the cause that they ended up being violent for their because this destructiveness is demonic revolution the Islamic revolution's demonic is a question about right, but I watching their devotion and their willingness to lay down their lives for their cause and then on watching America praise the Lord hallelujah get out and vote.

Okay, that's quite a difference and and then it goes into meetings from 1979 leading up to the election of Ronald Reagan and and there's a there's a brother preaching about the commonness of come out of the closet. The homosexuals economy because of the Christians need to come out of the closet in the special event get out and vote, etc. I want you not to think way to secondly the second 1999. This is 1999 and and it's 20 years later and everything in the society is going downhill in terms of morality and and and all these other things that are important because his belief absent. I just said, almost those exact words on the apartment like a 10,000 people.

Here's a guy speaking on 10 15,000 people here II just got finished speaking to 10,000 people on and give the main message of night districts rotation speed is the main message I sent was the same thing homosexuals of come out of the closet.

This was mentally called. We need to come out of the closet and what I meant was take the gospel to the streets, but I thought subs go change same message. 20 years later and things only got worse and I stopped and I thought the state of the church in America the way we do church and the fact that 85% of Christians in America are doing 95% of the work is not right is not the work more of the same design and produce more the same as like you think. While I just made this changed my diet and do that for year you go to the doctor for years until all the blood work came back really bad, really negative with your little change is not enough. You need to make a radical lifestyle change and it was then. It was then the theme of Jesus revolution exploded in my heart. We cannot just say here is more the same as only a produce for the center is now 20 years later he began were shaped friends lesson right back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 8663 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I am holding in my hand.

The book revolution call to holy war when it came out in a digital edition later on it was renamed revolution Jesus call to change the world is the holy war terminology at the time I used it for the book to once various sonic terrorists were using the words become different meaning. Even though the book explicitly it in in major chapters calls for the Jesus method which is put down your sword, take up your cross is a call to change the world through gospel based nonviolent means I don't want anyone to misunderstand the type of holy war we are talking about were talking about a Jesus base spirit base love base truth based word based revolutionary world changing movement, open that up for you on the broadcast today. Not taking any calls, but it was in 1999 while in New Jersey while doing a major meeting with colleagues: wake America speaking to thousands of people that I was overwhelmed with reality that if the church in America Doing more of the same, it would only produce more of the same, but because the world was making more progress than the church hour more of the same would be going backwards. For example, if every year I put on 5 pounds. If I don't change what I'm doing. I meant to get heavier and heavier and heavier and that's going to lead to more negative consequence in the same way the church of America keeps doing what we've been doing year after year after year after year, then we will not see the church that God desires and we will not see America whatever nation you live in will not see our nation impacted as God desires this theme of revolution is been burning in my heart for 20 years. Jesus says leave everything and follow me. Jesus says pray that the kingdom of God would come and displace the earthly kingdom.

Jesus teaches us to live in a way that is totally contrary to society's way and that is revolutionary living and revolutionary thinking now. I started to look back at the Gospels as a start to look back at the Gospels, I was struck deeply struck by how revolutionary they were not. It it wasn't it wasn't something new in terms of I never saw it but I was struck by how deeply revolutionary that the ways of Jesus were in the New Testament ways were how contrary to human reason. How contrary to the religious system.

How how extreme in terms of what was call was demanded and what was promised. I thought you know we think of Jesus as a religious leader. There can be inspiration and comfort. Net worth is truth. We think of Jesus as a great teacher. He opens her eyes the lights as there's truth to that, we think of Jesus as Savior lays down his life cross this glorious and wonderful when you kind of put everything together and understand Jesus is the ultimate revolutionary. The one who came to inaugurate God's kingdom on the earth to push back the forces of darkness, and to do it, not by shedding blood like by giving his own blood, you begin to realize that's that's radical. I remember teaching on this to our students in Brownsville revival school of ministry, which is now fire school of ministry again moving our entire program online if you like to be a full-time student or part-time student. The fire school of for more information. Okay, so remember teaching on this teaching on these things and one of the students said to me you know Dr. Brown when I was in high school wasn't saved I was a crazy kid. I'd really pay attention is the only classes I like with a history class, he said, and I remember that we were doing a class on the history revolution and we would read the words of different revolutionary leader's famous revolutionary leaders from history is a lot secular revolutionaries and violent revolutionaries.

All this he said, but when it came to Jesus's words were the most radical of always admit that really attracted so I'm getting stirred by all this and I'm now trying to understand how revolutions work in society and I'm I'm reading about the civil rights movement.

I'm I'm reading about the communist revolution I'm reading about the American revolution reading about the the Islamic revolution the modern Islamic revolution reading about all these things and then I'm going back to the 60s now those are my age of 64 there's a saying if you remember the 60s, you weren't there.

And for me the 60s were days of partying, getting high, rock music, playing with my band, going to concerts living on godly life. That's what those days were like for me right.

But in. In reality, they were ideologically driven. It wasn't just sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

The way things would be shot and proclaim but but these were driven ideologically.

It was the antiwar movement. There was the antimaterialism movement there is this gonna be a better way of life, type of thinking, but most of it was just hijacked by the enemy and ended up going the way the flesh in the world but when I went back started really psyched about how the 60s. The counterculture movement was really, really, revolution or so I'm I'm reading all these things and I get stirred to write a book I get stirred to write a book and in the midst of intense schedule grounds revival the end of 99 beginning of 2006 intense weeks. I write this, over 300 pages revolution around I'm stirred I I am absolutely moved and driven, as I'm writing an I'm thinking to myself okay I know we've got to get this book out now. I know we gotta get out now and and I have on my heart to: publisher exit. Hey listen, how about this in its June there's a big convention, Christian booksellers, etc. and I said how about I do someone Jennison can can we do a special session on revolution I want to introduce this theme as a major gospel theme Jesus revolution. Think can we do that and we do that and they settle Mike all the that that's been booked out every subsegment has been booked out months in advance. The supposed we can get the book out that quickly we can get a quick and unthinkable cut stirred me to write so fast that the reason for so they get back to me and listen listen listen said here's the deal. This event coming up September 2 in Washington DC in the 2000 December 2.

He said it's the call event ransom on review of all the tray on the angle, etc. it and he said of we can get the book out, though, I'm sorry this is we can get the book out on September 1. That's what this is my first reading of the book on September 1 and I said to him who guess what September 1 ever thing then night urged by the Lord to remove by the Lord to write if you have a September 1 as a meaning to me it just will be October 1 November 1 don't think is like using anything there but I gotta get to the airport they got there without a picks person now she was forming to the traffic you drop everything you're doing to get there as quick as God is or are they all the flights coming in three hours want to tell Maddie get there.

Now if you like over three hours. That's always feeling and then one of their guys says is there that the big event DC that the call is not happening in in September 2 I thought I got it I understand you that September 1 we get there for September 2 that that's it. So I call a friend of mine named Bob Weiner and a few years earlier. Maybe you earlier Bobby called me and said hey listen I love your book go and sin no more. I'm doing these youth meetings across America and and and stirring Hartson in preparing for this event this coming and deceive the call. He said he said I like to get the book. So if you give to me a thousand copies work or give me a cost and be given away at these meetings so we got in the books, the cost and saw Justin hey Bob this. I know this event coming up the call. September 2 been involved in promoting it.

I said I written this book revolution. I really think it's can be a great book to give out and ending we give out a couple thousand copies is not limited repair hundred thousand copies. The hundred hundred thousand copies. Remember the hundred thousand copies. What an end the book is is going to sell for $30 which is a great price.

So maybe I get a good discount from the publisher. Maybe for five dollars less for $500,000 but shipping of 100,000 booksellers that addresses my mind is thinking is owed but will do. This is assuming different from the 80s estradiol the publisher to reach book, an elderly golfer the funds with hidden and so the sun explodes in which most do this at that point I owed the public about $12,000 and in accordance things like that could be ordered and catch up etc. so that I go there I solicit we have an idea to give away 100,000 cop give giveaway this over million dollars retail value $1.3 million retail value. Okay we giveaway 100,000 copies of the book of the call and the call organizers had been told no one 50,000 people will be there because you will have a year to promote etc. and, and these things take time and organization such as of no more than 50,000 Beta reprint 100,000 copies right hundred thousand copies to distribute at the call. I tell the publisher this week we feel good about this bike we want to do this and really try to cut out all middlemen and see the best price we can get you to come back to me. They say we get it for $0.80 a book is essentially serious. So with postage is going to be in close to hundred thousand dollars total. To do this all the shipping company is actually to 18 wheelers filled with books drop off at the mall in DC quite a sight. Okay now the only problem is how to get all the books there either how to pay for the books we did have a.literally not a dime to do it. I wrote a letter to all the pastors I knew and told him this exciting thing.

Redoing really tuned to wrote to us that they were your contributions about $400 thoroughly sure like 97,000 something. Whatever I go to a planning meeting.

The call is now June, some June 2000 and I'm asked to speak about the revolution theme of the gods put my heart and the young man there says I know he was a stranger.

He says I how you pay for that 80,000 a smart God will supply run some pastors and things comes up to me afterwards that my hearts burning said God told him supposed to finance this am supposed to send you the 80,000 serious stranger. All Emily had to the store you have the money either. He subsequently called his dad.

We found out because one of my friends met with his dad. Subsequently, it is his dad because his dad who actually worked in the in the Reagan administration said that I made a commitment to pay for this book, a thousand, habit assessment is to tell them you don't have it, and we somehow got supply for him from Bob Weiner Princeton base.

The paper departed postage and have the shipping option supposed the shipping of the books and we printed 100,000 cop and and then long story short, we went with over 700 students were ministry school at 1100 full-time students over 700 with just one weeks notice when they found out about thinking back to school week before this they come back in August we, going to DC and God stirs hearts we all go together over 15 buses.

The event has over 300,000 people that the largest gathering of Christian young people to my knowledge at that point in American history as the crowd size. This only was her family. We end up getting way over 70,000 copies book and as I looked out to the eyes of the crowd the students standing with me. The message was we're not dreaming got serious about the Jesus revolution. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today as we focus in on the subject of Jesus revolution, a subject I preached and taught is burned in my heart for the last 20 years. To me it is just part and parcel of the gospel.

Jesus radically changes us he sends us to radically change the world through the gospel. He says leave everything. Follow me life as it is, is not worth living.

But Jesus is worth living for and dying for. That's revolutionary thinking radical, dramatic, sweeping change to the gospel joy. I began to announce in in 1999 that there had to be a gospel based moral and cultural revolution that America was heading in the wrong direction and that revival needed to lead to revolution that God reviving the church needed to also produce a change in the way we do church and envision church understand church in a change in us which with info over to a change in the world around us again through the gospel. Jesus, the most radical revolutionary that every step foot on the planet transforming literally millions of lives, not with guns and knives and weapons and intimidation, but rather by his self sacrifice on the cross. That is the ultimate writer Calvin Civil War. What happened to this revolutionary semi things seem to got worse right in the thick of it. We been in the thick of it first. I wrote in the revolution book is telling revolutions coming to our side.

There are radical cultural changes coming there really be heaven sent, or hell-bent but I'm telling you they're coming radical cultural changes are coming, it's documented. You can read it in this, not just the typical pessimism of everything is getting worse. Before Jesus returns no is SMI theology. Anyway, that's just inevitable. Everything is worse all over Jesus return I see the closer we get to the end of the age great outpouring spirit and great apostasy. I see the closer we get to the the end of the age dog movie more openly. Satan admirably lowers parallel extreme that's what I see as we get closer to the end of the age, but I knew that America was at a tipping point, and that we were going to see radical and dramatic changes, either for good or for bad.

What's happened in these last 20 years old had the rise of radical atheism and and and with that precipitous drop in church attendance and people identifying us as nuns. They have no religious affiliation, NL and ES.

We we've seen a massive shift in LGBT activists that could could you imagine if I got 20 years ago 20 years, 31 born back that those that were living in an adult's back that if I got out 20 years ago and said the Supreme Court of the United States is going to redefine marriage.

The two men and two women can "marry that that if I told you that a candidate for president of the United States campaigns as a Christian married to his male partner. If I told you that Bruce Jenner, the celebrated Olympic athlete would be named woman of the year if if I mean how far you want me to go if I told you where things were going in America by predict all this, you would've told me I was crazy that I look already in 1989 and ended the American gospel enterprise. I talked about ports like Hawaii and you recognizing same-sex quote marriage and the seas roll their stuff been going on.

I've since found quotes from Francis Schaeffer in the 1960s talk about things there that the war on gender and what was happening in their see the activism even before the rise of Stonewall, the Stonewall riots and 69 all this but I told you where things we would go eat most most is that your craziness never to have this could never happen in our country, not in America, not in America and in and in Christians going to jail because they could not support gay activism and professors losing jobs in Christians being kicked out of school as they cannot support gay activism or someone being threatened with with losing everything, not just not just business but personal assets and things like that because in conscience. You couldn't do a floral arrangement for gay.

What if I told her this was, you think are you crazy, I was possibly be in it that's that's what's happened we're seeing them anyways. Wholesale societal transformation. What if I told you in 1999 that kids as young as they as eight would be getting exposed to pornography and that you have an epidemic of porn in the church because would be so ubiquitous a memo we were even able put Barbara wrap our brains around if you think of it, and was had with cell phones and how they been misused in some ways it's nanotechnology interest in all of that so much as happened so much as happened. If I told you that that 50% of overall babies born to first-time mothers in America will be born out of wedlock is praising the rabbit yes and it's all have. It has all happened at the same time there's been a holy pushback.

That's why say we are right in the midst of the revolution, of which he spoke and that's why years back when we we went from some local syndicates on radio to a more nationwide platform we had folks been in radio for many years. Listen to the show.

Listen to the show. Listen to the show and said hey we want to present you in the intro when change intro to see your voice moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. So that's me that you just defined me so I didn't come up with that someone else did. That's, that's, that's me, that's who I am again the three great themes of our ministry revival revolution and redemption revival in the church revolution in society, gospel based nonviolent gospel based moral culture revolution in society and redemption in Israel and all and ultimately that the last great goal. The final thrust of what we do is that last our redemption is missing the Jewish people say and you can partner with us through praying for us sharing our broadcaster videos or articles with others by becoming supporter easiest ways to score the patriot on patriot Dr. Brown asking your brown become a patron partner. Just watch the video there read a little. Bottega may be a minute minute and 1/2 and then join with us.

Partner with us to help us is how you spread the revolution that we are revolutionaries together when of course you live out the gospel in your own life your own heart your own family your own job that set that's how we spread Jesus revolution quite so so we are seeing a pushback we are seeing look what's happening in the pro-life movement right that the possibility of another pro-life justice being appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg has to step down.

Pres. Trump is still in right. You've got the real possibility of overturning Roe V Wade Phuket state after state after state we talked about on a broadcasted a few weeks back about the divided state of America and how you got it. The radical liberal states just going all out an inch away from infanticide okay and and then on the on the flipside on the flipside, you got this extraordinary rise of of pro-life activism and Evan were seated this it's a revolution brought us in your seeing a holy pushback against the LGBT activism and now church is waking up across America and into Canada and parents waking up and so it will of everybody but we don't want this agenda imposed our children and that we disagree with this right in the midst of it. Everything we talked about everything I wrote about in the revolution but were right in the thick of it and it's our time to live this out a revolutionary commitment says I am living and dying for the cause not hear from me not hear from me. I'm here for something higher for something bigger for something more important for us that Jesus rest at the gospel. Russ that's souls are friends or colleagues who around the world are being martyred for the gospel are literally losing their lives or the gospel and their willing to do. Why because they're living in light of eternity. Because we know that ultimately were just passing through. In this role and that Paul says our light affliction. Think of Paul talk about our light affliction is just for a moment or stressor far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory says that second Corinthians the fourth chapter. Think of that in Romans eight I consider the sufferings of this role. Not not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us given compare whatever help following through on earth, which is far more than any of us here have known the gospel. Melissa you the family room that was smart of you been tortured for the faith he went through was hellish. There is a constant persecution is the and compare that and compare that the Lord is good be revealed that the that think of that while we catch this vision and end the bill, the Leonard Ravenhill question. The Pearson question of the things you're living for, worth Christ dying for. This is the revolutionary spirit that we we we want to get you engaged with this is that the revolutionary spirit that that that that says Jesus change me and send me out to change my world we do it through the gospel. We do through prayer we do through through through fasting. We we do through calling for repentance. We do through good deeds we do through reaching out to the needy.

We we go through standing against evil in society we we do it from infiltrating every realm of the world that surround this with the gospel with the message of Jesus with the cross and we give our lives for the cause that is truly revolutionary thinking, hey if you want to be equipped full time or part time. If you want to sit under gifted faculty will train you and equip you to be a Jesus revolutionary you can earn an Associates degree with us, and then transfer those credits into the Kings University and other programs as well to continue with bachelors and Masters even doctoral studies lay the foundations with us, you may be 75 years old with a hey I just want to dig in more you may be 18 and write out a car, a high school your predicate, what next there's there's online mentoring with our faculty as well go to fire school of ministry.calm to find out more. We are now actively taking registrations for the fall semester which will begin in August. Then you cultural pace and take one class is a three or four classes, one for this next season the whole semester studying view that a part-time basis. Audit classes pay for credit.

See mom revolution

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