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An Amazing Jewish Testimony

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 11, 2019 4:50 pm

An Amazing Jewish Testimony

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 11, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/11/19.

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Hey friends, we've got an eye-opening anti-Semitism update and then an amazing Jewish testimony sought for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH.

Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question for me.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Very happy to speak with those who differ with me or challenge my positions as well. 866-34-TRUTH of the bottom of the hour will be joined by a Jewish businessman with a wonderful testimony of faith in Jesus. But first let's start here.

All right, I realize that there are Jew haters, Israel bashers that will not be persuaded by truth I could put it on the table in front of their eyes undeniable form and they will deny it will put their head in the sand and they will go on with their bias and bigotry and people do that who are biased and bigoted in many different areas. They have bought in to falsehoods in the matter what you present to them.

You believe with a belief but I recognize the many others who are sincere, honest who want the truth and they're genuinely confused but with their hearing what they're seeing. So I want to take a moment for the sincere seekers the lovers of truth to set the record straight and to expose some of the extreme misinformation coming forth from Rick Wiles and true news. It can only be called anti-Semitic. But first, don't fear. I want to give you a context and asked the question how seriously should you take the position of Rick Wiles contributes how seriously to take it.

Rick Wiles wrote a book called Judgment Day of the coming worldwide computer crash will radically change your life. This book came out in 1998 with dire predictions as to what's coming with Y2K so here's here's what is written, America's darkest hour is ahead of worldwide computer crash, beginning in 1999 will plunge the global economy into depression. Governments will declare bank holidays when panic spreads throughout society. The biggest meteor storm 33 years will destroy several vital satellites buying solar storms will disrupt telecommunications and the electric power grid families will shiver in the winter of 2000 electric utility shut down an oil shortage in severe drought will devastate America's food supply drinking water will be rationed by National Guard troops terrorist will launch a coordinated attack. America's hundred biggest cities. How much of that happened.

Enough said. Same Rick Wiles putting forth nonsense on true news today and they be packaged differently just as misleading. Just as wrong and I would encourage you to give no more credence to Rick Wiles and true news today that we should have given credence to Rick Wiles and his Judgment Day book in 1998. Let me take you into some recent broadcasts and remember they will not allow me on as a guest to refute what they're saying with equal time with their panel, they will not come on my show to present their views and let me challenge them they will not have a public debate with me, a moderated public debate on any of these issues.

That alone should tell you where the truth is because when you have it you bring it into the light and allow it to be challenged all right. This go to the first clip listen to what they have to say no. How many times I hear Jewish comics on television marking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Bill Marr, how many how many anti-Christian bigoted statements. Has Bill Marr made on HBO. Just think of the Jewish comics that that lambaste them and just denigrate Jesus Christ. Christianity morality. The Jewish comics. How many how many Jewish produced TV shows mock Christianity is.

So here's first problem. Yes, there are ungodly atheistic Jews comedians others sitcom writers that mock Christianity that mock Jesus it's deplorable need the Lord the need to repent. The need to be saved. Let's be candid, there plenty of non-Jews there plenty of Gentile atheists ungodly who mock God. There are the Richard Dawkins of the world writing their books attacking God that there are the bill martyrs who are also attacking faith in God.

In general, attacking other religions even being anti-Israel, and in many ways and antireligious Judaism Sosa was put Stephen Colbert as a Catholic comedian and he'll often mock our conservative Christian position was approved that the ungodly mock the things of God but to extrapolate from this is a C. It's the Jews. This is classic and the Semitism and just ask yourself how many non-Jews are there who are God markers were Christianity markers how many of them are there is a comedians be the intellectual drop a long list was approved the ungodly attack the things of God but for Rick Wiles is there Jews involved. That means the Jews are somehow guilty classic anti-Semitism right. Let's let's listen to support over 70% of Jews if not more support abortion as countries for same-sex marriage is about the attacks on Christianity. Yes, the persecution of Christians is an American around the world, the freedom from religion foundation Jewish yes you know ACLU Jewish radio radio Jewish good analysts who attacks Christianity right right wing watch Jewish.

The only reason for right wing watch as existence is to smear Christians. So here's something really interesting is attacking Christians around the world so when you see Christians being beheaded in Muslim countries is that Jews what when you see Christians being thrown in jail in China is that Jews and on and on. The list goes when Christians are being persecuted in India by Hindus is that the Jews know in terms of violent persecution against the Jewish people against Christians worldwide 9.99% of it is not from Jews and the nation. Mistress of the one Jewish state on the planet is there religious liberty. There are Christians being beheaded or Christians being thrown in jail. Can Christians really practice their faith.

The answer is yes, even messianic Jews.

Jews who believe in Jesus sharing the gospel. They have opposition from religious Jews, but they can meet they can preach on street corners in Israel. Yes, it is true.

So this idea that the Jews are somehow responsible for persecution of Christians against its blown out of proportion is exaggerated, then it is up as a boldface lie. And yes, there are liberal Jews were on the wrong side of these issues and who have prominent roles in things like the ACLU or the SPLC in Odessa absolutely.

But there religious Jews. The Jews who follow their traditions that the Jews who follow the Talmud and Torah, which would require viscosity attacking rabbinic literature and things like that. Those Jews are often standing with Christians on these mobiles is that matter know why because Jews must be demon sort. Let's listen to some more of the illogic of true news reports Judaism teaches racial superiority. As with the team as far as the newness of the Talmud's is specific to say what Gentiles are what the cattle knew. They will are slaves. Yes, this is a fact because of John Hankey just taught Talmudic teachings that he was that Christians are obligated to be slaves to Talmudic Jews. Does he think he's getting it special privilege and I he's converted.

I am convinced is converted.

I think he's a Thomas wears a personal plan.

My love always guys on on so-called Christian.

These non-Christian teeth anymore is just as Jewish TV. They are Tom, Otis, they converted him and I with I would laugh at this. If not for the fact that people actually believe it. I would just be sarcastic with it.

If not for the fact that the people actually believe it. So number one that is not with the Talmud teaches, does not teach that Christians are supposed be slaves.

It does not teach that plain simple I will come on true news gentleman and we will look at the Talmudic text all all have the Hebrew and Aramaic in front of me and you can have verifiable English translations and will look at the text together and we'll see what this it will you do it while if you're so sure that's a fact. Why won't you you'll throw call up taken out of context mistranslated all right.

You won't let it be challenge why because that would burst your anti-Semitic bubble so Christian TV is now Jewish TV isn't that utterly remarkable Jews teach racial superiority. No, because Jews are not simply a race. There are many different peoples that have been part of the Jewish people over the centuries.

We understand that an end that the Moabites like Ruth that are part of our heritage, but is there a calling on Jewish people.

Jewish people believe there is a special calling and that God privilege the Jewish people with the tour. Yes, that they therefore have greater responsibility but but any witness allegedly one more clip just to remind you that you cannot take these gentlemen seriously and will listen to what requests that you want to. How crazy these views are described with the family play the game all their their victims, their victims, everybody's attacking them. We have to have laws to stop people from criticizing them, and yet they smear and attack Christians and do nothing to protect them like in Aleppo where Christians are being crucified on his doorstep when he made because I was an Israeli operation is funded and armed Isis Anna so sure there was a nice as I'm not so sure that it wasn't entirely Israeli operation yet so there you have a friends the same fellow who wrote Judgment Day and was completely wrong. Missed it hundred percent and all the ridiculous position predictions. None of them come to pass is the same one thing he does anything Isis existed. It was all an Israeli operation or by the way, find out what Israelis doing is Israelis doing on the border of Syria on a daily basis to help the wounded and the hurting and risking their own lives care for the people of Syria, including many Christians among them. But why get confused with facts. When you are blatant anti-Semites.

Wiles renews those are the facts. If you got the guts, show them all, yours have a public moderated debate on the side of truth revealed the errors.

This information, it will the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast Michael Brown here yet. I jumped in a moment early it's thoroughly Jewish. Thursday we are broadcasting as always but were having Internet issues that are not allowing us to do our live stream on Facebook and YouTube. Our apologies for those that are wondering where we are.

Will post everything that we can as soon as we can, but are radio broadcast going out.

As always if you have a Jewish related question for me of any kind by all means give me a call 866-348-7884 let us go to Tampa Florida. Kenneth, welcome to the line of fire character accurate order Carissa David, you are living down there when you're speaking at USF. Back in English one 1112 was that I met great time in a ministry to Jewish people.

I call myself a Christian and I'm going after Jupiter down there and politely call them out Jupiter's third goliath grouper about 300 pounds. Is that so I'm okay I'm on Facebook you look up Kenneth Thursday on Facebook.

You'll see what I'm saying to them now.

I'm reaching them with a different master demo. I wanted to run it by your report may be other people can pick up on one of the people I'm stunned.

I'm dealing with Jewish Orthodox people en route on dealing with Jewish secular people and I'm explaining who Jesus is. First of all, I asked him why did Adam eat the fruit without any argument didn't say a word to know you dictated right you didn't and I didn't believe the devil and it wasn't counted as a transgressor. Most Christians don't know that that sin wasn't happy to first you first though I understand that but but it doesn't say that Adam was not guilty transgressing a program Romans five are clearly sissies translated the right thing the right thing was he saved his life. God's number one rule. Like I like I got a different with you right there. He did not do the right thing no listen. Great to have you read first Timothy 213 or thing of course the hundreds of times. The course okay so it is not right. As you said he sent the does not know you are misinterpreting that in any anyway so so retrograde right off the bat we have a fear of addictive first. First of all if he didn't eat the fruit there would never been to Genesis 315 never go to Parker. There never would've been at Mary to bear Mary up before Nick would be born again is how do we Halloween analysts… Adam was the son of God. Maybe I was meant right so why couldn't it. If you send. So then God judges even then he creates another woman but could not of done that Adam and Adam of was living in Eden, which was earth touching heaven.

I saw right so I I differ with your fundamental principles are an interest distant for time sake of his will or do I want to look at what Scripture actually says about this. Whatever your approach is were you trying to go appreciate that you want to refuse people with the good news. We should all want to refuse people and Gentiles with the good news of Jesus. But let me just read some scripture here right and I want to read from from Romans the fifth chapter right because this is really quite explicit so we start in verse 12, Romans 512 therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sin to sin came into the was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not counted.

Where there is no Moore, right.

So in other words, you do not have a legal violation, but you still have sent this death reigned from Adam to Moses even took notice from Adam to Moses, even over those who sin was not like the transgression of Adam, who was a type of the one who was, right now you go to first Timothy 260. Paul writes specifically of the transgression of Adam, and death coming through.

Since Adam sin, Adam was guilty of transcription is to be as clear as possible. The snow and the Adam did the wrong thing and that's why it will be go to Genesis 3, God who does God judge God judges first the judges first then he judges Eve and then he judges Adam so what is he say right verse 17 of Genesis 3 to Adam he said, because you have listened to the voice of your wife. This is the wrong thing he did, and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, you shall not eat of it, cursed is the ground because of you in pain you shall eat of it all the days you like thorns and thistles it shall bring forth you and you shall eat the plants the field by the sweat of your face, usually greatly returned to graph adamant you were taken your dust and to dust you shall return.

So far from Adam doing the right thing somehow participating in messianic prophecy quite the contrary, I so Adam was formed first verse 13, the first Timothy two then even Adam was not deceived with what was the scene became a transgressor that you be safe the child if they continue in faith and love and hold his self-control, wishing I was not deceived. In other words, Adam did what he did with full knowledge and according to Romans five, he transgressed he broke the commandment that God gave the other. Send in similar ways. After that, even though they didn't specifically transgress against the commandment and death into the world because of them. So yeah really going that serve wrong wrong track perimeter. Now, if you have a Senate debate with me can't just do that in the midst of a call so soon just throw something out you as a general rule, friends, I'm always digging into the word looking for insights, asking God to illuminate my understanding even when I understand the passage forgot to make it real to me because we might understand it but we might not get that the spiritual significance of resentful we can read a thousand times that Jesus rose from the dead, and it doesn't hit us. The reality of it doesn't hit us. We can read a thousand times.

He died on the cross with the reality of it doesn't hit us. So as I'm sitting Scripture. I'm praying not just for insight into the meeting doing my best to dig into the Hebrew, Aramaic, the Greek do my best understand what God's word is saying you might do my best to rightly see. Okay, here's the context here's the background you put it in its its proper setting for strength and stamina. I'm not only seeking to do that but I'm also saying God give me insight for my own life make this real to me.

So, not just reading words on a page. May they be written on my heart. It may they be practical application in my life and sometimes I get on my knees and read the word out loud and pray over each of the verses I'm reading board that seems difficult. How do we live that outboard that's a standard I don't how to obtain help me Lord, I feel convicted as a reading this, my heart is not in agreement more than I need to renew my heart mama into whatever it is were going on. Understand this at 95 study indignant but but my point is upon us while we do that that that if were going to build a whole thesis on something if we are going to build a whole argument on something that boy everybody got this wrong, you better find out why quote everybody got it wrong.

In other words, maybe there are valid reasons for the disagreement may be. There are valid reasons for people rejecting a particular position so we have a perfect example here how a case is made in first Timothy the second chapter 2 to say something that the rest of Scripture plainly contradicts by the way, what's the meaning of first Timothy 215 there. There's actually a tremendous discussion, debate what is actually being said there are so the normal will audition signal here.

Here are the different ways of reading summary. For example, the new American Standard, but women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint. So one way of reading it is that even though Eve's sin and her sin brought disaster on the human race and and part of the judgment was bring forth children with great pain that godly women will be saved through childbearing, though still be protected will be delivered. The they will not die as others die Odyssey high mortality rates of women having children this day. In other parts the world children die. The women die so that will not happen as they honor the Lord in certain that's one way of reading.

So it's all just thinking of women forever cursed.

Another way is that they will be saved through the childbearing that may been a point that Kenneth would've gotten to but again because the whole foundation was wrong.

I had a jump in. So in other words, that through the childbearing. So ultimately through Miriam Mary giving birth to the promised child that redemption. Salvation will come to women as well through that same Jesus who is born of a woman salvation will come to those women. That's another way of reading it there other ways those to me, or would be the two primary interpretations. In any case, this will ensure that now here's find out about Jewish man was a moneyman for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on thoroughly juice Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I normally take Jewish -related calls on Thursday, but is special guest with a powerful testimony and I want to get to him. Three of the maximum time to talk about what God has done in his life. Joseph Kaplan has a book. The moneyman, a true life story of one man's unbridled ambition downfall and redemption. Yes. So very, very interesting story. My friend Mitch Glaser reached out to be chosen people ministries New York. We worked together for many many years. Mitch reached out to me and said hate you. You've gotta have Joseph on your show. You've got to hear his testimony so without further ado, Joseph, welcome to the line of fire broadcast. Thanks for joining us today and I'm very glad to be with you.

Dr. Brown thank you sir if in the United States.

Is that correct yes yes I yes I can hear you get. I've I've listened to a multitude of scribe. The true meaning of the word of God.

Many times thank you sir I appreciate that. So Joseph where were you born I was born in London England I and and did you grow up in a wealthy family, which own background. Though my mom and dad were migrants, their parents ran away from the program in Russia and Poland and my father pulled to London when he was about nine years old. They had nothing but a lot of really so how does that affect you growing up in terms of your own attitude towards money and possessions while I wasn't interested in Molly my my dream and live wealth to become, I cannot. Don't Obama count explain this to Google my family were in what is cool Greg business this month.

A business they bought and sold old rags about how they made a living and that's how my mom and dad put together the money for me to college.

But my dream was to be about sortable turnover that we can look down and that's what I became and I die within the criminal local in London, England, and then unfortunately my father became very ill and I had a phone call one day from mom telling me to come quickly because that was in hospital and that was the end of my career as I went into the Greg business to talk to about he was in the know. I was very good at it was like going from the sublime to the ridiculous go from heaven to hell because of the different parts of London. They pull part of London but that's where he made the money to send me to college Siegel from a barrister of law to running Greg business. What happened to the business as you would leading it would happen then will I kept the door open and then eventually after in those days. I didn't know how to treat certain medical problem. He was he was in hospital for about two month and then he came back and and I'm a different a different generation and he had enabled me to be educated and so I want to do something more with my life combined. So rags and I met Sid Castellano the man he had the flu Christmas club where people save a bit of money every week and get that money back at Christmas to buy presents for the kids and we teamed up and went from door to door at 10 nights and I visited with people in shop, something tourism collected a few pounds being in England and we gave out small loans with the money and the time went by adult above the Christmas club go bigger and bigger and then it became a finance company and then I became a businessman with an office and 10 years later I became a banker and five years after that we had 22 branches and a great company with antibusiness it on the stock exchange in London and I have become a multimillionaire with assets in the hundreds of millions and I had a meteoric rise in fame and fortune under the newspapers that about me all the time and they said I was my difficult in their perspective. Everything I touched turned to gold. I mix with the rich and the famous.

I had a 72 foot yacht.

The crew of a coat of blue in the south of France and it was normal for me to entertain friends and business people with champagne and caviar that help them, and the list of the good days and then not long author that there was an economic a few years later there was an economic crisis in London in the seven to and you're probably too young to remember that I don't have but everything will look lost and the subscales in the business world and what happened was that people turned away from everything and you couldn't sell a billion pound property for dollar because nobody was interested in it.

A terrible time in England. Kind of like we had here in the states in the 2008 2009. The sudden collapse that I do remember in some discipline 55. I remember waiting online for long periods of time to get gas at the gas station and then it was rationed as to how much you could get in and I know some of the larger implications of dominoes falling but obviously you painted a picture of of extreme wealth being a national celebrity is or is a rich man the yacht the whole bit.

I mean that that says that all and in and in all of this is as a Jewish man, what did you have any religious faith we raise with any religious faith or we pretty secular.

I'm glad to become the object pretty secular could use your word, but I always remember I used to go to my grandpa and grandma very often. I use the FICA live on the weekend and I remember that grandpa used to leave the room downstairs and go upstairs three times a day and I remember so clearly I love my grandma I said with grandpa going and she said well he's going to speak to God. I like to I remember thinking to myself grandpa is going to speak to God must be a very important person and to respect and love my grandpa and he was a little you and go to little the two, but I would fit on the Sabbath. The type of The way the Bible describes it should be kept and so that was something I was remembered, but then when I got into the benefit of the barrister, I, I, "about my grandpa and I have very high ethical standards, but once I had them had to give up my professional and go into the rag trade idols only standard and my ethics became the same ethics that you would find anywhere else in the so what happens to now is obviously you lived attached your possessions and in your fame and money must've been some type of about idol or God to you. Would you go through when you have this economic collapse because all of who you were now no longer exists will the better. So I think I can give you is to mention my favorite scripture.

My favorite scripture in the Old Testament is the Deuteronomy chapter 8 and this is what it says it says if you think in your heart that your power and the might of your hand have goals and you this 12 you should remember little jewel called for it is he that giveth the power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore them to life all the and it shall be, if you do as a will forget the rules like God, which I did and all of the other goals which I did and serve them and worship them, and then these are the keywords and what happened to me. I testify you will give this day that you shall surely perish, and I perished. I love my fortune and the high was the merit with two children of the time and we left London we went to Los Angeles in America and in the whole series of crises which clearly set out in my book the moneyman all lifted and I began to be a different kind of a person without a person. I will festival.

I was proud and conceited and I knew my I knew I was doing well because the press were writing about me in London all the time. And then when my most everything I began to think very hard about it. You, for I had no interest in gold for many years of my life I had no idea of the weakness this cool especially when I had problem and we we both know that a lot of people have pain-and-suffering and most of them keep it to themselves and when a world full of pumps we lose hope and we blame coital. We decided there really isn't a go to tool because if he cares how is it possible that bad things can happen and what's missing at the go then be here for most of us when we were in trouble and when we reach the bottom. We listen to the wrong people and punctual touch by evil.

It never lets you go and with that you get used to it and one of my most favorite preachers if not my favorite is the man called Charles Spurgeon who as you know Dr. Brown lived in Victorian times, and I know you little But not old enough to purchase Burgess face-to-face that I know I like that Charles Spurgeon and how Joseph Kaplan ends up coming devoted follower of Jesus to Yeshua the Messiah of Israel.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown And his book the money man.

A true life story of one man's unbridled ambition, downfall and redemption is about to cultural Spurgeon for us but as we left off, going from great wealth growing up in poverty than to great wealth than losing it all. He's gonna find himself suing the midst of recession, life-threatening surgery is wife having cancer so it really gets to that point in the moment. But Joseph back to you and Charles Spurgeon go ahead and then we need to find out how it is that you came to know Jesus but please start with Charles Spurgeon will good you can be at the gates of heaven and end up in hell and he was a great Victorian creature you know about and what he means by that is, you can be you can think of it too close to God. You can go to turtle synagogue Temple regularly. But if your heart is with the Lord.

If you halted talking to God on a daily basis then you're not really having a relationship with him.

And if I may live.

I would like at this point to tell people why I turned how I turned Jesus mad event.

Please, please, I was in Los Angeles with my wife, Valerie, who as you know, died of cancer. Years later, and we walked into a stockbroker focused on adults my fortune for I didn't really have any interest in the TV screen in the office of about 30 of them in the big crowd of people. Then all of a sudden, and I'm this story haven't changed since it happened.

I would like to look. Many business to know that this is exactly what happened. A woman came up to me and she told me on the arm and she said to me God has for me to save you then normally in days gone by. I would think very much and just carry on with whatever I was doing, but something happened inside of me and she was the name of Marianne Cohen and her husband of this, and his name was to Cohen and I turned around to Valerie my very wife and I said to I'd like to invite these people have her cup of tea and that's what we did and that we will over this elderly couple in our house, which wasn't far away and they began to talk to us about your sure which of the vocals of the Hebrew name for Jesus and we listened and we were polite and they invited us to a Bible study, weakness, Olathe veteran I went to this Bible study and is hard to describe over the telephone, but again, this story is in the book of moneyman and we went into this very worldly house and there were about 50 or 60 people there. And some of the first thing that happened with the mutual is that you know I'd been married to my wife for many many years and we did. We did everything together which is not unusual on this particular occasion, and I can explain in a minute why I think this 12, she went into the left-hand side of this long war, which had a fireplace in the middle and I went into the white hands, right hand side.

I couldn't see her and she couldn't see me and the man that was preaching the word of God. He was the only Jewish Elda in Jack Hayford's church. The church on the way. The only Jewish Elda. I didn't know that of the time found Olathe and then to his talking and explaining about this one aspect of the Bible that was fine and I was sitting there and all of a sudden a woman came up to me and she put gently on my shoulder, and her name is Miriam. Incidentally, and I found Olathe and she said to me, all you are now ready to give up the life you have led an offer God for forgiveness for anything you've done wrong and believe on the son of God, you sure, shift Jesus the Messiah. And I want to tell you Michael Brown that it's a day in my life I will never forget, and I burst into tis and I cried for 12 minutes and she prayed with me and she will be to the Lord. And anyway, the, the event came to an end and I was overwhelmed by what I had done and something I shall changed inside of me because my whole heart was involved in the lab doing and I was walking out with Valerie and sheet drought submit material like this part of the story and she said to me, Joseph, the something I have to tell you what I said was that she said well I've just accepted Jesus as my Messiah. You sure and I really believe that he is the son of God, and I told her that I had done the same. We hug. We hugged each other and the reason why I believe that the mold split. Love because if we were together. We neither wondered in years later did she influence meal. Did I influence the neither of us influence each other. That's how I receive the little Jesus and how interesting it is to me the gold sent to Jewish people of Marianne of Phil Cohen to lead us in the right direction and and you know most of the 70 tentacled lenders trouble in the something in life that we have no say in the health the job on somebody else's behavior and many people who go through this. Most of the time have nothing to hold onto. I had nothing to hold onto when everything collapsed in the economic causes, and so they begin to run off the other things that might help touch of alcohol or drugs. The women and this is always followed by fear and insecurity, and it always affects everybody around yeah how is the remarkable that the way God works in both keeping separate reminds me of the story that Ken Baron told me he is the Chief of Staff and Franklin Graham's organization and he he remembered growing up in Orthodox Jewish home but he remembered that his dad would would watch Billy Graham which solves the odd anyway. Can is is falls away from a religious life and his exit on heroin and then wonderfully born again and he hasn't been in touch with his parents for a while so he he calls home and he says dad I've received Jesus. I believe that he's the Messiah and his father starts crying he thought all know it. I was given a concept and then the mother comes Ozzie is described like is what you think we been praying for you for years were believers so systematically only remarkable Joseph obviously you could spend hours on this, but in the last two minutes we have what is it mean to you to know the Lord to have Jesus as the rock in your life, what is that meant to you. Over these years will feel are different from going nowhere with no without money and knowing that I have a future UTI. I was on the top of the mountain and a foot away from hell and I didn't like the person might become the I repented and I told God house available. That's what it mean for anything that I had done the wrong and that's what I wrote in the moneyman I'll go to give me and take my feet out of the net and I was reaching out for the truth about myself of the world of living in. I gave up the person I had been and I tried very hard to become the person that God wanted me to be and that remains the position today and if I can help people, including myself, get better, stronger and more honest than gold. I would tell them that the Bible confirms that God will forgive us if we believe that Jesus died for our sin and we need to forgive. Also, anyone who has found his home or it won't work because God says if you don't forgive others.

I can't give you is that life is precious and wonderful when you turn to you sure and it's wonderful because there is a future and not dead, but sometimes life is so difficult that we do the scope and if we trust in God he can take us from wherever we all to a better life when he does that. We have to go on these. Be still and know that there is a God who is always close to us who cares about the and can take us from nothing important like in 12th and maybe I could close with one little story to demonstrate that the Old Testament of the book. What is the Kyle and in the 37th chapter of is the Kyle is a fascinating story and the story of that boat and gone says to use the Kyle I want you to go to this valley of dry bones is the Kyle will so went back and forth and what is the over dead bone and confit to him, Son of Man can these bones live and as a car replied: only you know, and he was told to prophesy and speak to the bones and say to them in the blood of the Lord.

And then this happened just in time to see zero 37 see how life comes death and how your life transformed faith in Jesus, just as captains was his book the moneyman published

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