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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 12, 2019 6:20 pm

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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You got questions, we've got answers the phone lines are wide open stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on the line of fire broadcast. It is Friday which means you've got questions, we've got answers, 866-348-7884. While phone lines already jammed.

I will get to your calls momentarily something really odd happened yesterday. We had Internet issues were able to do our radio broadcast, but couldn't do our life even we been posting out segments from the cerebral recordable on our YouTube and Facebook channel, but I recorded a special episode dealing with one particular individual who's actually written a little book which is basically an attack on the and has now video after video attacking me. So we did a response that recorded it after the recorded after the broadcast yesterday to specially air and before it even was posted publicly on YouTube.

It got banned by YouTube band for hate speech that we never had this happen we had videos. The monetized but this got banned and the irony is the video is exposing this other person's hate speech not to mention names yet, but the video is exposing their hate speech. I think this is very very wrong and and I'm hoping somebody watched it and misunderstood, but otherwise this is what more to come on the story. Trust me, this is major when you understand who it was and what were exposing this is big we get back to that as soon as we have more information 866-34-TRUTH to the phones starting in Canada with Clarence.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown welcome. I don't need to take a lot of your time II got a lot of questions, let me know a lot of questions but I just want to know your interpretation of the few things I appreciate your your wisdom before okay the eating of the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden gelatin interpretation. Are you familiar with it.

Not sure I know because else but not sure if I know was interpreting okay. He believed that it was something sexual. It went on their with the eating of the forbidden fruit.I don't believe that there is there is no there is a Jewish tradition that it was him that that he had relations with the snake and that, or that there was a and Eve. Before that, that we know is Lily etc. and she fell ill there all kinds of odd traditions and things like that but no I don't I don't I take it literally in terms of there was a violation of the command and that was the issue it the fact that it was a tree and all that you have people find symbolism and that that's fine but with all respect to cargo of snow that's that's not like you I don't believe there's anything sexual that spoken of or that is connoted in any way, how members of the same when you interpreted the same way you suggest nine that's a bit more debatable of the rabbinic is a concise rabbinic comment on that initial meeting, Sir Sylvia shall bring recall. Some say that that he was castrated and some say that he was that he was sodomized and the question is, what was the severity of the said Robert Gagnon on in his book on homosexuality and in the Bible. He argues that that there was something sexual that took place seeing his nakedness you, we know that the idiom of uncovering nakedness can and have sexual overtones in Scripture you know that if a man has seen a son has sex with his father's wife. Covers the father's nakedness and us with all these implications like that so yeah that's that's certainly possible that there is something sexual that took place and that it may be implied, but you don't want to make a big case on it because it's it's hidden in the text is supposed over so what your interpretation would be reviewed rather just take it as nothing hidden more than straight away because I would. I would say that he shamed his father that in in that culture, to dishonor father unity go.

His dad's naked there. Can you believe is drunk and naked would be a severe violation. That's where they walking backwards and and cover him, but right I'm open to more being in the text and that's just that I can obey him.

I can use it as a major text. What I did with homosexual practice in the Bible right after about their real apprehension. Yet the written revelation in 1948. You know that's a generational see the coming of the Son of Man did not need to refer to Israel becoming a nation's rights in the Timothy tree thinks rebutting in in the that Jesus mentions. For example, in the all the discourse of idle. I don't believe that that is necessarily a figure of Israel.

I believe the modern restoration of Israel is very important and is spoken of the many prophetic texts and something that you get our attention. But when Jesus said when you see the fake rebutting. I don't know that that was specifically assigned, but Israel no critics say will Jesus cursed the patriots to bear no fruit forever. That proves God's good Israel forever. You can see evidence of the 50s, but I believe either of those are prophetic messages about Israel and Jesus adjusting see the fig tree, the other trees so there it could refer to Israel and the nations, but I certainly don't see it is necessarily that it fig tree. Sometimes it is used to describe Israel, the Bible, but it's on a major a major description that uses probably use disk as it was the most visible in terms of of coming into the season of preparing a thank you sir for the questions 8663 or truth. Let's go to Camilo and South America where exactly in South America. Camilo hello Dr. Brown I'm in Columbia Columbia while walking to the broadcast nice recalling my call. I really appreciate what you're doing so micro-. Regarding the blood of Jesus. There's an expression that I've heard a lot on how much I have actually used it myself. So let's say you're in kind of a dangerous situation you would say something like you not cover me or did your praying for your talk was in danger and you would take a black eye. Apply the blood of Jesus on him like where protection I'm not sure if that's really biblical or not be the only passage that I found somebody important for important at first. Christ, our Passover on you go to Exodus and it is something like a blot will be assigned for you in your house and on the destroyer will or will not know entered your house and play golf but you could make a parlor there, but I'm not really sure that thyroid interpretation are not going to do can help you with that. Yes, so let me give you the technical answer and then perhaps a more practical answer technically you could argue that such a prayer for such a practice is not exactly found in Scripture and is therefore questionable, but I would rather look at the spirit of right and and what you actually saying when you sign it. You're saying father. I'm asking you to apply the fruit of what Jesus did on the cross and the promises that come from across to the situation here to my son who's in danger to this family member that I'm praying for just as the children of Israel were protected from the destroying angel when the day came into the house and the house had the blood of the Lamb sprinkled or spread over the door. The door post, etc. so what is used in so many ways in Scripture that for someone to make application even even if the technical phrases are not exactly right and someone could question the exact prayer. What's the spirit of it.

That's what I asked myself when I'm praying those words what I mean by what I'm praying those words what one ally asking God to do if that is in harmony with Scripture and and this is a familiar way of praying that gives you a sense of confidence that I think that gobbled it down and answer with his wisdom and love as opposed to saying let's that's where is that the Bible just like for example there is no biblical precedent that I can find of praying to the Holy Spirit will find that in Scripture I know in the prophesy to the wind, etc. but I will find or anyone praise to the spirit and yet there hams that have been written some great him saying all Holy Spirit common touch and come and purge. I don't think God looks at that and says let's scripturally pray you should pray to the father in Jesus name. So I'm I can answer. I believe he sees the spirit and heart of it and answers accordingly. That's how I would look at the subject that you have Old Testament pictures which now turned into prayers and were asking God for the benefits of the cross. The reality of what Jesus did what he accomplished on the cross. Miss you apply that to the situation as I intercede.

I believe God understands that his racemic sense to court.

Thank you very much and really look forward to when you come to South America yeah got doubling you know it's funny have been around the world and overseas.

LOL so United States over 200 times, but I've only been to Peru twice. That's it for South America, Mexico, but on both the wife all right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Robert in Dallas. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I'm a new patriot on supporter and a new fan of your eyes.

You have a question you're welcome. I do have a question about that. Well, I noted you know Jesus. Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be so I've decided to try to start getting a little bit more among retirement income, but you know I noted we treasure is a story arc can be so out. I've been thinking about end times theology were the church, Israel how that all works out and how that relates to politics, international political, and the Jezebel spirit you been talking about recently. You could comment may be on that yet.

So a few thoughts. First, I appreciate your heart and your desire to be generous spirit treasure in heaven. That's, that's one thing of and the principle is that as we put our treasure somewhere heart will follow it.

In other words, by by giving being generous by sowing into eternal things or heartwarming followers were doing that and certainly there is an all-out spiritual war that were involved in right now and one of the ways that we fight that wars is through our giving. It's an act of faith and with the support works of ministry to every side is right. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back against censorship. I just during the break got a note from YouTube that they review the video and questions that it violates the got to believe under an article about it doubling and will post a video over on Facebook elsewhere, but you believe when you find out what happened you have shock but help us push back against censorship help us push back against the D monetizing and the banning and the best way you can do that, pray for us and stem of his finances. Robert became a patron on supporter when we just get 10 or 15 of you.

Now the next couple minutes go to dear Brown, Dr. Brown just pennies a day, $0.30 or more per day 10 more per month, you will help us get our message out to more and more people and shout all the more loudly when YouTube and others try to silence us to also be blessed by two bonus videos every single week. So thank you for going to DR Brett 866-34-TRUTH you got questions. We got answers to Robert just really quickly. Could you clarify your question in terms of we brought in Jezebel the end time attack. Could you just clarify how that ties in with money well. I believe there may be wrong but I believe that New Age sort of thinking is kind.

The main thing in Europe right now airing how Lindsay had always talked about how if I remember right now Israel would make a pact with the antichrist and so I I was thinking, well, you know that I could see that it Israel rebuilt the temple, then there would be a backlash against that kind of UH you know Pro animal sort of, I got stuck the other just jump and suggest other, but let me encourage you to major on the majors and wall questions are always interesting to asking's fasting to try to understand biblical prophecy to major on the majors and simply didn't know that when we honor the Lord and walk by faith, we build a secure foundation for ourselves in this world and the world to come, and it becomes much easier.

During times of trial and test to be strong and even when we have very little in this world. We remain strong and we have a lot in this world we don't put our trust in it. These are some of the byproducts of walking by faith in walking and generosity and living with a heavenly mentality. Make sure time on earth which were stable.

He thank you sir for the question and for the support, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to James in Miami. Welcome to the line of fire derive a question what will hell is a place of final judgment.

It is a place of punishment and a place of justice in a place that demonstrates that God does judge the wicked it is, it does not serve the purpose of redemption. In other words, it is not a place where people go to get purified or were they pay for their crimes and then get to a higher level of of spirituality where they can then enter heaven.

That's just wishful thinking without any scriptural support.

The debate would be the nature of hell punishment is an eternal conscious torment is its final annihilation is somewhere in between those views. Those would be the things people can debate the purpose of hell is this judgment just like someone going to jail for their crimes. What's the purpose of it what what if someone commits murder and their sentence to life in prison without parole so they can never get out that the purpose of that sentence is not to say we want to make you a better person seeking come out on the other side better. The purpose is to say you took a life you're dangerous to society. You lose your life so hell has a purpose of final justice on the punishment. There many things in this world it never gets it right. Hell will set them right forever for you concert the consequences are forever for sure whoever does not believe I not perish got your personal belief like forever the consequences are forever. They could be understood, one of two ways. It can be understood in terms of that person forfeits eternal life.

They are destroyed. Eternal destruction. The consequences are forever, or it could be understood as eternal punishment that the punishment goes on forever. The argument would be if human beings have an immortal soul will spend it with God or separated from God. Others would say if they continue to send the continued be punished for their sin. The consequences are certainly forever.

One way of reading.

It would be that when you are born-again you receive eternal life. If you reject the song you will be destroyed, meaning the time will come in the future will gobble destroy you and your no longer exists. So the consequences are forever you forfeit eternal life.

Others would say no Scriptures talk about ongoing punishment for the wicked, but the consequences are forever Scriptures clear on is for God sees me these people being done in the news of God. These people are really are were all enemies of God outside the cross. That's what Scripture says James do you do believe on the Bible does not know how it will James is this quick. I do believe my quickly the Bible is God's word against you believe the Bible is God's work will actually believe that you will gotta have a large number one is about how Jane James Jesus spoke about how more than anyone. That's number one in one's about it more and then he will give us 80 she'll fire without the timetable James given her that right tell you it drops eternal are you a point and I'd really encourage you to read your Iran very very wrong foundation.

Jesus affirmed the Scriptures as the word of God, or if your firm Scriptures as the word of God. That's how he fought the devil in the time of temptation right in the word of God speaks of resurrection to eternal life or to eternal shame. They Scriptures are clear and it Jesus spoke of the future resurrection and make clear that there is a place of terrible judgment and Ephesians 2 cautions to one end to both indicate that we were enemies of God before the cross. According to first John 519 outside of Jesus. The whole world lies under the power of the evil sewer alienated from God.

We are enemies of God with the cross. Can we be saved, and whatever you heard that Gahanna is just some some garbage dump, and if I forget that you been misinformed you been misinformed if I thought you really willing to listen. I talk a bit more but it seems you got a point to prove I want to be fair, the other caller so get back on your knees, say gone except every word says and then deal with it is its intense deal with art 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Josh and Kansas City. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you very well, thank you. I've actually been on your show before I called and anonymously as the logical Christian ministry, and that but I recently came across one of your videos addressing the issue with Taylor Swift song and the attack on the Christian support of the LGBT community and here's the thing I want to be in beautician and be able to buy apologetic into my music.

I learned a lot from it. But think I'm quiet. I know you guys tread lightly with the stuff with it because not that it really matter when we say things but they still ate it.

I would point at how would I be able to do such a thing, and still do it in a way that Christ was that if your here's the long and short of it.

Josh if you truly love people and you have God's heart of love for them and you want what's best for them and you really want them to know Jesus and find forgiveness of sins are fine feeling refined repentance.

Whatever the case may be, if, if that. If that's the case that will come out to the music gonna give you the wisdom gonna give you the words gobble due to the expression and you're always going offend somebody that's inevitable. Jesus offended people read all the time we offend people to make enemies, but there it is always say if people cut us. We should leave love and and that's the way it should be that if someone senses your heart your spirit and and you are getting the message out to music get the message itself will fan the message of the cross. The message of salvation. Only through Jesus message of repentance. The message of holiness.

Those things in and of themselves will certainly offend, but our approach ought not to be offensive. Our tone ought not to be offensive. So if you're going to be offended, here's here's what to look at all right you know if you if you put the other music video and you watch it and you could do things in such a way where you have a great message but it's presented in an obnoxious matter. Okay, I could be absolutely truthful on this broadcast and alienate 99% of my listeners, but by being an ordered jerk right so you know you might have a musical style because you like the style, but it's not conducive to getting out a certain message this like if I want to tell you, man can't really love you McKinney yell and scream at you angry voice so with the musical medium be in harmony with the message you want to convey to come through the heart of real love and then let the chips fall where they may. Is the message always offend the message always provide you pray for God's anointing on whatever you do to reach those you want to reach and this no hate if I'm getting a Jesus message. Unnoticed are some things have a little more right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown :-) because I just got a note from Amazon this is this is made my day with like 15 minutes. Okay, so someone has been blasting the will of a lot of false attacks and things on on YouTube and then actually wrote a little book which has more references to me than pages in the book.

I thought yell at it it's it's so full of error lies. I will expose it and so I posted a review on Amazon is mainly about me exposing it and and and there is in the book and then we do YouTube video with some of the quotes from YouTube. M. And we also expose a very ugly hate filled ideology that this fellow has so YouTube banned the video where we expose someone's hate speech and I will tell you more about what will will write about it and post a video elsewhere in case they badly and then we we appeal it in the review says no you violated our guideline. So by exposing someone's hate speech and lies.

Somehow we we we violated the guidelines and then Amazon does wrote so II expose the lies about me in a book on Amazon and the roads as though we can't rush anyway. Just amazing but gives me all the more reason to rejoice because Jesus is Lord and truth will triumph our 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions, we've got answers we go over to Puerto Rico Michael, welcome back to want to fire her. Thank you sir, and on your error. 24. Five. Talk about a link between periods and natural phenomena, and I think that link you could have consequences to understand think the application so my my comment to my question is I was reading the counterpoint. On occasion, and sanctification is a daily renewal of devotion and entire sanctification is a moment by moment delivering you know it was thought with the principal relaxation and culture and support to my question in your mind daily renewal into my daily falling short of God's grace and intention really communion you know what the patient right so the entire sanctification. I would understand differently. Michael entire sanctification understand this is something that happens ultimately in the future with the resurrection where we are perfected forever never to sin again, never to be tempted again. So during this world is progressive sanctification on the wall and yes I do believe that rest, physical rest is important for renewal as well.

Physical rest and with that spiritual renewal but rather than looking at it in terms of I'm falling short every day. Why not look at it is I'm getting closer to the goal every day and in other words the moment we are born again were set apart as holy.

So sanctification is passed and present ongoing we grow in holiness and then future one day will be perfectly sanctified, but for example, Hebrews 1214 speaks of pursuing holiness and secreting 71 speaks of perfecting holiness and versus loadings for three speaks of holiness, sanctification, being the will of God. When Paul writes to the Corinthians in first Corinthians 1. He says called St. so-called holy and called to be saints called to be holy, so I would rather look at it that every day I want to become more like Jesus every day.

I want to grow in godly character to me. Holiness can be summed up as being like Jesus and thought, word and deed. I want to be more sure my love for others. I would be more sure of my devotion to God. I would be more sure in my thought life. I want to be more focused and intimacy. I want to be more caring for others. I would be more disciplined in the flesh, understanding that in this world where we are moving towards a goal like Matthew 548 be perfect. Therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect will.

Pets. So every day. It's a given we're way way way short of that, but every day we want to get closer every day. We want to take a step in the right direction. That's how I look at Shorty, where were we delivering where where we have Christian victory faked to pay you know where were we were not yielding to sin social victory and principle it helps us to to renewal get on relaxing and the little white flights coming say and in moderation. Intemperance not to read you just just jump in Michael on I agree with you that we can walk in victory and that we can be over comers, but the totality of my life in any given moment does not equal the perfect holiness of God. The mother was it my best moment I am not perfectly loving God 24 seven at my best moment I'm not perfectly loving my neighbor but I can be walking in a way that is absolutely free from conscious sin or disobedience another. In other words right now my heart is to love God and to bless all of you and to speak truth tellers right now. Artist told engage in serving God and seeking to honor him and I'm not in any way consciously sitting disobeying violating anything we we can be sanctify and be holy and conduct or deed, but we don't attain perfect and complete holiness of God's holiness until we are resurrected, and with him forever.

But Michael, thank you for the principles and thank you sir for being a proud torchbearer means the world to us. Much appreciated. 866342 and by what I understand with virtually every call I could take 1/2 hour or an hour and dig in and go back and forth but on Fridays. Sometimes the phone lines are jammed.

The moment the show starts. I wanted these clear and comprehensive as I can get to as many calls as possible. Are you 866-34-TRUTH for truth. Let's go to us soon.

Jarrow high-pressure names are in Toronto. Sergio okay got it easy to spell why we do wrong on the board that you requested a rock. All you do. I really appreciate all your programming. I really enjoyed all of you would think like I didn't think that in the new perspective on Paul NP right have been talking about what will be your to go. You think of it.

Dr. dotted date is January a lot of people from the foreign parent are all right so all of your take a right and NT Wright.

First, we all agree is a brilliant New Testament scholar and he hammers home. Many many important Orthodox points of the faith, and even in the culture wars he's want to stand up and say marriage is God intended it is one man one woman, etc. my biggest issues with NT Wright come out with his his views on Israel where he does not see ongoing biblical promises to national Israel base in his reading of the text. Dr. White's primary focus would probably be in the area of justification by faith, that would be really the key point I would look at the debate that Dr. White did with Prof. right on the unbelievable broadcast. I would look at John Piper and NT Wright on justification by faith. That's right focus and influence the other areas I would have differences with NT Wright would be absolutely within the faith absolutely with with in the body and and we would differ as brothers in the Lord, even if we had sharp differences on some points, especially concerning Israel and in various eschatological things, but I would be with great appreciation for the massive contribution is made to help us understand Paul better. The concern would be. Does he have a doctrine of the gospel that is different. A doctrine of justification by faith that is fundamentally different.

That's the question to focus on and that's were again look at his his dialogue with Dr. White on the unbelievable broadcast and then compare with NT Wright is written John Piper's written there back and forth on that that will help you come to the conclusion say thank you for the call circuit. By the way, this got a note.

Thanks Kai for weighing in all, I'm not YouTube is not band my my true news video they may likely be monetizing for them band that we did that during yesterday's show where I just explained to very nonemotional. He just factually why you can't take their criticisms and attacks views on Israel seriously and knowing some of the history of Rick Wiles and some of the crazy things he wrote 1998 about all this got common with Y2K. Of course, none of it happened, that he predicted so you get the after way the sources when you're hearing some of their Israel blasting and Isis didn't even exist as distant as Israel creation. Note nonsense like that some fortune people leave it and I do have some influence so we just want to set the record straight again.

They won't have me on their show to set the record straight.

They will come on my show to debate it will have a public debate with me that that the show you that that the position is very fragile because the moment we we scrutinize it all disappear. In any case note.

When I told Mike that it's a different video but individual that we recorded after the show so no one except for our little team here at whoever wants it on YouTube and decided to be bad for hate speech.

They're the only ones that have seen it. So what will get out.

Trust me, I hate to make it suspenseful. But I want to do it the right way. I do have time right.

Let's try to get to another call here like Jordan and Owensboro Kentucky diving with your question.

I may have to answer on the other side of the break yet so pretty ministry a big help for me.

So my question would be regarding Deuteronomy 28 through 30 were talked about the person and in the regathering of Israel yeah and in Deuteronomy 30 things to imply that Israel will turn back to the Lord before the regathered but than in other passages like to bejeweled Valley dry bones. Another one that I heard you referred to the VA regathering and then a spiritual renewal and are looking to the Messiah. So how do we reconcile those in the main no Israel regathering the early part regathering being is a fulfillment of prophecy how we make the Deuteronomy 30 pathogen and maybe a couple others that would imply turning back to the Lord.

Yeah war meant many passages, many passages would imply that Jordan and many passages would seem to require it, even the blessings and curses. For example, Leviticus 26. It seems that without soliciting sure everything about what happened with Babylon and for them to come home requested will address it.

Since we come back.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown fell we do a show was Jesus tolerant and in it little talk about Piers Morgan and a few other subjects, and YouTube says the monetized okay then we just excerpt the little part about Piers Morgan and YouTube says fine with that as a rhyme or reason. Friends, but here's the deal. We want to reach as many people as we can, through YouTube is also doors open as we get put a ton of people differ with us.

The door closes final walk away resources open want to do if you don't subscribe for videos. We have over 1800 videos there. Go to YouTube type in a SKU around Esther Brent and subscribe in this way with your bonus chats, you'll know. Make sure you click to be alerted to everything. If your subscriber make sure you have your settings that you will be alerted the moment redoing a live video reposting video. This will we were here to minister to you and be a blessing to you right so back to you Jordan, here's the simple way to look at it under the Sinai covenant, God required repentance restoration if he exiled his people because of sin, repentance was required for their return. However, God can always act in mercy above and beyond the Sinai covenant and because the promise of the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob predates the Sinai covenant what Paul writes in Galatians 317 is that the law which is 430 years after the promise does not nullify the promise. So look at it like this. God requires faith from us right James Jacob the fifth chapter, the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well so he requires faith.

Don't fear, believe only if you believe it see the glory of God. These things Jesus said that the Scriptures teach that God can choose to heal an atheist mocking nonbeliever so God can always act in mercy above and beyond what he requires. He if he will never change with the requires meaning. If he says if you repent a restore you, then you repent you is not. I change my mind.

I want to know he'll always keep his word, but sometimes went for his sovereign purposes.

It makes sense like Ezekiel 36 because his name is being blasting or Isaiah 52. His name was being blasphemed then for his namesake. He's going to act even though we haven't lived up to our covenantal obligations. So that's clearly what happened with the restoration of modern Israel today. It has been based on godliness. It's been based on the sovereign purposes of God Cemex Cynthia yeah so then there will be other past due bill that would indicate that after he regathered out of his mercy, because of his great then there will be eight more national turning that the correct yesterday to your other passages to yeah or Zechariah 1210. It's an end time passage with this guy be national repentance and morning so that would be another example, and you have passages like Jeremiah 31 one, where there is this Jacobs trouble in the previous chapter, and judgment, promise, restoration, and then at that time, God will be God of all the clans of Israel and others also sifting and purging.

In other words, when God brings people back who are not yet in faith, there may be sifting and purging first. That may be the type of thing it's depicted in Hosea 2 for example.

So, some will be judge. Some will be purged, but ultimately yes, God will accomplish his goal, and there will be national repentance and turning a thank you sir for the questions 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Stephen and Tampa walking to the line of fire. Dark brown well quick what very bizarre but not go. I would on the channel on YouTube uploaded a video. I don't know about Lincoln and McLean that no one no might not bomb they had relived and doctors on their on their given her a cup I glow with light up the world and out and Noah had to argue because of complexion with a different color. Never question what is the RBD.

No X, Y, and Z almost milk in the evening I noticed out you can Google it, or whatever, and it dawned and I just wanted to Of hilarious is the all is the only word I some years back and I haven't seen Stephen that is really hysterical. You know that the most hysterical thing is that it is 100% every syllable of it every last syllable based on pure, conjectural speculation and making things up and in other words, there is zero evidence of any cut we do not know what Noah looked like we do know about his parent.

We know there's nothing in terms of historical record of any iconography or anything like that whatsoever. But Stephen some some years back. Nancy and I were talking endlessly about the universe and things like that and then some nasty people at the alien stuff so she said, you gotta watch some shows so we would sit down together and watch. There's one guy that would come on and with each new episode. His hair walked other, while the aliens must be doing a number on him and and and then actually got a couple of books and some videos that talk about how many of the people that work into the whole thing and either these as our New Age ideologies or went to demonic stop for whatever lot it was on the dark side to start the hysterical speculation.

I mean, to me, trust me the whole time you're talking I just want to get more more sarcastic with my answer. But when you said, it's hilarious, hysterical. It's really only the only thing that's sad about this is all the code history channel. We fully understand the history Channel of the gotta be some of the Bibles is brilliantly Bible bashing right but it's called the history Channel that we should come up. Let's have a look contest of a better name than the history check the hysterical channel what whatever. Anyway, thank you Stephen for filling a set of a few short, the check yeah and Dr. Heiser, Michael Haas is a great source to go to for debunking a lot of this stuff as well. Let's go over Arkansas Joe walking to the line of fire from your ministry and word occurred. But out of the persecution and doing things. Thank you so yeah I got a question a lot to debate that predestination don't go for especially lot of the mobility of fallen mankind. Do they have the ability to respond in faith and repentance. God generally once the looking at it like where God commanding his people. Repent and believe all of you would think about it thing well because God girt.

Then there must be ability but I would like to get your thoughts on the on something more straightforward like speaking to the ability of man the places where we see that there are none the character God or especially Romans eight right in the flesh cannot do absolutely and thought on click let's answer Jill and one thing he Howard let's let's step up our game here. All right, you get important questions. You know I want to address it, but Howard and in the whole of call screening team. Let's step up our game and and when anyone calls please ask them first.

If there aliens okay Howard because if there aliens are want to put them at the top of the list and try to get more insight about these issues. Rights of so please be sure to check to ask them if they are aliens right and then also try to be very discerning because most people probably lie don't make sure they understand retirement outer space outer space aliens as the other space aliens will try to deny it and say they're just human beings to get on and on with me or isolate.

Let's let's make sure we check double check that now are being alerted okay kind of got little sarcasm right so Joe serious question. Obviously we have the whole Bibles and choose choose choose choose choose and we have God disappointed when we do wrong and grieved when we do wrong and commending us when we do right. That should tell us that there's something were actually doing that there's something to our response. Now if I used an analogy about your drowning in the water going down for the last time in their sharks all around you, and someone reaches out a hand and says just hold my hand and you grab it and they pull you out of the water you get no credit for the restrooms get the credit. Dr. White would say there's a problem with your analogy, your dead in the water as the problem. You can't respond or deaden the water, so my responses.

Of course, what we were super referred to as convenient grace what's written in Romans 116 Romans 116 to me as a foundational text right pulses. I'm not ashamed of the gospel rates the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes verse, the Jew and the Gentile, so everyone is required to believe and what is a say in John 112 as many as received him, he gave eternal life Romans. John 113. I do not believe is a predestination verse but saying it's not. This is not a human birth but a divine but here's think the gospel is the power of God for salvation.

That faith comes by hearing right. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God so that message itself.

When I hear it. Faith comes by hearing it. So when one springs the bottle spaces are being spiritually dead. It doesn't mean they cannot respond means they're separated from God is with death is like the prodigal son and in the 50 my son was dead and now is alive right or Sardis revolution three Everett rep just to be alive get your dad so wake up so some of some of separated from God. Faith comes the word comes. That's the power of the gospel. Now, that person has the power to believe or not believe that person has the power to say yes I know that's the way our sovereign God set it on choice real choice can be made any friends were out of time. Can you stand with us in prayer and faith, truth will always try

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