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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 28, 2019 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 28, 2019 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/28/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are open. You've got questions, we've got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the Friday edition of the line. Are you got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open soon you call the better chance we have of getting to your calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Anything that pertains in any way to the subject matter of the show. Any area where I can help you in any way. If you differ with me. Want to challenge me on something please give me a call.

Phone lines are open.

No every day will be posted on YouTube.

We we have a title for the show title for the video so Fridays it's like Dr. Brown, answers your tough questions. Dr. Brown tackles the question. Dr. Brown answered your best question so I think today is Dr. Brent answers your best question.

So I'm looking for your very best questions, 866-34-TRUTH will start in Wichita, Kansas been welcome to the line of fire.

You did yesterday. I bend my apologies. My apologies, I apologize.

LaShawn obviously missed the fact that you called, we don't allow calls consecutive days. We got a ton of callers to get to Sir, so my apologies.

Not sure how you get through the Argus LaShawn or someone dismissed it all, but we we have to have at least a couple weeks between call site. I apologize for being rude but we gotta stay with policy.

Otherwise, the ton of people. We don't get to at this with repeat calls day by day, so my apologies there been an goblin we can talk in the future.

86634 let's go to Mark in Australia. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hey Dr. Brown of America to be on the show Yep Yep talk to but in a few weeks get to talk yet. The question basically if a believer who has the Holy Spirit can at the same time have a demon indwelling them and just a beam of the 50 let's say somebody is struggling and got and then a greater deliverance in a spirit of anger come out know I will come out and then it comes up is it that us and not have the Holy Spirit and vitiligo did a leave and note some people say the demon possessed of the soul, but don't touch the spirit and their abilities. But what are your fault that is so number one. If you are a saved person a child of God the Holy Spirit lives inside.

He doesn't live inside and then the devil comes in. He leaves and to the question is can they both can a Holy Spirit and a demon habit the same place that that would be the question.

There is no known question that a Christian can come under demonic power is no question about that.

In other words, that someone can yield to the lies of the enemy open the door to the enemy and now the repressed and there bound and and they need help to get free so we agreed that can happen, they can be all pressed but can they be demon possessed is the question now. I've had friends minister to Christians and say that this person was possessed by a demon and when they drove the spirit out. You could see the change in the eyes physically or the body convulsed and the person was set free and delivered, but I don't want to base doctrine on experience.

I don't want to base doctrine on what I saw or experienced so that's the other idea. We have an inner being consisting of soul and spirit different aspects of our interbeing. Is it possible that a demon can inhabit someone's soul but not there spirit this that distinction exist that clearly what I've taught on it. Mark because I see some ambiguity here on the one hand, I don't see how light and darkness dwell side-by-side in the same place at the same time I do see a problem with that, theoretically, and I see passages in Scripture that that indicate that at the same time I know of Christians who really come under demonic attack and when they were delivered.

It did seem as if something from the inside left them so I've I've likened it to this I've not even try to answer that question specifically as much as to say this that that demonic power has taken up residence somewhere in that person's life and needs to get out and I used asked the question if you put headphones on and listen to music is music in you or not, goes in your ears and it's goat is summit was on the outside but then you're hearing it inside. It's kind of a unity can answer either way that's pretty much the way I look at things with Christians and demons that if I see that this person is really being tormented is really being bound that this person somehow is is under under demonic power and a kink it's a free and their genuine believers then having minister to them for right response from their heart. I'm going to order Satan who's the authority ultimately to leave, in Jesus name. Get out leave whatever the out is whatever they're inhabiting that they don't have the right to so I know some more specific and more dogmatic.

Either way to me.

I can't be super dogmatic based on Scripture and experiences can be secondary to that so it's clear demon forces infiltrated this person's life and think get out. In Jesus name. That to me is the pragmatic approach so it answers your question.

Part of full but hopefully in a way that's helpful enough 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Bill and Fort Mill, South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for me on their you welcome. I was interested in the pursuit of the Aramaic translation of the Bible in the second century. Some people say that even the epistles like to Ephesians is actually was originally written in Aramaic and I think the larger opinion of scholarship is that the vitiate of the entire appreciate the is a translation from the Greek and that the Bible was originally the New Testament was originally written in Greek of you studied the appreciate the much yes you have an opinion on yeah absolutely I 100% agree with the vast majority of scholarly consensus that the per sheet the is in Aramaic translation, Syriac, specifically which is branch of Aramaic, Syriac translation of the New Testament is actually per sheet of the whole Bible is a Syriac translation of the Old Testament as well. In its second and third century, it's of great importance in terms of history of interpretation and because Jesus would've spoken in Aramaic dialect that was similar to that that there are certain things that you can reconstruct or learn by looking at the per sheet but for example George lambs a popularize that he was a modern Aramaic speaker.

So it's some connection Syriac, but still the languages changed over the centuries and he he did translations of the of the per sheet or and and pointed to this if this was that the more original source. There are others today that have really made a major movement to argue for per sheet. The primacy of Brian Simmons and his passion paraphrase of the of the Bible dealing with the New Testament. He often looks for the Aramaic as as as either primary or giving giving a real good background, but the bottom line is we have over 5000 manuscripts. Some within a generation or two of when the original New Testament book was written all in Greek.

We do not have. If we don't we don't have any ancient manuscripts of the per sheet or that we predate this or that would indicate that was anything but a translation, when the church fathers recording those that that are Greek speakers there. Quoting from the Greek that's the original source and it was in the wisdom of God that that was done so that the maximum people to hear the message that there's one other thing there. There are some strains of evidence that would point to Matthew. Originally composing his work in Hebrew or Aramaic, or collecting the original sayings of Jesus in Hebrew or Aramaic. There are some references to Hebrews being written in Hebrew there is a reference and in other writings to gospel writings in Hebrew or Aramaic recess a or Aramaic is there's a debate once his language of the Hebrews. This would be in Hebrew dismay, Aramaic is there many speak Aramaic that with the per sheet is definitely a distinct work which is a translation from the Greek. It does have a lot of interesting Aramaic idiom Semitic idioms and things like that so it's worth studying and looking at but in a secondary way in a translation way I see no reason to go against the scholarly consensus on what about the passion translation. What do you feel about the Brian Simmons passion translation but it's really paraphrase and I know he's got really outlasted in certain circles if you use it rightly, you can have value.

That was it.

If you understand even though he was doing his best to be meticulous in and look at the Hebrew in the in the Greek, etc. it's still a paraphrase of. If you look for example when he renders the Beatitudes the ravens and the Psalms are the way he renders song of Solomon, you'll see that that it's a paraphrase like the message is a paraphrase rather than a straight translation.

If you use it rightly and in other words, just like the message here and there when I be working on a book or commentary.

I simple I like the way he said that at and and pull that out and use it or the living Bible at that's that is can. That's that communicates and that's that's the point of what the text essay so that can be done as well that can be done as well in terms of using the passion translation just use it rightly. Never use a paraphrase is a primary translation never use the message or the passion is primary translation.

But if it's for secondary study. If it's trying to get some of the spirit of especially the passion of the text, then it can be used want to. So you compare it with a bunch of the translations in terms of accuracy and things like that and then when you feel what that really conveys the spirit of what the text essay then you can use it accordingly. All right. Appreciate that 86634878 a for pay what I've got 30 seconds before the break, so I go to the calls as soon as we get to the other side of the break. Just a reminder for all of you who have not yet ordered Jezebel's war with America, which comes out August 6 with increasing anticipation for this books release the data goes by an American think I'm have become get this book out.

If you haven't yet ordered or if you're ready ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble Christian book on the online dealers go to Jezebel's war with Jezebel's war with you're the hardcover and you go there with your purchase e-books for free. You get the evils of playing with holy fire. Three. You'll get other serious evil audio video for free event is over $50 in free materials. Jezebel's warmth The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown this with a built on it. In other words, a practicing Jew today rabbinic Jew looks back to the Pharisees as as some of their founding fathers. Of course it would back to Abraham, Moses, etc. but yet the Pharisees would be looked at as is their founding fathers and that they would feel that the New Testament is very unfair to the Pharisees very unfair to them very unfair to their traditions and and them as as leaders of course traditional, you should be upset with that presentation rights is number one.

Jesus is pointing out the hypocrites and number two he sees a whole lot of things that we don't see. I would find a whole lot of fault were we would not be finding fault but yet they would ultimately say that they are following those traditions that have now been developed and passed on. Of and then made applicable for each generation and each age yet. Matthew we been trying to help you on last week spoke once again it's not too late to repent, you have to believe God though. Don't focus on yourself your needs focus on believing God okay. Hopefully we have recovered whatever issue was and a David in Richmond, Virginia, are you there. I don't know what happened there. We somehow lost her audio fee, which means that I picked up the phone. Somebody was there elsewhere. They were documenting him so I apologize to whoever that was the day but you are on the line of fire. Thanks regarding Longfellow's usual dog just want to thank Mark was soon on your thoughts on Christian radio station of having ever support bravery fro social company. Well, that would be just about every company these days, so in all seriousness, if if it is what your major cell phone carriers. They openly support gay rights, LGBT rights, if it's what your major credit card companies if it's one or more major airlines. One of the major banks when a almost all the major companies. The fast fast fast fast fast fast vast majority or strongly pro-homosexual, and if it if we boycotted them.

I couldn't be talking to you right now you know why I can't travel to where I traveled I could use my credit cards I now tell her anything now, but if there was somewhere in the world right and we understand that in that sense really want you look I go to the local grocery store to buy groceries.

I don't know what that grocery stores doing with their money.

You know what causes they support if they openly campaign to say. All proceeds this month are going to fund you know this anti-Christian event, then obviously wouldn't go there. That month and I would challenge them and say, you may lose my business for good. So if there was a company that was in the midst of an overt gay pride campaign and an was associating that with Annette on Christian radio. You better believe I be on the phone with a Christian radio or politely go and meet face-to-face it when were you doing it completely undermines think your listeners and you and in your agenda here but if it's just a company that you happen to know is pro-gay but like most of the major companies then that's in of the station in less the ad itself is sinful or the ad itself is advertising something that's contrary to our values. Then I just live with it. In that respect who could could tell which company you talking about progressive blood yeah so I'm know anything about their particular viewpoints, but probably if you'll check the HRC human rights campaign their corporate equality index and looking for employment right right if if you look at, say, the top five insurance companies. Whoever they are right but youget State Farm be progressive. Whoever it is Allstate if they probably all score very high on on the HRC's corporate equality index and here, but I would just look at it as a secular advertiser and it is long as the overall business that they are doing is not an unethical business because were in this world I would just accept it. You know if it was a different situation. To be honest, and they stood out and they were known for this and they were different than everyone else with their aggressive agenda is one thing but I'm looking should it should all Christians boycott Apple because it's run by Tim Cook whose openly homosexual and they have their so strongly behind gay activism will then know what where the Samsung stand in the android phones and she revealed what the computers I'm using it. I got a Dell computer here in HP there and I will know over there and it'll so it's just one of those situations where were in this world and I preach. I appreciate the concern the like as if it was a different time then I would approach it differently right now. I say will if this company is willing to advertise on a Christian station in there helping that station get the message out that would be the bigger thing that I be looking at and and what's being advertised. What's being advertised is is neutral than that would be my bigger issue.

Thank you for raising the question, 866-34-TRUTH of we go to Joseph in Brooklyn. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown hey Aaron, big, big, fat man, so I have a controversial question. I don't want to get you in trouble, but you know you hear the question, so I had back in the I know I have a lot of friends who are you know they call themselves a prophet you know prophet features and a lot of good people who called the Tocqueville. I don't believe in the office of apostle and profit In like they call them something to tie you know I believe that profit happened and that the Holy Spirit gives people profit but I don't believe in somebody calling themselves a prophet or apostle because they fit the means by comparing them to people in the Bible you know like their name office that appalling, you know. And although guy social was an evangelist.

We still have evangelist today seven evangelist today. Yet we do okay and we still have teachers and pastors today disliking arrival here right so on what basis would you say that we don't have apostles and prophets today. I was thinking more that the office in the profit off it like the foundation got it and that the foundation was already established God okay and logic behind it. Yes, it's a limit.

Let me answer the first Joseph thanks, realistic. But when scheduled to be in New York in the month of August for several meetings, including a debate with Rabbi smoothly in the in New York sponsor yeah that's all be on our itinerary at S. Dr. Brown, the Lord, but let him your number yeah okay awesome number one when we we talk about apostles. We recognize that there were the 12 apostles. Their names are the foundation stones of the new Jerusalem. The Bible speaks of them as the 12 right but we also know that there were others like Barnabas, for example in exporting is called an apostle were others that recalled apostles and and these were foundation layers. These were planters. These were builders.

These were people that had certain mission and I see those missions continuing to this day I I see my friend a soup autumn in India is planted 7000 churches and unreached tribal regions who's been stone for spaces is made up and Marty for preaching the gospel. I see him as the modern apostolic work. II see a Hudson Taylor went to China with China in the mission is doing apostolic work so if if we distinguish them from the 12 right if we pursue stem from the 12 we distinguish them from those who wrote Scripture. Then I look at this.

Ephesians 4 it says that Jesus ascended to heaven. Verse 11 and he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God, to mature manhood. The measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, etc. so we we haven't gotten there yet. So we still need these ministries. I believe there prophets today. There's nothing in the New Testament that says that that this would cease.

We know that that we are to pursue the gift of prophecy. So I look at this is something ongoing for the good of the body that helps that eclipse.

I'm not keen on putting titles in front of our names better to avoid that right. But I do see these dysfunctions.

They follow his relief.

Trouble II live in trouble worry about that her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 5866 the questions we've gone. Answers remember every week. We also do an additional exclusive YouTube chat answering you two questions and then bonus shows you can get to watch those by being a patriot on partner there archived on our patriotic count so join us today patriot Dearborn Esther Karen if you're blessed but were doing. If you want more people to hear the message you can help turn it up you can help get it out tomorrow and help us produce more and more cutting edge media all right. Michael in Lexington. I'm so glad you were able to get back.

Sorry for the technical glitch what's on your mind sir.

Dr. Brown, are you doing well. Thanks Arthur, I want to ask your question about you know the current politics to engage the culture properly yelled I'm young, millennial an arm and after the American conservative and I just recently became server or conservative, and I try to engage the culture sometimes on Facebook and like I met a couple posts, like for example I made. I commented on a video there was a restructuring in a library and just full teenagers and was like normal, roaring in my heart was so broken is a lot.I commented on their complete and utter nonsense it'll give my heart was a broken rule on it and that I made another post made, what are we going out was oversimplifying Allah simply said what all humans are created equal, but all behaviors are not and not immunoassay repentance representing God will forgive you and I got and and and today I was on made a political post and hashtag Vanguard for president. From the reason why bring it up to give your picture was going on because I got a call from of a family member of mine and your big your great great their Christian, but they are liberal and they were saying well you know what you're saying goes you know you more wisdom amended one of those double posting and and and all bad and basically what will I agree what you're saying but you should be more loving and more graceful in your approach and things like that numbers like entire gospel is offensive.

Don't not unnecessarily offensive, but it was August.

I'm trying to understand how to migrate out of you, will be consider my convictions be loving but not compromise but engage the culture and in a productive manner you requested and I so appreciate you allowing me to be part of your your journey here. So the first thing is I would always be praying God, give me your heart you meet your heart something may bother me grieve me. I want to address it. It doesn't mean that either God wants me to address then or that I have his heart knows him II might be really mad at one thing, but God wants MC hey that person is lost. Also, or so always be praying God's heart.

I know over the years when people constantly say Dr. Brown you're so gracious with those that oppose you and stuff like that will that's in God's putting me over period of years. As I prayed and asked for more of his heart is broken anymore, so that's that's the one thing then then the second thing is make sure you're not reactionary is that's the easy thing on social media.

The mold on Guyana safe if he could trust me of other guilty that many a time and then I asked myself okay, what's the goal here is the goal that I want to try to can persuade people on the other side that I want to try to draw people in, in which case I would put something up for discussion right so I'd say you know there's a lot of controversy about this purest way I see it, what's your take and then your inviting interaction and coming with a certain humility that looked there times when you just want to make a statement that's all that's that's why say what's the intent to be no words, if you want to make a statement, say that's wrong and I gotta say it as a child of God. People need to repair so you kind of preaching to the choir. In that regard and you and your get people. Amen. I agree with you get them stirred right but other times that the goal is okay, what did I have a problem with this in mind, the only one. And then it brings out people like to say hey listen I understand kicking.

Can you see why I think prison. Trump is good for this, this, that is the so when I ask you a question. I'm getting a response from someone else as a be there not put on the defensive immediately and see it probably is good to make it easier for me to now give my viewpoint is that, given there's I give my know that being said you're still gonna get attacked and and down so that I get hated and all that but the keys it did with the other thing is just remember that there's a difference between quoting Scripture right and and supporting a political candidate will, in the words of the political candidate is a flawed human being.

Whoever they are, and, and so might some broadcaster flaws more loudly than others, so that I want to do is to hey look, I'm a Jesus, God, I'm falling for him is my Savior. He is my Lord is my God, I'm all in their and and I and my sip my ship, if it's going to sink is going to sink in his name. You'd say would you want to help me that's run political candidate.

Here's why voted for this one. So I do have said it.

Jesus gives my life.

The present is my boat and admit and make those distinctions there because otherwise you're just gonna get you get rejected for the gospel because you support trumps.

Lisa headed actually related but separate categories so so that's if they have God's heart rate about throughput and think about who you try to reach many a time. My goal is to stir Christians and to provoke them to action to get the bird like I'm doing that I'm still saying am I expressing it in love and when you mentioned the gospel we offensive, it's true. But remember, Jesus himself. Sinners love to hang with him and he performed miracles costly. So there is a demonstration of God's love and power that make sense to you. You started, you know, make clear like I'll be arbitrary or honest with you I say like six maybe eight years ago I was really talking about saying locus in her 8%. I know and… It worked a lot. Gotta work on a heart totally different and gay people actually don't even like my character comfortable around me not know.… Talk about but so like I know I do my best. My heart to be loving towards everybody regardless of you know, the walking life that I can think of them comes to Michael look.

Love requires us to speak the truth right and love. Just like I I wrote you know, writing about the drag queens. I love the Dragon but I love the kids to and and and there's migraines are negatively impacting those kids and here's a list of Michael you've got a great advantage being bring a millennial being African-American that that you're not of the category with all of an old white male. That's when I get Brandon you know so you got doors open with the love of Jesus shine through you and speak the truth and and that Emma relative calls at fears like I let me hear you out and then okay, I hear your point. Just my viewpoint it.

When we respond with a humility that opens the door for the dialogue and Angel back down your convictions. God bless man and and thanks for persevering to get that through to us today. All right, 866-34-TRUTH if I had more if defendant have phone lines totally lit up. I would find out more about Michael's journey and how he became conservative submit. Maybe another time will get to chat. Okay we go to Georgia Jesse walking to the line of fire failure on the air and gumbo charges on those not appreciate everything you do and the memo life born again by the grace of God three years ago and I was a question for you about the church are going to yeah so they make a long story short, they have a false doctrine. That is sin seven beard and a no-fly list of the research that gives growth of beard and you know obviously all the Jews in the apostles. You know had beards and basically were wondering why what what should we do convey our in our present was there for you know they have the thing that they call active defectiveness part of the members and like they're not having church and church is a small church yet that's what I would've expected but now I once taught at a Bible school. The first Bible school I taught at him.

In the 1983, 1987.

You can have a mustache with no beard why they had that policy envelope, but I had a beer in those days and I shaved it cousin guy was coming to teach their and I've never never recruit back, but to me that with that would suggest something more. That's dysfunctional.

There something more. That's a little bit off and look if it was an unbelievably good church and a wonderful church and healthy in every way and you are thriving in Weston and and bearing fruit. You and your wife could really be who you were and is just okay you can have a beard oak out as a sacrifice to be willing to make, but because it's so unscriptural is there is no basis for an intent to have true ownership status hanging on at some larger is wrong with that.

So I it. If that wasn't me that would be assigned to me that this not the best place for me to really grow long-term and that would be good to pray about, see if there's another fellowship that the Lord will call you to be part of a Gaza and southern to divide over does not like you to go to hell for preaching or not preaching. It obviously but it's it's a strange thing is one thing for schools. They look we have school policy okay whatever you can require who once were jacket and tie. You want you know it through school where you want to do.

But this is different church fellowship. So to me it just it raises concerns that that there are things in the culture that are based on tradition more than truth and and that can then get in the way of overworking fellowship in the real thing that bothered me about it made they will label someone who does have a beer as being you know non-Christian… Like you know how to present the real Utah division of the church over four then you know that I mentioned a man says many reason is the reason for that lately swear that the Holy Spirit will it to them and I'm just thinking like this is so anti-everything I read in the Bible you will run home is a I'm looking for another church, but always got around an elderly, dead mega churches and stuff like that. So if you just pray for us that we would yeah find apps absolutely do not do that right now. Again beard not beards that the big issue it's making it an issue that concerns about larger things, but I pray for Jesse for Justin. Justin sorry get the word for Justin and his wife that you guide them to the right place. The house fellowship pictured small church where they can be blessed and they can be a blessing Jesus name, amen.

By the way friends he can sit here and recommend felicity is recommended place for many reasons.

Is that something that we do, but I trust the summer in the body for Justin and his wife got left. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let's dive right in.

64 truth we go over to Ken in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Walking to the line of fire box along much longer. Thank you. Yeah, I went to Dr. Michael Brown and in a humble way. I grew up Catholic, I learned through my answer. I'm happy do it.

My mother and I start thinking you know you know you will it be the and I got saved and were we got we got married and my wife wanted the Marriott because I wasn't working in and met my wife became a nonbeliever and you know you like the community for me and I start looking into thing and what was Dr. Michael Brown is that how come Mike at believer you know you at believer, you know, I know we get the grid on Benjamin we should pray for him and I'm reaching out to him writing letter to him and I pray for the thinking for you but been debating it follower about Torah and how to shorten Dr. Michael Brown followed before you know later or believer and you know you crucial on the word Jesus at work didn't come until after the 1511 King James version. And yes, it is what you should question your name out there there there does not seem like it I can interact with on on on and and respond to that difference is justly got any outline or a specific question, yet the specific questions that might my question is Dr. Michael Brown look for you email me and think about that at a believer and you know the Messiah. How come you don't like talking more to Christians about following the Torah, and I mean like before Catholicism, you know, the apostle Paul following the Torah like I can I can answer you can I can answer number one Gentile Christians were not following the Torah before Constantine before Catholicism assembled there without this, read the writings of the church fathers. They had a hard time understanding what usually was reliving his views the Gentile believers were not living.

His views date they were not present for setting apart seventh day Sabbath.

There was a little by the dietary loss is number one. I number two is that were not under the Sinai covenant. He missed usually was run to the new and better covenant and certain things have changed.

Many things have changed under the Sinai covenant. We don't stone adulterers today don't we don't put sorcerers that the death we did many many things we don't offer blood sacrifices don't need to go make pilgrimages to Jerusalem with the temple standing we would need to do that. So were under new and better covenant and that's what we emphasize. So yes, Jewish believers can live his views in the Lord, but we don't relate to the law the same way a traditional Jew would and if you'll get it do little experiment read through the tour beginning with when the laws start say annexes the 20th. Okay the 10 Commandments and then discount out by all the chapters that have legal material. So if it's a chapter that's not dealing with legal material. Silly Exodus 32 or 33 in so that's a separate thing right just trot out, make a list okay here only one still with legal material in the Leviticus and all the chapters are those blood sacrifice right up to the end of Deuteronomy and and then see how much of that we can do today will requite you see the vast majority leader can't rent required to render new and better covenant Hebrew Seven Sisters, the priesthood is is through David through Mark acetic now through Levi that the change has come without the change will be sunk sir so that's that's the short answer to a complex question 86634 let's go to Eric in Kennesaw, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire around you so much for our beloved asked question drew thing real quick. My question is about the last chapter of the book of Judges chronologically related to the first few chapters of first Samuel in real quick of the question is, I heard from a Bible commentary dictator think it was his doctorate he was writing and where he was suggesting that the last chapter in judges should have been pleased should chronologically should be placed earlier in the book of Judges and I with that being said, he was stating that Sampson could've possibly known Samuel in his early years and possibly known Eli the high priest of the time so I just wanted to know what are some thoughts you have about that. If that's a possibility.

I just wanted to know your take on answer. Yeah, I haven't studied in great depth, but as for the last chapter of Judges. It doesn't lay it out in a chronological way. Another which you have the sequence of different judges and what happened in there scholars who believe that judges this is not all chronological and that the leadership may not of been national.

In some cases it may be more regional when it but it from normally is reading it. The assumption is, it is generally speaking, chronological, and that this is how we should understand the last chapter of the book. It's not essential, though, because it doesn't dated or anything like that and it could and like that to highlight the lawlessness of the day it could Emily know we know Ezra Nehemiah parts of it are not written chronologically.

If it goes back and forth between different time frames.

We really know that from from Persian chronology was back and forth with these different time frames.

The reason being that it wants to emphasize God's intervention oppositions with its different accounts together for that purpose to this is obviously leading to the need for King and in the chaos of of the nation and you know that's what's going to end with everyone did what was right in his own eyes was no king in Israel but I don't know how exactly how that would impact the Sampson account which is is really judges with 13 through 16 is is the account about Sampson.

If I'm correct I don't see how that would interact with the last chapter of the book so took to me that remains a larger question. I don't see how they would have been a contemporaries have to look at it again, but off the top my head.

I don't see how that would work at some is not a big deal but not something that that seems evident to me at first glance, okay, got it all right.

Thank you for the call. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Bryant in Jefferson Hill, Indiana, Illinois, welcomes the line of fire that is Indiana Dr. Brown Jeffersonville, Indiana.okay, got it got with at the Derby got it all right.


I'm on a quick break at work, hang up the question. You do yet, but I would want. I know you talk a lot about LGBT issues. Always follow you big fan and today we live in kind of a good time where somebody were struggling with LGBT they can go to fellow followers of Christ, pray to God have others pray for them and kinda moved out of it back and got what I'm wondering is if the money had to LGBT urges and thought during the days of the Tanakh in Israel.

How would they have done it because they couldn't really tell anybody else around him they might get stone just percent. They had thought. How would you do it in Tanakh time when you had nobody to talk to about it now date.

You can talk to people about and move out of the extent what you've done back then. Thank you. Yeah, thanks for the question Bryant.

Much, much appreciated right so to answer you as you go back to work. Number number one under the Sinai covenant things were much stricter and God appeared to the whole nation engaged in these black-and-white mandates with death penalties on. That's what happens when much is given to you and God appears in the looming threat of a nation, but again the issue is behavior. We're in a situation in society today where people assume if I feel something I have to do it. I feel something I need to do what God wants me to do it, etc. whereas if you're in a situation where you have no alternative that it knows this is not an option then people live very very differently.

So yes, it would definitely have been difficult. Yes, someone who same-sex attracted they would not have an outlet they would they would not have the ability needed to just okay.

Let's work this through all right.

There's no question that would be difficult.

Many things under the Sinai covenant were difficult and challenging and brought our sin. The surface, but that would be where that individual would have to cry out to God and take refuge in God, we have to believe that in all times God was able to meet people in other words, it let let's let's say there's a man who can't find anyone to marry him. A single man he can't find a wife to marry me wants to marry within the women available. He still responsible for controlling his desires, he doesn't have the right to go rape someone or go to a prostitute. As difficult as it would be so if you're talking about Tanakh times.

There was, not the social consciousness of I'm gay.

As much as I'm attracted to the same sex, but that's forbidden under our law, so once you close the door to that possibility. It makes it a lot easier to say no to it when you open the door to the possibility or would you because your identity is much more difficult to deal with but that's where the Psalms come into play all God, all God. IIII soak my pillow with tears. How long the Lord where they cry out in anguish, but God comes through for his people. Cast your burdens on the Lord. The Psalms a for he will sustain you so so was determined and honor God and live righteously to keep the commandments dog would certainly bless them for that God would certainly strengthen them as they did that and honor that and and he would give sufficient grace yes it may have been more lonely and difficult people struggling with all kinds of things but God knows every life. God knows every individual and he's near to the broken hearted. Perhaps those people and their brokenness and pain experience more of God's goodness and love you reference is something to think about his all right friends you have an awesome weekend. Take advantage of our massive resources. When asked around dollars were here

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