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The New Politics of Sex

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 9, 2019 4:20 pm

The New Politics of Sex

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 9, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/09/19.

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You do not want to miss today's broadcast and important interview on the new politics of sex stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

My friends were joining us, modify this is Michael Brown and we we want every day on the line of fire to be important. We want to serve every day is your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. There are days though when the topics are even more relevant.

Even more intense.

Even more important, and that is the focus of today. Today show. I got some really important things I want to talk about and then at the bottom of the hour and be joined by Prof. Stephen Baskerville to talk about his book the new politics of sex I will make one quick appeal to you know we don't talk much about money your modifier. We trust God for finances and support your faith ministry. We on the air with your help and support, but often in the summer months, others more pressure things just get a little intense. People sometimes forget about ministries.

If you can help us with a one time gift of any amount we do have some urgent needs today literally today if you can help us with a one time gift of any amount that would be a great blessing to us, go to ask Dr. ask a DR and click on donate right S.

Dr. Brown double-click on donate whatever you're able to do if the Lord promise you if you're able to help your one time gift of any size would really help meet some urgent needs that were confronting at this very hour. All right first important subject. There are many who are very upset with me think I'm just deluded off my rocker to take such exception to Amazon's banning of certain books books dealing with quote conversion therapy, which really sexual orientation change efforts, in particular, books by the late Catholic psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. I wrote about that earlier in the week and the title of my article was will Amazon ban the Bible next will Amazon ban the Bible. Next step on the one hand, I don't literally expect Amazon to ban the Bible. On the other hand, I fully expect them to ban biblically related material and who knows where it will ultimately go hands.

My question to underscore this, a conservative journalist and author Rod Dreher tweeted this out as well. He wanted people to understand exactly what the issues were and this is what he tweeted. You can buy books by Hitler, Mao Lennon marks gobbles and David Duke on but not by Catholic shrink Joseph Nicolosi who offends gay activists ominous sign for free speech, debate and inquiry and age of woke capitalism. So yeah, I have been taken to task warning about this by numerous websites.

Here are just a few links that were sent to me of folks taking me to task over them extremist. I'm crazy for same. Where is Amazon going to go with this next.

For example, on Christian extremists fear for their Bibles after Amazon bands books on ex-gay therapy so were crazy. Even Sally lumber crazy even to raise an issue were crazy even to say this can be any kind of problem or this this is going to go even further. What Amazon is doing is is really bad at all is just the Christian extremists crazy here are from the friendly atheist website, deluded writer. That's me on the deluded writer deluded writer. And what's the deluded writer saying Amazon ban conversion is the conversion therapy books will the Bible be next.

How ridiculous how crazy how idiotic can I possibly be obviously I was making a rhetorical point, but my article is that there's no hyperbole. The reason being that we see the direction in which this is going. Here's another attack.

This is a blog from the freethinker. Amazon pulls gay sure quacks books will the Bible be next mocking me, and ultimately reach you directly with this fellow says, despite proof from a variety of sources that Nicolosi wasn't Wayne Besson's word and arrogant hatemongering demagogue Pauly Wayne Besson is a militantly anti-Bible atheistic Jewish gay activists. So when Wayne says something about somebody come in turn is the opposite is probably what it is so carnal when Besson Joseph Nicolosi was an arrogant hatemongering demagogue. So there are those who insist that the father conversion therapy; had done excellent work.

One is the deranged Dr. Michael L.

Brown, that's me beneficiary rights for life site not do life site news and he beside himself with fury that Amazon has decided to remove Nicolosi's books. I did know was beside myself with very bit to get that insight is of learned something about myself this Jew for Jesus freak similar proof of that, because on.

I do know who the fellow was writing this article, but but I click on his name and found out about Barry Duke. Barry did began to comprehend the despicable nature of Christianity was in his when he was in his preteen so his fears old and reborn 47.55 so these are some of the folks mocking our position. Same were crazy with deluded.

I remember about 15 years ago close to that. When I began saying those who came out of the closet fighting for what, in their view, was equality in house except as those who came out of the closet wanted to put us in the cause. I was mocked numerous to put you in the closet crazy would do that and then a few years later that the tone changed.

An enemy get zero bigots like you belong in the cause and then we heard no no one, no one wants to change the nature of marriage method that would we just want our relationship to be accepted in all same-sex civil unions whatever and then when I have no son not that's bigoted weird redefine marriage told her look.

The church is a set I got you can believe whatever you believe.

That's fine. We just need our beliefs except in our circles, that's not enough. Now were being attacked for holding to what we believe in and and wanting to act on it own families. This is literally what's going on but but I want you to see that our warnings, our forebodings are not so deluded and extreme as the critics might think so. For example, FRC family research Council. They put out this article May 10, 2018 sponsors of California's AB 2943. Claimant wouldn't ban the Bible. What about these books so AB 29, 43, was going to make it illegal for anyone of any age with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion to get professional help to help them resolve those issues. All right make it illegal really help you get is to affirm your same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion and and and the bill almost was was passed okay was withdrawn, much less minute but otherwise it would go through so I wrote about this, will the Bible be banned, etc. where is this going because the Bible is telling you that homosexual practice is sinful in the Bible is telling you that change is possible. That's all point if if a professional psychologist that helps people with unwanted same-sex attractions can have his books banned on Amazon or about my book and you began Christian whereby many ex-gay testimony books whereby the art will those be bad. What about the Bible itself, which has this message so FRC and and and and I won't put up the picture for those that are watching FRC silicate. Maybe the Bible been maybe, but what about these books so so here you have books like preventing homosexuality are you you have a couple of books authored by Joseph Nicolosi right there in the picture May 10, 2018 asking under AB 2943 will books like this be banned because it would have been illegal say for a pastor to tell someone coming for professional counseling here. I recommend this book or church bookstore and by what one of the Bible which undergirds these very truths that change is possible that I was given a bat while Amazon just bandit and people are celebrating.

Let's go a little bit further.

Maybe even following what's happened over in Australia and New Zealand with famous rugby star Israel. Follow by mispronounced as they my apologies outspoken Christian and he posted Instagram tweeted out his message saying that drunkards, adulterers, homosexuals go to hell. So he gets fired for doing gets fired loses his contract for doing that is underscored in the Bible about freedom of speech.

So now rugby Australia.

This is now being admitted rugby. Australia assigned staffers to monitor Israel follows social media for problematic Bible verses. They are now admitting that they were that they assigned staffers to look for this one about freedom of speech. What about freedom of religion is, and that on some level sacrosanct in Australia who says an athlete can post a sincerely held religious belief that a been held to and believed by church or synagogue for two millennia, who says he can't do that based on what all but but it's it's even worse than that, but look at this, look at this admission also just released rugby. Australia says Bible itself is the problem in a stunning omission about Israel follows fall of firing and then goes on to say this, the chief executive officer of rugby. Australia has revealed the sporting organizations fears anti-Christian bias by suggesting that she would've terminated*play Israel follows plan contract. If you quote photo copy Bible passages and posted them to his social media there you have it, he would've been fired for simply quoting a Bible passage that was felt to be offensive. The ultimate battle with the gay activists and others have is not with Dr. Nicolosi is is is not with those who come out of homosexuality, either by God's supernatural deliverance or through counseling and help know the ultimate battle is with the Bible that says that God made male and female that the relationships that he blesses, or heterosexual relationships that homosexual practice is contrary to his order that there is a better way and that through Jesus. There can be freedom from homosexual practice and even potentially change of desires on the inside.

Hence all the mockery that we get all year you crazy, deluded or doing is sounding the alarm in a reasonably and we have good reason. We told you this was coming, mocked this when he came that others hear people are celebrating the current stance, the banning of books and mocking us forgiving for the warning you have been or worn. The handwriting is on the fire.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown yet another reminder fired now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown bottom of the hour and be joined by Prof. Stephen Baskerville. Can't wait to talk about his book the new politics of sex. I knew about the book I knew about his writings, I had not read through the book before as I been looking at it, looking at excerpts a major review about the just came out I'm shocked at the degree of intersection between what's in his book and in my book about to come out Jezebels war with America. If you've not yet ordered the book comes out August 6 two similarly to Lent can I recommend you preorder is when you preorder you get the e-book free plus the e-book for playing with holy fire free plus another mini e-book of mine free, plus an audio video is a ton of stuff free.

Over $50 from the publisher. Quite to my surprise right so go to Jezebels war with Jezebels war with America.calm. It will help you connect the dots. It is as soon as you order think you get the first three chapters on PDF so you will immediately be able to dive in and in the book to be out less than a month so go there Jezebels North It'll tell you how to order and go at go ahead and order on Amazon. That's that's fine. Let's get there the ratings up there. Let's get more people ordering that book from Amazon. That's perfectly fine.

Let's subvert the wrong things. Amazon is doing while appreciating the good services they supply. You can order it elsewhere them. You preorder it you go back there to dispose North America and you get all those free bonuses. I'm so glad that were able to do that. The friends let us have our eyes open. Let us connect the spiritual thoughts we go to salt lake city, Utah Anthony, welcome to the line of fire.

Yeah hi Dr. Brown I love you so much.

You're very welcome in my comment where Jezebel war like real divorce is a professor in Canada, Jordan Peterson, who is a professor at University of Toronto and in Canada and the University the past something like compelled speech, but basically you have to, he wouldn't acknowledge the LGBT pronoun. This is a transgender pronoun. So let's say that that I want to identify as is Michelle and I want to be referred to as she her than that would be compelled in Jordan Peterson, who had been researching communism for decades, and that the types of of course thought that communism used for speech.

That's what caused them to push back against this.

It wasn't just the transgender non-realities that were being imposed on people but also with that. This larger fourth, compelled speech. In fact, I Jordan Peterson on the show. Anthony right before he exploded into international stardom is maybe the best known conservative intellectual on the planet these days, but any anyhow. Yeah, he's been at the forefront of fighting this battle back to Anthony yeah learned one thing that you stood up for not a guarantee that you can't be passive of the Christian on the warrant because if you just let legislation happen like in California.

Other working the potential for concert. You know LGBT to theology yet it's it's the spirit of Jezebel Anthony. There's no question about it soon, California. The resolutions of ACR 99. It is not binding law, but it would be like something carrying a lot of force saying that that pastors spiritually use with putting pastors right at the front those with strong moral influence pretty much have to affirm homosexuality is good and positive image have to affirm someone's transgender confusion as is good and positive is supposed to say we love you we care for you were here for you we we don't want you mistreated in any way, but we do not from homosexual practice and we believe God's best is to be home in your biological sex. Oh Anthony, what you're saying and and what I'm saying is, is that we talk about spirit of Jezebel remain the same demonic forces that operate through Jezebel 3000 years was the whole premise of my book that they're operating again today. Jezebel is associated with idolatry with idolatry was baby killing Jezebel is also associated with sexual immorality and witchcraft. Jezebel emasculated men.

Jezebel in that sense was a radical feminist and then Jezebel's silence the profits you literally kill them. She intimidated them with fear and you look at this you begin to connect the dots and even the war on gender which makes men into women and women into men. You connect these things you say this is a civil dealing with America today. I just did an interview yesterday for Canada. The same deal that they're dealing with this encounter just mentioned Jordan Peterson so we got over arise if it's a spiritual battle. Yes there people were dealing with people in every every individual is responsible for what he or she does. No one can say the devil made me do we make our choices we make our bed have to sleep in it.

In that regard.

But we must recognize the demonic forces at work to destroy and to me you put it all together. What is it, it is the spirit of Jezebel the same demonic forces if you go back 50 years in America. We weren't dealing with the same forces on the same level were dealing with other issues. I thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH yeah and and of thank you for those standing with us on YouTube. Scott others. We appreciate it again just tuning in, thank you so much for all the kind words you send thank you for your encouragement regarding the broadcast.

Thank you so much for praying for us. Those who support us regularly. Thank you for being that the backbone of what we do, we just find ourselves right now in July oppressed in some unusual ways and every so often, very, very rarely just that a special appeal.

So if you're listening if you're watching now and you can help with a one time gift of any size up to the larger the better the these are urgent but whatever you're able to do feel in your heart every bit helps us take a moment go to ask Dr. Cascade your Click on donate. I thank you in advance for standing with us, let us go over to Ashley in Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello go ahead doing very well.

Ashley, a quick comment about Dr. basketball and Terry that you're having him I shall.

I got it at college he worked at and backing 2013 at college.

Patrick Henry College regarding a lot of the research that he was doing or bucking.

I'll take that back, and Patrick Henry is a conservative Christian college, but Haq I a firestorm among student I can't even back in 2013 people were at that claimed that he was making and it shocked me that undergrad 19-year-old way back then conservative Christian Christian Glade B. Fell at bat, reflecting the fang and this is just that this is not this is a Patrick Henry with the whole reason the school exists is to be a school with a real conservative Christian mindset and outlook not to be a smaller school at that with with crops like Prof. Baskerville and is so what what would you say would would be the thesis.

The statements that that were most controversial upsetting to the students why plunking with a very broad crash right what thank you. Q people who had actually gone through divorce. People who are actually struggling with same-sex attraction may not like you can have that shy. I mean that he needed to update your thinking and it wasn't a majority of the minority, but refilling very vocal minority that everyone I would pay me the plan completed 25% anybody that you that that's a substantial time yet. Excellent social that let me ask, let me ask you this, and obviously whenever we say can be misconstrued. In other words, if if I'm emphasizing say that the terrible harm done by pornography. At that moment, I may not stop in and talk about how people get pulled into pornography or or how someone becomes a porn star. Maybe the broken set of their own laws or from talking about the terrible the terrible damage done by no fault heterosexual divorce in the church.

I may not at that moment speak compassionately to those who are victims of divorce and hurt etc. so you you always want to qualify what you say and be compassionate with bottom line is when were sounding alarm and putting out facts and information. It's this intense and I was talking to another professor at a major Christian University and she mentioned to her shock with the freshman class just talking about abortion, homosexuality, getting pushback so you things things of change in certain dramatic ways in which was wild. Maybe another day will have time to chat, Ashley, but your perspective from six years back when you were 19 to 25 today how the culture is changed and how much with Dr. basketball was warning about back then, as has now been verified clarified his views vindicated some away say thank you for the call. Much appreciated.

By the way, I just glanced down and are you to chat for one moment I don't get to see the vast majority of comments, but I spite spot on in.

In Hebrew, from how the seam so I the same. Thank you. Even though you don't agree with my ideology.

You enjoy listening to me.

I appreciate that.

Keep on this thing right we come back we going straight to Prof. Stephen basketball talk about this important book, new politics of sex. I know you will go anywhere on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown is best people I've over the years and am so glad to finally have him on the line of fire. He's currently professor of government at Patrick Henry College and research fellow with the Howard Center for families and society holds a PhD from London school of economics. His writings have been published in places like the Washington Post that little places like that or may have seen on TV, either with with Chris Matthews or with Bill O'Reilly or heard with Dennis Prager in the book we want to focus on the new politics of sex sexual revolution, civil liberties, and the growth of governmental power. Stephen, thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast, you're very welcome.

So how long have these issues been on your radar. As a Christian I started writing about these issues. About 20 years ago and I started my previous book, which was centered largely on the divorce industry and the politics behind because I realize that nobody really had analog guerrilla clichés about our ugly divorce and nasty custody battle, but nobody with training in political science group.

Click on behind the scenes and and clichés and look at the structure of the politics, government machinery interest groups that were there were behind all of this and after I finished that I realized this in system one part alarm pattern. I began to fear the same or similar pattern in other areas of our life dealing with campus rape accusations dealing with homosexual sexual politics dealing with the larger politics of feminist agenda and since then it's just been exploding with your transgender is a member of the Aurora call actually agenda the sexual revolution has simply become more productive, rather Sturtevant just got more and more extreme so that that's where I came from. It was about 20 years ago was so interesting is that it was 15 years ago. For me, that I began to focus on issues and with LGBT ice was really the T part transgender wasn't major at that point incipient but not major and then watch things grow over the years and and then began to connect the dots get a new book Jezebels war with America. I began to connect the dots to say he wait the rise of porn in the sexual revolution.

They are then of course no fault divorce over here in the war on gender over here and then radical feminism over here began to connect the dots and see you been doing that in an even broader way for a longer period of time but but what gets my attention and the.that I might not have immediately connected is the part about the growth of government in your subtitle so high that in and then paint a picture for for viewers and listeners as to what you mean by the new politics of sex while part of the issue from a room in many ways people thought again about the radicalism of the sexual revolution, but not absurdities of the bottom line. Almost all of it across the different issues is that increases government power and I argue the basically the good of the two current weight is the only domestic configuration that limits the power of the state because it creates the authority of the state traditionally can't enter without a compelling interest. Once you Without what you want without want to reduce integrity of the traditional tutor public, you invite the stadium to fill to fill the vacuum and all of the other configurations to single-parent homes for same-sex households.

All of you is required government power to support the model of the breadwinner and father and them. The caretaking mother. The basic model is an outgrowth of economic unit decreased the prosperity of the society and increased freedom because a creepy unit that the government can't enter a first published in the divorce.

Again, the divorce, were basically want you to allow one couple 211 felt and argued laterally on the ground is an invitation to the state to commit and start ordering controlling the lives of both parents and especially any children elsewhere.

The best violence accusations inoculated child abuse. All of the Clear Creek police power in the heaven of your social workers. Please consult your judges and lawyers and the criminalized otherwise innocent law-abiding former account so there's a number of weights on I could go on any one of the one of the decedent condition that laid the groundwork phone first illustrative course again is a system where the government rather than the family provide for families with children, especially brother Greg when he fathered talking to Barbara Goodwin mother you got well with the family breakdown of fate stepped in and told about things is a massive rationalization for increasing government power into the most private sphere of life family to contrived ice absolutely replace the devils inherent in pushback and a couple of boys, the first question would be is who is behind this are you suggesting some type of massive conspiratorial plot to destroy America and in its controlling the government and and if so would you do with the fact that we've had many conservatives leading our nation and conservative Christians in different high places in our nation so who's behind this and how does a tie-in with the conservatives that we've often had at the helm.

I don't contrived to the idea of the conspiracy.

It certainly could look like one.

But if the logic of what happens when you start from denying basic principles of civilization of traditional values and this case that's important to the family and no stable deciding most of the light civilization is ever dispensed with marriage and the two parents that some some form of family units and concisely what we the people have labeled beautiful divorce. For example, the abolition of marriage which comes along with what is and what you want to abolish something so from them mentor civilization.

Other people stuck in private and government substance of argued private interests stricken. Everyone gets to want to get their nose into the trough on the family becomes a unit of plunder object can be very soon. From special interest groups argue that father was especially vulnerable to the father is the constant economic review.

The first step in the destruction of the family often leads to the removal of the mother back about the first step the fathers removed and all of the other interest group productive lawyers. The psychologist the arm of the various private interests all have a excuse to enter the family to leave the family to take control of the short and to argue efficiently cynical way and claim that there they're looking for the children better than the parents can do so with that I would counter conspiracy if the logic of what happens when you deny these basic principles served as a base civilization for millennia right right so the conspiracy is that in this world there are people with certain ideologies agendas. There are people who cast-off biblical values their people cast off family foundations, and when doors are open. They then walk through those doors and their ideology rises to the surface. Of course, from a spiritual perspective. You could look at a spiritual conspiracy behind all of this but you know what you're saying is there is a societal logic in the and the dominoes start to fall, and that creates gaps holes and then others are going to come in and occupy the space. So how does that translate out then to what's being put forward by professors at our universities and teachers of our children in elementary school. What what is this breakdown to now in terms of how they are being indoctrinated.? Think about working harder? Well this is despite what it happened and what happened.

I think I can like like you put it is now to explain ideologically people say follow the money and certainly there are moneyed interests make it profitable, but I think the initial impetus behind it is ideological to the political ideology.

I think that what you call it in neo-Marxist or feminist or homosexual start whatever structuralist pump and I think what happened is easy to feel like you get to still the vacuum created will be denied basic Christian values and are invalid. Basically, family life, sexuality, private Lightfoot for decades century covered by Brother Mr. Souders in the West and Christian values and when we denied those dollars will be ignored for my week with the Malayan treated them as unimportant. Something had Something of the total space and that something is secular political art theology in the system, sexual ideology or cover pushing the envelope be on Marxism, the coming of radical sexual ideology and that's what taking control all in the universities certainly are taking control.

In particular, the schools and the other commanding height of the culture because once you have every society has some kind of religious balance society without values and and every society has to control sexuality is no is no you can't leave cannot answer. Once you throw away working. I finish Christian values or religious values, and if you look at your feminist ideology. The special cardiology like the Marxist work does operate as a kind of quasi-religious secular ideology of… It in 10 Commandments that stop with stop punishment on them. We will be denied actual morality will know the documents are Somali Woodstock hippie obvious we could not chaos. So the feminist step denim is created. What what was up. Freedom loving ideology of freedom become highly authoritarian and missed one of the themes of the book how innocent people, men mostly but also constantly Christian from mother's are criminalized by these authoritarian structures that are being put in place by a radical to flagellate this so that the ones calling for tolerance or anything but tolerant. They are utterly intolerant for all of the views and I noticed in your book that you quoted something I'd written back in 2011 about the progression of homosexual activism, but ensure those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet so you are seeing that the criminalizing of free speech that which blocks the system and a fascinatingly to me of Dr. Baskerville when right before you came on. We got a call from one of your students who was a freshman at Patrick Henry in 2013 you gave a talk about a number of these issues and she said that to her shock may be 20% or more of the students present pushback and were offended by it at the Christian faith school. Patrick Henry will be right back with Dr. Stephen Baskerville this is for the book the new politics set does the Expo line of fire with your host activist and author, international and diligent Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866 Michael Brown Baskerville. My guess is titled taken into custody. Morgan's father's marriage and the family now follow-up book the new politics of sex and it's divided up into a few basic sections of number one politicizing six number two liberating sex number three criminalizing sex.

Number four globalizing sex Stephen when you speak of globalizing sex you're talking out beyond the American government beyond what's happening in our country what what you see happening around the world. Yeah one of you received what attention but it is striking. It was strikingly rubbing and looking into it.

How much of the sexual agenda use. It dominates so much of our form part of the foreign policy the country. Another other what commissions and international organizations like the United Nations are what we see on the television, the Security Council of the Gen. assembly is a tiny part of a punitive mysterious archetype of the iceberg belief that the huge army of function canaries in your craft and they are overwhelmingly devoted to these issues, sexual issues aren't huge European Union. You can say something very similar to that so much of the human rights agenda will be here about human rights.

It doesn't concern anymore for repressive measures taken by governments against enters the severe that we have much of the human rights agenda today is taken up with sexual issues for people pushing a portion of the particular right even to method violence which most of us think of the crime and should be adjudicated as a crime is not treated as a human rights issue which means essentially that is a presumption of guilt against the escrow to assert it. If you think that the eggs are shocked when I read the update about the politicized type text. Much of this by the waste is based on the work of other scholars have investigated, but some are evergreens will come and help aid call is been politicized. It is shocking and are used a lot. It's shocking to me talking to how much of sexual radicalism now governs the development agenda. The agenda of developing nation comes from. It used to be that that agenda was profited by Marxist limericks of you after the Tribune clapped Marxism is no longer really respectable sexual politics has now come to dominate the agenda developing nation that is it's been horrible because it's you can make a very good case that poverty is worsened by the breakup of the of the family are in in Google. Much of it is the same as happened in the universities of this country on which one you create single-parent homes in two parent homes you create ghettos of of property and crime in dysfunctional societies in this happening with global South to the happened in the South Bronx (Acosta, so it's it's very strikingly, how much of these bees and rational agendas are our point of access, exotic of this in the last couple years of the Obama nutrition you were on LGBT issues. Came to dominate foreign policy, and many people, including me. I had trouble about point realize what was coming from our recently I was at first simple foreign policy is an area that most people don't pay attention to direct the culture scrutinized by many people but many of these radical groups are found in foreign policy of the amount the nations of the State Department and the British Foreign Ministry. They can push the sexual agenda without a lot of pushback without a lot of College and I think that's the reason this is happening.

Yeah just tracking with the UN and the rights of children and you think we we what's this actually about.

You begin to read.

It is, it is quite striking. So let's let's double back to something that you've mentioned a few times with the welfare system with the removal of of fathers from homes with the potential and incentive, even for someone to have more children without a father in the home, in your view, honestly, those that were behind the the setting up of what we call the welfare state today.

How much of it was well-meaning but misguided without looking in a in a longer-term visionary way and how much of it was intentional. In terms of producing a certain negative government dependent result. Question remaining story phenomenon. One of the many ways on Carl you can take a charitable view.

This was intentional well-meaning, well-meaning, and that many early welfare State Department structure trying to help the family possibility and that the girl for counter pressure there will come.

Measures are people like Jane Adams for example, to politicize the field of social work and social workers from being Christian volunteers, which is quickly were marked in the 19th century from your women the most part our work that little the goodness of their hearts and your supportive brother husband salaries in their umbilicus it with the poor was more sacrificial. It was it was something they did other kind of Christian charity would increasingly have been the politicization of professionals are of the social work profession are such workers were turned into from government functionary your book out on socially develop an incentive to create the problems they were supposed to be falling social work came to be confused with feminist ideology is what it is to the day so it was, it was larger social trends and pressures economic changes some of which were impersonal and nobody's fault but just developed no one but on some of it was ideological groups like from the radical reformers start early feminists did run the politicize the family believe the model has been one of human capital as part of that sort.

It's hard to say, but in retrospect, yes, we did it without a lot of debate, and without a lot of realizing the unintended consequences and no-fault divorce that was supposed to be so good and helpful and good for the children and avoid conflict in the home and so many decisions that were made made without foresight and those that that has foresight often had a radical agenda, so we've only just got a couple of minutes before before were done all we can do is is push people in a direction to study and think more so policy folks get the book the new politics of sex by Stephen Baskerville. It will get you thinking. It will will disturb you, but in a positive way. It will distribute action. If you could leave our viewers and listeners with a practical thought or two. What do we do to turn the tide. What what can we do either in our own personalized on a broader level to to turn the tide of where things are going because it is increasingly going in the direction of something that that none of us want to see you one thing is just what you're doing. I'm Atticus between the public or earnestly, publicity wheeled hundred media will pay attention to these things and publicize them because your knowledge is is is the power here and it's will relock it I will rebuke those who earn educational professions weathered academic schools, churches on journalism to investigate these things bother me. My book is really just an annotated bibliography.

Good scholars already done all of these subjects could be every every chapter of my book idea and subsection could be an entire book in its own right, you generally are but some of the marks I would urge scholars used graduate student research.

These issues probably not take my looking start with that, but treated as a bibliography and it's just scratched the surface and and you personally have hope that things can come. I do very much but I think people need to. I think people you may notice I'm a bit critical of both family conservatives and I don't preach to the choir this book. I don't say things that we all know II guess instructive things to look at the sin within 101. Are we doing wrong and I am critical of profamily groups and neoconservatives, including Christians, who look at just a narrow range of these issues and don't look at the broader picture of him, so that would be the main thing I friends and again you treat this is just the beginning of the huge area of information that needs researching the needs publicity and needs to be explored further then and to me part of the whole is that the agenda of which were speaking in it. It's multifaceted manifestations is self-defeating. This is not good for the long-term future of the country of a culture and Americans are freedom loving people this very agenda is a freedom stealing agenda's anomalies are destructive to future generations is destructive for freedoms today.

Hopefully will be an awakening in a pushback, but part of the awakening is to inform is to educate, so please keep up the good work never tiring doing it. We need you to do the research.

The digging and presenting frivolous.

Thank you so much I care and God bless God bless.

All right friends again. Prof. Stephen Baskerville.

The book the new politics of sex sexual revolution, civil liberties, and the growth of governmental power. All right, we just mention this one more time is the summer and during the summer months. A lot of people forget about ministries, for whatever reason, they don't support them the same way. They just get caught up vacation away from normal schedule. This doing other things to tell.

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