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Was Jesus Tolerant?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 11, 2019 11:49 am

Was Jesus Tolerant?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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According to Piers Morgan. Jesus taught us to be tolerant of other people.

I will do a chapter and verse. He was quoting stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes that is true Piers Morgan quoted Jesus in support of his position that it is bigoted to say there are only two sexes written about it.

We'll talk about it at the bottom of the hour. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. First, we have a very special guest to talk about a very important topic I've written about this. We spoke about it at length yesterday.

Amazon banning the books of the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Senior, and the books are being banned because they allegedly promote harmful therapy called conversion therapy and Amazon is doing the right thing in banning these dangerous books we've said hey this this will lead to banning the Bible because it's the Bible that speaks of the possibility of change. We really need to find out what's going on with this talk about conversion therapy really is aware the witchhunt is several wit which direction should this be going why we should be concerned so about to speak with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior, PhD licensed clinical psychologist in California, founder of the re-integrative therapy Association nonprofit organizations. Given expert testimony in medical matters of clinical psychology and sexual fluidity in multiple states, the United States is trained under his father just because a senior for over decade is the author of the regenerate the re-integrative protocol which is published last year in the Journal of human sexuality.

The website re-integrative Joseph, welcome back to life are great to have you on again in order to be back.

Let's let's just set the record straight about one thing before we set the record straight about many other things.

I only had one meal with your dad years ago the North conference and hang out with your dad getting to know them a little better. Your dad was anything but a religious fundamentalist to his approach to these issues was one of a clinical psychologist on the trained therapist. If someone wanted to label person religious fundamentalist, they could throw something at me free of recording Scripture but with his thing was not one of the quote the Bible to into you change it was looking at this is the professional training. Therapist so what the world is going on and why search should we really be alarm will work going on is that we have a method that help people that help them resolve trauma on underlying issues underlying dynamics people who were sexually abused when they were young and they believe that that led to the development of the same direction with an effective method that helps them.

The science is on our side not the radical hard left LGBT Q side we now we know now more than ever euros that our brains have the capacity to wire and rewire themselves based on her life experience in the areas that are related to sexual preference on the areas that we know change over time and is more data than ever about so both scientific consensus in public opinion now because more young people are saying. I believe in the concept of sexual fluidity worker seeing at high black Amazon and other big LGBT well-funded LGBT groups are working to suppress this information and they're trying to ban our book smacks the newest development that's been going on this week. Alright so when we talk about banning books.

There was concern when a B-29 43 in California is being put forward that would ban all professional help for those with unwanted same-sex attraction engendered any confusion of any age is only a symbol to ban the Bible because they they even talk about literature and things like that and then the question about books that could be banned.

FRC had pictures of books that could be ban including your dad's books and people mock us as they were gonna happen in here you have an actual bookseller that's that sells every kind of book under the sun. Banning these particular books so it isn't dangerous. I mean, it is this some practice that should really be outlawed in people getting hurt and it's terrible and and Amazon is doing the right thing to ban this set the record straight on that. Hassling others so much evidence of people sexuality can change you know in a relatively short period of time or more studies of knowledge of even the American psychological Association in 2014 finally came forward and admitted that people sexuality can change so this is a threat to many people and the hard left LGBT movement and it's interesting because most people who identify as LGBT Q when I talk to them and they don't find it unthreatening for person to leave him sexuality. It really seems to be the far left leaders of this movement there really afraid of people leaving homosexuality because were exposing their hypocrisy and hypocrisy that they welcome people into the gay community but then they try to block those same people when they try to leave so in point of fact, when you say that there are proven methods, things like that. When you engage in the way the way things are represented. Kids are sent off against their will to some camp where their tortured adults are subject to shock treatment and humiliation and things like that.

This is these are the myths that are out there. I even had a follower of mine on Facebook say Dr. Bronner really respect what you do but look all the shock treatment stuff got ago I thought what world are you talking about, so we actually do write what what what is the method of helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction what anyone who really wants to look very carefully to go very in depth at you just go to re-integrative or information there. I puppy published the in the Journal of human sexuality within the last year the re-integrative protocol would we show people step-by-step. Over doing all the freedom public soon. I will release on our website in a matter of months, but especially clients commend they talk about their stories and we have a method that works with when they when they talk about the most powerful sexual fantasy. We have method of looking at what unmet emotional needs are behind, and the client.

Once the client services those unmet emotional needs. We use a standard accelerated trauma method deserves or methods of your used really another clinic struck the world, accelerated trauma treatment we resolve, whatever, the client mentioned behind his knees and afterwards he notices spontaneously without any effort for sexual harassment decrease will give you a specific example of a man who came to me yesterday and gave me an example like that so the ice I said okay will. Let's look exploring adjustment new toilet export. What is your most powerful sexual fantasy and he described to me in detail the kind of guy he was attracted to you told about the sexual scenario at he was able to really feel the feeling in the moment when it was really strong when he was really in a state of arousal at the good. Now go outside yourself.

Looking your own eyes what you see me settle in that moment I looked so contented and happy and I think I keep looking. Keep looking. People look at OSUs longing for a man to finally pay attention to me to love me to hold me. She was hunger in my eyes could keep looking. Keep looking. What you see behind that. He said I see the vast emptiness emptiness and emptiness and emptiness is the look into emptiness when have you felt that way before you give me a list of memories but we do standard, reprocessing and soon after he sank back he went back to the original fantasy the end of the session and he laughed because anything around thinking anymore. I'm not interested I see what was behind it and I don't tell these people looked behind her homosexuality.

We have a method that spontaneously organically left those unmet needs rise to the surface where the where we are. We can become aware that we do standard reprocessing are method is faster and more powerful than ever before, and that's why people are threatened by, so when you talk about these things and to a standard methodology.

Obviously others who been through counseling. You had some type of trauma may be a it becomes fear related date they can't do certain things they have panic attacks or maybe it's something that manifests in in a poster medic stress disorder something like that. If it's a standard method were you trying to go back in and discover the root of where this coming from well again I play devils advocate, but this is their engaging. Isn't this something like in the blood. So what one of these memories and traumas have to do if if someone's born gay. How can you change them. No gauging the great question is no gauging the couple reasons that we notice is why if there were any gene that would instruct an organist.

Any organist in any ecosystem, the Regina instruct of the organism not to try to reproduce the members of the opposite sex is should instead attempt to do so with members of the same-sex that Jean would by nature not be passed down, it would be a de facto self-destructing number one number two is James don't even work that way. There's no one single gene that controls a person sexuality. Sexuality is very complex and we know and even the American psychological Association is, but acknowledging we know that sexuality can change over the course of our lives and it's related to early childhood experiences. I see this again and again and again.

Specifically, more than ever with clients who were sexually abused. Those clients are just able to work to link it to specific memories more easily.

Yeah, and the other thing is folks need to know if they will check the websites of the two EPA's American psychological Association, American psychiatric Association, both of which are very very liberal with tremendous LGBT influence. They say we don't really know the cause of homosexuality, and it seems to be a combination of this and this, etc. in an even admits the possibility of change. If anyone was going to say that you're born this when you can change they would be the ones to say it and you have an increasing number of people as you mentioned, scientifically, and then young people open to the notion of sexual fluidity. I have often cited lesbian activist researcher Lisa diamond on this and some uncivil. She doesn't agree with conversion therapy and she doesn't like the way her works being used, but it she's just been quoted accurately that the data says many people can change right write a new study show that 28% of men who identified as gay admitted at times they do have some heterosexual attractions romantic or sexual attractions of the course of their life. They had that in a researcher sensitive people. Why don't you call yourself bisexual. They say no I'm I'm I'm gay and if you have a minute.

You have some heterosexual question and so it is interesting that we've attached a gay label to people assuming that individual exist in these exact perfect categories that are there lifelong category. If not, the scientific truth yeah are you friends, we come back to talk about what we can do to push back against this explore this more with Dr. Nicolosi. Those of you that are struggling yourself with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion or maybe a family member struggling. We want to point you to good resources and and let Dr. Nicolosi help give you some encouragement and hope in the midst of this, if you have a question for Dr. Nicolosi 8663 4-H 784 866-34-TRUTH, friends. This is serious were not just talking about wanting to help people talk about an all-out assault on being able help people where we are. The client is not allowed to get the help they want special.

This is unprecedented in its deadly serious will direct that her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown put us in one of the greatest threats to LGBT activism is that people can change the strongest arguments used by the activists is this is a neat and immutable were born this way, we can't change. This is no different than skin color.

Therefore, there should be fundamental rights based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The faith the people can change is a massive threat to the movement. Hence, this all-out attempt to ban professional therapy. Now this attempt to ban books.

Where will he go next. In speaking with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Junior, Joseph Witter. June you do your studies with your PhD at Chicago school of professional God and what was your focus. There clinical psychologist so I have a bachelors map bachelor of science, Master science PhD all psychology, clinical psychology, I'm marinating in this this topic. My life cannot yet so again when when you speak your obviously simplifying things for us, and in your practical in your counseling but you got massive academic research behind this are there actually peer-reviewed studies, reputable studies that show the changes possible and on the flipside has been demonstrated and proven so-called conversion therapy is harmful. While there are definitely studies overdoing anyone can just go to reintegrated reintegrated and click on the science we have a whole list of information about this unwritten info graphic which summarizes that if you want to go deeper.

If you want to do a deep dive into the empirical literature look at the three primary sources. The psychological literature.

We have all of that there as well as on the date an avalanche of data out there. But we often see to your second question is you talk to the topic of harm LGBT activists and and Hollywood writers are depicted on date date constantly conflates therapeutic approaches with non-therapeutic approaches the guy goes to a camp in you know someone throws the Bible out of them. Being gay, they call that all that conversion therapy so the day and that's what they're either using that term, clever way because not term conversion therapy has no exact definition.

There's no epic no governing body is a term that really could mean anything. Straw man argument on the we use evidence-based approaches the same approaches use another clinic throughout the world come to tree, and sexual addiction.

And as that happened. Many individuals noticed spontaneous shifts in their sexuality and that's her coke right end of course any spiritual efforts there marked as pray away the gay so whenever approaches use praying with someone professional counseling. The things you be rejected, mock and then all the voices of the people who have been changed.

The rejected so gay activists want us to believe they are stories. I tried to change and I couldn't but they won't believe the stories of people is that I've experienced change in and help.

What about the question of gender identity.

You got kids as young as three and four years old now more and more identifying.

This is the opposite sex and parents saying well.

The only thing that made them happy was to let them dress the opposite way and identify the opposite way youth address that is well in your clinic that we did receive it is a lot more and more their more young people who are being told in their schools, particularly public schools that if they even have confusion about their gender. They'll feel like they fit well in their body.

They might be. They might be in a really a male to female's body or female and a male's body. This is confusing, personable, all junior hires now is remember being back in middle school, but myself and reverts like and feel your body is changing. You know up from down, and I'm either and I was subjected to this.

But to have teachers then come along to the kids and said oh you know you are comfortable in your body. You must be transgender. You might have the work you are on. If you're unsure about these thoughts or feelings sexual thoughts or feelings. You must be transgender. There there creating a lot of confusion.

We do see if the majority of these kids is having younger and younger kids you have gender confusion. Generally speaking, it does work out step does work out on its own. But there there having a lot of negative impact on these kids and their new study showing that many of the people, the young kids who have gender dysphoria who are distressed about their bodies and are not sure what the gender as many of them actually wrong with all the autism spectrum. Young these kids are particularly susceptible to being confused about and so frankly I believe in many others in my field believe that the a lot of the transgender issues that were seeing right now she can start work themselves out in about 10 to 20 years from now when the when the class-action lawsuits will begin learning at a whole wave of people who said I was 14 years old and you are injecting me with laboratory made synthetic hormones. You know what the long-term effect was in my brain or body you change my development, change alcohol, I would grow in puberty.

I was confused you give me pills and and you did a lot of damage and that's can I have a big impact that the ticking time bomb waiting to explode in the judicial system with parents that speaking out about rapid onset gender dysphoria, and suddenly there 1415-year-old daughter identifying his as a boy in get on hormones and you got a case in Canada, where the father can even referred to his 14-year-old daughter is a girl anymore.

Can't stop her from hormone treatments to get a major statement from British position say what we need to slow down here because we we we don't know what were doing.

There is not an adequate research to see the aftereffects the records of 17 that it had completeness ectomy's and and yes, as you said a lot of them on that autism spectrum I heard from a mother that was exactly what was happening to her daughter exactly 1516-year-old daughter suddenly so to identify certain way. It's all also on the autism spectrum and when the mother pulled her out of the school.

She was and she started to change schools pushing this school is ready to announce that that this girl was actually a boy and had counseled the girl. If your parents don't affirm it we can get you pulled out of the house. This is in another country so you the backlashes can be terrible in the meantime, the these kids or the guinea pigs and the activists were the ones that are really guilty because there there pushing this irresponsibly so obviously this is terribly frustrating. You're a trained professional urine academic you're helping people and and there is an ideological irrational war against what you're doing.

What's the best way for for our listeners and viewers to fight back and and to allow people to be helped and get the help they desire. There are few practical things they can do right now. One is go on, reintegrate look up information you like a documentary came out on our work within last year I could find on our website at documentary a filmmaker went and found them of our clients and asked them to do interviews and these guys gave their testimonial. That's incredible short – film about these individuals telling their stories about how they left him sexuality and these are not the kind of self hating homophobe guys are just guys.

One guy was sexually abused.

She said this impacted my sexuality. Another man was a man who was a deep man of faith and he said look I want to live in accordance with my value and I want that right to explore that is that you other.

Another man said was many that my religion that adjustment I had many I guy already had a gay identity and gay experiences for years, but eventually I found that the satisfying I just chose to explore heterosexuality and it we see profiles of different people who are absolutely never depicted in the media.

Yeah, I'm so glad you're getting some friends again re-integrative also posted on Facebook and YouTube. Once again the link to sign up to push back against Amazon's banning of Dr. Nicolosi seniors books and remember friends such as his books is what he stands for it standing for the possibility of change in helping people that want to pursue change and and this is just a domino effect.

He's just as the top the list but another book after another after another.

It could be under assault. There's no question about it.

Have you followed any of the controversy about this paper. Effects of therapy on religious men with unwanted same-sex attraction peer-reviewed, published by top people of the Catholic medical Association put it out and then it was chalice in the statistical level and and then there was response by the authors but ended up getting retracted. Have you follow that all is what I see is the moment you put something out it's gonna come under unusual attack.

Absolutely you can do something with standard practice or with an publisher and then under political pressure.

The journal will sometimes retract the Lord will attract the study and it's because they're scared and that the journals the journal editors who are scared of being of offending people with scientific data what they're doing is they're actually creating a big problem for themselves in the long run because once you retract the study because people became offended. Now there's blood in the water and more piranhas are going to come and Amazon thinks that they're doing the smart thing by banning books that offend people.

That's a big, big mistake in the long run because were to go next. By the way that the person who started a petition to get our books removed from Amazon.

He was quoted in a recent interview admitting she had never even read any of the book he was literally just offended at their title and where when we take people being offended at the foot having the final say we retract scientific data or books because it offends people. We are starting ourselves on the long road and were only encouraging outrage, culture, and outrage mob have the final say in many individuals are seeing the cells on Dennis Prager show couple days ago he was talking about this and and Dr. from you and I and many others.

I'm sure many of your listeners work were watching this and we we have to know we have to be clear what is on the fact Jordan Peterson personally talk to me about this. We we cannot let outrage mob mentality silenced. Our job is not to be rude not to be disrespectful not to join them in in in in in in name-calling to stand our ground and when we stand our ground. What happens is the outrage mob canceled their outreach for very long. They will eventually back down as you push back against Amazon prime… Keep doing what you're doing were standing together soon enough you. Looking back on this incident from the other side. God bless you mentally strong. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown 487884. Also one hour from now were going to have a live YouTube chat Q&A chat on YouTube exclusively all right this or ask Dr. Brown channel on YouTube. Everyone watching on you to death will resume a half-hour after the show & take your questions on YouTube. So for those that can't call in her works out better then great opportunity to join together hate a quick thank you to all of you who responded with a one-time donation during our show and after a show yesterday.

I just shared from the heart that often during the summer months ministries come under extra pressure people are on vacation. Maybe spending their money elsewhere may be forgetting about normal commitments can schedule changes. Whatever the reason it's off the time that bonds can get tight and oversee can do is keep doing what were doing, producing news broadcasts ministering to you putting out material day and night that will help you and serve you and make a difference.

So thank you so much for those who responded. If you haven't yet, please do, please do.

This is a great time to say Dr. Brown were standing with you and your team to do so going to ask Dr. KSK DR Click on donate or do what Nino 17 adjusted on YouTube if you watch it on YouTube. This is $at the bottom of the chat box and you can make your donation right there boom this like that.

So thank you everybody makes a difference. The salmon have a lot don't know worry with God looks at the heart that looks at the intent God looks at proportional giving and that's why that the widow who gave a tiny amount Jesus.

He gave more than all the wealthy who gave a lot. So thank you in front of you, pray for us.

Thank you so much. Your prayers make a massive difference to me picture me and on our team and our ministry be like an arrow and picture you with your prayers and your giving being like a bow that gets pulled back and helps shoot that arrow out more forcefully. That's how we team up to get a trust, make I'm called to do what I do I do it with joy right until the early hours of the morning with with joy.

I do controversial debates with joy.

I I going to melt allegedly life-threatening situations and summits of the art with with joy for the gospel is when I'm called to do and other things that you can do well wear me out and God can't touch that don't want to deal with. We each have grace to do what we do so with the team work together that makes a massive difference at NI want to encourage you don't have a Chris Morgan and some outrageous statements that he made that will encourage you with this. I we don't have to do everything and we don't have to be everything we just have to be faithful to what God called us to do. Remember the Scriptures, the analogy is given that we are of body, we are of body and and Paul says, for example, the eye can't say to the ear.

I have no need of you with a hand to the foot. I have no need of you. I've only had a kidney stone. To my knowledge once in my life.

It was about four and half years ago. Those who had kidney stones there there pretty bad, but I don't think I got hit with the worst of it, but it was bad enough that it does on my hands and knees. This was laid in bed like a mess and some is not right that I was on my hands and knees and in pain.

I know to be much worse than that, but in my case a kidney stone was too big to pass so I had to have the surgery where they were. They blasted it and and and dealt with it like that of but but the bottom line is getting even that kidney stone which was considered large tiny tiny tiny thing, but that tiny thing malfunctioning in the body makes a massive impact in and can cause terrible pain. But what am I saying it if if you are called to be a pinky or thumb you have to be a mouth or an ear. If if you're called to be a nose and smell things out. You have to be fee run fast. Don't compare yourself and anybody else don't don't get all hung up.

I can't do this. I yummy things I can't do. The only things I fall short in no things I am embarrassed of my lack of knowledge and and lack of expertise.

It we can go on for months and months and months listing the things I can't do. You can't do and then you compare yourself to others.

This one she's so loving this one. He so powerful in this one she's so sweet in this one he's so smart and this one. She's so capable and this one.

He's so strong, in part, any I'm not like you, but you can do without called you to do so is looking for faithfulness more than ability is looking for.

Faithfulness is same with giving that that when people do what they can do needs are met with when people in local assembly everybody does their part needs are met and lives are changed. It's it's amazing suggest where you live, who are you, which are currently setting. Be faithful. There be faithful, not just working hard in your job, but being a godly witness in your job you got 15 minutes free time in the car where you can commune with the Lord or listen to Scripture wrinkly theme that time you have an opportunity to help someone to bless someone do it your home with your kids and your your busy with little ones your your shaping world changes shaping next-generation wherever you find yourself to be faithful to it on of the Lord and it and it'll bless that you will bless the hill. Bless you for it. 866-34-TRUTH all right yet. Let's son let's do this now appears Morgan. He is known for quoting Jesus and quoting Scripture while at the same time off in speaking against those who hold to biblical values. When I was on the show years ago. He was on CNN.

He challenged me about what Jesus said concerning homosexuality course I had clear answers. It was an easy thing to respond to. But recently he had on his broadcast in England, a medical doctor this medical doctor is under attack for saying that there are two sexes, male and female he saying it scientifically anything it scripturally appears Morgan is calling him a bigot and and then appealing to Jesus against this meant that you gotta see this dialogue here alone or read it to you. All right, so this is on on pink news from the from the UK. Dr. David Mack Earth is a Christian and he told a news outlet by changing the way we use pronouns we completely change who we are as a society, and who we are as a people, as a Christian I believe that use pronouns and with this dishonest and I cannot do that in a good conscience, the recipient knows him as a biological male he can't call that person she or her. I don't believe a person can change sex and hopefully that a person can change gender that sex and gender are the same thing's appears. Morgan said you understand that makes you a bigot is remarkable for saying I don't believe a black man can be a white man or a white man could be a black man. I don't believe. A tall man can be a short manner. Shortening to be a tall man. I don't believe a woman can be a man or a man could be a woman now that last statement that makes you a big so as to define bigot by Mack risk, Morgan describes the someone who was quote woefully intolerant of people go through an extraordinarily long and painful transition process both physically and psychologically continued, they do it because fundamentally they believe they were born in the wrong body the wrong gender. The wrong sex just find it in your Christian heart to actually respect that the doctor responds.

The Bible tells us that God is made us male and female he made us for his own glory. If you're convinced scientifically that you got thousands of genetic or DNA markers within you that make you a man over that make you a woman and that you can't change that. When a timeout someone that's intersects with time at some is a biologic chromosomal mail medical transitions be female if you don't believe that they are really of email doesn't compassion call you to speak the truth to that person and love and to say that person love there's a better way to say to that person looking to be on hormones. The risk your life you have this radical 16 surgery and you're still genetically not who you want to be doesn't compassion say there's a better way isn't that Christian to help someone rather than affirm them in what is actually a mental or emotional disorder. So the dialogue continues. He says Obama bigot, then the whole of Christianity throughout history is bigotry.

I don't believe that I believe Christianity is the truth of God. So Morgan says if you take the Bible literally. The punishment for adultery is stalling. Lisa given your self-righteousness to wander around the streets you city looking for people were looking at people a lustful installment of death, and if not why not Jesus Christ told you, Morgan said to be tolerant of people as well and you seem to have failed that test you were set in the Bible to defend your bigotry.

We have all moved on from large swaths of the Bible. The doctor said Morgan was ranting at him with the present difference did you by saying I think were done here, let's get David some stones to remarkable first, the Bible that says God made us male and female is the Bible appears Morgan is now quoting the condemned the views of the stock is first.

The second thing Jesus in Matthew 19 reaffirms that in the beginning God made us male and female, and yet Piers Morgan is quoting Jesus against this Dr. and N number three rather than recognizing there's a difference between being under the Sinai covenant, which were not with the penalty for adultery is stalling at the difference between that and Jesus now saying it's sinful in God's sight.

If you lost even in your heart and you commit adultery in your heart and that's worthy of hell Piers Morgan is recognize that he just wants to throw one thing and it puts Jesus and Jesus, as we tolerant of people not be so Jesus said to love people's as he loved us true love, the unlovely, be merciful to the to the merciless SPP be kind to the unkind. Be generous to the stingy loving to the unlovely yes yes yes Jesus taught us to do that to lay our lives down to help others. Jesus bizarrely tolerant of other people EE slice through the excuses of people are going to follow him superficially know that we just bury my dead father is let the dead bury their dead. You come and follow me when he saw the excuses were were just made up and superficial.

He cut through the as far as intolerant. He said I'm the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. He said he was the only way to God's teachings are absolutely radical his teachings contradict with Piers Morgan same from beginning to end. So yes let us follow the example of Jesus and lay down our lives for other people's well-being.

But let us not accommodate social insanity.

Let us not accommodate someone's very real emotional and psychological struggles. Rather, let's help them. Jesus would look at a transgender call the person who they are and make them whole within their own body and then die their sins are sins my sins so they could have eternal life, our friends, we will be right back.

Phone lines open to give a question of any kind, 8663 for it's the light a fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown ending.

Thanks for being part of the broadcast 663487884 with any questions, comments you have. You know I want to be open. Candidates always them. I'm not worried about what's going to happen to my liberties or my ability to speak on the worried about that at all because my God's grace will continue to speak and do what's right regardless of cost or consequence. I know many of you feel the same and and often the more opposition we get the more fruit we have the more difficult it is, the more blessing we receive want Paul's letter some of his most red letters letters read around the world by hundreds of millions of people. Today in hundreds of different languages.

He wrote the present John Bunyan's most famous works works out of impacted generations of believers and translate also to many languages.

He wrote from prison and often the church grows the most dramatically when it's in the midst of persecution and pressure so I'm not worried all these Elmo right about that. No, in fact, that the the more radical and crazy the opposition, the more excited I get about what God is going to do. I simply say we have a responsibility to protect our liberties.

I simply say that that we have a responsibility to call out unrighteousness. I simply say that there is no reason to hang things over to the next generation of the generation after that with their with their mouths gagged and their their hands tied behind their back, why, why put them in a position like that. Why put your kids or grandkids in a position where you get baptized.

They'll end up going to jail so that I can never happen in America. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly happen in many of the countries around the world.

But the whole of the crazy things are happening in America now is to say other things even crazier wouldn't happen. Why, why be cruel to someone struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction 17 years old who wants professional help is not allowed to get that help by the state because we, the believers in that state were silent when legislation was being pastor didn't adequately speak up or or act up so I'm worried I'm not fearful you it be hard for you to find a more confident person and God the knee. It's his calling on my life. It's his grace.

It's my experience of 47 years and him it's the way I'm wired. I'm not worried. In fact, the crazier the environment is the more fierce the opposition more faith. I have more cough that I am in in God moving simply say let's be responsible. Let's be responsible if we don't use our freedoms will lose them in America has been able to help a lot of nations make a big difference in millions of lives with the freedoms we have been awful shame to lose them for no good reason 86634 let's go to our friend fail in green verdigris were walking to the line of fire yet.

I talked well. Once the requested you everything that's going on now and even though we are in the station upgrade with all the Trent Pindar and homosexuality. Not just here in the United States but all over the world do you believe that we God may now be allowed them to experience what we want and turn them over just to a depraved mind: depravity fail.

I believe there's something bigger than that which is the society as a whole. This is what you really alluding to. It's like we drank the Kool-Aid it's it's like suddenly we woke up and started saying and doing crazy, crazy things. My wife Nancy was was talking to me last night and again this morning to say look all the outrage about Jeffrey Epstein. This billionaire alleged abuser of young girls and things like that and you know they were 14 years old, etc. in and they were victims of course there were reports that were victims, but you sings that while though that same 14-year-old go out, get an abortion without her parents knowing about it wears its imports enrolled in school a could maybe get medicine from the nurse and Lester's parental approval and then you have it. We understand the three-year-olds have all kinds of fantasies, and five-year-olds of all kinds of fantasies and leave all kinds of things but now were to say with the three-year-old girl says she's a boy, dressers, a boy and give her a boys name and and and yes celebrate Bruce Jenner's woman of the year in the alleged 15-year-old boys race with 15-year-old girls win the race and it and everybody's fighting for.

Yeah, that's the right thing. That's a good thing in people opposing unbranded bigot so it really feels like that in my book Jezebel's war with America. I actually say that as I was writing it. It's as if we fall under corporate delusion. It's as if we been given over to foolishness and insanity is a culture, just as I was saying that I look to my friend Dr. James White had tweeted out almost that identical statement yet not measures. The thing I don't believe it's too late. I don't believe it's too late. In other words, we are honest, steady descent.

It can change, but it's getting more and more urgent by the moment, because the things that would've offended and shocked.

Five years ago. Don't offend and shocked now and the things that 10 years ago would've had us on our faces for four days of prayer and fasting and crying out now like no big deal. So we better wake up while there is still opportunity the other is a pushback.

You things are changing, but you better believe we need to fall on our faces.

Repent for our sin, our selfishness, our foolishness, our complacency, our unwillingness to speak up and to speak out our unwillingness to fast and pray yeah let let's get on our faces looking to the Lord and and he desires to intervene in the lives of those with same-sex attraction.

Those who identify as transgender in the lives of Christians.

Thank you for the call. Much appreciated. Hate friends.

I just heard from someone reading an advance copy of Jezebel's war with America and we started tonight, got the advance copy now. A friend wrote and said I'm reading now.

My sister just ordered seven copies of Jezebel's worth America just based on the sister starting to read it if you haven't ordered the book yet or if you preordered online from Amazon. A Christian book at Barnes & Noble go to Jezebel's war with go there right now and you'll get all these free materials with a $50 or free materials when you preorder so Jezebel's war with is the place go book comes out August 6 all right let us go over to Nico in Florida walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, a add to questions ordered on the agreed yesterday to five and it was where Solomon was something about meaning and meaning in like achievements in life and you have been there is there is a discrepancy in the two verses 31 was MBA and translations at the ASP and the ESP ESP it said something referencing himself thing that on for who can have enjoyment more than I and I guess he was saying that basically since he was a king in all and yet the Muslim. Lightman E should have the most meaning if that was meaningful right right and the other version I was reading was yesterday and it said for who can have enjoyment but by God for this is this what comes out is very concise and you tell them you could see many so as it reads here for who can eat and and who can enjoy apart from me, that's me. Many in in Hebrew, but there can be another potential reading a slight change of the final letter which would be me, Manu, you often have in Hebrew manuscripts that you have a judge instead of evolve or evolve instead of a good. So it's again these these letters with with slight differences between the near one longer than the other, but can be easily confused as intention of a note them in the side margin of the Hebrew manuscript thing is actually this, so sometimes there's a dispute about it so the question is if you just translated exactly from the main written tax would be for who eats and who enjoys, but myself. But if you go with a marginal reading, which is just another variant sometimes reflected in the ancient versions that it would be without him and the question is this. Without him, mean without God. So we have to do is look at the larger context and ask yourself what makes most sense within the context it's it's a variant of readings in Hebrew manuscripts. Hence the difference in translation and and then you look at ancient versions with the biggest thing is to look at the context and see which you can make from that. Hey, if you know the question go real quick is roast at a time. Secondly, a different topic.

The other question is, are the things that we can that we can achieve even this life and if we don't achieve those things. Do you miss out on the things in the next life like so for example, an aborted child that you miss out on opportunities and will never achieve those in the next life.

Yeah, because Nico suit number one, there's only so much we know Scripture you read the same Bible. I do and it does not address that subject directly to someone.

Number two we know God's Redeemer. We know that what Satan means for evil God turns for good.

So somehow aborted babies little children whose lives cut short, someone who was a severe disorder and can function normally. Someone dies in a tragic accident. Whatever God's Redeemer. So one way or another, God will accomplish his purposes for the life of his people and number three, though there are things that if we miss out on now like opportunity to win the lost walk by faith in the small stuff out will do it now, it doesn't apply in the world come to the lost people to save the world become so one your race today cautiously.

Whatever your hand finds to do it with all your might.

Ephesians 5 redeems the time like 30 minutes from now back on YouTube

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