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When a Pastor Is Arrested for Preaching God's Love

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 26, 2019 4:50 pm

When a Pastor Is Arrested for Preaching God's Love

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 26, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/26/19.


Yes, it's true. A pastor in Canada preaching the love of God on the streets is arrested for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, our friends, we can equip you today to help you to understand what's happening in the society around us in America. In Canada, the real assault on our freedom of religion, speech and conscience, no exaggeration, this is Michael Brown and I will be your reliable and truthful guide today, 86634 is number.

Call 866-348-7884 at the bottom of the hour will be joined by Pastor David Lynn, who was arrested for disturbing the peace of preaching on the love of God in Canada will hear things out of the horses mouth.

Exactly what happened to him. When God began to land my heart in 2004 that I needed to address what was happening in terms of gay activism in society's 2004 all right, I quickly saw that those who came out of the closet fighting for what they said would be their rights for equality in their mind. Treat us the way others are treated, but to show affection in public without being ostracized. Let our relationships. We recognize the way others are. Understand their point of view where they're coming from over there, walk in their shoes. So as they came out of the closet. There was an agenda though that went beyond equality and tolerance and as I began to speak. 15 years ago. Those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. There is a real frontal assault on her freedom of religion, speaking conscience and I already recognize in years ago, I was greatly helped by books like Alan Sears and Craig Austin, the homosexual agenda ready.

So 15 years ago that LGB activism, which became LGBT and beyond activism was that principal threat. So let me take you into California so you know exactly what is currently happening now. All right ago in California. I wrote this article why California pastors must stand up to government tyranny. Right. You haven't read that article. It's our website it's on stream posted elsewhere why California pastors must in up to government tyranny and I said, a California wants to tell pastors what they can and cannot say in their preaching and teaching regarding gay relations and identity transgender identity there was a Christian young man on Twitter who respectfully challenge me and said I don't think that's what the bill says is, it is not with the bill says you're going beyond with the bill says source and write your links there is a commentary on the bill from a legal society in California and any spilled chalice process here is Fran. I can't go beyond telling you what's there but the fact that this will evenly discuss the fact that anyone would even think it's it's possible for the state to tell Christian leaders what they can and can't say or should or shouldn't say this is utterly outrageous, so I won't go through the bill with you.

This has been proposed in the proposal was accepted so it is in motion now to been stopped right out of the gate is emotion last year was Bill the cow table last-minute AB 2943 and that bill would've made it illegal for anyone of any age in California with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion to get professional help to help them resolve those issues. It's illegal in California. 15 of the states right now.

If you're a minor. This is complete outreach it's illegal for a minor to get professional counseling help that person is unwanted same-sex attraction there 17 years old but say they were raped and abused earlier they find themselves confused about their sexual desires. They want to be attracted to the opposite sex performance is attracted to the same sex they want to get clinical help they want to sit with professional counselor. The parent say let's do it it illegal in California in 15 states for a minor to do it.

That's already an outrage and is being fought now from state to state.

California, one of the make it illegal for everyone of any age.

Yet now something even more nefarious. So let's take a look at this California legislative information bill information and to what I've agreed to switch to another link here and I'll have all that info for you have got a little bit small.

My screen here and I pulled up the wrong link that's not it. That's not it. All right, hang on, we are almost there.

What I want you to see is what is actually being put forth in this bill. Okay. And here we go, and I've got it in front of me now. I keep coming up with the same link. This is very very strange. All right. Let me look at the text of the bill here and okay let me see. I tell you what, if we can enlarge that on the screen. I'm going to have to I got okay ACR 99 you go back to regular size, and sorry for those listening but were trying to do some video at the same time ACR 99 is amended civil rights lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. Okay of this measure.

We call upon all Californians to embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance upon religious leaders to counsel on LGBT Q matters from a place of love, compassion and knowledge of the psychological and other harms of conversion therapy and upon the people California Institute of California with great moral influence to model equitable treatment of all people of the state so that sounds innocent.


This anything but innocent and that number one. Everyone must agree that quote conversion therapy all right conversion therapy is harmful was at me, helping someone with a more same-sex attraction or unwanted gender identity disorder find wholeness find help find change so anything saying is through counseling through the gospel. We can help you change from homosexual, heterosexual, we can help you get set free from some of these desires. You must recognize that is harmful. Okay and then you must have a model of equitable treatment of all people of the state, which means that if of a boy identifies as a girl and you need to support that boy's female identity and support that boys quote right to use the female restroom at school and play on the girls sports team, so on and so forth.

Okay where is the California state legislature has found that being gay, bisexual or transgender is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcomings of this is now the foundation on which this bill is being presented.

This is the foundation on which this bill is going forth that these are the premises. These are the presuppositions. Everything is built on that friends. This is what is been such a strong outcry to this from Christian leaders, whereas major professional associations of mental and physical health. Recognize that being LGBT Q is part of natural variations that occur in sexual orientation and gender identity and recommend responsive services that foster self acceptance and skills to cope with social stigma and discrimination. Whereas practices are therapies that attempt to create a change in a person's sexual orientation or gender identity are often referred to as conversion therapy where some family caregivers and communities provoke conversion therapy.

When a person is known third to be LGBT Q and risk. California law recognizes that performing conversion theory.

Young person is an effective, unethical and harmful and were as conversion therapy is been rejected as an effective, unethical, harmful by leading medical, mental health and child both organizations in the United States and where is the stigma associated with being LGBT Q often created by groups in society, including therapists and religious groups is cause disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection and isolation amongst LGBT Q and questioning individuals and where is the state of California is a compelling interest in promoting the physical and psychological well-being of martyrs, including LGBT Q youth and protecting his minds against exposure to serious harms caused by family rejection and attempts to change sexual orientation or gender identity and was in a pluralistic society. People different along spectrums of political religious perspectives share a common responsibility of protecting the health and well-being of all children and vulnerable communities. Now therefore be it resolved by the assembly of the state of California and Senate thereof concert concurring that the legislature calls upon all Californians to embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance, be it further resolved that the legislature calls upon religious leaders to counsel on LGBT Q people from a place above compassion alter the psychological harms of conversion therapy and be it further resolved than addressing the stigma often associated with persons who identify as LGBT Q: the people of California especially as counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators, legislators, and the institutions of California with great moral influence, especially its churches in Evernote's churches first enlist universities colleges of the school's counseling centers, activist groups and religious centers.

The model equitable treatment of all people of the state, etc. okay friends jumps out this essay if you preach that homosexual practices send that stigmatizing people can't do that if you say that a same-sex court marriage in God's sight is not a real marriage that stigmatizing people you can do that if you tell the man wearing the dress that was be a member of your church that you want this man to embraces biological identity are going to help them do that that stigmatizes him. This is what the bill is actually saying friends. This is what the bill is mandating. That's why this bill must be instead fastly resisted and that's why pastors, leaders all over California right now of America should be due to the 10 years ago or longer, but they should get up on a Sunday morning and and give a full and clear and definite message where we stand. Homosexual practice and why where we stand on transgender issues and white and then preach with love, but the messages be saturated with love to be saturated with broken hearts of compassionate care for those that feel that their outcast and marginalized of God hate is of God hates them proclaim the gospel to all the blood of Jesus shed the same for all and new life in Jesus. And if the bill passes then that next week. Get up and do it again defy the bill openly obey God rather than that obey God rather than that, we come back.

I want to share some of her response to this by Christian leaders in California including those who have come out of homosexual practice and are leading new lives in Jesus and in addition to that, I will look at something terribly disappointing Christian leader in California who is on the wrong side of this principle here is that the filename line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown gender minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 784 is the number to call. We make it to some calls before bring on Pastor Lynn at the bottom to the hour. Let's take a look at a response to this bill. This is response to California assembly counsel or concurrent resolution 99 Acer 99 by some remember low which seeks to take away the freedom to give or receive assistance for sexual attraction or gender identity think that's the bottom line here it's gone even further and say what's it it's illegal for professional therapist. Cassis is telling pastors and leaders here say a future influence. Yet encourage someone identifies as gay to stay that way.

Someone who identifies this man in a woman's body to embrace the the other identity. That's what it's saying, so then this is the minimum leader sign on to this people should have the freedom to pursue what brings them to happiness and joy.

ACR 90 I was trying to cut people off from their own pathway to happiness. This resolution tells Californians of many religions that their faith is unacceptable to the state. Friends, this is what is going on. Politicians atomic California churches, synagogues, and mosques what they should and should not teach claimant Californians of traditional faiths. Because health disparities traditional faiths are not the cause of health disparities in sexual orientation or gender identity. Diverse individuals assemblyman low and others simply presume national research and research done conjointly by both affirmative and change line researches the other finds that individuals experience same-sex attraction live according to the traditional religious faith are no less happy or healthy than individuals, and liberal face or no faith to live out in LGBT identity. In fact, many experience happiness driving and health religiously traditional parents, pastors, faith-based ministries and therapists are uniquely able to assist individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted gender incongruence to enjoy this happiness. Politicians should not take away the freedom to obtain their help friends. This is an outrage. Professional organizations agree that same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria are not simply biologically caused they often change, and they have psychological causes that may be pathological and treatable in each one of these, with a footnote in the reference abundant research supports the trauma such as childhood sexual abuse may lead to same-sex sexuality or transgender identity or suffer some the often misrepresented American psychological Association task force report 2009 actually said there was no research that minute standards and show change allowing therapy is an effective or harmful.

By the way I documented that in detail in a queer thing happened to America and acknowledge that contemporary change allowing therapy does not use aversive methods. It further acknowledge that it based its tentative conclusions on anecdotal, not scientific evidence from a small number of studies it said it it said it did not meet its scientific standards unit neglected to give the same way to anecdotal evidence from a century of research showing that attractions toward people of the same sex of change to step back and give you a more background the American psychological Association appointed a task force to study whether sexual orientation change efforts actually helped or with org were they harmful who was on that this task force every member of the task force was either openly gay and gay activists like Jack Drescher or a strong gay alloy so it was like eating 90% I think five of them were all actively gay gay activists, and one just a Galli close to that is not exactly that when there was a suggestible why not bring on people who have all the academic qualifications but have a different perspective and evangelical perspective conservative perspective. No, this would be like having Al Gore appoint a group of people from Greenpeace and other left-wing activists, environmental organizations and do a study of global warming. What conclusions do you think they will come to write or or if if if you if you get Kelly and Conway and a bunch of of really activists from supporters to do a study is has trumped on a good job as president.

What results you think you're going to get okay, obviously. And yet as skewness. It was as leaning radically to the left as it was, it still did not come up with any clear scientific evidence.

These efforts were harmful. The media reporters all heart that it was inaccurate. Okay that's inaccurate. So despite the thing being weighted the way it was. It still did not come those conclusions are back to this response. Contrary to misrepresentations. Therapists are open to a clients goal of change, use of non-aversive well-established mainstream practices and evidence-based treatments for trauma and addiction fused by professional therapist will one another was their pursuit with people talk through that such shock therapy. It's a talk through issues they try to get to the root of them. That's what they do. Victims of child sexual abuse have a right to client directed therapy that may is a byproduct result in a change in sexual orientation, attraction, or behavior result in embracing one's innate biological sex so that they go on further will scroll down towards the end, religious freedom is an inalienable right recognized within the context of America's religious heritage rests upon the insight that human beings of every kind are endowed with equal worth because each and every one of us bears the glorious image of nature's God.

Every person California therefore is entitled to the freedom to develop their own sense of identity with a traditionally unto God or not.

Religious leaders have the constitutionally protected right to teach religious doctrine in accordance with their faith. Politicians have no right to tell clergy what is moral, dictate the content of their sermons or instruct them in religious counsel, may I repeat that line religious leaders of the constitutionally protected right to teach religious doctrine in accordance with their faith. Politicians have no right to tell clergy what is moral, dictate the content of their sermons or instruct them in religious counsel. So here's the disappointment there's evangelical leader Dr. Kevin Minaya currently chaplain at Azusa Pacific University, which is had some very bad shifts in terms of LGBT stance in recent years and he's the former head of the national Association of Evangelicals. We reached out to him last year concerned about statements he had made on on similar issues. His assistant got back to us and gave sometimes we could talk never able to set that up. I asked now to become on the radio with me to discuss this and this is a busy travel schedule will not be able to dysfunctional.

We reached out will continue to reach out privately, but liberty, counsel reports, a pew chaplain misleads pastors and this was this was the shocker.

This is what was really grievous Christian leaders that were there on Monday, the California State assembly passed a resolution authored by assemblyman Evan Lowe was a secure 90 numbers because I'm usually leaders and others with moral influence to affirm sexuality in transgender is him to accept the Christian efforts to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion or ineffective unethical and harmful as a resolution ACR 99 does not have the force of law but will be persuasive for some policymakers it will now go to the state Senate for a vote. So it would be counsel reminds us of what happened last year with a B 2943 that I previously mentioned, so now Evan Lowe openly gay himself. That's as a crime this thing that he has his own biases and worldview viewpoints. She tweets out Kevin Inouye, former president of the national Association of Evangelicals and chaplain at Azusa Pacific speaks in support of ACR 99 to reaffirm our values of love and dignity while also acknowledging the harmful practice of conversion therapy so after he testified his other Christian leaders reached out to him and said what the world are doing so well.

This was under full support of the idea wasn't able to get to everything that I wanted to say. Paraphrasing wasn't able to get to everything… I've setting it with full support will what he said what he said gave the clear impression to everyone including assemblyman Lowe that he gave it his full support. All right, that's what was understood from what he said that's what his testimony did and he said that this is on behalf of some other Christian leaders.

This is a travesty from this is a shame that this is this is really undercutting righteous efforts. Whatever motivated him whatever his purpose is word. This was a very very bad and unfortunate move and continues to erode our ability to stand and do what's right and speak the truth in love so friends make sure if you're in California friends in California that you circulate today's broadcast circulate my article on why California pastors must stand up to government tyranny. And if you haven't watch my consider this video, which asked the question, why don't more Christian leaders speak out one or more pastors speak out. You can watch it and asked Dr.

Just type in why don't more pastors speak out and you can watch this for yourself.

You'll find it instructional pastors and leaders. Your your congregants want you to speak out, not the mean-spirited way that attacking others, equipping them, helping them. This is a frontal assault on on the religious freedoms of Americans at and look what happens in California doesn't stay in California and look when when this is meant to have a moral influence on policymakers that the effects will be dramatic. And here's the problem. While we still have a lot of liberty got more here in America than Canada. Very few of us are fully using once he gets taken away.

And there's a penalty.

How many will stand them. In other words, if we are not willing to stand today when there is almost no penalty in terms of imprisonment or or losing our clerical license or whatever. All right, certain loans, beheading us right now. If there's so little penalty now and so few are willing to speak out what happens when there is a penalty. What happens when you lose your tax exemption. What happens when you lose your ordination what what happens when your D platform. What happens when you put in jail on what makes us think that when it gets hard. Will speak you will not speak analogous ease we come back we'll hear from Pastor David Lynn I want you to know what happening family friends Sally law here in America the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends about alarmists. I live in the love and peace of God, 24, seven great confidence in what God is doing in America and around the world and I work very closely with believers and donations that have been persecuted for their faith. Some people close to us have been martyred for their faith.

So I'm I'm not sounding the alarm here in America and Canada because I'm an alarmist, but because things are turning in a very dangerous direction and we need to send a wake-up call. Now, otherwise will have to do some apologizing to our kids and our grandkids into the Lord himself.

This is Michael Brown tuned into the line of fire your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution and about the speak now with Pastor David Lynn. He is the leader of Christ's forgiveness ministries. He holds a Masters degree in theology and pastoral care from the University of Toronto and from Tyndale University seminaries currently pursuing a PhD in religious studies. He is known for his compassionate but bold street preaching and recently has been the subject of of an outrageous arrest. The good news is it's been videotaped. The good news is the stories going viral. But you need to hear this for yourself. Pastor David, thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire.

Thank you. Thank you. It's an honor to be here. Dr. Mike around him.

You're one of my euros a night. Really appreciate all the amazing work you're doing before because of krait will thank you sir. It's it's a joy to be in this together with you of pastor. What makes your heart beat what what you do what you do. Who are you want people to know you from the heart. First well I am a person capable broken background that was looking for love in all the wrong places, corrupt women gain and in a jail cell maintenance read the New Testament Bible got convicted I discovered Jesus miraculously in he gave me a second chance when I felt like I was nothing quite so it went, but nobody trusted me anymore because I broke everybody's trust. Jesus became my friend and he gave me a love that supernatural could I could tell what I think of what he did for me totally unworthy unit and I'm still at work he did myself is long transport DNA and if you love me this much of the world that much in and it his beloved grace in my life that propelled so I'm what I get out felt lethargic and you know I just stayed at home and didn't want to tell anybody. Within a couple of the spirit of the Lord and try to meet this propelled without money, you could transform the fitter was painted my life from from from shamble and and and make something out of nothing and and and that whole need to be declared everybody yell that's why I do what I do. The 20 and and how is it David that you then moved to take this message out onto the streets and not just confined it to the walls of the church building, but to actually go out where the law*were people who disagree once you start doing that what when I back in 1996.

Only almost immediately felt almost like a it was weird because my credit you were okay.

We were all broken on when I had my eyes open. I realized that I got I got my friends I got I got up in the golf Brent don't know what they're doing and immediately I started not only witnessing every girl like you banded time but every friend of mind stealing lobbying selling drug I had tell the just like the they were on the pathway to hell if they did at the truck now that reality is that many of my friends. Yet many of them at that gang violence were locked in jail for life but you know I had an again it was just I guess what the Lord did for me. Maybe you how much the world so yeah almost immediately with the month I started telling people about yeah and it's only natural. Lord's transform you when he set me free from my abusive drug life and my my whole sinful, rebellious days, 1971. Everything that moved or breezed out I had to tell about Jesus, especially of developer friends are close to me or that I knew at any level. It's only natural.

So for those who don't know you, David and and all of the devils advocate here for moment, there are Street preachers say who will go to the Gay pride event and will the hold up signs in the sodomites burn in hell or death to gays or things like that is, is that your style are you there to provoke people and and it it in with an angry message telling you to burn on the laugh as you burn in hell's attorney burn I'm caricaturing things a little bit but obviously for the reason you have the Westborough Baptist God hates fags that kind of thing is that your style are you really good question and a lot of people lump into that category. The moment I feel Street preachers but know that not I'm ever going to restrict Richard Carpenter, 2010 and I was invited and I bet people that did that style.

I went out with him and I was just observing what they did and I noticed it almost seemed like they had a fan you're telling people out there, although you're going to hell and there was no proof, just aggravation the company to offer me the bike notes, or would you like the preacher and and I and I shared the gospel hope of Jesus in a big crowd came around, but tears were coming that very same date with an evil like the Lord before that that reality is a lot of large ball and and giving doing evangelism and street preaching a bad name. A lot of amazing people that brought the Bible toward with you, Charles, John Wesley, Ed and Ari Tori and a lot of other people that either the open-air preaching or or outdoor preaching. Preaching to the masses and not my style is.

I definitely speak about sin, but Bible to speak the truth in love, and the gospel is the problem. He should much Bible knowledge. I know work, go to church or to keep all the thank you ma'am it looked like that it is important as it is the go to church and that is what regarding the contract, the post be interpreted in the New Testament. The gospel that the Christ of God. The and what I find that most of their are looking for for love and wrong places. They're looking for. Hope they're looking for the answers. And when you provide to you when you share the gospel. You don't have to crack you don't have you know talks about the world that he gave his one respondent that we did from the if I was the same as those guys you know, I don't think I don't think I would be safe. Today God approached me with his grace and love shall be that there was hope that's the same method like Greek of course repented there. Of course we need to understand that we all but but it how we how we griped so many people preaching to me when I was younger I was the grace of God the Holy Spirit of God that in that jail cell gave me hope gave considerable that's right, though I don't want to be mom. The one and unfortunately I do something that ends up being categorized. Like like that but II challenged the way we do it in our mystical Christ forgiveness for a reason, because were bringing the forgiveness of the hope of Christ centered and that's the message I preach in there and there are many many many fine Street preachers. In fact, I would assume the great majority are out there to share the gospel to share the message of Jesus to preach sin and forgiveness through the cross as opposed to great people and insult them at and yet a few bad apples give the rest a bad reputation. This looking David a comment on Facebook of us in the past David Lynn for many years. He's a very anointed street preacher and a prophetic voice and a broken culture is so faithful to the truth of God's word in the gospel message alright so let's get to the incident than a lot of people know your heart know your background and I want to smash some of the negative stereotypes sold you went into a community of by large gay lesbian community are known for that. And you you went with some team members and began to share on the love of God on the street corner Tele tell us what happened while Archer decided to do in Toronto were going to every major community within the city of Toronto compared and my hope is that every much as I can't and so this was the third day of our trout work and other third daily Republic, but already about 10 to 12 community and this was the third third or fourth. The third day and we had about two other stopped after that, the go to a couple other neighborhood.

It also when I when I arrived at this area it yeah it is a predominantly gay neighborhood. Not everybody there is a member of the LGBT community, but I believe that every I don't care who you are what what what Dr. everybody has hope in Jesus and everybody needs to hear that God's but world that that when you trusted him with his Holy Spirit. He can give you the strength to walk with him and an input give you what power you with the Holy Spirit and so I want to exclude anybody they wanted to exclude that community. So as soon as we got there we pray first thing we did great break.

The Lord's prayer we pray to general prayer of hope and redemption in the area and immediately after we prayed a homeless gentleman, a member community. I was also wholeness approached her and asked prayer and that's exactly what you gave them hope gave the gospel, prayed, and he was so thankful and he wanted to sing a gospel song and and didn't discriminate against him didn't stated that about go ahead, give given a microphone gospel thing along with them because I believe that the power of God. Trent want to the brink of darkness fight bring glory to glory and at any could do that with anybody. If he did it with me, with anybody any member appealed and as soon as I started praying I noticed a few people around the work on the microphone at all and I noticed they had to sign but I didn't pay too much attention. I didn't know why.

And after be allowed to fill out member to sing, I noticed that there were a few members there that we posted a right. I guess the rest of the story friends.

No exaggeration gets arrested, disturbing the peace on the love of God, no exaggeration. This is what's happening in Canada. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends going to settle on farms past David Lynn based in Toronto leads Christ forgiveness ministries are to take us back to what happened is really scandalous me community can you're going to every different community in the city of Toronto you want to leave them out just minister the gospel to a homeless man that you see these other people coming around with signs what happened so what span people with time. Wasn't sure who they were, but I was starting to suspect that something. Anyway, I do what I do. I got share the gospel and I didn't say anything derogatory didn't see anything direct to any could I just made a general quick declaration of God gospel think God loves you.

You tolerate you, you know, and I declare the word of God and as I think the sale God loves you of the group came around, try telling me I wasn't welcome tried to keep my steps insulted me. It got a got so busy on the sidewalk. Eventually a police officer came in was telling me that it could turn off the microphone and even within Toronto. We have a right used amplification within reason. Eventually I complied and I asked the Mike that out by that I break the body should note that I am I am I under arrest.

Oh, and I said want to continue to share the gospel than any could work you do, so any of that something would happen either of you arrested and I like what I didn't break the law did to get on about the excitement. I'm hoping that could be impartial and protect my little protect me as well and and so if I'm not under arrest a medical over there and ensure that all so I went over there without application share the gospel and what I say got about God. Oprah you everybody has hope and and I repeated John 316 a few times and it all and live stream on unedited uncut yoke CompuCom throughout your time throughout all of it when people come to you getting your face you don't respond. You don't raise a fist to them or anything like that over those 11 watched friends the footage. This is very very telling about and obviously day because Grace is at work in your life and you you exercise self-control is otherwise those situations can be very volatile. You get angry you use them and provokes you.

It's easy to provoke back so we follow the example of Jesus, and we bless those who curse us and will reviled. We don't revile back okay back to you.

So after that about these officers came put me in handcuffs and I have worked for. They wouldn't answer me that would respond to me. They walked Anita over to the squad car and eventually they set up disturbing the peace and you know I was in shock. You know in Canada we do have freedoms the public sidewalk. If anybody was disturbing the peace. It was in the protesters to were not only a salt block sidewalk screaming louder than I what quality but becoming a PA what sales like banging on things to make noise to distract you know is so much things are happening at you know it you will invite your butt know basically I was brought to jail. I was there overnight wasn't allowed to call my wife for my son who was who happened in another country and in a long story there.

I ended up getting released on bond on certain bail conditions that about a lot of that area just think they kept you overnight.

They didn't allow you to call your wife. Did they give you an explanation know I was actually ignored all night and onto the Army that the prison guard came to every other cell. The moment they called upon them, but for some reason every time I called, even when they were right there refused to answer to the point where you can shut the there's a certain window that you can shut cell. They shut it on the purposely grasp the provoke beater shall be that you know you have no right and you know what, I hope that the video camera was recording all of those in the jail because I made many many folks that I deeply call my wife. She was a basically stranded in another country because she was staying in a hotel because she's on coming over on immigration. She felt here, but she was I would think a hotel that was the day that the hotel I had a piano staying online and I had no way to get a hold of her and and I had no clue what I and I have a three-month-old son, and the entire day. I couldn't get a hold of my wife know what happened that she could go up street. Luckily the hotel allowed her the bunker. Even though she didn't pay but but totally disgraceful note. There's no reason why the they could, that there should be no reason what it would be to allow him to call my wife extraordinary so you are out on me when I'll you yeah I mean you got treated like a criminal, but treated worse than criminal and and and yet the outrageousness of this friends. This is not just a social issue. This is a spiritual battle this really is a spiritual battle it in.

In other words, the level of resistance. The level of bad treatment for sharing the gospel on the straight it's it's mind-boggling that this happened in in Canada can is deftly a step ahead the wrong direction of some things here in America so sedated you got out on bail. You can't disclose the terms of that. What can you tell us we got about 3 1/2 minutes.

What can you tell us where things stand and what message do you want to get out.

Well what I can say is that we need to stand together. This is not time fragmented.

If we don't stand together and fight now the next generation. It is there going to be not only locking more Christians up but but even executing Christians or exiling Christian and and so we are working to be fighting the next court date. You have bike and will rallying together as many Christian and and you know we you know you're welcome to support on our website but I definitely need your prayers where ever you are on the exercise of freedom is time to rally together starts above your brother and sister and let Dan right to freedom.

I think that this is going to be the new civil rights. It's going to be for Christian because were being treated very unjustly in the last days and and if we don't speak up now while we have right, it'll be all taken away and unfortunately it'll be really bad for the next generation yeah absolutely friends if we don't speak and act today. The next generation is going to be in a real mess and it's going to be because of our fear of man, or a desire to please man, or a desire to avoid hardship and look at some it's a privilege you got to go to jail for the gospel.

It's a privilege it's an honor and a man in many countries you're thrown in jail and never heard from him again. I remember years back in operation rescue event where we were all arrested for being in front of an abortion clinic. And as as we were being driven off to the jail that you know they have those ties on your hand cuffed behind her back and the ties were tight. One of the guys was regularly arrested was just really hurting and and and he asked the police officer. They loose to the thing I said that we never get to suffer at least let the things be a little tight here.

You know a good we'll discuss involvement in and took it. So we know what is. The sisters are enduring literally paying with their lives on a daily basis around the world for the gospel. But there's no. Is that what we want. We want the freedoms that have been carefully crafted to we want those taken away and is it for the good of the society around us. For those freedoms to be taken away so lasting quickly. Have you been formally charged with a crime. Yes, I have so be focused crime on high: oh, they set up disturbing the peace and the in Canada that have year sentence if convicted up to two years and which which I think it is nonsense. I don't know what I did except though people got up to preach the gospel next start speech but yet I am formally charged. I am on bail. I have a court date coming up and I now seek your you know what work was still just going to the contract there, but you have a lawyer that's in the be helping you plan on making a civil rights case and caressed filing complaints and pressing charges as well.

As fighting the criminal charge against but yet I have the form chart unfortunate. Yeah, the fact of the matter is

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